"Lord of The Slaves"
June 25, 3019

Characters played by Hobbitness: Frodo; Frodo's Ring (in written-in conversations with Frodo); Anborn and Targon

Characters played by Eowyn: Arnasa the Slave Girl; Finduilas the Gondorian woman and her two sons Anborn and Targon; Rian, the girl from Gondor; Elfhild and Effled, the twins from Rohan

Characters played by Wraith: Narrator; Pizdur Vartang; Frodo's Ring; Lugrat the Orc; Olang the Slave Trader; Ceolwulf the Rohirrim; Durfuin the Gondorian; Sador the Haradrim

Narrator: *On the second day of Frodo's arrival in Nurn, he was awakened by Arnasa, knocking on his door*
Arnasa: *she knocks on his door and calls...* master? it is time to get up
Frodo: *Frodo wakes with a start, then his terror quickly fades as he remembers where he is, to be replaced by a vague anxiety*
Arnasa: *she waits to hear him stirring*
Frodo: All right, I'm up, thank you Arnasa *he calls*
Arnasa: may i come in, master?
Frodo: Yes, come in
Arnasa: *she opens the door, and bows low before entering*
Frodo: *He sits in the bed yawning, and flushes when she bows*
Arnasa: *she looks to him and asks* master, do you need anything? what would you wish for breakfast?
Frodo: *It grates on him to integrate himself into their world, and he does not value the false favors of Sauron...but he does not hold all this against Arnasa* I'm all right.
Arnasa: *she wears a purple off-the-shoulder gown, the brand of the eye showing upon her left shoulder. large golden rings dangle from her ears and flash between the wavy strands of dark reddish brown hair*
Frodo: I'll have whatever you and Captain Vartang are having *he waves his hand with a weary sigh and a forced smile at her*
Arnasa: are you sure you do not wish anything? would you wish for me to prepare a bath for you?
Frodo: That's all right, I'll just wash my face in here.
Pizdur Vartang: *Captain Vartang sits upon a chair and holds a goblet of wine in one hand*
Frodo: *There is a washing stand in his room with a bowl and a towel*
Pizdur Vartang: *He waits for Frodo in Frodo's sitting room near the front of the cottage*
Arnasa: very well, master. *she bows, then leaves... going to the kitchen to tell the cooks what to prepare*
Arnasa: *she passes through the hall on the way to the kitchen, and sees vartang through the doorway. she pauses, and bows to him then proceeds*
Pizdur Vartang: *he nods his head to her and sips his wine*
Frodo: *Frodo washes his face and begins dressing*
Pizdur Vartang: *wonders how long Frodo will be*
Arnasa: *she tells the cooks in the kitchen to prepare extra amounts of food, for both frodo and vartang are having the same thing*
Frodo: *He is not used to seeing himself in daylight, and he can't hold back a grimace at the scars on his chest and wrists*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang walks to the door of the cottage, and carries his wine glass. He orders an orc to come and help Frodo get to his chair*
Pizdur Vartang: *after talking to the orc, he turns back, closes the door and goes to his seat*
Frodo: *He burns with anger as he finishes dressing. Do they really expect him to forget?*
Arnasa: *the cooks soon bring the breakfast, meat, bread, fruit of an unknown kind to frodo, and wine for both of them and set it on the table in the sitting room, which serves as a dining hall*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang waits for the orc to come and get Frodo. Soon the orc comes in and Vartang motions to him to follow him to Frodo's room*
Frodo: *It should be Sam making his breakfast. He doesn't care what the will of Sauron is, or what right he thinks he has to ruin poor Sam. Sam should still be here. The food will not have much taste*
Pizdur Vartang: *the orc knocks on Frodo's door*
Arnasa: *after the food is brought, arnasa stands by frodo's chair and waits for him*
Frodo: Yes?
Lugrat: *the orc says* Master, let me in!
Lugrat: Master?
Frodo: *A surge of panic shoots through him, then he remembers this orc will not hurt him* Yes, yes, all right, come in.
Frodo: *He is rubbing his hands over his face when the orc enters*
Lugrat: *the orc lumbers into the room, its long arms swinging down at its sides*
Frodo: *He doesn't want to look at the orc*
Lugrat: *the orc says* I am Lugrat. I come to serve you. My place be Minas Morgul
Frodo: *nods to the orc without looking at him and manages quickly* Thank you
Lugrat: I come to pick you up and carry you *The orc has a strong overbite and he drools as he approaches Frodo* For you be too weak to walk
Frodo: *Thanking an orc, can you imagine? He remembers....well, he doesn't want to remember*
Lugrat: Narnulublat, Master *the orc says, and as the Orc gets near, Frodo notices that a strange foul odor exudes from him*
Frodo: *Yes, because of orcs like you, he replies mentally.* Thank you, I'm ready...what is that smell?
Lugrat: Master, wot smell?
Frodo: *sighs* Never mind
Lugrat: *he bends down and picks Frodo up and carries his small, frail body in his arms*
Lugrat: *as he carries him, he talks* Master, wot? Were you in the great war?
Frodo: *grits his teeth* No.
Lugrat: Were you wounded in the Great Eye's service?
Frodo: *curtly* No. I was just wounded.
Lugrat: Aye, so be it, as you say, but you are greatly honored
Frodo: *cannot hold back a scornful laugh*
Frodo: I suppose so.
Lugrat: *Soon, they come to the sitting room and he places Frodo in his chair and pushes it under the table*
Arnasa: *when she sees frodo arriving, she bows low once more*
Lugrat: *He turns to leave and bows to Vartang*
Lugrat: *the orc says* Master, if you need me, I will be right outside the door, and let me tell you, it's a great honor to be your servant!
Frodo: *manages a quick, forced smile at the orc* All right.
Frodo: Thank you.
Lugrat: *The orc says* Master, if you can, remember me, to the Great Eye. My name be Lugrat!
Frodo: Aye, Lugrat.
Frodo: I will try to remember that.
Frodo: *Oh Valar, he hopes he won't see the Great Eye again.*
Lugrat: *He bows all the way out to the door and then he turns and says* Now remember Lugrat when you see the Great Eye
Frodo: *angrily* Aye!
Lugrat: *then he opens the door and goes out, closing it behind him*
Frodo: *turns sheepishly to Vartang and Arnasa* I'm sorry about that.
Arnasa: *she stands by frodo's chair, awaiting his call*
Frodo: I am just....not feeling well.
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang has been watching the whole scene with an amused expression. Now he gets up, and bows to Frodo* Shakh, did you rest well?
Frodo: Well enough. PLEASE don't call me Shakh, can't you call me Frodo?
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh! It is a sign of great respect to call you lord, and if I did not, my superiors would have my head for it
Frodo: *nods, resigned...for the moment*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang walks to the table, pulls out a chair and sits down*
Frodo: *eats quietly*
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, is the food to your satisfaction and has the wench *looks over towards Arnasa* served you well?
Arnasa: *looks to vartang then to frodo*
Frodo: *feels protective towards Arnasa* Yes, it is, and yes, she has been very helpful.
Pizdur Vartang: And did she give you your medicine last night as she was commanded?
Frodo: *nods*
Pizdur Vartang: *he cuts his meat with his knife and puts the piece into his mouth and chews it slowly*
Frodo: *The atmosphere at the table is full of underlying tension*
Pizdur Vartang: You had a better night than usual, Shakh. I was only summoned three times to give you the brown potion
Pizdur Vartang: *Then he eats the bread, drinking his wine to wash it down*
Frodo: *smiles wearily and nods*
Arnasa: *silently watches the two eat*
Pizdur Vartang: *He takes the fruit in his hands and eats it* Shakh, you must try this. You probably have never eaten this fruit before
Frodo: What is it?
Pizdur Vartang: Figs, pomegranates and dates
Arnasa: *looks at them eating the fruit, silently wishing that she were to be given some*
Frodo: We do not have those in the Sh....*catches himself* No, I haven't seen those before
Pizdur Vartang: No, I did not expect they grew there. These are dry climate crops. The produce goes to help feed our armies
Frodo: *feels awkward with Arnasa standing over his shoulder and glances politely to her from time to time*
Pizdur Vartang: *Outside they begin to hear the sound of voices coming closer. They hear orders being barked, and Frodo thinks that he heard the sound of the lash meeting flesh, and a groan soon after*
Frodo: *Frodo's agitation is visible*
Frodo: *His head lowers and he grips the table with white knuckles*
Arnasa: *she, too, hears the sounds, but they do not affect her. she's not the one feeling the lash, and therefore it is none of her concern*
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, your litter has arrived!
Frodo: *bites his lip, his heart racing*
Frodo: What? Oh.
Pizdur Vartang: When you have finished eating, we shall leave
Frodo: *nods and tries to eat faster*
Pizdur Vartang: We go to the marketplace today, Shakh
Frodo: We do?
Frodo: Must I go? I really am not feeling well
Pizdur Vartang: *finished eating, he pushes his chair back and rises, bows to Frodo, goes to the door, opens it and goes out*
Frodo: *sighs*
Frodo: *wraps a few dates in a napkin and hands it to Arnasa under the table*
Pizdur Vartang: *he calls to the orc that attends Frodo. Soon Vartang and the orc return and the orc stands on the other side of Frodo's chair*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang leans against the wall, his arms folded and waits for Frodo to finish*
Arnasa: *she takes the napkin from frodo and bows her head in gratitude* thank you master
Frodo: You're welcome *he smiles at her, then gasps when he finds the orc suddenly at his side*
Lugrat: *the orc bends down and whispers in Frodo's ear* Remember Lugrat, master?
Arnasa: *the orc does not surprise her... she, having seen orcs many times before, and therefore, used to their presence*
Frodo: *trying to slow his heart and to keep his heavy breathing from bringing on a coughing fit* Yes, I remember.
Lugrat: *the orc smiles, more of a leer than a grin*
Lugrat: Master, I come to take you to the litter
Frodo: *Frodo turns away from him with a shudder and coughs into his napkin*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang seems almost to be sleeping as he leans against the wall, but there is a strange look on his face*
Frodo: *nods, giving him leave to pick him up*
Lugrat: *the orc pulls the chair with Frodo on it out from under the table, then bends down and picks him ups*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang starts at Frodo's cough* Shakh, do you need medicine?
Arnasa: *moves as the orc scoots out the chair and picks frodo up*
Frodo: *feels too weary and ill to care, he nods vaguely*
Pizdur Vartang: *Last night, when Frodo had one of his coughing episodes, Vartang left the medicine container on a shelf. Now he reaches up, pulls down the medicine bottle*
Pizdur Vartang: Wench, I need wine to mix it
Frodo: *He wishes they would let him stay in bed. Why do they have to go to the market? Doubtless there is something there to cause him to suffer, and he will have to pretend to be grateful*
Arnasa: *she fetches a goblet, pours wine into it, and comes back to vartang* here, lord
Pizdur Vartang: *Wordlessly, he takes the goblet from her hand. Then he pours a dosage of the brown liquid into Frodo's wine and gives the goblet back to her*
Arnasa: *she takes the goblet, then moves to frodo, who is being held by the orc. she holds the goblet near his face* master, let me help you drink it *her dark eyes are listless, her face without expression*
Frodo: Thank you *he lets her put the cup to his lips*
Arnasa: *puts the goblet to his lips and lets him sip it, making sure to go slow, as not to accidentally choke him*
Frodo: *chafing at the humiliation...but it is better than stretching his hands out to his guards through the bars of his door, begging for just a little bread...he tries to block the memory*
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, are you ready now?
Frodo: *He nods and his head falls wearily back against the orc*
Arnasa: *moves away, and puts the goblet back on the table*
Pizdur Vartang: Lugrat, bear him out!
Pizdur Vartang: *The orc carries Frodo through the open door. Outside there is a sight such as Frodo has never seen*
Pizdur Vartang: *A black litter embelished with red and gold awaits him. Eight slaves kneel on the ground, waiting for him*
Frodo: *Frodo's eyes widen with dread. They are going to parade him around like this!*
Pizdur Vartang: *Corporals of the Mordor army stand nearby with short whips in their hands ready at any moment to lash a lazy orc to action*
Frodo: *It is embarassing to begin with, but worse because he knows they are "honoring" him for "returning" the Ring*
Frodo: *He wants to retch at the sight of the corporals with whips*
Lugrat: *Lugrat carries him out and places him upon the litter. Then he spreads a blanket across Frodo's lap*
Lugrat: *then he backs away, bowing* Remember me, master. Remember me to the Great Eye! Lugrat, that is my name
Frodo: *and he hates the way they treat the slaves...and he hates that they are HIS slaves. He wishes there were someone here who acted like a person*
Arnasa: *arnasa takes a place behind the litter and waits*
Frodo: *exasperated with the orc* Yes, Lugrat! But I doubt I shall see the Great Eye again.
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang goes to his horse, puts his foot in the sturrip and climbs into the saddle*
Pizdur Vartang: Ukh! (Go) *he says, and the slaves lift the carrying poles of the litter up on their shoulders*
Narrator: *Riding in front of the procession are a herald, then a trumpeter, then a standard bearer carrying the flag of the Great Eye, and then Pizdur Vartang. The trumpet is sounded and the herald announces "Make way for the Great Shakh!"*
Frodo: *Frodo leans his face on his hands and hides his eyes in embarassment when the trumpet blows*
Narrator: *The litter lurches forward as the slaves carry Frodo to a destination that he knows not*
Frodo: *He lifts his head and stares around curiously*
Arnasa: *she follows behind the litter, kicking up small clouds of dust in the road with her sandals*
Narrator: *Trumpet blaring, the party moves forward, and crowds gather to watch. They all bend down and touch their foreheads to the ground as it goes by, yelling and cheering* HAIL FRIEND OF SAURON!
Arnasa: *looks up, a shudder going down her spine... such powerful words, the Name of the Great Eye*
Frodo: *Frodo tries to hide his agitation, setting his face in a stony, expressionless mask*
Frodo's Ring: *On Frodo's right index finger, it seems that the Ring is vibrating and he begins to hear a voice*
Frodo: *Very pale, he clenches his fists and stares straight ahead trying to endure it and hoping it will be over soon*
Frodo's Ring: *The voice coming from the Ring says to Frodo.... YOU WISHED TO BE LORD OF THE RINGS.... NOW YOU ARE LORD OF THE SLAVES..*
Frodo's Ring: *The voice is inside his head, and when the words are finished, Frodo thinks he hears a familiar echoing laughter*
Frodo: *His mask breaks and surprise and terror register on his face*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang rides ahead, a satisfied look on his face and he nods to the crowd*
Frodo: *He looks down at the ring...so that is what it is, a vehicle for Sauron to taunt him...bound to him forever indeed*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang's black stallion prances and proudly arches its neck downward as it trots*
Frodo: *The faces of the Fellowship etch themselves ever deeper into his mind*
Narrator: *The crowds become larger as they near the outskirts of a city*
Narrator: *All move away and bow to the ground as Frodo's litter goes by*
Arnasa: *walks behind, her head bent downward*
Narrator: *As the crowds make way for them, up ahead, Frodo can see an area in the city, surrounded on three sides by market bazaars and on the fourth side, he cannot believe his eyes....*
Narrator: *An elevated platform with groveling, chained wretches, their eyes cast downward. It is the slave market of the city of Thagûrzgoi*
Frodo: *His eyes widen in horror*
Narrator: *the crowd parts for them and all bow as they pass*
Frodo: *His resolve never to become one of these people, never to accept their way of life, deepens, if that is possible*
Narrator: *Up around the elevated platform, the potential buyers draw aside for Frodo and hail him with great cries of* SHAKH! SHAKH! HAIL, FRIEND OF THE GREAT EYE!
Frodo: *looks down into his lap*
Frodo: *feels his face grow hot*
Narrator: *Their eyes eagerly search his face. He sees a crowd of Mordor officers there for the day to purchase slaves of their own*
Frodo: *He longs to go home to the Shire, even if everyone forgets about him that will be much better than this*
Frodo: *He still wants to see the Fellowship again someday, but now he is afraid to meet them. They will think him a traitor*
Narrator: *For in Nurn, all the slaves belong to the Great Eye and are managed by officers of the Mordor Army. On occasion, there are captured slaves from other countries that are brought to the marketplace and sold there. Since there are so many slaves, there is always a surplus and Lugburz allows officers to buy slaves of Nurn and other places for their personal use*
Frodo: *cringes at the thought of Gandalf chastising him for being the Friend of Sauron*
Narrator: *Frodo's procession halts near the elevated platform. Vartang dismounts his horse and gives the reins to an attendant. The litter bearers slowly lower the litter to the ground and kneel in wait for the next orders*
Frodo: *He feels the ring vibrating. "I would not have claimed the One Ring," he mentally challenges it. "Yes, you would have," comes the taunting answer*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang walks back to Frodo* Shakh, you need more slaves *he says and his voice seems to have a mocking tone to it*
Frodo: *Frodo's jaw drops*
Frodo: *"I would not have done this to anyone, even if I HAD claimed it!" he cries inwardly. "Yes, you would have!"*
Pizdur Vartang: But you do not need to get out of the litter
Frodo: *"Look at yourself at this moment!"*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang has that strange wry look upon his face, as if thinking of a secret joke*
Arnasa: *walks closer to the litter and bows to frodo, standing nearby*
Olang, Slave Trader: *The first groups of slaves are led out on the auction block, a mother and two weeping children. The mother is tall with grey eyes and the children are tall for their ages, reflective of their Numenorian descent. The auctioneer chants* These are fine, high born slaves from Gondor!
Frodo: *Frodo speaks, but Vartang has to step closer to hear him* Sir, really, Arnasa is enough! Please let us go back...please! *he sounds strangely as he used to in Lugburz, pleading with the orcs*
Olang, Slave Trader: *The mother holds the children by the hands, as the frightened children stare into the crowd. The smaller of the two boys wipes the tears with his dirty hands, smearing dirt with the tears*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang ignores Frodo and looks at the offering on the slave block*
Pizdur Vartang: No *he tells Frodo* They are not satisfactory. Let them go to the fields
Olang, Slave Trader: *The slave auctioneer starts bidding on them*
Olang, Slave Trader: *No one seems to be interested in the trio except a large man with a sallow complexion who looks like he is mixed with orc*
Frodo: Wait, wait, they are satisfactory, I will take them!
Frodo: *he hisses at Vartang* Don't send those little children to the fields.
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang says harshly* No, they do not satisfy!
Pizdur Vartang: They are useless and weak. What would you do with them?
Pizdur Vartang: Let them die in the vineyards, tending the grapes!
Frodo: I need nothing except someone to bring my food and to watch over me while Arnasa sleeps
Frodo: They can do that
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, I must advise you this is a mistake!
Frodo: *Frodo remains adamant*
Olang, Slave Trader: *The slave trader hears them talking. Wishing to impress Frodo, he says* Great lord, I give them to you. Remember me to the Master!
Olang, Slave Trader: *He continues* My name is Olang. They are my gift to you. Take them! Take them!
Frodo: Thank you, Olang...I will, if I see him again
Olang, Slave Trader: Please remember me! *he bows low* To the Master! To the Master!
Frodo: *nods, feeling very very sick*
Olang, Slave Trader: *Soon the mother and two sons are directed to the rear of Frodo's procession*
Frodo: *Guilt consumes him. He has just BOUGHT people! He has just chosen slaves!*
Olang, Slave Trader: *Next to be led on the block is a large man, tall, fair skinned. One of his feet has been maimed. The guards hurry him forward with spears and he lunges at them. They strike him down*
Olang, Slave Trader: *He curses them as he falls, then he tries to struggle to his feet, but they knock him down again*
Frodo: *watches in horror*
Frodo: *yells* Stop!
Olang, Slave Trader: Learn obedience, slave man of Gondor! *they tell him* It is the way of it!
Olang, Slave Trader: *The man, a former soldier of Gondor, was taken captive at Pelennor, as the futile battle raged*
Olang, Slave Trader: *they drag him to his feet and the slavemaster says* This man can still work in the fields! Buy him! Buy him!
Olang, Slave Trader: Fresh from Gondor! Fresh from Gondor! A strong soldier
Olang, Slave Trader: He will tend your fields! He will work hard for you! *A grimy looking captian of the Mordor army makes a bid*
Frodo: Gondor! *he whispers to himself*
Olang, Slave Trader: He goes by the name of Beleg. He has a strong back. Don't let his maimed foot bother you. Whip him enough and he'll work!
Frodo: *If he had not failed, Gondor would still be free. This man would still be with his family.*
Arnasa: *arnasa watches the slave auction with no emotion. at least she's not up on the block. for the time.*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang turns to Frodo and says* Shakh, you don't want him. He is a troublemaker and a knave!
Frodo: *He tries to meet the man's eyes. He figures the man must realize who he is, and he wants to apologize*
Pizdur Vartang: He should have been killed at Pelennor!
Frodo: *But perhaps his mission did stay a secret, for the man doesn't notice him at all*
Frodo: Captain Vartang, I am going to faint
Frodo: Can't we go back?
Olang, Slave Trader: *the man named Beleg glares at his captors* May the Valar smite you down!
Pizdur Vartang: Nay, Shakh. We have more slaves to buy
Olang, Slave Trader: *The grimy man buys him, and his servants come to the block and threaten Beleg with the whip*
Pizdur Vartang: Stay, Shakh. We have much business to do
Frodo: *lashes out* I do not WANT any more slaves! I do not NEED any more slaves! I hate this place and I hate------*he stops himself*
Olang, Slave Trader: *Next to be led upon the block is a gray eyed, dark haired maiden of Gondor*
Frodo: *through clenched teeth* I'm sorry. As I said, I am not well.
Rian: *is led upon the block by the slavemasters, with their wicked spears pointed at her*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang's eyes begin to gleam when he sees the woman* Buy her, Shakh. She is satisfactory
Frodo: *Looks up at the woman with his heart breaking. Buy her! BUY her? If only he could return all these people to their homes*
Rian: *she looks at frodo with pleading eyes, looking to be on the verge of tears*
Frodo: *But unfortunately the best thing he can do for her now IS buy her. If he doesn't, she will have to work in the fields*
Olang, Slave Trader: *The slavetrader begins to describe her* This fair maiden of only 18 summers is a lady of Minas Tirith
Olang, Slave Trader: She will make a good companion *he looks towards Vartang* for an officer
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang is about ready to buy her for himself*
Frodo: *chokes out* I will take her
Rian: *she looks desperately at those in the crowd...*
Olang, Slave Trader: *The slave trader hears Frodo's voice* Master! Master!
Olang, Slave Trader: You are the friend of the Great Eye. She is yours, without cost! Take her, take her!
Frodo: *looks to the slave trader with a despairing expression, horrified at what he is doing*
Frodo: *Thanks the slave trader in a daze*
Rian: *looks at the small, frail man with salt and pepper colored hair in the litter, wondering who he is, and what type he is*
Olang, Slave Trader: *Soon the slave trader's servants add her to the growing numbers behind Frodo's litter*
Rian: *as she goes by frodo's litter, she looks to him and says* thank you, my lord
Frodo: *Frodo is holding back tears, he tries to smile at her, and nods to her with an apology in his eyes*
Olang, Slave Trader: *Soon another is brought to the stand. This is a young man, blonde of hair, with a short, blonde beard on his face, bearing the look of the Rohirrim*
Olang, Slave Trader: *The slave trader demands a high bid on him, saying he is young and will work well in the fields, or make a good attendant to a lord or officer*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang bids on him and no one argues with his bid*
Olang, Slave Trader: *Soon the young man is taken to the back of Frodo's procession*
Olang, Slave Trader: *Five newly purchased slaves now wait behind Frodo*
Frodo: *Frodo decides that the guilt of this is actually worse than being beaten*
Olang, Slave Trader: *Two sisters are brought forward, twins. Two blondes, from the looks of them, from Rohan*
Frodo: *At least when he was a prisoner, he maintained his integrity*
Olang, Slave Trader: *the gleam comes back in Vartang's eyes as he looks at the two girls. He gets ready to bid on them*
Frodo: *Frodo notices that gleam...he is not sure what it is but it hints of cruelty and mad desire for the girls*
Elfhild and Elffled: *the two rohan girls stand there on the block.... looking out into the crowd. one has a glare in her eyes*
Frodo: *He bids on them first again, his soul twisting inside him*
Frodo: *He can never face anyone from his past again*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang curses under his breath and it seems one of his fists clenches tightly*
Pizdur Vartang: Master, it would have been better if I had bought them, because, as I can see, having a practiced eye, both of them are spitfires
Frodo: *What would they say? What would Merry and Pippin say, if they saw him now? What would Gandalf say? Would they not wish he were dead rather than know he had done this?*
Elfhild and Elffled: *the glaring girl continues to glare at anyone who dares buy her... her sister hovers closely at her side*
Frodo: Then they will defintely be strong, and you need not worry about them like you worry about Arnasa. *he replies defiantly*
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, you cannot handle these two! It will take a firm hand
Pizdur Vartang: Let me buy them!
Olang, Slave Trader: *The slave trader again sees that Frodo wants to buy the slaves and he offers them for free*
Olang, Slave Trader: *he says* Remember me to the Great Eye, Shakh! Remember me!
Frodo: *promises to remember his name, forgetting it instantly*
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, the young man will be your attendant. He is strong
Pizdur Vartang: But these maidens, it would be best... *his voice breaks off* As you wish, Shakh *he says with resentment*
Frodo: *lowers his voice* If what? If you could start a harem with them? Not while I am here
Pizdur Vartang: *A knowing smirk comes over his face at Frodo's words*
Frodo: Don't worry, I will not last long and then you can do as you wish
Pizdur Vartang: Nay, Shakh. You improve every day!
Frodo: No, I don't, can't you see that? But that does not matter.
Frodo: Surely these are enough? What will they possibly do?
Frodo: There is not even enough work for them.
Frodo: Surely we can go?
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, you have a large cottage
Pizdur Vartang: It takes many servants to run such a place
Frodo: *Just go and let me die, he thinks. He plans to refuse his medicine next time*
Pizdur Vartang: And you need them all! *a sardonic grin is on his face*
Pizdur Vartang: Just a few more, and that will be enough
Olang, Slave Trader: *the two girls are led back behind the litter. Now there are the mother with the two children, the girl from Gondor, the young man from Rohan, and the two girls from Rohan*
Elfhild and Elffled: *both sisters are led behind frodo's litter, resenting every moment of this humiliating experience*
Olang, Slave Trader: *A dignified elderly man is led up next. The guards press him forward with spears and the man looks at them benignly*
Olang, Slave Trader: *A peaceful look is on his face, as though he were far beyond this world, and on another spirtual plane*
Frodo: *loses control of his fury completely, bursts out at Vartang* NO! I will not do this anymore! I cannot buy anyone else! Are you the Ringbearer or am I?
Pizdur Vartang: Aye, Shakh, you are the Ringbearer
Pizdur Vartang: But surely this grandfather would make a good house servant
Pizdur Vartang: Otherwise they will put him in the fields, but what matter is that? It is the way of it
Frodo: *Frodo groans* Oh, very well then, buy him if only to keep him out of the fields
Frodo: *drops his face into his hands*
Frodo: *If the torture had come after all this, he would have felt he deserved it*
Olang, Slave Trader: *Soon the old man is added to the back of the procession, free of charge, courtesy of the slave trader*
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, this has been an eventful day for you, I know
Pizdur Vartang: Perhaps you should go back. I will stay here and see what else the traders have to offer
Frodo: *Frodo glares up at Vartang with pure hatred*
Pizdur Vartang: That is unless you want to stay *he laughs, and his dark eyes seem to swirl with malice*
Frodo: I have been waiting for that look *he says only to Vartang* Now I know where I stand.
Pizdur Vartang: Eight slaves, shakh, and you were once a slave. Slave no more
Frodo: I knew I was still in Mordor
Frodo: if you take my meaning
Pizdur Vartang: *he looks at Frodo and laughs, a hollow sarcastic laugh* Shakh, that is the way of it!
Frodo's Ring: *The Ring whispers again.... Lord of the Slaves*
Frodo: *Vartang has either entirely missed his point or chooses to ignore it*
Olang, Slave Trader: *Another slave is brought out, the last of the day*
Frodo: *The anger leaves Frodo's eyes to be replaced by weary desperation* Very well...take me back... please
Olang, Slave Trader: *A swarthy man from Harrad is brought up* This man is a physician *the slave trader says*
Olang, Slave Trader: *The slave trader bows to Frodo* Shakh, take him. I am told you are ill. He is learned in arts of healing!
Frodo: *he almost begs, his head in his hands* I don't care, just take me back, please
Olang, Slave Trader: *he bows profusely*
Olang, Slave Trader: Shakh! He is yours! Remember me to the Great Eye!
Olang, Slave Trader: *Nine slaves are now behind Frodo's litter, and Vartang gives the command to pick Frodo up and hasten back to the cottage*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang's grin is evil and mocking as he says* Shakh, that is the way of it
Frodo's Ring: *The Ring on Frodo's hand speaks to him.... You tried to destroy the One Ring with the Fellowship of Nine. Now you have your own Fellowship, the Fellowship of the Slaves, headed by the Master of Slaves!*
Frodo: *Frodo leans back, grimacing, sweat pouring down his face*
Frodo: *obviously in great pain*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang says* Our business here is finished. It is time to leave. *Vartang mounts his horse and the group turns back towards the cottage. As he rides, Vartang hums a strange melody and glances frequently back at Frodo*
Narrator: *Once back at the cottage, the slaves are assigned rooms and all are ordered to give the utmost care to the great Shakh*
Narrator: *The young man from Rohan is ordered to care for Frodo and Lugrat is dismissed, but not before coming beside Frodo and saying...* Remember me, remember Lugrat, to the Great Eye!
Frodo: *Frodo waves the orc away nodding absently*
Narrator: *Frodo is taken to his chair and a fire is kindled in the fireplace*
Narrator: *Although only 16 years old, Arnasa is considered mature, a dweller of the harsh land of Nurn. She had been trained as a housekeeper and to manage other slaves, and is is put in charge of Frodo's slaves by Vartang*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang gives his goodbyes, goes out to the door into his own cottage*
Arnasa: *arnasa wonders why frodo was given all the slaves. she shrugs. it doesn't really matter... tis just the way of things.*
Frodo: *Frodo slumps in his chair by the fireplace, his eyes squeezed shut in pain, trying to remain conscious.*
Frodo: *He is trying to figure out what he can do to comfort the slaves, if at all possible*
Arnasa: *notices that frodo seems to be in pain. she asks him* master, are you well?
Arnasa: would you like some of the potions, either the black or the brown?
Frodo: *He can't free them, can he? What would happen to them? Maybe he can...he will ask Vartang, that would be a good revenge on him*
Frodo: *A strange unreadable expression comes into his eyes as he opens them and looks at Arnasa* No, I am fine.
Frodo: Where are the others?
Narrator: *The two small boys and their mother come up to Frodo. The woman bows and says* Thank you, master *The small boys each take one of his hands*
Frodo: Ah, there you are *he says as the mother and her boys approach*
Arnasa: *arnasa looks to the woman and the boys, and then to frodo*
Frodo: *He sighs* Don't thank me. I am...so sorry.
Arnasa: *she puts the woman in charge of frodo while she goes to organize the other slaves*
Frodo: *He asks the woman* What are your names?
Frodo: And how old are your boys?
Finduilas: *the woman tells him* my name is finduilas, lord
Frodo: Finduilas *he says with a sad smile full of respect* My name is Frodo Baggins *he puts out his hand*
Finduilas: and my sons names are anborn and targon
Finduilas: *she takes his hand*
Finduilas: i am a widow
Frodo: I am sorry *his sympathy is genuine*
Finduilas: we were captured when the southern provences fell
Frodo: *He takes his hand from her and turns to each boy, speaking words of encouragement to try and stop their tears*
Finduilas: *the two boys look up at him with sad grey eyes*
Frodo: *He can only apologize again* I have heard of the White City....I never saw it, but I know of its splendor *he says to Finduilas*
Finduilas: *Finduilas pats her sons on the heads*
Frodo: *Frodo takes the boys' hands again*
Frodo: *He leans in close to them with a smile* This must be very frightening for you, but do not fear. I will not let anyone hurt you.
Frodo: And if I could send you back to your homes, I would
Derufin: *The elderly man, under direction of Arnasa, comes in and bows to Frodo*
Frodo: But now that you are here, we will take good care of you. *he smiles at them again*
Finduilas: *Finduilas smiles at frodo, and the boys smile amid their tears*
Derufin: *the old man smiles at Frodo with kind eyes* I will not call you master, for I call no man my master
Derufin: So send me back to the traders if you will, but I will forgive you for doing it
Frodo: I understand.
Finduilas: *Finduilas takes the two boys by the hands and moves away, letting the old man talk to frodo*
Derufin: *The old man smiles at Finduilas and the boys*
Frodo: No, I will not sent you back to the traders because they would make you work in the fields. Here you will have an easier time
Derufin: What shall I call you then? For I will not call you master
Frodo: *Frodo nods, tears spilling down his face*
Frodo: Call me Frodo.
Frodo: My name is Frodo Baggins.
Derufin: *the old man looks deeply into Frodo's eyes*
Derufin: Greetings, Master Baggins
Frodo: *Frodo shudders, remembering how Sauron used to say that*
Derufin: At the slave marketplace, I heard Vartang gloating
Frodo: No, please, call me Frodo, sir.
Derufin: Frodo then it is
Frodo: *He adds the "sir" involuntarily, impressed by the man's dignity*
Frodo: *looks over his shoulder, fearing to hear the sound of Vartang's voice*
Derufin: I heard Vartang gloating after I was presented to you
Derufin: From the talk of him, he gloats much
Frodo: *His face falls* Gloating? What did he say?
Frodo: Has he been cruel to you and the others?
Derufin: He called you lord of the slaves. No, I never saw the wretch before. I am newly come from Gondor
Derufin: But because of my age, they did not brand me *the old man smiles*
Frodo: *Blazing anger flares up in Frodo's eyes, but he masters it*
Derufin: But I would wager to say the other eight bear brands
Frodo: *He smiles back at the man* I am glad of that...but oh, I hope the others escaped it too.
Finduilas: *Finduilas says* aye, both my sons and i carry brands upon our shoulders
Derufin: And a sad thing it is when humans are treated as cattle
Frodo: Indeed it is
Frodo: *He turns to Finduilas and her boys, feeling it is his fault* I am sorry
Frodo: *calls the boys over*
Derufin: We are in Mordor though, and the demons reign
Finduilas: *the boys hesitantly leave their mothers side and approach frodo*
Frodo: Let me tell you a secret. *he says as though confiding in them, smiling to reassure them*
Frodo: Does it make you feel ashamed to have those brands?
Derufin: *Arnasa comes back out and asks the elderly gentleman to help her. He bows to Frodo and goes with her*
Frodo: *The boys look uncomfortable and glance at one another before speaking*
Frodo: *One says* Well, sir, a little. But it made me more angry than anything.
Frodo: *The younger one nods and adds* It was embarassing too, though, and it makes me feel bad to look at it
Frodo: *Frodo nods to the boys understandingly*
Frodo: *Frodo says* If you and your mother are not healed yet, I will have Arnasa tend to you. She has a medicine for pain.
Frodo: I know what you have all been through. Look, this is my secret *he unbuttons his shirt and shows the boys his brand*
Finduilas: *Finduilas nods* we were branded three days ago
Frodo: *Instead of an Eye, he has the Ring and its inscription in Quenya, and it is partly healed*
Frodo: Only three days ago! I'll make sure they tend to you
Finduilas: thank you, lord
Frodo: *Frodo turns back to the boys* So don't worry, and don't be afraid of me. I know...all right? *he smiles and tries to get the boys to do likewise* I know.
Frodo: *After ruffling their hair he sends them back to their mother and buttons his shirt again*
Finduilas: *the boys go back to Finduilas's sides and she smiles at them reassuringly*
Frodo: *The boys manage slight smiles at Frodo*
Narrator: *One by one, all the other slaves are sent to greet their new master, and it seems that each one has a sadder tale than the other*
Sador: *Then the swarthy man hailing from Harad comes in, bowing to Frodo* My name is Sador
Sador: *Sador, a man in his middle 40's, is dark and swarthy, and fairly short in stature. His clothes are brightly colored and one of his ears is pierced with a ring*
Frodo: *Frodo turns back to the man* Excuse me, I didn't mean to ignore you
Finduilas: *as arnasa comes back, Finduilas looks at her with kind and sympathetic eyes, feeling sorry for the girl, born a slave, when she was once a free woman of gondor*
Sador: *Sador carried a haversack on his back. His herb chest is inside*
Sador: *He talks with Arnasa, one slave to another, and asks her to boil water and make tea out of an herb he gives her*
Aranasa: *arnasa takes the herb and goes to boil water in the kitchen*
Sador: *Arnasa can smell the herb as it brews and it smells of strange, exotic spices. Soon the cottage is filled with its aroma*
Frodo: *Absorbed in his worry over the boys, Frodo did not notice Sador come in. He looks at him confusedly*
Aranasa: *she soon comes back with a cup of tea on a platter for frodo, and puts it down on the table in front of him. she stands back and bows to frodo*
Sador: *Sador bows again* Master, I am a physician from Far Harad. I take care of you now. You get well
Frodo: *The man towers over the small hobbit who is now his master*
Frodo: *nods and smiles at Arnasa when she brings the tea*
Sador: Drink tea now, master. You get better
Frodo: *smiles at Sador* Very well. Thank you. Maybe I will get better
Frodo: *if it had been Vartang's medicine he would have refused it, but he drinks this to please the slave*
Sador: *he smiles at Frodo and Frodo can see a gleaming gold front tooth*
Frodo: *for he feels horribly guilty...if only, if only*
Frodo: *Frodo is a little intimidated but returns the smile*
Frodo: *but the politeness and strain of seeing the slaves' plight is wearing on him, and the tea has come just in time to surpress another coughing fit*
Sador: *Sador bows profusely and smiles at Frodo. He seems a nervous, eager small man* I serve you now master. Sador make you well *he says in broken common speech, heavily accented with Harradric
Sador: Master get well now *he nods his head up and down, smiling and showing a set of white teeth with one gold one*
Aranasa: *arnasa watches the all the new and sudden activitiy in frodos house with vague interest*
Frodo: Aye, thank you, Sador...welcome *he cringes inwardly. He is a master welcoming his new slaves!*
Sador: Where I sleep, master? *he says, his bright eyes gleaming*
Sador: Near master?
Frodo: Ah...*He realizes he doesn't know and turns to Arnasa* Are there rooms for them, Arnasa?
Frodo: I suppose, if you want, Sador
Aranasa: your room will be the third to the left down the corrdior across from master's
Sador: *he keeps up the incessant bowing* May Sador go now, master? I serve you well. I serve other masters well
Sador: I bring high price at slave market *he says and grins showing his gleaming gold tooth*
Frodo: I'm sure you have, Sador. *cringes at the mention of slave price* Go and settle into your new room
Sador: Thank you master *he says, his head bobbing up and down, his gold tooth gleaming*
Sador: *he bows all the way out the room until he gets to the hall*
Ceolwulf: *The young man from Rohan comes in and asks Arnasa where he is to stay. He is about 25, and wears the tattered green tunic*
Frodo: *Frodo feels so ill that it takes all his strength to keep from asking Arnasa for the medicine. But perhaps he will die soon, and then he won't be forced to commit any more crimes*
Aranasa: *arnasa directs him to sleep in the same room with frodo and to be his personal slave at all times*
Ceolwulf: *he thanks them both and bows, and waits for her to take him to the room*
Frodo: *Frodo asks him* What is your name?
Ceolwulf: My name is Ceowulf. I was once a soldier *his head bends down and his face reddens in shame*
Ceolwulf: *he says one word, and all the terror and dread of scenes unbelievable and fearful is encompased with that word. Softly he says* Pelennor
Frodo: *Frodo meets his eyes with respect and sympathy*
Ceolwulf: *he lifts his eyes and looks at Frodo* I do not take lightly to being a slave, but they tell me here, curse them all, it is the way of it!
Aranasa: *arnasa watches ceolwulf and frodo talk, waiting to show ceolwulf to frodos room*
Frodo: Ceolwulf...*he has trouble pronouncing it* I am sorry. I understand. I was a slave too, until recently
Ceolwulf: Respects to you then, sir. It does not come easy does it?
Ceolwulf: For proud men who were born free
Frodo: No, sir. No, it does not.
Ceolwulf: But since it is my doom to serve you, I will do my best
Frodo: I will do what I can to see that you are treated well and with the respect due to a soldier.
Ceolwulf: Thank you, ma- then he catches himself. Sir
Frodo: *smiles sadly at Ceolwulf*
Aranasa: *arnasa turns to ceolwulf and asks* would you like to see your room now?
Ceolwulf: Yes, lady *he says*
Aranasa: please do not call me by such an elevated title, if you will.
Ceolwulf: *he stammers, somewhat uncertain* Then what shall I call you?
Aranasa: arnasa, tis my name.
Ceolwulf: Then Arnasa it is *he bows to her*
Aranasa: *she looks at him bow to her* you needn't do that either.
Frodo: *Frodo thanks the Valar that this man is to be the one to care for him*
Aranasa: but come with me, and i shall show you to your room *she takes a few steps and waits for him to follow*
Ceolwulf: It is hard to change the custom of years
Ceolwulf: And what more will they rob me of now if I cannot show true respect to a lady, Arnasa?
Frodo: Nothing more, if I can help it.
Aranasa: *she looks down at the floor* i am but a slave
Ceolwulf: No one is a slave unless he is a slave in his own mind
Frodo: *Those word strike deep into Frodo's heart*
Frodo: *at Lugburz he had become a slave in his own mind*
Aranasa: as you say. *she guides him down the hall to his room*
Ceolwulf: *he bows to Frodo as he leaves, then goes with her and puts his few belongings under the small cot in Frodo's room*
Narrator: *Soon the three other women, Rian of Gondor and the twins, Elffled and Elfhild of Rohan, come in the room*
Narrator: *Now Frodo is surrounded by Arnasa, Finduilas and her sons, the twins and Rian. The house that seemed so quiet and empty now seems quite populated, and all eyes are turned on the master, Frodo*
Frodo: *Frodo smiles at the women and inclines his head respectfully, sensing their anger at their humiliation*
Narrator: *Their eyes, each showing different emotions but all asking unanswered questions*
Frodo: *If they knew it, he feels humiliated in his position too*
Pizdur Vartang: *Frodo and the group of women and children hear the doorlatch turn*
Pizdur Vartang: *The door opens up and Vartang comes in*
Frodo: *Frodo bristles*
Frodo's Slaves: *all of the women bow to him, some more reluctant to do so than others*
Pizdur Vartang: *He bows to Frodo and then walks to the other side of the room and lounges against the wall*
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, how do you like your new slaves? *he says sarcastically*
Frodo's Ring: *The Ring on Frodo's right index finger begins to pulsate*
Frodo: *grips the arms of his chair and narrows his eyes at Vartang, knowing this whole ordeal was meant to torment him. And now Vartang has confirmed it to him*
Frodo: *suddenly looks down at his ring*
Pizdur Vartang: What's wrong, Shakh? Not feeling well? *he lazily intones*
Pizdur Vartang: Sorry, Shakh. My regrets
Frodo: *You spawn of orcs, he wants to say* No, not at the moment.
Pizdur Vartang: *he leans one leg up against the side of the wall*
Arnasa: *arnasa approaches frodo, sensing he is in some discomfort* would you like your shoulders massaged, master?
Pizdur Vartang: *He looks each woman over in turn. When he comes to Finduilas, it seems that he dismisses her with a glance*
Frodo: *Not in front of everyone.* No thank you. *He continues to watch Vartang*
Arnasa: very well, master.
Pizdur Vartang: *He looks past Arnasa as though she did not exist, not being worthy of his attention as even being a living being*
Pizdur Vartang: *His eyes settle then upon the twins and he looks between them and Rian, and a slow, lazy smile creeps over his features*
Frodo: *looks from Vartang to the women and sees their fear. They know Vartang is appraising them, and they will be powerless to resist him*
Rian, Elfhild, Elffled: *rian looks away, nervously, but the twins meet his gaze with a glare*
Pizdur Vartang: *he eyes all three women and looks them up and down* So, at last Rohan and Gondor are represented in Mordor! *and his mouth seems to curl up in a leer*
Frodo: Vartang! *it is a thinly veiled reproach*
Rian, Elfhild, Elffled: *elffled and elfhild simmer with repressed anger*
Pizdur Vartang: *he straightens up and looks at all three women, and then makes a mock bow to them* My ladies, I am honored. Welcome to Nurn
Frodo: *beckons Vartang over*
Rian, Elfhild, Elffled: *rian looks in the air, her eyes wide, trying to restrain tears. the fists of the two rohirrim are clenched at their sides*
Pizdur Vartang: *He glances again at the three women and then walks to Frodo*
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, you summoned me?
Frodo: *Frodo says quietly, only to him* I know by now this is all a charade. But if you really do have any orders to do what I ask, leave them alone.
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh, do you foresee trouble with these wenches? Perhaps I could take some of the fire out of them for you? *he looks to the women and grins at them wickedly*
Frodo: NO.
Pizdur Vartang: *his eyes gleaming evilly* Shakh, if they ever need whipping....
Frodo: I don't care how sick I get, I will deal with them and I don't want you anywhere NEAR them. *he spits the words out*
Rian, Elfhild, Elffled: *a hiss escapes elfhild's lips and her sister tries to calm her down*
Pizdur Vartang: Shakh! *he feigns concern* I realize you have been very ill, and probably cannot handle this mass. You need a man experienced in dealing with slaves
Pizdur Vartang: *He looks across the room behind Frodo and sees the whip left hanging there on the wall for that purpose*
Pizdur Vartang: Arnasa *he says and looks to her* Fetch me the whip
Frodo: *He speaks more sternly than he has in his entire life* Arnasa! Don't you dare.
Arnasa: yes, lord *she bows and gets the whip, then takes it to vartang and places it in his hands*
Frodo: Arnasa, give it to me. *holds out his hand desperately* Give it to me!
Pizdur Vartang: *he takes the whip, a short handled one with several lashes, and ignores Frodo*
Arnasa: *looks between frodo and vartang, confused*
Frodo: *the boys huddle to their mother, frightened*
Pizdur Vartang: *Vartang's eyes bore into Frodo's* You are too weak yet, Shakh. Best leave this to me
Pizdur Vartang: But... *he hesitates* as you say, shakh, as you say
Pizdur Vartang: *he walks to Frodo and gives him the whip, his eyes glaring*
Frodo: *grabs the whip from Vartang's hand, for the first time feeling the urge to use it on somebody--him.*
Pizdur Vartang: Then if the "master" *he spits the word out* can handle his household, I will go to my cottage, by your leave, shakh, by your leave
Frodo: Go!
Pizdur Vartang: *he turns on his heel, goes to the door, opens it, goes out and slams it behind him, cursing in Black Speech as he goes*
Pizdur Vartang: *Outside, Vartang turns over command of Frodo's compound to an underling and orders his horse brought to him. When the horse arrives, he mounts it and rides away to the city*
Arnasa: *arnasa watches him exit in vague, passing interest*
Frodo: *Frodo lets out a sigh and his head rolls back. His face grows so hot he almost faints*
Arnasa: *arnasa is quickly by his side* are you well, master?
Frodo: *looks wearily up at Arnasa and holds the whip out to her* Put it away, please
Arnasa: very well, master *she takes the whip from his hand and hangs it back on the wall... then comes back and stands at her place*
Frodo: *turns to the women sadly* I am sorry...I will do what I can, but avoid him if it's possible...he is from Mordor and I am not
Rian, Elfhild, Elffled:: *rian and the twins rush around frodos chair. rian, kneeling upon the floor, kisses one of his hands, and the two other girls hover about his side*
Frodo: *puts his other hand on Rian's hair and smiles up at the twins. At least they will not hate him now as he feared*
Rian, Elfhild, Elffled:: *rian says* thank you, master, for paying us that courtesy *the rohrrim girls are a bit more hesitant to thank him, but they do so anyway*
Rian, Elfhild, Elffled: *rian pleads* please do not let him hurt us!
Frodo: I will not, if I can help it.
Frodo: If he tries anything, let me know
Arnasa: *arnasa, as always, complacently watches, almost bored with it all*
Frodo: But I cannot do much more than I have done *he sighs*
Frodo: He calls me the master but I am really a prisoner like you and he is strong, and I am ill
Rian, Elfhild, Elffled: *rian says* i thank you for what you have done though, master
Frodo: *smiles at Rian and squeezes her hand*
Rian, Elfhild, Elffled: *the three look at him sadly, desperation in their eyes, in varying degrees*
Frodo: *He looks at them intensely* You will survive this. People naturally want to go on.....There are other forces in this world besides the will of Evil
Frodo: They cannot conquer forever! *he says with tears in his eyes*
Rian, Elfhild, Elffled: *the three girls, and finduilas and her two sons who stand nearby, hear frodo's words, and they bring them a bit of hope, though they are all thralls now, with no escape and no hope in sight*
Pizdur Vartang: *He rides his horse to one of the taverns, turns the reins over to an attendant and goes in and orders a bottle of wine. He grins at the serving wench who brings it to him, but inside his mind, his tumultuous thoughts stray to the tall gray eyed Gondorian woman and the two with golden hair*
Pizdur Vartang: *The shakh has received so much for so little at the market. He does not deserve such riches. Perhaps I shall share his wealth with him.... when he is not around. Vartang laughs, a wicked sound in the din of the tavern*

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