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"Now ye are Mine and must do My will," he said. "I do not trouble that some of you die and go to appease the hunger of the Dark; for otherwise there would soon be too many of you, crawling like lice on the Earth. But if ye do not do My will, ye will feel My anger, and ye will die sooner, for I will slay you."
-The Master Melkor
"The Tale of Adanel," "Athrabeth Finrod Ah Andreth,"
Morgoth's Ring, p. 348

The Chronicles of Second Darkness

What if Mordor had won the War of the Rings and the Ring had been found and returned to Sauron? This is an alternative universe (AU) creative writing venture based on J.R.R. Tolkien's works.

The Second Darkness writing project ended in June of 2005. The efforts of Angmar and Elfhild are now directed to
The Circles and the Library of Minas Morgul, a center for Black Speech, Nazgûl information, and links to Nazgûl-centered fanfiction.
Enjoy reading the Second Darkness archive. If you are a new reader, be sure to read the
Orgins of Second Darkness first.

Violence and explicit scenes in some chapters.
For mature readers only.

Second Age
A Dark Tale Begins

Third Age
The Eve of the War of Second Darkness
The War of Second Darkness
The Aftermath
Living With Defeat

The Age of Sauron
The Age of Sauron

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Since November 14, 2004, The Circles have been thrilling, terrifying and titilating hundreds of readers. If Second Darkness whetted your appetite for the Dark, you will enjoy this grim and gothic tale set within an alternate version of Tolkien's universe.

Link upon link, binding band upon band, The Circles go on. A tale of darkness, sorcery and the world of the undead.

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