Frodo played by Hobbitness
Sirana played by FreeFall
Lord Lorthang, Servants of Lorthang and Hurin played by Eowyn
Narrator, Vartang, Master of the Hunt, Ceolwulf, Damrod and Frodo's Ring played by Wraith

Narrator: *The morning of August 16 dawns bright and clear. After breakfasting in their rooms, Frodo's party is ready for the adventures of the new day*
Narrator: *Servants arrive at their rooms and usher Frodo and Vartang to the area behind Lord Lorthang's stables, where a group of nobles is gathered*
Narrator: *Ceolwulf attends to Frodo as usual, looking askance at him, wondering why they have been requested to meet the lord here*
Frodo: *Frodo shrugs. He is not sure why they are here either*
Narrator: *The crowd of nobles and their ladies is chattering, joking, laughing in a noisy, merry gathering. The visiting nobles' horses are tethered to a tether line in some nearby trees*
Narrator: *Soon Frodo and Vartang are greeted by Lord Lorthang himself*
Lord Lorthang: *Lord lorthang greets frodo and vartang as cheerfully as he can, his head throbbing and the bright light of the sun burning his eyes*
Lord Lorthang: *the lady Sirana is with him*
Sirana: *she nods her head politely to both of them..small smile on her face*
Lord Lorthang: *he looks at the short form of frodo baggins... the wretched dwarf, though perhaps i should not think ill of him for he is supposedly a friend of sauron* Hail Lord Baggins and Shakh Vartang!
Frodo: *Frodo returns his greeting, thankful that he was too drunk to remember the events of last night. Sirana, though, remembers, and Frodo smiles awkwardly to her* Hail Lord Lorthang and Lady Sirana
Vartang: Good morning, Lord Lorthang. I look forward to the hunt with high hopes
Vartang: Would that I had brought my own birds, but I did not know of your devotion to the sport
Sirana: *her hands are folded together as she looks uncomfortably to the ground*
Vartang: Or else I would have brought two of my finest tiercels (male peregrine falcons)
Lord Lorthang: Ah, so you too fancy the sport, shakh vartang, and have peregrins of your own. *he turns to frodo* come closer my boy and look at my falcon *a bird is perched on a leather glove on his arm*
Lord Lorthang: *to frodo* but watch out my boy, or she will bate! (flutter)
Frodo: *Hunting is not practiced in the Shire as a sport, only for meat when it is needed. Frodo wonders what the birds are for*
Sirana: *her eyes glance to Vartang then she looks down to Frodo. The night's events so fresh in her mind*
Frodo: *Frodo peers curiously at the bird*
Frodo: *A smile crosses his face at the word "peregrin." So there is a bird with the same name as Pippin*
Lord Lorthang: *a fancy leather hood is on her head, a plume of colorful feathers adorn the top*
Lord Lorthang: My boy, this is a female peregrine, or as we call them in the heirarchy of hunting birds, a "prince"
Frodo: It is a beautiful bird, but why is it hooded?
Frodo: I did not know such large wild birds could be tamed
Vartang: Lord Lorthang, I am sure that your birds are a wonder, but my two earls (male peregrins) will be a match for yours any day
Lord Lorthang: She is hooded to calm her and keep her from flying off my arm. yes, wild birds such as these can be tamed and used for the hunt.
Sirana: *She turns from them slightly as they talk of the sport and looks out over the field. She lets their voices fade from her hearing and enjoys the breeze on her face*
Frodo: *Frodo listens to Lorthang tell about his bird, but part of his mind is far away with Pippin, wherever he is, wondering what has become of the dear lad*
Frodo: *and Merry as well*
Lord Lorthang: she is young but i have been "weathering" her, getting her ready to be left out unhooded. *scoffs good naturedly at vartang's boast*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang looks at the master of the hunt* my good Master of the Hunt, are we ready to begin?
Sirana: *She knows her father goes on about the bird who he seems to know more about than her*
Frodo: *nods, still gazing at the bird. He has the urge to reach out and pet it*
Master of the Hunt: Aye, my lord, I have brought the best birds from the mews and we are ready at the moment you call for the hunt to begin
Master of the Hunt: As soon as you all mount up, we can set off
Frodo: *Frodo's eyes widen. How will he ride a full-sized horse?*
Lord Lorthang: *lorthang nods to the master of the hunt, and goes to his horse... a fine black stallion adorned with black and gold*
Narrator: *An attendant brings a pony up for Frodo to mount and Ceolwulf assists him. Frodo holds the reigns of the pony, but a halter with a long rope has been placed on the animal's head and Ceolwulf is to ride another mount and lead Frodo*
Frodo: *Frodo is glad for the pony and Ceolwulf's presence next to him, but he finds it a little embarassing to be led...*
Lord Lorthang: *balancing the bird with his steady arm, he mounts his horse, being practiced at the art. he is soon on the saddle, holding the reins with his free hand, the bird perched on the leather glove of the other*
Frodo: * also reminds him of when Sam, already faded, led him around by his gold collar that had attached him to Sauron's throne*
Frodo: * front of a crowd of jeering orcs and Easterlings*
Frodo: *and here he is hunting with these people...he swallows hard*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf helps Frodo on the pony. Holding the lead rope in one hand, he then mounts his horse*
Ceolwulf: WIll you be all right, Master Frodo?
Frodo: I think so, but I have never done this before. Have you ever hunted? What are they going to do?
Ceolwulf: Aye, that I have. I have been on many hunts for both orc and beast *he laughs*
Ceolwulf: Or is there any difference? *he looks back at Frodo and smiles*
Frodo: *smiles broadly*
Frodo: *proud of his friend's battle experience and wishing he could have met him when he was a Rider of Rohan*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang is now mounted on his horse, panting slightly from the exertion. the horse's back sags slightly under lorthang's girth*
Vartang: *Vartang saunters lazily over to Lady Sirana* Do you need any assistance in mounting your horse? *he says and smiles*
Sirana: *she turns her head slightly at his voice and nods* Thank you Captain Vartang
Vartang: *he bends down and cups his hands, offering them for her to put her left foot in the stirrup*
Vartang: Use my hands. It would be my honor to serve as a mounting platform for you
Sirana: *she holds on and uses his his hands and begins to mount her horse, sitting side sattle*
Vartang: *He straightens up and looks up at her* A good day for a hunt, is it not?
Sirana: Indeed the day is beautiful
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang looks to the other nobles, then turns to the master of the hunt* Come! let us be off. The conies await us.
Vartang: My lady, your father certainly knows how to provide entertainment. I must come for more of his festivities in the future. The company is quite fair too
Frodo: *Frodo suddenly realizes they will probably be galloping on these mounts. That should be...interesting. Hobbits rarely move fast. Their ponies usually walk. Frodo wonders if he will fall off*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf looks back questioningly at Frodo and urges his horse into a fast walk knowing that Frodo might fall off at any faster pace*
Sirana: *She smiles lightly to him and looks down. The night had been long and she had little and scattered sleep. Perhaps the outing would do her good*
Ceolwulf: *Soon the group is far ahead of them* Master Frodo, do you think we could go a little faster? They are leaving us
Frodo: *Frodo uses all his strength to remain upright as the horse's back moves up and down*
Vartang: *Vartang rides beside the Lady Sirana, their horses trotting along at the same pace*
Frodo: *He tries this for a while, then nods to Ceolwulf with a silent prayer to the Valar*
Ceolwulf: Frodo, I am going to go into a trot now. Please, try to post if you can. Do you know how?
Frodo: No. What is that?
Ceolwulf: If you don't do that, I am sorry to say that your backside will be more than a little sore before the day is over
Frodo: *chuckles* All right then, what should I do?
Ceolwulf: Now watch me *As the horse trots, Ceolwulf rises and lowers himself on his feet in the stirrups in time with the horse's rising and falling gait*
Ceolwulf: Master Frodo, can you do that? *He calls back*
Ceolwulf: *Looks back to see Frodo bouncing up and down in the saddle like a sack of potatoes thrown carelessly over the saddle*
Frodo: *Frodo begins to feel nervous as the pony moves faster, but he reminds himself of crossing the Bruinen on Asfaloth. He attempts to post but has a hard time of it*
Frodo: *after all, he was flopping like a sack of potatoes on Asfaloth too*
Sirana: *She held on tightly, she was experienced at riding and she inahled the air deeply. Her hair whipped gently behind her and she was determined to let the memories of the night before leave her this day*
Sirana: *She looked over to Frodo and scoffed at the man who turned her down*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf, leading Frodo, rides slightly ahead, rising and falling to the rhythm of the horse's gait. He looks back at Frodo and shakes his head* By the Valar, Hobbits cannot ride to save their lives!
Frodo: We can so, and I HAVE ridden a horse to save my life! *manages to post a couple of times*
Vartang: *He looks over at the Lady Sirana and thinks how gracefully she sits her horse and how beautiful she is with her hair blowing out behind her as she rides*
Frodo: *but gets tired and settles into a pattern of alternately posting and bouncing wearily*
Ceolwulf: Oh yes, Master Frodo, you are doing quite well *he looks back* Just keep it up
Lord Lorthang: *They ride to a clearing where there are no trees for miles. it is all open country... filled with rich green grass*
Sirana: *she feels a heavy gaze upon her and looks over to Vartang and smiles and rides a bit faster*
Frodo: *smiles nervously to Ceolwulf, smarting from Sirana's scoff at him, and trying desperately to keep lifting himself with the horse's trot*
Lord Lorthang: *he pulls back on the reins, bringing his horse to a halt. he announces in a loud voice* Now let the birds be unleashed upon their quarry!
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf looks back occasionally and sees Frodo valliantly attempting to post, but still sometimes missing and coming down hard on the saddle when he misses the rhythm of the post. He will be sore tonight, he thinks ruefully*
Master of the Hunt: My lord, the birds are in readiness
Master of the Hunt: *He calls to the cagers (the men carrying the cages with birds in them) to bring the birds up and to unloose them*
Sirana: *She rides a bit ahead of them, slowing her pace then stopping a bit away from the men and leans over and pets her horse's head*
Lord Lorthang: *Lord lorthang lets his own bird loose* This is all jolly good sport! *he exclaims.... his thoughts upon the quarry the birds find... and the possibility of poachers, and their public executions...*
Frodo: *He jolts forward in the saddle as the pony stops, and sits there panting a while before looking up and watching the caged birds being brought forward*
Lord Lorthang: *Poachers are those steal the game, either before the bird has a chance to kill it, or after the prey is slain.... to poach on the lord's property brings a penalty of death*
Vartang: *Vartang stops his horse beside Sirana and watches as the hunt begins*
Narrator: *All the peregrines are let loose and soon they can see the birds in the air, circling, looking for prey. Suddenly, one darts down, and goes to the ground. A shout rises from the Master of the Hunt*
Sirana: *she lifts her head from the horse and looks over to Vartang* I hope you are enjoy yourself today Captain Vartang
Master of the Hunt: Fetch the prince and take the prey! Care now, lest she claw you when you take it from her!
Vartang: I am enjoying myself greatly, my lady. Being in your company is joy enough
Vartang: Whether I hunt or not does not matter
Sirana: *She looks over his features and blushes slightly and looks back to her horse*
Sirana: perhaps you should join the men?
Lord Lorthang: *Lord lorthang gallops up to where the bird flew down. he sees she guards a rabbit, her wings and tail feathers outstretched*
Vartang: My lady, I am quite well here watching. I did not bring my tiercels and it gives me joy enough to watch the hunt
Lord Lorthang: *he coos at the bird in calming tones, calling her back to the leather glove on his arm. she flies to him, and he puts her hood back on*
Master of the Hunt: *The Master of the Hunt picks up the dead coney, holds it by its ears and presents it to Lorthang* My lord, a good fat hare!
Lord Lorthang: *a smile breaks across his face* Aye, a fat one it is! put it in the hunting pouch to take back.
Sirana: *She looks to Frodo. Friend of Sauron. She wonders still about his curious behavior and shakes her head. Man of power. She looks down still hurt from his adamant refusal. Deep down where her superficiality lies, is relief*
Lord Lorthang: Now my sweet... *he talks to the bird* a present for your excellent work! *he reaches in the bag attached to his belt and gives the bird a treat*
Sirana: *She had not spoken a word to her father since last night, but this was not unusual. Days have past where they have not spoken*
Vartang: Lady Sirana, your father's birds are exceptional. Obviously, he is a man of considerable means to keep such a mew
Frodo: *marvels at the tameness of the birds, and how well trained they are, but cannot help feeling sorry the rabbit*
Sirana: Yes he seems to adore them so, doesn't he?
Vartang: I am impressed at how he has the assets to finance such a venture. I have been planning to look at his farming records while I was here
Vartang: Yes, yes, he seems to adore his birds
Frodo: *He has eaten rabbit stew before, but it is one thing to catch a rabbit for food and another to kill it for sport. He does not like this sport very much so far, and he is sore already*
Vartang: He has obviously put enough gold into their care and training. Yes, I think I will look at those reports. I am sure everything is quite all right, but ah, well you know. Lugburz will want to know these things. Perhaps I will come back in a few day
Frodo: *It would be just my luck, he thinks, if we had to gallop now. His worrying prevents him from listening to the conversation, but he catches the word "Lugburz" and looks over to Vartang*
Vartang: Just a routine thing. I often visit lords and see how their farming ventures proceed, check their records, things like that. All quite mundane, I assure you
Vartang: *He reaches over and puts his hand on her hand that rests on the pommel of her saddle* I am sure there is nothing to fear, my dear *he smiles at her*
Frodo: *watches Vartang flirting with Sirana again. Well, perhaps they would make a good match. He sighs*
Vartang: *His eyes turn back once again to watch the peregrines rise into the air and swoop down on the prey*
Sirana: *She looks up over to him as she felt his hand on hers*
Lord Lorthang: *he turns to those around him* This has been a splendid hunt! now it is time to go back to the keep for food and drink ! *slightly disappointed is he that there were no poachers today..*
Frodo: *His gaze lingers on Sirana again. Looking at her is like looking at an Elvish work of art; he enjoys her beauty as he would a lovely song*
Sirana: *She wonders if she should be trying harder to win over Frodo's affections.*
Sirana: *She shifts her gaze to Frodo and tilts her head, and though she shudders inside a bit at his awkwardness and the result of last night she smiles to him*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang announces loudly to all who are present* Now let us be away! *he sets spurs to his weary horse, and soon all the rest are galloping behind him*
Ceolwulf: Now we must follow them back again. Are you ready to set out, Master Frodo?
Ceolwulf: Remember what I told you about posting
Frodo: *Surprised at her smile, Frodo returns it warmly and a little apologetically*
Frodo: *sighs* Yes, I remember, the hard part is doing it *laughs*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf laughs*
Sirana: *she leads her horse to join the others and looks to her father who was trying so hard to entertain Frodo*
Vartang: *Vartang turns his horse around and rides along beside Sirana*
Lord Lorthang: *soon, lorthang and those who ride with him are far ahead, and they can see lorthang's ponderous bulk bouncing in the saddle on the horizon, followed by his nobles*
Sirana: *She feels as if she always has the weight of Vartang's stare on her and is creates a chill throughout her*
Vartang: My lady, did you know that I am a veteran of Pelennor? *he says casually looking into the air*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf takes the lead rope and turns his horse and Frodo's pony around. He urges his horse into a rapid trot, followed by Frodo's pony*
Sirana: Captain Vartang i did not know that
Vartang: Aye, my lady, I was wounded in the leg. A terrible, grevious wound, But I am healed now
Frodo: *gasps as the pony starts trotting fast again*
Sirana: That is most unfortunate. Glad you are well now
Frodo: *he bounces up and down for a while, trying hard to post, and finally manages it*
Narrator: *Soon they are all back at the keep, and Lorthang proclaims that it is time for luncheon on the lawn*
Narrator: *After they have arrived, their horses are taken by the attendants. The animals are unsaddled and rubbed down in the stables, then blanketed and watered and left to rest until they are needed again*
Frodo: *Ceolwulf lifts Frodo off the pony. Frodo walks unsteadily over to the others, gritting his teeth and smiling fiercely*
Sirana: *Sirana's handmaidens greeted her, curious as always for any gossip as they fixed her hair and ran their hands over her gown, sorting it. She spoke little to them as she did last night, casting them out of her quarters, being so upset from the night and not wanting to relay her story*
Servants of Lorthang: *pavillions are set up on lorthang's lawn..... there are large tables of food with benches to sit upon. nobles sit at a fancy table upon chairs. servants begin to serve food*
Servants of Lorthang: *it is a light meal of sweet cakes, some with nuts and dried fruit, light meat, cheese, fresh fruit, wine and ale.*
Frodo: *Frodo struggles painfully into his chair and stifles the urge to snap at people*
Sirana: *she thanks her handmaidens and moves to join the others in the meal*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf takes his place behind Frodo in the pavilion set up for the nobles*
Vartang: *Vartang strolls up, pulls out a chair and sits down beside Lord Lorthang*
Vartang: My lord, it was a great morning. I had been planning to come and visit you sometime, but the impending marriage of my good friend Shakh Baggins provided me with the opportunity
Narrator: *Lorthang sits at the center of the table, Vartang to his left, his daughter Sirana to his right and Frodo beside her. Other nobles sit on down the table*
Vartang: You wouldn't care to part with that fine prince of yours would you?
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang looks at vartang* Nay, shakh, i would not sell her for any price.
Vartang: Would you consider trading? My two tiercils for your prince?
Sirana: *She looks over to Frodo as the other two speak*
Lord Lorthang: *swallowing a bite of cake, he shakes his head* no, no i could not part with her at all
Frodo: *smiles at Sirana again--he has to look up at her--and tries to think of something to say*
Sirana: A..are you well today my Lord?
Vartang: *Accepting a goblet of wine from a serving girl as she goes by and looking up at her and flashes his gleaming white teeth. Then he turns back to Lord Lorthang*
Frodo: *I'll never ride a horse again.* Yes, my lady, thank you...and are you well? *despite the fact that I had to publicly humiliate you last night?*
Sirana: *she nods, wringing her hands together and flushing a bit* Indeed Lord, i am fine
Vartang: *He takes a sip of his wine. He leans back in his chair lazily, stretching his feet out in front of him* Shakh, your farming practices are renowned throughout all Nurn. Very progressive system of agriculture, I understand?
Lord Lorthang: *swallowing another bite of cakes, he washes it down with a sip of wine* Ah yes, we follow the ways of old Numenor... replanting trees that were cut, conserving, preparing for tomorrow.
Frodo: *There is no way she could understand why he had to refuse her last night. He longs to explain..but would she even believe him if she heard the full story? Most likely, she would not*
Sirana: *she reaches out and takes up her goblet of wine and brings it to her lips*
Vartang: *He holds his glass of wine up to his nose, savoring the aroma, then drinks* Preparing for tomorrow. That is wise, Shakh. That is very wise. We all should prepare for tomorrow
Frodo: Did...did you enjoy the hunt, my lady?
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang laughs, smiling contentedly and then takes another sip of wine*
Sirana: Yes thank you. I always enjoy an outing. And you?
Frodo: It was...very interesting. Your father's birds are beautiful
Vartang: *Vartang takes another sip of wine, holds it in his mouth a while, enjoying the taste* Shakh, I am very interested in farming.... as a matter of fact, I have been looking at your extensive holdings since I came here
Sirana: *remembers his awkwardness as he rode*
Lord Lorthang: *He begins to sweat, perhaps from the wine.... perhaps from the sweltering noon-day sun.... perhaps from Vartang's words*
Sirana: Yes yes his birds are lovely indeed. Everyone admires them
Frodo: *nods*
Vartang: I am sure you would have no objections to showing me around..... *he takes another sip of wine*
Lord Lorthang: Certainly, shakh .... *his face gets red, he wipes it with a hankerchief*
Sirana: *She looks over to Vartang. He shows much interest whereas Frodo shows none. She wonders*
Vartang: *Sips again* Nor would you have objections to having your scribes show me your records, would you?
Vartang: *He turns and looks at Lorthang, his voice is smooth and low* Nothing there to hide, I am sure.... *he grins*
Vartang: Or perhaps, I should send a message to Lugburz. I am not that good with numbers, records. I am sure they would have someone there who is *he takes another sip of wine and shuts his eyes and smiles smugly*
Frodo: *drinks deeply from his goblet of wine. It helps his bad mood and he feels he will be more able to be civil throughout this trying visit*
Sirana: *Feeling hungrier than last night she takes small bites from her sweet cake*
Frodo: *Frodo's head instinctively whips around again when Vartang mentions Lugburz*
Frodo: *but there does not seem to be cause for alarm, so he turns back to his lunch*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang realises that he has become a pawn in a dangerous game.... perhaps to be claimed by the dark knight. he ponders what to say. he takes a large gulp of wine*
Sirana: *She takes notice of Frodo's mannerisms as she did with everyone. She was observant of much even though she was young and thought of as naive by some*
Vartang: *Vartang finishes his goblet of wine and when a serving girl goes by, he motions for her to refill it. He turns back to Lorthang* Warm day, isn't it shakh?
Sirana: Is all well *To Frodo*
Lord Lorthang: *heavily perspiring now, he wipes his face* yes... yes, a hot day indeed.
Frodo: Yes, yes, all is well *he tries to still the rush of panic and smile again*
Vartang: *Vartang says nothing and continues sipping his wine*
Sirana: *Looks over to her father..over his features and places her hand on his arm lightly*
Vartang: *At last, he stretches again* That's a fine prince of a peregrin you have Lord Lorthang
Frodo: *looks at the agitated Lorthang. Vartang does have that effect on people, Frodo thinks*
Sirana: *She inhales and exhales deeply as she looks to her father's red face*
Lord Lorthang: *he turns to his daughter, a nervous smile on his face. he pats her hand. then he turns back to vartang* ah.... the peregrine. yes, yes, she is yours, i give her to you for a gift
Frodo: *He wonders if his coming has endangered Lorthang and Sirana in any way*
Sirana: *Her eyebrows furrow a bit*
Lord Lorthang: A fitting gift for such a noble and renowned Lord of khand as yourself
Sirana: *Looks over to Vartang*
Vartang: *He ignores Lorthang, finishes his glass of wine, gets up and leaves the table. Then stops, and says over his shoulder* When we leave, one of my men will take the bird
Vartang: *Then he turns and walks back towards the keep*
Frodo: *clears his throat, irritated at Vartang's lack of manners* Thank you for that gift to Vartang, my lord. It is generous indeed.
Sirana: *She curses herself for not paying attention to their conversation more*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang lets out a sigh of relief.... though greatly grieved is he that he lost his bird. but it is better than losing his life....!!*
Sirana: Father?
Sirana: What happened?
Lord Lorthang: *he thinks.... that bird was worth half of my province and my profits for the next 20 years!*
Lord Lorthang: *he smiles to sirana and then at frodo* One must give generous gifts to such noble lords who come from afar. *nervous laughter*
Lord Lorthang: He is a great warrior, a variag of Khand, more deserving of such a treasure than i
Sirana: *looks to Frodo who seems a part of none of this? What kind of dealing was this that Vartang showed all the leadership and power*
Lord Lorthang: *a serving girl comes by and refills lorthang's goblet. he takes a large sip of wine, and sweats more*
Frodo: *As Sirana looks at him, she catches him off guard, and his resentment towards Vartang is plain on his face. When he notices her glance, he conceals it*
Lord Lorthang: *tears dot his eyes. he dabs at them and his sweaty brow with his napkin*
Sirana: *She, her innocent eyes seeming darker, finishes her wine in one last big gulp*
Frodo: My lord, are you well? *asks sympathetically*
Lord Lorthang: *he does not look up, and waves his hand at frodo* yes, yes, all is well.
Lord Lorthang: * best peregrine!!! gone!!*
Sirana: *Looks to her father with sadness, pity and a bit of disgust*
Frodo: *Yes, all is well. We must all say is all fine, while they plot to destroy us. Frodo nods*
Servants of Lorthang: *Lorthangs servants come back, and begin to clear the tables.... soon all of the tables are barren of remaining food*
Lord Lorthang: *clearing his throat and attempting to compose himself, lorthang rises to his feet and announces to all present* Now for the afternoons entertainment. It is not far, so you can either ride or walk.
Ceolwulf: Master Frodo, do you wish to take the pony again? I could lead it
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang leaves the table, followed by his nobles. an attendant brings him a horse, and he throws his massive bulk upon the poor beast. a procession of servants follow behind lorthang and the nobles*
Frodo: fast will we be going, do you think?
Sirana: *She stands and walks ahead of everyone and decides to walk, wanting to be seperate from everyone at this point and be alone with her thoughts*
Ceolwulf: A slow walk
Frodo: *sighs with relief* All right, let's take the pony then
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf goes to the stable, tells the attendant to saddle Frodo's pony, and after the pony is saddled, he brings it to Frodo. He helps him mount and holds the pony by a rope attached to the halter and sets off with the others*
Sirana: *Perhaps she was not making the best second impression to Frodo, but she was just so confused*
Ceolwulf: Master Frodo, just the reins lightly in your right hand, the pommel of the saddle with your left and you will do fine. No posting, I promise
Ceolwulf: *He slowly leads Frodo and the pony*
Frodo: *does as Ceolwulf says and smiles at the promise of no posting*
Frodo: *This is how Frodo is used to riding a pony*
Narrator: *Up in the distance, about a fourth of a mile away, Frodo and Ceolwulf can see what looks like the back of some sort of stands*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf sees them first* Perhaps they are having a circus for you, Master Frodo. Wouldn't that be grand? Trained bears and dogs and ponies
Ceolwulf: Perhaps a troupe of jugglers
Frodo: *raises his eyebrows with interest* That would be grand indeed
Ceolwulf: *Leads the pony and looks to Frodo to see his expression, hoping it will brighten at his brave words*
Ceolwulf: Perhaps it will be something pleasant this time. We can hope, can't we?
Frodo: *though he never forgets the reason why he is entertained this way: because he failed in his quest*
Frodo: *smiles. Good old Ceolwulf, he reminds me of Merry, Frodo thinks* Yes, we can always hope!
Narrator: *Shortly they reach the stands and Ceolwulf gives the lead rope to an attendant who takes the pony to the side. Then he gets ready to help Frodo off the pony*
Sirana: *She sees them all in view but walks seperate from them...the air calming her once again. She struggled with herself, debating what she wanted*
Ceolwulf: Time to get down now, Master Frodo, and see the trained bears and jugglers
Frodo: *laughs a little as Ceolwulf lowers him to the ground*
Narrator: *Ceolwulf and Frodo walk through a corridor between the stands. A servant comes along, bows and says* Shakh, Lord Lorthang gave instructions for you to sit in his box with him. You will follow me. I will take you there
Narrator: *He motions to a set of steps leading up the side of a stand*
Frodo: *begins to feel nervous* Very well. Can Ceolwulf come as well? *nods to Ceolwulf*
Ceolwulf: Just think of it, jugglers, bears, ponies and dogs all doing tricks
Frodo: Yes, let us hope so.
Narrator: *The servant tells Frodo* Yes, your man slave can come too
Frodo: *though he fears this will be the slave fight that was mentioned yesterday*
Ceolwulf: *As Ceolwulf climbs up the stairs with Frodo, he looks to his right over the heads of the spectators. He sees a great pit below, filled with sand spread upon the bottom*
Sirana: *she watches them move and her shoulders slump a bit, knowing she must join them, but perhaps a bit of entertainment would take her mind off things a bit. She quickens her pace and joins them, nodding and takes a seat*
Narrator: *The servant urges them on and soon they are ushered to the box with Lord Lorthang and his family*
Frodo: *Frodo climbs the stairs with difficulty but reaches the box and sits with Lorthang and his family, looking down into the pit with Ceolwulf*
Ceolwulf: *Since he would be blocking the view of those behind, Ceolwulf does not stand behind Frodo as is his custom. He instead sits beside him and looks into the pit*
Ceolwulf: *He whispers to Frodo* Nothing down there yet, Master Frodo. Maybe they will bring the trained ponies soon
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang sits in a large chair in the box.... banners and tapestries hang behind them, as well as over the side of the box towards the pit. he sulks silently, wishing that he still had his peregrine*
Frodo: Maybe. *He does not believe it will be trained ponies though...and his heart begins to twist in pity for Ceolwulf, if they are forced to watch a slave fight*
Lord Lorthang: *clearing his thoughts for the moment, he stands up and announces* The first event is to begin! *trumpets sound at his words*
Sirana: *She watches Frodo carefully. Disinterested as always, speaking only to his servant and not paying any attention to her at all*
Frodo: *He gasps suddenly as he realizes: someday they will take me away, and what will happen to the nine slaves? Will Ceolwulf end up fighting to the death in someone's pit?*
Narrator: *Across from Lord Lorthang's box, a gate is opened*
Frodo: *Tears start into his eyes and he blinks them back*
Narrator: *Two men are pushed into the arena by guards. Both turn and attempt to strike the guards but spearmen thrust out their spears and push them on. Then the gates shut behind them*
Sirana: *stares into the pit her hands flat on her lap..her back held up straight*
Frodo: *closes his eyes tightly and lets out a shuddering breath. Two tears escape his eyes and fall into his lap*
Frodo: *He imagines Ceolwulf as one of those men someday*
Narrator: *A giant of a man, at least six-foot-six tall, clad in heavy mail and carrying a mace, and the other, a shorter wirey looking man with sword, shield and chainmail is beside him*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang, still standing, bellows out* Let the fight begin! *drums sound*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang sits back into his chair, and settles his bulk into a comfortable position*
Frodo: My lord, must they fight? Must they kill each other? I confess not have much stomach for this sort of entertainment...though you are...most generous *smiles awkwardly*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang turns back to Frodo, slaps him on the back* Nonsense, my boy! Any true lord of Mordor appreciates such sport!
Frodo: *blurts out* I am not a true lord of Mordor! *pales as he realizes he has just broken Vartang's charade*
Sirana: *Her eyes torn away from the pit and look to Frodo*
Lord Lorthang: *he puts his hand on frodos shoulder and holds him down with his big, beefy paw. he says quietly* do not speak so loud, my boy.
Frodo: *pales and nods slightly*
Damrod: *The two men face each other. The big one, Damrod, bows*
Hurin: *the smaller man, a man who was named Hurin.... appropriate to have the name of a cursed man, he thinks.... bows to Damrod*
Damrod: *He backs away ten paces* Brother, begin!
Frodo: *Frodo gives a little cry as he realizes the fighters are blood brothers*
Hurin: *he faces his own brother across the sand pit.... he hesitantly holds his shield to his side, his sword out... i am fighting my own brother, he thinks... kin-strife indeed. truly i am damned.*
Sirana: *she presses her lips tightly together, her level of frustration high and she stares into the pit and watches the men prepare to fight*
Damrod: *Damrod begins to circle Hurin, his mace, a ball on a chain, is held back in his right hand. His left hand holds a shield*
Sirana: *she places her hand on Frodo's shoulder*
Damrod: Little brother *Damrod says* You have the first move. Now take it!
Frodo: *surprised, he glances up at Sirana, unable to hide his agitation. His eyes glisten*
Frodo: Are...are you all...right, my lady?
Hurin: *he swallows hard, keeping his eyes on his brothers movements... surveying the weakness on the armor. the face and neck are the most exposed of his body, then the lighter armor on hands, arms and legs*
Hurin: *he lunges forward suddenly, striking out at his brothers throat with his sword, keeping his shield by his side*
Damrod: *He dodges back, surprisingly fast for a man of his bulk, then pulls his arm back and smashes down his mace, aiming for his brother's skull*
Sirana: Indeed. Shakh. This you know.....*stares into pit* is most favored and familiar *looks to him*
Hurin: *he quickly darts out of the way, then regains his footing, still holding his sword and shield at the ready*
Frodo: *his glance snaps back to the pit and he gasps as the dagger and mace thrust forward and back*
Sirana: *her thumb lightly strokes his shoulder*
Damrod: *He moves to Hurin's right, then quickly darts back to his left, smashes the mace down again, aiming again for the skull*
Frodo: *smiles sadly up at her* Not familiar to me, my lady. We have no such sports in the Shire
Sirana: *Looks into his eyes and studies them, filled with confusion and sadness they are*
Hurin: *he jumps backwards, slightly unsteady upon his feet, then thrusts his sword sideways, aiming for his brothers neck*
Sirana: *looks back into pit*
Frodo: *looks fearfully back to the brothers fighting to the death*
Damrod: *He screams in pain as the sword bites into his neck. He staggers, then regains his feet, then smashes back down again with the mace, hitting at his brother's shield*
Sirana: *her hand squeezes Frodo's shoulder as her eyes widen and she smirks lightly*
Hurin: *his brothers blow goes awry, scraping against the shield, but hurin moves back in time. he again strikes for his brothers neck, tears coming to his eyes*
Frodo: *He looks away from Sirana abruptly, horror and disgust filling him as he realizes she is actually enjoying the fight*
Damrod: *He feels the warm blood saturating his tunic as it flows down from his neck. Then the blood begins to run out and over the neck of the armor. He stumbles a bit, but manages to jump aside, avoiding the blow*
Frodo: *His eyes become glued to the brother is bleeding, staggering, the other, obviously in mental agony, forced to attack him again*
Damrod: *His arm trembles as he brings the mace down yet again*
Sirana: *She holds her breath as she watches them fight...knowing the moment is about to come soon. She is reminded of mortality and her heart begins to pound*
Hurin: *he jumps back out of the way again, tears flowing down his face. he blinks rapidly, needing his vision to fight.... his own brother! how evil is this land, to make brothers fight against each other!*
Frodo: *Frodo hears a sob from the younger brother and bites back a sob of his own*
Hurin: i am sorry *he whispers, then jumps forward, trying to drive his sword in a swinging motion into his brothers neck*
Frodo: *He looks worriedly over to Ceolwulf, who is as pale as when he was dying from the arrow wound*
Damrod: *A dull thud as the sword sinks yet again into his neck and blood bursts from the new wound. He staggers and goes down on one knee, forcing himself back up, and swings the mace again, aiming instinctively by the sound of his brother's movements*
Hurin: *the spiked ball of the mace hits his helm with a heavy blow, denting the metal. he stumbles backwards, his vision dotted with stars*
Damrod: *He stands with his legs spread wide apart, holding himself up, blood freely flowing from the two wounds in his neck down his armor and dripping in the sand*
Damrod: *He tries to bring the mace back up. He staggers, falling down on one knee again. He looks at his brother, smiles.* Finish the job, little brother
Hurin: *he sobs violently, looking down at his fallen brother* i am sorry, brother... *he sobs again, holding the hilt of his sword with both hands. he swings the sword back, bringing it back down, hewing his brother's head from his body*
Damrod: *The body falls forward in the sand, the head rolling over to the side*
Sirana: *She sucks in a hard breath as she watches the death delivering blow and as in every fight she witnesses, 2 single tears slip down her cheek and a smile curls on her lips. She finally exhales..Frodo's shoulder gripped hard in her fingertips*
Frodo: *A wave of dizziness hits Frodo. He slumps forward in a faint, sliding out of Sirana's grip*
Frodo: *He sinks to the floor, hitting his head on the seat as he falls, then lies in a small heap on the floor of the box*
Sirana: *She feels Frodo slump from her grasp*
Sirana: *She bends over in her seat and lifts him up* Shakh!
Frodo: *Frodo remains unconscious, limp in her arms*
Hurin: *Hurin chokes out* may the Valar forgive me! *takes his sword, puts the hilt in the sand. then, grabbing the blade with both hands, he puts his stomach upon the sharp point, and begins to push himself down upon the sword*
Sirana: *The crowd roars and she looks into the pit once more then looks away*
Hurin: *he falls forward, the sword imbedded in his stomach, bleeding profusely, his spirit fleeing his body, and going to the halls of waiting*
Lord Lorthang: *Lord Lorthang rises to his feet, cheers loudly with the rest of the crowd, his beefy hands pounding against each other as he claps*
Sirana: *shakes Frodo a bit* Shakh!
Sirana: Father!?
Lord Lorthang: *he turns to his daughter* Two slain in one fight, and there are yet more to come!
Lord Lorthang: *finally notices frodo's unconscious form*
Sirana: *her eyes move to Frodo...Ceowulf beside Frodo as well*
Lord Lorthang: *He wonders what is wrong with the dwarf... perhaps he took something that didn't agree with him*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang calls for servants to take frodo's unconscious form and take him back to the keep*
Lord Lorthang: *After frodo is removed, Lorthang turns his attention back to the pit.... more slaves are to be brought out to fight each other. He stands up and announces for the next event to begin.... trumpets sound and the drums begin to beat as the next slaves are cast into the pit*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang begins betting with his nobles on which slave will win the next fight... he wagers five gold pieces that in the next round between a strawhead and a tark, that the man of Rohan will beat the man of Gondor*
Sirana: *she runs both hands gently over her brows and temples and looks up to her father who loves so much to overindulge in everything*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf picks up Frodo's unconscious form in his arms. He goes and takes the pony from the attendent. Carrying Frodo, he leads the pony back*
Ceolwulf: *He takes Frodo to his room, puts him in the bed, and covers him up*
Sirana: *not all up to staying here anymore she looks up to her father and touches his arm* Father may I go please?
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf sits down in the chair by Frodo's bed and thinks about the events of the day and wonders what is to become of them all*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang is turned away from his wine and wagers by his daughter's question. he turns to her* Certainly, my dear. But first, what do you think of the dwarf?
Frodo: *Frodo opens his eyes and looks dazedly around the room, then closes them in relief when he sees Ceolwulf.*
Sirana: I am perplexed by his ways *her voice raised so he can hear her*
Vartang: *Vartang, who had been watching the fights from down below, looks up and sees an empty seat just vacated by Frodo. He walks up the steps and sits down in the box beside Lord Lorthang*
Sirana: i do not understand why he is so weak
Lord Lorthang: *he moves his head closer towards her, speaking in a lowered voice* he is a dwarf of some kind, i hear their ways are strange.
Sirana: *she notices Vartang and she nods to her father* yes father i understand
Lord Lorthang: But i wonder why he does not have a beard. Though his feet do make up for what his face lacks! *he laughs*
Frodo: *He sits up slowly, but blinks hard and rubs the back of his head. He looks at Ceolwulf with a sigh* One trouble after another, is it not? How are you? Are you all right?
Sirana: *her father would make up any excuse for him*
Lord Lorthang: *notices Vartang and greets him* Hail. shakh, so you decide to watch the fights with us?
Frodo: *He stops himself from saying, "May the Valar protect you from such a fate as we have seen!"*
Frodo: *He does not even want Ceolwulf to think of that possibility*
Ceolwulf: Yes, Master Frodo, one trouble after another, but yes I am all right, as all right as anyone can be in this wretched place
Sirana: *her eyes look upon Vartang as he sits by her father. It seemed so much more appropriate. Though she was a bit leary of him. She smiled lightly* Perhaps i will stay a bit longer
Vartang: *Vartang overhears the comment about the dwarf with no beard* It is not a dwarf, but the little scum is called a halfling because he is only half a man, and one of the reasons why he has no beard
Lord Lorthang: *He studies Vartang's face, trying to discern if he seeks to catch him in a trap*
Lord Lorthang: half a man, you say! *he chuckles, guessing that (hopefully) vartang means no ill. he takes another drink of wine*
Vartang: All their hair is on their feet, but no matter. I will bet you ten gold pieces that the Tark kills the Strawhead
Frodo: *Frodo smiles sadly at Ceolwulf* I wish it had been, as you said, trained bears and ponies
Ceolwulf: No, no ponies, no bears. Brutal killings, but that is what they like here
Frodo: *He slides carefully off the bed and tries to walk over to Ceolwulf. He manages it, a little unsteadily*
Lord Lorthang: ten gold pieces that the tark kills the strawhead, eh? i shall match your bet!
Vartang: *He looks to Sirana* My lady, which do you think will win?
Sirana: I never wager on a strawhead
Sirana: i think the Tark indeed
Vartang: Nor do I, my lady *he smiles*
Frodo: *Frodo rubs the back of his head again as he reaches Ceolwulf's chair. He leans against the side of it*
Narrator: *The fight is over almost as soon as it began with the Tark being too quick for the strawhead*
Vartang: *Vartang looks at Lorthang* Looks like you lost your bet, shakh. I will collect later *he thinks... but not in gold*
Sirana: *looks sadly to her father for a moment*
Lord Lorthang: *he smiles cordially at vartang* so it seems! *curses, he thinks.... i keep losing to the variag!... he takes out a bag of coins and hands it to vartang*
Frodo: *unable to contain his fear, he whispers* I fear for you, Ceolwulf. What will become of you if they remove me?
Vartang: *He pushes Lorthang's hand back* Nay, Shakh, it would be bad manners. Keep your coins
Frodo: *immediately feels he should not have said that and looks down*
Lord Lorthang: *he beams at vartang and puts his bag of coins away*
Sirana: *she looks to Vartang and smiles*
Ceolwulf: Why would they remove you?
Frodo: *looks up bitterly* You know why. They hate me. I am a pawn in this as we all are
Narrator: *All through the rest of the afternoon, the fights continue, bets being won and lost. After the last fight of the day, Lord Lorthang announces that the wedding feast will begin in an hour and for all to go back to the keep and prepare*
Frodo: They have put me here to make me a traitor
Frodo: against my will
Ceolwulf: We are both pawns, Master Frodo, in some strange game
Frodo: and Vartang has told me that there will be a choice, alternative will be to stay a lord of Mordor, the other he would not tell me
Lord Lorthang: *The grand wedding feast is to be held in the great hall.... tapestries of numenorean heritage adorn the walls.... ornate columns on either side of the hall. everything is decorated for the wedding feast*
Frodo: I will not choose to betray the West, even if the alternative were to go back to the Dark Tower *shudders*
Vartang: *After the fights are over, Vartang offers his arm to the Lady Sirana to escort her back*
Frodo: I think they will either send me away or kill me...or the...the...*his hand climbs to his left shoulder*
Frodo: *trails off*
Vartang: My lady, will you allow me the honor?
Ceolwulf: Don't talk that way, Master Frodo, you will just wear yourself out. Rest!
Sirana: *she stands and interlocks her arms with his* Thank you Captain Vartang
Frodo: But when it happens, what will happen to all of you? I do not want to watch more of my friends suffer
Frodo: *rubs his hands over his face*
Vartang: *Vartang takes her arm and strolls liesurely with her back to the keep. Are there gardens here? I have not seen them
Sirana: Indeed there are
Lord Lorthang: *after returning, lord lorthang goes to his great chair upon a dias. he waits there for frodo and sirana to come.... the crowd begins to gather, seated at great tables*
Sirana: But i have not the time now to show you
Lord Lorthang: *Servants keep them well supplied with wine and ale. servants are sent to fetch frodo and sirana and bring them to the great hall*
Frodo: If there is ever anything I can do to keep you and the others from harm, and I do not see it, let me know, Ceolwulf *he pleads*
Vartang: My lady, are the gardens so extensive, it would take that long to show them to me?
Sirana: But...the wedding feast
Narrator: *Servants knock at Frodo's door and announce that it is time for him to come to his wedding*
Vartang: They can wait
Sirana: The servants will be looking for me
Vartang: Surely they will wait for the bride *he looks at her with a sideways smile*
Frodo: *Frodo blanches at the summons and slumps again. Ceolwulf catches him and puts him back on his feet. Frodo gives a little smile*
Frodo: *murmurs Elvish prayers under his breath*
Sirana: *her heartrate increases* Captain Vartang *she straightens her stance and raises her head* Surely it would not be right
Lord Lorthang: *Frodo is soon brought to the great hall and a chair is brought for him to sit in beside lorthang*
Frodo: *Now to begin this again...Frodo takes a deep breath*
Vartang: *He holds her arm tighter* Is there that big a rush to marry tonight?
Sirana: *she swallows and her breathing seems to be scattered* father...*looks over Vartang*
Lord Lorthang: *servants look for sirana, and find her with vartang in the garden. their eyebrows raise but they say nothing... only that it is time for the wedding to begin and that her father and frodo are waiting*
Vartang: *Vartang, startled, looks at the servants resentfully*
Vartang: Well, then, I will escort you to your wedding
Frodo: My lord! *Frodo protests* I still hold to what I said last night. I would be too dangerous a match. The lady should not be in danger of acquiring scars like this! I cannot marry her. I am sorry.
Sirana: *her wide eyes seem sad and the reality of his words stings her heart*
Vartang: *He holds her arm as they follow behind the servants to the great hall*
Frodo: You are very...kind and generous....*it is hard to say after the slave fight*
Sirana: *his touch on her arm is warm and she exhales deeply*
Frodo: ...but it is a misunderstanding. Vartang replied to your letter for me while I was ill
Frodo: and not the reply I would have sent
Vartang: *Only releasing her arm when they are inside the hall. Then he walks away and takes his place with the rest of the crowd*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang looks at the dwarf beside him, attempting to comprehend his words.... he remembers something about this from last night but the memory is vague*
Frodo: *hopes to resolve this in private this time*
Sirana: *she sees them all..her cheeks are rosy and she perspires a bit. Moves over.* Father *nods* Shakh *nods and takes her place*
Lord Lorthang: *he sees sirana coming through the hall. he motions to frodo* Here is the bride.... there must be a groom. Stand up my boy, stand before me, I shall marry you both
Frodo: *exasperated* My lord, did you not hear what I just said!
Vartang: *Vartang watches the proceedings from a distance and curses under his breath*
Frodo: I may soon lose favor with the Dark Lord! It is too dangerous!
Sirana: *She bites her lip hard and her hands ball into fists*
Vartang: *Vartang strides up then, walks to Frodo, bends down and whispers in his ear* Lugburz wishes this wedding
Lord Lorthang: *he waits for frodo to get out of his chair and stand before him* My boy, do you not wish the hand of my lovely daughter in marriage?
Frodo: *closes his eyes tightly, bites his lip and trembles*
Sirana: *she looks up and sees the women servants whispering to each other and looking to her*
Frodo: *tries to make his voice strong, does not rise* My lord, a bride so lovely deserves a better husband than I
Vartang: *Vartang straightens back up and then goes back to the crowd again. He sees a girl with a tray of wine goblets, stops her and takes one*
Lord Lorthang: But you are the Friend of sauron! it would be a great honor for her to marry you!
Lord Lorthang: *he wonders how could a friend of sauron lose favor with sauron. well.... he doesn't really wonder now, but he did think that frodo was in favor with the great eye*
Frodo's Ring: *The Ring begins to grow warmer on Frodo's finger... Marry her now and then beat her. That is her only purpose*
Frodo: *leans in to Lorthang and whispers* I am no friend of Sauron. I am from the West and this is a plot to make me a traitor. I cannot and will not marry her
Frodo: and if you knew who I really am, you would not want me to marry her either
Lord Lorthang: WHAT! From the West ???? But.... but... they said you were a Friend of sauron! *face gets red, exasperated*
Sirana: *she feels ill at this display of confusion*
Lord Lorthang: I would not let my daughter marry a brigand from the west! but i was told that you were a friend of sauron, and indeed you are the lord of the western province
Frodo: *quietly but firmly* I have told the truth. They have put me here in spite of what I am. I cannot marry your daughter
Lord Lorthang: *lorthang begins to get angry.... the actions of this dwarf and his confusing speech beginning to vex him*
Lord Lorthang: either marry my daughter or get out of my hall!
Vartang: *Back in the crowd, Vartang laughs to himself, and drinks his wine*
Sirana: *She seems to go expressionless and her innocent yet dark eyes, glassily stare blankly head as the voices are raised and servants and nobles chatter*
Frodo: *He rises* I cannot stay in your hall then
Sirana: *her balled fists cause her nails to break the skin in her palms*
Frodo: You and your daughter will be much more satisfied with a groom who is truly of Mordor, for I am not
Lord Lorthang: Then get out, wretched dwarf, thrall of the west! lugburz should remove you from your position as lord of the western province! nurn needs rulers with true hearts, not sniveling little.... get out of my hall now!
Vartang: *Vartang saunters up, motions to Lorthang to step to the side*
Lord Lorthang: *sees vartang approaching, feels a sense of dread.... the variag brings doom, no doubt, he smiles nervously*
Vartang: *Vartang smiles* Shakh, the dwarf will be removed in the morning. Now let the festivities go on
Frodo: *This is it, Frodo thinks. He will take me back there now. But I am ready*
Vartang: *Vartang slaps Lorthang on the back and chuckles* We both need a drink
Lord Lorthang: *sensing vartang does not seem to be wroth, he beams and chuckles with vartang* Aye, a drink! wine! wine! *he cries*
Sirana: *she sniffles and rubs her palms and looks to Frodo then to her father and Vartang*
Lord Lorthang: *he turns his head towards frodo and scowls at him darkly* get out of my hall ere the dawn
Frodo: *Frodo stands before his chair, tense, his fists clenched at his sides, and nods*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf quietly comes up, puts his hand on Frodo's arm* Let's go back to your room. You have had quite enough for the night
Sirana: *She looks back to Frodo one last time with wide sad eyes*
Lord Lorthang: *lorthang stands up and points towards the door to the hall, and shouts to frodo* get out and may your footsteps be quick!
Frodo: *He meets her gaze quickly, sadly, then follows Ceolwulf out of the room*
Lord Lorthang: *he hopes that this lord of the western province will soon be removed completely, like the last lord of the western province. he sighs in frustration*
Sirana: *she gathers up her goblet and drinks nearly all of it in one gulp*
Vartang: *Vartang goes to the lady* I see the bridegroom is in disrepute. Join me in a goblet of wine?
Frodo: *Frodo hangs his head and whispers pointedly to Ceolwulf, his voice filled with dread* Removed in the morning!
Frodo: But removed how?
Frodo: *he sighs*
Lord Lorthang: *lorthang goes back to the table of nobles, and proceeds to get drunk, muttering under his breath about the accursed dwarf whose presence defiled his hall*
Sirana: *she shakes her head and smiles, reeling from the fast gulp*
Sirana: yes Captain Vartang
Sirana: another goblet indeed
Vartang: *He escorts her to the table of nobles, pulls out a chair for her and sits down beside her*
Ceolwulf: Only the Valar know!
Frodo: *Frodo squeezes Ceolwulf's arm tightly as they leave the hall and turns his thoughts to the Valar and Elvenhome*

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