Solace from Shadow

Pippin played by Hobbitness
Hathawyn played by Maltriel

Maltriel: *it is the bitter watches of the night, after midnight, june 10. eowyn and pippin have been stricken by the black breath, and lie sick in the healers pavilion*
Maltriel: *eowyn sleeps fitfully... in her dreams she is in a darkened forest, filled with fell creatures whom she cannot see, only their eyes leering through the darkness, then flickering and going out..*
Maltriel: *she is the only thigng of light in this evil place, glowing softly in her white gown... she is lost and ever does she seek for angmar, and mumble his name softly*
Pippin: *Pippin has encountered Hathawyn on the way to the healer's pavilion, and when he had a fit of trembling she insisted on carrying him there.*
Hathawyn: *hathawyn tends to those sick with the black breath in the healers pavilion bringing them things*
Pippin: *She has set him down and he wanders, looking for Eowyn*
Hathawyn: *watches the little hobbit, fearing for his health, should he die such a joyful treasure would be lost to the world*
Pippin: *He goes up to Hathawyn* Have you seen a woman with long blond hair here, one of the sicker ones?
Pippin: I'm supposed to be looking after her, but the men brought her here on a stretcher before I left
Hathawyn: *wonders of whom he speaks, all the rohirrim women have blonde hair* which lady do you speak of, little master?
Pippin: Oh, I mean the one with REALLY blond hair. Really long blond hair.
Hathawyn: many have fallen ill to the plague from the fell riders
Pippin: The White Lady they call her.
Hathawyn: ah, you mean lady eowyn
Pippin: *stands on his tiptoes and whispers* Yes, but don't call her by her real name.
Pippin: Gandalf said not to.
Pippin: She was enchanted...when the enemy captured her...
Hathawyn: i have heard rumors, that very dark things befell her, and she does not know who she is
Pippin: *nods*
Hathawyn: she disappeared back in march, rumor was she donned the armor of a man and went off to war, and fell in battle.
Pippin: *whispers* She was the one whom the brave Merry died protecting.
Hathawyn: i shall take you to her bed *she motions for him to follow*
Pippin: The lord of the...fell ones, the ones who have made everyone sick, he attacked her, and Merry tried to defend her.
Pippin: *follows, continuing the story*
Hathawyn: *listens to pippin as she walks, leading him to eowyns bedside*
Pippin: He was very brave! We were all so terrified when they just flew overhead
Pippin: But he actually attacked one of them!
Pippin: The most powerful one!
Pippin: Did you know that?
Hathawyn: aye, their evil shrieks woke me from my sleep, and i heard many screaming, and chaos throughoutthe camp
Hathawyn: *her eyes widen* really, you say!
Pippin: *Pippin nods. He starts to lag behind her as sweat begins to glisten on his face*
Hathawyn: *notices him begin to look weary, and gently takes his hand*
Hathawyn: *soon they are at eowyns bedside*
Pippin: *his hand is cold and trembles a little* He was my best friend, Merry was. I only wish I could live up to his memory, to be worthy of his esteem.
Pippin: *wipes his face* But here is the Lady Eowyn. How does she fare?
Hathawyn: i am sorry that you friend died, but he died honorably and won great honor
Pippin: *nods with a little smile*
Hathawyn: *looks worried* she sleeps much, and is very weary
Pippin: *bends over Eowyn and starts arranging her disheveled hair, careful not to wake her*
Pippin: You know, I wasn't so sure about being the lady's page at first, but I found I got used to it.
Pippin: She's a strange one, though!
Hathawyn: *hathawyn looks at eowyn while she sleeps... her skin is very pale, the blankets piled up upon her.*
Pippin: *whispers* She thinks she's from Mordor now! *widens his eyes as though that is almost funny*
Pippin: She thinks her name is Maltriel
Hathawyn: *slightly defensive* she was not always like this.... she was once noble and proud.
Hathawyn: i have not heard her whole story though, only that she is back with us now.
Pippin: *goes over to Hathawyn* Of course she was. I met her back then, after the first battle of Helms Deep
Pippin: *takes Hathawyn's hand and smiles* Don't worry. Gandalf and Aragorn will come and heal the sick, and they will bring Eowyn back too.
Hathawyn: ive heard that she was bewitched by the enemy, or driven mad by their torments
Pippin: And then all will be well and I'll teach you to do the springle-ring!
Hathawyn: *looks down at pippins face and smiles slightly* i hope they are able to help her, to bring her out of this thraldom.
Hathawyn: what is the sprindle-ring?
Pippin: That is a dance we do in the Shire.
Hathawyn: *giggles lightly* i would be glad to learn it.
Pippin: That's where we hobbits, I mean hobytla, are from, you know. Our own country, all green and hilly. Full of fun, especially the parties
Pippin: Really?
Pippin: Well...maybe I can remember it
Pippin: *folds his arms and thinks*
Pippin: *smiles excitedly*
Pippin: All right, here is what you do
Pippin: *steps to a more open area at the edge of the pavilion*
Hathawyn: *watches him, curious*
Hathawyn: do not make yourself weary! *she calls to him*
Pippin: You lift your feet and then jump and turn like so
Pippin: *demonstrates*
Hathawyn: you are still sick! *watches him*
Pippin: Oh, it's such a bother to be sick. But I don't feel bad right now, so I'm going to show you a little of this dance!
Pippin: *pulls her out with him*
Hathawyn: *finds herself suddenly being pulled along*
Pippin: *stands in front of Hathawyn* All right, did you see the step I did just now?
Pippin: Here, I'll do it again, watch
Pippin: *does the jumping and turning step*
Hathawyn: *watches pippin dance* very good!
Pippin: Now you try it.
Hathawyn: *she cautiously copies pippins moves, but picks up speed as she gains in confidence*
Pippin: *laughs* You're doing splendidly!
Hathawyn: *blushes* thank you!
Pippin: *shows her a few more steps and soon they are cavorting around the perimeter of the pavilion*
Pippin: *as well as they can with the height difference*
Hathawyn: *the sprindlering is a quite vigorous dance, and she worries if pippin will dance too much and hurt himself*
Pippin: *Pippin pulls her along, ignoring her protests that they should not be doing this*
Hathawyn: you may want to take it easy! you are sick
Pippin: *He knows she is right, but he wants to rebel against the doom that is crashing down on everyone, and what better way to do that than to defy it and have fun?*
Hathawyn: *dances along with him*
Pippin: *Pippin spins away from her, panting*
Hathawyn: are you all right! *she exclaims*
Pippin: *sinks down against one of the poles holding up the tent, breathing heavily* I'm all right, just a little dizzy
Pippin: *dark visions press at the edges of his mind, but he is determined to block them out*
Hathawyn: *goes to his side and kneels by him, gently touching his shoulder and lookign concerned*
Pippin: *smiles at Hathawyn* So, what did you think of our dance from back home?
Pippin: *moves his hand up over hers*
Hathawyn: *sweating and slightly out of breath she says* it was quite energetic!
Pippin: *grins*
Pippin: Back home, no one would even think of demons that bring death and sickness, even when they just fly overhead. The only problems there are the normal ones of everyday life.
Pippin: And at night, we all used to go to the Green Dragon Inn
Hathawyn: *looks sad* i wish it were that way here too, but alas it is not so
Pippin: and we used to dance on the tables and sing!
Pippin: *squeezes her hand*
Hathawyn: *smiles at him*
Pippin: Do they have drinking songs where you're from?
Pippin: Oh...and where ARE you from? *laughs*
Hathawyn: aye, they do
Pippin: *coughs a little*
Pippin: Really?
Hathawyn: i am from the westfold but my family went here at the tidings of war
Hathawyn: we left behind most of our belongings. soon the orcs will enjoy them *sighs*
Pippin: *looks at her sympathetically*
Pippin: Well, you know the one thing they can't take?
Hathawyn: *she asks* what?
Pippin: Even amid all this darkness, they can't take our spirit
Pippin: The best way to defeat them
Pippin: is to enjoy what is green and good anyway
Pippin: and keep it safe as long as we can.
Pippin: Don't you think so?
Hathawyn: *she smiles, what a spirited little fellow he is*
Pippin: *smiles too, but great sadness lies underneath it*
Hathawyn: aye. at least we can enjoy what we have before they take it from us
Hathawyn: though in this darkness little green can show
Pippin: *stares off into space, shaking his head* Somehow I just can't believe it. I just can't believe that will really happen
Pippin: I was in Gondor when it fell
Pippin: and I thought it was the end of the world
Pippin: but still, life went on
Pippin: because it had to
Pippin: and here we are, dancing the springle ring in spite of it all
Pippin: *smiles*
Pippin: And well we should!
Hathawyn: what the nameless land has done to gondor is horrible
Hathawyn: *she smiles at him*
Pippin: *softly* Aye, horrible things. I've seen so much horror...I just can't dwell on it. I don't want to. Why should I be unhappy? *fighting the memories that threaten to turn into waking visions*
Hathawyn: but are you not weary after the dance? *questioning look*
Pippin: A little, perhaps
Hathawyn: no, try not to think about the darkness. the sickness you have, the sickness everyone has, causes despair and fear enough as it is
Pippin: *drops his cheerful front for a moment and the despair and terror show in his eyes* I know, I won't think about it.
Hathawyn: *takes his hand and squeezes it, looking at him sypatheticly*
Pippin: *stares into her eyes, smiling*
Pippin: I can't get over how much you look like a hobbit!
Pippin: Albeit a very tall hobbit.
Pippin: *grins*
Hathawyn: *blushes*
Hathawyn: aye, i am shorter than most of the maids of rohan.
Pippin: Yes, you are much shorter than Eowyn.
Pippin: I mean Maltriel.
Pippin: That's what I'm supposed to call her, since that's who she thinks she is.
Hathawyn: the white lady, or maltriel as she is known now, is very tall.
Pippin: yes
Pippin: I feel even smaller than usual around her
Hathawyn: *nods at pippin*
Hathawyn: i have heard that she and merry rode together in battle, in secrecy.
Pippin: *softly* Aye, nobody knew
Pippin: I know he is a great hero now
Pippin: but I wish he hadn't gone.
Pippin: He wasn't supposed to go, anyway.
Pippin: But then, the men wouldn't have his example to draw strength from
Pippin: *sighs*
Hathawyn: some think that the lady eowyn was irresponsible and abandoned her people, but few ever say it out loud, especially now that she has returned to us like she is.
Hathawyn: i think what they did was brave and admirable.
Pippin: *thinks about that* I think so too. They shouldn't criticize her for fighting for her people!
Pippin: I wonder if I will be able to join the fighting.
Pippin: If they come and heal us, I wonder if any will be sent to help.
Pippin: I would like to go and fight like Merry!
Hathawyn: nay. many of the women of rohan know how to use swords and defend themselves, but they do not fight like soldiers.
Pippin: But the Lady Eowyn fought like a soldier
Pippin: And at the first battle at Helms Deep, there were young boys and old men fighting
Hathawyn: *smiles at him* i hope you are able to fight too, but you must recover first. and we are trapped here.... perhaps when you recover you could be assigned to one of the eoreds that patrol the valley
Pippin: I'd like that!
Pippin: But I'd rather fight in the great battle
Pippin: I feel there must be some way to do it
Hathawyn: *thinks, looks down* i do not know if that is possible.... it would require riding into great danger, and possibly being killed before finding the riders
Hathawyn: edoras has fallen, and the enemy is everywhere around the mouth of this valley
Pippin: *sincerely* No greater danger than Merry braved.
Pippin: If he can do it, I can do it.
Hathawyn: *smiles gravely* perhaps your time will come.
Hathawyn: but you should not think about that right now, you should rest.
Pippin: *looks long and warmly at Hathawyn* If I go, will you give me a lady's favor to help me fight better? One of my friends had a favor from an elf queen, three strands of hair
Pippin: *blushes* May I have one of your hair ribbons?
Hathawyn: i have others whom i must tend to... come i will show you to your bed. it is beside the lady eowyns
Hathawyn: *blushes a bright shade of red brighter than her flaxen hair, and smiles, a bit bashfully* of course! no fitting thing to tie upon the arm of a young knight such as yourself
Pippin: *beams*
Hathawyn: *she reaches up and unties one of the ribbons in her hair and then hands it to pippin*
Pippin: Thank you! *puts it in his pocket*
Pippin: You are right, you should tend to the others, although I would like to have you to myself to talk. *grins*
Hathawyn: if you ever go into battle, tie it to your arm, in memory of me
Pippin: I will! Do not fear
Hathawyn: *beams*
Pippin: And remember me, too, because if I go, well....
Pippin: know....
Hathawyn: it has been a pleasure talking to you, small knight of great courage. come, i will let you rest now *she motions for him to follow her*
Pippin: *sighs and stands*
Pippin: *his heart begins to race suddenly and he falters, leaning against the pole*
Pippin: *He rubs his forehead and walks to her unsteadily*
Hathawyn: *she kneels down to him and looks at his face* are you all right? do you need any help walking?
Pippin: I think you were probably right about the dancing.
Pippin: *smiles*
Hathawyn: *smiles* aye, you should rest *takes his hand and leads him through the tent to his bed besides eowyn*
Pippin: If you wouldn't mind, sweet maiden. *leans against her as he walks shakily*
Hathawyn: *soon they arrive at eowyns bedside, a small bed there at her side for pippin*
Hathawyn: now i must leave you and tend to the others. farewell, pippin!
Pippin: *His chest is tight, and his head feels about to burst*
Pippin: *looks after her sadly*
Pippin: Farewell!
Hathawyn: *she smiles at him then turns away and disappears into the large pavilion someplace*
Pippin: *under his breath* I'm afraid, Hathawyn, that we may not see each other again.
Pippin: *settles into bed, more exhausted and frightened than he would let Hathawyn see*

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