Portrayed by Eowyn

Vartang's brother, Varyon, age 32, second son of the King Varin of Khand, is now king of occupied Gondor or West Mordor, and Lord High Governor of Minas Artano (formerly Minas Tirith). As a jest more than anything, he named his brother, Prince Vartang, as Steward of West Mordor, Pro Tempre. To honor their long allegiance to Mordor and for their aid in the recent war, Sauron the Great has granted the northern province of West Mordor, Forogondor, to the people of Khand upon their pledge of fealty to him. Prince Varyon and his lords have received permission from Sauron to section off the land in Gondor and distribute these fiefdoms to those lords whose devotion to Sauron has proved undoubtable. Sauron is determined to destroy any last reminders of the hated Numenorean sea-kings from Middle Earth, and his confidence is well placed in Prince Varyon.

The family resemblance between King Varyon and his brother, Maugoth Vartang, is unmistakable, both sharing the same dark hair and eyes, mannerisms, gleaming white teeth, and love of women, wine and song. Avidly practicing the traditional customs of Khand, King Varyon has six wives and three concubines, and twenty-six children. He good naturedly criticizes his brother, Maugoth Vartang, for not embracing the joys of wedded life, advising his younger brother, "One woman is happiness; two women is joy; but three or more.... now THAT is bliss in its purest form!"

As long as the Dark Lord sits upon his throne and Mordor exists, Varyon's future looks bright and secure.

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