Frodo and Madurz

Sometime between March 25 and April 4

Khamul: *Frodo, having just recently been released from being chained from the wrists and neck for six hours, is lying exhausted upon a bed of straw with a blanket of unknown vintage and aroma upon him*
Khamul: *Every muscle screams in pain*
Khamul: *His neck feels as though it has been stretched to the point of coming off*
Khamul: *But he has guests this night*
Khamul: *Khamul, second in command, and his lady, Madurz*
Khamul: *The door to the cell opens and they walk in. It closes behind them... guarded by orcs on the outside*
Khamul: *Khamul walks over to Frodo and taps him on the left shoulder with the point of his boot*
Khamul: Awake!
Frodo: *Frodo gasps and shrinks back*
Madurz: *she looks over Frodo then to Khamul as he towers over him*
Frodo: *He tries to lift his head*
Frodo: *but it is too much strain on his neck*
Khamul: *puts his foot on Frodo's neck and looks down at him*
Khamul: Master Baggins, you gave us a merry chase!
Frodo: *His chest heaves*
Madurz: *looks to him and thinks of how many times Khamul has gotten so close to him*
Frodo: *He looks up in horror at the empty hood*
Khamul: You do not seem to welcome guests at Bag End
Madurz: *she moves over to stand next to Khamul
Khamul: I have learned since that the night that I came to Bag End, you were hiding someplace in the darkness
Khamul: *He takes his foot off Frodo's neck so he can speak better*
Frodo: *choked* I wish...I would have...escaped you the last time
Frodo: *He rubs his neck*
Frodo: *and gasps for air*
Khamul: Why were you so inhospitable that night?
Frodo: Inhospitable!
Khamul: You did not welcome your guests. Your neighbor, Hamfast Gamgee, spoke with me
Frodo: You invaded the Shire!
Khamul: Both of you were rude, but especially you
Frodo: Invaded our home
Frodo: I knew why you were there!
Khamul: No, not invasion
Frodo: You wanted the Ring
Frodo: It was my quest to destroy It
Khamul: *Picks Frodo up by the shoulders and holds him up and looks him in the eyes*
Madurz: *she looks down...thinking how loyal these hobbits were to their kind*
Frodo: and I wish I had succeeded!
Frodo: *groans..his shoulders are sore from hanging in the chains*
Khamul: Why were you so afraid of us, Master Baggins?
Khamul: *He wills his eyes to grow red so that Frodo may see them*
Khamul: *they glow from the emptiness inside his hood*
Frodo: *Frodo is paralyzed with terror for a moment*
Frodo: You are evil
Madurz: he fears because he knew he was hunted...and becuase he doenst understand
Frodo: Evil emanates from you like a poison
Madurz: no one understands the Nazgul
Khamul: *The grip upon Frodo's shoulders is hard and icy.... similar to that of the Barrow Wights*
Frodo: *Frodo's heart races and he becomes dizzy*
Khamul: *he squeezes the left shoulder particuarly hard*
Frodo: I was afraid of you, of your Morgul blade...
Frodo: *struggles against the grip*
Frodo: of your Dark Lord
Khamul: *tightens grip*
Frodo: I was afraid he would get the Ring back
Madurz: *smiles slightly*
Khamul: Frodo, there is nothing you can do against us
Frodo: I wish to Eru he had not gotten it back!
Khamul: *drops him on the floor hard*
Khamul: Master Baggins, I did not want to do that. I really did not
Khamul: But if you insist upon using words that we hate, I cannot guarentee my temper
Madurz: *nods*
Frodo: You wanted to do that
Khamul: You speak of a lie created by the Valar, for they were jealous of Lord Melkor and wished to deceive
Frodo: You have been wanting to do that for a long time
Madurz: *shoots Frodo a glance*
Khamul: Nay, Master Baggins.... I did not want to drop you so hard
Frodo: You enjoy every moment of my pain
Frodo: *Pain now shoots through his back as well*
Madurz: Frodo why must you push
Khamul: Master Baggins, if I wanted to see you in pain, do not doubt that I would not bring you much
Khamul: But no, this is a friendly visit
Frodo: Well here I am, this is what you wanted, isn't it?
Frodo: Here I am in your clutches and I cannot do anything about it
Khamul: No, causing unnecessary pain is a waste of effort
Frodo: Here I am in pain and fear and I cannot fight you
Khamul: Frodo, we were overjoyed that you came here
Madurz: besides it is not to be
Frodo: *angrily* What more do you want?
Khamul: Why then would we wish to cause you pain?
Khamul: You have not done anything wrong, Frodo. Not yet anyway
Frodo: *holds out his bloody wrists* I don't know, why?
Frodo: You tell me then, why?
Khamul: You, one insignifcant little worm, have made it possible for Lord Sauron to get his Ring back
Frodo: *sinks back down on the straw*
Madurz: *moves and crouches next to Frodo*
Khamul: That was for your previous crime of refusing to bow before Sauron
Frodo: I will never bow before him willingly
Khamul: You have paid for that
Frodo: Only to save Sam
Khamul: He does not punish unjustly
Madurz: *takes his wrists in her hands and turns him a bit knowing the blood would get to Khamul*
Frodo: *wonders again at the woman's actions*
Khamul: *he feels a thrill of excitement and fantasizes briefly of tearing Frodo limb from limb*
Khamul: *But he is under command from Sauron to control himself*
Madurz: *her looks to Khamul over Frodo's shoulder and smiles a bit at his glowing eyes*
Frodo: You cannot fool me, foul spirit
Khamul: Frodo, I smell your blood
Frodo: I know you hate me, all of you, and I endure your cruelty only though some unknown grace
Khamul: I hate the smell
Khamul: but I take delight in seeing it shed
Khamul: *under his breath* for I cannot bleed... never again... to be a mortal
Frodo: *fear of the Nazgul overcomes him and he raises an arm to shield his eyes from the sight*
Madurz: *takes his arms and lowers it* do not fear Frodo
Khamul: Frodo, this woman is a mortal. She is very gentle and kind
Frodo: *How can the woman's voice be so gentle? Does she not see?*
Khamul: Perhaps she could tend to your wounds
Frodo: *Does she not see the darkness that is covering the world?*
Frodo: *raises his eyebrows wondering if he plans some hidden cruelty*
Khamul: My lady, turn your gentle sympathies to him
Madurz: Frodo i am under no are not to be harmed..
Frodo: *looks at her, confused and frightened*
Madurz: you are loyal to your race..i know t hat
Madurz: to your lands and all the things you enjoy
Madurz: but this quest changed are not still in a hobbit were chosen..chosen to deliver the ring
Frodo: I was chosen to destroy it
Madurz: how so?
Madurz: that might have been intended
Frodo: By casting it into the fires of Mount Doom
Madurz: but was not your fate
Madurz: were chosen by higher power to deliever it
Frodo: I would rather have died on Mount Doom than be here
Madurz: then you wish Sam death?
Frodo: I wish I had died of thirst there, but completed my quest
Frodo: No, not Sam
Frodo: Never would I wish any evil to him!
Madurz: just you?
Madurz: why would death select you and not both?
Frodo: *sighs* I wish the Ring had never been found, I wish we had never come on this journey
Frodo: I wish we had escaped Mordor long ago
Madurz: we can all wish for things
Khamul: Frodo, you were destined for this
Khamul: Destined, as Madurz and I are
Madurz: *looks immediately to Khamul and smiles*
Frodo: No, I cannot believe this could be my destiny!
Frodo: Eru would not destine me to destroy the world
Khamul: The fates have decreed it
Frodo: by giving the Ring back to its maker
Khamul: Eru does not exist
Khamul: Melkor does. He is your destiny
Frodo: *raises his eyebrows*
Frodo: You would like to think that Eru does not exist!
Khamul: We deny his existance
Frodo: But there are other forces at work in this world besides evil
Khamul: My lady, it is obvious he does not trust me
Madurz: Frodo! please
Madurz: what is it you fear?
Frodo: *looks to her, surprised--she seems upset and he doesn't know why*
Frodo: I fear this!
Frodo: My worst fears have come true
Khamul: Frodo, if Nazgul were so hideous and dread a thing, would so lovely and gentle a lady as she be our companion?
Madurz: and what is that?
Madurz: *takes Khamul's hand*
Frodo: Caught in the Dark Lord's clutches, while he holds the Ring, and Sam is doomed as well
Frodo: We can never go home again
Frodo: and all I have to look forward to is new forms of torture...
Madurz: so fear of not to return hom?
Frodo: or the Morgul blade!
Frodo: Fear of all of it
Khamul: Torture? Master Baggins? Does this woman look tortured to you?
Frodo: No
Frodo: She is intoxicated with evil
Frodo: It can happen without a spell
Madurz: *narrows eyes a bit*
Frodo: *closes his eyes, exhausted*
Khamul: *hisses at Frodo*
Madurz: and you have been intoxicated with false tales
Khamul: *moves away from the lady.... pulls a Morgul blade from under his cloak*
Khamul: *holds it aloft above Frodo's heart*
Frodo: *stops breathing*
Madurz: *looks up to Khamul and eyes the blade*
Khamul: Appologize to my lady
Madurz: *she thinks this will be the scene one day for her*
Frodo: *He hates Mordor and all in it even more*
Khamul: Appologize Master Baggins
Khamul: Or you will join us sooner than you had feared
Frodo: *Weathertop flashes back into his memory*
Frodo: *He looks at the lady trying to conceal his turmoil*
Madurz: *places her hand over Frodo's chest* Khamul he is infested with lies
Khamul: Call out the name of your wretched Valar and I will surely plunge this blade in your heart
Frodo: I...I am sorry
Khamul: *he moves the blade back*
Khamul: *Then puts it back in the sheath*
Frodo: *sinks to the straw in a swoon*
Khamul: *calls the orcs that are guarding the door to bring some orc draught*
Madurz: Frodo? you think me evil
Khamul: *Soon the orcs come in bearing a jug of orc draught*
Khamul: *one holds his mouth open and the other pours it in*
Frodo: *comes to sputtering*
Madurz: it is my time after many many years to be happy
Frodo: *hears the lady as though from a dream*
Khamul: *the orcs bow and leave the cell and go back to their post*
Madurz: *speaks while they do this to him*
Frodo: *gasping* Happy? How could you possibly be happy here?
Khamul: *he walks over and kneels by Frodo*
Madurz: i have been treated well
Madurz: so very well
Khamul: *looks into his eyes*
Frodo: Because you swore loyalty to them
Khamul: *stares right into his eyes* you reek of mortal sweat and blood
Madurz: it was my destiny
Khamul: You are a foul little creature
Khamul: You offend my nostrils
Frodo: *falls suddenly silent, his heart in his throat*
Khamul: Garn!
Khamul: *he puts his gauntleted hand on Frodo's throat*
Frodo: *cries out in pain*
Madurz: *watches*
Khamul: Wretched Shire rat. You have served your purpose, what you were created for
Khamul: Destined to bring the Ring back to Sauron
Frodo: *Frodo is unable to reply, choked in Khamul's grip*
Khamul: Though you stink like a pig in the sty, I thank you, Frodo Baggins, most humbly
Khamul: *he laughs in his face*
Khamul: *he gives an added squeeze and then gets up and goes and stands beside the woman*
Madurz: Frodo did you think you would come to immediate death when you arrived here?
Frodo: *Frodo is left shaking with horror, revulsion, and anger*
Khamul: *he takes the woman's hand in his*
Frodo: *panting*
Madurz: *interlocks her fingers with his*
Frodo: Yes, I hoped so
Frodo: No, I hoped to escape
Frodo: but that is impossible now
Madurz: have they not shown mercy?
Frodo: They seek to prolong my torment!
Frodo: I know this
Frodo: Mercy!
Khamul: Frodo! We just want to keep you around for a long, long time
Frodo: Is this what you call mercy?
Khamul: You call for mercy?
Khamul: Do you want mercy?
Frodo: Can your mind possibly be that corrupted, lady?
Frodo: Of course I do
Frodo: All living creatures do
Frodo: But I do not expect to find it here
Madurz: corrupted?
Khamul: If you desire mercy, you must do Sauron's bidding
Khamul: And be his servant
Frodo: Never!
Khamul: But now you insult my lady again
Khamul: Frodo, do you want to be chained to the wall again?
Frodo: No, no!
Khamul: I will not let you insult her
Madurz: corrupted Frodo?
Frodo: I was not trying to insult her
Frodo: I was trying to awaken her to the evil of this land
Frodo: and the good that lies beyond
Madurz: you know what corrupted is Frodo?
Khamul: We do not punish if it is not deserved, and to insult my lady deserves it
Khamul: Answer her question!
Frodo: I cannot answer truthfully without it being perceived as an insult
Madurz: Corrupted are those flled with lies and thinking they are sure of things they have no clue of
Frodo: Yes, lady, that is exactly what corrupted is.
Madurz: then you are corrupted
Khamul: *Khamul's eyes glow a shade redder and he hisses at Frodo*
Madurz: and then men...
Madurz: and the elves
Madurz: why they pretend to know everything
Madurz: why they cant admit they do not know
Frodo: They seek freedom from evil!
Frodo: They seek to govern their own kingdoms or lead their own quiet lives
Madurz: *she knows she is proabbly not making hte best of sense to frodo..but is on a rant*
Madurz: quiet lives?
Madurz: they should be happy....and no one else?
Frodo: What on earth are you talking about?
Khamul: *Khamul hates Frodo with great hatred... he thinks of all the trouble there was chasing him from the Shire to the Bruien Ford*
Frodo: Men are concerned with their own kingdoms
Khamul: *The indignity of the Bruien Ford*
Frodo: If they are good men they do not wish to inflict evil on others
Frodo: Hobbits desire only to be left alone in their homes
Frodo: Elves also wish to be left alone, and they desire return to their homes in Valinor
Khamul: Master Baggins, do you sincerely believe that no hobbit would be loyal to us?
Madurz: *she tries to calm down*
Frodo: I see no evil in these intentions of Men, Hobbits, and Elves
Khamul: *he squeezes her hand to comfort her*
Frodo: I cannot speak for all hobbits
Frodo: But I cannot imagine it
Khamul: One of your own kind saved my life
Frodo: What?
Madurz: *thinks of Ash*
Khamul: His name was Peter Bracegirdle, son of Rudigar Bracegirdle
Frodo: Peter!
Khamul: But he is now known as Ashgaz
Khamul: Did you know him?
Frodo: Yes
Madurz: see you have friends here
Khamul: He is now loyal to Mordor
Frodo: I cannot believe that
Madurz: you do not believe him?
Madurz: why?
Madurz: you believe men...elves
Frodo: Why he would even stand up to a Nazgul for the Shire
Madurz: but cannot accpet our facts?
Khamul: Perhaps you will see him someday, Frodo
Khamul: As much as you can
Frodo: No, not like that, oh I hope not!
Khamul: He is now ever loyal to Mordor
Khamul: Frodo, you are the victim of lies
Frodo: It could not have been willingly
Khamul: Lies told by the men of the West
Madurz: many
Khamul: He willingly took a blade meant for me
Frodo: Why?
Madurz: Frodo?
Khamul: Because he is loyal to the Nine
Frodo: *looks at the woman*
Madurz: why do you question ones loyalty to Nazgul?
Madurz: are they without feelings?
Frodo: Nazgul?
Madurz: is that what you thought upon coming here?
Madurz: incapable to feel
Khamul: Master Baggins, I give you liberty to question her
Khamul: If she is willing
Madurz: *nods*
Khamul: For who better than she to tell you answers to your questions
Frodo: I only know that the Nazgul are the Dark Lord's most powerful servants, seeking the Ring that will cover all of Middle Earth in a second darkness
Madurz: of course
Madurz: that is what you would know
Madurz: that would be all you know
Frodo: I know they terrorized my people and pursued me until I was cornered
Madurz: becaue that is the only tale they know
Frodo: They wounded me and I almost died, I was in horrible pain for almost a month
Frodo: and the pain has never left me
Madurz: for something that wasnt yours
Frodo: Now here I am and the Dark Lord taunts me continually with the Ring
Frodo: I have not left this cell except for mental torture from him
Khamul: Frodo, would this lady stay with us if we were foul demons?
Frodo: Perhaps she would
Frodo: if her loyalty to Mordor is so great
Khamul: My lady, could you answer him?
Frodo: If she could not see the foulness
Frodo: or was used to it
Frodo: or blinded herself to it
Khamul: My lady, tell him your story, please
Madurz: *she grits her teeth a bit*
Madurz: Frodo you must learn about destiny
Madurz: and stop questioning why things happen and wishing things different
Madurz: it is beyond it was the it was me
Frodo: *Frodo ponders this but is not convinced*
Frodo: *Far from it*
Madurz: you are a young hobbit...your story is already written
Frodo: *thinks that his story is over much too soon*
Frodo: *remembers that he was going to finish Bilbo's book*
Madurz: thousands of years ago....there were others who had questions of "why"
Madurz: intentions aside of our Lord because that will take more convincing than who you question now which is the Nazgul
Khamul: You were destined to bring the Ring back to Sauron, Frodo
Khamul: That is why you went on the Quest. You did not know it at the time
Khamul: You were never meant to destroy the Ring... but return it to its rightful owner
Khamul: Sauron himself put these thoughts in your mind, Frodo.... but you were confused
Khamul: The old wizard confused you and bewitched you
Madurz: the 9 who were given and accepted the rings are known today as men of greed
Khamul: He was never your friend, Frodo
Khamul: Frodo, you do not speak?
Madurz: the men accepted the gracious anyone would
Frodo: Foul spirit, I know better than to believe what you say
Frodo: *He had begun to think that it was pointless to argue with them anymore*
Frodo: *but he could not bear the insult to Gandalf*
Frodo: I have known the wizard all my life
Frodo: I know him and the world I lived in
Frodo: I can still keep my head even here
Madurz: you force me to jump in my speak of the wizard
Madurz: your life in the Shire....undisturbed...quaint....
Madurz: what about all the others who do not get that pleasure?
Madurz: who have to struggle every day
Frodo: Hobbits built the Shire
Frodo: I am sure men can build their own peaceful towns
Madurz: shall i spread falseness about hobbits being selfish?
Madurz: spead it for thousands of years?
Frodo: No, why would you do that?
Madurz: until it became engraved in peoples heads?
Madurz: why not?
Frodo: Because it is a lie and it is wrong
Madurz: and you help my point Baggins
Madurz: becuase you are "good"
Madurz: because your hands havent seen blood?
Madurz: but you are selfish
Frodo: And I do not seek to take others' freedom
Frodo: or follow the orders of a Dark Lord who wishes to conquer the earth
Frodo: All I want is to return Middle Earth to its people and go home
Madurz: it wasnt mean to be as you see it
Madurz: it never was
Frodo: So you believe that we cannot decide anything? That everything is predetermined?
Madurz: to a point yes
Frodo: By some dark power that willed everything into the hands of S...the Dark Lord?
Frodo: There is no "to a point" in that matter. We either have a will or we don't
Madurz: *raises eyebrow at his demanding tone*
Khamul: *Khamul stands back watching and listening to the lady talk to the incorrigable hobbit*
Frodo: *Frodo is losing control, worn down with exhaustion, pain and despair*
Khamul: *He wishes he could torture the hobbit brutally, but he knows that Sauron has forbidden it at this time*
Madurz: Frodo yes i believe this time was predestined
Madurz: i believe you were made to put forht a valiant effort to come here and destroy the ring.
Madurz: but you were only its carrier
Madurz: but be proud to be chosen as such
Madurz: means you are strong nonetheless
Frodo: *surprised, relaxes a little but remains wary*
Madurz: But let us focus once again on the Nazgul
Madurz: what if hobbits were thought selfish...
Madurz: for thousands of years you were looked to as that
Madurz: others looked to you with hate while you enduged in food and drink and lush greenery
Madurz: you all find mates....have children...and means to support them...
Frodo: *frowns seeing no similarity between hobbits and Nazgul and therefore finding the analogy false*
Madurz: sure you are friendly..playful not hurt anyone..
Madurz: makes you"good"
Madurz: you would not have left the Shire if it didnt mean ultimitely the shire would be destroyed..
Madurz: well the Nazgul have been feared for centuries upon centuries
Madurz: and before they went by that title..they were men...
Madurz: perhaps you will have more sympathy if i refer to them in that state
Madurz: still find no similarities?
Madurz: just men...given a gift...pretty one too...
Madurz: perhaps they found they could not stop looking at it?
Frodo: It is unfortunate, and perhaps they are victims of the Dark Lord too
Frodo: But even if they were forced into crime and what they are now...
Frodo: ...the crimes have still been committed and are being committed...
Frodo: does not erase the crimes
Frodo: Perhaps the Nazgul are unfortunate for that.
Madurz: you would have killed Sam
Frodo: But it does not change what they are.
Frodo: What!
Madurz: you would have
Madurz: if he tried to take it
Frodo: No
Madurz: then you would be a monster too yes?
Frodo: He took it once
Frodo: He thought I was dead and he took it
Frodo: When I woke I saw he had taken it
Madurz: only because you couldnt stop him
Frodo: I was angry with him and I will always regret it
Frodo: But I did not hurt him
Madurz: if he tried to take it when you were awake?
Madurz: and many others would you kill?
Madurz: and how many then over 4500 years?
Frodo: *tries to restrain his fury*
Frodo: *with controlled anger* I suppose I cannot deny the power of the evil Rings to do that
Frodo: But if I did that...
Frodo: ...I would no longer be what you call "good"
Frodo: ...I would not be innocent of the things I had done
Frodo: Wrongs are still wrongs regardless of why they are committed
Madurz: and you would be ahted and feared
Frodo: Yes I would
Frodo: and rightly so
Madurz: and rejected by your own
Madurz: and far fromt he reach of love
Frodo: Well, lady, it does not seem that the Nazgul are far from the reach of love.
Madurz: but it was because i did not fear
Madurz: otherwise it owuld not even be a thought in his head
Madurz: only a distant memory
Frodo: Why did you not fear?
Madurz: of feelings once felt in another life
Madurz: because fate has brought be back
Madurz: i was in Numenor
Madurz: with who you know now as the witch king..and know him well
Madurz: and he was my love
Frodo: *nods a little. His eyes grow hard*
Frodo: Your love?
Madurz: yes
Frodo: When he was a man?
Madurz: he was mortal and wise
Madurz: and beautiful
Frodo: *Thinks: Wise! *scoffs*
Madurz: i do not know the force and why i was able to return...
Madurz: but perhaps i was promised to come back until i found him once again...
Madurz: and i have known dooms that have been forgotton of filed lives in this mission
Frodo: Why?
Frodo: Why did you love him?
Madurz: you are still thinking of him as a Nazgul?
Frodo: He is a Nazgul
Frodo: If you love him now you must love a Nazgul!
Frodo: For that is what he is
Frodo: Or this Nazgul, as well
Madurz: my love came to be for him when he was a man
Madurz: would you question a woman for loving Aragorn?
Madurz: no you wouldnt
Frodo: He is a man, and not a cursed man
Madurz: he will tell you different that he is cursed
Madurz: but we are not focusing on him now...
Frodo: He is not under the Dark Lord's power
Madurz: *psuhes back her rising anger*
Madurz: i had always loved my king
Madurz: before i knew that he was given that gift i admired him
Frodo: Were you his queen?
Madurz: when you feel love like that you will do anything for that love
Madurz: his queen fell ill..and the kingdom was in mourning...*clears throat* by this time he was changing
Madurz: in answer to your
Frodo: *raises his eyebrows*
Madurz: it was that powerful love that i did not want to be without
Madurz: *remembers vaguely an oath*
Frodo: That is not love, that is treachery, infidelity on his part
Frodo: Your love was guilty from the start, not real love
Frodo: You could have found someone to value you more...
Madurz: his queen did not love him
Frodo: ...enough to marry you
Madurz: he valued me plenty
Khamul: *Contemplates taking out his sword and cutting off Frodo's head for questioning the intregrity of his king, but the will of Sauron prevails*
Frodo: *Despite his inner turmoil and physical pain, Frodo attempts to look into this woman's heart* It seems that what you sought, and are seeking, is love
Frodo: Have you given up on mortals so quickly?
Frodo: Do you really believe there is no love left in them?
Frodo: That you could not have found one of them, free from evil...
Frodo: ...or not already bound in marriage?
Madurz: Frodo i have lived long years...
Madurz: when the Nazgul were quiet i may have loved others...even families..i dont know
Madurz: many things are not known and are mysteries..
Frodo: *This is all so bizarre and foreign*
Madurz: it is more than love and seeking love that had kept me around for this long...
Madurz: i was meant to be with him
Madurz: i was supposed to find him
Madurz: may think my heart is fickle...for i embrace not the witch king
Madurz: after all of these years
Khamul: My lady, tell him of Gandalf, how the meddling fool erased your memory
Khamul: And how you came to love me
Madurz: i think Sauron looked after his first in command...
Madurz: he knew in this life mt time to come would be
Madurz: I was taken to Rivendell
Madurz: very ill
Madurz: almost rescued by the Nazgul you see here.
Madurz: Khamul
Khamul: *A smile comes across his unseen face*
Madurz: i told them i had to leave..told them of my intentions to find the one i had loved long ago..
Madurz: being without him a torment you can never imagine..
Madurz: an endless search
Frodo: *thinks of the Ring*
Madurz: an unfulfilled heart..
Madurz: Elrond saw my soul...saw the torment..
Madurz: and of course did not like the path of it..
Khamul: *Remembers the strange feeling he had when he could detect no fear in the woman the first time she met him*
Frodo: *remembers Elrond and wishes he were back in Rivendell*
Khamul: *And how unusual it was. No mortal had ever faced him without the faintest trace of fear before*
Frodo: *with Elrond, Gandalf, Sam, and Bilbo*
Madurz: he wanted to rid me of this pain...
Khamul: *And how, even stranger still, that just being around her brought thoughts that he had not had for many ages of man*
Madurz: but more than that he couldnt stand to see any love for this side be shown by anyone..
Madurz: so he summoned Gandalf to rid me of all of my feelings of love for the witch king...
Madurz: but he left me with memories...
Khamul: *And how he had thought that the touch of mortal flesh upon his would be a repulsive thing... he had found that it was not*
Frodo: *Frodo thinks how kind that was of Elrond and Gandalf*
Madurz: my heart was released from the pain it had felt all along without him...
Khamul: *But the strangest of all was that her touch became welcome*
Madurz: but now it was even more empty...
Madurz: and all i ever talked to called the Nazgul mindlesss slaves..emotionless...
Madurz: i could not accept that...
Madurz: and found more courage...less fear for them..
Madurz: till no fear..
Khamul: *And that which he had thought loathsome had in the end become the thing he wanted almost as much as he wanted to do Sauron's will*
Madurz: instead a need to know them..
Madurz: my heart was fresh...
Frodo: Why, why, why the Nazgul, the servants of evil?
Madurz: i fled and Khamul saved my life from orcs...
Frodo: Why not men?
Frodo: You cannot save the Nazgul
Madurz: i waste my breath on you Frodo
Frodo: Perhaps so
Madurz: you will one day understand
Madurz: when you are misunderstood
Khamul: *He wondered why he thought that he could never be able to kiss one of them, and then he found he could*
Frodo: *shakes his head, then gasps at the pain in his neck*
Khamul: *Almost at the very moment when he thought he couldn't, he found that strangely enough he did*
Khamul: *he remembered all those things as he heard their words*
Madurz: *she leaves Frodo's side and embraces Khamul*
Frodo: Lady...
Frodo: ...if I can help it I will never become like a wraith...
Khamul: *he wraps his arms around her*
Frodo: ...but if I do, I will not be misunderstood
Madurz: you will have no choice
Frodo: People would fear me with good cause
Frodo: They would not be mistaken.
Madurz: you will be hated
Frodo: They would call me a servant of evil and they would be right.
Khamul: *he looks over her shoulder to Frodo*
Khamul: *his eyes flash with fire*
Madurz: they would only seem right after the first 300 years or so
Frodo: *recoils*
Madurz: then you will become angry
Madurz: you will demand to be felt and heard...but to deaf ears
Madurz: but worry not...
Madurz: because the land will be different then
Frodo: I will never submit to the Dark Lord, I will never be a servant to him
Madurz: *turns back to Khamul*
Khamul: Master Baggins, all it takes is a stab to your heart
Khamul: One quick stab
Madurz: *strokes his face*
Madurz: one quick stab
Frodo: *remembers the morgul blade poised over his heart just a few minutes ago*
Khamul: My lady, he is as stubborn as an elf
Frodo: *He knows Khamul still has it*
Khamul: He will not listen to reason
Khamul: Oh, if my Master would only allow me!
Madurz: he doesnt care to know
Khamul: But he is not done with him yet
Frodo: *He falls back onto the straw and lifts an arm over his face*
Khamul: But Baggins, as surely it was written by fate that you would bring the Ring to Sauron, it is written as truly that you will someday become just like us!
Frodo: *He hates this place, the cruelty and torment in store for him, the unknowing doom of the woman, the unavoidable fate of the Nazgul*
Frodo: *He is terrified that it may become unavoidable for him as well*
Frodo: *raises himself*
Frodo: By Elbereth and the stars above, though you may have the Ring now you will never have me!
Khamul: *Khamul shrieks and his eyes glow even redder*
Frodo: Never, if I can help it at all
Khamul: *he steps back from the woman and goes over to Frodo*
Frodo: I will defy you to the end
Khamul: *storming the whole way, his boots pounding on the stone floor*
Frodo: *His face is set with anger and he does not flinch*
Khamul: *Picks him up by the hair*
Khamul: Do not ever say that name again!
Madurz: *she smiles lightly,,,sad he wouldnt not understand better*
Khamul: If I were not bound by Sauron's will, I would cut your head off right now
Khamul: *shakes him roughly*
Khamul: And by my Master's leave, I will see you chained again this night!
Frodo: *bursts out, his hobbit courage awakening* You cannot conquer forever!
Frodo: I care not
Khamul: Nor can you conquer chains!
Frodo: Though you kill me you cannot conquer forever!
Khamul: *He orders the orcs outside to come in*
Frodo: Does your master want you to kill me?
Khamul: Do not ask me what my Master wants!
Khamul: You get yourself in these situations! You bring needless pain upon yourself!
Frodo: Does he want me to die in a swoon, choking on that collar?
Frodo: *raises his hand to the blood around his neck*
Khamul: *He carries him over to the wall and slams him up against it*
Khamul: No you will not choke
Frodo: *slumps in Khamul's grip, trembling*
Khamul: You will wish that you could die though
Madurz: *moves to Khamul's side*
Khamul: My lady, help me chain him
Madurz: *she takes Frodo's wrist*
Khamul: you take one arm and I will take the other
Khamul: And put the shackles around his wrists
Frodo: You expect me to give you any sympathy now!!
Madurz: you did not show the emotion i thougth you would Frodo
Khamul: They are unlocked and I have the key
Khamul: Give yourself sympathy now, Master Baggins! I have none for you
Madurz: you questioned my tale
Khamul: My Lord could show you manners
Khamul: *He slams Frodo's arm against the wall and roughly clamps the shackles around Frodo's wrist*
Khamul: *locks it*
Khamul: My lady, follow suit
Khamul: *he gives her the key*
Frodo: *grits his teeth*
Madurz: *holds his other wrist*
Frodo: *curses burn in his mouth*
Madurz: *takes key and locks it*
Frodo: *but he restrains himself*
Khamul: Master Baggins, if you would learn basic manners, politeness and respect this would not happen to you
Frodo: *to the woman* Is this what you love!
Frodo: Is this evil what you love!
Khamul: *Another chain dangles from the ceiling*
Frodo: Why? Why?
Khamul: *A collar lies nearby*
Madurz: i love him
Khamul: *he puts the collar around Frodo's neck*
Madurz: and my Lord
Khamul: *fastens the chain to the collar*
Frodo: *gasps in pain as his head is pulled toward the ceiling*
Frodo: *the collar digs into his neck*
Madurz: he saved my life...
Khamul: *It is the collar and chain that Frodo rememebrs well*
Khamul: *Khamul steps back and looks at Frodo*
Madurz: i gave him back old feelings
Khamul: How many hours shall I give you in it this time?
Frodo: *to the lady* You see him as you wish to see him
Khamul: How much, how much will it take before you respect us!
Frodo: Look at him now!
Frodo: Look at what he is
Madurz: *she looks to him and smiles*
Frodo: Look at me, look at what your Lord has wrought on once free people
Madurz: *touches his face*
Khamul: *Goes back to Frodo and slaps him in the face with the metal gauntlet*
Frodo: *cries out*
Frodo: *blood runs down his face*
Khamul: *Khamul restrains himself by his master's will*
Madurz: *moves in front of Frodo*
Frodo: *glares at them, panting*
Madurz: it didnt have to be this way for you tonight
Khamul: *Hisses a low hiss at Frodo*
Madurz: *runs her finger over the trickle of blood*
Khamul: Your impudence demands punishment
Frodo: I do not know why you believe what you do, lady...
Frodo: but I will never join you in this mission
Frodo: and may...may you be helped now
Frodo: *fears to name the Valar again*
Madurz: *she realizes she has no tale to make the misunderstood enlightened and understanding to her feelings*
Khamul: Baggins, how many hours do you wish this time?
Frodo: *turns his full concentration to enduring the pain of the chains, sleeplessness and starvation*
Khamul: How many hours of this before you cease forever saying the name of the accrused Valar!
Khamul: Or more specifically, that Valie
Frodo: *May the Lady of the Stars forgive me...*
Khamul: Do you enjoy this Master Baggins?
Frodo: I will not say it
Khamul: You have brought everything upon yourself
Frodo: That is not true
Khamul: You insult my lady, you insult me
Khamul: You say the Name of a Valie. That brings us great pain
Madurz: *slides her arms sound his waist*
Frodo: I speak for the truth, I tried to show the lady the truth
Khamul: If you inflict pain upon me, I will inflict it upon you
Frodo: *thinks that the name of the Valie inflicted a second of pain on the Nazgul*
Khamul: Learn from this woman
Frodo: *remembers the six hours he just spent in these chains*
Khamul: Do you see me treat her roughly? Nay. I welcome her touch
Frodo: She says only what you want to hear
Madurz: *touches his face beneath his hood*
Khamul: Do you want me to slap your face again?
Frodo: No *bites his lip*
Khamul: *He barely notices the woman in his rage towards Frodo*
Madurz: *she grits her teeh*
Madurz: *her hands are balled fists*
Khamul: Do you promise not to say Her name in front of us again?
Frodo: *Blood has begun to run down his neck and arms from under the chains*
Frodo: *with repressed fury* I promise.
Frodo: *curses himself for giving in*
Khamul: *Though the smell of this much blood can almost bring him to a frenzy and urge to kill, he resists the urge for he has been told not to kill this one yet*
Madurz: *her anger fades and makes her bury her head in his chest*
Madurz: always misunderstood
Frodo: *scoffs*
Madurz: always thought mindless
Khamul: *he runs his hand across her hair*
Khamul: Baggins, live up to your promise
Khamul: For if you bring us pain, we will bring you more
Frodo: You will bring me pain no matter what I do
Khamul: *He is seething and wishing only to kill Frodo*
Frodo: *hatred in his voice* It gives you great pleasure
Khamul: My lady, step back from me!
Khamul: Step back now! *his voice rises*
Madurz: *she does so and looks with anger to Frodo*
Frodo: *Frodo almost feels it would be better to hang alone for more hours than to endure another moment of their presence*
Khamul: *he slowly approaches Frodo.... his eyes burning brightly*
Khamul: *He pulls his hood back*
Madurz: *her heart pounds as she looks to him and smiles*
Khamul: *And Frodo can see nothing but the burning eyes*
Frodo: *Frodo fights the terror he feels*
Frodo: *but it overcomes him*
Khamul: *he pulls his metal gauntlet off with one hand. He drops it to the floor*
Khamul: *He puts his hand to Frodo's throat. It is cold like ice*
Khamul: *Right above the collar on Frodo's neck*
Khamul: Master Baggins.... Do you feel this?
Frodo: *Frodo floats in a sea of terror, his head barely above water*
Frodo: *faintly* Yes
Khamul: Does this touch feel cold to you, Master Baggins?
Frodo: ...yes...
Madurz: *she could not imagine his touch being in any way painful*
Khamul: Someday your flesh will feel this cold
Khamul: As already is that of your friend Sam
Frodo: *He steels his will against the wraith* Never!
Khamul: *he rubs his hand all over Frodo's face*
Frodo: *cries out in rage*
Frodo: *barely restrains himself from trying to bite the unseen hand*
Khamul: *his hand is colder than any ice... colder than death itself*
Khamul: *Then he pulls his hand quickly away and puts it on the place where Frodo had been wounded with the Morgul blade*
Khamul: Do you feel pain now, Master Baggins? *his eyes glow savagely*
Frodo: *Frodo gives a shuddering gasp and faints, his head drooping over the collar*
Frodo: *The collar cuts off his breathing*
Madurz: *she watches with satisfaction..she thought Frodo might have understood her...but he was like all the rest*
Khamul: *he gives the shoulder a rough squeeze*
Khamul: *then he draws back, knowing that his touch upon Frodo's wounded shoulder would be the worst pain that could ever be inflicted upon him*
Frodo: *even in his half consciousness Frodo can feel the searing pain shoot from his shoulder all through his chest*
Khamul: *he laughs at his unconscious form*
Frodo: *his breath comes in slow gravelly gasps*
Khamul: *he bends over and picks the gauntlet up and puts it back on*
Madurz: *extends her hand to his*
Khamul: *He takes it*
Madurz: *takes off his gauntles aain*
Khamul: Never did you recoil at my touch
Madurz: *makes him place it on her face*
Frodo: *beginning to wake, he opens his eyes a crack*
Khamul: *he touches her skin lightly*
Frodo: *He tries to lift his head and manages to breathe again*
Madurz: *she inhales small breath of satisfaction*
Frodo: *Horror clings to him like a cold sweat*
Madurz: i love you
Khamul: My lady, I love you, too, as much as it is in my power
Frodo: *He glimpses their scene of romance and feels sick at their twisted love*
Khamul: My lady, I see Master Baggins has awakened
Frodo: *He blinks away blood from a cut over his eye left by the gauntlet*
Khamul: Shall I again touch him?
Frodo: *His eyes open wide now*
Madurz: *smiles*
Madurz: he didnt like my story
Frodo: *His pride barely restrains him from begging for mercy*
Khamul: My lady, then he has offended me
Frodo: *His heart begins to race again*
Khamul: Shall I touch again his repulsive flesh?
Madurz: *moves over in front of Frodo*
Madurz: *she strokes his face* i did not think you would react this way
Madurz: so questioning...and demanding
Khamul: He brings it upon himself. He is arrogant
Frodo: *Frodo does not know what to make of this sudden gentleness*
Khamul: But we will make him humble
Frodo: Lady, I could only speak the truth of what I know
Frodo: I thought it would help you
Madurz: *her fingers curl around his hair*
Madurz: you should be more open to new information
Madurz: i thought you would understand me
Khamul: *He thinks to himself... if only I had leave of my Master, I would pull his living heart from his chest*
Frodo: Perhaps you may be sincere, and your intentions may be better than I thought
Frodo: But I am equally sincere
Frodo: I cannot pledge my loyalty to Mordor
Frodo: I cannot betray my people
Frodo: I cannot forget the Shire
Madurz: i know...hobbits can never forget their home
Frodo: *Two tears mingle with the blood on his face*
Madurz: *wipes his cheeks*
Madurz: perhaps some day Frodo
Madurz: you will know
Frodo: *He would shake his head if not for the collar*
Frodo: *He whispers to her almost gently* No, no
Madurz: rest Frodo
Khamul: Master Baggins, you never answered my question
Khamul: How many hours this time?
Frodo: *He squeezes his eyes shut and furrows his brow, holding back more tears at the thought of more hours in these chains*
Khamul: I will let you go free if you do two things
Khamul: First... bow to my lady and beg her forgiveness
Khamul: Then bow to me and beg mine
Frodo: *He opens his eyes and looks at them*
Khamul: Then hold your tongue and be civil
Frodo: *He runs through their words in his mind*
Frodo: *He remembers his words about the world of Men, of the Shire and of good*
Khamul: Shall it be one hour? Or two?
Khamul: Or more?
Frodo: *with a great effort* I cannot apologize for speaking the truth
Frodo: no matter how long you leave me here.
Madurz: *lowers her head and her hands form his face*
Frodo: *closes his eyes and cannot suppress a little sob*
Khamul: Then it shall be six hours?
Frodo: It can't be less?
Khamul: But after six hours, we must take you down
Khamul: They usually die after six hours
Khamul: But perhaps you would be one of the ones who lasted longer?
Frodo: *shakes the wrist chains in desperate anger*
Khamul: Master Baggins, have you lost the feeling in your legs yet?
Frodo: During the six hours I just spent chained here, I did
Frodo: but the feeling has come back
Khamul: For you are surely dangling in the air held by nothing but your wrists and neck
Khamul: Perhaps you would like to be lowered down a bit?
Khamul: so your feet could touch the floor?
Frodo: Oh yes
Khamul: Why should I give you this mercy?
Khamul: Bargain with me, Master Baggins, while you are still conscious
Frodo: You would not understand
Frodo: ...but because I am a person
Frodo: Just because of that
Frodo: and because I'm innocent!
Khamul: Master Baggins, you make this so hard on yourself
Frodo: Though you would not believe that either
Khamul: I have offered you the choice of freedom from the chains..... I have offered you the choice of how many hours you will spend in the chains, and if you want your feet to touch the ground
Khamul: Am I not merciful beyond measure?
Frodo: But on what condition, on what condition?!
Khamul: Watch your tongue, Master Baggins
Khamul: Appologize to my lady and I on bended knee and you will get freedom from the chains
Madurz: you are very meciful *thinks of how cruel he can really be*
Madurz: *knows Frodo is lucky*
Frodo: I will not apologize for speaking the truth to her
Khamul: Then should I make the chains tighter?
Khamul: You know after so long the chain will eat into your neck
Frodo: No...please
Frodo: It has already cut my neck
Khamul: And your arms will feel like they are wrenched in their sockets
Khamul: Do but appologize and you will have freedom
Frodo: You forget that I was released from these chains not long ago
Khamul: Only that
Khamul: I do not like doing this to you, Frodo
Frodo: *hisses* Yes you do
Khamul: I suppose I should let your feet touch the ground.... after all you did promise not to say the name of THAT Valie around us....
Frodo: *raises his eyebrows hopefully*
Khamul: It would ease the pain of your wrists and neck, because your weight would be held by the ground
Khamul: Would you like that?
Madurz: *she looks to Frodo and hopes he will come around some day*
Khamul: *Does not like the color on his face*
Khamul: *Knows if he dies Sauron will be furious*
Madurz: let us lower him love
Khamul: Yes, my lady.... he did promise
Madurz: *nods*
Khamul: *He adjust the chains and lowers Frodo closer to the floor*
Madurz: we know Hobbits by now
Khamul: *But leaves him standing*
Frodo: *sighs with relief*
Frodo: *The pressure on his neck and wrists is reduced considerably*
Khamul: *He only does this because the anger Sauron would unleash upon him if Frodo died*
Khamul: *And knowing that Sauron's anger is more to be feared than any Balrog or Dragon, Khamul feels a shudder of dread*
Khamul: Do you thank me, Frodo, for my kindness and mercy?
Madurz: *looks over to Khamul*
Frodo: *with an effort* Yes
Frodo: Thank you
Madurz: *she smiles to Frodo*
Khamul: That is more like it, Master Baggins
Frodo: *He is sincerely grateful for the relief*
Frodo: *though he cannot figure out why they did it*
Madurz: *runs her fingertips over his neck*
Khamul: *He thinks to himself..... too much of this and Frodo will die*
Frodo: *Perhaps he is near comforting that thought would be*
Frodo: *He would be free from this prison soon and go to Eru*
Khamul: Master Baggins, how many hours do you wish?
Frodo: *hates to be reduced to bargaining like this* One?
Khamul: Any reason for just one?
Frodo: Because...because...
Frodo: *With the release of some of his tension his mind wanders into delirium* Because how will we make it the rest of the way, Sam, if there is no water left?
Frodo: But we must
Khamul: *He walks over to Frodo*
Frodo: The Ring, it must be destroyed
Frodo: We must get to the Cracks of Doom
Frodo: Before they catch us
Frodo: See, they are chasing us still!
Khamul: *he puts his ear to Frodo's chest*
Khamul: *Does not like the sound of his heart*
Frodo: Sam, where has my cloak gone, I'm so cold
Khamul: *reluctantly and hating every second of it, he unlocks the collar around his neck*
Madurz: *her eyes widen as she watches*
Khamul: *Then unlocks the chains around his wrists*
Khamul: *watches as he slumps to the floor*
Frodo: Sam, where are you? Don't leave me!
Frodo: We can stop here, don't you think?
Frodo: I'm so tired
Khamul: *reaches into his cape and pulls out a small vial*
Frodo: But you keep watch
Frodo: We won't let them find us
Khamul: *bends down, forces his jaws open with one hand and pours the liquid down his throat*
Frodo: *chokes and coughs*
Khamul: *He thinks to himself.... our arts... our arts....*
Khamul: *I did not want him to slip beyond saving*
Khamul: My lady, we should leave him now
Madurz: *she looks with wide eyes to Khamul and nods* yes love
Khamul: I think he has taken too much of this for a while
Madurz: i agree
Khamul: His heart races strangely
Khamul: I think that touching his wound has done something to him
Frodo: *His speech is slurred* I have to sleep, you stay here
Frodo: Give me your hand
Khamul: For he is far more ill than I had thought
Frodo: I'm glad you're...*drops off to sleep*
Khamul: He is babbling
Khamul: *curses himself for enjoying the torture too much*
Madurz: *places her hand on his* it will be all right love
Khamul: My lady, we cannot risk losing him
Madurz: i know...i know
Khamul: Or our Master would......
Madurz: *runs her hand along Frodo's forehead*
Khamul: be most displeased
Madurz: curse this hobbit for being so stubborn!
Frodo: *Frodo smiles thinking it is Sam touching him*
Khamul: My lady, our arts can restore him
Madurz: i know
Khamul: Then we can begin again.... *laughs wickedly*
Khamul: He has grown a fondness for the chains
Madurz: *she leans over and kisses him*
Frodo: *The laugh almost wakes him up, but he clutches the handful of straw he thinks is Sam's hand and relaxes again*
Khamul: Master Sauron has a new chain planned for him
Khamul: And we will not be able to entertain ourselves with him again
Khamul: Let us leave him in his stupor
Madurz: *takes Khamul's hand*
Khamul: *he holds her hand tightly*
Madurz: *she looks back to Frodo once more before leaving with Khamul*
Khamul: *he leads her to the door and it opens in front of them*

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