September 19, 3019

Frodo portrayed by Hobbitness
The Lieutneant of Barad-dur portrayed by Eowyn
The Nazgul, Shakh Gakhtarburz, Shakh Zagbolg and Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz portrayed by FreeFall
Narrator, Sauron the Great, Shakh Skrishau, Shakh Angmar, Shakh Khamul and Carcharoth played portrayed Wraith

Narrator: *Sauron the Great has summoned Frodo to leave Baggins' Hall and commanded him to go to Lugburz (Barad-dur). Frodo leaves sadness and turmoil behind him at his keep.*
Narrator: *Vartang has named himself lord of the keep in Frodo's absence, and plans to move into Frodo's suite at the keep. He has ordered Lilandra, Rian, Elfhild and Elffled's quarters to be moved to the room beside his.*
Narrator: *Ceolwulf opposed Vartang on this matter, and when Vartang refused to listen to his pleas, Ceolwulf attacked Vartang. Vartang drew his sword on Ceolwulf, slashing his arm, and Elfhild jumped in the way to try to save Ceolwulf.*
Narrator: *For this, Vartang deemed Ceolwulf's punishment to be 50 lashes with the bullwhip and ordered him taken to the dungeon and flogged, with Elfhild to be chained and forced to watch.*
Narrator: *Because of Elfhild's intercessions, Vartang shortened the punishment to 20 lashes, but told her that now she "owed" him. Vartang also ordered Aldir and Varadmir to be imprisoned in the dungeon because "they might prove troublesome."*
Narrator: *Frodo's thoughts are unhappy as he rides on a fell beast behind the Nazgul Shakh Skrishau (Lord Eight the Quiet).*
Narrator: *Now the Dark Tower is in sight, and the fell beast reduces its altitude and heads for a landing balcony near the top of the Dark Tower.*
Frodo: *Frodo shuts his eyes tightly and shudders, hugging himself. He prays to the Valar for strength to endure whatever doom lies before him*
Narrator: *The beast glides in onto the balcony, takes a few steps, then stops.*
Frodo: *looks around in horror, hardly able to believe that he is here again*
Narrator: *The beast crouches on its mighty legs, lowering itself so that the riders can dismount*
Frodo: *To think that this morning, he had breakfast in the garden with Ceolwulf and Elfhild as usual*
Shakh Skrishau: *The Nazgul says in a cold, icy voice* We are here
Frodo: *Frodo looks still looks like a long way to him*
Shakh Skrishau: *The Nazgul throws his right leg over the pommel and slides down, and looks to the halfling, his eyes glowing slightly beneath the darkness of his hood*
Frodo: *He slides over so that his feet hang off the beast's back and tries to work up the courage to jump down*
Shakh Skrishau: *He reaches up to Frodo with both hands, covered in heavy metal gauntlets, and pulls the Hobbit down, putting him on the ground roughly*
Frodo: *bites his lip as the gauntlets grip him*
Frodo: *he sways but remains on his feet*
Shakh Skrishau: *He releases him and straightens up. Then a great door to the back of the balcony opens*
Frodo: *After running below to Ceolwulf and attacking his torturer twice, Frodo is exhausted*
Shakh Skrishau: Bow, halfling, your betters approach!
Frodo: *He is so ill that normally Ceolwulf carries him for long distances*
Frodo: *He remembers his first coming to Lugburz, with Sam...he refused to bow before even Sauron, and Sam was proud of him then*
Frodo: *He does not bow....but takes a step backwards in fear*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the noise of many trumpets blare in the heavy sulfuric air.... drums beat...*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *a tall darkly-clad figure strides through the door. when he sees frodo, he takes off his helm and bows with a flourish. he is a man with black hair, touched with distinguished streaks of grey. an escort of ten orcs follow him*
Frodo: *watches them in silence*
Shakh Skrishau: *Bows from the waist, a short bow of protocol*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the man bows to shakh skrishau, and speaks in a loud, dramatic voice:*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: Broshan, broshan, Shakh Baggins, Narish Sauron-ob. Kul-izgu zriiurz shum honat lat urzku. (Welcome, welcome, Lord Baggins, Friend of Sauron. We are greatly joyful to see you again.)
Frodo: *Terror constricts his chest...he can hardly breathe...oh the smell of the air, it all is still here....the journey to Mount Doom, the first imprisonment, Sam...*
Frodo: *Frodo looks at the man confusedly, not understanding the Black Speech*
Shakh Skrishau: *The Nazgul hisses, and uses the force of his mind to force Frodo to bow low upon the ground*
Shakh Skrishau: Bow, you fool!
Frodo: *Frodo finds his knees bending and his body falling to the ground*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *he nods briefly, acknowledging the bow* you may rise, friend of Sauron
Frodo: *gets up slowly*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *he smiles warmly at frodo, revealing perfect white teeth, yet his grey eyes glitter with a cruel malice.* I am the Lieutenant of Barad-dur.
Frodo: *manages in a strained whisper* Hail
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: Come, follow me. your Master wishes to see you. He has missed you greatly.
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the orc escort moves to the side so that frodo may walk behind the lieutenant*
Frodo: *draws in a sharp breath and recoils instinctively*
Shakh Skrishau: *Shakh Skri moves up and follows behind Frodo*
Frodo: *walks forward to avoid the Nazgul*
Frodo: *He ends up next to the Lieutenant*
Shakh Skrishau: *Then the orcs fall in behind the three as they walk through the doors into a corridor leading to the Dark Hall of Sauron*
Frodo: *Frodo walks slowly and unsteadily, his strength failing almost as much as when he and Sam marched with the company of orcs*
Frodo: *He has been through this corridor before...but Sam was with him...Sam with his reassuring smile...and the bruise on his forehead where the orc hit him....poor Sam*
Frodo: *Frodo wonders if he will see the horrible small wraith that he still cannot believe is Sam*
Narrator: *Sauron's lieutenant leads them into the throne room, where Frodo sees Sauron sitting on his great throne, emanating fire and malice. A hooded figure stands to Sauron's right, his face hidden by a hood*
Narrator: *Shakh Skrishau bows from the waist to Sauron, then steps to the side of the room and stands there*
Frodo: *Frodo staggers backward and raises his arm to shield his face*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the Lieutenant also bows before Sauron, then takes his place on the left of Sauron's great throne*
Frodo: *His knees buckle under him but he struggles to his feet again*
Frodo: *He will not look at Sauron*
Frodo: *Just the single glimpse sent his mind into agony...and his body, his shoulder...he wonders that he does not faint*
Sauron the Great: Broshan, Broshan, Shakh Baggins. Welcome back to My Hall
The Nazgul: *From beneath their hoods they look to Frodo with a smile on their unseen faces*
Frodo: *standing with his face shielded and turned away, Frodo makes no reply*
Sauron the Great: Shakh, I understand your silence is caused by your joy at return. Always your modesty is most admirable
Sauron the Great: Again, I offer My thanks to you for returning that which belongs to Me
Frodo: *Anger gives him the strength to lower his arm and turn his hate-filled glare on Sauron, the bitterest glare he has ever worn*
Sauron the Great: Shakh, do not be modest. Speak
The Nazgul: *They look to Sauron wanting most of all as always to please Him*
Frodo: *He catches sight of the Ring on Sauron's finger, and the fire blazes up inside of him again, consuming all else*
Sauron the Great: Speak, Shakh, or you will have to be persuaded
Frodo: *Everything is forgotten, but the Ring...his need for it*
Frodo: *With the small remaining part of his mind he manages to speak aloud* Why have you brought me back here?
The Nazgul: *the smiles on their faces widen*
Sauron the Great: I have missed you, Shakh. You should know that
Frodo: *scoffs and looks away from Sauron*
Sauron the Great: I wanted to see you again.... to hear again how you brought My Ring back to Me. Tell Me
Sauron the Great: *He extends his hand with the Ring, down, so Frodo can see it better... It glitters and gleams upon the dark hand*
Frodo: *His fists clench. The madness returns to his eyes, absent for so long, but lying hidden*
Frodo: I bore the Ring into Mordor *he hisses*
The Nazgul: *A few low, dark laughs escape their lips*
Sauron the Great: *Becoming impatient, he says* I know that
Frodo: *Why was it? was to be destroyed...such a precious thing!...but it was his mission*
Sauron the Great: I know many things about you, Shakh. I know your every thought
Frodo: I was so close to fulfilling my quest but I was captured and your orcs seized It from me!
Frodo: And you took my Sam from me
Frodo: *shouts* Where is he?!
Sauron the Great: Yes, your tale is most gratifying to hear again, and while I am overjoyed at hearing it, there are others who are just as glad to see you
Sauron the Great: *Sends him a thought that fills his head with liquid fire and drops him to the floor*
Frodo: *Frodo sees only nine Nazgul, all of them full sized*
The Nazgul: *they watch in amusement as he tells his tale and feed on his torment and frustration*
Sauron the Great: As much as I am overjoyed to see you, I sense that you are insolent as usual
Frodo: *hits the floor suddenly and moans in agony*
Sauron the Great: My Lieutenant, why is he so insolent after I have done so many things for him?
Frodo: *finally experiencing the torment he has feared for so long*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: he still has the ways of his wretched land about him, my Lord. it must be taken out of him
Frodo: *If only they would let him die! Tears start to his burning eyes...why will they not take their revenge and just let him die?*
The Nazgul: *they look to Frodo with gratitude and hate. Hate for he was the cause of shame for them and gratitude for he was the deliverer*
Sauron the Great: Always My servant, you have good advice. For many years you have been My counsellor. How can this be taken out of him?
Frodo: *He opens his eyes a crack as the fleeting thought comes to him...Where is Ceolwulf?...but then he remembers: far from here. I will never see him again*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: my Lord, i would suggest putting the matter into the hands of Angmar and the Eight. they shall drive the stench of the shire away from him, the filth that polutes his mind.
Sauron the Great: My Counsellor, as always your advice is sound
Sauron the Great: *He looks to a figure on his right* Angmar..... *And an unspoken thought goes between them*
Shakh Angmar: Shakh Gakhtarburz, use your powers of persuasion on Our reluctant guest
Frodo: *Frodo's eyes fly open in terror at those words*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *watches with eager anticipation to see what ways of persusaion Shakh Gakhtarburz might use....*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *Shakh Gakhtabuz (Lord Three the Mad) steps beyond the line of the other eight and moves closer to Frodo*
Shakh Angmar: *Stands beside Sauron's throne, his eyes beginning to glow faintly*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *All too pleased to be called upon, he bows to Angmar*
Frodo: *remembering Weathertop, Frodo struggles to his feet in spite of the fire in his head and backs away*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: You have been treated well for long Shakh *laughs*
Frodo: *eyes him silently and warily*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: for long now your haggard skin has been left untouched *eyes his visible scars*
Frodo: *looks down to his wrists, the ridges from the chains deep in them still*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *he sustains urges within himself as he drags his gloved hand over his face. his eyes begin to glow more*
Sauron the Great: *He watches silently from the dark throne, his face seeming to smile*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: have you not liked your treatment thus far Shakh?
Frodo: *winces as he feels the wraith's cold, sharp gauntlet slide across his face, drawing small cuts*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *his hand slips over Frodo's scalp and grabs a fistful of his hair* Do you not bow to one of the Nine!?
Shakh Angmar: *Angmar's eyes grow redder, almost gleaming*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *his mood changing out of nowhere*
Frodo: *He remembers the Ford of Bruinen vividly: "By Elbereth and Luthien the Fair, you shall have neither the Ring nor me!"*
Frodo: *Shame fills him*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *he makes him crumble to the floor and holds him still..frozen*
Frodo: *crouches on the floor shivering, his body in the control of the nazgul*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *lowers his face to his and hisses out * if you do not chose to bow..then you will not move at all!
Frodo: *paralyzed, he can make no reply*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the lips of the lieutenant curl back into a smile... indeed no amount of torment could recompensate his Master for frodo's act of witholding the Ring*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *keeping him frozen, he kicks Frodo's body and watches the tightened body move fall over to the other side and laughs wildly*
Shakh Angmar: *Angmar's eyes flash, orbs of red, glowing fire*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: Shakh Angmar *lifts head fast* look at our frozen friend! A bit chilly, isn't he? *he says and laughs*
Shakh Angmar: May his body break into shards like an icicle
Frodo: *cold fills him almost like the ice of the morgul blade*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: Care to show him just how cold he can get?
Shakh Angmar: Yes, Shakh, I shall
Shakh Angmar: *A bone-chilling cold covers Frodo, penetrating to the marrow of his bones. In his mind, he can hear the wild shrieking winds blowing, screaming like lost souls crying out in torment*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *smiles in satisfaction* yes Shakh! He is mighty cold now
Sauron the Great: Do not let him become too chilled *he says in a cold, icy voice*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *stands over Frodo and takes his index finger and taps on his forehead and Frodo imagines that his head has been shattered into pieces*
Frodo: *shakes violently, hardly able to draw a breath*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron turns his mind to Frodo, and Frodo is enveloped in flames and feels he is floating through the lava of Mt. Doom, yet his body is not consumed by the fire*
Frodo: *All thoughts are blocked from his mind and all control from his body as he screams in pain*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *throws his head back and laughs loudly at the first bit of punishment*
Sauron the Great: *Frodo feels like there is steam rolling out of every pour in his body*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *bends head to Frodo's again and speaks in hushed tone again* but this is nothing dear Shakh *laughs*
Sauron the Great: *And the vapors rise up from Frodo's quivering body and then come back down, surrounding him, like a gentle mist, and Frodo feels comforted and strangely better*
Shakh Gakhtarburz: *he stands and moves back to the line with the other Nazgul*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, this is just a taste of what awaits you
Frodo: *raises his head, then gets up again, wondering what they will do to him next*
Sauron the Great: I trust you feel sufficently invigorated *a wicked smile is upon his face*
Frodo: Will you let me die this time? *he says almost pleading*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the lieutenant chuckles menacingly and his eyes gleam with sadistic glee*
The Nazgul: *laughs at Frodo's words*
Sauron the Great: Nay, Master Baggins. We are too fond of you for that. You will live
Frodo: *lowers his head, shuts his eyes and whispers a quiet despairing prayer*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, though I am quite fond of you and greatly appreciative for all that you have done *he extends his hand again, and the Ring seems to glow more brilliantly than before*
Sauron the Great: I still fear that your old ways have not left you yet. You must be purified still more
Frodo: *The fire of the Ring is mirrored in Frodo's eyes*
Sauron the Great: Then, when the purification is completed, then we shall see... *he laughs*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the lieutenant laughs with Sauron* yes, we shall purge every thought of the shire from his wretched little mind.
Frodo: *His voice grows suddenly hard* Never!
Sauron the Great: Lord Zagbolg, commence with the next purification
Shakh Zagbolg: *looks over to Sauron sending a thought and asking him for permission*
Frodo: *Frodo suddenly hears a voice in his head: "That's my brave master!"*
Sauron the Great: *He sends a thought back to Zagbolg..... Proceed, My servant*
Frodo: *Frodo starts and looks around but sees no sign of Sam*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron sends a thought to Frodo.... Sam is Mine.... beyond the grasps of your world, and your petty life*
Shakh Zagbolg: *Shakh Zagbolg (Lord Four The Bloodthirsty) goes over to Frodo with hurried steps and makes no hesitation about hitting him hard across the face and drawing blood* There now I can look upon you with more ease
Shakh Zagbolg: *sees the blood form in thin lines before pouring out of slashes and inahles deeply*
Frodo: *cries out, then lifts a shaking hand to try to wipe the blood from his face*
Sauron the Great: Still, you do not appreciate My hospitality, Master Baggins. Such ingratitude!
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: he was brought up by brigands of the West in that little rat country of his. he knows not of courtesy to his betters
Shakh Zagbolg: *smears the blood over his cheek* You think you are very bold Shakh? You are a fool!
Frodo: *winces*
Shakh Zagbolg: You will learn to appreciate our Great Lord
Sauron the Great: *Smiles approvingly at Shakh Zagbolg*
Shakh Zagbolg: Call him just that. Say it.... Say "Hail Great Lord Sauron"
Frodo: *hisses* No
Shakh Zagbolg: *tilts head* No?
Sauron the Great: Teach him courtesy, Shakh Zagbolg
Shakh Zagbolg: Dishonor! *slaps him hard on the other side*
Frodo: *cries out again*
Shakh Zagbolg: *drags Frodo over to closer to Sauron by the hair* Say It!! *his eyes burn red*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: he is imputent, and must learn the error of his ways.
Frodo: *The last time this happened to him was when he was branded...he begins to breathe heavily* No..please...
Shakh Zagbolg: please? Mercy? *laughs*
Shakh Zagbolg: But you have just arrived
Sauron the Great: *Sauron laughs, a cold mocking laugh that makes the stones in the hall vibrate* Hahahaha!
Shakh Zagbolg: Surely it is too soon for mercy.
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: mercy, shakh? those who sue for Sauron's mercy must first do Sauron's bidding.
Shakh Zagbolg: You don't bleed enough for my liking Baggin.... then again to my liking is bleeding you of every drop, and that will not be
Shakh Zagbolg: *shudders under Sauron's gaze*
Sauron the Great: Nay, he must live out his wretched life
Shakh Zagbolg: Aye..aye my Lord
Sauron the Great: I have deemed it to be. He will not receive the mercy of death. He has been denied it
Frodo: *Frodo feels the terror of Sauron's gaze a hundredfold, his bloody face forced to turn upwards to the Dark Lord*
Shakh Zagbolg: *takes finger and gathers Frodo's blood on it and to his mouth and shivers*
Frodo: *watches in disgust*
Shakh Zagbolg: *his eyes glow as his bloodlust increases, but he moves back to the line with haste as it drives him mad with delight...too much so*
Shakh Khamul: *Standing over near the wall, Khamul's eyes begin to glow at the sight of blood... His intake of air is audible. He says softly* Grish.... grish... (Blood...blood)
Shakh Zagbolg: *looks to Khamul as unspoken thoughts go between them* enjoy him before the blood dries
Frodo: *Frodo's eyes widen...he recognizes Khamul as the one who tormented him in his cell until he almost died*
Shakh Khamul: *Khamul walks out of the shadows over to Frodo. He reaches his hand out, wipes off a glob of blood, puts it to his lips and sighs*
The Nazgul: *smiles at his Brother who has much of the same lust*
Shakh Khamul: *he says softly* I would have it all, if it were not denied
Shakh Khamul: I remember you
Shakh Khamul: *he looks at Frodo, his red eyes glowing, bloodlust driving him mad* You gave me much trouble. I remember you, BAGGGGIIIIINNNNSSSSSSSSSssssssss.......
Frodo: *faintly* I remember you
Frodo: The one with the lady in my cell when I was chained
Shakh Khamul: Aye, it was I. I was one of the ones who followed you in the Shire. I was the one at the Bucklebury Ferry. You have troubled me much. I do not forget
Shakh Khamul: *He kicks him*
Frodo: *stifles his cry and looks up to Khamul with a defiant, proud smile*
Frodo: *He only meets Khamul's eyes thus for a moment, not wanting to encourage them to harm him again*
The Nazgul: *They looks to him with red eyes of anger at the frustration he put them through and the shame that came after*
Shakh Khamul: *Bends over, picks him up by the feet and shakes him like a dog shakes a rabbit he has caught*
Frodo: *The blood rushes to his head and he becomes very dizzy*
Shakh Khamul: You wretched scum! Mortal filth! I do not like to touch you! You repulse me! *he drops him on the floor and walks back with the others*
Sauron the Great: As ever, My servants, you both please Me
Frodo: *lies dazed on the floor, half conscious*
The Nazgul: *Nods to Sauron*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, have you enjoyed your homecoming? We have missed you greatly
Sauron the Great: Carcharoth especially has missed you
Carcharoth: *At his name, Carcharoth, under the chair, comes out and walks over to Frodo, his yellow fangs catching the light as he licks Frodo in the face and blows his fetid breath into his mouth*
Sauron the Great: See, Master Baggins, how glad he is to welcome you?
Frodo: Ugh! *tries to back away and wave the wolf away from his face*
Sauron the Great: Come, Carcharoth, back to Master *The wolf gives Frodo a final lick on the mouth, then turns and goes back under Sauron's throne*
Frodo: *wipes his face it is bleeding and has the wolf's foul saliva on it*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz (Lord Nine The Forgotten, dubbed by himself) raises his head and looks to Sauron..and an unspoken request goes to Him... My Lord, may i try to prove my worth and see if i can get him to obey?*
Sauron the Great: *He sends Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz this message in response... My servant... teach him well*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *chosen last to be given his Great Gift, and always feeling tormented by such..he moves to Frodo with gritted teeth of determination*
Frodo: *feels a more intense malice from the wraith that approaches him now*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *he grabs Frodo by shoulders, making sure to dig his thumb in his Morgul scar and making him feel the pain again of it in his mind as he drags him even closer to Sauron*
Frodo: *struggles against the wraith's grip, screaming*
Frodo: *He only keeps up the struggle for a few seconds before he faints*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *His voice the highest pitched of them all and more hissed* more of this foolishness! *grabs him by the hair and forces his face to Sauron's gaze* look upon our Master... and yours!
Frodo: *The pain revives him briefly and he dimly perceives Sauron through half closed eyes*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: Hail Master! Say it!
Frodo: *but then slips back into unconsciousness*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *feeling fury at possible failure, the nazgul shakes Frodo's head in his gripped hand. The nazgul's blazing red eyes widen* Wake Fool!
Sauron the Great: *Sauron conjurs a cool breeze to blow about Frodo's face, reviving him from his swoon*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *Thanks his Master and bows*
Frodo: *blinks, reviving into a horrible reality*
Sauron the Great: *A vision comes upon Frodo's mind... he is back in the Shire, sitting in Bag End, as Bilbo tells him tales. He becomes excited at stories of adventure and feels refreshed, strengthened*
Frodo: *Frodo feels a little stronger, but tears come to his eyes*
Sauron the Great: *he nods to Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz* You have proven to be a worthy servant
The Nazgul: *he bows low to his Master, feeling proud for once*
The Nazgul: Thank you My Lord
Sauron the Great: *Sauron reverts to his old name for Frodo* Master Baggins, long have I known that your uncle taught you no manners back in the Shire, but do you have to make your display of poor courtesy so constant and so readily apparent?
Frodo: *adamantly remains silent*
Sauron the Great: My servants and I are so overjoyed to see you again that we have to show it in some appropriate way
Frodo: *wipes blood from his eyes*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: you are ungrateful, Master Baggins, for the hospitality of this great Hall.
Sauron the Great: Proceed, Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz, with your welcoming
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *calming a bit and feeling better that Sauron has seen him worthy..but still upset at the stubborn halfling.. he lowers his voice*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: Baggins...will you...please...*winces* Hail your Master now?
Frodo: He is not my master
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *eyes flash* you wish....................
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: verily, the Dark Tower is kind and merciful, to welcome this horrid urchin.... he should feel honored that all Nine have chosen to speak with him.
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *in Frodo's mind a vision of a knife nears his face..*
Frodo: *recoils*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: You will not speak it? If there is nothing to be said kind to our Master.... then one should have no words at all..........
Frodo: *gasps*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *the vision extends Frodo's tongue and slowly cuts it out....Frodo sees his own blood pour from his mouth and the tongue writhes on the floor and becomes covered in maggots*
Frodo: *sweat pours down his face...he trembles and winces*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: No, Baggins, no ill words will be spoken
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *takes Frodo's head in his hands and raises him to stand*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron chuckles* My servants are always so.... zealous in doing My will
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: Aye My Lord
Frodo: *is pulled to his feet in the wraith's icy grasp*
Sauron the Great: They are like brothers to My friend, Master Baggins, and I have I not been like a father to him?
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: See how my gracious Lord speaks of you? And you are so unwilling to return the respect
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: aye, my Lord. You have indeed been like a father to the ungrateful mongrel of the shireland
Frodo: *still unable to speak, Frodo seethes*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: is he not your Master? Baggins? Is he not? Nod your head. Nod your head in acceptance and i will release this torture
Frodo: *squeezes his eyes shut and shudders in despair, but keeps his head erect*
Frodo: *opens his eyes...tears spill from them and wash away some of the blood*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: Baggins this treatment is mild!
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: Lord Sauron is the master of your fate, insolent pup. it would do you well to pay Him respects
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: Do not tempt us!
Frodo: *Please let this be over, he prays silently*
Frodo: *He is on the point of obeying when he hears the taunts of the ranger in his head: Traitor to the West*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *Frodo feels more blood pour from his mouth, down his chin to the floor*
Frodo: *feels dizzy, as though he were bleeding to death...but he hears..."I should kill you now"..."by the order of King Elessar"*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: Shall i call the bloodlusters over here? *smiling to enhance his vision and hallucination*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron senses his thoughts and sends Frodo a vision of the outlaws kidnapping Elfhild and Elffled. Can you trust the Dunedain?*
Frodo: *What will happen to Elfhild and Elffled if I do not return? he suddenly thinks in a panic*
Frodo: *thinks of Elfhild's anger when he was only chained to the wall, how she said, "You cannot do that to him!"...he begins to miss them all terribly*
Frodo: *and Ceolwulf--did he survive? Is he still alive? Will he become sick, or recover?*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *he makes the vision of the bleeding stop but the girls remain in his head*
Frodo: *breathes a sigh of relief when the vision stops, relieved to find it was only a vision*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *Frodo has use of his tongue now but his mind sees the Rohan girls being led with their hands bound behind their backs*
Frodo: *He turns paler*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *they are held tightly as two men approach the girls with a scowl.. They say to Elfhild and Effled, "Bewitched and enchanted servants of the enemy..foul and disgusting..."*
Frodo: *becomes agitated, wondering if this is really happening back in Nurn*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *the girls clutch each other and cry... but the men say, "you will not be will not see mercy..."*
Frodo: *Unable to bear this sight, Frodo tries to fight it, to bring himself out of it, remembering watching Ceolwulf be tortured just hours ago*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *the vision becomes more colorful and alive in his mind as he feels the fighting of it..making him concentrate on the girls' faces... the men who hold them release them but they are still bound and then brought to their knees...*
Frodo: *struggles harder, begins to protest*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *One of the men says, " are the brave one...are you not? then surely you have a strong stomach? Brave Maiden...."*
Frodo: *under his breath* No...
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *One man moves behind Elffled...and grabs a fistful of her hair........*
Frodo: *twists and closes his eyes to try to avoid the vision*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *the other man stands in front of Elffled and draws a knife...the vision remains in Frodo's head even if he has his eyes closed or shut...*
Frodo: NO
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *The Nazgul smile*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *Elfhild screams as the blade shines in the sunlight.. "No! Do not touch her!" The man in front of Elffled brings the knife to her forehead and then says to Elfhild.. "Relax..and think of this as looking in a mirror of the future of what is to become of you..." he laughs.*
Frodo: *struggles angrily*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *from left to right the knife slices across Elffled's forehead and as he does this the man in back clutches her hair and drags the skin back..scalping her*
Frodo: NOOOOOO!!!
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz laughs at Frodo's screams as do the others and says* Shall i show you the sister's death too?
Frodo: No, no, please!
Frodo: Please say that is not real, please say it is not going to happen!
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: THEN HAIL YOUR MASTER!
Sauron the Great: *Sauron looks at Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz and nods his head in approval*
Frodo: Oh! *turns to Sauron with a cry of scorn, anger and hopelessness*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *hisses* do it!
Frodo: *grits his teeth...hears Ceolwulf's screams in his head again...quietly through gritted teeth* Hail
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *smiles* Hail what?
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *He causes Frodo to hear Elfhild's screams*
Frodo: *He hears Elfhild's scream, Ceolwulf's screams....the girls' tears when he left...* Hail................mas.....master
Frodo: *self loathing fills him*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *lifts head and then drops Frodo to the ground*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, was that so very difficult? *he laughs*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *he walks back in line with the others for once feeling great worth!*
Sauron the Great: My servant, Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz, you have proved yourself indeed worthy of being My servant
Frodo: *on his knees on the floor, he clenches his fists and pants in fury*
Shakh Kriithnariinuzurz: *bows* Thank You My Lord!
Frodo: *suddenly raises his bloody face to Sauron and cries* But you have not broken me!!
Sauron the Great: *A resounding laughter from Sauron greets Frodo's words and once again the stones of the Great Hall seem to vibrate and shake*
Frodo: *covers his ears as he hears the full volume of the laughter that has taunted him through his ring, ear shattering*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, you boast that you are not broken?
Sauron the Great: Come, stand before Me now and say it
Frodo: *uncovers his ears, rises with effort and stands before Sauron* I am not broken!
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *his gaze bores into the halfling.....will he do it?*
The Nazgul: *they shake their heads in disgust at his beahviour*
Sauron the Great: *He closes his eyes and raises his right hand. The Ring glows. The tip of his finger becomes a burning, blazing fire, striking Frodo in his head. Frodo's vision becomes blurred; his brain begins to split in pain*
Frodo: *falls to the floor*
Sauron the Great: *Then Sauron holds his hand aloft and suddenly Frodo is lifted high above the floor and held there, spinning, twisting, turning*
Frodo: *gasps in fear as he is lifted and spun about in the air*
The Nazgul: *they look up with smiles on their unseen faces to his body*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *looks up and sees the spinning halfling. he laughs at the sight*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron drops his hand to his side and then Frodo suddenly comes crashing to the floor, both legs splintering at the impact and the bones protrude through the flesh* NOW ARE YOU BROKEN, MASTER BAGGINS!
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: my Lord, he cannot say that he is not. *chuckles sadistically*
Sauron the Great: You are broken Master Baggins. You cannot now stand and say that you are not, can you *he says in a lethal voice*
The Nazgul: *they smiles in satisfaction at the sound of breaking bone*
Sauron the Great: *He rises to his feet and looks down at Frodo* Tell me now, Master Baggins, that you are not....hahahahaha..... *he laughs maniacally* BROKEN!
Frodo: *gasps and screams in pain for long moments*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *his eyes are alight with sadistic glee and he joins his master in wild laughter*
Frodo: *when he finally regains the use of his voice he raises himself on his elbows and says shakily*....Only my body....only my body!
Frodo: *begins to tremble and perspire*
Frodo: *soon he lies in a daze, in shock, barely conscious*
Sauron the Great: *Still standing, Sauron speaks and his voice thunders like waves of explosions* Long have you mocked Me, Master Baggins! You shall mock Me no longer!
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *frodo's defiant words amuse him and he laughs even harder* only your body, only your body! Master Baggins! soon there will be nothing left!
Sauron the Great: *Sauron stands there, glaring, his eyes seeming to burst into flashes of lightning* Shall I heal you, Master Baggins? *he says with a cold fury*
Frodo: *Frodo hears the furious voice thundering around him but barely comprehends its words*
Sauron the Great: You are under My power now. You are at My mercy
Sauron the Great: *He walks towards Frodo, and one great foot comes down upon Frodo's shattered legs, crushing them*
Sauron the Great: *again he says* Shall I heal you, Master Baggins?
Frodo: *Frodo lost consciousness completely with the second blow*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron is furious. His wish is now to destroy Frodo forever, to smash him into the floor, but he knows that though he could kill him, he would derive no pleasure from seeing Frodo's lifeless mangled body before him*
Sauron the Great: *He steps back from Frodo and lifts his hand in the air again*
The Nazgul: *they watch with great pleasure as their Master damages the halfling's body*
Sauron the Great: *Frodo floats gently up into the air. As Frodo spins slowly, visions of the Shire, of Sam and his garden fill his mind*
Sauron the Great: *Frodo is floating, floating, in the air.... spinning slowly.... all pain seems to leave him as he sinks deeper into unconsciousness*
Sauron the Great: *He sees Sam walking towards him out of a mist..... Sam greets him... "Hullo, Mr. Frodo. It's me, your old Sam. I come to take you to a better place"*
Sauron the Great: *Sam is once again his good old friend, a Hobbit, alive and well. "We are going to a place where we will never be hungry or hurt again. Come with me. Sam will lead you"*
Frodo: *Frodo's eyes widen in shock* Sam!...How did you....what happened....*then he bursts into tears*
Frodo: *Sam gently takes Frodo by the shoulders and says* Now, Mr. Frodo, don't take on so. It's over now. Your Sam's here and he'll never leave you again
Frodo: *But Frodo only sobs harder. Sam grows worried, and comforts him silently until he recovers himself enough to speak*
Frodo: *Finally Frodo wipes his eyes and begins again* But you were.....what happened, how did you escape?
Frodo: *Sam grins* Well now that's a long story, Mr. Frodo, one that you can't rightly bear now
Frodo: *Sam says* But the important thing is, I did escape, and I'm back now
Frodo: *Sam's smile suddenly fades and he seems himself on the verge of tears* Mr. Frodo...I don't remember a thing about...then, but I heard that I....that I....*stammers desperately*...that I hurt you
Frodo: *Sam* Is it true? After I promised not to leave you? Oh, Mr. Frodo, I am so sorry...can you forgive your Sam? *throws his arms around Frodo's neck*
Frodo: *Frodo hugs him tightly* Of course, there's nothing to forgive. None of that was your fault!
Narrator: *Frodo begins to spin faster, though he does not comprehend it*
Frodo: *Sam steps away, holds Frodo at arm's length, and meets his gaze intensely* Not my fault, because I didn't will it...I suppose so but I still feel horrible about it.
Frodo: *Sam* But you must think the same about yourself. I have heard you blame all the wars on yourself, heard you say you failed
Frodo: *Sam* But it was not your fault. You did not bring that horrid thing back, no matter what they say *Frodo begins to shudder again*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *with a wry smile, he watches the unconscious and impervious halfling spin round and round*
Frodo: *Frodo* Perhaps you are right...perhaps I will not wait forever in Mandos now. For that is where you will lead me, will you not?
Frodo: *Sam looks very sad* I want to, very much, Mr. Frodo. I want to take you away from them. You just have to come
Frodo: *Frodo is silent for a time* I want to come with you...but there are others...whom I have myself promised not to leave. If I can't come now, will you wait?
Narrator: *Frodo's body begins to spin more rapidly, and as he spins, he feels he is enveloped in warmth. The feeling is pleasant, comforting*
Narrator: *But prickles of pain run all along his legs, and he cannot understand why. Yet he still floats in a daze*
Frodo: *Sam's figure becomes blurry* Where are you going? Wait for me!...None of them can ever be as dear as you *Frodo cries*
Frodo: *Sam reaches out to him through the mist* Don't worry, Mr. Frodo. I won't ever leave you again, I've promised
Frodo: *Sam smiles at Frodo, but as he turns away his face assumes an anguished expression...he hates to give his master back to those fiends*
Frodo: *But Frodo only saw his smile, and his mind clings to it*
Narrator: *The prickles of pain in Frodo's legs increase into fiery torment, but as the flames seem to burn his legs, so the bones begin to knit together again*
Narrator: *The fragments of bone pull back through the punctured flesh and the fragments of the bones unite together*
Narrator: *The torn muscles and sinews begin to heal, but the pain is intense as they do*
Narrator: *Soon, his legs are whole again, and the horizontal spinning turns to verticle and Frodo slowly floats back to the ground upon his feet, whole again. Warm swirling mists keep him upon his feet until he awakes*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron looks down upon him*
Frodo: *looks up at Sauron with great disappointment*
Sauron the Great: You wished to die, did you not?
The Nazgul: *Their eyes had not lost their glow as they stared and watched the spectacle in front of them and watched Frodo spin on the verge of death and then get healed..they grin..always admiring their Master*
Frodo: *draws in a shaky breath as tears spill down his face...he sobs quietly a few times* Yes!
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *he gazes upon the hobbit and wonders if he will be as ungrateful as he was before*
Sauron the Great: You shall not die. But you have seen My power
Frodo: *his gaze is angry and hurt as he stares up at Sauron*...You took him from me again *he whispers tearfully*
Sauron the Great: If it is My will, you will stay here forever!
Sauron the Great: I control your fate. I control your body. I can heal you or let you die. Do you acknowledge My power over you?
Frodo: Oh, please, no! Please, not forever!
Sauron the Great: *he turns from him and goes back and takes his seat upon his throne*
Frodo: *nods slowly*...I do
Sauron the Great: Now will you bargain with Me, Master Baggins?
Frodo: *raises his eyes with a faint gleam of hope*
Sauron the Great: It is in My power to give you almost anything you wish
Sauron the Great: But.... *he taps his finger on the arm of the throne*
Sauron the Great: Will you bargain with Me? *his voice is soft and calming*
Frodo: *hesitates*...Perhaps
Frodo: What do you want?
Sauron the Great: A small matter.... Nothing of consequence *he says cloyingly*
Frodo: *That means it will be horrible, Frodo thinks....his breathing quickens*
Sauron the Great: But, Master Baggins.... You are fatigued. You are still ill. We will talk of this matter tomorrow
Sauron the Great: Besides, the festivities of your welcoming have not concluded
Sauron the Great: And not all of My servants *he looks towards the Nazgul* have had not had a chance to welcome you
The Nazgul: *they smile a wicked smile as they hear their Master's words*
Sauron the Great: Now, Master Baggins, to show you how overjoyed we are to welcome you back, you will now be escorted to your room, a room in keeping with the high esteem in which I hold you
Frodo: *thinks of being chained by the neck and wrists again* No...I am better now...I can bargain with you
Sauron the Great: My Lieutenant shall escort you. You see what great honor we pay you
Sauron the Great: Nonsense, Master Baggins.
Sauron the Great: We will celebrate tomorrow and do more honors to you
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *he leaves the side of Sauron's mighty throne. he bows before his master and then turns to frodo... he smiles at him warmly* come, Friend of Sauron. I shall show you to your room.
Frodo: *Frodo is amazed that his legs work now...his blood still spatters the floor. But he is able to follow the Lieutenant, albeit hesitantly*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *he beckons to him, his demeanor one of utmost friendlieness on the surface...yet malice and evil intent lies hidden within*
Frodo: *He walks behind the Lieutenant*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *ten orcs fall in behind frodo, coming from out of the shadows of the great hall. the lieutenant approaches the door... the orcish doormen open it for him. he pauses, turns back and bows to Sauron... his bodyguards do likewise.*
Frodo: *Frodo expects to be taken to a cell like his old one, maybe even hung from the ceiling again*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *then the lieutenant leads them down a long corridor... lit by the light of many torches... soon they arrive at an ornately carved door. taking a key off his belt, the lieutenant unlocks the door...opening it for frodo.*
Frodo: *Frodo peers confusedly inside the room*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the door opens into a large room... exquisitely decorated.... with large windows with ornate scrollwork as bars showing a view of the mountain...*
Frodo: *So it is not a cell this time...this time they keep up the charade even here, Frodo thinks*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *tapestires adorn the walls, showing great battles.... men lying bleeding and maimed.... some with severed heads...others with severed arms and legs...*
Frodo: *Though he feels the sight of the mountain he never reached is almost as bad as being hung from the ceiling*
Frodo: *enters the room slowly, trying not to look at the gory tapestries*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the furniture of the room is rich..... mohgany, cherry and wood of blackened color.... tables and chairs...stools and couches...*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *there is a large bed, in a section divided by more tapestries of bloody battles and great carnage... the curtains and coverings are black and a stool is set beside it so frodo can climb up*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the lieutenant shows frodo the large chamber and waves his arm about* behold your new lodgings, Master Baggins.
Frodo: *vaguely his eyes take in the ornate room. Anger boils in him at this pretense--they must hide his torment, must even make him be grateful for it*
Frodo: *But he only dimly perceives his luxurious surroundings...he still sees only Sam beckoning him*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the lietenant smiles at frodo, grey eyes glittering with mirth* are they to your liking, shakh?
Frodo: *looks up at the lieutenant with loathing and sadness, then looks away and sighs wearily* yes
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: Ah! good, good, Master Baggins. I shall leave you now.
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: if you have need of anything, call to the guards outside and they shall serve you.
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the lieutenant bows to frodo and walks to the door.... he opens it, closes it behind him. a key turns in the lock*
Frodo: *Frodo climbs onto the stool, parts the tapestries, and hoists himself onto the bed*
Frodo: *He closes the curtains tightly around him but still feels Sauron's will probing his mind. He burrows under the covers and curls into a ball, trying to block out the probing mind of Sauron*
Frodo: *He drifts in and out of a troubled sleep...sometimes he sees Sauron and the Nazgul taunting other dreams, he sees Sam again*

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