Narrator: *It is March 20, 3019. Successfully having gotten over the wall of Rohan, Madurz and Khamul have walked the eight miles to the foot of the falls. The stairs to the Seat of Seeing are nearby*
Narrator: *Many choices are before them... but they can walk to the Seat of Seeing to have a vision of the present that may aid them and allow them to see the landscape all around they so you know what they are facing*
Narrator: *Would they not like to see what is going on in other places of Middle-Earth?*
Madurz: *Her feet begin to tire* come Ashgaz
Ashgaz: My lady, do you wish to rest?
Ashgaz: We have walked a long way today
Narrator: *they can hear the roar of the waterfall to their right*
Madurz: we shall walk a bit more..then a rest
Ashgaz: *stares at the falls in wonder*
Narrator: *The portage path can barely be seen and if they go that way they must make their way around trees and ruins of old fortifications*
Ashgaz: *has never seen such a waterfall*
Ashgaz: It seems we have a choice of paths
Ashgaz: There are few marked roads here
Narrator: *Although it is yet early afternoon, it seems to be late evening, for the darkness of the reek of Mordor reaches even this far north*
Ashgaz: We can continue through the wilderness as we have been traveling...
Ashgaz: or we can take that road *gestures to the Portage road*
Narrator: *a feeling inside both of them bids them to climb and see*
Ashgaz: I do not think it is out of our way...
Madurz: and i both know what we want
Narrator: *They have heard old legends about this hill and its powers.. perhaps they would want to see if they were true. What do they have to lose? Only time*
Ashgaz: Then let us go see what is really on that hill.
Madurz: my mind has plagued me of what is to be of Khamul
Madurz: if there is a chance.. *trails off not needing to explain more*
Ashgaz: Perhaps we will find news of him there
Narrator: *there are no answers yet.... only the sound of the rushing water as it plunges over the falls*
Ashgaz: I think there is, lady
Ashgaz: He is very strong.
Madurz: if it is a matter of strength yes
Madurz: but i am unsure
Narrator: *The less than 2 mile journey uphill would only take about 45 minutes if they hurry*
Madurz: *she carries the loads on her back and begins to climb*
Ashgaz: *climbs after her*
Ashgaz: Lady, perhaps I should take the load now
Ashgaz: There is no one around
Ashgaz: I wouldn't want anyone to see a pack floating above the ground *laughs*...
Ashgaz: but there is no one to see, it seems
Madurz: all right...but give it to me when we near the top
Ashgaz: and you are weary
Ashgaz: *takes the pack*
Ashgaz: *Their curiosity increases as they climb higher*
Madurz: *she is thankful she has company in this jouney*
Narrator: *the area indeed seems deserted, but one never knows in the wilds of Middle Earth...*
Ashgaz: *senses the lady's thought and smiles*
Narrator: *and in these lonely, deserted places, one always has a feeling they are being watched by unseen eyes... even if there are none around...*
Ashgaz: *They are united in their concern for Khamul, but Ashgaz is also curious about all the new sights they are experiencing*
Madurz: Ashgaz...give me the pack...*after about a half hour of travel uphil*
Ashgaz: *having never left the Shire before that fateful day*
Narrator: *they see to their right a log as it rushes over the falls on its way down the anduin to the sea*
Ashgaz: Are you sure, my lady?
Madurz: yes
Ashgaz: *gives it to her*
Narrator: *They are almost to the top... and then there will be a short walk through the woods and up a hill to Amon Hen*
Ashgaz: *becomes invisible again*
Ashgaz: *They reach the woods*
Ashgaz: *The sight of woods makes Ashgaz nervous*
Narrator: *they find a trace of a path leading up the hill*
Madurz: *sighs heavily*
Ashgaz: *They take the path up into the woods*
Narrator: *their words are almost drown out by the sound of the roaring waterfall and they sometimes have to speak loudly to be heard*
Ashgaz: What ails you?
Madurz: i do not know what is more body or mind
Madurz: and i fear what i might see
Ashgaz: We can rest here
Narrator: *the woods show signs of early spring... but the wind is chill for it is from the north*
Madurz: no..we must get there..this is a very long journey
Ashgaz: I am afraid for your health
Ashgaz: You must not become ill on this journey
Madurz: theres a lot i must survie
Madurz: walking is on the bottom of the list
Ashgaz: We must make sure you take care of yourself so you can meet whatever challenges may come.
Narrator: *the hill upon which the seat of seeing sits is above them and to the left...*
Madurz: i appriciate your concern
Madurz: there.
Ashgaz: *smiles*
Narrator: *only about a half a mile farther and they will be to the Seat of Seeing*
Ashgaz: Can you see the top from here?
Narrator: *they can see the top covered in trees*
Ashgaz: I can't see very well in anything but darkness
Madurz: *her heart beats with nervous anticipation*
Madurz: *takes Ashgaz's hand*
Madurz: come on
Narrator: *the wind shifts from the north and blows from the east*
Ashgaz: *They walk firmly up the hill to the top*
Narrator: *dark clouds obscure the sun*
Narrator: *they are at the top of the hill....*
Narrator: *and see the old ruins before them*
Madurz: *squeezes Ashgaz's hand before releasing it*
Narrator: *there is a circular foundation*
Ashgaz: *is breathless at the impressive ruins*
Narrator: *with a path going to the center... where there is a stone throne with a set of steps going to it*
Narrator: *Once, this was a watch-tower made by the kings of old*
Madurz: *she moves up the stairs*
Narrator: *To try to have a vision, they must go within the circular foundation... up the path and the stairs... and sit in the seat*
Ashgaz: *follows her*
Ashgaz: *they are both staring at the seat*
Ashgaz: *looks up gravely at the lady*
Narrator: *Now they must decide who will have the first vision...*
Madurz: *she sits facing the direction of Mordor..breathing accelerates*
Ashgaz: *backs away as the lady sits*
Narrator: *The lady sees all the lands in the direction of Mordor, travelling ever nearer to its boundaries*
Narrator: *The great Anduin before her... the Dead Marshes and No Mans Lands... the mountains of Shadow.... the plains of Gorgoroth... and finally.....
Madurz: *she begins to shiver*
Narrator: *Beyond Orodurin and its ever growing reek of darkness and ash... she sees eight riders circling....*
Narrator: *a tower... of many towers, battlement upon battlement, tower of andament....*
Ashgaz: *His brow contracts with worry and suspense*
Narrator: *Barad-Dur in all its dark splendor.....*
Narrator: *And there is an Eye in the tower... but it is not turned to the outside.... but to its own lands... where many rumors are circulating....*
Madurz: *her eyes widen*
Narrator: *she is able to see inside the tower.... a dark room....*
Narrator: *even though the visions have no sound... this place seems somehow deathly quiet.....*
Narrator: *and then the vision passes*
Madurz: *she blinks*
Ashgaz: *The lady seems to be coming out of the vision*
Ashgaz: *runs over to help her out of the chair*
Madurz: dissatisfied and speaks a bit loudly* where was he?
Narrator: *but there is no answer, only quiet*
Ashgaz: Where was who?
Madurz: *shakes Ashgaz off*
Ashgaz: *draws back, surprised*
Narrator: *total, deafening silence*
Ashgaz: You didn't see him?
Madurz: *grits her teeth traveling with each step to here hoping to catch a gimpse of Khamul but saw nothing of that*
Narrator: *she saw only that and no more*
Madurz: *she takes Ash by the shoulders*
Ashgaz: *his eyes widen*
Narrator: *The seat seems to wait for the next to test its powers*
Madurz: you sit in the same have a similar might see more..i am willing to take that chance...dont you dare face the Shire
Madurz: *releases her grip*
Ashgaz: *sits in the same direction*
Narrator: *ever the water below them rushes.... and the wind seems to laugh*
Ashgaz: *feels a sharp pang for the Shire*
Madurz: *places her head in her hand*
Ashgaz: *but decides to let the spirits of the visions do what they will*
Narrator: *As Ashgaz sits on the seat, all appears to be a world of mist and dark shadows... with nothing really clear...*
Narrator: *But then his vision becomes clearer and he can see all around*
Narrator: *The choice of which direction to look is his*
Narrator: *for on this seat you can see in all directions if you wish*
Ashgaz: *feels an incredible pull from the Shire*
Ashgaz: *He remembers the lady's words and is torn*
Ashgaz: *He decides to face Mordor...first...*
Ashgaz: *He faces Mordor*
Narrator: *his vision is taken ever eastward*
Narrator: *He sees the River Anduin before him.... then the Dead Marshes... the Nindalf... the No Man lands that lie before Mordor... lands of ash where nothing will grow again...*
Narrator: *and then he sees the mountains... the Ephal Duath... Mountains of Shadow... craggy peaks of darkness...*
Narrator: *and orcs and men and fell creatures swarming around... preparing for the next strike upon the lands of the West...*
Ashgaz: *shudders*
Narrator: *He sees the valely of Undun... the Isenmouth.... to the north of Mordor where the mountains of Shadow connect with the mountains of Ash*
Narrator: *and there are many orcs in this area... in a camp not too far from there... he sees two among them... two small creatures...*
Narrator: *bound hand and foot.... and orcs with spears guarding them... but then his vision is taken ever south and east...*
Ashgaz: *is troubled about the vision of the small creatures*
Ashgaz: *they looked like hobbits*
Ashgaz: *and they looked familiar*
Narrator: *Yet he does not know who they are and the vision continues.... and he passes the plains of Gorgoroth, amid the torment of Orodurin...*
Narrator: *he passes Orodurin and sees it... the Dark Tower... Tower of Adamant... Barad-Dur...Lugburz...*
Narrator: *And even though he is a servant of the Eye, the Eye pays him no heed... for it is concerned about reports of spies and strange creatures within its borders....*
Narrator: *and he sees within the tower..... through many corridors and walls.... and men and orcs moving contniously...*
Ashgaz: *only his concern for the lady and Khamul keeps him from turning away*
Narrator: *and his vision becomes clearer with the darkness....*
Narrator: *and he sees a room....*
Narrator: *and a dark bed with canopies like shadow....*
Narrator: *and a figure of light lying upon it....*
Ashgaz: *his breathing quickens*
Madurz: *watches Ashgaz*
Narrator: *The figure is of a man... in gray and white robes.... he appears to be middle-aged.... has a short beard....*
Narrator: *his eyes are closed and it appears that he is sleeping*
Narrator: *and there is a ring on his finger.... gold adorned with leaves of green and gold stones....*
Narrator: *but that is all he will see in that direction*
Ashgaz: *He recognizes his master in the bed*
Ashgaz: *though he has never seen him this clearly before*
Madurz: *she cannot tell is Ashgaz is done with the vision..waits*
Ashgaz: *He reaches out, but then the vision passes*
Ashgaz: *but Ashgaz remains in the realm of visions*
Ashgaz: *He feels a pull from the Shire as great as that of Mordor*
Narrator: *No matter how many times you might take the seat again there will be no visions from the seat again this day*
Ashgaz: *and he is as bound to his people there as Madurz is to the Nine*
Ashgaz: *so he turns and faces the Shire*
Narrator: *as he looks his eyes travel to the northwest...*
Narrator: *over fangorn forest... across the misty mountains...*
Narrator: *orcs pouring out of the misty mountains in preparation for yet another strike in the great war...*
Narrator: *A dark cloud rises over Moria and his eyes are drawn ever northwestward across the desolate empty lands to the Shire*
Ashgaz: *his heart pounds...orcs so close to the Shire*
Narrator: *but the Shire remains peaceful at this time...*
Madurz: *she waits for Ash to be done*
Narrator: *For the war has not yet touched its borders....*
Madurz: *gritting her teeth as she sees his turned direction...he better not fail her in a time of need*
Ashgaz: *his heart leaps at the familiar landscape*
Narrator: *the vision continues for Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *He sees many hobbit holes, all of which he recognizes*
Ashgaz: *bright-colored doors set in green hills*
Ashgaz: *with flower and vegetable gardens*
Ashgaz: *He sees Hobbiton and Bag End*
Ashgaz: *and suddenly remembers Frodo*
Ashgaz: *He sees Bagshot Row nearby*
Ashgaz: *The Gaffer is sitting outside his door looking pensive*
Ashgaz: *like something is bothering him, but he can't tell what*
Ashgaz: *then Ashgaz' vision passes to Buckland*
Ashgaz: *It is all just as he remembered, and he sees much more than exists in his dwindling memory*
Ashgaz: *The longing and regret are almost a physical pain*
Ashgaz: *He sees the wooded road where he was stabbed*
Ashgaz: *There is a patch of dark, discolored grass underneath the trees beside the road*
Ashgaz: *He sees two hobbits looking at it and scratching their heads*
Ashgaz: *He realizes the patch is his blood on the grass*
Ashgaz: *His vision quickly passes away from there*
Ashgaz: *down the road to his home*
Ashgaz: *His father is sitting outside reading a book*
Ashgaz: *His brother is working in the garden and his sister is playing with a doll*
Ashgaz: *but it seems to be a very awkward silence*
Narrator: *The Seat of Seeing can be both a curse and a blessing...*
Ashgaz: *He sees a room inside the house*
Ashgaz: *His mother sits in a chair at her bedroom window*
Ashgaz: *She leans her face on her hand and looks out the window*
Ashgaz: *Sadness and despair are in her eyes*
Ashgaz: *It pains Ashgaz to see her like that*
Ashgaz: *He remembers her as being happy*
Ashgaz: *His vision passes further up the road to the smial he visited most often*
Ashgaz: *Mary's family is having dinner*
Ashgaz: *but Mary is not with them*
Ashgaz: *He breathes heavily wondering where she is*
Ashgaz: *Mary's family looks as solemn as his own*
Ashgaz: *He passes into a room further inside the house*
Ashgaz: *Mary's bedroom. She is lying face down on the bed, her face buried in her pillow*
Ashgaz: *Her shoulders are shaking*
Ashgaz: *Mary looks up at a picture on her bedside table--a picture of him as he was*
Ashgaz: *and her grief is so terrible that he covers his face*
Ashgaz: *and his visions end*
Narrator: *and the wind blows from the east... a soft breeze...*
Narrator: *The river rushes ever on to the sea as it has for untold years*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz rises from the seat, then collapses weeping*
Narrator: *A place of peace, really.... perhaps a place one would never want to leave... but then again, perhaps a place one would wish to flee....*

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