March 25, 3019

Frodo played by Hobbitness
Sam played by FreeFall
Sauron played by Wraith

Sauron the Great: *Frodo and Sam escaped from Cirith Ungol disguised as orcs. They fell in with a group of orcs near the Isenmouth and were captured*
Sauron the Great: *Their idenity was discovered.... that they were not really orcs, but two hobbits*
Sauron the Great: *In the book, Frodo and Sam escaped from the company of orcs when the group of orcs they were with met another group of orcs and a fight broke out. However, this is not so in our story, and the idenities of the two are soon discovered*
Sauron the Great: *They are bound hand and foot and taken to Lugburz, the Dark Tower of Barad-dur*
Sauron the Great: *Frodo and Sam have been imprisioned at Lugburz. They were first searched*
Sauron the Great: *And interesting item was found on Frodo*
Sauron the Great: *The orc who searched Frodo received a great reward and a promotion for his vigilance*
Sauron the Great: *The date is now March 25 and the two are taken by the Nazgul to appear before Sauron the Great*
Sauron the Great: *The three Nazgul that surround them have an intense aura of deathly cold and horrifying fear*
Sauron the Great: *And each step that they take towards Sauron's Great Hall causes the two hobbits to fear even more... for few mortals can withstand the horror of Sauron*
Sauron the Great: *The Ring now sits upon Sauron's hand.... The head Nazgul orders them to bow before Sauron*
Frodo: *Frodo glares up at Sauron with intense hatred*
Frodo: *hardly able to bear the sight of the Dark Lord*
Frodo: *let alone the Ring on his hand*
Samwise: *he enters..trembling...unable to believe that the mission has been a failure and here he stands with his best friend in such doom..he bows*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron speaks* Welcome to my hall, Master Baggins and Master Gamgee
Frodo: *Frodo cannot bring himself to bow*
Frodo: *He has failed, but he still knows Sauron will be the doom of Middle Earth*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, I have long waited to see you
Frodo: *Trembling but erect, Frodo maintains his cold silence*
Sauron the Great: And now *cunningly he says* And now you decline to bow? Do you now, Master Baggins?
Sauron the Great: Is that not most rude?
Sauron the Great: Master Gamgee bows. Why not you?
Frodo: *bitterly* I know there is nothing I can do against you now
Samwise: *Sam tilts his head to Frodo*
Frodo: I know I have failed
Frodo: Utterly and miserably
Sauron the Great: Nay, you have not failed. You have brought me my Ring
Frodo: But I cannot acknowledge you as the rightful Lord of Middle Earth!
Frodo: Middle Earth belongs to its own people
Sauron the Great: *he waves his hand in a grandiose manner, the light from the torches glimmering off it*
Frodo: And may Eru and Elbereth help them now!
Sauron the Great: Ah, Master Baggins, it is good we have this conversation
Samwise: *vbecomes endeared by Frodo's sincereity and bravery and lifts from his bowed position*
Sauron the Great: *He waves his hand again, so Frodo will see the Ring upon it*
Frodo: *Frodo's knees go weak at the sight and he grabs onto Sam's arm*
Sauron the Great: Ah, Master Baggins, come and look *He holds his hands out and Frodo finds his legs carrying him near it*
Sauron the Great: *weak though he might be*
Frodo: *Frodo reaches the steps of Sauron's throne*
Frodo: *He stares at the Ring, consumed by it*
Samwise: *his eyes widen..scared for him*
Sauron the Great: Behold, my Ring!
Frodo: *It calls to him...*
Sauron the Great: Ah, but would you like to wear it again, Master Baggins?
Samwise: why taunt him with have it now
Frodo: *His glance shoots up to meet Sauron's with burning anger*
Sauron the Great: And what about your friend, Master Gamgee? Would he like to wear it again?
Frodo: *Then pierced by the fire of Sauron's gaze he turns away*
Samwise: *he breathes heavily*
Frodo: *and stands there shaking*
Sauron the Great: *Fire flashes from his eyes and Sam finds himself sprawling on the floor*
Frodo: *Frodo runs to Sam*
Frodo: *and shouts curses at Sauron*
Samwise: *he screams*
Sauron the Great: *Another flash of fire and Frodo too finds himself on the floor*
Sauron the Great: You creatures are so rude *He smiles*
Sauron the Great: Did they not teach you manners where you come from? Speak!
Frodo: *Though prostrate on the floor, Frodo finds Sam's hand and gives it a furtive squeeze*
Frodo: *Frodo manages to sit up*
Sauron the Great: Ah, such a tender moment to see you two little creatures seeking comfort from each other
Sauron the Great: *Another blast of fire and Frodo is knocked to the floor again*
Samwise: Mr. Frodo!
Frodo: *panting* I'm all right, Sam...I'm all right
Sauron the Great: I had such grand plans for you two, so elusive and cunning
Samwise: What do you want with us?
Sauron the Great: Ah, but a small thing
Frodo: *Frodo raises his eyebrows*
Sauron the Great: But we will converse first. Seldom have I seen anything like you
Sauron the Great: Now stand up, both of you *They can feel the power coming back to their bodies*
Frodo: *Frodo struggles to his feet*
Samwise: *stand quickly..still panting*
Sauron the Great: Ah, Mr. Gamgee, what do I see in your mind? Ah, let me have a look
Frodo: You foul Lord of Darkness, we have no desire to speak to you!
Sauron the Great: I see a fair maiden, a friend of yours, is she not?
Samwise: *for all the fellowship's pain and they instill agony in his heart*
Sauron the Great: And I see your father, an old halfling
Samwise: *this heart now sinks*
Sauron the Great: He is up in years now, is he not?
Frodo: *Frodo feels little but hatred--hatred for Sauron, for the Nazgul, and for himself*
Sauron the Great: Your father, Master Gamgee... You call him the Gaffer?
Samwise: *his posture slumps*
Frodo: *He is a failure, and his heart twists at each sigh or look of pain from Sam...he has failed all of them*
Sauron the Great: Ah yes, I can tell from your thoughts that he has a bit of trouble seeing and hearing
Sauron the Great: Master Gamgee, it is such a fine thing to see you, and I think I would like to see your father too
Samwise: *he tries to maintain his emotions...though he feel like weeping*
Sauron the Great: And this girl I see in your thoughts.... Her name is... let me see... Rosie
Frodo: *Frodo puts an arm protectively around Sam's shoulders*
Sauron the Great: Ah yes, I would like to see her too
Samwise: You will not!
Sauron the Great: A fine family you have Master Gamgee
Frodo: *bursts out* You will never see them, not if hobbits have any strength left!
Frodo: You do not know the resilience that lies in men and hobbits
Sauron the Great: As we can see, Master Baggins, Hobbits have little strength
Frodo: Even now
Sauron the Great: Ah, Sam Gamgee, I look forward to meeting your family, and it is my hopes that it shall be soon
Frodo: *Oh how he wishes to rush at Sauron--if only he still had his blade of Westernesse!*
Sauron the Great: *His thoughts leave Sam's mind and go to Frodo*
Samwise: *his hands ball into fists but there is nothing he can do*
Sauron the Great: *The Nazgul stand behind them and laugh at both of them*
Sauron the Great: *Their very laughter a terror to behold*
Frodo: *Frodo turns and faces the Nazgul*
Frodo: I withstood you once!
Frodo: I defy you again!
Sauron the Great: *The Nazgul continue laughing*
Frodo: You have the ring but you will never have me, never!
Sauron the Great: Rude, aren't you, Halfling? *Says one of the Nazgul*
Samwise: *places a hand on Frodo's shoulder trrying to calm him*
Frodo: I will not fail in everything *his voice breaks*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron laughs louder than the wraiths and his laughter almost seems to echo off the walls*
Sauron the Great: Never have you, Master Baggins? What a fine little fellow you are!
Sauron the Great: You are both fine little fellows
Sauron the Great: But you were always a thief Master Baggins, always, even in childhood
Sauron the Great: Your thoughts are very clear. You have great anger towards me
Frodo: You are the thief, a thief of all of Middle Earth
Sauron the Great: What a pity! I could have used you
Frodo: You had no right to claim it!
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, your words are harsh
Frodo: That Ring...*he falters* was your tool to take what was not yours!
Sauron the Great: *Sauron is enjoying himself. He has waited for months for this opportunity*
Samwise: *squeezes his shoulder..knowing his words will only bring him pain and he wishes not for that to happen*
Sauron the Great: I am developing a fondness for both of you, dispite your foul words and curses
Sauron the Great: I think I would like to have you both around for a very long time
Sauron the Great: Yes, a very long time
Samwise: we will not do your cruel bidding
Sauron the Great: What do you say to that?
Samwise: nor turn on those we care for
Frodo: *draws strength from Sam's courage*
Sauron the Great: *he stares at them with eyes of fire*
Frodo: *Frodo falls to his knees at Sauron's gaze*
Frodo: *The image of the Ring on his hand fills his mind, a great wheel of fire*
Samwise: *he knows he speaks not to rebellious men or orcs...even Nazgul..but to the Lord himself*
Sauron the Great: While you two are so rude, you will find me a very hospitable host
Sauron the Great: Come to me again, Master Baggins. Look at my Ring
Sauron the Great: What do you see upon my hand? *He holds it up*
Frodo: !No! I won't yield to your pride
Samwise: stay here Mr. Frodo resist it
Frodo: You only want to torment me
Sauron the Great: Torment? You know nothing of torment
Frodo: *covers his eyes and leans against Sam*
Sauron the Great: I have known great pain. My body has been lost twice
Samwise: *places his arm around him*
Sauron the Great: The pain has been good. It has honed my will and made me stronger
Sauron the Great: Great concentration was involved before I could form my body again
Sauron the Great: Ah but you have much time to learn that
Samwise: what do you want with us?
Sauron the Great: I am overjoyed at seeing you. I have longed for a good look at you, Frodo son of Drogo. And now you come to me at this most opportune time
Sauron the Great: Why nothing, Master Gamgee. I already have what I want
Sauron the Great: *He commands one of the Nazgul to lay hands upon Sam*
Samwise: *suspicious a bit why they have not been tortured*
Frodo: *Frodo blindly rushes at the Nazgul*
Samwise: *he cowers a bit but his expression stays strong*
Frodo: *trying to pull Sam away*
Sauron the Great: *Another Nazgul grabs Frodo by his hair and pulls him back*
Samwise: Mr. Frodo! dont
Sauron the Great: *The Third Nazgul comes forward*
Frodo: *fighting back tears* Oh, Sam!
Frodo: Oh, I'm so sorry
Sauron the Great: *And pulls a Knife from beneath his cloak*
Frodo: *Frodo struggles against the Nazgul that holds him*
Samwise: *he takes clumsy steps backwards*
Frodo: !A Elbereth Glithoniel!
Sauron the Great: *While the other holds Sam tightly, the third raises the knife*
Samwise: *thinks of Rosie*
Sauron the Great: *The Nazgul holding Frodo shrieks*
Sauron the Great: *But Sauron commands that Frodo's tongue hang from his mouth*
Sauron the Great: *The third brings the knife slowly down and puts the point of it over Sam's heart*
Sauron the Great: *The blade glows like a chill light and cold emanates from it*
Frodo: *Frodo knows what that blade is*
Samwise: *struggles now*
Frodo: *His shoulder pains him*
Sauron the Great: *The Nazgul holds Sam tighter while the other thrusts the knife slowly into Sam's heart*
Frodo: *Though stricken dumb he breaks free of the stunned Nazgul*
Frodo: !NO!
Samwise: AHHHHH!
Samwise: *he breathes frantically as pain engulfs him*
Sauron the Great: *He pulls the blade out and blood clings to the knife*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron watches in great amusement*
Frodo: *rushes to Sam*
Frodo: *Frodo gathers Sam up in his arms sobbing*
Sauron the Great: *The Nazgul wipes the blood off on his robe and puts the blade inside his cloak... The light of the sun has not hit the blade and therefore it remains intact*
Samwise: *his eyes stare coldy ahead as he clutches his chest*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron laughs*
Frodo: *whispers only to Sam*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron shouts to Frodo* Now behold your friend!
Frodo: Look! None of it broke off
Sauron the Great: It does not matter Frodo... It went through his heart
Sauron the Great: *Sauron says almost consolingly*
Frodo: Then kill me now, you foul fiend!
Sauron the Great: He will soon become a wraith like you should have become upon Weathertop!
Sauron the Great: Nay, Master Baggins. That will not be done
Sauron the Great: You shall live!
Frodo: *screaming in fury* Why him?
Frodo: Why not me?
Samwise: *his body seems cold..he he hears them speak like a background echo*
Sauron the Great: Now bow to your master, you wretched little creature!
Frodo: I hate you, I hate all your evil minions, I hate your dark empire!
Frodo: May death take you all, and swiftly!
Sauron the Great: Oh, it will be great pleasure to have you around, Master Baggins!
Sauron the Great: Or did you wish to join your friend?
Frodo: I wish him to be freed of the spell!
Sauron the Great: Your friend will make a good servant now. He served you well in life
Frodo: I wish it to be transferred to me!
Sauron the Great: Now he shall serve you as he is!
Samwise: *he rolls his head to the side and looks to where Frodo is
Sauron the Great: *He speaks* Gamgee, behold your Master!
Frodo: *Blind with tears, Frodo can hardly make out Sam's face*
Frodo: *Frodo hugs Sam and tries to warm him*
Sauron the Great: *Sam is quickly passing into the world of shadows... becoming a wraith like the Nine except lesser and under their control*
Samwise: *he looks to Sauron over Frodo's shoulder*
Sauron the Great: Gamgee, you will soon forget your own name, but you will not forget who is your Lord. You will now serve me and my servants
Frodo: He will forget nothing
Sauron the Great: ...Forever!
Frodo: I will make sure of that
Sauron the Great: Ah, Master Baggins. You will be a guest here
Sauron the Great: For a very long time
Sauron the Great: Do not fear. You shall be made to live!
Samwise: *his body tenses and his breathing becomes staggerd as the changes begind to take palce slowly*
Frodo: *Frodo gently lays Sam down and places Sam's head in his lap*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron speaks* Master Baggins, whatever came into your mind to bring my Ring to me so willingly?
Samwise: *does not have much expression*
Sauron the Great: Without even a promised reward?
Sauron the Great: Why did you do it, Master Baggins?
Sauron the Great: *Sam passes out... the Morgul posion working in his body*
Frodo: *Frodo cradles Sam and rocks back and forth weeping*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron now commands one of the Nazgul to grab Frodo again by the hair of his head*
Frodo: *Frodo struggles*
Sauron the Great: *He pulls out a blade like the other and puts it on Frodo's throat*
Frodo: *does not care now what happens to him*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron says* Do you wish to join your friend?
Frodo: *though he is filled with terror*
Frodo: *through gritted teeth* I want no part of your kingdom
Sauron the Great: Then you shall not have it!
Frodo: I will pledge no loyalty to you, ever!
Sauron the Great: *The Nazgul takes the blade from his throat and puts it back inside his cloak*
Frodo: *Frodo lets out his breath*
Sauron the Great: The time will not yet be for you to join your friend, but you may gaze upon him
Frodo: *unaware that he was holding it*
Sauron the Great: You may even talk to him
Frodo: *looks up at Sauron, surprised*
Frodo: He will not become invisible?
Sauron the Great: Yes, he will
Sauron the Great: But you will see as much of him as any mortal can
Frodo: *Frodo falls to his knees as though struck with a blow*
Sauron the Great: *The three Nazgul surround Frodo and look down at him and laugh*
Sauron the Great: *The fading body of Sam still lies upon the floor, almost ignored now*
Sauron the Great: *One of the Nazgul is Angmar... the Dreaded King who stabbed Frodo at Weathertop... It was his blade that took Sam*
Frodo: *Frodo recognizes the Witch King*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron again speaks* You resisted my servants at Weathertop
Frodo: *He glares at him with mounting fury*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron is amused at his fury*
Frodo: I will resist your servants forever, Sauron
Sauron the Great: *And he says* Am I to be afraid of a less than four foot tall, insignifcant piece of Shire rubbish?
Sauron the Great: Do not speak my name! My lesser servants do not speak it
Sauron the Great: Call me lord or call me master but do not dare to call me by this name
Sauron the Great: for you wish you had not
Frodo: I would gladly blot all traces of your name from the earth!
Sauron the Great: Ah, you still have spirit, Master Baggins!
Frodo: *staring straight at the Witch King, he cries* A Elbereth Glithoniel!
Sauron the Great: *He waves his hand about again... The Ring catching again the light of torches*
Frodo: *Frodo breaks away from the startled nazgul*
Sauron the Great: *The Witch-King shrieks and hisses at him... The other two back up a bit*
Frodo: *and runs back to Sam*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron watches him, but does not hamper him*
Sauron the Great: Ah, Master Baggins, this was the Ring you wanted to wear
Sauron the Great: You still wish to wear it now?
Frodo: *shakes Sam gently* Sam! My dear Sam
Frodo: *looks up at the Ring*
Sauron the Great: *He holds it up for Frodo to see and commands him silently with the power of his mind to look at it*
Frodo: *He hates its power over him, but he is consumed with longing for it*
Frodo: *His life has no meaning without it*
Sauron the Great: *he waves his hand back and forth slowly, almost a hypnotic rhythmn in the motion*
Sauron the Great: How do you feel without It, Master Baggins?
Sauron the Great: Dark and empty, perhaps, as I have felt these long years without it?
Sauron the Great: When it was so cruelly cut from my finger by Isuldur?
Frodo: *Frodo pants, staring hypnotized at the Ring*
Sauron the Great: *still he waves his hand*
Sauron the Great: You will look at it for many long years, Master Baggins
Frodo: *feels he could not bear that*
Sauron the Great: Ah, but it is your fate, Master Baggins
Sauron the Great: *Sauron speaks kindly... patronizingly*
Frodo: *Frodo hates his superior tone*
Sauron the Great: *So kind and polite after what he has ordered done to Frodo's friend*
Frodo: *The evil, treacherous fiend!*
Sauron the Great: You fool! Do you think your thuoghts are hidden from me!
Frodo: I have betrayed my fate and it is lost
Sauron the Great: I could shrivel your mind with one thought
Frodo: *Frodo's eyes widen*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, you are but an instrument to bring me my Ring back
Sauron the Great: Thank you for your kindness
Frodo: I should have thrown it into the Cracks of Doom!
Sauron the Great: I am in your debt
Sauron the Great: Ah, but that would have been a mistake for us both
Sauron the Great: For we both love it, and why should we do ourselves that way?
Frodo: Because it will be the doom of Middle Earth
Frodo: Now the world will fall under your dominion
Sauron the Great: *Behind every kind word he speaks, there is intense malice.... withering hatred*
Frodo: All that was once good will vanish
Frodo: All that were free will be enslaved
Sauron the Great: *He hates Sam, he hates Frodo, he hates anyone involved in what he considers a "plot"*
Frodo: And the Shire...
Frodo: *Frodo breaks down again*
Sauron the Great: Oh! Your home!
Sauron the Great: Such a lovely, lovely place..... So peaceful....
Frodo: *Frodo hopes Sam cannot hear this*
Sauron the Great: Serene.... Rustic in its simplicity. I can see it all in your mind, the Shire, everything
Sauron the Great: You lived at Bag End, a hole at the end of a long lane
Frodo: You would not harm the Shire
Sauron the Great: With your uncle.... Ah, the dear hobbit. I can see him in your mind
Sauron the Great: Such a kind person
Frodo: Why would you want to harm such a beautiful place?
Frodo: Yes, he is
Frodo: *wants Bilbo desperately*
Sauron the Great: But he was a thief too
Sauron the Great: Now maybe perhaps I can have the priviledge of meeting him
Frodo: He had no idea what it was
Sauron the Great: He resides in Rivendell, does he not?
Frodo: No
Frodo: I have no idea where he is.
Sauron the Great: Ah, yes, Rivendell..... Such a fine place of the elves
Sauron the Great: Yes, I know where he is Master Baggins. I see it in your mind
Sauron the Great: Even now the forces of Mordor stretch to Rivendell
Sauron the Great: *He lies*
Sauron the Great: *But Frodo does not know....*
Frodo: Why do you not kill me?
Frodo: Of all people I would think you hate me the most
Sauron the Great: And soon we will drag Master Elrond and your Uncle and bring them to Mordor
Sauron the Great: Would not that be a happy meeting?
Frodo: I would want to die before seeing that
Frodo: And I brought this fate on them!
Sauron the Great: Ah, Master Baggins. I am in your debt. How can I kill you? Would that not be ungrateful?
Frodo: *Frodo buries his face in his hands and doubles over, wracked with sobs*
Sauron the Great: You were on the road to Lugburz.... If you had not been captured, you should have continued and knocked upon the gate
Frodo: *He caresses Sam's head*
Sauron the Great: You could have said. "Here I am. I come... I come... with the Master's Ring"
Frodo: I will never call you Master
Sauron the Great: *Sauron cares not that he does this for he is too entertained and enjoying his vengance*
Sauron the Great: Ah, Master Frodo, you will in time
Sauron the Great: Or your servant will suffer
Sauron the Great: *He laughs intensely, violently*
Frodo: I sould have thrown that Ring that should never have been forged back into the fire from which it came!
Frodo: *should
Frodo: *He looks down at Sam*
Sauron the Great: And when it comes time that the Morgul Blade will pierce your heart, you will bow and call me master against your own will
Sauron the Great: Too late to think about that Master Baggins. Your opportunity came and went
Frodo: Never, never will I submit to you
Frodo: You will never break me
Sauron the Great: But would you have carried it through, or would you have claimed the Ring for your own?
Frodo: *The Ring fills all Frodo's mind*
Sauron the Great: True, Master Baggins, I think I could not without a good bit of time.... But I can break your servant now anytime I want!
Sauron the Great: Do you wish to see your servant suffer anymore?
Frodo: No, of course not, you infernal fiend
Frodo: *trembling with rage*
Sauron the Great: Then call me master now or Master Gamgee shall pay for it *he smiles*
Frodo: *Frodo's mouth falls open, but he checks the words of anger*
Frodo: *He looks down at Sam's pale face*
Frodo: *then back up at Sauron*
Sauron the Great: *Sam is quickly fading... passing into the world of shadow... to be a wraith forever*
Frodo: *strained whisper* What would you do to him?
Frodo: *He holds Sam protectively*
Sauron the Great: *his color grows more pale.... and he is fading... a hint of transparency about him*
Sauron the Great: Sam.... your kind servant... What would be done to him?
Sauron the Great: What do you think would be done to him?
Frodo: I cannot imagine what horrible cruelty lies in your mind
Sauron the Great: *Sam lies upon the floor... becoming more and more transparent as each second passes*
Frodo: *looks at Sam again* I do not wish anything to be done to him
Sauron the Great: Cruelty you call it. I call it discipline
Frodo: Though I think nothing worse could happen to him
Sauron the Great: For all my servants obey me
Frodo: My poor Sam, my poor faithful Sam!
Frodo: How could it end like this?
Sauron the Great: Your Sam will be one of my servants, grateful for the honor
Sauron the Great: It is not the end! You give up too quickly
Frodo: It should be the end
Frodo: We would rather be dead than submit to you
Sauron the Great: Nay, it is the beginning
Sauron the Great: Of a long and prosperous rule
Frodo: *Sam is fading before Frodo's eyes*
Frodo: *Frodo can hardly see his face anymore*
Sauron the Great: *All the scenes of their struggle to get to Mordor flash before Frodo's eyes*
Sauron the Great: *Commanded there by Sauron*
Frodo: *Frodo weeps over Sam, apologizing repeatedly*
Sauron the Great: *He can see Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Elrond, all his friends*
Frodo: *He kisses Sam's forehead*
Sauron the Great: *And Sauron allows him to feel the hatred he has for all of them*
Frodo: *Frodo sits back exhausted*
Frodo: *Knowing the doom of the world is near*
Sauron the Great: *He remembers how Boromir, driven by the want of the Ring, tried to take it from him*
Frodo: *and all his friends will feel Sauron's wrath*
Frodo: *and it is his fault*
Sauron the Great: *All the thoughts that Frodo has had, Sauron knows every one of them*
Frodo: *He wishes Sauron would kill him*
Sauron the Great: *And Frodo's mind is not strong enough to keep out the reachings of the powerful maia's mind*
Frodo: *Frodo collapses over Sam's body*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron's mind seems to encompass Frodo's and twist it with malicious thoughts*
Sauron the Great: *Then he orders the orcs to take Frodo to the dungeon where through the night he will hear screams from the other prisioners and that will be the only sound he hears*
Sauron the Great: *The dungeons of Barad-dur are great...... a vast network called the Houses of Lamentations*
Sauron the Great: *But Sam is left behind, and thus the Fellowship of the Ring has been severed yet again*

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