The Circles: Book Seven: Land of Treachery
Book Seven of The Circles - Land of Treachery

Southern Gorgoroth is a harsh and unforgiving land, yet various tribes of Men and Orcs call the rock-strewn desert their home.

The greed of King Thaguzgoth, chieftain of the Kafakudraûg Clan of the Sand Orcs, knows no bounds, and not even Sauron's caravans are safe from his goblin raiders. However, the King would be wise to look to his own household, for there are those who would plot his downfall. When a band of Uruk-hai mercenaries arrive at Kafakudraûg Cavern, this simmering cauldron of intrigue comes to a roiling boil.

The Dolrujâtar are a tribe of nomadic sheep and goat herders who dwell at the Oasis of the Solitary Cedar. A people as stern and unyielding as the desert, they are distrusting of outsiders and prefer their own ways to those of the outside world. Pressured by his family to take a wife, Prince Zarkfir struggles to abide by tradition and follow the desires of his heart.

A tale of adventure set in dungeons deep and sweltering deserts beneath the Sun... in the Land of Treachery.

Some chapters may have violent and/or sexual themes.
For mature readers only.

Map of Mordor and Nurn

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Chapter 1 - In The Hall of King Thaguzgoth (5/22/21)
Chapter 2 - The Cursed Maiden (6/7/21)
Chapter 3 - A Band of Adventurers (6/19/21)
Chapter 4 - The Holy Disease (7/10/21)
Chapter 5 - Through Dungeons Deep (7/18/21)
Chapter 6 - A Modest Business Proposal (7/31/21)
Chapter 7 - Follow the Stars (8/22/21)
Chapter 8 - To Kill a King (9/4/21)
Chapter 9 - Severing of Acquaintances (9/12/21)
Chapter 10 - The Noble Art of Kinslaying (9/22/21)
Chapter 11 - Shakhs of the Desert (10/3/21)
Chapter 12 - The Oasis of the Solitary Cedar (10/10/21)

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