November 2, 3019

Lilandra portrayed by FreeFall
Finduilas, Anborn and Targon and Rian portrayed by Eowyn
Narrator, Aldir and Vardamir portrayed by Wraith

Early on the morning of October 8, Maugoth Vartang, Steward of Gondor, received reports from the guards at the Newburg prison that a prisoner, one Ceolwulf of Rohan by name, accused of the capital offense of murder of a servant of Mordor, feigned illness and lured a guard into his cell. The complaint read:

"The prisoner, Ceolwulf of Rohan, accused of murder, pretended to be ill in his cell, called upon a guard for aid. Upon entering his cell, the guard was sumilarily attacked and almost strangled to death by the prisoner. Therefore, the commander of the prison, Mautor Ulbin, has recommended that the prisoner be put in shackles and held in solitary confinement until his trial."

After apprising his brother, King Varyon I, King of Forogondor, the Northern Province of West Mordor, and Lord High Governor of Minas Artano, Maugoth Vartang recommended that the directives of the prison commander be honored and Ceolwulf was placed in chains and would be allowed no visitors. When Frodo had learned of the news, he was understandably distraught, but there was little he could do about it but wait.

After this, the days passed uneventfully in Frodo's household. All of the slaves were worried about the fates of Ceolwulf, Elfhild, Elffled and Arnasa, but all tended to their duties in running the household. Aldir, named by Vartang as Frodo's manservant, resented his position but said little about it except to his wife Lilandra.

The last of the slaves to be added to Frodo's household, Lilandra and Aldir and Aldir's comrade-in-arms, Vardamir, all Gondorians, had always hated being slaves, and felt certain that the only way that Frodo could have ever become such a rich and powerful personage was to be a thrall of Sauron. For this, he was virtually hated by the three Gondorians.

The night of November 2nd was cold and damp. All the servants, inclidng the men, had been involved in the nightly cleaning of the kitchen. Now their chores done, they sit around the huge fireplace in the kitchen and talk before going to bed.

Aldir: *Aldir sits down on the hearth and motions for his wife, Lilandra, to come and join him*
Finduilas: *Finduilas puts the last clean dish away.*
Lilandra: *Lilandra wipes her hands on her apron and then takes it off and hangs it over the chair and sees Aldir motion to her and she smiles lightly and goes over to him and sits next to him and places her hand on his arm*
Finduilas: *Finduilas walks over to the table and takes a seat, looking over to her two sons, who are playing with small wooden soldiers.*
Aldir: *He reaches out and puts his hand over her hand* Lilandra, your hands are as lovely as they were the day when I met you
Lilandra: *her eyes look down upon their hands and she tilts her head to the side and her smile fades* but they are different my love
Lilandra: *she stares at the ring and he seems to know what she means*
Aldir: Aye, many are the cares that have come upon us since we last saw our farm in Lossarnach
Finduilas: *she casts a glance to Aldir and Lilandra, and thinks of her own husband, who was slain at Pelennor.*
Aldir: Those days seem now long in the past, when we tended our own fields and could enjoy the fruits of our labor on our own hearth
Lilandra: *she thinks back to their farm and when they were first married and she smiles sadly*
Lilandra: We had so many plans love
Aldir: We were younger and very much in love and plans then were easy to make
Lilandra: *she looks over to his face* well at least one thing there has not changed
Aldir: We are still very much in love and that shall never change
Lilandra: *her hand squeezes his and she swallows hard*
Lilandra: no Aldir..that will never change
Finduilas: *she listens to the different conversations going on between her fellow servants... she overhears Aldir and Lilandra, and her heart is moved by them. Indeed, the war had changed many things in Gondor*
Narrator: *Some of the servants say their goodnights and leave the kitchen and go to their rooms until few remain, except Lilandra, Aldir, Vardamir, Finduilas and her two sons and Rian, all Gondorians*
Narrator: *Vardamir stands by the hearth, warming his back and humming an Elvish tune*
Lilandra: *she smiles brightly as her mind thinks back* i remember well how simple our first months of marriage were..these thoughts comfort me here
Aldir: Lilandra, for a while, at the battle of Pelennor, I thought all hope was lost. Separated from my comrades and grieved in the heart that I did not know where you were, I despaired
Aldir: But now we are together again, although in circumstances neither of us could have dreamed of when we were on our farm
Lilandra: i had not one moments rest while we were apart
Lilandra: but as you said..we are together now
Aldir: *He pulls her over to him and nestles her against him in the hollow of his arm*
Lilandra: still love...i despair
Lilandra: *she closes her eyes and wraps her arms around him*
Aldir: *He looks over to Finduilas' two sons who are playing with their toy soldiers and his smile is kind and wistful*
Lilandra: *her head which leans against him, can feel his heart beat..and it comforts her*
Lilandra: *the sound lulls her and feels it pound harder*
Anborn and Targon: *the youngest boy, Targon, notices Aldir's glance, and smiles and waves at him*
Lilandra: *she looks up to his face and follows his gaze*
Lilandra: *she exhales deeply as she sees the little hand wave*
Aldir: *He smiles back at the boy and says* Targon, who is winning the battle? *and then he laughs*
Anborn and Targon: *targon replies* Anborn is, but he cheats!
Anborn and Targon: *Anborn frowns at his brother and says* I do not!
Aldir: *He smiles broadly at the words of the boys*
Lilandra: *she smiles lightly and a small chuckle escapes her lips*
Anborn and Targon: *the youngest yawns and looks to Aldir* Could you tell us a story, please...?
Aldir: *He chuckles and looks over at Lilandra* Shall I?
Lilandra: *she sits up a bit and clears her throat and smiles brightly and elbows him gently* you better
Lilandra: *she looks to the boys and winks*
Aldir: *He leans down and kisses her lightly upon the forehead as he rises to his feet and goes over and stands on the other side of Vardamir*
Vardamir: You did not like my song? *he says with a mock look of grief* I am saddened
Vardamir: It is because you have no ear for a good melody *he pushes him playfully*
Vardamir: But I know enough to keep my peace, so I will take a place at the table and listen to your wonderous tales
Vardamir: *He moves away from the fireplace and sits down at the table*
Lilandra: *she rests her elbows on her knees and her chin in her palms and laughs*
Aldir: Boys *he says and looks to them, and after gaining their attention, he says* Do you like riddles?
Anborn and Targon: *they look to him and exclaim, both at the same time* oh yes!
Aldir: Then let us see who shall be the first to get the answer to this one *He looks to Vardamir* You are excluded, for I know you have not the wit to unravel the mystery
Vardamir: *Vardamir shoots him a glare and raises his fist in mock protest* That is not the case, Aldir. Your riddles are too easy and I already know the answers to all of them
Vardamir: I will be silent and let you make a fool of yourself as usual *he laughs and Aldir joins him*
Lilandra: *she looks at them sitting at the table and at this moment they seem to all forget their situation. The firelight flickers and casts a warm and gentle glow on all of them in this most calming scene of this...instant family*
Aldir: If all the interruptions have now ceased *he looks to Vardamir, who feigns an innocent look* I shall begin
Aldir: I will start with an easy one:

On the way a miracle: water become bone.

Aldir: Now what is the answer? *he grins*
Anborn and Targon: *the boys look to him, each pondering what could be the answer to the riddle..*
Anborn and Targon: *Ah... what could it be, what could it be? how could water become bone.... or become solid...? Targon ventures...* ice...?
Aldir: Yes! You have the first one, now can you get the second?
Aldir: The next will be long, so you must pay attention. Can you boys do that?
Anborn and Targon: *they exclaim* oh yes! tell us!
Lilandra: *she smiles but inside her the heart breaks as she looks to the boys' faces and then to Finduilas..a woman she always wondered about what her heart was feeling. Lilandra wished she was able to forget these pressing thoughts for at least this moment*
Aldir: Now... this is a difficult one, so if you boys cannot get it, you can ask for help.

The dank earth, wondrously cold,
first delivered me from her womb.
I know in my mind I wasn't made
from wool, skillfully fashioned with skeins.
Neither warp nor weft wind about me,
no thread thrums for me in the thrashing loom,
nor does a shuttle rattle for me,
nor does the weaver's rod bang and beat me.
Silkworms didn't spin with their strange craft for me,
those strange creatures that embroider cloth of gold.
Yet men will affirm all over this earth
that I am an excellent garment.
O wise fellows, weigh your words
well, and say what this object is.

Aldir: Now who can answer this riddle?
Anborn and Targon: *Aldir can tell that the boys are deep in concentration... a type of clothing it is, but... it was not made in the usual fashion... they had seen their mother and other women weaving before*
Anborn and Targon: *Anborn says uncertainly* some type of garment, sir...
Aldir: Close, Anborn, but not quite
Anborn and Targon: *Anborn repeats the riddle again in his mind, trying to find the solution... it seems so simple but yet..*
Aldir: Are you baffled and do not know the answer? *he smiles at them*
Lilandra: *she looks between the boys, hoping they get it but it might be too hard for them, for they are young and out of the way of life they should have known*
Anborn and Targon: *they nod... anborn says* could you give us a hint, sir? what is the garment used for?
Aldir: To keep the life in your body
Lilandra: *she thinks that they would have known had they been with their father*
Anborn and Targon: *that was very vague. extra layers of clothing could keep one alive, but this garment was not made of ordinary fabric. he thinks for a moment.*
Aldir: Do you give up and shall I ask a forfiet if you do?
Lilandra: *she looks again to Finduilas and feels sorry that they were not all together in their own home in front of thier own fire perhaps..the father telling stories*
Anborn and Targon: no... let me think a moment... *a long pause* ah... a mail shirt, or a leather jerkin?
Aldir: A mail shirt. Now do I owe you a forfeit? *he says and smiles*
Anborn and Targon: *Anborn smiles broadly, then asks politely* another toy soldier...?
Aldir: Perhaps, but it seems I do not have any, but I shall see what I can do in the future to pay the price owed
Anborn and Targon: *enthusiastically* oh, thank you, sir!
Lilandra: *she stands and moves behind her husband and places her hands on his shoulders*
Aldir: Now for the last of the riddles. I have saved the most difficult for last and indeed, it is a long one, so keep your ears sharp
Anborn and Targon: *they look at him intently, making sure to listen very carefully and take in every word*
Lilandra: *she smiles as she sees their little faces glued on Aldir as they lean forward with wide eyes*

I'm by nature solitary,
scarred by spear
and wounded by sword, weary of battle.
I frequently see the face of war, and fight
hateful enemies; yet I hold no hope
of help being brought to me in the battle,
before I'm eventually done to death.
In the stronghold of the city sharp-edged swords,
skillfully forged in the flame by smiths
bite deeply into me. I can but await
a more fearsome encounter; it is not for me
to discover in the city any of those doctors
who heal grievous wounds with roots and herbs.
The scars from sword wounds gape wider and wider
death blows are dealt me by day and by night.

Aldir: Now what is the answer?
Anborn and Targon: *once again, deep looks of concentration go over the boys faces*
Anborn and Targon: *they look to each other and hold a short whispered conference*
Anborn and Targon: *What could it be... something that could go through a battle and suffer much but never die.*
Lilandra: *she keeps her eyes on the two children, their brains working hard to figure the riddle out as her hands massage Aldir's shoulders*
Aldir: Do I have you baffled?
Anborn and Targon: *Anborn looks back to Aldir, and asks uncertainly* a sword...?
Aldir: No... *he says, enjoying the feeling of Lilandra's hands upon his shoulders*
Aldir: Try again!
Anborn and Targon: *Targon suggests* another mail shirt?
Aldir: *He shakes his head sadly* No, I am afraid not, but yes, it does have to do with war
Anborn and Targon: *the boys hold another whispered conference, and then Anborn turns back to Aldir and suggests this time* a shield...?
Aldir: You have it! And do I owe another forfeit? *he smiles*
Lilandra: *she smiles wide, looking at the beautiful boy as he gets it right...her hands smooth over Aldir's hair*
Anborn and Targon: *their eyes look to him hopefully* aye... we think you do!
Aldir: *He reaches up and puts his hand over hers* And I suppose I know the price I must pay now. Another toy soldier
Anborn and Targon: *wide grins* aye! we would like that very much!
Aldir: And I suppose at this rate, I must either stop asking riddles or be prepared to muster in an entire army for each of you *he grins*
Anborn and Targon: *they giggle*
Aldir: Ah *he says and laughs* it is for a good cause
Aldir: For every army needs soldiers
Lilandra: *Aldir's voice takes a differnt tone when it speaks to them...and she fills with such a bittersweet feeling. More bitter than sweet..she squeezes his hand*
Finduilas: *Finduilas looks to her sons, smiling and telling them that it is time for them to go to bed. they complain a bit, but eventually give in.*
Finduilas: *she looks to Aldir* Thank you for telling them the riddles... they certainly enjoyed them!
Finduilas: *the boys nod, beaming* and we would like to hear some more soon!
Aldir: Finduilas, I enjoyed it very much. The boys are very good at answering
Lilandra: *her sad eyes move to Finduilas...how does she do it? how can she bear them being in this situation..she must be strong for them..yes..she is saddened that the boys had to leave*
Finduilas: *she nods* I hope you can teach them some more.
Aldir: *He watches them as they leave, a sad look coming to his face as he sees them going through the door*
Lilandra: *she manages past emotion to call good night to them*
Aldir: Goodnight boys. I always enjoy a game of riddles.
Finduilas: *they turn back and call* Goodnight, Aldir sir! we enjoyed it very much too!
Finduilas: *Finduilas laughs, saying* Goodnight, Aldir and Lilandra. This night has certainly been enjoyable.
Lilandra: *her hand had involuntarily tightened on Aldir's shoulder but she lifts one to wave to them and she smiles as her eyes well up*
Lilandra: good night Finduilas
Lilandra: your boys are a real delight
Aldir: Goodnight, Finduilas. Your sons are certainly bright
Finduilas: *she beams at them* Thank you both! A good night to the both of you! *then she and her sons leave the kitchen, heading for their quarters.*
Rian: *Rian, who has been quietly sitting at the table, looks to Aldir and smiles* I must join the rest, and compliment you on your excellent skills of riddling.
Aldir: *He smiles back at her* At the end of day, when all the work is done and it is time to rest, it was my favorite time of day. Sometimes I would read to my wife and other times, if I could think of a riddle, I would ask it to her
Aldir: *He looks to Lilandra* And I do not think that I ever could come up with a riddle that she could not answer
Rian: *she laughs, looking from aldir to lilandra*
Lilandra: *she slides her hand down his arm and smiles as she thinks of those times and moves to sit in the chair warmed by Anborn*
Lilandra: well if i must say, i suppose i am pretty good at answering them
Aldir: *He continues standing by the hearth, thinking of days that had gone by on the farm with his wife. Those times when he would read and she would sit in the room with him, sometimes spinning, other times sewing. How happy they had been in those days long past*
Aldir: *How far was his hearth from where they had used to live, and he wonders what had become of the farm where they had once dwelt*
Aldir: Rian, from what province are you?
Rian: *she looks to Aldir* I lived in Minas Tirith, in the sixth level of the city.
Aldir: *He nods his head in wonder* Three levels from where we are now
Lilandra: *her eyes widen a bit as she looks to Rian*
Aldir: But nothing looks the same now. Many buildings were damanged and never repaired. I have seen it
Rian: *she nods sadly* everything has changed... the Enemy made sure to that, when they claimed the city, and defiled its splendor.
Aldir: And you were captured when the city fell?
Rian: Nay... before the siege, I was sent south to Lossarnach, with my aunt.
Aldir: And we came from Lossanarch to Minas Tirith, where it ended that we were captured!
Lilandra: *she nods and remembers the hell of that day of her capture*
Aldir: It seems wonderous strange that we have all traveled so far to end up slaves here!
Rian: *she nods* it is indeed a strange fate.
Lilandra: strange and unfortunate
Rian: My aunt and I were captured by a group of orc raiders.... we were both taken captive, but... *she pauses* my aunt was up in years and ill of health... *trails off*
Aldir: I am sorry, Rian, but *he looks thoughtful* who knows if that was not for the best, for if she had a choice, would she have wanted to live in such a state?
Rian: *her voice is sad* It would have broken her heart, to see the city as it is now.
Aldir: To be slaves of any man.... this is a worse fate than death!
Lilandra: *Lilandra's heart weighed heavy with the woman's pain. It almost became alive in her as she thought of the old woman's saddened face to behold the city now*
Lilandra: *she looks to Aldir*
Aldir: I understand you have been with the Halfling quite a while. What do you know about him?
Rian: What do I know of him? *she looks thoughtful* well, back in June, I was taken to a slave auction, and put... up for bid... that is when I first met the halfling.
Vardamir: *Vardamir, who had been pretending to be asleep with his head resting on his elbows at the table, looks up* I know all there is to know about him. He is a thrall, his loyalty bought with a price
Rian: *she looks over to Vardamir* I do not know.... he has always been nice to me.
Rian: All of us - Elfhild, Elffled, Finduilas and her boys, Ceolwulf and Derufin - were given to him by the auctioneer as a courtesy.
Vardamir: As a courtesy, or as a tribute? *he says, a smug look on his face*
Rian: A gift, much to his dismay.
Vardamir: When a person has as much power as he does, a gift often is a tribute in another guise
Rian: He never liked the title he had been given, the "Friend of Sauron," hating it vehemently.
Vardamir: I have never talked to the halfling that much. Sometimes, I think he dislikes Gondorians
Vardamir: What would he know of the descendants of the Sea Kings?
Lilandra: *she listens to Rian speak of Frodo. she had always thought him weak. She nods to Vardamir*
Lilandra: Vardamir he never looked to welcome us as he did the others
Rian: I do not think he dislikes Gondorians.... I believe he said once that he had dealings with the sons of the Steward, Boromir and Faramir.
Vardamir: Though I wear a brand, I have no master, but myself, and were winter not coming on, and the game in short supply, I would take my chances and head north
Vardamir: *He looks to Aldir and Lilandra* And were it not that I have a comrade who cannot go with me
Rian: Vardamir *she says sadly* Vartang said that Rohan had fallen. But whether his words were true or not, I do not know.
Vardamir: I was captured in March. I know nothing of what followed, for I was a prisoner and on my way to Nurn
Vardamir: As were my friends, Aldir and his wife, Lilandra
Lilandra: *she stares at Vardamir and smiles*
Vardamir: But I can say this of a surety. When Vartang opens his mouth, seldom does the truth flow from it
Vardamir: Now, my friends, if you will excuse me, I have an appointment with my bed
Lilandra: *she pats his shoulder and smiles* sleep well Varadmir
Vardamir: *He gets up from the chair and bows* Goodnight
Rian: *she smiles politely at him* Good night, Vardmir.
Vardamir: Goodnight my friends *he turns and walks out the door*
Aldir: A good man *he says* although reckless to the point of folly
Rian: *she looks to Aldir... indeed, she thinks. Even Elfhild thought Vardamir was reckless.*
Aldir: Rian, did you have a husband and family?
Lilandra: *she passes the back of her hand over her head which perspires despite the cold weather*
Aldir: *He looks over to her with alarm* Lilandra, are you well!
Rian: I.. *she begins, but then is cut short. She looks to Lilandra and Aldir*
Lilandra: *she exhales heavily and looks up to him* yes yes Aldir..just warm from the fire is all
Lilandra: go on, Rian
Rian: *a look of concern is on her face*
Lilandra: some water perhaps Aldir
Aldir: *He walks over to the well in the center of the room, turns the crank and lowers the bucket into the water*
Aldir: *he bends over as he draws it up* Rian, could you bring me a cup?
Rian: of course. *she rises from her chair, goes to one of the cuboards, and finds a cup. she walks to Aldir and hands it to him*
Lilandra: *she manages a warm smile over to Rian* please my dear..continue
Aldir: *He draws the bucket from the well and places it on the rim of the wall. Then taking the cup from Rian, he dips it into the water and walks back to Lilandra, handing her the cup*
Lilandra: *nods and brings the cup up to her lips and drinks* Thank you my love
Aldir: *he puts his hand on her forehead* You are very warm. Your forehead is covered with perspiration
Aldir: I do not think you are well at all and that you should go to bed
Lilandra: Aldir it is nothing i am sure..i was fine a moment ago
Rian: perhaps it is too warm in here? *she walks over to the window and pulls back the shutters*
Lilandra: yes Rian *she drinks more water*
Lilandra: feeling better already
Aldir: *He bends down and kisses the side of her face*
Lilandra: *she leans into his kiss*
Aldir: Perhaps you have labored too hard today, and overtaxed yourself
Aldir: *he takes his hand and wipes her brow with his*
Lilandra: yes my love...i think that might be it
Lilandra: plus you know how this place stresses me
Rian: *she walks over to a cupboard, fetches a rag and walks to the well. she dips the rag in the bucket, then wrings it out. she walks back over to Lilandra and Aldir and hands Lilandra the rag*
Rian: *concerned smile* Here, this might help.
Aldir: Thank you, Rian, it is most kind of you
Lilandra: *she smiles sweetly to the woman and lets her hand rest on hers a moment when she hands her the rag*
Lilandra: Thank you Rian
Aldir: Yes, my love, this place is a vexing place
Lilandra: *she had felt seperated for so long and now tonight she felt a closeness between them all*
Aldir: What was once our home is now our prison
Lilandra: yes...we share this same feeling
Rian: *she nods... twas indeed strange to be living once again in Minas Tirith, but under dramatically different circumstances*
Aldir: Are you feeling better now, Lilandra? *his voice is filled with concern*
Lilandra: *she smooths the rag over her forehead and temples and down the back of her neck*
Lilandra: yes Aldir....the feeling is passing
Lilandra: was just warm
Aldir: Perhaps you should lie down a while
Aldir: You should not be so warm. This is a cold and dank night
Aldir: And I fear you may be coming down with a fever
Lilandra: Aldir...please love..i am fine
Lilandra: much better in fact
Rian: A northern wind never bode well, and the chill air comes from that direction. The wind is probably filled with strange maladies.
Aldir: Aye, a Northern wind..... an evil omen
Aldir: Portending more to come
Lilandra: *she stares ahead* yes...that is what i fear
Lilandra: there will always be more doom ahead
Aldir: It will never be over until the Nameless One has what he wants
Rian: *she shudders* which is all of Middle Earth, and probably the Blessed Realm too.
Lilandra: whatever that it is....it means no good for us
Aldir: My love, shall I close the window now?
Lilandra: *she nods* yes please
Aldir: *He walks over to the window and closes the shutters, then goes back to Lilandra*
Aldir: Do you wish to stay here a while longer?
Lilandra: i will stay as long as you do
Lilandra: you know i will not seperate myself from you in our time
Rian: I will remain in the kitchen for a while by the fire and keep it going.
Aldir: Aye, someone has to keep it going all the night so it will be ready for the servants to begin their preparations early in the morning. This is one of the best rooms in all the keep, for it is one of the warmest
Lilandra: *she lowers her head, thinking of yet another day of chores as a slave*
Rian: *she nods* Indeed. My room is drafty, especially now that the winds have picked up.
Aldir: At least we are provided with blankets enough so we do not freeze to death in our beds
Rian: I had grown accustomed to the warm climate of Nurn. It feels so different here now, especially with this cold weather.
Lilandra: *she lifts her head and looks to Aldir thankful she was able to stay with him in the nights*
Aldir: We saw little of Nurn and what we saw was more than enough
Aldir: There, the people are so used to being slaves that it is a way of life
Rian: *nods* Aye. Arnasa actually took pride in being a slave.
Lilandra: i will never accept it...no matter how polite Frodo might be
Aldir: And now *he asks* what has become of her? And of the two others?
Rian: *her face becomes sad and worried* I do not know. They did not return with us when we left Minas Morgul.
Aldir: My wife and I and my friend Vardamir will never willingly wear the yoke of slavery
Aldir: I know where they are, Rian, but I do not know what will become of them
Aldir: Nor for that matter, of any of us
Lilandra: i did not get the chance to know them well...however i do feel for them now, to be trapped there
Rian: *she nods sadly* Aye, I miss the two from Rohan very much. We were good friends, the three of us.
Aldir: *Seeing that the fire is burning down, he walks over to the fireplace, takes a poker and stirs the embers into life, then puts more wood on the fire*
Lilandra: i am sorry you are without your friends Rian
Rian: I fear for what will happen to them, perhaps what may have already happened. No one knows if they are even alive.
Aldir: *He stands there a while, warming his hands over the fire, then turns back to them* This has been a pleasant evening. It is a pity to end it on such a sad refrain
Lilandra: *she looks down and just stares at the grain in the wooden table as she rolls over the dread feelings*
Aldir: *He looks at the clock over the mantle* And end it must, for the hour grows late, and we must arise early and tend to our tasks
Aldir: *He looks to Lilandra* Come, my love, let me take you to our room
Lilandra: *she looks up and extends her hand to his*
Lilandra: Rian, your company was a pleasure
Aldir: *He takes her hand and helps her to get out of the chair*
Lilandra: i hope for more times like this
Rian: *she smiles at Lilandra* Thank you! I enjoyed talking with you both.
Lilandra: if you ever need to talk about anything
Lilandra: *she nods* do not hesitate
Aldir: Yes, Rian, I am glad that we have had this time of peace in which we could talk of the days that were and are past and will never be again
Rian: *she smiles and nods to them both* Indeed, a peaceful time, but there is a heaviness on my heart, and I fear what is to come. But let us hope that all will be well.
Lilandra: *she felt the heaviness too...and it never left her..and she knew no good was to come..this feeling was strong, yet she says* it shall be
Aldir: *He slides his arm around Lilandra's waist* We bid you a good evening, Rian, and may your rest be peaceful
Rian: A very good night, to the both of you.
Lilandra: *she clings to him, enjoying his warmth*
Lilandra: Good night
Aldir: *They walk together out of the room, through the doorway, up the hall, to their room*
Rian: *When they leave, Rian walks over to a chair by the hearth. She sits there, looking at the fire, lost in thoughts of grief, fear and loss.*
Rian: *She hopes that all will be well, and her fears amiss, but still she wonders what doom lies in their future.*

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