The Nazgûl

NOTE: Tolkien told little about the Nine Nazgûl lords, except that three of them were Black Numenorean sorcerers. Only Khamûl is given a name. The information below is for the Second Darkness roleplaying game and creative writing project, and was not created by Tolkien's mind.

Work still in evolution.

Book Quotes About the Nazgûl

The First - The Witch-King of Angmar is the Lord of the Nazgûl and the King of Minas Morgul, and the most powerful of all the Nine. He is a mighty sorcerer, with the ability to command snow and frost, which he did when he ruled his old realm of Angmar. His name was once Aldarion and he was the Lord of a Numenorean colony in Umbar in the Second Age. He obtained long life, great powers in sorcery, leadership and military might through the power of the Ring. Unhappily wed to three different women for state reasons, he never found happiness with any wife, mistress or lover until his fourth wife, the young and beautiful Zaminbalak. After her death, her spirit wandered over 4,000 years until at last it possessed the body of a young baby who later grew into a young woman. However, after the wizard Gandalf dulled the feelings of love she felt for Aldarion in the Second Age, she fell in love with Khamûl.

The Second - Khamûl the Black Easterling is the Second-in-Command of the Nazgûl. After Sauron left Dol Guldûr in Mirkwood, the stronghold was given to him. Khamûl stays there with another Nazgûl who is his messenger, and sometimes another dwells with him. Khamûl's powers are most confused by water and light, but next to Angmar, he was the most eager to sense the Ring's presence on the Quest. He was once a king in one of the Eastern Variag realms, husband of many wives and father of many children. His fell beast is named Naztnûrz, "Hostile Sting."

The Third - Gakhtarbûrz (The Mad) is the second-in-command to Angmar in the City of Minas Morgul, the City of the Wraiths. Also known as Gothmog, he has a very violable personality and is prone to wild shifts of mood and great violence. Legend says that he was Fuinor, a lord of Harad, and saw his wives and children murdered in an assassination attempt upon his life. His grief and anger eventually drove him mad, but not before he had gotten revenge upon the assassins, having torturing them in the most hideous ways until they begged for death.

The Fourth - Zagbolg (The Bloodthirsty) is Khamûl's messenger who dwells with him at Dol Guldûr.

The Fifth - Krakfakhthal (The Butcher) is a great warrior and has killed many men. Once he was a lord in Rhûn and was victorious in many battles.

The Sixth - Rutfiimûrz (The Young) is from Pelargir, a Black Numenorean like Angmar and Udukhatûrz. He went to Pelargir many years ago during the age of colonization. He is very wise, a leader in battle, and a great sorcerer in his own right.

The Seventh - Udukhatûrz (The Intelligent) is a Black Numenorean from Umbar, just like Angmar. Though he claims to be intelligent, a loremaster and have great wit, he has never mastered his own steed, an unruly horse named Kulkodar, "Dragon." He prefers the wine of Nurn to that of Dorwinion.

The Eighth - Skrishau (The Quiet) is Angmar's messenger and acts as messenger of the Mordor Army. Shakh Skri comes from Khand, where he was once a king of that people. He was a warrior, as all of the Nine were, and a sorcerer. When he was a king, he kept the finest horses of all in his stables, enjoyed music and it was said that his flute playing could charm even the Valar.

The Ninth - Kriithnariinuzûrz (The Forgotten) is the least of the Nine, and often feels that he is forgotten by his Master and the rest of his Brothers.

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