Frodo portrayed by Hobbitness
Rian and Elffled portrayed by Eowyn
Narrator, Ceolwulf, Vartang, Ador the Guard and Sador portrayed by Wraith

Narrator: *Because of the urgency to comply the order to remove himself, his daughter Sirana, his three sons and such of his bodyguards, men-at-arms, personal possessions and servants from Nurn within ten days, Lord Lorthang and his party leaves Frodo's Hall early in the morning of September 11, 3019. Frodo and his household were very happy to see them go. Now Frodo and Ceolwulf have just finished breakfast. However, Rian, who went some time ago to the storeroom has not returned.*
Narrator: *Frodo and Ceolwulf are becoming concerned at her long delay.*
Ceolwulf: Master Frodo, what do you think is keeping her?
Rian: *in the treasury storeroom down below, rian sits upon the second stair from the bottom, her feet upon the first one. an ackward smile seems to be plastered on her face*
Frodo: I am not sure
Frodo: I hope there is not problem...maybe it is that accursed guard who loves to listen to himself talk
Ceolwulf: Master Frodo, he could talk the legs off a table!
Frodo: *chuckles* That he could
Rian: *it had been rians turn to serve breakfast to ador the talkative guard in the storeroom.... that was some time ago, and he was still talking, with no end in sight*
Frodo: Poor Rian. Perhaps we should go "rescue" her if she does not return soon *smiles*
Ceolwulf: Master Frodo, I think she might need "rescuing"
Frodo: *nods*
Narrator: *Ador, one of the storeroom guards, has finished his breakfast and is in a talkative mood*
Ador the Guard: *He says to Rian* You must understand, Lady, that the humors affect both the mind and the body. The humors give off vapors which go directly to the brain. A perfect temperment is effected when no one of the humours dominate.
Rian: *listens politely, wishes she was somewhere else... doubtless, everyone is upstairs wondering where she is*
Ador the Guard: You say the Shakh suffers from phlegm and fever. Obviously, he is of a dull, pale choler
Ador the Guard: Is this not true?
Rian: uh.... yes, sir, it is... *wishes there were a polite way out of this*
Ador the Guard: He needs to eat better and in moderate amounts and avoid bad bile. However, that is better than being of a sanguine choler, or a melancholic choler, which signfies that he has an overabudence of black bile
Ador the Guard: Do you understand?
Rian: *nods quickly, her feelings of dread ever increasing. she was not supposed to be here for so long*
Ceolwulf: Master Frodo, I think we should go see about her
Frodo: Then let us go on our heroic mission and rescue the fair maiden from his clutches! *he jokes*
Frodo: *stands and starts down the walkway*
Ceolwulf: I will go with you, Master Frodo
Narrator: *At that moment, they can hear the familiar footsteps of Vartang as he pays them his usual morning visit*
Frodo: *Frodo stops and closes his eyes with a silent groan*
Ceolwulf: Master Frodo, I believe we have been caught again
Frodo: *sighs, his mirth gone* It looks like it.
Vartang: Ah, Shakh! Hail! Where are you off to this morning?
Frodo: *Frodo hates the sight of Vartang even more now, for he reminds him of his return to only 8 days* Hail Vartang
Frodo: We go to seek Rian. She has been in the cellar a long time.
Rian: *she wonders what use the knowledge of all these humors and biles of various colors will ever prove in the long run... but is compeled to listen to the man out of ppoliteness*
Frodo: We are fine on our own
Frodo: Thank you for your concern *attempts to hurry off*
Vartang: Rian? She has gone missing this morning? Ha! Perhaps she dallies with the guards *he says sarcastically*
Frodo: *glares* That is not funny
Vartang: Not so fast, Shakh! *catches up with him easily*
Vartang: Well then, it seems to be of concern enough to you to go seeking for her
Frodo: We only think she is being forced to listen to that horridly talkative guard *stops himself from adding "of yours"*
Ador the Guard: Now, lady, what you must tell your Master to do is to counteract the phlegm humor by staying in bed, wrapped up in blankets and drinking plenty of wine. This will counteract the affects of the excessive plegm. It would also be helpful to give him hot baths every day
Rian: *thinks... what an insufferable dullard! says* ah.... thank you, sir. i am sure that will be most.... helpful... to my master...
Ador the Guard: Now you must tell him thus: That he must counteract the bad humors by eating better so that the victuals that he consumes do not ferment in his intestines
Ador the Guard: That could produce a black humor, if the meat ferments, and then his whole system could turn to one of melancholy, or black bile, which would surely kill him!
Rian: that would be horrible, sir! *if she werent afraid of raising the guard's ire by leaving, she would scurry back up those stairs and into the hall*
Vartang: Shakh, it is really too much effort to chase down the serving wench. I think instead, I will stay here and sample once again your excellent wine
Frodo: I am not asking you to go look for her. Ceolwulf and I are going ourselves. Enjoy the wine *turns to go*
Vartang: *He calls out* Servants! Wine! *Then he leans up against one of the columns supporting the walkway and waits*
Vartang: I will, shakh. I always do
Frodo: *rolls his eyes behind Vartang's back*
Elffled: *elffled, who had been waiting silently in the shadows cloest to the hall, comes forth, goes to the wine cabinet, gets a bottle of wine, a goblet and fills it... then takes the goblet to vartang*
Ceolwulf: I would rather be down below than spending time with Vartang *he says as they go down the corridor*
Ador the Guard: *Ador drones on and on about humors, then starts to tell stories about when he was a boy*
Frodo: I would rather be anywhere than with him--well, almost anywhere.
Ador the Guard: Lady, when I was a lad, I had a dog who could run very fast. I would enter him in races, but he always came in second or third
Ador the Guard: There was once, and only once *he looks at her and holds up one finger in the air* once, I tell you, when he was close *he shakes his finger for emphasis*
Ador the Guard: But he lost. He came in last
Elffled: i am sorry, sir *says sympathetically*
Ador the Guard: And you know what happened to him finally?
Ador the Guard: *He pauses, and waits for her to answer*
Rian: *she sees his look of expectancy* no, sir. what happened?
Ador the Guard: He died, like all other dogs do sooner or later. What did you think happened to him? *he looks puzzled*
Rian: *she flushes in embarassment* i am sorry, sir.
Ador the Guard: *after completing this totally meaningless story, Ador seems pleased with his brilliance* Now would you like to hear another tale of my boyhood?
Ador the Guard: *He does not let her answer, but starts in in a tale about a frog*
Ceolwulf: *They come to the doorway that leads to the storeroom* Do you need help going down the stairs, Master Frodo?
Frodo: *Frodo eyes the stairs critically, then nods to Ceolwulf* Please.
Rian: *as she listens to yet another tale of the guards childhood, she fights sleep... her eyelids begin to flutter and twitch, her head begins to droop slightly, but it shoots back up and she pretends to be listening*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf bends down and picks up Frodo in his arms like an adult would pick up a child and carefully carries him down the stairs*
Frodo: *smiles and thanks Ceolwulf as he sets him down at the foot of the stairs*
Rian: *as soon as she sees frodo and ceolwulf she stands up and bows...* my lord! *she exclaims happily as though she had not seen another person for many years*
Ador the Guard: *Ah, more people to hear my stories, he thinks*
Frodo: Hail, Rian and Ador! Rian is urgently needed upstairs!
Ador the Guard: *He bows low to Frodo and Ceolwulf when they arrive*
Ador the Guard: Hail, Great Shakh!
Frodo: *winks at Rian*
Ador the Guard: Welcome again. It has been a while since we saw you. We do not get many visitors down here, and it is such an honor to have you
Frodo: *please don't start about my humors, Frodo silently pleads*
Rian: *rian beams at frodo, but still the guard goes on... her heart sinks and her smile fades*
Frodo: Ah, well, thank you, but I must take Rian upstairs now
Ador the Guard: I was just telling the lady over there about the seriousness of balancing humors in the body
Frodo: Perhaps another time
Ador the Guard: The seriousness of letting bile accumulate and fermenting in the intestines
Frodo: *raises his eyebrows and feigns interest* Mmm! I see!
Ador the Guard: Now, Shakh, if you would care to hear this, your health would be greatly improved
Frodo: *motions to Rian to get up and start for the stairs*
Frodo: Ah, really? But I think you told me this last time, didn't you?
Ador the Guard: You are affected by plegm by what your servant tells me. What you must do is go to bed, tell your manservant to wrap you up tightly with blankets, give you lots of wine mixed with hellebore
Ador the Guard: Hellebore will cure you
Frodo: Hellebore. I see.
Rian: *rian sees frodo motion for her go upstairs but still she does not know if she should.... for who knows who is really in charge in this place from one day to the next?*
Frodo: *Hellebore...bore. Well, this guard is a bore and no mistake*
Ador the Guard: Ignore the vomiting and diarrhea. That is a side effect and not harmful. It is also a sign your body is being purged of the foul humor and the poisons that torment your system
Frodo: *stifles an incredulous laugh* Ah, I see!
Ador the Guard: My grandfather was afflicted much in the same way as you are
Frodo: I am sorry to hear that.
Ador the Guard: He is dead now
Rian: *she thinks... this guard is so boring he should be employed as a torturer in the dark tower... nay, he should have been in angband of old*
Frodo: I am sorry for your loss then.
Ador the Guard: No, that was many years ago. He took hellebore shortly before he died, but it was too late to save him
Frodo: *mouths "hurry up, go while he's distracted" to Rian*
Frodo: Ah I see.
Frodo: *If hellebore makes you vomit, how does it stay in your body? Frodo wonders....but it doesn't matter! Why am I pondering over this!*
Ador the Guard: Did you know that there were four humors you must keep in balance? They are earth, air, fire and water
Frodo: Well, Ador, we must go now
Frodo: Ah, yes, you told me before
Frodo: Perhaps you can enlighten us about the humors another time
Frodo: *starts for the stairs*
Ador the Guard: Too much earth will make you melancholic; too much air will make you sanguine, too much fire will make you choleric and too much water will make you phlegmatic. You are getting too much water Shakh
Ador the Guard: Come back Master Baggins. Come back! I want to help you!
Frodo: *feels a pang of guilt*
Rian: *she looks at frodo desperately*
Ador the Guard: *The guard shakes his head, and thinks to himself... if he had only listened to me....*
Frodo: *motions to Rian to go upstairs and decides to suffer the guard for a little while longer by himself...just to be polite...just for a little while*
Frodo: Well, Ador, I thank you for your concern, but I have only a few minutes
Ador the Guard: *He calls to him* As you will, shakh, but remember, the hellebore!
Frodo: Yes, thank you!
Frodo: *whispers to ceolwulf* Let's go while we have a chance!
Rian: *rian nods to frodo and bows, quickly scurrying up the stairs, hoping that doom will not fall upon her head. she no longer knows whom to obey, frodo or those of mordor*
Ceolwulf: *concerned that Frodo is rushing too much, Ceolwulf says* Let me carry you up the stairs
Frodo: All right *holds onto Ceolwulf's neck as he is lifted*
Frodo: *Frodo casts anxious glances back at the guard, half expecting to be called back*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf lifts Frodo and starts up the stairs with him*
Rian: *rian looks to frodo gratefully* thank you my lord, i thought i would never get away.
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf puts Frodo down when they come to the top of the stairs* Do you wish to go back to the walkway or to your room, Master Frodo?
Frodo: *Everything reminds him of Lugburz now...especially Rian's last remark.* Glad to be your rescuer, Rian *smiles and bows*
Rian: *she blushes slightly and smiles, bowing in her turn* indeed, i am grateful. *she sighs in relief*
Frodo: Let's go back to the room. I am getting tired
Rian: *frodo had rescued her from far worse than the talkative guard - from being bought by a cruel master or being sacrificed to sauron*
Frodo: *It is early in the morning but Frodo finds himself getting tired quite often lately*
Ceolwulf: Come then, Master Frodo. Rian, go to the kitchen and prepare some tea for Frodo and a glass of wine if you will
Rian: yes, sir *she nods to ceolwulf and bows to frodo, and goes to the kitchen*
Frodo: *starts walking to his room*
Ceolwulf: *Frodo and Ceolwulf go to Frodo's room and they sit down at the small table in his room.*
Vartang: *Vartang back on the walkway grows impatient. He asks a servant* Where is Shakh Baggins? *when he is told, he smiles, and walks towards Frodo's room*
Vartang: *As they wait their tea and wine, the door suddenly opens and in walks Vartang*
Frodo: *Feeling quite hot, Frodo splashes water from his washstand on his face*
Frodo: *looks up dripping wet at Vartang*
Rian: *soon, rian comes back with a tray.... upon it is a cup of tea for frodo and a goblet of wine for ceolwulf. she heads towards frodos room*
Frodo: *grabs the towel and dries his face off* *mumbles into the towel* Oh hello Vartang
Vartang: I see that you found the serving wench. I passed her as I came up the hall
Frodo: Yes, we found her downstairs listening to that infernal guard
Rian: *rian soon enters frodos room.... sees vartang there, a shiver of fear runs through her spine. the twins told her that he beheaded 17 men in one night. she turns her head away from him and sets the tray down on the table*
Vartang: *Vartang takes his usual position of leaning up against the wall near the doorway* What do you mean, Shakh? Infernal guard?
Frodo: *thanks Rian and turns to Vartang* Oh, just that he talks incessantly
Frodo: *begins to feel afraid of Vartang*
Rian: *she thinks.... vartang will want wine. she looks at him* my lord? wine?
Vartang: Aye, a goblet of wine would suit well
Rian: *she goes to frodos cabinet, gets out a goblet, fills it with wine... then takes it back to vartang. she bows to him slightly then goes to the bench where she is wont to sit*
Frodo: *when Vartang's back is turned he dips his hands in the water again and smears them over his face*
Vartang: Shakh *Again his patient infuriating tone of speech* Shakh, that "infernal guard" as you call him would give his life for you, as would any other soldier of Mordor
Vartang: *Vartang has had only two goblets of wine this morning since he arose*
Vartang: *He gulps it down quickly*
Frodo: *with bitter sarcasm* Oh? Any soldier of Mordor?....well. Perhaps I was wrong to call that guard infernal.
Vartang: Ahh... *he says, and wipes off his mouth with his hand*
Frodo: *it is not worth it to argue about the guard with Vartang*
Vartang: *he is not amused at Frodo's reference to "infernal" but does not show it*
Frodo: He was well meaning after all...just difficult to listen to.
Vartang: Shakh, I have noticed something. You never smoke your pipe anymore. You took it with you on your journey here
Vartang: Smoking might help clear your lungs
Rian: *she silently listens to the exchange between frodo and vartang*
Frodo: *raises his eyebrows*
Frodo: *He has not smoked his pipe because it is too powerful a reminder of Sam and the Shire and everything he has lost*
Vartang: *He finishes his goblet quickly* Rian, here, take the glass. I want to enjoy a pipe with the Shakh as I did that first time in Lugburz
Frodo: *stands up angrily, biting back hasty words*
Rian: *she gets up off the bench, approaches vartang, takes the goblet from his hand and puts it back onthe top of the cabinet. then she walks back to the bench*
Frodo: *backs away from Vartang, panting, with a sudden desperation in his face*
Rian: *her eyes widen at frodos sudden movements*
Vartang: Shakh? I thought it might bring back old memories to you *He grins with a mocking smile*
Vartang: Go ahead and enjoy a pipe *he takes a pipe with a long stem from his tunic, then a pouch of tobacco. He packs the pipe bowl, walks over to a candle, takes it out of the holder and lights his pipe*
Frodo: *This is too much, far too much. Old memories indeed! He turns and stalks out of the room*
Frodo: *calls back angrily* No thank you!
Vartang: Ah, Rian. I guess the thoughts of Lugburz were just a bit too much for him *he looks at her and smiles*
Frodo: *starts back to the walkway*
Rian: *she says cautiously* yes, my lord... i think they were.
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf leaves the room right behind Frodo and catches up with him as he goes to the walkway*
Ceolwulf: Wait up, Master Frodo!
Frodo: *Frodo immediately lets loose a tirade against Vartang* The nerve! Can you believe it! He actually...!
Frodo: The evil, mocking, cruel sinister fiend!
Rian: *back in frodos room, rian gets up off the bench and bows to vartang* i think i shall go find my master. he seemed distraught
Frodo: *runs his hands through his hair and starts to calm down, surprised at his own outburst*
Ceolwulf: Master Frodo, yes, he is all that. Indeed it is true
Ceolwulf: Did he really give you a pipe?
Frodo: *explains to Ceolwulf* The first time I saw him, I was in my cell. I don't know how long I had been there; it was one of the times when they let me rest so I wouldn't die when they tortured me again.
Frodo: He walked in, treated me just as he treats me now
Frodo: As if nothing were wrong! I was starving, and covered in blood and filth! He just tried to remind me of all that, and that soon...*cuts himself off*.
Vartang: *Vartang, still back in Frodo's room, says to Rian* As you will, my lady. Obviously you do not enjoy the present company
Rian: *her eyes widen a bit* n..nay, my lord. it is not that! it is just that.... well, lord frodo seemed troubled.
Vartang: *He walks over to her before she can leave and takes her hand. He looks into her eyes* Maid, are you afraid of me?
Rian: *she look away, trembling slightly. whispers softly* y...yes...
Frodo: *remembers Ceolwulf's question* Yes, he did give me a pipe. That was when they all started treating me like some great lord *spits the words out angrily*
Ceolwulf: Master Frodo, I think you should sit down *He pulls out a chair for Frodo*
Frodo: *sits down in the chair fuming*
Vartang: *He says in a soft tone* Pray, why, maid? Why are you afraid of me?
Rian: *she wonders if there is any right answer to questions like these. she still whispers* you killed seventeen men, lord.
Vartang: *He looks at her* Yes, I did and many more besides in the past. Does that frighten you?
Ceolwulf: Master Frodo, there is no sense in thinking about the past
Ceolwulf: Is it not better to be here than in Lugburz?
Rian: *again, rian wonders how to respond. what kind of answer will preseve her life? she says only* yes
Vartang: Then, maid, you answered well. You have good reason to be frightened *he releases her hand*
Rian: *she retreats her arm and holds it tightly against her stomach. she dares not breath a sigh of relief - no, not yet* thank you, my lord.
Vartang: *He finishes his pipe, lifts his right foot up, taps the bowl on the bottom of his boot, then blows on the pipe to cool it off and puts it back in his tunic*
Rian: *she looks at the ashes on the floor, then looks back to vartang at disblief. well, at least there wasnt straw on the floor like in a peasants hut*
Vartang: Maid, pray do not let me keep you from attending to your duties. I shall go to the walkway
Frodo: *At Ceolwulf's question, Frodo's eyes shift out of focus and stare down at the table. His fists clench the side of the table with white knuckles*
Frodo: *He tries not to give away his turmoil but loses the battle. He drops his head to his hands and his fists clench in his salt-and-pepper curls*
Ceolwulf: Frodo! Anything must be better than Lugburz!
Ceolwulf: You are here now, fairly safe
Rian: *rian goes to get a broom and pan from a storeroom, then goes back to frodos room and sweeps up the ashes. then she goes outside and dumps them, then goes back inside the hall*
Frodo: *raises his head but keeps it down, trying to conceal his expression from Ceolwulf* Yes, yes, it is better here....yes, anything is better...yes!
Vartang: *Vartang walks out of Frodo's room and goes to the walkway* Shakh, a pipe right after a glass of wine sets the day off right, doesn't it?
Vartang: *He leans up against the column, one foot propped up against the bannister, looks to a waiting servant* Wine!
Frodo: *rises and walks to the bannister, looking out just over the top into the garden, afraid his eyes will fill and overflow*
Frodo: *murmurs inaudibly* Yes Vartang, just right
Elffled: *elffled comes out of the shadows once more, goes to the cabinet and pours vartang a goblet of wine... then walks to him and hands him the goblet*
Vartang: *Takes a hefty drink of wine* Shakh, I thought you would see it that way
Frodo: *bows his head and returns to the table, quiet and cowed like a beaten animal*
Narrator: *Frodo thinks that these will possibly be the last days he has to spend with his "family."*
Elffled: *after leaving vartang, elffled passes by frodo, and notices that he seems to be fighting a losing battle with despair*
Elffled: *she pauses, bends her head down to him and whispers* my lord? is all well?
Frodo: *meets her eyes only for a second, knowing his expression will betray him* Yes, yes. All is well my dear. Don't worry.
Ceolwulf: *He gets up from his chair, walks over to Frodo, puts his hand on his shoulder* Frodo, what is wrong? You can tell me
Ceolwulf: Was it the pipe? Was that it? It brought back memories?
Frodo: *Frodo covers Ceolwulf's hand with his small one and sighs* No, I can't tell you. I am forbidden to tell you, remember?
Elffled: *she stands nearby, close to frodos chair, looking at him, concern written upon her face*
Frodo: *smiles gratefully up at Elffled* Yes, that was mainly it. The pipe brought back many painful memories
Ceolwulf: *He sighs* Yes, I know, you told me you could not say anything about your meeting with Vartang recently *he whispers this to Frodo, knowing that Vartang is near*
Vartang: *Vartang watches in amusement as they whisper, not caring what they say*
Vartang: *He drinks his wine and sighs* A beautiful day, isn't it, shakh?
Elffled: *elffled looks at vartang, and thinks what a pompous buffoon he is*
Frodo: *shoots a glare at Vartang, then turns back to Ceolwulf and whispers as quietly as he can, hoping his ring will not punish him for this* It will be soon!
Vartang: *He thinks another drink, then exhales* Ah... Nurn......
Frodo: *winces and clutches his hand with the ring under the table*
Elffled: *she takes a furtive step closer to frodos chair, hoping to overhear what he and ceolwulf are whispering*
Frodo: *His eyes glaze over and he begins to enter one of his eerie trances*
Vartang: It is good, Shakh, you have enjoyed your stay here so much
Frodo: *Horror remains frozen on his face for long moments*
Ceolwulf: *He feels Frodo's shoulders tense. He removes his hand and moves over and looks at him* Master Frodo? Speak!
Frodo: *Frodo hears him faintly over the taunts of Sauron*
Elffled: *elffled, on the other side of frodos chair, kneels beside it and gently takes frodo's hand. she looks up at his face, its features frozen in terror* my lord..?
Vartang: Ah, Shakh, it is so touching to see these homey moments *he smiles and takes another drink of wine*
Frodo: *He tries to speak to them but scenes of the Dark Tower, of the Dark Lord's incredible might, fill his waking vision*
Vartang: *Knowing exactly what is causing Frodo's distress, Vartang settles against the column and gloats to himself*
Frodo: *Finally his eyes obey his command to shift their gaze and rest on Ceolwulf peering into his face*
Ceolwulf: What is it, Master Frodo? Another one of those strange fits that come upon you?
Elffled: *she gently squeezes frodo's hand and looks up at him, worried*
Frodo: *nods wearily and slumps back in the chair. He notices Elffled next to him and squeezes her hand back*
Ceolwulf: *He puts his hand on Frodo's forehead, thinking he must be having another fever*
Frodo: Ceolwulf, lad, go and see if Sador has anything for pain
Frodo: *his voice is strained from the pain in his shoulder*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf's face blanches* Pain? Pain?
Elffled: *her eyes widen and she gasps* my lord?!
Frodo: *nods* Don't fret lad, it's all right, just ask him.
Ceolwulf: Yes, Master, as fast as I can. I will go to his room and tell him. I know he will have something
Vartang: *Vartang finishes his glass of wine and chuckles to himself* More wine!
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf hurries to Sador's room, tells him the problem. Sador his medicine chest and returns with Ceolwulf to the walkway*
Elffled: *elffled gives frodo's hand a last gentle squeeze, rises to her feet and walks to the cabinet.... she pours vartang yet another glass of wine, walks to him and hands him the goblet, then returns to frodos side*
Narrator: *Huffing and puffing, Sador hurries as fast as his bulk can take him and rushes to the walkway*
Sador: Small Master! Sador have just what you need!
Frodo: *Frodo realizes he is hoping to get relief from Sauron's punishment from a Sauron futile that seems*
Sador: *he goes over to the wine bottle on the cabinet, brings it and a goblet to the table. He takes a black jar filled with black powder and pours it into the goblet, mixes it up, takes it to Frodo* Drink this Little Master
Frodo: *Frodo takes the goblet and drinks its contents*
Sador: Master! Master! This medicine from east! It heal all pain and sometimes bad memories! *he smiles and flashes his gold tooth*
Sador: Drink, drink! You feel good soon
Frodo: *Frodo drinks the potion as quickly as he can, but has some trouble. His right hand is burned from the ring, but his left hand is unusable because of his shoulder*
Frodo: *gulps it down as fast as he can, then sets the goblet back on the table*
Ceolwulf: Maybe it will help, Master Frodo
Sador: Anything else you need, small master, before Sador go to kitchen, see about cakes, sweet cakes with poppyseeds, like Sador like?
Frodo: *already beginning to look sleepy* No thank you, I think I'll be fine now.
Sador: *Sador bows repeatedly and backs into the hall and heads towards the kitchen*
Frodo: *Frodo's head begins to nod*
Ceolwulf: Frodo, would you like to go back to your room and rest a while?
Frodo: *smiles up at Ceolwulf* Yes, please
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf pulls Frodo's chair out, then picks him up, carries him to his room. By that time, Frodo is almost asleep. He puts him down on the bed and covers him up*
Ceolwulf: *He looks down at him for a moment, and thinks.... how peaceful he looks, with an almost ethereal quality*
Ceolwulf: Sleep well, Master *he says, and takes his chair by the side of the bed*

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