Protrayed by Wraith

Prince Vartang of Khand, age 30, third son of King Varin of Khand, is a Maugoth of the Army of Mordor. Intensely proud of his Variag heritage and the fact his people had been allied with Melkor since the First Age, the Easterling is Shakh Frodo's advisor. Vain and arrogant, bloodthirsty and cruel and prone on occasion to total boorishness, Vartang is a handsome man with dark brown eyes, gleaming white teeth and a dark reddish brown beard. As the third son of the King of Khand, Vartang knew at an early age that it was doubtful that he would ever inherit the throne of Khand, so being very ambitious, he enlisted in the Army of Mordor with his father's permission. Shrewd and cunning as a fox, Vartang used every method at his disposal, including brute force, threat and blackmail, to rise to power in the army. Becoming a skilled warrior, he was known for his sheer glee at butchering troops of the other side, and soon earned the title of "Vartang the Bloody" for his prowess against the enemies of Sauron.

He earned his promotion of Maugoth at the Battle of Pelennor, where he was wounded severely in the left leg, and was later sent to Nurn to recover. The Dark Lord had long been aware of Vartang's qualities, and after the general had recovered sufficently, Sauron summoned him to Lugburz, where he gave him a mission based on revenge. Vartang was delighted at the opportunity to increase in power and favor with Sauron and accepted it wholeheartedly.

As a true man of darkness, he worships Sauron and Melkor, truly believing them to be the rightful rulers of Middle Earth. He sometimes boasts that his ancestory can be traced all the way back to Shakh Khamul. Whether the claim be true or not, Vartang believes it. His hope for the future is that he will gain immortality and be accepted as one of the Chosen Few, servants of the Ringwraiths.

Prince Vartang is known for his love of wine, women and song, and he enjoys them all to excess. Never true to any of his many conquests, Vartang always searches for new maidens to claim, and many are the broken hearts and irate women he has left behind. He is an avid hunter and falconer, enjoys gambling, horse racing, exotic dancers, slave fights, cock fights and bull baiting.

As long as the Dark Lord sits upon his throne and Mordor exists, Vartang's future looks bright and secure.

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