Return to Dol Guldur
October 12, 3019

High into the October sky, the great beast soars above Minas Morgul, this day of October 12, 3019. Far below them, Khamul and Madurz look down and see the revolving tower of the moon with the beautiful courtyard about it, surrounded by the expansive walls of the city. Then after flying over the Mountains of Shadow, they can see Ithilien with its hillsides turning orange, red, russet, brown and yellow in a wild festival of color as the leaves change in the midst of autumn.

Then leaving the spectacle of colors on the slopes of Ithilien, the somber gray brown shades of the No Man's Lands and Battle Plain of Dagorlad are an unpleasantly striking contrast.

Now below them they can see spread out the Dead Marshes, a mirey mixture of water, oozing mud, slime and reeds, sheltered by a faint greenish mist that is cut and driven away by the great wings of the beast as it passes over.

The monotonous landscape is finally broken by scattered woodlands, and once again, they can see the mark of autumn and its changing colors as they soar above the tops of the trees. The miles pass by rapidly as the beast continues flying northwest, and once again the contrast of the changing landscape before them is shown as the gentle tones of autumn colors give way to the dry monotony of the Brown Lands where scarcely a plant dares spread its roots into the soil.

Madurz rides on the saddle in front of Khamul, her back against his chest. "Twill not be too much longer, my lady," Khamul says as he pulls on the right rein, modifying the beast's path slightly. More scattered woodlands pass down far below them as the beast continues its northwestward course. Soon, they see the dark eaves of a shadowy forest ahead.

"Although the accursed sun in its midday fury smites my sight, I can smell the scent of trees and life of many kinds and the slight tremor that rushes through the beast now tells me that he is excited, for he must smell prey of some sort nearby.... elves, I would warrant, but even though their wicked darts can journey good distances in seeking their targets, we are too far away for them to be a danger. Peradventure some few of their accursed kind still lingers across the river at Lorien, but they offer little opposition now. There remains only about fifty miles that we must travel thither before we reach the walls of my city, Dol Guldur."

Khamul guides the beast down lower and lower, finally skimming over the tops of the highest trees, and then to a broad cleared spot in the forest out of which juts a solitary mountain and upon its peak is a tall tower. Jutting out from the side of the tower is a large platform newly built for a landing place for the beast. Gliding down from the sky and landing upon the platform, the beast goes inside to its eyrie where handlers await to take the reins from Khamul.

Dismounting, Khamul then helps Madurz from the beast's back and leads her past the bowing handlers and through a door into a hall. There they find awaiting them several hooded figures in black robes. "Broshn mokh, Shakh," each bowing figure says to him, "agh broshn-lat-u, Durlob."

He nods to them. "Narnûlublat-ûr broshan-lat. 'Tis good to be back after so long. Now, unless there is some matter of great urgency which warrants my attention, I would like now to show my lady to my chambers."

After acknowledging their parting bows with a nod, Khamul leads Madurz down what seems to her like endless corridors and passageways until at last they reach a large door inscribed with many runes and symbols, spells of protection and warding written on its face.

The door opens silently before them and the two pass through and walk into the large room - Khamul's meeting hall - but he pays scant attention to it as he leads her into another room and still another until at last, there before them, is a large spacious room decorated in the fashion of the East. "My lady, I have ordered certain modifications to be made for your arrival here, and this chamber now is not as it was when I dwelt here, for I have had it designed in such a fashion that would make you feel more at home. This is the only room like it in this tower and it is designed to resemble the private rooms of a family in the east."

The room is filled with couches, cushions, large commodious chairs and divans; cabinets and cases filled with curios of strange design line the walls, and upon the floor, woven in bright hues, is a carpet, its design of exotic scenes and geometric patterns.

He looks to her and says, "Your new home, my lady."

Madurz portrayed by FreeFall
Khamul portrayed by Wraith

Madurz: Madurz had remained silent for most of the flight over the lands. Taking in the sights and thoroughly enjoying riding high above as she always has. The beating sound of the beast's wings.. the cool air rushing upon her face and of course on this day...the wall of her love's chest against her back. She took in every detail of the changing terrain.. aside from when her eyes were closed in the pure enjoyment of the calming movements of the ride.
Madurz: She felt a bit strange inside as she passed the woods below her. A different part of her mind awakened from a sleep of forgotten memories. Her jaw clenches and she leans against him more to be comforted by his body. When she sees Dol Guldur a wide smile comes over her face and she places her hands over his and squeezes.
Madurz: When they descend, she cannot help but think it was not so long ago that they were landing in Minas Morgul...she did not know their stay there would be so short. Her eyes taking in all of the details and bows and greets the other robed figures. Holding onto his arm she walks with him and marvels at her surroundings. Her fingers moving over his arm. A deep thought enters her mind as she moves through the corridors... "So long did I live close to here..I knew I always felt that drawing power. My driving need to be a part of Mordor and those bound to it."
Madurz: Her thoughts were broken as they arrived at the door. Her gaze passing over the runes curiously. Another need coming to her...her need for power and skill and knowledge. Moving through the rooms with him....her new residence...but her breath was stolen when they came to the lavish chamber. "Oh my love! This room is exquisite!"
Madurz: She gently removes her arm from his and looks around more closely...going over to the cabinets and exploring with her eyes..moving over the couches and running her palm slowly over the materials. She brings herself back over to him and places her hands over his and smiles into the darkness of his hood.
Madurz: "Khamul, my is lovely. I thank you for considering my needs and items you thought would please and comfort me. And they do...very much!"
Khamul: My lady, it is good that you are pleased. The room's furnishings were selected by a colonel in the army, an Easterling
Khamul: Who I think has shown good judgment in his choices, but there is more to see. Something special for you
Khamul: *He takes her by the arm* Would you like to see now? Or perhaps you would rather have something to eat or drink after this long journey?
Madurz: *she covers his arm with her hand, still facing him* you have piqued my curiosity love...i must see now *smiles*
Khamul: It is something quite extraordinary in this place. Nothing like it has ever been known here. This is a fortress, a garrison by our men to watch the elves. It is not designed for the comfort of mortals *he says and laughs*
Madurz: *his comment about mortality does not affect her this time...her senses are too full*
Khamul: *Holding her arm, he walks to a door to the side which opens before them, leading to a hallway. Guiding her down the hallway, they come to another door*
Khamul: What you will see inside this room will astonish an orc *he chuckles* But I doubt that an orc would either want to see it or use it
Madurz: *she brims with excitement*
Khamul: *The door opens before them, and inside is a large room, all in white, black and gray marble with torches set in sconces along the walls. Against one side is a large black marble tub. Cabinets, shelves, stools and chairs line the walls*
Khamul: This was once a storage room filled with assorted things of one use or another, but now it is a bath for you.
Madurz: *she gasps and places her hand to her mouth...eyes wide as she stands in awe. she makes small noises that don't amount to any words*
Khamul: *He leans down and kisses her on the cheek* See now, Madurz, what you have turned this fortress into? *he laughs*
Madurz: *her voice is a whisper...almost in total disbelief*!... you had mentioned this but i thought it only a jest, for sure it was to be a it is and more beautiful than i could have ever imagined it
Khamul: Have you ever known me to make a jest? *he says, his voice turning serious*
Madurz: *she tears her eyes now away from the tub and to him as she moves in front of him and holds his arms* no my love
Khamul: I spoke not in jest when I promised this to you, for you are to be here for a long time and I wanted to bring such comforts to you as I could, for you see, I am somewhat in exile for a time and you are sharing it with me
Madurz: *her heart beats faster...filled with love and sadness from his words*
Khamul: But I do not consider it to be such a great exile, for this has been my home for many years. I have not been here now for over a year and I was eager to get back
Madurz: It is a great honor to be here your home
Khamul: I am the lord of this place, and I consider it my home more than any other
Madurz: And is our home *she smiles brightly to him* You have seen that it be just perfect for me
Khamul: As much as it could be, my love. You will be safe here
Madurz: I know this... And more than a protector you are
Khamul: Many things have passed since I was first told to guard you and there are many things I have learned since then about you
Madurz: *she tilts her head to him*
Khamul: *Graveness in his voice, he says* You, my lady, know his name....
Madurz: *the pace of her beating heart quickens*
Khamul: No other mortal save you has this knowledge and this is a dangerous knowledge for you to posses
Madurz: I have known it for a long time. Never would it escape my lips to anyone else
Khamul: I will not delve into your thoughts.... I will trust you in this matter
Madurz: *frightened for a moment that she would be made to forget it...she did not want to forget it...she softens*
Khamul: My mind, at least, is at ease when it touches upon yours. Now, my lady, we will talk of more pleasant things
Madurz: such as this wonderful setting around me
Khamul: Alas, my lady, while this great tub is truly a marvel, it still must be filled by hand.
Madurz: oh but will be worth it
Khamul: But at least the water can flow out, or so I have been assured *he chuckles*
Madurz: i must get a closer look
Khamul: This is your private domain. I have little use for water
Madurz: i know this...but it does not have to be so private
Khamul: My lady *he says with mock seriousness* surely you do not expect me to share it with you!
Madurz: oh no, no , no *sharing his tone* never that
Madurz: *she smiles and slides her hands over his arms*
Khamul: But I daresay, my love, if I am any judge, you should try this bath for indeed if my nostrils do not deceive me, there is the whiff of fell beast about you! And though the creature is of great service to me and his smell does not concern me *he sighs* you might not find the smell of it endearing *he chuckles*
Madurz: *she leaves him for just a moment and moves over to the tub..she drags her fingers over the cool and gorgeous marble. she looks over to him, her voice turning a bit sultry* I think...we should summon our most loyal servants...have them fill it up with nice warm water while we share a goblet or two of wine and toast to our arrival
Khamul: There is more news for you... my men have obtained two female elves. They have not been... touched... if you wish them for servants, they are yours
Madurz: *she stands and raises one eyebrow*
Khamul: I do not think their loyalty will be in question.... they are learning the ways of those who are subjected. But if they are of no use to you and help to you, I will give them to the orcs, and after that.... they will soon enough pine away *he laughs*
Madurz: hmmm...i do not take to well to aid in dressing from females..especially elves
Khamul: Then, my love, you have decided their fate. They will pine quickly after a few days with the orcs
Madurz: *she smiles* wait...they do have use... when their times does come...i want their blood sent to me and a lock of their pretty hair
Khamul: It will be as you wish, my lady
Madurz: certainly my wine will taste so much sweeter when diluted with their blood
Khamul: Indeed, my love, indeed!
Khamul: But love, there must be someone to move the water for your baths
Madurz: *looks back over to the tub* There will be much use for this indeed. I cannot thank you enough for this gift love
Khamul: There is no need to thank me. I have wanted a way that was convenient to take baths. There was nothing like this for you at Minas Morgul
Khamul: Love, nothing awaits your bath except for me to call the servants to draw the water. Shall I do that now?
Madurz: Yes, Khamul...for I do not want to smell like our winged beast all night, and in this time we will share wine
Khamul: Then stay here for a while, and I will summon them
Khamul: *After leaving her for a while, he returns* All things are in readiness and the water will be brought forth for you soon
Madurz: *She moves over to the cabinets and looks them over...the smile never leaving her face...she bends and looks at the tub. Some vague memories mist into and then out of her mind. She hears Khamul and turns her head around to him* oh..thank you love *she stands and moves over to him*
Khamul: *Soon after, a she-orc comes into the room carrying a tray with a bottle of wine and goblets. She bows to them and places the tray on the table* Go now *Khamul says disdainfully*
Khamul: *He waits until she leaves the room* Now at last you have seen one love, a brood orc. Filthy creature *he says under his breath* She should go back to her den and breed more of them, but I have obtained this one for your use
Madurz: *she nodded slightly and looked it over from head to toe then when she left, takes up the bottle and pours the wine into his goblet for him first...then fills her own*
Madurz: She will be of good use... but no females
Khamul: Their smell is most unpleasant to my nostrils for they smell a disturbing mixture of their own kind and elf mixed with Edain
Madurz: *she lowers her head a bit at his words and swirls her wine in the goblet*
Khamul: She is yours, my love, beat her, kill her, I do not care
Khamul: Now let us drink to our arrival!
Khamul: *He takes the goblet* A toast, my love, to our Master, to you and to me!
Madurz: *raises her head and her goblet, smile spread wide on her face* To our Master! To us!
Khamul: *he touches his goblet to hers and then drinks*
Madurz: *brings to goblet to her lips and looks over to him over the rim of her goblet as his own tilts to an unseen face*
Madurz: *she rolls the liquid in her mouth...savoring the first sip*
Khamul: Now, my love, shall I give the order for your tub to be filled or shall we drink another draught?
Madurz: Oh...let it be filled love *she smiles and takes another deep sip*
Khamul: *He walks to the doorway and says to the orcs waiting outside* Fill the lady's tub! And then as quickly as you can, get your filthy skins out of here!
Khamul: *Bowing as they come in, the orcs begin filling the tub. Then when they have dumped their buckets into the tub, others follow in behind them and dump theirs until the tub at last is filled. Quietly they work as Khamul watches them, his eyes glowing softly*
Madurz: *she laughs lightly as she watches them* This is an order you will hear often. You demonstrate good speed
Khamul: *They look to her and bow, their yellow eyes fearful and alert*
Madurz: *she straightens up and smiles wider at their gaze...the fear behind the eyes...they obey....because of him yes...but they obey...when once they dared defile her*
Khamul: *At last when they have finished, they bow again and go out, the last one closing the door behind it. When they have all gone, Khamul sits down in the large chair nearby, taking his goblet with him* I trust that the water will be warm enough for you. If it is not, I will have the one that I put in charge of this whipped!
Madurz: *she takes a last sip of her wine and stands from her chair and moves across to the tub and kneels at its side. she places her fingertips in the water and closes her eyes and exhales deeply. swirling her fingers around in the pleasantly warm water she then looks over to him* it is just perfect actually
Khamul: Then the beasts have wit enough to follow my instructions *he says and slowly drinks from his goblet*
Madurz: of course i must take advantage before it cools
Khamul: Akh, 'twould be a shame to have it cool
Madurz: *she opens her eyes and looks over to him as he drinks his wine and she stands. She moves over to a table and removes her scabbard from her belt and places it down gently on the table, smiling to him and walks over to his table and refills her goblet halfway and takes a sip and places it back down. She unfastens her belt and drapes it over a chair and leans down and kisses him gently where she knows so well by now where his lips are*
Khamul: My love, your lips taste most sweet after you have drunk of the wine
Madurz: And are they not sweet before *she smirks as she reaches her hands up and back around her neck to untie the strings*
Khamul: Aye, my love, indeed they are most sweet, and the wine only adds to their flavor
Madurz: *she steps back a bit and removes her dress, keeping her eyes on him and drapes that over the chair as well. She sits in the chair and removes her boots. Standing once more she undoes the ties of her bodice and removes her leggings and tosses them to the chair..her grin widening and then turns and walks over to the tub. she unfastens the pins in her hair and it spills over her back and shoulders*
Khamul: Truly, my lady, the tub is a marvel. I doubt even that the elves would have such a thing in their halls
Madurz: i am still in such awe of it...that it is truly here...truly mine
Khamul: When Thranduil's halls were overtaken in the fighting last year, no such thing as a tub like this was ever found, and here, in this place, as remote as it is, there might perhaps be found a wooden tub but little else. It remains now only that you step into it, and see if this amazing thing is all the architect reported it to be
Madurz: *The name Thranduil stings her ears and clenches her heart as she grimaces at the memories but she lets them go and places her toes in the water and swirls it a bit before stepping completely into it feeling the warm water over her lower legs and she sighs and smiles*
Khamul: *His eyes faintly glow as he watches her standing in the tub*
Madurz: It feels wonderful. So warm. So delightful. *she slowly lowers herself into it and sits, closing her eyes and sighing again. she arches her head back and wets her hair completely*
Khamul: *He takes a sip from his goblet and laughs* Mortals require such niceties
Madurz: *her hands smooth over her wet hair and she rests in the tub..stretching out..the water up to her neck...she then sits up* oh! Khamul... i forgot the cloths
Madurz: *she extends her hand and water drips on the floor* would you please
Khamul: *He goes to one of the cabinets along the walls and fetches her a cloth. Then he walks over to the tub and hands it to her* What else would my lady require?
Madurz: My goblet please *she drops the cloth into the tub and take the goblet and sips the wine* This is indeed comfort!
Khamul: *He gets her goblet and after returning to the tub, he hands it to her. He chuckles* Would you make a servant of me!
Madurz: *she laughs* never love, but i would be so cold if i got out now
Khamul: And 'tis indeed a pleasure for me to watch you
Madurz: *she reaches down and places her goblet on the floor and grabs the wet cloth and wrings it just a bit. she sits up in the water and drags the cloth over her arms*
Khamul: And surely 'tis a pity that I cannot partake of your bath with you for there is room aplenty for both of us
Madurz: *she looks to him...seeing the hue of red deepening in his orbs and she pouts* i know my love *then she smiles* but at least you can reach my back
Madurz: *she soaks the cloth again and wrings it out almost completely and extends it to him*
Khamul: *He finishes his goblet of wine and puts it on a nearby table* A little water such as upon a cloth should not prove a problem for me *he says as he takes the cloth*
Madurz: *she moves her long hair over her shoulder and exposes her back to him*
Khamul: *He bends down and begins to move the cloth over her back. After a few moments, he says* Surely that is enough to satisfy your desire for cleanliness
Madurz: *she reaches for the cloth and looks to him..the hue turning darker still and she smiles and turns, facing him in the water. she places her hands on the edge of the tub and lifts slightly and finds his lips again*
Khamul: *Still bending down, his lips join hers and he touches her hair, feeling the droplets of water on it*
Khamul: Such a little water can do nothing to me but magnify the droplets by the thousands..... and I would be sorely distressed
Madurz: I know my love *she kisses him again then parts her lips from his slowly and sits back in the tub and runs the cloth over the rest of her body* i think that should be enough to satisfy my desire for cleanliness
Khamul: *Reaching down, he hesitantly places the tip of the index finger of his right hand into the water and swirls it slowly, making small whirlpools*
Madurz: *she watches him intently*
Khamul: *He exhales softly and says* I can feel the power of Osse coursing through even this small amount of the liquid!
Madurz: *her eyes widen as she watches him and she listens to his voice as he speaks the words*
Khamul: Osse, the god of the inland waters *he says softly* and his wife Uinen *he says softly to himself*
Khamul: I can feel their malevolence even in the droplets!
Madurz: *she is careful not to move and cause any wave in the water that might lap onto him more*
Khamul: *He straights up and stands there* My lady, while you look as lovely as usual whilst in the water, I find it no friend to me
Madurz: I knew this my love...I am only happy and grateful enough that you gave me this gift
Khamul: The water in too large a quantity distorts my vision.... I shall never challenge your right to your tub *he says and laughs*
Madurz: *she laughs lightly and slips down into the water and holds her breath as her hands move throughout her it*
Khamul: How can you fare so well, my lady, to be under the water? 'Twould seem to me that that would put you under the power of Osse and Uinen *he says half jesting*
Madurz: *she pops up from the water and runs her fingers over her eyes and wrings her hair out ...moving her fingers through it fast...ruffling the damp strands* did you say something love?
Khamul: 'Twas nothing of importance, my lady
Madurz: The water is cooling now love and i believe i am well rid of the smell of fell beast *she smiles*
Khamul: Then come out of it now before a chill falls upon you, and of course, my lady will want a towel, will she not?
Madurz: Indeed you are correct *She begins to stand and the drops slide down her body*
Khamul: Your servant, my love *he says and bows. He walks over to the cabinet and after taking out a towel, he comes back and stands near the tub. Taking the towel he touches the corner of it to her face, wiping off the water*
Madurz: *her skin raises in chills and her lower lip slightly quivers. she smiles and places her hand on his arm and carefully steps out of the tub*
Khamul: *He takes the towel by both ends, flips it over her head, capturing her waist, and pulls her to him* I have caught a sea maiden in my net! *he exclaims*
Madurz: *a puddle forms at her feet and she laughs as she feels herself pulled to him. she pretends to struggle* oh no! no! what shall I do? *her voice tells of her jesting*
Khamul: You cannot escape from my net *he says as he moves the towel up and down her back and legs*
Madurz: But I fear what you will do with me *she smiles slightly as she says this*
Khamul: There, *he says as he releases the ends of the towel* I believe your back is quite dry
Khamul: What shall I do with you? *He says* Dry the front of you I would say! Nay, your hair is too wet. Let me get that first
Khamul: *He says as he takes the towel and rubs it over her hair*
Madurz: You do a wonderful job at drying...just as good as you did washing, for I am getting warmer already
Khamul: Now the front of you *he says as he steps back from her and looking at her, he sighs*
Madurz: Have i rid the fell beast's scent?
Khamul: 'Twill not do at all to have you so wet *he says as he takes the towel and dries over her arms and front* Aye, indeed, the smell is quite gone
Madurz: Are you sure? perhaps you should come closer...even though your sense of smell is quite superb
Khamul: True, my lady, I can judge better the closer I get. *He walks over to her, kisses her forehead and smells her damp hair* Not a trace of the odor of the creature remains
Madurz: *she slowly opens up his cloak and slips her body inside of it and wraps her arms around his waist*
Khamul: Ah, my love, *he says as he places his hands on her shoulders*
Madurz: Now this is much, much warmer
Khamul: *He pulls the cloak around her, holding her close to him*
Madurz: *his eyes glow bright red and she kisses him deeply*
Khamul: *His eyes glow brighter as his lips join hers in a deep and passionate kiss*
Madurz: *she kisses over his face and sighs* My desire for cleanliness has been satisfied...but there are yet others that remain that I think you can aid me with better
Khamul: Yes, my lady, I believe I can *he says as he takes her by the hand and leads her through the door to his chambers*
Madurz: The water will have to wait to be emptied....two or three hours *she smiles*
Khamul: Perhaps it should wait until morning *he says and laughs*

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