Fan Art and Humor

Fan art and humor are welcome as long as it stays within the bounds of PG-13. If anyone has a drawing or original creation they wish to submit, send it to the Lord of Middangeard.

A Distraction While on the Ring Quest
Drawn by Elfhild - 11/3/05

Frodo and The Captain Have a Talk
Drawn by Hobbitness - 4/10/05

Thanks, Hobbitness!

Corresponds with An Unsavory Tryst and Another Parting of Ways

Celerimbor and Sauron

Dammit, Celerimbor, you fool! You had to die and now I shall never know where the Three Rings have been hidden.

Note: Sauron tortured Celerimbor to learn the location of the Seven and Three Rings, but the Elf refused to reveal their hiding places. He was slain and Sauron had his body skewered on a pole and carried before the army of Mordor like a banner.

(Sauron Burning Gil-Galad conceptual sketch to show Sauron's armor and cruel majesty drawn by Warren Mahy, taken from The Art of The Lord of the Rings by Gary Russell.)

Changed and Broken
Elfhild and Elffled experience dungeon life in Minas Morgul.
Drawn by Eowyn - 2/25/05

Valentines Day in Mordor
Submitted by Eowyn

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