March 18, 3018

On the 17th and 18th, searches had been made on the east side of the river Anduin, over and through Ithilien, the Noman Lands, Dead Marshes and Nindalf, to the edges of the Emyn Muil, and no trace of Khamul or his beast had been found. The west side of the river was yet to be searched.

As the scene opens, Angmar, the Witch-King, sits in his chambers, drinking his wine and looking at a map. He summons the Lady Madurz to inform her of the progress of the search.

Madurz: *her dreams were harsh and her day was long...she spent most of the day in bed, trying to escape the pain of thought with sleep...but the sleep was always disturbed...in her room now..she thought of her Dark Lord
Madurz: *she wants to be confident..she thought she felt things that were to be..but she didnt know of Khamul's possibility of disappearance..and she had been bent on success for her Dark Lord...can it still be?*
Angmar: *Two black uruk-hai bearing the mark of the Red Eye on their armor come to her door, unlock it, and say they are there to take her to the Witch-King*
Angmar: *they treat her none too gently and they say things to each other in Black Speech about her that she does not like*
Madurz: *she turns to face them and almost immediately she is handled by them and her expression is unkind as she listens to them and is tossed roughly about..she thinks of Khamul*
Angmar: *the orcs say to each other* kul-ta brogbûrzum Krul-ob... trak zaug-ta dafrim zark... (She is the favorite of the Second... she must bring good sport) Brogb-ta-tob sharlobu-tala naga.... (He favors her over the other women)
Angmar: *they take her to the Witch-King's chambers and she finds him sitting at a table reading charts and maps*
Angmar: *dispite the racket of the orcs and her protests, he does not notice her entry*
Madurz: *she looks to both of them* adhn-izish globu (leave me, fools) *she struggles free of their arms and makes her way slowly..into his room*
Angmar: *the orcs complain* Goth-izubu, hon sharlob, pukhl-ta pukhal-izubu (Our lord, see the woman, she speaks our language) *the orcs complain and hiss to each other and stand in the doorway muttering*
Angmar: *The Witch-King notices them and tells them* Go outside the door and wait until I summon you
Madurz: She stands facing him* hello my lord
Angmar: *The Witch-King finally notices the woman*
Angmar: *he tells her* Your master is still lost
Madurz: *she shuts her eyes*
Angmar: *commands Ashgaz to bring him more maps*
Ashgaz: *bows and exits*
Ashgaz: *wonders where in the name of Sauron the maps are*
Ashgaz: *rummages through various rooms looking for maps*
Angmar: *You will find them in the war room*
Angmar: *sends him a thought.... the war room you fool, go down the corridor and turn to the right*
Ashgaz: *finds them in the war room*
Madurz: *she moves slowly and only a few steps towards him not to anger him*
Madurz: can we try to find him?
Ashgaz: *Aye my lord, I found them*
Ashgaz: *returns to the room with his arms full of maps*
Angmar: *he still sits at the table and waits*
Angmar: Remove these maps, snaga, and take them back. I need the map of upper Rohan
Ashgaz: Aye my lord
Ashgaz: *sighs and goes back to the war room*
Angmar: *he turns back to the woman* I have searched most this day for him and I could find nothing
Angmar: Not even his beast
Madurz: *realizing now that is what he is trying to do..if not that then trying to track the ring somehow*
Ashgaz: *examines every map in the war room*
Ashgaz: *finally finds the map of upper Rohan*
Ashgaz: *runs back with the map*
Angmar: Spread it out on the table before me, snaga
Ashgaz: *does so*
Ashgaz: *bows*
Angmar: Woman, can you read maps?
Madurz: yes
Angmar: *nods to snaga*
Angmar: Have you ever been to Rohan?
Ashgaz: *sits in a chair against the wall*
Madurz: not in this lifetime no
Angmar: *Not wanting Ashgaz to have any peace, he orders him to bring a bottle of wine and two glasses*
Angmar: Then woman, you are of no help to me
Angmar: What did you say your name was again?
Ashgaz: *gets up immediately and bows. exits sighing*
Ashgaz: *wonders if he wants the red wine that glows or normal wine*
Angmar: *answers Ashgaz question by a thought. A bottle of Nurn, 3010*
Ashgaz: *Thank you my lord*
Ashgaz: *returns with the bottle and two glasses*
Angmar: *changes his mind and orders ashgaz to take that bottle back and get a bottle of an older vintage*
Ashgaz: *stifles a groan*
Ashgaz: *takes the bottle back, mumbling under his breath*
Angmar: Woman, I have great matters to consider and I cannot remember every insignifant name I hear
Ashgaz: *gets a buttle of Nurn, 3000*
Ashgaz: *brings it*
Madurz: my lord..its Madurz
Angmar: *pounds his hand on the table... and says.... not that recent a vintage you fool, something older!*
Madurz: *lowers head at his mention of insignificant*
Ashgaz: *recoils*
Angmar: Then I will call you Madurz
Madurz: *nods*
Angmar: *he tells the page, hurry*
Ashgaz: *takes the bottle of Nurn 3000 away*
Ashgaz: *runs back to the pantry*
Angmar: *he sends another thought*
Angmar: *add to that a bottle of the red one that smokes*
Ashgaz: *Yes my lord*
Ashgaz: *hopes this will be the last trip for wine*
Madurz: i'd like to be of any help i can
Angmar: *he thinks to himself... Khamul's page is incompetent, just like Khamul*
Angmar: Madurz, we have orc trackers looking for his beast
Ashgaz: *chooses a bottle of Nurn, 2921 and the red wine that glows*
Angmar: I can spare only myself to look for him
Ashgaz: *brings them back*
Angmar: *he seems satsified with that vintage*
Ashgaz: *bows and sits back down with a sigh of relief*
Angmar: Now, pour a glass of the red for me and a glass of Nurn 2921 for her
Ashgaz: *gets up immediately having forgotten to pour it*
Angmar: My lady, none of my news is pleasant this eve
Angmar: As of yet, a small item is yet unfound
Ashgaz: *pours the red wine for Angmar and notices the smoke that rises from it*
Madurz: may i sit?
Angmar: Yes, my lady, you may
Ashgaz: *pours the Nurn 2921 wine for Lady Madurz*
Madurz: *she sits facing him and her eyes are worried...she nods to Ash*
Ashgaz: *nods back at her smiling politely*
Angmar: In addition to no success in finding the small item, our search for Lord Khamul has been in vain
Madurz: very bad news indeed
Angmar: At least I suppose we can be glad that it appears he did not go down over the Dead Marshes
Ashgaz: *listens intently for news of his master*
Madurz: *tries to keep it together*
Angmar: *he speaks again* Although with Khamul's usual incompetence, I would not be surprised if he had gone into the Anduin or into the Dead Marshes
Angmar: If he had gone into the Dead Marshes, I think I would have left him there in the slime
Ashgaz: *gets insight into why Khamul was always calling him incompetent*
Angmar: *turns to the woman* What do you think would had happen if he had gone into the Anduin?
Madurz: hasnt he always tried to serve you as best he can...even with his faults
Angmar: *dismisses any thoughts or words from Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *nods to agree with the lady's point*
Angmar: He has made an art of faults
Madurz: let us be positive
Angmar: *he sends a thought to Ashgaz, my incompetent servant Khamul would be expected to make a mistake and bring back something like you, Ashgaz*
Madurz: for Khamul...for the search
Ashgaz: *hangs his head*
Ashgaz: *stops himself from yet again reliving the whole thing*
Angmar: *thinks to himself.... I wish it were possible to throw my worthless servant's worthless servant into the Anduin and keep them both there*
Angmar: *again he asks the woman* Do you think he is in the Anduin river?
Madurz: he might be...i do not know *lowers head*
Angmar: There were recent storms, and the Anduin would be in flood
Angmar: Madurz, if that were to be his fate, he would be paralyzed in fear
Ashgaz: *wants to ask if the Anduin can be searched for Khamul but fears the Witch King's wrath*
Madurz: *she looks beyond him for a moment and thinks*
Angmar: *sends thought to Ashgaz. Do you think we are sea monsters and can swim in the river and search for him?*
Ashgaz: *No, of course not, my lord*
Angmar: *curses mightly in Black Speech, curses Khamul, curses Rohan and Gondor, curses the Anduin*
Madurz: *she thinks of her nightmares that night..she remembers water..not that river exactly..but water*
Ashgaz: *shrinks down in his chair*
Madurz: my lord...
Angmar: *he says* Yes, woman?
Madurz: i fear he might be there...my nightmares were plenty last night...but i did dream of water
Angmar: Woman, I forgive my lapse. I will call you Madurz
Angmar: Madurz, he will not perish in water, but he will be very confused
Angmar: For moving water is a barrier to his vision and he sees worst of all
Ashgaz: *imagines being submerged in water*
Madurz: yes i know this
Ashgaz: *realizes he fears water much more now than he ever did before*
Madurz: i can get him
Angmar: Wo... Madurz, how could you do what I cannot?
Madurz: my lord...i have to release him from there
Madurz: it has to be done
Angmar: Madurz, I do not even know if he is there
Madurz: i know...and perhaps i am foolish to go by dreams...
Madurz: but i have dreamt similar situations to reality in the past
Angmar: My lady, as I have told you, if I took you it would just make more of a target
Angmar: And perhaps the fool will find his way out of there if he is there
Madurz: i do not want to endanger you
Madurz: especially on a whim
Angmar: I will give the search one more day and then I can spare no more of myself or of my searchers
Madurz: i am afraid you will never forgive me if i am wrong and he is not there
Angmar: Now let us drink this wine and forget about him for a while
Angmar: Taste it, my lady, and see if you approve
Madurz: *she can never forget about him but she appreciates the witch-king's generosity thus far*
Madurz: *she takes up the glass in her hand and raises it to her lips*
Angmar: *he takes his glass and finishes it in one swallow*
Madurz: it's very good
Angmar: *and turns to Ashgaz and says* More
Ashgaz: *marvels...he can feel the heat of the Witch King's wine from here*
Angmar: Is it as good as that in Khamul's wine cellar?
Ashgaz: Aye my lord
Ashgaz: *goes for another bottle*
Angmar: *while he is waiting for Ashgaz, he pours himself another glass and drinks it down quickly*
Ashgaz: *gingerly picks up another red, glowing bottle---it is even hotter than Khamul's green glowing wine*
Madurz: your wine is richer as a fact...but that in his cellar is just as sweet as your is rich
Ashgaz: *brings the bottle quickly*
Angmar: *he does not wait for the woman to finish hers, he drinks the whole bottle of red glowing wine*
Madurz: and i like them both *she breaks up slightly thinking of sharing a drink with her love who is missing*
Ashgaz: *jaw drops*
Ashgaz: *looks at the lady with sympathy*
Angmar: Pour me a glass, Ashgaz
Madurz: *drinks more wine*
Ashgaz: *pours another glass for the Witch King*
Angmar: *drinks it and sets glass down and demands more*
Angmar: This brew gives me vitality and power
Madurz: *she watches him guzzle glass after glass*
Ashgaz: *covers his hand in his robe before pouring the red wine to lessen the heat*
Angmar: It has a spell upon it that I laid upon it myself
Angmar: My lady, I trust that you are being tended well here?
Madurz: yes...although your orcs werent too kind in their words or touch
Angmar: *sends a thought to Ashgaz.. don't even take one sip of wine from my cellar*
Angmar: My lady, they did not know you could speak our language
Ashgaz: *Believe me, my lord, I don't want to *
Angmar: I will not appologize for them for they are good lads
Ashgaz: *wishes he had ale from the Green Dragon*
Angmar: *sends a thought to Ashgaz... Ingrate!*
Ashgaz: *I only meant that it is all too strong for me*
Madurz: *finishes her glass of wine*
Angmar: *knave, don't even try to lick up a drop that is spilled!*
Angmar: My lady, I sense you do not feel comfortable here
Ashgaz: *tries to hide this thought:I should be grateful for being stabbed and taken from my home?*
Angmar: *his thought is not hidden and he feels again the morgul blade through his heart*
Ashgaz: *replies openly* Your wish is my command
Madurz: i am fine my lord...my mind just isn't at ease but it is not my surroundings or my comapany
Angmar: Here in Lugburz, under the benevolent watch of the Great Eye
Ashgaz: *doubles over and clutches the edges of the chair*
Angmar: *watches in amusement as Ashgaz suffers*
Angmar: Madurz, you seem somehow...... more subdued
Angmar: Not as you were last night
Madurz: well you are more calm as well
Angmar: *his eyes glow a little redder*
Angmar: Calm...? *he hisses the word*
Madurz: and the news about Khamul last night..
Madurz: *looks to him*
Angmar: Aye, the news is dismal
Angmar: But I do not think he is in the Anduin
Madurz: and you already know what set me off last night
Angmar: Madurz, you mean the woman prisioner?
Angmar: What is she to you?
Madurz: yes
Madurz: nothing...thankfully
Angmar: Is she a kin?
Madurz: only an enemy
Ashgaz: *sits back up with a sigh as the attack passes*
Angmar: She made a mistake. She has suffered for it
Angmar: She made a feeble attempt upon my life
Angmar: She will pay more for her arrogance
Madurz: yes but it was her intention that angers me...and above all..
Angmar: *he finishes the remains of the second bottle and demands more*
Madurz: her cause...she fought to bring us destruction
Madurz: and our Lord
Ashgaz: *gets up a little unsteadily and bows*
Ashgaz: *goes for yet another bottle*
Ashgaz: *brings back two more bottles of red glowing wine just in case*
Angmar: Madurz, I put upon her a strong spell
Ashgaz: *puts them on the table in front of the Witch King*
Angmar: It is my irony on the people of the West
Angmar: Hurry, page, I am thirsty!
Madurz: i know your spells are wonderful...i still do not trust her
Ashgaz: *opens one bottle and pours another glass*
Ashgaz: *wonders how anyone can drink so much*
Angmar: *drinks this glass greedily*
Angmar: *and wants another*
Madurz: my lord...
Ashgaz: *stifles a sigh and pours another*
Madurz: *is concerned about his consumption*
Angmar: My lady, worry not.
Ashgaz: *wishes he had brought more glasses so he could fill a lot at one time*
Madurz: *but has to remember this isnt old days*
Angmar: I can drink many more glasses
Madurz: *nods*
Madurz: i trust your judgment
Angmar: But, my lady, you are not keeping up with me, not by any measure. Do not worry about protecting me from this woman, or anything else
Madurz: old habit...i apologize
Angmar: *drinks the glass that ashgaz poured and puts it on the table*
Madurz: *drinks more wine*
Angmar: More for the lady, snaga
Ashgaz: *pours another glass and doesn't bother to sit down*
Ashgaz: *pours another glass of Nurn 2921 for the lady*
Madurz: a threat on the Nazgul is a threat on my Dark Lord and a threat to me
Angmar: *takes a sip*
Madurz: i wont stand for it..she will continue to be my enemy
Angmar: *finishes the rest of it in one drink*
Madurz: i am sorry but that is the way it is
Angmar: Then since she is your enemy, I only ask that you not slit her throat when she is removing my armor
Ashgaz: *pours another glass*
Madurz: i can agree to that
Angmar: You will get blood on my armor, and I prefer that any blood on my armor be spilled by me and not by another
Angmar: *drinks the next glass*
Angmar: More!
Madurz: but i can put on a good show with it
Ashgaz: My lord, may I go and get more glasses...
Madurz: *she thinks of her in the dungeon in Minas Morgul with Khamul*
Angmar: Ashgaz, get several more bottles for me
Ashgaz: Aye, my lord
Ashgaz: *goes back to the pantry*
Angmar: My lady, don't you wish to hear the irony of which I speak?
Ashgaz: *has practically memorized the contents*
Madurz: yes of course
Ashgaz: *fills one arm with bottles of red glowing wine which threaten to burn through his robe*
Ashgaz: *and the other with glasses*
Angmar: My lady, this silly girl Eowyn thinks she is my wife
Ashgaz: *enters the room puffing with the bottles and the glasses*
Angmar: Is that not irony?
Madurz: wife?
Angmar: Yes, my lady, wife
Madurz: my...that is irony
Angmar: As I have told you, the potion in the silver vial has many uses
Ashgaz: *carefully slides the bottles onto the table*
Ashgaz: *then uses his free hand to line the glasses in front of the Witch King*
Ashgaz: *fills all the glasses with red glowing wine*
Angmar: If I were a mortal man, I could feel mirth at the deception of Eowyn
Ashgaz: *and pours another glass of Nurn 2921 for the lady since it will probably be requested*
Angmar: And is it not truly a good jest?
Angmar: *Tells Ashgaz* You are covering the table with glasses!
Ashgaz: But my lord, do you not want that much wine?
Ashgaz: *wonders what to do with all the full glasses*
Angmar: Ashgaz, you must learn that I can drink this with no ill effects
Madurz: i am sure her feeble mind is tortured...good
Angmar: Yes, my lady, she is tortured indeed
Madurz: not enough
Angmar: And even more will be the torture of her people when they learn of this
Ashgaz: *feels a pang for Eowyn*
Madurz: i killed one of her people
Madurz: in the Minas Morgul dungeon
Angmar: I will not kill her but I will send her back to Rohan in disgrace forever
Angmar: *drinks another one of the glasses that Ashgaz poured*
Ashgaz: *hopes he will not be forced to kill as everyone else here seems to be a murderer*
Angmar: *sends this thought to Ashgaz... your time is coming....*
Madurz: *feels heavy eyes of Ashgaz on her and looks to him*
Angmar: *Ashgaz, if I command you to kill someone you will do it*
Ashgaz: *his eyes begin to glow red, with a pained and confused expression*
Angmar: *Remember I am not your feeble master Khamul*
Ashgaz: *Does not answer*
Madurz: *it pains her when he speaks of him*
Angmar: *Who yet seems to hesitate when the occasion calls for killing*
Angmar: *I attribute his hesitancy to the fact he does not see well*
Ashgaz: *He killed in the dungeon with the lady and enjoyed it very much*
Ashgaz: *He does not shrink from killing*
Angmar: My lady, I have killed many men of Rohan by my hand, my arrows, my fell beast, and through the Black Shadow
Angmar: *he replies to ashgaz in thought: Ah I sense you think of your master*
Angmar: My lady, what is one man in a dungeon in Minas Morgul?
Ashgaz: *sighs*
Madurz: a start *sips wine with a grin*
Angmar: Aye, my lady, a start but not a finish
Angmar: I sense the two of you do not exactly approve of me. Am I right?
Ashgaz: *sends a thought back to the Witch KingYes, my lord, you see me clearly...I cannot forget my master.*
Angmar: And you, Madurz?
Angmar: *he picks another glass of the table and drinks it*
Madurz: approve of you?
Ashgaz: *hears the most recent question*
Angmar: Yes, my lady, approve of me
Madurz: i have searched endlessly for you...
Madurz: certain events changed...
Angmar: *he thinks to himself... One disapproves of killing, and the other thinks I need to kill more*
Madurz: i do not disapprove...
Angmar: ...yes?
Madurz: i just want you to respect and see that i have worth...tonight you show this
Madurz: i do not want you to take offense and get angry with me for everything i say
Angmar: Perhaps it is difficult for me to show respect to Edain
Angmar: *he seems to be controlling a sudden impulse*
Madurz: *looks to him*
Angmar: My lady, you are stiff necked and will not learn your place
Angmar: Khamul has pampered you, my lady
Angmar: And you know full well that if I so wish it, I could turn you into a babbling idiot!
Madurz: why would you do that?
Madurz: you really think that bad of me?
Angmar: Because you do not fear me
Madurz: *she falls silent*
Angmar: And Ashgaz is haughty
Madurz: but...
Madurz: my lord...
Madurz: please if i may explain...
Ashgaz: *bursts out* No, my lord........
Madurz: but you must be open to my words...and understand
Ashgaz: I do not mean to be haughty
Ashgaz: I just...cannot get used to this place
Angmar: Fall on your knees then, Ashgaz!
Madurz: i know it all can be strange to hear...and difficult to understand..
Ashgaz: *falls to his knees out of fear*
Angmar: Explain, my lady?
Madurz: but it is because of you that i do not fear you
Angmar: Rise, knave *he says to Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *he rises*
Madurz: i know i should be...and i can see why others are...i just am not
Angmar: My lady, do not be impertinent with me!
Angmar: Do you wish to die?
Ashgaz: *draws in a sharp breath*
Angmar: Answer, my lady, and answer well
Ashgaz: *stares at the lady*
Madurz: i am sorry i do not fear you....but it is not a bad thing..i loved you as i watched you turn into what you are now
Madurz: i cannot find it in me to recoil....unless you do strike me, then that is reflexes and i cannot help that.....so is that what you wish to do?
Angmar: What do you mean, "turn into what I am now"!
Ashgaz: *wonders that as well*
Angmar: *picks another glass from the many on the table and drinks it*
Madurz: do not take offense...i was there when the ring took you further into darkness....but i followed
Madurz: i always followed
Ashgaz: *is fascinated again by this story*
Ashgaz: *wonders if Mary would do the same for him*
Angmar: My lady, you cannot offend me, but you can make me very angry
Madurz: i do not fear you because i have lived it with you
Angmar: Then you should learn to fear me
Madurz: then by your hand you must beat me
Madurz: thats the only way
Ashgaz: *gasps*
Angmar: I would not stoop to that
Angmar: Only because you are tempting me to do it!
Madurz: so you will just order others to do it then?
Angmar: If I did not know better, I would think you were some kind of maia sent here to torment me!
Angmar: Or are you perhaps tarburz?
Madurz: i am not...you have no idea of the torment i have sufferd through these lifetimes
Madurz: i am not insane
Ashgaz: *tries to look inconspicuous*
Angmar: Only an insane person with no hope and perhaps false bravado or a powerful wizard would not fear me
Madurz: or someone who loved you and went though it all with you
Madurz: but you chose not to aknowledge that
Angmar: My lady, you lie to me. You never loved me
Angmar: *sends a thought to Ashgaz.. next you will say you love me and I know you hate me knave!*
Madurz: yes i did
Angmar: Do not try to best me by wits, Madurz!
Madurz: i deceived your kingdom and killed your wife to be with you and this was after i saw you fading..i loved you still
Ashgaz: *I was not going to say that. But if you wish me to say it I will.*
Angmar: Woman, I love no one, and nothing
Madurz: i would touch your hand....close to your ring...
Angmar: *sends a thought to Ashgaz... and in his thoughts Ashgaz is covered head to toe in boils*
Angmar: *only in his mind of course but it seems to be real*
Madurz: you would push me away...you felt i was to close to it..to its power...then you would throw yourself in my arms and fear it all
Madurz: *she didnt remember this until now*
Angmar: *he sighs*
Ashgaz: *does not hear that last revelation during his vision*
Madurz: i dont mean to upset you...only to explain myself
Madurz: and if my feelings werent stripped..i would love you still
Angmar: My lady, I cleared your thoughts just the other evening. You are under no beguilment. You have your wits
Angmar: *wonders how Ashgaz is feeling covered with the boils*
Angmar: And still, with your wits, you say you love me in a long ago past
Madurz: because it is truth
Angmar: *sends a totally withering thought to Ashgaz*
Angmar: *and in this thought Ashgaz is burning in a fire of great fury*
Ashgaz: *crumples to the ground and writhes in utter agony*
Madurz: *she shudders only to imagine what Ash is feeling*
Angmar: My lady, if I told you I loved you, it would be a lie
Madurz: i know
Angmar: You should be grateful to me that I am going out tomorrow to look for your pathetic master
Ashgaz: *Nazgul screech from the wraithling's throat fills the room*
Angmar: Silence, Ashgaz!
Angmar: Since you screech so well, I will take you with me tomorrow
Ashgaz: *bites his lip*
Madurz: you do not think he is in the river?
Angmar: Little Ashgaz
Ashgaz: *still panting on the floor*
Madurz: why does he get to go and i cannot?
Angmar: Because, my lady, a simple thing. He is undead, just as we are
Angmar: And we can hold little communion with the living
Madurz: my will is strong
Angmar: *wonders how Ashgaz will enjoy his first ride on the great beast*
Madurz: this task is most inportant
Madurz: i wont fail
Angmar: I will not take both of you
Madurz: *moves to Ash*
Ashgaz: *looks up at the lady*
Madurz: Ashgaz...cast aside any bit of doubt....all thoughts of the Shire..do not fail me
Angmar: *he thinks to himself.... she has spent too much time with Khamul. Now she thinks like an Easterling woman, and desires to fight in battle!*
Madurz: do not think twice about saving his life
Ashgaz: I want to find my master, my lady, as do you
Angmar: *he watches as the lady talks to Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: My lady, do not worry. I would not harm him...
Ashgaz: and I am completely unable to harm him
Madurz: i know you wont
Angmar: *he removes the spell of boils and fire from Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *gets up slowly*
Ashgaz: *still must look up at the lady since she is much taller*
Angmar: *he thinks to himself... Ashgaz weighs little*
Madurz: *strokes Ash's head*
Madurz: if you ever thught Khamul cruel...
Angmar: *he says* My lady, you take liberties with my servant who deserves none!
Ashgaz: *pulls away from the lady's touch*
Madurz: and have a moment of doubt..i'll know
Ashgaz: My lady, I will not and cannot harm him
Madurz: *nods*
Angmar: *sighs with resignation and drinks a glass of wine, still sitting at the table*
Ashgaz: I must tell you the truth, and the truth is that I can never forget...
Ashgaz: ...the Shire or what he did to me...
Madurz: AshGaz!
Ashgaz: But I do have some affection for him
Angmar: *he thinks.... words of mutiny*
Ashgaz: and I would not and could not harm him
Madurz: if one thought of the shire enters your head and you think twice...*trails off feeling violent*
Ashgaz: I want him to come back too
Angmar: *thinks again... glad that the woman has never posessed a certain blade...*
Angmar: *watches the spectacle and finishes off another bottle*
Madurz: *breathes heavily and relaxes*
Madurz: good Ashgaz
Madurz: i'm glad we had this discussion
Ashgaz: *sighs with relief*
Angmar: *he thinks to himself... The woman has more ability than I had thought*
Angmar: *he pushes back his chair and stands*
Madurz: *looks to the witch -king*
Angmar: *he walks from the table and stands before the woman*
Angmar: *looks at her*
Angmar: I will let the both of you go with me, but if I sense any problem, I will drop you both to the ground!
Madurz: *a flash of his face in his mortal life*
Ashgaz: *bows to the Witch King*
Madurz: *smiles* yes my lord..i understnad
Angmar: And I might let Ashgaz fall just to teach him how it is to walk so far back to Lugburz!
Madurz: i will tell you this...because it is what i told Khamul..
Ashgaz: But why would you do that, my lord?
Madurz: *sighs at the thought* although i do not expect this to happen...
Angmar: To teach you what a long journey it might be and to remind you of our long walk back from the Ford of Bruien!
Madurz: if i am to sustain injury beyond repair....and if Khmaul is unable to do it....
Angmar: Ashgaz, we have suffered greatly because of your kind
Ashgaz: *thinks* Ah, because I am a h--was a hobbit
Ashgaz: *bows submissively*
Madurz: *she searches him for reaction to see if he understand what she is getting at*
Madurz: *without having to say it*
Angmar: What are you asking of me, my lady?
Angmar: *turns to Ashgaz...* There is a long string of grievances going back to Fornost against your kind!
Madurz: i need you to let my flesh feel the Morgul blade
Angmar: And I have vowed to destroy the Shire!
Angmar: My lady, why would you wish that?
Ashgaz: *falls to his knees in grief*
Angmar: Most fear our blades and our many poisons
Madurz: i am bound to the Nazgul and to my Lord
Angmar: You wish to live in the world of spirits, my lady?
Madurz: i have been an endless wanderer
Madurz: it could be the same thing
Madurz: only i would already be in my destination
Ashgaz: *thinks...if only it had been you*
Madurz: do you understnad now my lord *her eyes are almost pleading*
Angmar: To become addled in the daylight with the cruel light of Arien burning your eyes, and then the night to hear the voices of the dead ever calling?
Angmar: To hear the spirits of endless ages of man crying from their graves and beseeching you to join them? Do you wish to hear that?
Angmar: A world of fell spirits, phantoms and the bitter light of calaquendi elves?
Angmar: Do you wish to fear fire and water?
Angmar: Do you wish all that, my lady?
Madurz: i do not know what to expect....but i know torture..and that of the heart hurts just as much...
Angmar: *sends this thought to Ashgaz... When next you go abroad, you will hear their voices too... if we search in the Dead Marshes*
Madurz: this is last resort anyway...this was to be my fate when my mortal life is to end
Ashgaz: *is both afraid of the voices and curious*
Ashgaz: *remembers the song he had composed about them*
Angmar: *Ashgaz, they will beg you to join them*
Angmar: All spirits call to us
Ashgaz: *Why do they do this?*
Madurz: *smiles* my lord...soon all will be right
Angmar: *because we are partly in their world and partly not*
Angmar: My lady, you would not find the world "bright" if you were brought into our world
Angmar: There are many things you do not wish to know
Angmar: And do not say you do it out of love for you will soon hate the one who did it to you
Ashgaz: *coughs*
Madurz: soon our Lord will have what he wants
Angmar: *he calls to Ashgaz* Tell the lady how it is to be a wraith
Angmar: My lady, I pray you are right
Ashgaz: *approaches the lady*
Angmar: But I can tell you this. Should we ever give you "our gift" you may not think it was as good as you once did
Angmar: For the voices might drive you mad
Angmar: *he thinks, even now I can hear them, they call to me ever*
Ashgaz: *tries to find the right words*
Madurz: possibly....but so did flashes of memories
Angmar: My lady, memories are nothing when you hear these fell voices
Madurz: faces i did not remember...
Angmar: For we are not dead, and they wish us to join them
Ashgaz: My lady, you would have incoherent flashes of memories tied together with powerful calls from the evil world of the dead
Ashgaz: and the power in Mordor
Ashgaz: and nothing you did could break their hold on you
Madurz: Our Lord will get his way
Ashgaz: Your body would fade and grow ice cold...you would never be warm again
Ashgaz: Your loveliness would disappear
Ashgaz: So would your grace and any happiness you ever experienced
Ashgaz: Nevermore could you dance for Khamul
Ashgaz: or the Witch King
Ashgaz: for your soul would be too heavy
Madurz: age and disease take away all this too
Angmar: Ashgaz, you spoke well
Ashgaz: You would remember little and gradually forget almost all of it
Ashgaz: And what you do remember will torture you

Her Dark Room
By FreeFall
After their meeting, the orcs who has escorted her in were now silent and not as rough..although not exactly gentle either. She could still feel in them their want to taste her blood. But this wasn't her concern. She was now in the loneliness of her room once again. The wine had relaxed her body but not her mind. That was still in disarray. She was emotionally exhausted...her fear for Khamul and her explanations to the Witch-King had worn her down. Yet this night she was content with his manner. Again being with him brought back more memories. She cannot remember many other lives but her present and the one she shared with him. Only bits and pieces. It was all very confusing. Some might not even be able to comprehend the idea of her rebirths. It was perplexing. She felt that he was beginning to understand her better. Start maybe to understand her devotion.
Her heart began to pound now as she thought of their search that would be only hours away. Survive again a night's worth of dreams and nightmares perhaps and then they would be on their way. She was afraid that her premonition of his whereabouts were wrong. She did not want the witch-King to be upset with her or think she was wasting his time. He didn't think he was there. Yes, she dreamed of water..she had other dreams as well though..she prayed she wasn't wrong. She wanted him back so bad. She needed him back. She was grateful to the Nazgul Lord for allowing her to go. She wanted him to know that and sent him a mental message of this. Pain struck her heart at the thought of returning without him.
She also began to shudder when her mind began to process the idea of being a wraithling as well. But it was what was to be done in her last mortal breaths. She had to sustain life to be with him. To further serve her Lord. Perhaps she earned an ounce of the Witch-King's respect in this request. He was angry at the fact that she wasn't scared of him. But what she felt in her heart was that it was her lack of fear which struck fear within him. And for this emotion he was angry.
She laid her head down and hugged her knees to her chest. So much on her weary mind...so much heaviness in her heart.

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