A New Age
Temple of Terror

A New Path

Chapter One - The Captain Captures a Prize
Chapter Two - "You Nasty, Wicked Dark Elf!"

Chapter Three - Tender Are the Flowers of the South
Chapter Four - A Clash of Cultures
Chapter Five - A Wicked Deceit
Chapter Six - An Old Man's Farewell
Chapter Seven - Live By the Sword
Chapter Eight - Where Do You Wander, So Far From the Light?

Chapter Nine - A Change in Plans
Chapter Ten - On Ghostly Paths

Chapter Eleven - The Southron Spies
Chapter Twelve - Death in the Caves
Chapter Thirteen - Before the Council
Chapter Fourteen - The King Returns
Chapter Fifteen - Thoughts Before an Execution
Chapter Sixteen - The Hanging
Chapter Seventeen - A Shieldmaiden Once More

Chapter Eighteen - Settling of the Weregild
Chapter Nineteen - A Homecoming

The Preparations Begin

Chapter One - Out of Harm's Way
Chapter Two - A New Keeper for the Halfling
Chapter Three - A Free Man
Chapter Four - In Loving Arms
Chapter Five - A Return to the Past
Chapter Six - Torments of Mind and Body
Chapter Seven - Gifts and Regrets
Chapter Eight - The Birth of Daeron

Homeward Bound

Chapter One - The Road Back
Chapter Two - In Dol Guldur
Chapter Three - The Surprise Attack

Chapter Four - Divided Loyalties
Chapter Five - Of Rings and Mithril

Chapter Six - Farewell to Dol Guldur
Chapter Seven - The Last Revenge

Chapter Eight - Changed and Broken

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