Hail to the Bearer of the Ring!
June 24, 3019

Frodo played by Hobbitness
Arnasa played by Eowyn
Pizdur (Captain) Vartang played by Wraith

Narrator: *After a journey of ten days, Frodo and his escorts arrive at the Lake of Nurn on June 24.*
Narrator: *During the journey, Frodo has been treated with the utmost kindness. Although he cannot understand it, he is glad that no one has tortured him*
Narrator: *The party arrives at a small cottage on the Sea of Nurnen*
Pizdur Vartang: *Pizdur Vartang turns the reins of his horse over to an underling and goes back to the wain to escort Frodo out*
Pizdur Vartang: *he stands outside and calls* Skaat, Shakh (come, lord)
Frodo: *Frodo rises from his cot and stands by the exit from the wain, fearful of what he will find outside*
Frodo: *Pizdur Vartang said they were going to a cottage, but Frodo doesn't know whether or not to believe him*
Narrator: *It is a fair country and a breeze blows off the sea*
Frodo: *Holding onto the side of the wain, he pushes aside the curtain and looks out*
Frodo: *His eyes widen and his brow furrows when he sees the lovely landscape with the cottage and smells the sea breeze*
Frodo: *He wonders what lies in store for him, because they never treat him well without it being a preparation for a new torment*
Narrator: *The sea is an inland salty sea, but the ash desposits from the Ash Plain work as a mulch to hold in water for the fields*
Narrator: *Though it is a semi-arid place, there is rainfall and fresh water rivers flow into the sea*
Narrator: *South of Frodo's cottage, there is a river which flows from the Mountains of Shadow to the sea*
Frodo: *He starts to descend from the wain but his confusion brings on a coughing fit and he pauses*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang is immediately at his side* Master! Can you walk?
Frodo: *tears start to his eyes as countless memories of Sam doing this flood back*
Pizdur Vartang: Aye, I see the coughing has made you weak
Frodo: I don't think so...and I'm not your master. You don't have to call me that.
Pizdur Vartang: *he summons the orc that attends Frodo to come and carry him into the cottage*
Pizdur Vartang: *a strange look comes in Vartang's eyes* But you are my master!
Frodo: *gives Vartang a confused and partially sympathetic look as the orc picks him up*
Pizdur Vartang: My superior officer told me to treat you befitting your position. You are the honored guest of Mordor
Frodo: *a hard gleam comes into his eyes and he laughs bitterly* I've heard that before
Pizdur Vartang: *At that time, a fair maiden of Nurn comes out of the door of the cottage. She is called Arnasa and she is a slave. Her ancestors have been slaves for untold ages of men*
Frodo: *stares dumbfounded at the woman*
Arnasa: *she comes out of the cottage, and bows to vartang* hail shakhu *then she bows to frodo*
Frodo: *He had almost forgotten what women look like*
Pizdur Vartang: Broshan, Arnasa
Pizdur Vartang: *the orc takes Frodo into the cottage and places him upon a chair. There is a fire burning in the fireplace*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang dismisses the orc*
Frodo: *looks around the cottage, bewildered*
Arnasa: *she follows frodo and the orc into the cottage, and asks frodo* may i get you anything, master? a blanket perhaps, or something to drink?
Frodo: *He is bursting with questions but feels Vartang will not be willing or able to answer them*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang stays outside a while, talking to the orcs and men, telling them to stable his horse and put his belongings in his cottage adjacent to Frodo's*
Frodo: *He stares at her for a moment*
Frodo: No....no, I am fine.....thank you......
Frodo: Who are you?
Arnasa: *she has light tawny skin and dark curling, waving hair and eyes, and speaks with an accent*
Arnasa: my name is arnasa, master.
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang finally comes in through the door and closes it behind him*
Frodo: Why is everyone calling me master? I am a prisoner, not a master here
Pizdur Vartang: *he draws up a stool by the fireplace*
Arnasa: you are my master, shakh.
Frodo: *flinches at the title in the accursed tongue*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang stares into the fire* Arnasa, bring me wine and bring wine for the other shakh!
Arnasa: yes, my lord. *she leaves momentarily, and comes back with wine and two goblets*
Frodo: *Here he is, suddenly plucked from the abyss of torture that he thought never to escape, and being waited on by servants of Mordor...he does not know what to make of it or how to react*
Arnasa: *she puts them on a table and pours wine into the two goblets.... then hands one to vartang and one to frodo, and stands back and waits*
Pizdur Vartang: Fool girl! You were too slow!
Arnasa: *cringes* i am sorry, master
Frodo: *holds up a hand* Oh, it's all right, she wasn't too slow!
Pizdur Vartang: Be faster next time or you will be whipped!
Arnasa: *cringes more* yes lord
Frodo: *slumps down in the chair in a half swoon, his heart racing*
Pizdur Vartang: Wench, see to the lord. He is tired. Sing for him
Arnasa: *she approaches frodos chair and puts her hand upon his head, and helps him sit up* my lord, are you all right?
Pizdur Vartang: *sits on the stool and drinks his wine*
Frodo: *tries to smile at her, sits up with her help* I'm all right...*turns to Vartang, extremely pale, and says gravely* Sir...
Arnasa: *begins to softly sing a song of the easterlings*
Pizdur Vartang: Yes, shakh?
Pizdur Vartang: Girl, when you finish your song, bring him some food!
Frodo: ...You must not whip her. If they say I am your master, I will even use that in this situation....you must not torture anyone while I am here....please
Frodo: *he runs his hands over his face shaking*
Pizdur Vartang: My lord, it is your right to whip her as much as you wish if she does not serve you well. Whip her hard! She is used to it
Arnasa: *tries to block her mind from their conversation, and focuses on singing her song*
Frodo: *speechless with horror*
Pizdur Vartang: *he rises from his stool and stands in front of the fire*
Frodo: I have no desire to whip her!
Pizdur Vartang: Wench, show him your mark!
Frodo: Not her nor anyone!
Frodo: No, I have no desire to see her mark, it is all right!
Frodo: *coughs*
Arnasa: *she stops singing* yes lord. *she pulls the neckline of her dress down, exposing a brand of the Eye upon her left shoulder*
Arnasa: *pulls her neckline back up*
Frodo: *stares*
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, you will know these marks as the marks of slaves
Frodo: *turns as white as death*
Pizdur Vartang: if you are uncertain, command the slave to show the mark
Pizdur Vartang: She is yours. I give her to you
Frodo: But sir
Frodo: ....are these marks only given to slaves?
Arnasa: *she looks at frodo and says* i will serve you, master, gladly
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, aye, they are given only to slaves
Pizdur Vartang: and it is an honor for them to bear the mark
Frodo: But.....but....
Frodo: *looks back and forth between them*
Arnasa: *falls to her knees at frodos feet and touches her head to the ground* it would be an honor to serve you, master
Pizdur Vartang: And remember shakh, if she fails you in any way, remember to whip her and whip her soundly
Frodo: *tries to decide whether or not to tell them, but Arnasa's extravagant obeisance and Vartang's words decide it for him.*
Arnasa: *she says softly.... realizing that frodo does not know what to say* master, may i get up?
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang looks at Frodo questioningly*
Frodo: *He lifts Arnasa's chin gently* Yes, you may...and you shall not fear the lash while you are with me *he says softly*
Arnasa: thank you, master *she gets up and straightens out her skirts*
Frodo: *wordlessly he unbuttons his shirt and pulls it back from his left shoulder*
Frodo: *along with the brand, partially healed whip weals are visible on his chest and shoulder*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang is not surprised at the marks. He knew that the brand was there, but he is silent at Frodo's words*
Frodo: *waits for their reaction...now they will turn on him, but at least the waiting will be over*
Frodo: *He lowers his head and looks down*
Arnasa: *wonders at this but says nothing*
Pizdur Vartang: *looks down at the floor and says nothing*
Frodo: *After an awkward silence he dares to look up*
Frodo: *He sees surprise on Arnasa's face but not on Vartang's*
Pizdur Vartang: *After much hesitation he says* Shakh, I know our ways are strange to you, but you will learn them and accept them
Pizdur Vartang: First you must learn how to be the master
Pizdur Vartang: You will treat all slaves according to their rank
Frodo: *hisses through clenched teeth* I will never, never inflict on another what has been done to me
Frodo: especially not on an innocent like this woman
Pizdur Vartang: *anger can be seen in Vartang's eyes but he tries to hide it*
Frodo: So you know I am a slave then. Why are you treating me like a master?
Arnasa: *listens to the two talk back and forth.... is confused... but says nothing*
Pizdur Vartang: *he finishes drinking his wine and puts the glass back on the table*
Pizdur Vartang: If you will excuse me, shakh, I must go see about my horse. Remember, this girl is a slave. Nothing else. She is less than dirt. She lives to serve us
Pizdur Vartang: When she outlives her purpose, she will die
Pizdur Vartang: You are her first master. Teach her the meaning of the word "obedience"
Frodo: *His lips part in shock*
Pizdur Vartang: *he bows to Frodo and goes out the door, shutting it behind him*
Frodo: *He buttons his shirt with trembling hands*
Arnasa: *she feels ackward*
Arnasa: do you need any help with that, master?
Frodo: *gives up on the shirt* All right *he says faintly*
Arnasa: *she approaches him, and finishes buttoning up the buttons on his shirt, and smooths any wrinkles from it*
Arnasa: may i get you anything, master?
Frodo: *This is so, so different from the master-servant relationship among hobbits. He treated Sam like a person, for Eru's sake*
Frodo: *because he WAS a person. As is this woman, he thinks, though she doesn't even seem to think that*
Pizdur Vartang: *Outside Vartang walks to the stable near the cottages. He gives instructions to the orc that his horse is to be tended and then readied in two hours for use*
Arnasa: *waits for frodo to speak... is a bit uncomfortable, but hides it*
Frodo: *His eyes begin to sting as he remembers that Sam is not a person anymore...only a mindless wraith, mindless enough to add to his old master's scars*
Frodo: *He realizes he has been contemplating the woman and tries to smile reassuringly*
Arnasa: *she tries another question* master, what would you like for dinner?
Arnasa: so i may tell the cooks to prepare it?
Frodo: I'm not hungry right now......
Arnasa: i am your housekeeper
Frodo: I know
Frodo: How did it happen to you?
Arnasa: very well, then, master
Arnasa: *she wonders* how did what happen?
Frodo: *gestures* The brand.
Frodo: Do they do this to all their slaves?
Frodo: Only for being born into slavery?
Arnasa: the mark was given to me when i was 2 years of age.
Frodo: *covers his mouth to surpress a cry*
Arnasa: *she nods* aye, master
Frodo: Why?
Arnasa: i was old enough then, they said, so it would not kill me or mar my skin too much.
Arnasa: i was stronger than my sister, whom my parents killed for her fraility..
Frodo: *Oh Elbereth, he thinks, I want to go home.*
Frodo: I am sorry!
Arnasa: do not be. tis the way of it.
Frodo: *aghast at her casual dismissal of torture and death, even when it affected her so closely*
Arnasa: *she does not know what to think of her new master. he seems to be confused*
Frodo: Well...*his head swims and he feels worse from the shock*...could you get me a glass of wine?
Pizdur Vartang: *By that time, Vartang has finished with instructions to the orc and comes back to the cottage, opens the door and goes in*
Frodo: *He feels very awkward asking her for it*
Arnasa: yes, master *she bows to frodo, and then goes back to the table, and refills frodo's goblet of wine... she comes back to him, and kneeling, gives it to him*
Frodo: *takes the goblet* Thank you....I don't need anything else
Arnasa: yes, master *she stands back up and walks to a place behind frodos chair, waiting for him to give an order*
Pizdur Vartang: *He goes to a chair by a window across from Frodo*
Frodo: *notices she is still standing back there. How uncomfortable for both of them, he thinks. He wishes she would leave*
Pizdur Vartang: Wench, take off my boots
Frodo: *sips the wine nervously*
Arnasa: aye, my lord *she walks over to vartang, bows to him, kneels and takes off one boot, then the other... and places them beside his chair*
Pizdur Vartang: Now, bring a basin of water, not too hot, not too cold, and bathe my feet, and hurry!
Arnasa: *she gets up, and goes to the kitchen.... soon returning with a basin of water*
Arnasa: *she sets the basin down in front of vartang's chair, and puts both feet in, one at a time*
Arnasa: *she cleans them both, then dries them with a towel*
Frodo: *Sam used to draw baths for him but this is ridiculous*
Pizdur Vartang: A hassock, maid, for my feet
Arnasa: *she scoots a nearby hassock over, and gently places his feet upon it*
Pizdur Vartang: And maid, go to my cottage. *He tosses her a key from inside his tunic* Go to my traveling case, open it, and fetch me a pair of shoes
Arnasa: yes, my lord *she bows to him and leaves frodos cottage... walking over to vartang's cottage*
Pizdur Vartang: Now Shakh, are you learning more about how to treat slaves?
Pizdur Vartang: And will this one be enough, or should I order more to attend to you?
Frodo: She will be enough
Arnasa: *she unlocks the door to vartang's cottage and enters. finding his travel case, she gets a pair of shoes, exits the cottage, locking the door behind her*
Pizdur Vartang: She is very young, as you can see. I do not think too bright
Arnasa: *she comes back to frodos cottage, and enters, bowing*
Frodo: *a small smile crosses his face as that reminds him of Pippin*
Arnasa: *then she goes to vartang, and kneels, putting the soft leather shoes upon his feet*
Pizdur Vartang: *he does not even look at her as she does this, but speaks to Frodo*
Pizdur Vartang: How do you like Nurn, Shakh?
Arnasa: *she gets up, and moves behind frodo's chair, waiting for the next order*
Frodo: Well...the country I saw outside was beautiful
Pizdur Vartang: Girl, fetch me more wine!
Arnasa: *she goes back to the table, and gets the bottle of wine, and refills vartang's goblet... then steps back to her place*
Pizdur Vartang: You were a little faster this time, but not much!
Arnasa: i am sorry lord, i shall try to do better next time.
Pizdur Vartang: Now, my lord, my understanding is that you have long served the Master
Pizdur Vartang: is my understanding correct?
Frodo: *very reluctant to speak of it...* No....
Frodo: I was not a servant
Frodo: I was a prisoner.
Frodo: I still am.
Pizdur Vartang: *he stares into his wine glass and then clears his throat*
Pizdur Vartang: I understand that you did a great service for the Great Master
Frodo: *grips the arms of his chair with white knuckles*
Arnasa: *uncomfortable, she looks down at a tendril of her wavy hair which trails down her shoulder*
Frodo: *If only they knew. The temptations of power that the Ring wrought were infinitely greater than the mere sight of Vartang's treatment of the slave woman*
Pizdur Vartang: And it is also my understanding that your deeds of valor were very worthy
Frodo: *confused* What?
Pizdur Vartang: and that you labored night and day for the Master
Pizdur Vartang: and you were given the mark of honor to show that you are truly a friend of Sauron
Pizdur Vartang: and a Ring was given to you
Frodo: No, that is not how it happened at all!
Arnasa: *uncertain, she twists her hair around her finger while they talk*
Frodo: I did have the Dark Lord's Ring
Frodo: and when I was captured he took it back
Frodo: He kept me in a filthy cell for weeks, months
Pizdur Vartang: Nay, Shakh. That is not the way of it at all as I have heard
Pizdur Vartang: I have been told that you returned Ash Nazg to the Master after it had been stolen
Pizdur Vartang: and that you have been amply rewarded for your efforts
Frodo: Well, that is how he would put it, he even said so to me once
Frodo: *shudders, in pain at the memories*
Pizdur Vartang: they say at Lugburz that the weight of the wain that carries the gold that you were given by the Master is great beyond measure
Pizdur Vartang: and it is drawn by ten yoke of oxen
Arnasa: *looks up, and back and forth to frodo and vartang as they speak*
Frodo: *Anger flashes in his eyes* That is untrue! He gave me nothing but torture
Frodo: and brief respites so I could be brought back from the brink of death to suffer more!
Pizdur Vartang: they told me at Lugburz this wain would be here in a manner of days
Frodo: *frowns, confused*
Pizdur Vartang: and if I have the master's leave, I would like to look at it
Frodo: Maybe they have gold for you, but I know nothing of it
Pizdur Vartang: you are a rich man now, shakh. Honored highly by the Master
Pizdur Vartang: I have seen with my own eyes the mark of the Master that you bear and the ring upon your finger. I owe that my allegience
Pizdur Vartang: The woman is yours for as long as she lives. If you get tired of her, you can kill her
Frodo: *He looks down at the ring and for a moment the room vanishes and he is before Sauron, watching Sam swear loyalty to the Dark Lord*
Pizdur Vartang: They say she is 16 summers old
Pizdur Vartang: if you want, you can look at her teeth and see if this is true
Arnasa: *stands quietly behind frodos chair*
Frodo: *looks up, barely hearing him, holding back a torrent of emotion*
Frodo: What? Oh, no, I believe she is 16 years old
Frodo: That is very young!
Pizdur Vartang: I know how you must feel after you were honored so highly by the Master
Pizdur Vartang: Did you want an older slave or a younger one, shakh?
Pizdur Vartang: There are plenty
Frodo: She is fine...you don't believe I was tortured, do you?
Pizdur Vartang: You can see some slaves tomorrow if you want
Frodo: You don't believe that that is why I am sick
Pizdur Vartang: Tortured? What do you mean?
Frodo: When I was a prisoner in the Dark Tower
Pizdur Vartang: [erhaps you received dicipline when you were learning. We all do
Frodo: I was kept in a cell and only let out to be tortured, or brought before the Dark Lord
Arnasa: *shifts feet, putting her weight on the left foot, while resting the right*
Pizdur Vartang: I am an officer of the army. I came up through the ranks. My back bears its own scars. That is the way of it
Pizdur Vartang: It makes us stronger, more able to bear pain
Frodo: *clenches his fists and grits his teeth*
Pizdur Vartang: Now that I have achieved rank, I no longer have to be diciplined, but I accepted it
Pizdur Vartang: There is a saying, shakh, that you should learn. "It is the way of it"
Frodo: I was never in any military postion!
Frodo: I was only in a dark cell guarded by two orcs who beat me almost every day
Arnasa: *shifts to the right foot, and rests the left*
Pizdur Vartang: *finishes his wine and holds out his goblet to the girl* More
Frodo: *spits the words out angrily*
Arnasa: yes lord *she moves to the table, getting the bottle she refills his goblet*
Frodo: ...Is THAT the way of it?
Arnasa: *and moves back to her place behind frodos chair*
Pizdur Vartang: *he drinks his wine and then stretches his feet out on the hassock*
Pizdur Vartang: Certain peoples were born to serve Mordor
Pizdur Vartang: The people of Nurn have served the Master for untold ages
Frodo: *remembers the wine goblet he is holding and gulps it down*
Pizdur Vartang: they are like horses or dogs that you use
Frodo: *scoffs*
Pizdur Vartang: you treat them as your property. when they serve you well, you let them live
Pizdur Vartang: when they don't, you kill them
Pizdur Vartang: that is the way of it
Pizdur Vartang: I am born an Easterling. None of my people are slaves
Pizdur Vartang: long have my ancestors served the Master
Frodo: *the floodgates of his mind burst open as he realizes that this will be the fate of the hobbits, now that he has failed his Quest*
Pizdur Vartang: but we are free people
Pizdur Vartang: not slaves
Frodo: *The hobbits of the Shire will become like the people of Nurn, all too soon*
Pizdur Vartang: And for our services to Him, the Master gives us land
Frodo: *He lurches forward in his chair and brings his icy hands to his face with slow, jerking movements, too overcome to weep*
Pizdur Vartang: And when I prove my worth to him in my service, my Master will give me land in Gondor
Pizdur Vartang: Master, are you fatigued?
Pizdur Vartang: Girl, bring him a blanket
Frodo: *listens, pressing his aching forehead, still unable to speak*
Arnasa: *she goes to another room, and fetches a blanket from a trunk and brings it back*
Arnasa: *she goes to frodos chair and tucks the blanket around him* will that be all, master?
Frodo: *finally jerks backward with a gasp, but his lungs will not allow such abuse and he begins coughing again*
Pizdur Vartang: *He motions to Frodo* He is your new master now
Pizdur Vartang: So serve him first, but you are still a slave to all those of your superiors
Frodo: *covers his mouth with his hand as he coughs*
Arnasa: *she nods and stands by frodo's chair. seeing his coughing fit she asks with concern* master, are you well?
Frodo: *shakes his head*
Pizdur Vartang: Wench, you will find among his baggage a box with medicine
Pizdur Vartang: Six times a day you are to give him a few bits of powder from a black bottle in his wine
Pizdur Vartang: He is to receive good food, and you should always keep the windows open, unless it should chance to rain
Pizdur Vartang: Now when he has coughing attacks, you are to fetch me
Pizdur Vartang: No matter what time of day or night
Pizdur Vartang: Now go back to my cottage. You will find a medicine chest. Bring me a black bottle with a rune for "P"
Arnasa: *she nods etching these things in her memory* thank you, lord. i shall remember these things
Frodo: *the coughing begins to subside and he leans back in the chair pressing one hand to his mouth and the other to his chest*
Arnasa: *she bows to them both and leaves the cottage, heading to get the medicine from vartangs chest*
Frodo: *Despite the climate, he looks worse than when they arrived*
Arnasa: *she finds the bottle and comes back to frodos cottage... bowing upon entry*
Pizdur Vartang: Now stay with him, wench, while I go to my cottage and get him something to help his coughing
Arnasa: yes my lord *she moves to the table and puts some of the black powder from the bottle in frodos wine goblet, and waits for it to disolve*
Pizdur Vartang: *he kicks the hassock aside, rises from his chair, goes to the door and opens it, and goes to his cottage*
Frodo: *He has endured countless nights of pain alone, but she reminds him of Sam a little...if only these folk treated one another as people, he might actually be able to hope for someone to comfort him*
Arnasa: *she says to frodo* master, this will help your pain
Frodo: *hoarse* Thank you
Arnasa: have you taken this before?
Frodo: *he drinks it, trying not to cough*
Frodo: No, what is it?
Arnasa: perhaps you would like some bread, master, for sometimes it upsets one's stomach.
Arnasa: a potion to relieve pain, master. it is a great help when one is ill
Frodo: *He stops coughing long enough to say* Very well, after I stop coughing, thank you
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang returns soon after, opens the door and closes it behind him*
Pizdur Vartang: *he walks over to Frodo's chair*
Pizdur Vartang: *he carries a clear bottle with brownish liquid in it*
Arnasa: very well, master, i shall get you some bread now, so you will have it handy when you feel like eating *she goes to the kitchen to find some bread*
Frodo: *Frodo's eyes are streaming from all the coughing, making his vision blurry*
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, give me your wine glass
Frodo: *holds the glass out to Vartang*
Pizdur Vartang: *he unscrews the lid from the clear bottle and pours some of the brownish liquid into Frodo's glass*
Pizdur Vartang: This will cause you to quit coughing
Pizdur Vartang: but under no circumstances is anyone to administer it save me
Arnasa: *she comes back from the kitchen with a small loaf of bread, and puts it on the table beside frodo*
Pizdur Vartang: *he waits for Frodo to drink the wine*
Frodo: *drinks the contents of the glass and soon stops coughing*
Frodo: *He falls back wearily into the chair* Thank you
Arnasa: *she says to frodo* master, when you feel better, you may want to eat some of the bread, lest the potions upset your stomach.
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh Baggins, I am neither a sorcerer nor a physican, but I was given the instruction on these remedies to treat you
Frodo: *nods to Arnasa, breaks off a piece of the bread and eats it*
Pizdur Vartang: And I am told that with enough time here and the brownish medicine, you will recover
Pizdur Vartang: Though you are noble in deed and word, and have served the Master well, you are slight of form and frail from all your ardors in His service
Frodo: *That is a relief, he thinks...maybe...but what will happen after he recovers?*
Arnasa: *as usual, she resumes her place behind frodo's chair*
Frodo: *the bitter look crosses his face at the mention of his "service"*
Pizdur Vartang: Now, after you have your dinner tonight, there will be entertainment for you
Pizdur Vartang: Some of the slaves are very good singers. Some are minstrels. Some juggle
Pizdur Vartang: And if you are up to it, they will stage some entertainment for you
Pizdur Vartang: Whenever you need anything, day or night, just call the wench
Frodo: *too astonished to reply...why? he wonders*
Pizdur Vartang: And if you become ill and begin to cough during the night, summon her. She will fetch me
Pizdur Vartang: Her room will be right beside yours
Pizdur Vartang: *he looks to the woman* Though I fear her use will be limited
Frodo: What do you mean?
Pizdur Vartang: *for the first time in all the trip, Vartang laughs*
Pizdur Vartang: look at her, Shakh. What is she? A simple minded peasant girl
Arnasa: *looks down at floor*
Frodo: *And I am a simple minded hobbit, thinks Frodo...what is wrong with that?*
Pizdur Vartang: if it were my doing, I would have chosen one of the wenches from Gondor
Pizdur Vartang: But I am a bachelor as yet, and have no harem, as is the custom
Pizdur Vartang: And I would not have this girl in it, for she is too slight in form
Frodo: Harem? What is that?
Pizdur Vartang: It is the custom to have many wives
Arnasa: *moves one foot forward slightly*
Pizdur Vartang: But I am a soldier and do not have my own household
Frodo: Many wives? I have never heard of a custom like that!
Pizdur Vartang: Have you been to the East, shakh? Can you say what is there?
Pizdur Vartang: We have our own customs
Pizdur Vartang: But our women are superb to all others
Pizdur Vartang: They can fight when need be
Pizdur Vartang: Not like this.... this.... peasant
Arnasa: *moves foot back under dress*
Pizdur Vartang: And as I can see, this one is simple minded
Pizdur Vartang: Woman, your name is.... what, what.... Arnasa
Arnasa: *looks up* aye lord
Pizdur Vartang: Can you read?
Arnasa: i was trained to read a little bit, black speech, common, some elvish
Pizdur Vartang: What else were you trained to do?
Frodo: Elvish? Really? *brightens*
Arnasa: to cook, to sew, to serve
Arnasa: embroidery, play the harp
Arnasa: *nods to frodo* only a little bit, master
Frodo: I used to study Elvish...maybe I can teach you while I am here, as my uncle used to teach me
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, I still do not think the wench will be suitable for one so great as you
Arnasa: if it pleases you, master
Pizdur Vartang: We can fetch a woman of Gondor, or Rohan. Take your pick
Frodo: Sir, I am not great at all, and until this journey I have been treated worse than a dog. Do not kill this woman! She is fine for me.
Pizdur Vartang: A halfling, nay
Pizdur Vartang: If you do not want to kill her, shakh, put her in the fields
Frodo: *quickly, holding up a hand desperately* No! Not a halfling!
Pizdur Vartang: Let her help tend the crops
Pizdur Vartang: The work will be harder on her
Arnasa: *looks down again*
Pizdur Vartang: For you see, Shakh, the lives of these people are worthless
Pizdur Vartang: They have use only as long as they serve Mordor
Frodo: *looks over his shoulder to her downcast eyes to see what she thinks of all this. He meets her eyes and tries to read what is in them*
Pizdur Vartang: You can whip her, you can beat her
Pizdur Vartang: You can kill her
Pizdur Vartang: She belongs to you
Arnasa: *her eyes convey little emotion, and she looks down blankly at the floor*
Pizdur Vartang: Her life is yours
Pizdur Vartang: and what does Lugburz care what you do with her?
Pizdur Vartang: She seems to be able to speak without stammering too much
Pizdur Vartang: I give her my permission to talk with you
Arnasa: *she looks up to vartang and then to frodo* aye my lords
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, are you quite well?
Arnasa: we want you to get well, master
Pizdur Vartang: Yes, well
Frodo: *the ache of the loneliness of endless days and nights in his cell flares, with the grief of the loss of Sam....a single tear runs down his face as he looks gently at the girl* Aye....
Frodo: It would be nice....if you would talk to me.
Pizdur Vartang: *He thinks to himself: He seems speechless. Must be the high honor he was given*
Arnasa: whatever you wish, master. *notices the tear and looks concerned* would you like a hankerchief?
Frodo: *wipes the tear with his hand* No, thank you
Arnasa: *she nods, and feels ackward once again*
Pizdur Vartang: It is as I told you, shakh. The wench is simple minded
Pizdur Vartang: She has nothing worth saying
Pizdur Vartang: And no amount of beating will give her a brain
Frodo: Well, she has studied Elvish
Frodo: I have always been interested in that
Pizdur Vartang: A dying language
Frodo: *He winces and wipes another tear*
Pizdur Vartang: I understand when you have recovered, you are to leave
Frodo: *it is his fault that the Free Peoples are dying*
Frodo: I am?
Frodo: Where am I to go?
Pizdur Vartang: Yes, lord, in great honor
Pizdur Vartang: You are to go to Gondor
Arnasa: *quietly listens to the conversation*
Frodo: Gondor!
Pizdur Vartang: Heralds will announce your presence. Horns will sound wherever you go, and all among the Easterling colonists in Gondor will give you homage
Frodo: *He feels embarassed already*
Frodo: *whatever for? The Ring, that must be it. What a horrible taunt that will be*
Pizdur Vartang: it will be your choice, I understand, to receive your own fiefdom from the Master
Pizdur Vartang: Great lands will be yours
Pizdur Vartang: The best land will be yours to chose
Pizdur Vartang: I will be there to help you rule it
Frodo: And what is the other choice?
Pizdur Vartang: I was not told of that choice, only there would be a choice
Pizdur Vartang: and would you not like to be a great lord in what was once Gondor?
Frodo: Oh no..*he groans under his breath, leaning his head on his hand. They have some new devilish trickery planned for him. He knew it!*
Arnasa: *sensing that something is bothering her master, she takes a step closer to his chair*
Frodo: I would like to see Gondor...does it look the same as it did, before...*he trails off*
Pizdur Vartang: I understand shakh, your humility. It is the mark of a truly great man
Pizdur Vartang: I know we.... *he hesitates* you will rule well
Pizdur Vartang: Gondor looks better than it ever has in the past. The rubble has been cleared out
Pizdur Vartang: The great Temple to the Master is well underway
Frodo: There is a temple to S--to the Dark Lord in Gondor?!
Pizdur Vartang: Aye. It is the wonder of all, and you will see it
Frodo: *Guilt crushes his heart with an iron grip*
Pizdur Vartang: But a war goes on now. It is not safe for you
Pizdur Vartang: You can take the half witted slave girl if you want, or chose another, or several
Frodo: *Since when have they cared what is safe for him? But he reminds himself that this is not one of the ones who tormented him*
Frodo: *he is weary of arguing and is getting exasperated* I said before, she is fine
Pizdur Vartang: Now when you are able, you will ride about Nurn
Pizdur Vartang: Well, lord, is this your first slave?
Arnasa: *looks to frodo*
Frodo: If she is to be a slave, I suppose so....but I had a servant, before....*he weeps suddenly*
Pizdur Vartang: Lord, you should never call them "servants." Call them what they are, "slaves"
Pizdur Vartang: It is the way of it
Frodo: I'm sorry, it was back in the Shire...he was more like a brother than a servant, and THAT is the way of it there
Pizdur Vartang: *At Frodo's words, his eyes begin to narrow*
Frodo: He was not really even a servant
Frodo: He was my gardener.
Pizdur Vartang: It was not the way of Mordor. You should have learned that
Arnasa: *feels ackward and looks down again*
Frodo: *Frodo returns his glare, then says with contained anger* I have learned the ways of Mordor.
Pizdur Vartang: But lord, I would like to hear your experiences and how you earned your high honors
Frodo: *But not to follow them, he finishes silently*
Pizdur Vartang: Your works will be set down by the scribes
Frodo: I have already told you my experiences! I do not know why everyone is suddenly treating me with honor!
Pizdur Vartang: You are modest. I understand. You are not boastful, as the way of some is
Frodo: No, no, I speak the truth!
Pizdur Vartang: But I would like to hear of your tales
Pizdur Vartang: How did you come by the Ring?
Pizdur Vartang: And when did you decide to bring it back?
Frodo: *This is too much. With every shred of his strength he restrains an outburst*
Pizdur Vartang: Tomorrow, a high festival will be held in your honor
Frodo: Do I have to be there?
Pizdur Vartang: A portable chair has been built for you, embelished with black color, red and gold, set with gems
Frodo: Oh no, please...I really do not want to do that
Frodo: *he is shaking again, but with rage this time*
Pizdur Vartang: And you will be carried to a place of honor so that the people will see you, sing your praises, bow down and do homage
Pizdur Vartang: So be prepared to accept the worthless gifts of the slaves
Frodo: *Now he sees the hand of Sauron in this. All this honor is for the return of his Ring. He knows that Frodo will derive only anguish from it*
Pizdur Vartang: The gifts from their masters should be better
Pizdur Vartang: And when you are able, you will be asked by the nobles of Nurn to come and dine with them
Pizdur Vartang: Your name will be spoken of in reverence and all Nurn will know your deeds
Frodo: *His chest heaves. There must be a way out*
Pizdur Vartang: Hail to you, bearer of the Ring!
Pizdur Vartang: Your name will go down in the ages in honor
Frodo: *gives a cry and slumps down in the chair again, sinking fully into unconsciousness this time*

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