Night of April 6, 3020

WARNING: Strong graphic content and adult situations in this chapter. Rated R - for mature readers only. You have been warned.

Debanni portrayed by Madurz
Ceolwulf and Algund portrayed by Angmar

Ceolwulf: Ceolwulf broods darkly as he leads Debanni's horse. "This woman, though she is frightened and lost in her thoughts, I must remember that she is still one of the enemy," he thinks to himself. "There is nothing more that she would like than to slit my throat, I would wager! Though indeed when I gaze upon her and look into her soft brown eyes, my heart feels guilt. She is only a maid, not an enemy soldier, and I have helped rip her away from family and friend. What am I becoming!"
Ceolwulf: Ceolwulf gives no indication of his grim thoughts as he rides easily in the saddle, enjoying as he always does the feeling of a good horse beneath him. "There is comfort," he thinks, "in having such a good beast, gentle in his way, yet when need arises, his soft demeanor can quickly turn to that of a warrior. Would that the race of Man all prove to be such stalwart friends!"
Ceolwulf: They ride on for a few miles until Ceolwulf calls a halt. "We will rest here a while. Get off your horse!"
Debanni: She still trembles with fear.. being separated brings her terrible uneasiness. Her stomach hurts and she dismounts the horse.
Ceolwulf: Standing beside his horse, he takes a water skin from where it was tied to the saddle and tosses the skin to her. "Drink!"
Debanni: She takes a sip of water, but even that makes her feel sick.
Ceolwulf: Pulling his mask aside just enough to drink, he sips from his own water skin. Then, noticing that she does not drink much, he turns to her. "What is wrong with you?" he asks coldly.
Debanni: She searches again for her voice. "I...I do not feel well. My family..." she trails off.
Ceolwulf: Ceolwulf tries to avoid her eyes, fearing she will see the guilt written in them. "You will see your family again when your father pays the ransom," he says and then takes another sip from his water skin.
Debanni: She only hopes her father pays up and enough to save all of them and not just Atar. She keeps her eyes to the ground.
Ceolwulf: He realizes that when he turned that the mask was still drawn back slightly from his face and that she had seen it. "She will remember who I am now," he thinks wildly to himself, "and she will be able to describe me when she goes back to her father's halls!" His body goes rigid as guilt washes over him and he realizes, "Seeking to bring hurt to my enemy has brought far more hurt to me!"
Ceolwulf: A strange urge, alien to all his plans of vengeance, strikes him with the force of its suddenness, "I should fall down before her and beg her forgiveness! No, you wretched fool," he tell himself, "is it more her plight that moves you, or is it more her comely face and the way her hips sway when she moves?"
Debanni: She looks to her surroundings...feeling very lost and scared. She looks to him, then away.
Ceolwulf: He pulls the mask back over the lower part of his face. "Since you will not drink, toss me the water skin and we will be off again. There are a few more miles to go and I will let you rest."
Debanni: She takes a sip, a bit thirsty and she knows that her body needs it, but then she tosses it carefully to him
Ceolwulf: He catches the water skin and attaches hers and his to rings at the back of his saddle. "Get on your horse," he says, holding the reins of his horse and the halter rope in his left hand, as he swings into the saddle.
Ceolwulf: After Debanni gets on the horse, Ceolwulf tugs on the halter rope and soon they have turned and headed in another direction. They ride on for miles in the darkness until they come to a small clearing.
Debanni: She feels a bit weary now.. the ride and the worry overwhelming her.
Algund: A small campfire burns in the clearing and nearby stands a rough lean-to made out of felled logs and tree branches. A man walks out of the lean-to and hails them. "You were slow enough in getting here, Ceolwulf!" the man known as The Captain rebukes.
Ceolwulf: "Algund," Ceolwulf says as he dismounts, "I brought her here as quickly as I could, but making haste while leading a captive's horse is not such an easy thing to do!"
Algund: Algund goes to get Ceolwulf a fresh horse, saddled and bridled, and then brings it to Ceolwulf. He looks up to Debanni on her horse for a moment and then turns to Ceolwulf. "Perhaps the wench was worth waiting for a little longer. Now take the woman's mother and ride on to our next camp. Perhaps you will not spend so much time along the road looking at her fair daughter," The Captain says, a smirking tone in his voice. "Now go!"
Ceolwulf: "Yes... Algund," Ceolwulf says, "but I trust that you will remember that you promised that none of the captives were to be harmed. I hold you to your word on that!"
Algund: Looking Ceolwulf in the eyes, he says, "Have you ever known me to break a bargain?"
Ceolwulf: "No," Ceolwulf replies, "but I have not been with your band very long." He puts his left foot in the stirrup and swings his leg over the back of the saddle. Looking down at him from the saddle, he says, his words a warning, "Captain, mark that you do not break your word now or you will answer to me!"
Algund: "You impress me, Ceolwulf; truly, you always have," The Captain says, his face a mask betraying nothing.
Ceolwulf: Ceolwulf turns to Debanni and searches her face, but all he sees there is unspoken fear. Sighing and lifting a hand in farewell, Ceolwulf touches his heels to his horses' flanks and rides away into the night.
Algund: "Captain Algund at your service, maiden of Harad," The Captain says as he holds the halter rope and looks up to Debanni.
Debanni: She waits, filled with the fear that has not left her this day, yet she was glad the man she rode with was quiet and did not threaten her. She looks down to the man now that she feared all along..the man that held the blade to her throat.
Algund: "You are in my care now," Algund says. "Get off your horse!"
Debanni: Debanni looks around nervously and then she carefully dismounts...her body aching. She dares to speak. "My family...they are all right?"
Algund: "Aye, they should be perfectly well. They are both in good hands with my men," he says quietly and, turning away from her, he leads her horse to the picket line and ties it up. Soon he returns to her. "Sit down at my camp fire. Have meat cooking over the spit, and there is water inside."
Debanni: She has no idea how to act or how to feel. She only hopes her family does not get harmed in any way. She hopes her brother is not too scared. She wants to hug him tightly. She moves to the fire and stares into the flames.
Algund: Algund bends over the cooking spit, and swings the metal arm around so it is away from the fire, letting it cool. Then he goes inside the lean-to and comes back with two plates. Cutting two pieces of meat, he places one in each plate and hands a plate to her. Adding some cram, the hard dry bread of the trail to her plate, he says, "Eat."
Debanni: Debanni extends her hands and takes the plate and bows her head, behaving as she normally would. She places the plate on her lap and tears the meat carefully with delicate fingers and slowly places the meat into her mouth. Her eyes remain on her plate then shift up to him quickly and back down again.
Algund: Using the dagger as a utensil, he spears the meat and begins to eat it, and then bites into the hard cram. He tosses her a water jug beside him. Never taking his eyes off her, he stares at her across the fire while he eats standing up.
Debanni: Besides the trembling of her fingers, her movements are slow and graceful even though she is still far from calm and ease. She takes the jug and puts it to her lips and tilts her head back with it. She licks her lips and feels his gaze burning on her and she feels her face become hot as it flushes.
Algund: "The khol about your eyes gives you a wanton look," he says as he finishes his food and puts the plate down. "A savage look, like your people! Are you a savage, too?"
Debanni: It is not his words that bother her, but the tone in his voice. It makes it hard for her to eat because it causes great distress and her stomach knots.
Algund: "I will fetch us some wine," he says, laughing, and goes back into the lean-to, returning shortly with a wine skin. He takes the stopper off and lifts it up to his lips and drinks greedily.
Algund: He walks over to her and leaning down, he gives her the wine flask. "Drink," he says as his other hand touches her cheek.
Debanni: It is ingrained into her to be obedient to all men and to never protest or speak out of place. 'Did this apply to her captors as well?', she thought. Perhaps even more so. She breathes heavily at his touch and trembles. Her stomach a fluttering bundle of nerves and she takes the flask and does as she is told. She drinks the wine and some spills from the corners of her mouth as she tilts it. She quickly swipes her fingertips over her mouth and wipes the drops from her lips.
Algund: "Finish your food," he says, his voice low.
Debanni: With shaking hands she gives him back the flask and puts the plate back on her lap and places small bites of food into her mouth. When she dares to glance up, she always finds his eyes on her.
Algund: "I do not want you becoming faint from lack of food and drink. I have plans for you, maiden of Harad." His voice is deep and husky.
Debanni: She coughs on a bit of food and clears her throat when she hears his throaty statement. She looks up to him and finds the courage to speak. "Plans?"
Algund: He takes the wine flask from her hand and drinks from it again. His hand moves down her cheek to her shoulder. "Aye, plans. I want to sample the treasure of Harad," he says, a mocking tone in his voice.
Debanni: She does not know how long her breath was caught within her..but it was indeed long for she expelled a long and sharp exhale then leans back a bit to try to remove his hand from her skin.
Algund: Despite her attempt to move away, he reaches under her arms and drags her roughly to her feet and turns her to face him, the wineskin dropped on the ground. "Come with me to the lean-to," he exclaims. "I want to show you something."
Debanni: She gasps and the wine spills and soaks into the ground and she feels his rough hands under her arms. Before she knows it she is on her feet and she is forced to look at his face.
Algund: He forces her to him and crushes her lips with his.
Debanni: She feels her insides tense...she was taught not to protest...but she is scared. She feels his mouth on her..his lips smearing hard on hers. His teeth click against hers and her protests are muffled moans. She struggles in his grasp.
Algund: He holds her against him, prolonging the kiss, which is deep, harsh and slow. Finally he releases her. "Get in the lean-to," he commands, his face contorted and marked with lust.
Debanni: She feels his tongue invade her mouth...the taste of wine fresh. Then he releases her. She wishes she could run but she remembers the tip of the blade and how he thought nothing of pressing it to her throat. She knows fully his intentions and she wishes to scream, but she fears for her family's lives as well. She seems held in her spot with fear.
Algund: Roughly he takes her arm as he pulls his dagger from the sheath at his belt and pulls her towards his lean-to. "I am a poor man and I will never be rich but I will have a treasure for tonight!"
Algund: "Come inside," he says again, more forcefully this time. "It will do you no good to scream. You are many miles away from the hearing of anyone who could help you. Do not try to run or I will catch you and take you in the woods where I find you!"
Debanni: She knows he is correct and so instead of screams she begins to let the tears which she has held in all day fall from her eyes as she makes her way into his lean-to, sensing what is about to happen and she sobs . "Please...please...do not do this!" Her quivering voice, desperate.
Algund: He drags her into the lean-to and kicks the door shut behind him. "Rid yourself of your garments!"
Debanni: Her mouth parts in a silent cry and she shakes her head instinctively to such a command...so nervous to expose her body to this dangerous stranger.
Algund: Quickly he moves around her, twisting one of her arms behind her back and holing the dagger at her throat. His top lip curls up in a wicked grin and he hisses through gritted teeth. "Strip for me or I will use the knife! Say you will and I will take the dagger away! Hurry!"
Debanni: Fear! She is stricken with panic. She knows what he is about to do. She knows he will probably use that knife indeed. She sobs and searches for her voice. "I...."
Algund: He twists her arm harder this time and puts the blade of the dagger against her throat. "Do not make this any more painful than you have to!"
Debanni: Sharp pain runs up through her entire arm. "..I will..." She cries out in terror as she feels the blade begins to bite into her flesh.
Algund: He releases her arm and moves in front of her again. "Strip for me, strip for me slowly! Here...I will help you start." He laughs low as he takes the tip of his blade and slides it gently over her collarbone and then underneath the thin layer of her long, silk wrap. He twists the hilt so that the blade curls around the material and inhales through his teeth....hard, cold steel against soft, smooth silk. He uses the blade to unravel it from her body and she is left with her long dress and top wrapped in more silk, her smooth, tan stomach exposed. He raises his eyebrow and sheathes his dagger. "Your turn."
Debanni: Her chest heaves with every hard breath..her hands shaking. She feels warmth on her throat where the sharp blade rested and a small crimson bead trickles down. Her dark, almond shaped eyes are wet with tears and she looks at him.
Algund: After taking off his sword belt, he casts it aside. His tunic and shirt come over his head next and then he kicks off his boots. "I said strip! Or I will tear the clothes off your back!" he demands, his voice husky.
Debanni: She tries so hard to come to terms with what is about to happen, but finds it impossible. Making it more difficult, she had to strip for him while she watches him disrobe. Her trembling hand moves under the silk above her midriff and she searches for the piece to untuck. She finds it, and pulls it down and feels the silk loosen around her chest and back, barely hanging onto her and about any movement will cause it to fall.
Algund: "What a pity," he says with a smirk, "there are no musicians to play for your dance." She can see the fabric of his breeches strain against his manhood.
Debanni: Her eyes look him over and she gasps when she sees his arousal and looks away...it distracts her. She presses her lips together and suppresses her cry as her fingers move to her hip and untie the small knot of her skirt. It loosens and begins to slide over her hips. As her body shivers, the silk over her chest slips further and displays the deep valley between her breasts.
Algund: He looks at her body being revealed before him. "I want you soon, wench. Your people have stolen from my people and killed many. I am going to take something from you tonight, and perhaps give you something in return," he says as he slides down his breeches, exposing his member like a tall tree rising out of a dark plain.
Debanni: Her eyes widen when she sees his manhood and she tries to concentrate on holding her body as still as possible to keep the garments from spilling to the floor. Wanting to prolong the moment before humiliation.
Algund: "Did I not promise you I would show you something?" he says as he keeps his eyes on her, his breath heavy and lust deep in his voice. "Have you ever gazed upon a man standing before you hard and full? I think you are a virgin, for I know how the men of Harad guard their daughters to make sure they are untouched. Whether you be virgin or not, I will soon find out, for I will be the one to deflower you! But if you are not a virgin, it matters not to me. Perhaps you have been taken before and being skilled, you can bring me greater pleasure.
Algund: "Speak to me, maid," he says as his breeches slide down to his feet. Stepping out of them, he kicks them aside and stands before her completely naked. "Are you a virgin or not?"
Debanni: The expression of terror on her face should reveal to him the answer. She, in the past, has felt the natural desires well up in her and created sensations within her that have caused her womanhood to ache in want of relief, but this was quite different. She did not feel want and desire. She was scared and she was intimidated by his size. She has never had a man and she was beginning to fear the pain of it.
Debanni: "Virgin," she says with a low, shaky voice. "I am a virgin."
Algund: "Then I will especially enjoy you. I like to feel a woman who has never been delved as her flesh parts before the first man she has ever known. Long have your people taken from us," he says bitterly, "and now I will take from them. Kneel before me!"
Debanni: He asks her to move and she knows as soon as she does that her clothes will fall from her body...and indeed...as she takes her first step, the silk over her breasts falls to her waist and glides down to the floor, exposing the perfectly round, supple flesh. With her next steps her skirt creeps over her hips and buttocks and lands softly at her feet. She remains in place, not getting too close to him and holds her breath as she feels the draft on her skin. Her shapely legs stem to smooth thighs and her hands move to cover the mound between. Silent tears spill down her cheeks and neck, her eyes unblinking and shaking so much as she lowers herself to her knees.
Algund: He walks closer to her until he stands before her. "Did your mother teach you how to pleasure a man?" He growls as he grabs her hair, pulling her forward to his waiting manhood. "Open your mouth!" he commands gruffly. "Taste me!"
Debanni: Her mind spins and her heart pounds and she does not want to. She is so scared...so ashamed. She slowly opens her mouth.
Algund: Pushing her mouth further open with his other hand, he grasps himself and forces his swollen member into her mouth. Taking her head in both his hands now, he guides her mouth upon his erection, slowly moving her back and forth. The taste of him is salty and she feels a drop of moisture oozing down her throat.
Debanni: She feels her jaw forced open and then feels his flesh fill her mouth. She coughs as he goes deep and whimpers as tears fall from her dark eyes which are shut tightly.
Algund: "Savor the taste of me and drink deeply, for soon enough I shall be inside you. Feel the fullness of me inside your mouth, wench!"
Debanni: She grips her knees so tightly she leaves half moons in her skin from her fingernails. She cries as she closes her lips around his girth. Her cries becomes muffled over his swollen flesh, and she gags as he thrusts into her mouth. She chokes on him and each time she does, he pulls her hair painfully.
Algund: His free hand reaches down and engulfs one of her breasts, forcing it upward with grinding pressure. "Ah, wench you begin to give me some pleasure," he says and then groans, continuing to move her head back and forth.
Debanni: She always admired her own looks..she always felt sensual in her own way. But now she felt quite different. She is reminded of this as she feels this hard shaft being driven in and out of her mouth...the taste and texture so strange to her. She has to breathe through her nose and she is careful not to let her teeth graze him too much for she know she will pay for that. Her scalp feels the dull sting of hair being tugged at the roots.
Algund: He twists his hand in her hair painfully tight. "Drink deeply of me and savor the taste, wench!"
Debanni: Her nails dig more into her knees..her knuckles white and she cannot believe this is happening. The drop slips down her throat and she groans in agony and whimpers in fear all over his manhood and it vibrates over his throbbing breadth. She does not even know that it is a sensation enjoyable to him, but she knows her protesting is something he likes. She feels her head being pushed and pulled onto his manhood. He forces it in deep and she gags again. The juices and saliva build up in her mouth and start to spill from the corners and drip on her breasts and legs.
Algund: "Wench, enough of this sort of pleasure!" he cries and moves back from her. "Go over there," he pants, pointing to a pile of blankets on the side of the lean-to. "Lie down and spread your legs. You will soon get more than a taste of me inside you!"
Debanni: Tears fall on her legs she feels such shame. How was it that she ever fantasized about this in dark hours of night? She wipes her mouth and swallows and winces from the liquid that moves down her throat. "Please...please, no!" She does not know she even attempted to protest.
Algund: He laughs heartlessly at her sobs and tears and exclaims, "Haradrim whore! Do as I have commanded and lie down on the blankets! Do as I command you and know what it is to have a man!"
Debanni: She bows her head and stands, shaking her head as she cries. Hurt by his words and scared for what is about to happen. She moves over to the blankets, unsure what to do.
Algund: "I want you to know the length and depth of me in your insides! I want to hear you beg me to stop! I want to hear you scream for mercy! But I will not relent, for I have not had a woman in over a month!"
Debanni: She crawls onto the blanket and looks to him, not wanting to be so open to him...scared of the pain he will bring her. She felt he was huge in her mouth and she feared him being in her. She lies on her back and looks up to his menacing, towering form.
Algund: He moves to the pile of blankets and is upon her. Sliding between her thighs, he teases the inner recesses of the valley between her legs and then pulls back. "Soon, wench, you will know sensations you have never felt before! Tell me how it feels!"
Debanni: She holds her breath and cries when she feels his tip on her, a place that should feel pleasure. She is so frightened. She feels the sensations but experiences no desire.
Algund: "Look in my eyes," he says as he crouches over her. "Remember my face! The sound of my voice! How I feel inside you!"
Debanni: "No...no!" She looks to his face with wide eyes and her cheeks flush red.
Algund: He pushes slightly against her cleft as he looks to her face, his eyes taunting.
Debanni: She groans and whimpers, "Nooo!" as she feels herself open up to his tip.
Algund: "I will not go slow with you!" he tells her, his body hot against hers.
Debanni: Her thighs tremble and her breasts heave as she breathes so heavily.
Algund: "I want to explore you from different angles," The Captain grunts, enjoying looking down at her fear-filled face. "Let us see if you are worthy to lay before I plunge into you!"
Debanni: She knows he is going to hurt her, and he does as he pushes into her a little more.
Algund: Then he withdraws again, looking down at her and laughing.
Debanni: Her body is smooth, soft, and tan...her hair there is soft. Her breasts are smooth...nipples taut and tan as well...her stomach, quivering and flat.
Algund: He begins pushing into her again, waiting for the sensation of tearing aside the shield of her maidenhood. He feels her resist him, her cave devoid of all moisture.
Debanni: She gasps as she feels the new feeling..forced...his manhood about to break her seal and she cries more. He is so big inside of her....she is so tight and he barely fits.
Algund: He pushes more into her secret place and feels her maidenhood tear. He rocks back and forth in her, leering down at her face and smiling, a contorted grimace of lust and hatred mixed with the pure feelings of pleasure.
Debanni: It causes much pain to stretch to his size and she screams as she feels a searing pain and heat.
Algund: Dropping to his hands, he supports himself on his bent arms and then attacks her lips, smothering her mouth.
Debanni: She feels as if on fire and a sting..then a pressure as he fills her...then she feels a warm wetness. She screams into his mouth as he laughs into hers.
Algund: He grunts in satisfaction as he feels the wetness of her blood warm upon his aching manhood.
Debanni: She screams again because her hand slips to her thigh and she sees her own blood. Frightened and not knowing what is happening, she tries to push him off.
Algund: He laughs at her, pushing harder with his hips, rocking her back and forth with his thrusts. His tongue deep in her mouth, his eyes never leave hers. Ignoring her efforts to escape, he crushes her down with the weight of his body as he drives into her, over and over again. His breath comes heavy and perspiration trickles off his face and falls onto hers.
Debanni: His tongue fills her mouth...his member fills her womanhood and she does not know why she bleeds now. All she knows is that his entry is rough and she feels pain where she knew pleasure should be.
Debanni: She opens her legs more, hoping it will help but he only slips in deeper and she screams loudly and thrashes her head from side to side.
Algund: He pounds inside her, his thrusts strong, his shaft throbbing as he enjoys every moment of ravishing this virgin.
Debanni: Eventually he impales her so much and so hard that the pain gives away and it is just a burning fire in her and pressure of him moving where nothing has ever been before.
Algund: He withdraws from her and drags her by the hair, twisting her around until she is on her knees before him. Then he is on top of her from behind, panting, snarling like a wild beast driven by lust, and rides her like a stallion, feeling no tenderness, no love, only hatred and desire. Suddenly, the deep burning fires of his desire spread all over his groin and rippling throughout his body. His member trembles and with a great heave of his hips, he feels himself explode inside her.
Debanni: Having been forced and contorted into a position of his desire and her discomfort and pain, she wails,cries and screams and is sickened by the unusual feeling of his release.
Her expression grows blank and her heart grows numb.
Algund: Groaning, he moans, "You little whore! I have worn myself out too soon!" Collapsing atop her, he lies there panting, his member twitching in its last pulsing fury.
Algund: At last he pulls out of her and rolls over on his back, gasping for breath. "Maybe I shall try you again at dawn," he mumbles and fails to stifle a yawn.
Debanni: She curls up, traumatized and shuddering with the evidence of his rape all over her as he grows drowsy.
Algund: "I will keep you with me until I have totally rifled the treasures of Harad and then, perhaps, after I have filled your belly with a child, I will set you free and you can wander back to your father's hall!"

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