32 Arrival of the Edain in Númenor. Elrond's brother Elros becomes their first King, taking the name Tar-Minyatur.
600 The first ships of the Númenóreans return to Middle-earth.
750 Foundation of Eregion.
c. 1000 Sauron settles in the land of Mordor and begins the building of Barad-dûr.
1200 Sauron comes to the Elves of Eregion as Annatar, Lord of the Gifts, and begins to instruct them.
c. 1500 The first of the Rings of Power are made in Eregion.
c. 1590 Completion of the Three Rings in Eregion.
c. 1600 Sauron forges the One Ring in Orodruin, and reveals his true purposes to the Elves.
c. 1600 The first building of Barad-dûr is completed.
1693 War begins between the Elves and Sauron.
1697 The foundation of Rivendell. Eregion is destroyed by Sauron's forces, and Celebrimbor slain. Nine and Seven rings captured.
1701 Sauron's forces, after taking much of Eriador, are driven back into the East by an army of Númenor. Seeing them as a possible threat, Sauron hates the Númenóreans.
c. 1800 Beginning of Númenórean colonies on Middle-earth. Much treasure, many slaves are sent back to the isle.
c. 2250 First appearance of the Nazgûl.
3255 Ar-Pharazôn, last King of Númenor, usurps the throne.
3261 Ar-Pharazôn sails to Middle-earth, taking a great military force with him. Sauron's forces flee in terror before them. Then Sauron himself appears before Ar-Pharazôn. Deciding to change tactics from military to cunning deceit, he agrees to go with Ar-Pharazôn as a prisoner back to Númenor. In Numenor, Sauron becomes an advisor to Ar-Pharazôn. The corruption of the Númenoreans. at this phase is complete, except for a few, known as the "Faithful."
3319 Ar-Pharazôn and a mighty fleet sail against Valinor itself. The Valar relinquish their guardianship of Middle-earth to Eru. In his fury at this invasion and moral fall of Numenor, Eru sinks the island of Númenor and causes much of the land in Middle Earth to fall under the waves. Sauron's hroa (physical form) is destroyed and he can never again take the shape of a being of light. His fea (spirit) returns to Middle-earth in 3320 and he goes to the land of Mordor. It will take will take many years for the maia to regain enough power to assume a phyiscal form. This time, however, his visage will be dark and grim.
3320 The faithful survivors of Numenor reach Middle Earth. Arnor and Gondor are founded by Elendil and his sons Isildur and Anárion.
3429 Sauron launches an assault on Gondor, and captures Minas Ithil.
3430 Formation of the Last Alliance.
3434 Sauron's forces are defeated in the Battle of Dagorlad. The Siege of Barad-dûr begins.
3441 Defeat of Sauron by the Last Alliance. Barad-dûr is destroyed, but both Gil-galad and Elendil are lost. The Nazgûl go into the shadows.

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