The Invasion of the Wine Cellar

May 13, 2004
April 21, 3019

Angmar: *Angmar considers Sam as so inferior that he is more of a bother than a help*
Angmar: *He considers him of far lesser intelligence*
Angmar: *Being very arrogant and considering almost everything that way*
Angmar: *But he is confident that his hold upon him is sure*
Angmar: *but he tires of hearing Bughnrakh's pathetic attempts to speak intelligently, so he picks him up from under his chair and throws him out the door*
Angmar: *And commands him to learn the passages of Lugburz until he has memorized them and to stay out of the way*
Angmar: *All through the night, Angmar is busy giving last minute orders for the departure the next day*
Angmar: *Many men and orcs come before him for insructions*
Angmar: *All must be perfect before they join Khamul and the others in Gondor*
Angmar: *Sam wanders lost through the halls... He can hear the sounds of the armies getting ready to go.... swords being sharpened, armor being put on, men and orcs talking*
Angmar: *Curses, small fights breaking out among orcs, fists connecting with faces, orders being barked*
Angmar: *Horses neighing and stamping their feet in the open courtyards*
Angmar: *Angmar curses as Sam goes out the door and then forgets he exists for a while*
Ashgaz: *Peter is also walking the hallways, observing the preparations for departure*
Ashgaz: *He is almost completely recovered from the blade of Westernesse*
Bughnrakh: *sam feels lonely and forelorn in this strange place with enemies all around... he wonders how mr frodo is doing and if they are hurting him*
Ashgaz: *He didn't bother to put on a robe, so he appears in the wraith world as a hobbit in Frodo's hand-me-down clothes*
Ashgaz: *He has a round face, brown curls, and dark expressive eyes
Bughnrakh: *he can hear everything that goes on very well for the morgul blade has heightened his senses, tho not as powerful as they were when he wore the ring*
Ashgaz: *There is a rip in the front and back of his shirt--the path of the Morgul blade*
Ashgaz: *and another rip on his left shoulder from the blade of Westernesse*
Ashgaz: *but he feels much better now and wonders how Sam is doing*
Bughnrakh: *sam is short and slightly pudgy with brown curly hair... he wears tattered clothes once from the shire*
Bughnrakh: *sam spots peter as he walks down one of the seemingly endless hallways of baraddur*
Ashgaz: *Peter waves, knowing they are both invisible*
Bughnrakh: *sam waves back... overjoyed to see another hobbit and not the endless orcs and evil men* hullo peter!
Ashgaz: *Peter walks up to Sam and smiles* Hullo!
Ashgaz: *Peter speaks in a low voice, knowing the orcs will hear it only as a faint breeze--you never know when a Nazgul will be around*
Bughnrakh: *sam asks him with a worried look on his face* have you heard anything of mr. frodo?
Ashgaz: No, I haven't heard anything. I'm sorry.
Ashgaz: How have you been? *worried look*
Bughnrakh: *sam looks down saddened*
Ashgaz: *Peter claps him on the shoulder and they begin walking down the hall and talking*
Bughnrakh: well i am much better now but earlier lord angmar really put me through the mill
Ashgaz: *sighs* I figured he would
Ashgaz: I was very worried about you
Bughnrakh: just because i said the names of my friends, mr. brandybuck and mr. took
Ashgaz: *shakes his head*
Bughnrakh: *he smiles* it is good that someone cares in this place full of hate and malice *said in hushed voice*
Bughnrakh: do you know he even forbade me to say the name of our race!
Ashgaz: *gasps*
Ashgaz: That's awful
Bughnrakh: cruel hard indeed mr. bracegirdle
Ashgaz: *pats Sam's shoulder*
Ashgaz: I'm glad you're feeling better now, though
Bughnrakh: they gave me a name here, bughnrakh or something like that. their language is a fair jawcracker mr. bracegirdle
Ashgaz: It's a jawcracker and no mistake
Ashgaz: but you seem to have gotten the hang of it
Ashgaz: What have you been doing these last weeks?
Ashgaz: I haven't seen you in a while
Bughnrakh: lord angmar has made me his servant... he does not like me
Ashgaz: They don't like any of us, Sam
Bughnrakh: and causes me to have horrible visions and curses me
Ashgaz: *nods*
Ashgaz: *sighs* I was afraid of that
Bughnrakh: *feels frodo was always kind to him*
Bughnrakh: you know what i would like? a good mess of coneys some mushrooms and then a pipe and a mug of ale
Ashgaz: *looks sympathetically at Sam*
Bughnrakh: mr. bracegirdle cant we pretend we are what they wont let us call ourselves?
Bughnrakh: i still believe we are underneath it all
Ashgaz: Sometimes I wonder about that
Ashgaz: But I think you're right
Ashgaz: I'll never stop being a hobbit
Bughnrakh: try not to listen to them if they say otherwise. we are.... *he stops*.... shire folk
Ashgaz: not until their poison completely overpowers me...*he trails off and the grave look comes back into his face*
Bughnrakh: we must fight it as long as we can mr bracegirdle sir
Bughnrakh: maybe if we try real hard we can forget what we are and be back in the shire
Ashgaz: Wouldn't that be wonderful
Ashgaz: How would we do that?
Bughnrakh: i dont care if they shrivel my brain to the size of an apple seed i am still going to think about the shire
Ashgaz: *Peter almost laughs* I like your spirit, Sam
Bughnrakh: *he looks around suspiciously.... takes peters shoulder and whispers in his ear*
Bughnrakh: i found the wine cellar of number one, or my master
Bughnrakh: they will not miss a little wine
Bughnrakh: what would they do about it anyway? send us back where we came from? *laughs*
Bughnrakh: i would like to go back where we came from if you take my meaning i only wish mr frodo could find some way to escape this wretched place
Ashgaz: *Peter raises his eyebrows* Raid the wine cellar?
Ashgaz: *then he smiles* What a wonderful idea!
Bughnrakh: yes mr bracegirdle sir. raid the wine cellar
Bughnrakh: he's not making use of it right now...
Ashgaz: No, he is preoccupied with the war preparations
Bughnrakh: but i must warn you mr bracegirdle sir. stay away from that stuff angmar drinks or it will blow the robes right off you
Ashgaz: *nods*
Ashgaz: Thank you for warning me
Bughnrakh: the red one. dont touch it!
Ashgaz: but Khamul drinks a wine like that too
Ashgaz: the green one
Ashgaz: But I've heard the red one is even stronger
Bughnrakh: how is it? will it make you turn into something unnatural?
Ashgaz: Well, I have a feeling it helps keep him turned into a wraith
Bughnrakh: *he pauses and thinks* as though we weren't mighty unnatural anyway if you take my meaning
Ashgaz: *wry smile* I take your meaning
Bughnrakh: then let's go!
Ashgaz: *Peter follows Sam to the wine cellar*
Bughnrakh: *he takes off his cloak and hides it under some baggage stored in the hall* just in case mr bracegirdle i wouldnt want any orc seeing us
Ashgaz: *nods*
Ashgaz: I like to go without my robe whenever I can
Ashgaz: I like to see the orcs get confused when I brush past them
Bughnrakh: *sam leads peter to angmars wine cellar... they walk softly and quielty as only hobbits do and are unnoticed by orc and man*
Ashgaz: *Peter looks forward immensely to this talk over wine*
Bughnrakh: *sam laughs softly* thats real good mr. bracegirdle... make those brutes real confused
Angmar: *They will find in the wine cellar shelf upon shelf stocked with many bottles of wine*
Angmar: *A great deal of it has already been loaded to be taken along on the journey, but still it seems the cellar is overflowing*
Angmar: *There are bottles from Nurn, even some from the Shire. Everything one of the High Ones would serve to ambassadors to other countries*
Angmar: *Then there is one shelf all by itself that seems to have a strange glow about it... These are the wines for the Top Ones, the ones the Nazgul drink when they toast their bloody conquests... Wines of green and red*
Ashgaz: *Peter recognizes a bottle from the Shire. He goes straight for it and ignores everything else* Look at this!!!
Bughnrakh: *sam follows him eagerly*
Bughnrakh: ale from the shire? but, but, how did it get in this place?
Ashgaz: I don't know how it got here, but I sure am glad it's here!
Ashgaz: *he opens it*
Ashgaz: *He takes a swig* Ah I feel like a hobbit again!
Bughnrakh: what we need are a few mugs, mr bracegirdle sir, but i dont have a one on me. i do not even have any pans! *feels sad... but brightens at the bottle*
Ashgaz: *hands it to Sam*
Ashgaz: Oh, we don't need any mugs
Bughnrakh: *sam takes a drink* yes this is from the shire!
Bughnrakh: are there any more bottles like this?
Ashgaz: Let me see
Ashgaz: Yes, there are some over here! *points*
Bughnrakh: *takes another drink... how he has missed the taste of ale for so long*
Ashgaz: I never thought I would taste ale again
Ashgaz: I'm glad you found the wine cellar!
Bughnrakh: well mr bracegirdle there ought to be some good that comes out of this... at least they have ale and wine
Ashgaz: I wish they had pipeweed too
Ashgaz: But I suppose we can't wish for everything
Angmar: *They have gone down many levels of Lugburz right to the very foundations where rest the wine cellars, armories and storage rooms in this area*
Bughnrakh: i would dearly like to have a pipe mr bracegirdle
Ashgaz: So would I
Ashgaz: But I doubt that the Nazgul smoke.
Bughnrakh: though i wonder why there is shire ale here and i would wonder even more at the sight of pipeweed, still i am glad for this comfort of our old home
Bughnrakh: lets toast the shire and what we are!
Ashgaz: *Peter sits on the floor and makes himself at home*
Ashgaz: I'll say it for you
Bughnrakh: *sam does likewise*
Ashgaz: *He takes the bottle and raises it high*
Ashgaz: To the Shire!
Ashgaz: To Hobbits!
Ashgaz: To Sam's old Gaffer
Bughnrakh: to mr frodo!
Ashgaz: and Rosie
Bughnrakh: and rosie!
Ashgaz: *more quietly* and Frodo.
Ashgaz: *louder* And Mary!
Bughnrakh: to hobbiton and bag end and bagshot row no. 3!
Ashgaz: And our families
Ashgaz: And Merry and Pippin
Ashgaz: To their health!
Bughnrakh: yes! the gamgees and bracegirdles!
Ashgaz: Yes!
Bughnrakh: to mr. bracegirdle and mr. took to their health!
Ashgaz: *takes a long swig*
Ashgaz: *and hands the bottle to Sam*
Angmar: *Out in the hallway they hear some orcs go by grumbling and arguing with each other* Mate, I don't want to leave tomorrow. They are sending us away to get killed like they always do
Angmar: It's the poor uruks who always have to do the work
Bughnrakh: *sam takes the bottle and takes an even longer swig*
Ashgaz: *Peter crouches further behind the wine shelf and pulls Sam back too*
Bughnrakh: they might have made us wraiths but they cant change what we are
Ashgaz: *even though they are invisible, he doesn't want to take any chances*
Bughnrakh: *sam feels himself being pulled back... he feels nervous and cowers*
Ashgaz: *Peter knows this isn't true--they will change them eventually*
Ashgaz: *but he says* No, they can't change us
Ashgaz: Never
Ashgaz: We are hobbits of the Shire! *he relishes the freedom to say this*
Angmar: *The other orc says* Others might get the credit but we are the ones who have to do all the work. I wish you and I could get a few lads together and leave this place and start up our own camp
Ashgaz: *He keeps his voice low, but gives Sam a reassuring smile* They won't find us, Sam
Ashgaz: They can't see us!
Ashgaz: *He almost laughs*
Bughnrakh: yes! we are shire folk forever inside even though we are pretty unnatural outside if you take my meaning
Ashgaz: *Peter finally does laugh*
Bughnrakh: *sam smiles sort of sadly* i keep forgetting mr bracegirdle
Ashgaz: *He drinks to the Shire again*
Ashgaz: Don't think about it now
Ashgaz: We are free now
Bughnrakh: *he motions with his head to the direction of the orcs outside* the servants of the enemy dont even like him mr bracegirdle sir
Bughnrakh: i have heard them talk before
Ashgaz: *nods*
Bughnrakh: i wonder where they are going to. i hope not the shire!
Ashgaz: Yes, I think they were forced into this just as we were
Ashgaz: *gasps*
Ashgaz: *turns pale* Oh, Sam...I hope not
Bughnrakh: why do you think we are goin with the army? they would be so cruel as to bring us along to watch the destruction of all thats green and good in the world
Ashgaz: *sighs*
Ashgaz: I don't know what to expect
Ashgaz: But Khamul has told me he needs a page
Ashgaz: We will be helping with their armor
Ashgaz: and getting their food and drink
Ashgaz: that is if they eat
Bughnrakh: i wondered that. can we still eat? or pretend that we can?
Ashgaz: Well, maybe if we can drink wine we can eat
Bughnrakh: because if we cannot eat i will pretend that i can eat and were eating some bread with this ale, and some mushrooms
Bughnrakh: *takes another swig of the bottle*
Ashgaz: This wine is the first thing I've drunk since I was a hobbit.
Ashgaz: Khamul stabbed me last fall
Bughnrakh: they have not fed me anything either
Ashgaz: I wonder that I haven't felt hungry or thirsty.
Bughnrakh: we can pretend that we are eating if we can't do it for real
Ashgaz: True
Bughnrakh: and we can pretend that this cold stone floor is the green grass of the shire beneath our toes
Ashgaz: *closes his eyes and envisions this*
Angmar: *The orcs go back and forth outside. They seem to be moving supplies. They make a lot of noise grumbling and cursing and dropping things*
Ashgaz: *He gets up and finds a piece of meat meant for the orcs*
Ashgaz: *He breaks it into small pieces*
Bughnrakh: *sam does likewise and once again he is back in the beloved shire*
Ashgaz: *He gives some to Sam*
Ashgaz: Here, pretend these are mushrooms
Ashgaz: *smiles*
Bughnrakh: *sam takes the meat... wondering what it is*
Ashgaz: *Peter tries not to think about what the meat might be*
Bughnrakh: *sam smiles back* that i will do mr. bracegirdle sir
Ashgaz: Oh, you don't have to call me Mr. Bracegirdle
Ashgaz: You can call me Peter
Ashgaz: or Mr. Peter if you prefer
Ashgaz: I haven't heard my name in such a long time
Ashgaz: They have given me a name here, too--Ashgaz
Ashgaz: It means "Small One"
Angmar: *Some of the orcs get into an argument outside the door.* I will kill you for that! No you won't! *They hear fists hitting flesh and then a scream... and then a general scuffle between several different orcs*
Ashgaz: That's not even a real name!
Ashgaz: *Peter crouches down and tries to block out the noise of the fight*
Bughnrakh: all right mr. peter, i will call you that... they too gave me a name, bughrakh... it means potato
Ashgaz: *stifles a chuckle*
Bughnrakh: its better they fight themselves than with us mr. peter
Ashgaz: That's true
Ashgaz: I wonder what it is like to be them
Angmar: *Outside the door they hear officers giving angry commands to break up the fight and they can hear the sound of swords... but finally their officers get them under control and then all is peaceful*
Ashgaz: I wonder what goes on in their heads
Ashgaz: Why do they act that way?
Ashgaz: *sighs*
Bughnrakh: it is the way of mordor, mr. peter. they even kill their own kind
Ashgaz: *raises the bottle again* May we never become part of the way of Mordor!
Bughnrakh: when i rescued mr. frodo from the tower, they all got into a fight over his mithril shirt and killed each other
Ashgaz: *takes another long drink*
Ashgaz: *feels a pleasant buzz*
Bughnrakh: *sam raises his bottle too* a fine toast mr. peter!
Ashgaz: *Peter grins*
Bughnrakh: *he does not hear the sounds of fighting going on outside* how about a drinkng song mr. peter? all seems quiet out there
Ashgaz: Yes, they are distracted
Ashgaz: Go ahead!
Ashgaz: Pick a song
Ashgaz: You are good at songs
Bughnrakh: hey ho to the pub we go to heal our hearts and drown our woe
Bughnrakh: rain my fall and wind may blow but there still be many miles to go
Bughnrakh: mr. took sang this song at the green dragon inn
Ashgaz: A fine song!
Bughnrakh: though i am forbidden to say his name i will sing his song
Bughnrakh: oh sweet is the sound of the pouring rain that echoes from hill to plain
Bughnrakh: but better than rain or rippling brook theres a mug of beer inside this took
Bughnrakh: *takes another swig*
Ashgaz: *laughs and applauds*
Ashgaz: *then shushes himself*
Ashgaz: Very good!
Bughnrakh: mr. peter if they ever caught us singing that they would probably tear our tongues out, but still i want to remember being a .... shire folk if you take my meaning sir
Ashgaz: *Gives Sam a sympathetic horrible to be unable to talk about hobbits!* I take your meaning
Ashgaz: I recall a song...
Angmar: *Time passes with the hobbits enjoying the fruits of the wine cellar. Outside, the false dawn begins to shine a feeble light*
Ashgaz: It's not a drinking song but it is appropriate for us
Ashgaz: *sings*
Angmar: *But they cannot see it for they are far underground*
Ashgaz: O wanderers in the shadowed land, despair not!
Bughnrakh: *listens*
Ashgaz: For though dark they stand,
Ashgaz: all woods there be must end at last,
Ashgaz: and see the open sun go past:
Ashgaz: the setting sun, the rising sun,
Ashgaz: the day's end, or the day begun.
Ashgaz: For east or west all woods must fail!
Ashgaz: *finishes the song*
Ashgaz: *turns to Sam* We're in the woods here, if you take my meaning
Bughnrakh: mr frodo sang that when we went through the old forest. it seems ages ago...
Ashgaz: But there must be a happy end for us to all of this
Bughnrakh: *he smiles* and all woods must fail sir
Ashgaz: Really? I must be remembering the song from hearing Frodo sing it, then
Ashgaz: or Bilbo
Bughnrakh: your memory must be coming back, of the shire and all that is good in the world
Ashgaz: *brushes away a tear of relief* Maybe!...Yes, I think so! And I didn't think it was possible!
Bughnrakh: mr. peter, finding this wine cellar proves that there is still something good even here
Ashgaz: True
Bughnrakh: they cannot destroy it all
Ashgaz: What was that song you sang for me before?
Ashgaz: About there being stars above the shadow, or something like that?
Bughnrakh: *he sings quietly*
Bughnrakh: in western lands beneath the sun, the flowers may rise in spring.
Ashgaz: *Peter listens quietly*
Bughnrakh: the trees may bud, the waters run, the merry finches sing. or there maybe tis cloudless night and swaying beeches bear the elven stars as jewels white amid their branching hair
Bughnrakh: though here at journeys end i lie in darkness buried deep, beyond all towers strong and high beyond all mountains steep
Bughnrakh: above all shadows rides the sun and stars forever dwell. i will not say the day is done nor bid the stars farewell
Ashgaz: *Peter's eyes glow with new hope*
Ashgaz: You sing that well
Angmar: *Far above the smoke filled air of Mordor, Arien the Sun was beginning to show her face above the horizon in the faintest tint of dawn. Now they could hear voices calling*
Bughnrakh: *he blushes* thank you mr. peter sir. there are still the stars, and the sun. they cannot touch those yet, not by a long shot
Ashgaz: To the stars and the sun, and all that they cannot touch!
Angmar: *Arien smiles upon the clouds high above the stench filled air of Mordor*
Ashgaz: That includes us!
Ashgaz: *drinks*
Bughnrakh: *he raises his bottle again and drains it*
Ashgaz: Look, Sam, this can't be the journey's end. I'm still here--that proves that!
Ashgaz: *smiles*
Ashgaz: Maybe another power was working in Angmar without his knowing it...
Ashgaz: when he revived me after I was wounded.
Angmar: *They hear voices from orcs whose voices are familiar to them. They call* Ashgaz! Bughnrakh! Where are you! We leave soon! We search, cannot find
Angmar: Come out!
Ashgaz: I wouldn't have met you if I had died
Ashgaz: *Gets up a little unsteadily, a bit tipsy*
Bughnrakh: *hears the orcs call his name* mr. peter, they are coming for us
Bughnrakh: mr. peter! i have an idea!
Ashgaz: *sighs* We had best be going
Ashgaz: What?
Bughnrakh: we can sneak by them and they will get the blame for drinking the ale
Ashgaz: Ooh!
Bughnrakh: they cannot see us remember? *he smiles mischieviously*
Ashgaz: It sounds tempting
Bughnrakh: at least this being invisible has some use after all mr. peter
Ashgaz: That wouldn't be fair though...*he remembers how it felt to see Niethan whipped*
Ashgaz: Well...
Bughnrakh: well angmar tells me that we are supposed to command them, if that were possible
Ashgaz: I had forgotten that!
Ashgaz: That's right!
Ashgaz: So we control what happens to them
Ashgaz: I never told you that I briefly was in command of all of Minas Morgul!
Bughnrakh: if they question us we tell them that by rights we can drink the ale
Ashgaz: Yes, it is for the Nazgul
Bughnrakh: you were?
Ashgaz: and...*begrudgingly*...we are Nazgul
Ashgaz: Yes
Ashgaz: I was the only Nazgul there
Bughnrakh: yes i am afraid we are mr. peter but i don't like it one bit. it feels unnatural
Bughnrakh: i suppose we must make the best of it
Ashgaz: *puts his arm around Sam* Yes, we must
Ashgaz: But I think it will be easier for us to keep ourselves, if you understand me, now that we're together.
Angmar: *The orcs in their search finally come to the wine cellar* Ho ho! Anything in here?
Ashgaz: *They stay quiet*
Angmar: *They carry torches and then they come into the cellar and start looking. Their officer says...* Look over there, bottles overturned. Ale bottles on their sides!
Angmar: Something has been in here!
Bughnrakh: *still is quiet in a quandry over what to do*
Angmar: *He walks over to the bottle and picks it up* It's empty!
Ashgaz: *His eyes glow red*
Bughnrakh: *backs away quietly*
Ashgaz: All right! Which of you orcs has been drinking the ale?
Angmar: *The officer says* Sir, we haven't been in here!
Ashgaz: Then what are these bottles on the floor?
Ashgaz: Someone must have drunk them!
Angmar: We are looking for two of the High Ones. You must be them
Angmar: *he bows to them*
Ashgaz: Yes, we are Nazgul and you answer to us
Angmar: *the orcs all start trembling*
Angmar: Yes, great lord. Do not hurt us!
Ashgaz: This is Bughnrakh *gestures to the invisible wraith at his side*
Ashgaz: He is another of your commanders
Ashgaz: I will overlook this matter of the wine
Bughnrakh: yes we are both nazgul
Ashgaz: But don't let me catch you doing it again!
Angmar: Yes my lord, yes my lord, anything you say! Just do not freeze the flesh off our bodies!
Bughnrakh: this wine is for the nazgul and not for orcs and dont you forget it!
Bughnrakh: *musters as much commanding ability as he can*
Angmar: *The orc stands up* This won't go down on our record, will it, my lord?
Ashgaz: *raises his eyebrows and thinks about this*
Ashgaz: *thinks about this a while*
Ashgaz: *finally* Well, I suppose not
Angmar: Shall we escort you back up on top? Do you need any help finding your way through these passages, master? *he starts bowing again*
Ashgaz: But the next time, I can't say that it won't!
Bughnrakh: but dont let us see you doing it again! *says sam*
Angmar: Yes, O Great One, yes
Angmar: But I have been ordered to summon you before Angmar because we leave in just one hour
Bughnrakh: *sam tries to stiffle a hiccup*
Ashgaz: *looks furtively to Sam*
Ashgaz: Tell Angmar we must deal with the orcs responsible for breaking into the wine cellar
Ashgaz: and we cannot come now for this is an urgent matter of discipline!
Angmar: No, no master!
Angmar: Do not tell him please!
Angmar: Do not hurt us!
Angmar: We will never do it again!
Ashgaz: You, and you *singles out two orcs* have a guilty look
Angmar: No, no master no!
Ashgaz: These two will stay here and Bughnrakh and I will deal with them
Angmar: Please, you must come with us!
Ashgaz: The rest of you go report to Angmar
Angmar: You do not want to be left behind!
Ashgaz: He will not punish you, for we are doing our duty
Bughnrakh: *feels slightly guilty*
Ashgaz: Then come back for us in a half hour
Angmar: Please, you do not understand! We must leave!
Ashgaz: *whispers to Sam* What should we do?
Angmar: Lady Maltriel will be leaving soon! Master Bughrakh will ride with her
Bughnrakh: *whispers back* perhaps we should go with them, mr. peter sir. we might get in trouble if we don't
Ashgaz: *sighs* I suppose we must come back to Mordor
Bughnrakh: *whisper* and i am supposed to ride with the lady
Ashgaz: *whispers* it hurts, though
Ashgaz: *loudly* Then we will deign to come with you
Bughnrakh: *whisper* at least we have the wine cellar to remember. those devils cant take that from us!
Ashgaz: *to the two orcs he accused* Consider yourselves lucky!
Bughnrakh: can you slip a few of these bottles of ale under your cloak or in your clothes?
Ashgaz: *whispers* I didn't bring my cloak
Angmar: Yes, master, yes!
Ashgaz: But slip some under yours!
Angmar: We will come back for you! Please master, let us go!
Angmar: *the orcs depart, frightened out of their wits*
Ashgaz: *sighs* I almost feel sorry for them
Ashgaz: Do you think I was too hard on them?
Bughnrakh: i left my cloak under some bagage in the hall... now that the orcs are gone i will get it
Ashgaz: I wasn't really going to do anything to them
Bughnrakh: they fear the nazgul horribly mr. peter, and for just reason
Ashgaz: True
Ashgaz: but so do we
Ashgaz: Yes, hurry and grab some wine
Bughnrakh: i dont know mr. peter. its a rough situation sir
Ashgaz: They are always frightened out of their wits
Bughnrakh: *sam rushes out the door swaying a little... finds his cloak and comes back to the cellar*
Ashgaz: Say anything to them and they cower in terror
Bughnrakh: i dont think anyone really likes serving him mr peter
Ashgaz: I wonder what the High Nazgul do to them!
Ashgaz: On second thought, I don't want to know
Bughnrakh: *gathers up bottles of ale hiding them beneath his cloak*
Ashgaz: *under his breath* I think you're right about that
Bughnrakh: you know me old gaffer always used to say i would come to a bad end if i didnt watch my step, he did
Bughnrakh: looks like i didnt watch my step if you take my meaning mr. peter
Ashgaz: *squeezes Sam's shoulder*
Bughnrakh: my word, but the gaffer would have a thing or to say if he saw me now! *pause* but he couldn't, *he say sadly*
Ashgaz: *smiles at Sam* We will not say the day is done, nor bid the stars farewell.
Bughnrakh: now i dont suppose i will ever see the old feller again. he'll miss his chance to say "i told u so, sam," more's the pity
Ashgaz: *Peter hugs Sam*
Ashgaz: Who knows, Sam...
Bughnrakh: *smiles back at peter* no we will not! but i wish me old gaffer hadnt a said that about me coming to a bad end
Bughnrakh: i fear its true!
Ashgaz: ...we don't know whom we will meet in our travels
Ashgaz: It's not your fault, Sam.
Ashgaz: Not at all.
Angmar: *The orcs have given them the half hour they asked for but now nothing can hold back Angmar's command for them to find the two wraiths and bring them back, or Angmar will be very displeased*
Ashgaz: *They notice the orcs coming back*
Angmar: *Horns blow, drums beat, but they cannot hear it far below... A large part of the army will march this day and they plan to march to Gondor and beyond*
Ashgaz: *Peter feels bad about having frightened the orcs so much*
Bughnrakh: we must go mr. peter, to some unknown end, no doubt a bad one, as if this werent bad enough
Angmar: *far above them Angmar and Lady Maltriel sit upon their horses and wait for them in the courtyard*
Angmar: *Their horses grow impatient and stamp their feet... their angry eyes flashing*
Ashgaz: *whispers to Sam* You have more strength than you know, Sam Gamgee of the Shire.
Ashgaz: *He leads Sam out to the orcs*
Bughnrakh: *smiles at peter* thank you sir
Bughnrakh: *sam follows, clutching the ale beneath his cloak*
Ashgaz: *to the orcs* Ah, you have been most punctual in coming for us
Ashgaz: I am very pleased
Ashgaz: We will go with you now
Angmar: *Soon Angmar will give the command to leave*
Angmar: *all the orcs bow, over and over, fear in their eyes* Yes, O great masters, we come, we take you now
Ashgaz: *Peter finds himself actually looking forward to seeing Khamul and Madurz*
Ashgaz: Then let us go
Bughnrakh: *sam finds it strange to see orcs bowing before him*
Ashgaz: You have served us well
Angmar: Thank you great ones, thank you

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