Night of September 20 - early morning September 21

Frodo portrayed by Hobbitness
Mireth the Elf portrayed by Eowyn
Madurz portrayed by FreeFall
Narrator and Khamul portrayed by Wraith

Narrator: *That night, after Frodo was taken to his room, he picked up a statue of the Dark Lord in full armor from a table in his room and flung it against the wall. Then he sat by the window in his room and watched fire belch from the Mountain.*
Narrator: *As he sat there, his foot touched a piece of the broken statue. Then he reached down and picked it up. It was Sauron's hand with the Ring. He stared at it for a moment, then flung it against the wall but it would not break.*
Narrator: *For a moment he wished he had fallen on his sword, but then he thought... I will see my friends again...and even the Shire. Whatever horrors await, at least I will see them.*
Narrator: *He sang the Elvish prayer to Elbereth softly to himself before retiring to his bed. The air inside his room was cool, and the drawn bed curtains could not stay the passage of the damp chill, and neither could the blankets that Frodo drew up under his chin to gain warmth.*
Narrator: *Somewhere, it seems to him that he can hear a haunting melody begin to fill the room. "A Elbereth Gilthoniel," Elvish voices begin singing so clearly that it seems to Frodo that he can see the very silvery notes of their music in front of him dancing in the air before his eyes.
"Silivren penna miriel...."*
Narrator: *The voices are soft as they sing, but then he begins to hear a more strident note. "Ash nazg durbatuluk!" a deeper voice sings. "Ash nazg durbatuluk!" Then emphasized louder... "Ash nazg durbatuluk!"*
Narrator: *But then the Elvish voices vie with his. "O menel aglar elenath! Na-chaered palan-diriel..."*
Frodo: *Frodo listens half terrified, half enchanted by the Elvish music so dear to his heart. He thinks of the Great Music of the Ainur, marred by Melkor's jarring, proud melody*
Narrator: *Then all the melodies crash and collide with each other, and then the silvery notes will hold power, but they are soon crushed under the weight of the mighty strident voice. All becomes discord and neither melody can be heard.*
Narrator: *Then all voices cease, and a dread silence fills the room. The silence is so heavy that it can almost be heard, and then Frodo can only hear his own rapid breathing.*
Frodo: *Frodo wonders where the music came from, and what it means...what its ominous ending means*
Narrator: *Then his breathing seems to mix with the melody and his heart beats in time to the music.
And then once again, the he can hear the silvery voices, like tinkling cymbals. "O galadhremmin ennorath..."*
Narrator: *Then, drowning out the musical silvery notes of the elves, the strident chords return. "Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatuluk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul!"*
Narrator: *The unseen sounds cease their song as though as a discordant note is struck upon a harp, then faintly, then growing in strength, come the voices again... "Fanuilos, le linnathon... Nef aear, si nef aearon!"*
Narrator: *Another hush came over the cold, chilly room, and then, at last, in a rising crescendo, the bold voice sang, "ASH NAZG DURBATULUK.... LAB NAZG DURBATULUK!"* (One Ring to rule them all....Your Ring to rule them all)
Frodo: *Frodo quakes at the thundering voice singing the spell of the Ring...but then a new word is introduced, one he doesn't know*
Frodo: *The new word perplexes and distrubs him, and he feels even more bound up in the spells of darkness*
Frodo: *When the Elvish voices do not start again, Frodo begins quietly singing the Elvish song alone*
Narrator: *At the last echo of the variant of the Ring spell, all Frodo's senses leave him. The lone candle in the room goes out.*
Narrator: *The next sound Frodo hears is that of a scraping noise. He looks in the direction of which it came, but the room is too dark to allow him to see what it can be.*
Frodo: *Frodo crawls out of the covers, ready to spring from behind the tapestries. He is tense and alert, ready for a desperate effort, as in the lair of the barrow wight*
Narrator: *Now he hears the noise again. It seems to be coming closer and closer to him, and he feels that whatever it is taunting him somehow. The air seems to become heavier, and Frodo begins to feel that it is harder for him to breathe.*
Narrator: *Frodo moves to the edge of the bed. He slides off the bed onto the stool and reaches a shaking hand down and touches the floor. He gropes in the dim light, and he feels something on the floor.*
Narrator: *It seems that once again, he can feel the hand of Sauron wrapping around his body, squeezing him like a serpent and burning him in his fury.*
Narrator: *He recoils, on the verge of screaming, but then Sauron's hand seems to shrink and Frodo feels only the broken piece of the statue - the hand upon which the Ring rests.*
Narrator: *Frodo shrieks and runs to the door, clawing at it desperately. Then strangely the door opens in front of him, and there are no guards anywhere in sight.*
Narrator: *Frodo walks through the hallway, and he feels that he can breathe once more. The corridor before him is dark and quiet. Not even a torch burns to help light the way.*
Frodo: *Frodo walks slowly down the corridor, full of the fear and grim courage he felt in Shelob's lair*
Frodo: *He strains his eyes but can see nothing in the darkness*
Narrator: *The corridor stretches on. There seems to be no end to it. The only thing there is to guide Frodo are the two sides of the corridor through which he goes*
Frodo: *Frodo trails along the wall, thinking of how, in the long tunnel of Shelob, he had Sam with him. Sam's presence had distratced him from the fear, but now it is all consuming*
Frodo: *Why have the Elvish voices stopped? He tries to sing but his voice shakes*
Narrator: *Somewhere far behind him can faintly be heard the sounds of snuffling.... of something seeking an elusive scent...*
Frodo: *Frodo gasps and begins to run*
Narrator: *He hears the sound of heavy footsteps following him from somewhere far behind*
Narrator: *Somewhere far ahead of him, Frodo can see faint glimmerings of light*
Frodo: *He does not stop to reason about what the sound or the light might be, only runs as fast as he can*
Frodo: *He tries to reach the light, for it will let him see his surroundings and his pursuer*
Narrator: *As Frodo runs, the light seems to get brighter*
Mireth: *as frodo runs towards the light, it begins to take shape. a wispy form of shimmering mist, clad in white ramient. it is the figure of a maiden, the elf whom frodo saw in the balcony earlier....she looks to him from the side....her face paritally obscured by the shadows of the darkened corridor. she calls out* frodo! frodo! help me! help me!
Mireth: *she turns away from him then, and darts into the shadows of the corridor, the light dimminishing as she flies*
Frodo: *Frodo looks around frantically. Something pursues him from behind, and now Mireth calls him from far ahead! How can he help with no weapon? And where has she gone?*
Frodo: *He redoubles his speed and runs after her* Wait! What is wrong?
Mireth: *yet she does not answer, and her footfalls make no sound as she runs. ever can he see the ethereal light of her form diminishing down the dark corridor*
Narrator: *Behind Frodo, the footsteps become louder. The snuffling sounds become louder and seem to echo off the sides of the corridor*
Frodo: *Though Frodo is becoming exhausted, he keeps running*
Frodo: *His chest burns with heavy breathing, his legs with the effort*
Mireth: *then she stops and looks back at frodo with a wistful look on her face....terror is in her eyes* help me, oh please help me!
Frodo: *Frodo calls as he runs toward her* What is wrong?
Mireth: *she stands there, poised to flee... her eyes are wild with fear* they are coming! they are coming! help me help me!
Frodo: Who? Who is coming?
Mireth: *in a whisper she says* the dark ones.....
Mireth: help me, help me! we must find a way out...
Frodo: *He takes her arm gently* Do not worry, it is not you they seek.
Frodo: A way out...where is there a way out from this place?
Mireth: *she slides out of his grasp, turns and runs rapidly down the corridor once more*
Frodo: *follows her*
Mireth: *glimmering in the darkness, screaming as she goes*
Narrator: *The corridor suddenly becomes frigid, as though filled with ice*
Narrator: *The footsteps now almost seem behind Frodo. He hears snuffling sound, and then a voice* Baaaaagggggiiinnnnssss...
Frodo: *stops momentarily, then shouts over his shoulder* GLITHONIEL A ELBERETH! *bursts off running again*
Mireth: *ahead, he can see the shimmering form of the elvish maiden, and she turns once again to him*
Narrator: *Now a dreadful shrieking sound fills the corridor*
Frodo: *He runs toward the elvish maiden*
Mireth: *she calls to him, her voice shaky with fear* why wont you help me?
Frodo: How can I help you? What do you want me to do?!
Mireth: *she stands there... beckoning him* there is a way out. help me find it. oh why wont you help me find it?
Frodo: There is?!
Mireth: *she begins to run down another corridor to the right*
Frodo: *follows, his hand gliding along the wall looking for doorways*
Narrator: *Then suddenly, the walls begin to close in around him. He falls into something wet and slimy, and then he feels a brutal pain as his hand meets the ragged edge of metal*
Mireth: *all becomes dark again, and frodo can barely see the shimmering light of the elf. however, he can hear her blood-curtling scream from the corridor to the right, somewhere far ahead*
Frodo: *moaning, his hand bleeding, he struggles to move through the slime, to help her*
Frodo: Lady! *he calls, not knowing her name*
Narrator: *Closer now, the snuffling noise... and then...* Baaaaagggiiinnnsssss.....
Mireth: *now somewhere to his left, frodo can see the light shimmering again, and someone softly crying*
Frodo: *Slipping and falling, struggling to his feet over and over, he tries to move towards the light and the crying. He calls to the maiden again...softer now, because the wraith behind him is very close*
Mireth: the way out is closer now, i think! help me find it! help me! the spiderwebs...the spiderwebs...ohhh no!
Mireth: follow me, follow me! *she calls, pleading....then disappears down yet another corridor, this time to the right*
Frodo: *Spiderwebs? Spiderwebs? Am I in the dark tower or Shelob's lair? he thinks wildly. He struggles through the slime again, his bleeding hand to his chest*
Narrator: *From behind him, the footsteps slow down and stop. The sniffling grows louder, and then a chant begins* Grish....grish.... grish.....
Frodo: *Frodo cannot understand the chant, but it sends even icier chills through him. He finds he is past the slime and runs with renewed speed towards the place he thinks the elf went*
Mireth: *up ahead of him, the maiden stops, and beckons to him again* it is just a little further now, come...follow me!
Frodo: *This all seems so surreal, he doesn't know what to think...but he follows her*
Narrator: *Behind him, closer now, the chants* Grish....grish....grish...BAAAAAAAAGGGGGGIIIIIINNNNNSSSSSSsssss.... GRISH... GRISH...
Mireth: *she beckons him down a corridor now to the left* oh please help me! *her voice is filled with terror...the light around her grows brighter, shimmering like the stars*
Mireth: *she stands there, her face buried in her hands as she cries* please, please..
Frodo: A! Elbereth! Not again, please not again...*he cries again as though she were there beside him, then follows after the elf maiden yet again*
Frodo: Lady *he says as he reaches the elf* Why are they chasing you?
Mireth: *when he gets within mere feet of her, she disappears before his eyes in a cloud of sparkling mist, and all light is extinguished...darkness falls once more*
Narrator: *Frodo feels a fingertip touch his shoulder and he can hear a sharp intake of air...and then a hissing whisper* Bagggggiiinnnnsssss....
Mireth: *suddenly the elf reappears, a little ways down the corridor. she holds out her arms to frodo, beckoning*
Mireth: hurry, hurry... it is not far!
Frodo: *He jerks away from the touch, then backs away, panting* Glithoniel a Elbereth! shall not have Luthien the Fair! *then he runs toward the elf maiden again*
Frodo: *She holds out her arms to him...he attempt to reach her*
Frodo: *attempts
Narrator: *Suddenly, there appear to be sticky threads all over the corridor in front of him... They are like spiderwebs, but they are filled with thorny spines*
Narrator: *Frodo runs into them, and they seem now to be covering his face and hands*
Frodo: *Frodo cries out and tries to pry the thorny webs from his face and hands*
Mireth: *the elvish maiden stops and walks towards frodo, trying to dislodge him from the thorny webs... the sharp barbs cut into her skin as she tries to pull frodo out*
Mireth: *she manages to disloge frodo... she kneels before him, and holds him in her arms....whispering comforting words in his ear and rubbing his back soothingly*
Mireth: *she whispers* you are such a small little creature.... you should not be here, in this place of misery..
Frodo: *His breathing has slowed a little* Nor should you, my lady...thank you, but it cannot be helped.
Mireth: *she holds frodo tighter* you are wounded... *her breathing becomes more rapid*
Frodo: *He had almost forgotten about his hand* Ah, it is all right...*he says absently, looking back over his shoulder for his pursuer who seems to have fallen silent*
Frodo: *Blood is all over his face and hands...he tries to wipe his face, but only gets more blood on it*
Mireth: *she squeezes him tighter as she kneels before him in the darkened corridor, the light she radiates making them both glow*
Narrator: *All is quiet behind Frodo. Not a single sound can be heard, only Frodo and Mireth's breathing*
Frodo: *Frodo wonders how this can be happening..she disappeared before his eyes moments ago but now she is physically here*
Madurz: *Mireth's face is buried in Frodo's neck and breathing.. in the dark now Frodo feels the hand on his face and through his hair...when light returns..the woman is not the same. her clutch is tight around him*
Madurz: oh Fffrodo *she sighs and nuzzles his neck*
Frodo: *He stiffens in her grasp*
Frodo: I remember you
Frodo: Why have you done this?
Narrator: *Behind him now, Frodo can hear soft footsteps*
Madurz: i wanted to see you *holds him tighter*
Madurz: *looks over his shoulder and smiles*
Frodo: *He struggles in her grasp now*
Madurz: *stands with him in her arms*
Khamul: *The footsteps grow closer... the thorny webs disappear before the dark figure*
Khamul: Baaaaaggggiiinnnnsssss.... we have missed you
Madurz: *moves closer to Khamul, holding Frodo*
Frodo: No *he breathes* put me down
Khamul: You have brought us much grish....
Khamul: And we shall taste it soon... soon... before.... you are awakened *he laughs, a haunting, hollow mocking laugh*
Frodo: I will not submit to you....*he looks around for a weapon, planning to kill himself if Khamul tries to stab him with the morgul blade*
Madurz: are you disappointed dear Frodo..that i am not the elf maiden? *forces pout*
Khamul: Nay, he was never glad to see us
Madurz: love he isn't pleased. am i not beautiful?
Khamul: Aye, you are beautiful, more beautiful than any goddess, and your beauty is only enhanced by the darkness
Frodo: *His eyes flash at the insult to Elbereth*
Madurz: *she holds him in her arms and strokes his face*
Khamul: *He puts his hands on Frodo's shoulders*
Frodo: *stiffens, pales*
Madurz: *he rests between them*
Khamul: Baggggggiiinnnnssss... *he says in a whisper*
Khamul: Your blood.... your time is coming......
Frodo: I do not fear death, only...the other
Khamul: *Cold cruel laughter greets Frodo's words*
Frodo: *He twists and struggles*
Madurz: *her eyebrows furrow*
Madurz: Frodo! that is a gift!
Frodo: To me it is a curse!...if you want it, then let him give it to you, not me!
Madurz: *her eyes widen with anger*
Khamul: *Khamul's arms go down around Frodo, pinning Frodo's arms to his sides*
Madurz: not anger me with your words
Madurz: *caresses his cheek*
Khamul: Baaaaggggiiiinnnsssss..... you can live forever..... let me awaken you
Frodo: No!
Madurz: *she looks to Khamul and breathes heavily*
Khamul: It is such an easy thing......Baaaaaggggiiiiinnnnssss...
Khamul: So quick.... *he whispers* and you can be like us, forever
Madurz: *her own desire for it is not to be for her..yet*
Frodo: *He almost shouts to Elbereth again...but last time he saw them, he promised not to, and the penalty was the morgul blade....*
Khamul: Baaaaaaggggggiiiiinnnnsssssss..... do not struggle... it is useless...
Madurz: *she moves in to Frodo's face and inhales the scent of his blood*
Khamul: Submit to it.... submit... it is your fate..... yield.... Baaaaaggiiiiinnnssssss.....
Frodo: No. No! *he pushes against Madurz, trying to free himself*
Khamul: Your awakening will be quick and easy....
Madurz: *her arms lock tighter around him...his protests making her grip stronger. she runs her cheek against his*
Frodo: *he shrinks away from her*
Madurz: love...he looks young again
Khamul: *As Frodo shrinks away from Madurz, Khamul's hands dig into Frodo's shoulders*
Madurz: how perfect for him to be locked this way forever
Frodo: *Frodo cries out*
Khamul: Aye.... caught in prepetual vigor....
Frodo: No! Never!
Madurz: *Frodo can feel her heart pound with his*
Khamul: *Now Khamul bends down and whispers in Frodo's ear* I promise you an easy transition.....
Madurz: *her eyes flash and her teeth grit..she has come more and more with time - especially recently - to loathe her own mortality*
Frodo: No, no, let me go! Don't touch me!
Khamul: Do not fight us!
Madurz: *her eyes remain on Khamul as her lips trail the blood on Frodo's neck*
Khamul: *He can smell the blood on Frodo's face and hands, and the bloodlust burns in him. His eyes glow red*
Frodo: I will fight you forever
Madurz: give in...give in
Khamul: Then Khamul frees Frodo's shoulders and then goes beside Madurz and turns to Frodo. His eyes glitter red*
Khamul: Baaaagggiinnnsss... I have the power to free you from all pain.... all hurt...... I can give you a gift. Take it willingly.... Or take it unwillingly! I care not...
Khamul: Put him down, my love!
Madurz: *looks to Khamul almost disappointed...his blood so close to her*
Madurz: yes my love *licks her lips and lowers Frodo*
Khamul: *He walks to Frodo suddenly, holding him by his left shoulder. His other hand rakes across Frodo's neck, the metal of his gauntlet drawing more blood*
Frodo: *struggles and screams curses*
Khamul: *then he takes the fingers of his hand, wipes them across Frodo's neck and then extends his hand to Madurz*
Madurz: *she sighs as she watches the slash appear and the blood run and then moves forward and takes Khamul's hand and put it to her mouth. she closes her eyes as she licks off the warm blood*
Frodo: *Frodo is utterly disgusted*
Khamul: *Then he takes her tightly in his arms and kisses her*
Khamul: *He steps back and laughs at Frodo*
Frodo: *As Khamul releases him he speeds down the corridor again*
Madurz: *she smiles and looks to Frodo who makes a foolish attempt to escape*
Khamul: *A mental thought lashes out at Frodo and trips him as he runs*
Frodo: *Frodo trips and falls*
Frodo: *Then he gets up and begins running again*
Khamul: *He trips Frodo again with the power of his mind, then approaches him and looms over his fallen body* Baaagggiinnns....
Khamul: *He puts his foot down on Frodo's stomach, pinning him to the floor*
Madurz: *she makes her way slowly to them*
Frodo: *screams a bloodcurdling scream...he cannot escape the morgul blade now*
Khamul: *His hand reaches into his cloak and he draws forth a small blade from a sheath on his belt..... Steam rises off the icy blade as a vapor*
Frodo: A! Elber--*he hesitates a brief moment...will it save him or doom him?*
Khamul: *He takes the hilt in both hands and plunges it rapidly downwards*
Madurz: *she kneels beside Frodo*
Khamul: *Khamul suddenly slows the descent of the blade, stopping it just over Frodo's heart. The tip rests upon a brass button on Frodo's waistcoat*
Madurz: *she breathes heavily as she looks up to Khamul. her hands grab fistfuls of Frodo's hair*
Khamul: *Khamul's bright red glittering eyes look down at Frodo, the Morgul blade still poised above Frodo's heart*
Frodo: *Frodo screams and trembles violently with the cold and terror*
Khamul: Baaaaggggiiiiinnnssssss........ yield to ussssss.....
Frodo: *His hands slowly creep up to block the blade*
Frodo: No! You shall never have me!
Madurz: *she takes his wrists and pins them down, then leans down and kisses his forhead*
Frodo: *he glares up at her*
Khamul: *Khamul still holds the morgul blade, with the point still pressed on the button. He laughs*
Madurz: *looks up to Khamul almost panting as she looks to the Blade*
Khamul: Foolish mortal, to decline eternal life!
Khamul: Let it be your folly then!
Madurz: *her nails dig into Frodo's wrists..angry*
Frodo: *feels tremendous hostility from both of them*
Khamul: *He straightens up, keeping his foot on Frodo's stomach. He sheathes the Morgul blade*
Madurz: *she lowers her head as it is sheathed*
Khamul: *His foot goes up and then comes down sharply on Frodo's stomach*
Frodo: *Frodo lets out his breath in relief, then draws it in again as Khamul pins him down*
Khamul: *His red eyes look down at Frodo, as though they would pierce Frodo's soul* Curse you, Baggins! Curse you!
Khamul: Curse you for all time!
Madurz: *she holds his wrists still...tightening as her nails draw blood...her voice is small and sad*
Madurz: fool
Khamul: Find your way back to your hole, Baggins!
Frodo: *but Frodo is silently thanking the Valar*
Madurz: Do we have to let him go so soon love?
Khamul: Love, there is more for him still to come. Come now *He takes his foot off Frodo's stomach* Let the fool rest in his folly
Khamul: He is weak and of little consequence, and cursed with my curse
Madurz: *she releases his wrists and clutches him to her and whispers in his ear* All of you Hobbits are fools!
Frodo: *You are the fool to be in love with the darkness, he thinks...but he does not say it*
Madurz: *she grits her teeth and releases him*
Khamul: My love, his fate is not in our hands, but in the Hands of One who is better
Madurz: *She stands at Khamul's side*
Khamul: Go now, fool, cower in your hole! Pull the covers up and hide there!
Khamul: We are through with you. Begone!
Frodo: *he coughs and wheezes for a while, then sits up with difficulty*
Khamul: My lady, come now. There is work yet to be done in the dungeons. But first... *he turns to her, pulls her into his arms and kisses her*
Madurz: *her arms slide around his waist as she kisses him back and he can taste Frodo's blood on her lips*
Frodo: *The pair terrify and disgust him. His heart twists for the prisoners in the dungeon..he knows what awaits them*
Khamul: *He relishes the taste of Frodo's blood on her lips, and holds her. He reluctantly releases her and offers her his arm*
Madurz: *she links her arm with his...still thinking of the Blade*
Khamul: *Khamul leads Madurz away, somewhere back into the dark recesses of Barad-dur*
Frodo: *He rises slowly to his feet and trails along the wall once more, trying to slip past them...then he realizes he has no idea where he is*
Frodo: *But anywhere away from the wraith, from the blade is better than here, so he starts down the direction he thinks he came*
Frodo: *How many turns did he make? Which way? Where were they?*
Frodo: *And how much of Khamul's vision was even real?*
Narrator: *Far away down the corridor, Frodo can see a torch suddenly burst into flames, and then another, and then another*
Frodo: *Frodo starts at each torch that bursts into flames*
Frodo: *He wonders...should he keep going, or will it lead to another trap? But he has no choice, so he wanders aimlessly down the corridor*
Narrator: *All had been dark in the corridor.... and Frodo would never know if the torches burst into flames by themselves, or if unseen hands lit them*
Narrator: *Now it seems that Frodo can hear the sounds of many voices around him laughing at him, mocking him, yet he can see no one*
Frodo: *looks around him, behind him...where are the voices coming from? His panic heightens*
Narrator: *As he walks, it seems as though he can feel unseen presences all around him, reaching for him, but no hands ever touch him*
Frodo: *The sense of evil presences reaching for him becomes overwhelming and he begins to run again*
Frodo: *He begins to remember...this is what it felt like, those days of delirium that he can barely remember, when he was fading*
Narrator: *Faint moanings can be heard all around him, and then screams that seems to be of souls in agony*
Frodo: *He wonders if he was struck somehow without his knowing...if the mere presence of the blade was enough...what if he is fading now?*
Narrator: *Then above him, something seems to flutter in the darkness, and a gossimere wing of something brushes against his face*
Frodo: *gasps and jumps away from the wing*
Narrator: *Then down the corridor, more torches suddenly burst into flames, but beside him is only darkness and what seems to be grasping hands reaching for him*
Frodo: *runs as fast as he can*
Narrator: *The walls now seem to mock and laugh at him and he can feel eyes peering at him from the darkness, but he can see nothing but the torches in front of him, and they seem to beckon him onward*
Frodo: *runs blindly*
Narrator: *The Ring on his finger pulsates, but this time not with warmth, but with an icy coldness that seems to clutch his heart and the Ring glows a dim green upon his finger... the jewels of the serpent design radiating light*
Frodo: *If Sam really has escaped their clutches, he thinks, can't he do something, even from beyond? He promised not to leave me again. Can't he do anything?*
Frodo: *He looks down at his ring in astonishment*
Frodo: *How he longs to take it off...but that would kill him...but wouldn't that be better?...but the slaves would die...but how will he ever get back to them now?*
Narrator: *He can hear hissing near his feet as he runs, and the voices laugh harder and the scream rise in shuddering, convulsing agony, and it seems to Frodo that all around him are the spirits of those who died in torment in the dungeons of Barad-dur*
Frodo: *Frodo's own voice rises with the screams in a cry of terror*
Narrator: *..Spirits captured here forever, cursed to endure misery for all eternity*
Narrator: *More torches burst into flames down the hall. They seem to guide Frodo, beckoning to him as he runs in panic*
Frodo: *Too afraid to even think, he follows the torches as they burst into flame*
Narrator: *The Ring in its glowing green splendor with the eyes of the serpents shimmering with a fell evil light tightens about Frodo's finger*
Narrator: *Through corridor after corridor, turn after turn, corner after corner, Frodo runs, following the light of the torches*
Narrator: *Time seems to hang suspended as his legs furiously propel him down the corridors. How long has he been there? Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks? Years? Does time have meaning in Lugburz?*
Narrator: *Then finally, after what seemed like miles of running, the light of the torches end down the corridor*
Frodo: *Frodo slows down, afraid to find out what is at the end of the lit torches...but he continues*
Frodo: *He finds an open door by the last lit torch--his room*
Narrator: *Inside Frodo's room, the candle is lit again, and burns brightly on the table beside Frodo's bed*
Frodo: *He sinks down in the doorway shaking...what or who has led him here? The sight of his room makes him feel relieved, but then he remembers the eerie music*
Frodo: *...the strange word inserted into the spell of the Ring, and the scuffling on the floor...Sauron's hand grasping him even here*
Frodo: *He is not safe anywhere*
Narrator: *When Frodo goes into the room, he finds the Ring no longer glows with a green light and the serpents are just designs made of green jewels*
Narrator: *All is quiet in Frodo's room. Nothing moves. No wind stirs. There is a faint glow coming from the mountain, but even it seems to be still*
Frodo: *He drags himself inside the doorway and sits leaning against the wall...he thinks of the bed but is too exhausted to climb onto it*
Frodo: *But being so close to the hallway with the fell presences makes him nervous, so he staggers to his feet and pushes the door closed. Then he goes to the bed and parts the curtains that hang around it*
Frodo: *He pauses a moment, then bends to look under the bed. He sighs with relief when he finds nothing hiding under his bed and tries to climb into it*
Frodo: *It is an Edain sized bed, very high for him, and he falls to the floor on the first try, but he makes it into the bed on the second try*
Frodo: *Inexpressibly relieved to find nothing waiting to seize him in his room or his bed, he pulls the curtains shut, dives under the covers and pulls them over his head*

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