A Tribute to Lugrekh and the Red Hand Orcs

Lugrekh of the Red Hand Orcs (a LARP group) compiled this wordlist of Black Speech words taken from the LOS/Shadowlandian Dialect, the Horngoth Dialect and the MERP Dialect. Lugrekh put a lot of effort and time into this project, even making three recordings of phrases spoken in Black Speech and offering a Black Speech Word of the Day List to all who were interested.

In 2005, his computer crashed and he lost all of his work. Since then, he seems to have disappeared from the internet. I claim no credit whatsoever for developing this list and am only archiving it as a service to those who are interested.

Thanks should go to Lugrekh for creating this wordlist.

Hail, Lugrekh and the Red Hand Orcs! May the scent always be strong and the hunt successful!

I recommend that all interested copy this to their own computers. For grammar rules, a wordlist of Shadowlandian words and other resources, go to Black Speech School.

This wordlist is not compiled using complicated scripts or forms, because my HTML editor will not support such things. Words, their types and their sources are separated by a series of dots, and I hope that all will be clear for readers. This list is intended for people who are knowledgable in the LOS Dialect. For lessons and help, see the link above.

Wordlist A - D

Wordlist E - H

Wordlist I - P

Wordlist Q - Z

If you have questions, email Elfhild.

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