Sam Meets Ashgaz

April 3, 3019

Angmar: *Since Angmar took Sam Gamgee by the Morgul blade and Sauron does not want him, he is now Angmar's by rights*
Angmar: *Angmar plans to make his life a misery*
Angmar: *And will devise every means possible to do so because Sam was involved in the plot to destroy the Ring*
Angmar: *The fact that Sauron had ordered more forces into Gondor and ordered Angmar to go to Gondor, both Sauron and Angmar will be both pleased and entertained because now Sam and Frodo will be separated*
Angmar: *For though the Nazgul like the power of having servants, men, orcs and wraithlings, there is more of a vendetta involved in this than just use of servants*
Angmar: *Now, to make the torture even more, Angmar gives permission to Khamul to let Bughnrakh (Sam) visit with Ashgaz because he knows that they will both have thoughts of their beloved Shire*
Angmar: *Now Sauron will sit upon his throne and view everything through his power that goes on and will laugh and hate*
Angmar: *Khamul sits at his table looking over maps when Sam (Bughnrakh) is ushered in by Number Three*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz lies on his bed staring at the ceiling, in shock from the news about Sam and Frodo*
Angmar: *The two wraiths sit in the outer chamber and talk about military plans, drink much wine and talk of racing horses against each other*
Ashgaz: *He both desires and fears the sight of Sam...a part of him still hopes it will not be true*
Bughnrakh: *sam hesitantly looks at his surroundings missing frodo badly... what will become of him, what will be his fate? he feels heartbroken*
Bughnrakh: *he feels confused... and all alone*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz closes his eyes, filled with weariness*
Bughnrakh: *he is glad that the two wraiths are occupied... he does not pay much attention to their conversation for it is dreadful to hear... he wanders around the wraiths chambers*
Bughnrakh: *he walks very quetly... uncertain.... he wanders into ashgaz' room*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz hears someone enter his room*
Angmar: *The laughter in the other room intensifies*
Ashgaz: *He looks up, propping himself against the pillows*
Bughnrakh: *he looks at a vague world of gray mist... similar to what he saw when he wore the ring at cirith ungol*
Ashgaz: *The figure is very clear to Ashgaz' sight, too clear--he is in the wraith world as well*
Angmar: *Number Three is trying to get Khamul to wager Ashgaz in a bet on whose horse is the fastest, Khamul's black stallion or Number Three's*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz' jaw drops*
Bughnrakh: *sam looks to the bed and sees to his surprise another hobbit. he blinks* h..hullo...?
Ashgaz: *hoarsely* Sam!
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz' voice is filled with sadness* Hello, Sam.
Angmar: *Number Three has just wagered five horses that his huge black stallion could outrun Khamul's any night. Khamul laughs*
Bughnrakh: peter bracegirdle...?
Ashgaz: *It has been so long since Peter has heard his name*
Bughnrakh: but.. but how? they got you, too? *say shakily*
Ashgaz: *he has wept much but tears fill his eyes again*
Ashgaz: *He wipes them away*
Bughnrakh: mr. bracegirdle, i hardly know what to make of it all
Bughnrakh: *sam approaches his bed*
Ashgaz: *Peter takes Sam's hand and presses it comfortingly*
Bughnrakh: *sam weeps too*
Bughnrakh: *looks down* those devils separated us, mr. frodo and me
Ashgaz: Sam, I'm so sorry.
Ashgaz: I wish I could have done something.
Ashgaz: I still wish I could do something.
Bughnrakh: they wont let me be with him anymore
Bughnrakh: its hard, mr. bracegirdle, cruel hard
Ashgaz: I know you two are very close
Ashgaz: *squeezes Sam's hand*
Ashgaz: Come, pull a chair up and climb onto the bed
Ashgaz: I'll tell you anything you want to know
Bughnrakh: ive worked for him many years, my old gaffer worked for mr. bilbo before then... now i work for.... *whispers* the enemy *sobs wails*
Ashgaz: *softly* I know, Sam...I know
Bughnrakh: *pulls up a chair, climbs up and sits on the bed*
Bughnrakh: if me old gaffer could see me now... *sobs*
Ashgaz: *Despite his pain, Ashgaz/Peter sits up and hugs Sam*
Bughnrakh: ill never see him again, or marigold, or rosie or jolly or nibs
Bughnrakh: *hugs back sobbing on his shoulder*
Bughnrakh: and i dont know what is to become of mr. frodo... they hate him because he tried to destroy the ring
Ashgaz: *sighs*
Ashgaz: I don't know either
Ashgaz: It is a cruel fate that has befallen all of us
Angmar: *Khamul and Number Three are still drinking in the other room and often they can hear the sound of metal goblets touching as they toast Sauron and themselves over and over*
Bughnrakh: *the sound of the 2 wraiths enjoying themselves makes sam cry even more*
Ashgaz: *A cry of pain escapes him as Sam clings to him tighter*
Bughnrakh: *sam moves back and looks at peter* im sorry mr. bracegirdle, did i hurt you?
Ashgaz: *He lowers himself carefully onto the pillow, panting*
Ashgaz: No, I'm sorry
Ashgaz: I wanted to comfort you
Angmar: *They hear Number Three's rasping, hissing voice say* But Khamul, I will raise my bet to ten horses for your servant!
Ashgaz: *His eyes fly wide open*
Angmar: *Khamul replies* That is a very tempting offer. Ten horses! They are so hard to come by now
Ashgaz: *He looks up at Sam*
Ashgaz: That is my master
Ashgaz: One of the Nine wants him to sell me
Bughnrakh: which one of them?
Ashgaz: The Third
Ashgaz: He is so cruel!
Ashgaz: I hope Khamul doesn't sell me!
Bughnrakh: some are more cruel than the others? *he say in hushed voice*
Ashgaz: Yes
Ashgaz: *lowers his voice as well* The Third may be the worst of them all
Ashgaz: The first time he met me, he banished me from the city
Ashgaz: I wandered alone for a long time
Ashgaz: I went back to the Shire
Angmar: *Khamul says* So if I win the wager, I will get your ten horses, but if I lose, you will get my servant?
Angmar: *Number Three replies* Yesss! *Khamul says* A VERY tempting offer, my friend!
Ashgaz: *His pulse speeds up*
Ashgaz: *He turns paler*
Ashgaz: I...went back to the Shire and...
Ashgaz: I saw all of you folk there
Bughnrakh: thats horrible, mr. bracegirdle. but i would be rather banished from their city than stay there
Ashgaz: I'm not sure which is worse now
Ashgaz: It was horrible to be back in the Shire as I am
Ashgaz: No one knew I was there
Angmar: *Khamul says* Then I will take you up on the bet... when we get to Gondor! *Then they both start laughing and resume their drinking*
Ashgaz: They all recoiled from my presence if I approached them
Ashgaz: *His voice trails off as he hears Khamul accept the bet*
Ashgaz: *He didn't think Khamul would do it*
Bughnrakh: yes... when mr. frodo got stabbed with that horrible knife they said he would become invisible and pass into the world of shadow
Ashgaz: *He remembers Khamul saying he would not trade him for ten horses*
Ashgaz: *He feels betrayed*
Ashgaz: *He wipes his eyes again*
Ashgaz: *turns his attention back to Sam*
Bughnrakh: *he looks down at his lap* i suppose that is what has happened to me *he say sadly*
Ashgaz: *Peter takes his hand again*
Ashgaz: *he says gently* Yes, I'm afraid so
Bughnrakh: is there any hope left for us?
Ashgaz: *sighs* Oh, Sam...
Ashgaz: I don't know what to say
Ashgaz: I want to encourage you but I can find no words of encouragement
Bughnrakh: now that he's got his ring, there seems to be no hope left
Ashgaz: You must decide for yourself how you will handle this situation...whether you will submit to them or resist
Ashgaz: I don't know.
Ashgaz: It doesn't seem like there is any hope for us.
Ashgaz: We cannot undo what has been done to us.
Bughnrakh: i will never submit to them! *he rallies up and ays this a bit more loudly but then hunkers down and goes back to whispering*
Ashgaz: If you resist them, you will suffer more
Ashgaz: I don't want to see that happen to you
Ashgaz: But I understand...oh, I understand
Ashgaz: I made that same resolution
Bughnrakh: i wonder what will happen to mr. frodo, if he will become as we are
Ashgaz: I had to submit to them somewhat, but I still resist and it has brought me much suffering
Bughnrakh: i would like to see the shire again, to wade in the water with rosie cotton and her brothers
Ashgaz: I don't know. Poor Frodo.
Ashgaz: *His voice is strained* I would I
Bughnrakh: it all looks as hopeless as a killing frost in spring, doesnt it mr. bracegirdle
Angmar: *Once again, they hear the voices from the other room*
Angmar: *Number Three says* I am willing to change my bet. I will wager 20 horses for your woman and your servant
Ashgaz: *Peter squeezes his hand they are each other's only source of hope*
Bughnrakh: *sam starts to tear up again when he thinks of poor mr frodo at the hands of the enemy*
Ashgaz: *Peter looks up at him with pity*
Angmar: *They hear Khamul patiently explain to Number Three as though he were a simpleton* The woman is not for sale, or to bet about, and she is not to be regarded as "my woman"
Ashgaz: *He thinks inwardly* There is no way Khamul will give up Madurz
Ashgaz: *but his thoughts are with Sam now*
Angmar: *Number Three goes on* But she is just your servant. You can have plenty of them
Angmar: *Khamul's voice grows angry* She is not my servant exactly. You insult my lady!
Ashgaz: Sam, I don't think I can sit up again, but you can come down here to me, I don't mind.
Bughnrakh: *sam asks ashgaz... fearing the answer* how do they treat you here?
Bughnrakh: *sam sits beside ashgaz*
Angmar: *Number Three says* My lord, I do not mean to insult your lady. I thought she was just another servant
Ashgaz: They regard us hobbits as inferior
Ashgaz: and indeed, we are far less powerful
Ashgaz: Khamul my master is probably the most lenient of them
Bughnrakh: *his shoulders slump*
Angmar: *Number Three* My appologies, my lord
Ashgaz: He has insulted me and intimidated me, but nothing very bad.
Ashgaz: Angmar, on the other hand...
Angmar: *Khamul* Let us talk no more about it and let there be no dispute between us.
Ashgaz: The Lord of the Nazgul, the First
Ashgaz: He is the most powerful and the strictest
Angmar: *Khamul* And now that I reconsidered, I do not wish to bet with you my servant
Ashgaz: He once had me thrown into a pit of snakes
Bughnrakh: *gasps*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz sighs with relief at Khamul's words, at the same time remembering how Khamul freed him from the snake pit*
Angmar: *Khamul* Instead, I will bet three volumes of my ancient Numenarian lore that my stallion can beat yours
Ashgaz: *Perhaps he is still valuable to Khamul*
Ashgaz: But Khamul my master interceded for me
Bughnrakh: the lord of the nazgul tried to stab mr. frodo on weathertop with one of those accursed knives
Ashgaz: Yes, he did
Ashgaz: Actually, I was there
Ashgaz: The same thing had just happened to me
Bughnrakh: your master had... mercy on you? *he wonders if it was possible*
Ashgaz: and I was following the wraiths here
Ashgaz: As I said, Khamul is probably the most lenient of them
Ashgaz: *guiltily* He has found his way a little into my heart.
Angmar: *The deal was then settled. If Khamul's horse wins the race with Number Three's, he will win five horses, but if he loses, he forfeits three Numenarian texts*
Ashgaz: But Sam, how was it that this happened to you?
Bughnrakh: *sam does not know what to make of this... this world is all very strange and new to him*
Bughnrakh: the lord of the nazgul stabbed me when mr. frodo and i stood before sauron
Ashgaz: *Hatred for Angmar rises anew in Peter*
Ashgaz: *shakes his head* I wonder why they chose you
Ashgaz: If Frodo had the Ring, I wonder why they did not stab him
Bughnrakh: i do not know... their intentions are cruel and evil
Ashgaz: I wish they had never caught you
Bughnrakh: mr. bracegirdle, i wish they hadn't captured us either. i wish we were back in the shire right now
Ashgaz: Oh, so do I *sighs*
Bughnrakh: i could tend the flowers like i always did before, and eat mushrooms and coney
Ashgaz: *smiles at Sam*
Bughnrakh: and raise taters
Ashgaz: If there are any mushrooms in Mordor I will get them for you when I'm better
Bughnrakh: *thoughts of all the things he loved about the shire flood his mind... food, ale, gardens....*
Bughnrakh: does anything grow in this place? or do they all feed upon cruelity and hatred?
Bughnrakh: *the old gaffer.... rosie cotton... his brothers and sisters...*
Bughnrakh: *the water... the old mill.... hobbiton... the green dragon...*
Ashgaz: I have rarely seen the outside of the fortresses of Mordor
Ashgaz: *recognizes the expression on Sam's face*
Ashgaz: *He knows what Sam is thinking for he too is also thinking it all the time*
Ashgaz: They have food here for the lady they mentioned in there
Ashgaz: and for the orcs
Ashgaz: and the Nine drink special kinds of wine
Ashgaz: But I've heard that those supplies come from the tribute of their vassals.
Bughnrakh: *brightens* so they do eat... but i wonder where they raise it? all ive seen of this wretched land is barren and harsh
Ashgaz: Did you and Frodo see anything growing in Mordor?
Bughnrakh: when we were in the morgul vale there were flowers that grew there... strange they were, smelling of rot and decay. and there were thorns in some of the mountains
Bughnrakh: all twisted, and evil though mr bracegirdle
Ashgaz: I remember those flowers
Ashgaz: I saw them when I was wandering
Ashgaz: I thought they would make me sick
Ashgaz: with their fumes
Bughnrakh: we had a horrible journey to get here, mr. frodo and i
Ashgaz: Really?
Bughnrakh: i feel somehow that ive failed him
Ashgaz: Oh, no, Sam
Ashgaz: You accomplished the impossible getting as far as you did
Ashgaz: I remember how close you and your master always were...
Bughnrakh: i promised i would never leave him, and now i do not know what is to become of him
Ashgaz: I'm sure he would never have made it here without your help, so you deserve a lot of the credit
Ashgaz: Poor Frodo.
Ashgaz: I wish we could see him.
Bughnrakh: yes i loved mr frodo... *begins to tear up again* and now he is in the hands of the enemy. i wish i could do something!
Ashgaz: *Peter painfully sits up again and puts his arm around Sam*
Bughnrakh: yes i would dearly like to see him again... i do not know what those devils will do to him!
Bughnrakh: *starts to sob again, feeling miserable*
Ashgaz: May they find some mercy in the depths of their hearts
Ashgaz: If Khamul could be lenient with me, then perhaps they will not be very cruel to him
Khamul: *The laughing, talking and drinking continues in the other room. Now Number Three starts upon another one of his endless stories about all the battles over thousands of years*
Ashgaz: But I fear for you, Sam
Ashgaz: Whom do you serve now?
Khamul: *Telling with great relish in his hissing, rasping voice about a man he killed 2000 years before*
Bughnrakh: i do not want to serve any of them, but i am under the lord of the nazgul
Ashgaz: *Peter's shoulders slump*
Bughnrakh: *overhears bits of the conversation and shudders*
Ashgaz: Angmar, the First? Oh my dear Sam, you have a hard road ahead of you
Khamul: *Number Three's voice grates on.* Khamul, remember the last king of Gondor and how much sport he provided before he died? I want the heir of Isildur! I want to present his head to Sauron!
Ashgaz: I will try to watch over you while I am still here
Ashgaz: But I must follow my master to Gondor in a month
Ashgaz: after I have recovered
Bughnrakh: *his shoulders slump too* i fear you are right mr bracegirdle... i have to serve the one who tried to stab my master on weathertop
Ashgaz: I had forgotten that
Khamul: *Khamul replies* Aye, I remember him. His death screams were very entertaining. But we have new sport to enjoy in the future. Aragorn now leads the Rebel forces. We shall have his head!
Ashgaz: You are right, it is a cruel time
Bughnrakh: thank you mr. bracegirdle. aren't they awful? *he turns his head towards the other room*
Ashgaz: *Peter/Ashgaz' face becomes blank. He has no energy left for his inner struggle*
Khamul: *They hear sounds of laughter. They can hear the glasses raise to toast once again* Aragorn's head! Aragorn's head! To Aragorn's head!
Ashgaz: We have no choice but to serve them now
Bughnrakh: *he goes pale* those devils want to cutt off aragorn's head!
Ashgaz: You know Aragorn?
Ashgaz: Who is he?
Bughnrakh: i wonder how long i can talk like this before they know... even the orcs fear them
Ashgaz: Keep your voice low
Ashgaz: and never talk like that when their attention is turned to you
Ashgaz: They can read your mind
Bughnrakh: aragorn is a friend of mr. frodos and mine.... he was with us a long part of our journey
Ashgaz: *whispers* I hope for your sake that he escapes
Khamul: *Khamul's voice is loud now and he is very happy with much of his magic wine* Here is what Angmar plans to do, my brother....
Ashgaz: *Then he groans as the morgul poison brings on a spasm of pain*
Ashgaz: *along with the poison of the blade of Westernesse*
Bughnrakh: *his eyes widen* mr. bracegirdle?
Bughnrakh: i wish there was some way we could warn aragorn
Khamul: *Khamul says* My brother, we shall lead him into a trap.....
Ashgaz: I was stabbed with the same poison as you, and it punishes me for speaking like that
Ashgaz: and I am wounded
Bughnrakh: but there is no way to get out of here. i wish that gandalf and a thousand oliphants could come and rescue us but... never could that happen
Ashgaz: I took a blow that was meant for my master
Ashgaz: *He is afraid to agree now*
Khamul: *Khamul goes on* Angmar himself will challenge Aragorn to single combat.... and then if we can, we will come behind him and slay him
Bughnrakh: i wonder how long i have before i can speak as i do now
Bughnrakh: *listens to the conversation of the wraiths in fear wishing he could do something*
Ashgaz: Let us take advantage of it while we have the chance
Ashgaz: This is a sad meeting, Sam...
Ashgaz: but it is so good to see another hobbit *smiles*
Khamul: *Khamul continues* Aragorn will be fool enough to accept the bait, but rather than single combat, he will find all the Nine upon his flank
Ashgaz: *Peter listens too*
Bughnrakh: *smiles* im glad to see a fellow hobbit, but i sure wish it could have been under better circumstances
Ashgaz: Yes
Ashgaz: Do you think this Aragorn could fight all Nine?
Ashgaz: Do you think anyone could?
Khamul: *Khamul* But some of us could be mounted on fell beasts while some of us could be on the ground on the horses. He cannot escape this plot, but should he do so, there are always other ways
Khamul: *They laugh together as though at a great joke*
Ashgaz: *sighs* I'm sorry, Sam
Bughnrakh: *he tries to remember all he had heard on his long journeys* i do not think that anyone could withstand all nine mr. bracegirdle
Bughnrakh: not for a very long time
Ashgaz: There are so many to fear for
Ashgaz: and we can do nothing
Ashgaz: *shakes his head*
Khamul: *Khamul's voice now rises higher* Do you know what Angmar plans for the woman, Eowyn?
Bughnrakh: we are really in a fix, the whole world, i'm afraid
Ashgaz: *nods and closes his eyes*
Bughnrakh: *pats peters hand trying to comfort him*
Ashgaz: *smiles at Sam*
Ashgaz: If you go to the wars with Angmar...
Khamul: *Khamul* Angmar's mind is deep as a river and subtle as a snake
Ashgaz: There is a weapon you must avoid at all costs
Ashgaz: It appears like a firebrand to our vision
Ashgaz: It is different from all other swords
Ashgaz: These swords are called blades of Westernesse, the bane of Mordor
Khamul: He will free this woman in time, bewitched so much that her own people shall slay her, for they will think she is an ally of Mordor. *The laughter becomes so loud at that that it seems to shake the walls but it could not for they are of stone*
Ashgaz: They are the only weapons that can harm wraiths
Ashgaz: *stopped momentarily by the horror of their plot against Eowyn*
Bughnrakh: *cringes at their cruel laughter*
Ashgaz: You might be thinking that these swords are not a bane to us at all
Ashgaz: that they are our only means of escape
Bughnrakh: i will try to avoid these swords for mr frodo, but i should fall upon one if something were to happen to him
Ashgaz: but you would be decieved.
Ashgaz: It would do you no good to fall on one.
Ashgaz: I fell on one not long ago myself
Bughnrakh: *lowers his head*
Ashgaz: *He pulls his shirt back exposing his wounded shoulder*
Ashgaz: *the wound glows silver*
Bughnrakh: *looks at his shoulder* oh mr. bracegirdle! i am so sorry
Ashgaz: I would have died but they brought me back
Ashgaz: *sighs* They will not even let us die!
Ashgaz: Thank you, Sam
Ashgaz: This is the blow I took for Khamul
Khamul: *Khamul says* Eowyn, the foolish maiden now thinks she loves Angmar *Number Three says* Aye, I know it, and is it not a fine trick?
Ashgaz: *covers the wound and lies back*
Bughnrakh: *wonders how peter can feel loyalty to the nazgul*
Bughnrakh: they are so cruel they would not even let you die.... a cruel fate mr. bracegirdle
Ashgaz: *nods*
Ashgaz: At least they have cared for me well
Bughnrakh: and now they plot the death of my friend aragorn, and the deaht of another
Ashgaz: They are always plotting
Ashgaz: If you worry about it you will go mad
Bughnrakh: i hate being in this place of cruelty and evil
Ashgaz: I'm learning to ignore it...there's nothing else we can do
Khamul: *Number Three says* What of the old wizard that is with Aragorn? What fate does Sauron have for him?
Ashgaz: *softly and fearfully, hoping they won't be heard* I hate it too. I hate it so much. I want to go home
Bughnrakh: *eyes widen and he looks towards the other room at mention of wizard*
Khamul: *Khamul replies, laughing* Sauron is ever cunning. He has plans for the wizard in his own time
Bughnrakh: *grabs peter's hand* surely they do not mean mr gandalf??
Ashgaz: Gandalf!
Ashgaz: I haven't thought of him in ages
Ashgaz: He hasn't visited the Shire in a long time, has he?
Ashgaz: But surely not, with the war
Ashgaz: Oh, I hope they don't mean him
Khamul: *Khamul goes on* Gandalf knows he has not the power. Even in his elevated state to go against Sauron without losing his body yet again
Ashgaz: *presses Sam's hand*
Bughnrakh: he visited the shire before mr. frodo, mr. merry, mr. pippin and i set out on our long journey
Bughnrakh: but i thought that gandalf had fallen with the balrog in moria
Ashgaz: Merry and Pippin went with you too?
Bughnrakh: yes
Ashgaz: What became of them?
Ashgaz: *fears the answer*
Bughnrakh: we left them and went on the journey to mordor by ourselves. i do not know what became of them, or if they are alive
Ashgaz: I hope they are
Ashgaz: And I hope they escape our fate!
Bughnrakh: it hurt mr frodo so much to worry about them, not knowing if they were alive or dead
Ashgaz: *nods sympathetically*
Khamul: *Khamul* You can be sure, my brother that if Gandalf dares go against Sauron, it will be a great show of light and fire, but Sauron will prevail
Ashgaz: You spoke of something called a Balrog
Ashgaz: What is that?
Bughnrakh: now i hear mr gandalf is alive and those devils plot to do him in! i wonder what became of merry and pippin? do you know?
Ashgaz: No, I know nothing
Bughnrakh: it was a horrible demon of fire
Ashgaz: *Peter's eyes widen*
Bughnrakh: it had a firey whip and it dragged mr gandalf down into a firey chasm... we all thought that he had died
Ashgaz: *gasps*
Ashgaz: Where were you?
Ashgaz: What horrible place was this?
Bughnrakh: but i now i am happy to hear that he lives! so there is some hope still remaining
Ashgaz: Yes!
Bughnrakh: it was in moria... it used to be a city of dwarves
Ashgaz: Perhaps the impossible can happen
Ashgaz: It sounds like a very strange place
Bughnrakh: oh i do hope they are able to beat sauron
Ashgaz: Lower your voice!!!
Bughnrakh: gandalf lives! and all this time we thought that he was dead. that does bring hope to my heart
Bughnrakh: *lowers voice*
Ashgaz: We aren't allowed to even say His name
Ashgaz: the name of the Dark Lord
Ashgaz: Don't ever talk like that when they can hear you
Bughnrakh: *moves his hand to his mouth*
Ashgaz: In fact it is a risk that is probably not ever worth taking
Bughnrakh: the men of gondor call him the nameless enemy and refuse to say his name too
Ashgaz: yes
Bughnrakh: we are slaves aren't we mr. bracegirdle?
Ashgaz: Yes we are
Bughnrakh: *begins to cry again*
Ashgaz: *sighs and presses his hand again*
Ashgaz: *It pains him to see Sam's pain and to be able to do nothing for him*
Bughnrakh: i hope that the forces of good are able to beat them, and that the world really isn't doomed
Ashgaz: *Such a noble and brave hobbit come to such a terrible fate*
Bughnrakh: *squeezes peters hand... sobbing again*
Ashgaz: *whispers* I hope so too...but it is out of our hands
Ashgaz: Take comfort, Sam
Bughnrakh: *looks up from tear filled eyes* but they aint beaten us yet, mr, bracegirdle, even if they think they have
Ashgaz: *smiles*
Bughnrakh: we are still hobbits... not cruel evildoers like them
Ashgaz: I always did admire you, Sam
Bughnrakh: there is an elvish song i sang, when i looked for mr. frodo when he was captured by orcs... but if i sang it they would probably hear
Ashgaz: Your resolve is encouraging
Ashgaz: Lean close to me and sing it as low as you can
Bughnrakh: *sam smiles and blushes* thank you mr. bracegirdle... tho mr. frodo and mr. bilbo was the best hobbits i knew
Bughnrakh: mr. bracegirdle no they havent beaten us yet, not by a long shot, if you take my meaning
Ashgaz: *smiles*
Ashgaz: I take your meaning!
Bughnrakh: *whispers the song in peters ears*
Bughnrakh: in western land beneath the sun the flowers may rise in spring, the trees may bud, the waters run, the merry finches sing.
Bughnrakh: or there maybe tis cloudless night and swaying beeches bear the elven stars as jewels white admid their brancing hair
Bughnrakh: through here at journeys end i lie in darkness buried deep, beyond all towers strong and high, beyond all mountains steep
Bughnrakh: above all shadows rides the sun and stars forever dwell, i will not say the day is done nor bid the stars farewell
Bughnrakh: *hopes they did not hear them... stops*
Ashgaz: *Tears stream down his face*
Ashgaz: That's beautiful
Ashgaz: Did you make that song?
Bughnrakh: mr. bracegirdle they cannot steal our thoughts, can they? if they cant we will still have them and we will be what we are underneath hobbits of the shire
Ashgaz: *sighs and steels himself to tell Sam the truth*
Bughnrakh: i am not sure now... it may be one of mr. bilbos songs
Bughnrakh: sometimes it is hard to remember good things in these places of darkness
Ashgaz: *sits up a little*
Ashgaz: Yes, it is very hard to remember here
Ashgaz: and it brings pain rather than comfort
Ashgaz: The Morgul poison is powerful, Sam...
Bughnrakh: dont lose hope mr bracegirdle.... some good will come out of this... they cannot conquer forever as mr frodo said
Ashgaz: I hope Frodo was right
Ashgaz: But the poison works at us always
Bughnrakh: i have not been in this world long.... i do not know yet
Ashgaz: It is what is keeping me alive now
Ashgaz: We exist only in the wraith world...we are not hobbits anymore *his voice breaks*
Bughnrakh: i aint going to become like them, not as long as i can fight it
Ashgaz: I'm fighting it too
Ashgaz: But I can feel my memories slipping
Bughnrakh: yes we are still hobbits... we are not cruel like them
Ashgaz: I can't remember the color of my front door, or what grew in the garden
Ashgaz: I can't remember my mother's favorite frock
Ashgaz: I can't remember the dress Mary was going to wear to our wedding
Bughnrakh: *he fears losing his own memory* i will try to cling to my memories as long as i can
Ashgaz: I can't remember the names of her family, only her
Bughnrakh: though often in our travels it seems that we have been gone for years, and have trouble remembering
Bughnrakh: *takes peters hand again and squeezes it*
Ashgaz: *The memories he has left come flooding back*
Bughnrakh: *tears coming down his own face*
Ashgaz: We were going to be married the next day, did you know that?
Ashgaz: The next day!
Bughnrakh: we must try to fight this as long as we can.... we must remember the shire and not give up hope
Ashgaz: *breaks down*
Bughnrakh: oh that is horrible mr. bracegirdle!
Bughnrakh: *gently pats him on the shoulder as not to hurt his wound*
Ashgaz: Do you know what became of her?
Bughnrakh: i loved a girl too...
Ashgaz: But then you wouldn't--you left before I did
Bughnrakh: no i do not think i would know what happened to her. what was her name?
Ashgaz: I know, Sam. I can't remember her name, though
Ashgaz: the name of the girl you loved
Ashgaz: My sweetheart was Mary
Bughnrakh: her name was rosie cotton.... her brothers and i were friends since childhood
Ashgaz: Mary Bolger
Ashgaz: *nods*
Bughnrakh: i left her behind... i dearly wold like to go back to her now
Bughnrakh: i never got to tell her that i loved her
Ashgaz: Oh, that is hard
Ashgaz: I'm sorry
Ashgaz: I think she must have known though
Khamul: *Number Three leaves Khamul and goes back to his quarters. Khamul begins to wonder about the quiet in Ashgaz' room*
Ashgaz: You have a very honest face. You can't hide anything
Ashgaz: So you must be careful around them *nods toward the door*
Bughnrakh: *he smiles* i hope she knew.... i wish i could go back to her
Bughnrakh: *tries to look inconspicious... wipes the tears from his face*
Ashgaz: I hate to see all this happen to you
Ashgaz: I wish there was something I could do
Khamul: *He calls* Bughnrakh, your time with my servant is over. You will tire him too much. Get your worthless self out now!
Ashgaz: *grabs Sam's hand before he leaves*
Ashgaz: I will be here for the next month
Bughnrakh: *hears the voice of the nazgul... is terrified.. but has no choice but to follow his command*
Khamul: Snaga! I command you to come out now or I will come in and drag you out
Ashgaz: *whispers* If it gets to be too much for you, come to me
Ashgaz: I will ask to see you from time to time
Ashgaz: Think of me when you're discouraged
Bughnrakh: thank you, mr. bracegirdle... please do not give up hope, though there seems to be none in this place
Ashgaz: I will comfort you later
Bughnrakh: *begins to walk grudgingly owards the door*
Ashgaz: *smiles* I won't give up hope again
Khamul: *The door opens in front of him on command of Khamul*
Khamul: Wretched snaga! Get thee hence!
Ashgaz: *sits up and watches Sam leave*
Bughnrakh: *looks up at the nazgul in horror.... he was so big... and sam had always been short*
Ashgaz: *His heart twists at the sight of Sam cringing before Angmar*
Bughnrakh: *goes towards him, bowing reluctantly*
Ashgaz: *He feels hatred for all the Nazgul right now*
Khamul: *he looks down at the small shape in front of him, then picks him up by his neck and throws him out the door that opens at his command*
Ashgaz: *holds up a hand* Oh, Master, please!
Bughnrakh: *sam gasps in shock and horror... finds himself being flung out the door... hits the floor hard* ahh!
Ashgaz: Please don't hurt him
Ashgaz: *struggles out of bed*
Khamul: Stay out till Angmar bid you come back!
Khamul: *Sends Ashgaz reeling back on the bed*
Khamul: *One thought and Ashgaz feels himself bound there as though chained*
Ashgaz: *lies back grudgingly on the pillow, unable to move*
Bughnrakh: *gets off the floor, bowing again reluctantly... says hesitantly* but where shall i go, sir?
Khamul: I don't care where you go. For all I care, you can go to the depths of the sea, but Angmar still wants you. Ask an orc, snaga. You are no better than they are!
Bughnrakh: *tears come to his eyes* yes sir, thank you sir *bows again and wanders through the halls*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz sings the wordless melody of the Elvish song as Sam leaves*
Khamul: *The door closes after Bughnrakh is thrown out of the doorway and Khamul sits back and reads his maps yet again*

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