Chamber of Nazgul Lore

Ahh, welcome, welcome! I see that thou hast an interest in the Nazgûl.
A most worthy subject to study, if I do say so myself.

Although the Librarian's face is hidden by the shadowy depths of his cloak, you can sense that he is smiling,
and the deep voice, thick with a Morgulian accent, is amused.

In this wing of the Library of Minas Morgul, thou wilt find tales and paeans of praise written by devotees of the Nazgûl,
as well as accounts of their legacy of horror written by more Western-thinking scribes.
Thou wilt also find quotes pertaining to the Nine Lords, as well as scholarly commentary written by learned folk of the Sixth Age.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2021 - New quotes from The Nature of Middle-earth, the newest book about Tolkien's legendarium, have been added to the Nazgul Description section on the Quotes and Information page. Additional quotes from Unfinished Tales have been added to the Strengths and Weaknesses section. A new section, Descriptions of Minas Morgul, has also been added, featuring a Tolkien-approved drawing by Pauline Baynes.

Nazgul Reading Room

A lengthy list of fan fiction and poetry featuring the Nazgûl in prominent roles.
Be sure to check out the Reading Room; there is something here for everyone and every taste.

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Nazgul Quotes and Information
A large compilation of quotes gleaned from The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, Tolkien Letters, and The History of Middle-earth.
Almost everything you ever wanted to know about the Nazgûl - their development, their history, their powers and their weaknesses.

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Scholarly Articles

Essays by Michael Martinez
Did the Nazgûl Have Physical Bodies?
What Happened to the Nazgul after Sauron Died?
Are the Nazgûl Really Afraid of Water?
Why Did Sauron and the Nazgul Not Know When Bilbo Wore the Ring?
Could the Lord of the Nazgûl Have Defeated Gandalf?
Do the Nazgûl, Barrow wights, and Dead Men of Dunharrow have Physical Bodies?
Who in Rivendell Had Power Against the Nazgul?
What is the History of the Nazgul?
Where in Movie Middle-earth were the 9 Graves of the Nazgul?
How Did Aragorn’s People Seal the Ringwraiths in Tombs?
Would the Nazgûl Have Been Immortal if Sauron Prevailed?
Could Eärnur Have Slain the Lord of the Nazgûl?
How Was Sauron Able to Trap the Nazgul in Middle-earth?
Did the Black Riders Reach Hobbiton in Less Time than Gandalf on Shadowfax?
Who Attacked the Inn and Slashed the Bolsters in Bree?
What is the Literal Translation of Úlairi?
Is the Messenger Sent to Dáin a Black Rider or the Mouth of Sauron?
What Would Eärnur Have Wielded Against the Witch-king?
Why Did Angmar Fall to Gondor and Its Allies?
What Happened to the People of Angmar?

Exploring the People of Middle-earth: The Witch-King of Angmar, Lord of the Nazgûl by Megan N. Fontenot
This article looks at the Witch-king of Angmar, Sauron’s secret weapon and the captain of the armies of Mordor.

Necromancy and Shadow World by Marek Wypych
An intriguing article about Tolkien's concepts of necromancy, houseless spirits, and the wraith world.

Life After Rings by Angmar, Commentary by Aganuzîr
Unknown to many, the Nazgûl were not destroyed when the One Ring perished in the Cracks of Doom. They died instead when the fiery rain of the volcano engulfed them.

Orgins of the Nazgûl by Alcuin
An essay on the history of the Nazgûl, with a timeline of Middle-earth events.

The Thain's Book
The Nazgûl
The Witch-king

Wikipedia has an article on the Nazgûl, as well as one on the Witch-king.

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Discussion Threads

Here is a list of discussions found on various Tolkien forums about a variety of fascinating topics concerning the illustrious Nine.
Links are organized by site; new additions will be posted at the top of each category.
You may have to create an account to access some of the threads, but membership to all of the linked discussion groups is free.

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The Ringwraiths As Tragic Figures
The third dark lord, The Witch-King of Angmar?
The Witch King is afraid of Sauron
The role of the Witch King in Saruman's death
Third Age Witch King is much more impressive than Sauron
On the Necromantic Powers of Sauron and the Origin of the Barrow Wights
Question about Morgul knife
The Nazgûl - Wouldn't the Nazgûl usurp the rings for themselves?
Were the "unclad" Nazgul actually tangible?
Who were the Nine Kings of Men, which region did they rule?
[THEORY] What do the spells in the Barrow-blades DO? Burn.
Did Sauron see/know what the Nazgul saw and knew?
The Nazgul Failures

All blades perish that pierce that dreadful King - What about Glamdring or Orcrist?
Why didn't Sauron give one of the Nine to Ar-Pharazôn?
Nazgul "Italian" strike
Knock-knock. -Who is there?-The Witch-King. (Theories on the identity of the Witch-king)
Why didn't the Nazgul just kill Frodo on Weathertop instead of only stabbing him?
Would the Nazgûl have been more powerful if they had actually been wearing the Nine rings?
Could the Nazgûl have been redeemed?
Why didn't the Nazgûl enter Rivendell?
Did the Witch King create the Barrow Wights?

When the black breath blows...
Wars of the Palantiri, the Witch-King and the Ithil Stone
Ring's sentience and Ring detection
Theories on the Identity of the Witch-King
Nazgûl in the Prancing Pony?
Tolkien's Changing Concept of the Nazgul and the Istari
How to take a Ring from an unwilling Ring-wielder?
Willpower of a Ringbearer vs the Nazgul
Random (non-canonical) Thought on Éowyn and the Witch-king
Who Really Killed the Witch King in ROTK??
The nine, in Saurons absence
Were the Nazgul Incapable of Suicide?
How "Human" Are the Wraiths?
In Defense of the Ringwraiths
Theories on the Identity of the Witch-king
Wraiths Before the Ring
Random Thoughts on Eowyn and the Witch-king
Why did the Nazgul Drop Merry in Bree?
Nazgul Horses
Discussion of "The Hunt for the Ring" from Unfinished Tales
Ability to Communicate With the One Ring
Were the Nazgul Free of Sauron for the Most Part of the Third Age?
Minas Morgul and Minas Ithil: A Comparison
Emblem of Minas Morgul
Carrying Things in the Spirit World
Did Boromir I Become a Wraith?

Barrow Downs
A Question of Loyalty
When the Nazgûl lose their bodily form, what happens to their rings?
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
Winged Beasts, a squandered resource?
Future nazgûl: good or evil Men?
Ring of fire, Ring of Air, Ring of ?
Nazgûl clothes: visible and invisible
Future Nazgul: Good or Evil Men?
Nazgul Purgatory - What Were the Houses of Lamentation?
Slaying of the Witch-king
The Undead of Middle-earth
Will of the Nazgul/Creating More Nazgul
Why Did the Nazgul Not Succeed in Bree and on Weathertop?
Lazy Nazgul

The Tolkien Forum
Where are all the Nazgûl?
The Last Alliance and the Absence of the Nazgul
Nazgûl talk - Discussion of how they communicate
Nazgul Will/Communication
Nazgul Drawn by the Ring?
Nazgul Incompetent?
Why the Horse Thievery?
Sauron, the Nine Rings, and Lordship of the Nazgul

The One Ring
Riders of Bree - Ferny or Nazgul?
Riders of Bree - Ferny or Nazgul? II

Sci-fi Stack Exchange
Were the Nazgûl undead?

Lord of the Rings Online Forum
An Excellent Discussion About the Corporality of the Nazgul

The Complete Travels of the Ringwraiths (Nazgûl) | Tolkien Explained

The shadows seem to coalesce into an inky column of darkness, and, suddenly afraid, you take a step backwards.
Then the Librarian appears before you, the hem of his ebony robe gliding soundlessly across the marble floor.
Clasping his gloved fingers before him, he begins to speak...

When thou hast finished exploring the Chamber of Nazgûl Lore, do not let the sorrow of disappointment trouble thy heart.
The entire Library awaits thee, the ancient tomes contained within its tall and lofty shelves beckoning...

Come, Friend, and quench thy thirst for knowledge within the hallowed halls of the Library of Minas Morgûl.

Library of Minas Morgul

Enter The Library

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