Eowyn in the Houses of Lamentation

The Capture of Frodo and Sam

The Master and His Ring

Frodo and Sam in Mordor

Frodo and Mâdûrz

Frodo and Sam's Trip to the Wine Cellar

Branding and Blinding of Frodo

Ceremony of Promotion, Dhak Dhaaryonk-ob



The Journey Begins

Hail to the Bearer of the Ring!

"Lord of the Slaves"

Life in Nurn

A Night in Nurn

The Circles of the World

Terror in the Marketplace

The Dark Fortress of Durbûrzkala

Letters to the Shakh

Elfhild Freed

The Wedding of Frodo Baggins - Part One

The Wedding of Frodo Baggins - Part Two

Elfhild and Elffled Kidnapped - Part One