On The Ride to Rohan
May 12, 3019

Narrator: *It is the second night on the road from Minas Tirith to Edoras. The army sets up camp about 6 PM. They are camped near Eilenach, one of the (former) Watchtowers of Gondor about fourty miles from Minas Tirith*
Narrator: *After caring for the livestock of the army, the men and orcs go to the nearby forests and gather wood for the fires. By 7:30, the campfires are burning*
Narrator: *Maltriel commands a company of Easterlings whose sole purpose is to lead her to her death. Even though she is named as commander, she is not fit to command herself, and so Captain Lomin actually leads the company*
Narrator: *The men have their own rations carried by wagons. Servants prepare food for Maltriel and Madurz, who have set up camp about a fourth of a mile away*
Madurz: *servants scurry and bring Madurz her super as she reclines in Khamul's arms and she smiles looking up to him then nods to the servants...takes a bite of food and it is actually pleasing.. they pour them some wine and she lifts her glass to his*
Khamul: *Khamul does not eat, but drinks a bit of wine*
Madurz: *she eats then turns her body to him a bit..her voice is low* my love.. do you worry at all about Ashgaz...i do
Khamul: My lady, I do not trust Ashgaz
Madurz: *she nods..sad that Ash would betray them*
Khamul: My sweet love, if he does betray us, it will be Lugburz for him forever
Madurz: *she didnt want it to come to that she hopes for the best but will not feel pity for him if it is to be*
Khamul: Even now, his friend Sam is in Lugburz... Bughrakh as he is now called
Madurz: well turning the prisoners loose was not called for..by any means, especially one that will have my head
Khamul: My lady, it was treason pure and simple
Madurz: *sips her wine and rests her head on his shoulder*
Narrator: *Maltriel and her company are separate from the rest of the troops in a grove of trees. Maltriel sits at her campfire and stares into it. Ashgaz guards her quietly*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz stares mezmerized at Maltriel thinking how beautiful she is, and how innocent*
Maltriel: *she stares at the fire... horrible visions going through her head.... a city is in flames... the color of its walls are white..*
Ashgaz: *and dreading the inevitable charge at the Rohirrim that will bring her death*
Maltriel: *it is a scene of a horrible battle.... dead and wounded men everywhere... the screams are horrifying*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz stands quietly behind her, marvelling at the waves of gold hair. He notices her shoulders heaving*
Maltriel: *she begins to shake and she forces her eyes closed*
Ashgaz: *He feels immensely sorry for her and guilty for his part in this mission*
Ashgaz: *He sits next to her*
Ashgaz: Lady, are you well?
Maltriel: *she turns to ashgaz.... fear in her eyes* ashgaz.... i am having those visions again
Ashgaz: What visions?
Maltriel: please... i need my medicine
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz feels a stab of inner pain*
Maltriel: i have horrible visions.... when the pleasant ones pass
Ashgaz: *Here is the dilemma again. She will continue in this suffering without the potion, but with it she will go straight to her death*
Maltriel: and they are so horrible, ashgaz! i do not know what they are. i cannot remember. please... give me my medicine and make them go away
Ashgaz: ...Perhaps...perhaps the ill visions will pass soon, like the pleasant ones?
Maltriel: no.... if i do not have my medcine i feel cold and ill
Maltriel: *in a whisper* i love the pleasant ones almost as much as i love angmar
Ashgaz: *shudders a little*
Ashgaz: *puts a blanket around her*
Maltriel: *stares at him pleadingly* please, ashgaz
Maltriel: i feel sick, and a horrible unreasonable fear is upon me
Ashgaz: *Her eyes are so desperate*
Ashgaz: *and her golden hair has fallen over her shoulders*
Maltriel: i see it all around me, the city aflame
Ashgaz: *He struggles...is it better for her to realize the horror of her situation, or to go back into her enchantment?*
Ashgaz: *A sudden mental image comes to him of Sam paralyzed under the chair and of an orc raising a whip over Frodo*
Maltriel: i see him..... he lies under his horse.... i do not know who he is.
Ashgaz: *Almost without thinking he goes for a bottle of the potion*
Maltriel: and i see a fell figure on a flying beast darkness all around it
Ashgaz: *mechanically he brings it back...but he is curious*
Maltriel: *turns to ashgaz once more* please make it go away
Ashgaz: There was a great battle...and you were in it and that may be Angmar's fell beast
Ashgaz: He rides one, you know
Ashgaz: *He nervously fingers the bottle of potion*
Maltriel: but angmar is my betrothed.... the figure i see is evil. it is not angmar
Ashgaz: *He wants to cry, "Angmar is evil! We are all evil! Escape now, for Mordor plans your doom"*
Maltriel: *she gasps in horror at sights that ashgaz cannot see*
Maltriel: *then she snaps out of it and looks at ashgaz and says determinedly* please.... give it to me now.
Ashgaz: *agitated* Lady...you say you want to fight for Mordor...do you know what Mordor is?
Maltriel: or i will tell your master about this matter
Ashgaz: Oh no, please don't do that!
Ashgaz: He would punish Sam and Frodo
Ashgaz: *He lifts the potion a little out of the folds of his robe*
Maltriel: then give me my medicine for it is cruel to deny me of it
Maltriel: *quickly grabs it out of his hand*
Ashgaz: *closes his eyes and sighs*
Ashgaz: Would it have been more cruel than to leave you in Mordor's deception?
Maltriel: *takes a few sips of the draught and gives it back to him*
Ashgaz: *He knows his words will have no effect now*
Maltriel: i fight for mordor, ashgaz.... to save our people
Ashgaz: *He falls silent and sits next to her again*
Maltriel: it is a most just and righteous cause
Ashgaz: *lifts his head* Why just? Why righteous?
Ashgaz: *When he is away from his masters his anger tends to show itself more*
Maltriel: lord angmar told me so, and he is a kind and noble man who does not lie. it would be best for you not to doubt him
Ashgaz: *nods his head and leans his chin on his hand*
Maltriel: *she turns her vision away from ashgaz and waits for the potion to take affect*
Ashgaz: *The fire makes him nervous*
Ashgaz: *He scoots a little farther from it*
Maltriel: *a peaceful feeling descends upon her and her cares fly away like the eagles of manwe*
Maltriel: *her visions are now pleasant ones.... of dancing in wooded groves... flowers springing up around her feet as she sings and makes merry*
Ashgaz: *notices that the lady is peaceful again*
Ashgaz: *He sighs, happy that her suffering is gone but miserable over her impending fate*
Maltriel: *sighs contentedly... looks to ashgaz.... studying the invisible features*
Maltriel: it brings me great joy that you have come back
Ashgaz: *furrows his brow confusedly*
Ashgaz: Come back, my lady?
Ashgaz: What do you mean?
Maltriel: yes.... you have come back... i was afraid that you were dead
Ashgaz: *wonders what she is imagining in her clouded mind*
Maltriel: *she goes thoughtful* no one could have survived.... *but her happy visions come back to her and she forgets what she was talking about*
Ashgaz: *moves closer to her, curious*
Ashgaz: Why were you afraid that I was dead?
Maltriel: i do not know now.... sometimes i have visions and memories, but they do not seem real
Ashgaz: *twists a corner of the robe in frustration*
Maltriel: *her voice becomes singsong* i gave you a shield, i believe..... do you remember that?
Ashgaz: *He thinks she must not be talking to him*
Ashgaz: *She must be talking to some figure in her memory*
Ashgaz: *gently* When did you give me the shield?
Maltriel: but it was hard to find armor for you, my friend.... because of your small stature
Ashgaz: *under his breath* A hobbit!
Maltriel: i... i do not know. i cannot remember when i gave you the shield
Ashgaz: I must not have ridden into battle, then?
Maltriel: you rode behind me, and i hid you
Maltriel: but i do not know when
Ashgaz: *wonders if it was someone he knows*
Maltriel: did you die?
Ashgaz: I...I don't know...
Ashgaz: What happened to me?
Maltriel: *she shifts her position clumsily and looks where she preceives are his eyes*
Maltriel: oh! but it was horrible! i do not want to think about it. the visions i have now are much more pleasant
Ashgaz: Wait, Eowyn...what was my name?
Maltriel: *she looks at him with a confused expression* who is eowyn?
Ashgaz: *realizes he has called her Eowyn and fears Angmar's punishment*
Maltriel: your name is ashgaz.... don't you know that? *silly giggle*
Ashgaz: It is someone from the past, forgive me
Ashgaz: *paces behind her and kicks at a tree*
Maltriel: i cannot remember my past... i was sick
Ashgaz: *breaks a few branches off*
Maltriel: *falls over and lies on the ground looking up at the sky with a dazed expression*
Ashgaz: *kneels by her*
Ashgaz: Lady Maltriel?
Ashgaz: Are you ill?
Maltriel: *stares into space* ah but we were brave were we not! when we rode to battle we feared neither pain nor death for we had no hope
Ashgaz: *hopeful again--she is remembering!*
Ashgaz: *quietly* Yes we were very brave
Maltriel: *pulls at the grass idly*
Maltriel: i believe i am dead and in the halls of my fathers. are you dead too?
Ashgaz: You are not dead, lady
Ashgaz: You are alive and camped with the army of Mordor.
Maltriel: oh but i believe i am *she giggles*
Ashgaz: *thinks it very bizarre that she should find that funny*
Maltriel: *gets to her feet clumsily*
Ashgaz: *stands next to her in case she loses her balance*
Maltriel: *walks aimlessly and very unsteadily... staring into space* i remember these fields... endless fields of tall green grass and horses
Ashgaz: *follows her listening*
Maltriel: his name was windfola..... i do not remember what color he was. he was my horse, i think. but does it matter? *giggles again*
Ashgaz: Perhaps not, lady.
Ashgaz: *He finds the sight of her like this very sad*
Maltriel: *she lightly puts her hand on the nearest tree for balance. she says softly* i wonder what became of him.
Ashgaz: Of whom?
Maltriel: of my horse
Ashgaz: Ah, your horse
Ashgaz: I do not know
Ashgaz: Perhaps he ran free after the battle?
Maltriel: *she wanders further into the woods* there was a great hall... and it was filled with tapestries
Maltriel: *she turns suddenly to ashgaz* do you remember it?
Ashgaz: *stammers* No, lady, I don't remember it
Maltriel: but we are in it now
Ashgaz: ...We are?
Ashgaz: *takes her arm* Perhaps we should be going back to the camp now, then
Ashgaz: The army needs us
Maltriel: *in a distant voice* no, i want to stay. i know this place
Ashgaz: *looks back over his shoulder to locate the campfire*
Ashgaz: *having figured out where they are, he says* As you wish, then
Maltriel: it was called.... meduseld... i think that was the name. but it is empty... the throne is empty
Ashgaz: *He makes the connection between the empty throne and the man under the horse...and Eowyn is the king's niece*
Maltriel: *maltriel is deep in visions of Edoras... and the fields of Rohan.. though her body may be in gondor... her mind explores the far reaches of middle earth*
Ashgaz: *He knows after his travels with the army that Rohan is a great kingdom of men*
Maltriel: *she turns back to ashgaz* he loved you like a son... i wish you had not died
Maltriel: but it does not matter anyway *she says once again singsong*
Ashgaz: *His eyes fill for the hobbit she spoke of*
Ashgaz: *whoever it was*
Maltriel: it is too unpleasant to think about.... so i do not *she giggles again*
Ashgaz: *Again he tries to lead her back to the camp*
Maltriel: *she does not resist him, though she does not really notice his presence*
Ashgaz: *Then it occurs to him...suppose she does escape?*
Maltriel: is not the dawn upon the plains a beautiful sight to see?
Ashgaz: *Suppose she wanders off from the army while they are all asleep? He could say he fell asleep and when he woke up she was gone*
Ashgaz: *The men will be looking for them...and they will blame him for her absence!*
Maltriel: do you see it too?
Ashgaz: *startled out of his thoughts*
Ashgaz: Yes...beautiful
Maltriel: the dawn.... it is so pretty *even though it is really evening, in her mind, she sees a beautiful dawn... her surroundings in the soft, muted light..*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz looks at her, baffled...it is pitch black*
Ashgaz: Lady, it is still night.
Ashgaz: Why do you talk of the dawn?
Maltriel: *but then her vision changes, and she is back in the forest with ashgaz... though she feels like she is walking on the clouds in the sky*
Maltriel: of course it is still night master holbytla
Ashgaz: What did you call me? *confused*
Maltriel: *looks back at him equally confused* i don't know... what did i call you?
Ashgaz: You said, "Master holbytla"
Ashgaz: What does that mean? It sounds somewhat like "hobbit"
Maltriel: oh..... *her eyes glaze over again* in legends.... a group of small creatures in the north
Maltriel: but they lived only in vague legend
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz wonders what she thinks he is, then, but doesn't say anything*
Ashgaz: *She could give him no answers now anyway*
Maltriel: two of them came out of the legends... strange chance that may be. they met my uncle.... but i only met one
Ashgaz: What was his name?
Ashgaz: *listens very hard*
Maltriel: *she looks back at ashgaz* whose name?
Ashgaz: The hobbit you met!
Ashgaz: You said you met a hobbit
Ashgaz: ...a holbytla
Maltriel: i... cannot remember.... very odd names they had
Ashgaz: *despairs of ever hearing the name from her*
Ashgaz: *nods and sighs*
Ashgaz: *He goes back to wondering if he should let her wander away from the camp*
Maltriel: *in a very faint whisper* peregrin took and meriadoc brandybuck...
Ashgaz: *He stops thinking altogether for a split second*
Ashgaz: *Their faces come into his mind. He remembers them in the Shire at Bilbo's last birthday party*
Maltriel: *her mind retreats back into visions and her feet roam an enchanted wood simular to the forest of doriath in ages past...though she was born many years after that part of middle earth sank under the ocean*
Ashgaz: *He repeats* Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck?
Ashgaz: *marvels that she remembered their full names*
Maltriel: *she stops by a sapling... idly pulling off the leaves from one of the branches*
Ashgaz: *runs up to her*
Ashgaz: Lady, did you say Merry and Pippin?
Maltriel: *hums some unknown tune*
Maltriel: *ashgaz breaks her concentration... she turns to him* what? no... i never said anything
Maltriel: i do not know what or of whom you speak of
Ashgaz: Yes you did
Ashgaz: You just said Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck
Maltriel: i do not know whom you speak of.... but a man named merry tried to posion me
Ashgaz: *very confused now*
Maltriel: lord angmar told me so... that is why i have no memory of my past
Ashgaz: *He wonders--does this mean that either Merry or Pippin is dead now?*
Ashgaz: *But how could they have come to Rohan?*
Ashgaz: *He wonders if the "man" Merry is the hobbit*
Maltriel: *pulls a few of the branches from the sappling and idly weaves them into a circlet wilst humming softly to herself*
Ashgaz: *He is sure that Merry would never try to poison anyone, and the fact that Angmar said it makes him even more sure*
Maltriel: *her back is up against an aged oak tree*
Ashgaz: *He sifts through everything she has said, trying to figure out what happened*
Maltriel: *she takes the circlet made of slender young branches and places it upon ashgaz' head*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz is confused but finds this strangely touching*
Ashgaz: Thank you my lady
Maltriel: *she does everything by the light of a full moon... but to her sometimes it is dawn... sometimes it is afternoon... sometimes it is evening for she is in the midst of the potion's affects*
Ashgaz: But I think this would look better on you *smiles and holds it out to her*
Maltriel: *she turns him down* no it is for you... for you are a hero and you should be made a knight
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz feels very proud of Merry*
Maltriel: it is all that i can do at this present time... but i shall ask the king to make you a knight
Ashgaz: *hesitant* Thank you my lady
Ashgaz: *He remembers that she said he had died*
Maltriel: *her eyes glaze over again and she walks behind the ancient oak tree... humming again*
Ashgaz: *He wonders if Merry is dead*
Ashgaz: *But then again, sometimes she acts as if he were alive*
Ashgaz: *He concludes that Merry must have been wounded, but Eowyn doesn't know if he is dead or not...or doesn't want to remember*
Ashgaz: *He decides not to give up yet, to hope that Merry survived.*
Maltriel: *she goes back around the tree to ashgaz* ...and you will be held in high honor in rohan for your deeds of valor master merry
Ashgaz: *He feels a pang as she confirms that it was Merry*
Ashgaz: Thank you my lady, I am honored
Ashgaz: *wonders how he will get her back to the camp*
Ashgaz: *Perhaps it would not be wise to let her go free, because they are many miles from Rohan*
Ashgaz: *She might starve in the wilderness here*
Maltriel: *slumps to the ground beside the oak tree* but what am i talking about?
Ashgaz: *sits next to her*
Ashgaz: You have been remembering things, my lady.
Ashgaz: Many things, some of them sad
Maltriel: *rolls her head over in his direction* re......membering..... what?
Ashgaz: *He is alarmed at this sudden change in her*
Ashgaz: Remembering a battle you fought in, my lady
Maltriel: oh... but i cannot remember anything, remember? *she giggles...sillily...helplessly* and i would not want to remember bad things.....
Ashgaz: But you are weary
Ashgaz: Let me take you back to camp and you can rest there while the night remains
Maltriel: i have fought in no battles........ but i go to fight in battle for mordor
Ashgaz: You will need your strength in the morning
Ashgaz: *decides it is useless to argue with her*
Ashgaz: Yes, you need your strength to fight.
Ashgaz: Let us go *tries to help her up*
Maltriel: .....to victory and triumph.... or to death in glory
Ashgaz: *swallows hard*
Maltriel: *her eyes glaze over.. and she stares into space* i hear.... i hear that in rohan... they torture you in horrible ways and then burn you alive
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz honestly does not know what they do in Rohan*
Ashgaz: That's terrible
Ashgaz: But don't think of such things, my lady
Maltriel: *her voice sinks to that of a whisper* i think..... i think i shall kill myself rather than be captured... if it comes to that... friend ashgaz
Ashgaz: *His heart twists as he remembers the time he sought death*
Ashgaz: *gently arranges a lock of her hair* No, my lady, don't do that to yourself
Ashgaz: I do not think the men of Rohan would be so cruel
Ashgaz: and death is the end of all things...
Ashgaz: *he trails off*
Maltriel: *she falls over sideways to the ground from her sitting position and mumbles* my heart yearns for the day that angmar and i will ride into battle side by side
Ashgaz: *shakes her gently* Yes, lady, it will come soon. We must be off now, to the camp, to prepare
Maltriel: *she pulls herself back to a sitting postion, her hair over her face. she begins to giggle... gets choked and coughs a little*
Ashgaz: *smooths the hair away from her face* Come my lady, you must rest.
Maltriel: *she stares at him in the face* yes my lord... i must rest... and take my medicine. tomorrow... we shall ride into battle together. i love you
Ashgaz: *He decides to play along with this*
Ashgaz: *She would follow Angmar anywhere, so now she will finally sleep*
Ashgaz: Yes, we shall. Go to the camp and sleep now, so that you will have strength for tomorrow.
Maltriel: *she giggles again... slumps back on the ground, rolls over in the grass, clumsily throwing fallen leaves up in the air around her*
Ashgaz: *sighs and wonders what to do*
Maltriel: yes, master merry... when will wants not a way will be found. you shall ride behind me in battle
Ashgaz: I am honored, my lady
Ashgaz: Let us go then!
Maltriel: *looks up at the stars in the sky and blinks* but the name of the man who tried to poison me was merry.... the stars look lovely tonight my lord
Ashgaz: *wonders how many people he will have to play tonight*
Ashgaz: *swallows...he does not like to decieve people*
Ashgaz: Not as lovely as you
Maltriel: *attempts to struggle back to her feet*
Ashgaz: But we can enjoy them better from the camp
Ashgaz: The view is better there
Ashgaz: Ashgaz will accompany you
Maltriel: *she has trouble standing on her feet for it feels as though she is walking on clouds*
Ashgaz: *guides her hand to lean on his head because his shoulder is too low*
Narrator: *They hear footsteps coming and getting nearer... It is Lomin come to look for them*
Ashgaz: Come my lady, we must get back to the camp!
Ashgaz: *Fear rises in him*
Ashgaz: *Fear of being reported as disobedient to the Nine*
Ashgaz: *Fear of being sent to Lugburz with Sam and Frodo*
Lomin: *he looks first to Maltriel* My lady, you are out abroad quite late, are you not?
Maltriel: *she struggles to come out of her latest vision*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz tries to slow down his heavy breathing*
Lomin: *Then he looks to Ashgaz* Master, why have you let the lady wander?
Ashgaz: I could not hinder her, sir
Ashgaz: ...um, Lomin
Ashgaz: Her medicine caused her to have visions and she wandered in her delirium
Maltriel: *she almost sings* but we have been taking a lovely walk.... through these gardens... i think they are elvish for they are too beautiful to be planted by the hands of man
Ashgaz: I stayed with her to ensure her safety
Lomin: My lady, give me your arm! I will escort you back
Ashgaz: and I have been trying to bring her back these last hours!
Lomin: My lady, this night air is not good for you. Come back to your fire
Maltriel: *she clumsily moves away from ashgaz and to the man.. falling slightly to his side*
Ashgaz: *follows them*
Lomin: *He takes her arm and leads her back to her fire*
Maltriel: *she goes with him... her feet still treading upon clouds above the circles of the world*
Lomin: *Ashgaz knows who he is and what his purpose is... to watch him and to make sure Maltriel finds death in Rohan of poppy and potion enduced delirum**
Maltriel: *she says little, being in her own little world*
Ashgaz: *Protective anger rises in Ashgaz at the sight of Eowyn so vulnerable in the hands of the man who will ensure her death*
Ashgaz: *He is glad Lomin cannot see him glaring*
Lomin: *He speaks in words of honey, but there is venom behind it*
Lomin: Lady Maltriel, I am honored to have you for our leader
Ashgaz: *narrows his eyes*
Lomin: We shall scout out and find the leading elements of the leading Rohorrim cavalry
Lomin: And you will lead us into battle great and glorious!
Maltriel: yes! *she cheers giddily* to battle great and glorious!
Ashgaz: *A thought comes to Ashgaz: I could give him the Black Breath. I could give them all the Black Breath.*
Ashgaz: *Perhaps I will!*
Lomin: I am from the East, and our women there fight along side the Men. They are great warriors
Ashgaz: *But then he thinks of Sam and Frodo and lapses into his old agony of indecision*
Ashgaz: *He becomes lost in thoughts of Lugburz and being pinned under Sauron's throne*
Maltriel: *she has started to come down slightly from her high and speaks more sensibly now* even though i cannot remember the details of my past i feel that it is the custom in some lands not for women to fight.... but it has brought me great joy ever since angmar said that we would ride into battle together
Ashgaz: *and being tortured with fire and waves of water and visions everlasting*
Lomin: Lady Maltriel, my ancestors were in the service of the first Dark Lord, Melkor, back in the time before the world flooded
Lomin: It is an honor to serve the new Dark Lord
Ashgaz: *The words "Dark Lord" pull him out of his reverie and he turns his attention back to them*
Maltriel: yes... angmar has told me many things concerning the history of the world. like your ancestors i feel pride that i serve the dark lord
Lomin: I was given the name of one of my famous ancestors, Lomin
Ashgaz: *Frustration overcomes him. He bites his lip and clenches his fists*
Lomin: Who was given land for aiding the great lord Melkor back in an ancient war
Lomin: *He soon leads them back to her campfire*
Maltriel: *she goes with him... feelings of pride stirred in her heart... and her love and adoration for angmar blossoming more*
Lomin: My lady, is there anything you want before I leave you and go back to my men?
Maltriel: no, i am quite all right. ashgaz, my page *she motions to him* will serve me
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz leads her away from Lomin at the first opportunity*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz nods*
Lomin: Ah yes, Ashgaz... your page
Lomin: *He grits his teeth* Yes... your page will serve you well....
Ashgaz: *For a moment Ashgaz wishes Eowyn were really his mistress*
Maltriel: *does not notice his teeth are gritted and his voice is tense*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz notices and knows it is a threat directed at him*
Ashgaz: *He looks away from the man's angry gaze*
Lomin: Then, good night fair lady, and sleep well.... *his voice sounds like a snarl*
Lomin: And Master Ashgaz...... we will ......... be watching you
Maltriel: thank you, master lomin, and goodnight *she smiles at him groggily*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz glares back at the man knowing he cannot see it*
Ashgaz: *He takes the lady's arm and says gently* You must sleep now, my lady. Here is your blanket *hands it to her*
Lomin: *He says not a word to them now, but thinks..... the shieldmaiden of Rohan, the White Lady, will be dead in less than two weeks, and I will have served my Master well*
Maltriel: *she turns to ashgaz and takes the blanket* thank you, ashgaz *she smiles at him*
Ashgaz: *Tears spill down his face*
Maltriel: *she lies down on the ground and covers herself with her blanket*
Ashgaz: *He wipes them away and resumes his post next to her*
Maltriel: *she quickly falls into pleasant and peaceful dreams.... of beautiful sights both unknown to her and deep from her recessed memories....*
Maltriel: *of angmar, who bears the face of her first love aragorn, and the promise of glory and great deeds together.... and when she takes her medicine again after she wakes up*

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