Neithan Rescued
May 1, 3019

Narrator: *The date is May 1, 3019... Neithan is among the prisoners from Minas Morgul who have been forced into labor. Even now, chained to other captives, the sweat drips from his brow as he labors on the bridge*
Narrator: *His back feels the lash from the orc overseers*
Narrator: *It is nighttime, and finally the prisoners are allowed to rest a while but orcs guard them as the captives lie upon the ground chained to each other*
Narrator: *Angmar has once again dismissed Sam and ordered him out of his sight, so he is free to roam, and knowing hobbits, whether they be wraiths or not, Sam and Ashgaz will find each other*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz is sitting outside the tent with his head in his hands, deep in thought about Eowyn and Frodo back in the dungeon*
Ashgaz: *He keeps muttering to himself: "What am I going to do? What am I going to do?"*
Bughnrakh: *sam wanders around the fields of pelenor... the grass feels good beneath his toes but still he worries ever about mr frodo*
Pushzog: *walks in a cirlce around the captives and nudges them with his foot when he gets the urge..which is often*
Neithan: *Neithan cannot sleep and he calls to the nearest orc* Water, water!
Ashgaz: *His job is to make sure Eowyn dies, and he doesn't see how he can possibly carry it out*
Neithan: You fiend! All I want is water!
Ashgaz: *but if he doesn't, Frodo will be hurt*
Ashgaz: *Again he murmurs* What am I going to do?
Pushzog: *he moves in front of the man*
Pushzog: water you say?
Bughnrakh: *sam wanders about the camp, invisiblly and unseen.*
Neithan: Yes, you senseless lout, I asked for water! If you want me to continue to build your accursed bridge
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz realizes this is not doing any good, so he looks up and around the camp*
Bughnrakh: *he hopes he will find ashgaz the only friend he has among a sea of enemies and wrongdoers*
Pushzog: *motions with his head to bring him some water and tilts his head looking to him* i do not like that threatening tone in your voice
Neithan: If you want to keep me alive to build it, I need water!
Neithan: If you were not such a coward, you would turn me loose, give me a sword, and I would show you a real threat!
Pushzog: *grabs him by the hair*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz decides to look for Sam*
Neithan: *spits at him*
Ashgaz: *He gets up and wanders through the camp*
Bughnrakh: *almost his every thought revolves around mr frodo... is he alive, is he dead, is he in pain...*
Neithan: Give me water, you vision from the depths!
Pushzog: *hits him across the face with the container of water*
Ashgaz: *past bustling orcs, tied-up horses eating grass, army tents*
Neithan: *reels back, but keeps looking at the orc*
Pushzog: open your mouth...dont want you to be greedy and drink the whole thing
Bughnrakh: *sam spots ashgaz and calls to him*
Neithan: I won't open my mouth. Give me the jug! Let me drink it myself
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz grins and waves back to Sam*
Ashgaz: *He runs over*
Pushzog: *shakes his head*
Pushzog: *laughs* you have no say here
Bughnrakh: *his fearful thoughts being temporarily broken he smiles at the only friend he can actally see*
Neithan: I would rather die of thirst!
Ashgaz: You look tired, Sam
Bughnrakh: hullo mr peter!
Neithan: Now give it to me!
Ashgaz: Are you all right?
Bughnrakh: i have been worried about mr. frodo
Ashgaz: I figured
Pushzog: *grits his teeth knowing that giving him the jug now would be too much for his pride now*
Bughnrakh: i made a promise i wouldnt leave him and here we are seperated
Neithan: *glares back at the orc, and mutters under his breath* By Elbereth
Neithan: You fiend! You will not break me!
Pushzog: you want to be the voice of the captives?
Pushzog: are you the hero?
Ashgaz: *has heard this many, many times and nothing he says seems to help...he is not sure what to do*
Neithan: No, I am no hero
Bughnrakh: i do not know if he is alive or dead or in horrible pain mr. peter
Ashgaz: *He says sympathetically* I know, Sam, I'm sorry
Neithan: I speak for no one but myself
Ashgaz: I think he is alive though
Ashgaz: And probably not in pain...
Bughnrakh: and that fiend who is my master tells me that if i dont do what he says mr frodo will be in a world of hurt
Pushzog: *looks to the other who look to Neithan with wide eyes of some kind of hope*
Ashgaz: I didn't think he was talking to you
Ashgaz: I thought he was talking to me
Ashgaz: About the mission with Eowyn--I mean Lady Maltriel
Neithan: *Neithan licks his lips.. He wants water desparately but he will not beg*
Ashgaz: What a fix I'm in, Sam!
Bughnrakh: i feel awful about all of it mr. peter..
Bughnrakh: yes and no mistake
Ashgaz: I'm supposed to send this woman to her death, and she's innocent
Ashgaz: But if I don't, Frodo will be hurt
Bughnrakh: and im supposed to ride behind her and see the job through *he sighs*
Pushzog: *he moves to another captive* i enjoy their silence...take the jug and pass it to the next....*looks to Neithan* you will be last
Neithan: *though he has little moisture in his mouth left to do it, he spits on the ground*
Ashgaz: Yes, we are both in quite a fix
Pushzog: lets see how much theuy value their hero with how much drink they leave him
Pushzog: *laughs with the other orcs*
Neithan: *Neithan wipes his fingers across his lips, wishing he had the water, but too proud to take it... rather to die than to beg*
Neithan: *Neithan only wishes he were free... He wonders at the cruel fate that brought him here*
Pushzog: *the others drink...some more greedily than the others and then the jug comes to him with just 2 mouthfulls*
Neithan: *he takes the jug from the other's hand, and nods to him and drinks it*
Ashgaz: *Peter sighs* Well, I don't want to think about it anymore. Where have you been tonight?
Bughnrakh: lord angmar sent me away, like he always does. he hates us. we hobbits should stick together
Pushzog: *snatches the jug from him*
Pushzog: that should hold you for now
Neithan: *After drinking the water, Neithan looks at the Anduin River, which is not far away, and he remembers what brought him down it, helping the woman known as Pushzog, and this is the treatment*
Neithan: Hold me? Would that I had a blade in my hand and I would let it taste your filthy black blood!
Ashgaz: Aye, that we should
Pushzog: *grits his teeth* black blood you say?
Ashgaz: Then we're free tonight!
Pushzog: taste?
Neithan: Yes, you dirty creatures! You bleed great quanities of it when you are stuck!
Ashgaz: Let's explore this place
Bughnrakh: yes, mr. peter
Ashgaz: I'll wager no hobbit has ever been here before
Pushzog: *grabs him by the hair again*
Pushzog: you still thirsty?
Neithan: *winces as he feels the hair pulled*
Neithan: You know I am but I will not beg
Ashgaz: *It is growing darker, but this only enhances the wraithlings' vision*
Pushzog: *calls to another orc*
Bughnrakh: not even mr. frodo or mr. bilbo
Pushzog: he's still thirsty
Ashgaz: *smiles* No, not even them
Bughnrakh: *feels sad* ill suppose ill never see them again... *trails off*
Pushzog: *is handed another jug*
Ashgaz: We never know, Sam. We may see Frodo again.
Neithan: *looks to the orc and wonders if he plans devilishness*
Ashgaz: *puts his arm around Sam and they wander through the camp*
Bughnrakh: oh i hope so mr. peter... i hope so
Ashgaz: *past numberless tents filled with orcs...they can hear curses and fights all around*
Pushzog: *whips his head back while the other orc pries his mouth open...tilts the jug and pours the foul thick, dark liquid into his mouth*
Neithan: *he sputters and fights as it goes down his throat*
Neithan: *but yet he feels warm and somewhat better*
Pushzog: *laughs wildly with the other orcs who never get tired of doing that*
Ashgaz: *They reach the outskirts of the camp*
Ashgaz: *A great fortification looms before them. It is the Bridge of Osgiliath being rebuilt*
Bughnrakh: *sam looks up at the sky.... and the stars look down on him peacefully above the troubles of the world*
Neithan: *When they finish with him, he spits all of it he can out of his mouth*
Neithan: Foul draught!
Ashgaz: *Lines of captives chained together lie on the ground next to the bridge*
Pushzog: you mentioned taste and blood..i guess i just lost the other words you said in between
Bughnrakh: *looks at the bridge with awe.... like most of the structures in middle earth it is huge compared to him*
Pushzog: thought you wanted some *laughs*
Ashgaz: *They hear shouts coming from the end of one line--an orc and a prisoner*
Ashgaz: *Peter stops and listens intently*
Neithan: You orc! The generous one! *He says sarcastically* What are you called?
Bughnrakh: *sam shudders at the sight of the prisioners.... he feels horrible for he knows that he is a part of mordor now*
Ashgaz: *Peter murmurs to himself* Neithan?
Bughnrakh: *looks to peter* who's that, mr. peter, sir?
Pushzog: you want to know what i am called?
Ashgaz: I think he is the one shouting at the orc
Pushzog: Pushzog
Ashgaz: He is a man, from Gondor
Ashgaz: He helped me and Pushzog's a long story
Neithan: Good, you stinking filthy creature! At least I will know your name when I cut your maggot eaten brains out!
Ashgaz: But he is a good man, a pitiable man but brave and noble
Bughnrakh: mr. frodo and i met some of the men of gondor....the ones we met were very brave and honorable
Ashgaz: *nods*
Pushzog: careful what you might find it in your mouth
Neithan: That is if you have a brain!
Ashgaz: We should go to him, Sam
Ashgaz: Those orcs are dangerous
Ashgaz: Let's go
Bughnrakh: yes mr peter ive heard stories about them that would make your blood chill... as if ours werent chilled enough already if you take my meaning
Bughnrakh: we should try to do something sir *goes with ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *takes Sam's arm and walks over to Neithan and the orc*
Neithan: *Although the night air is cool for it is spring, Neithan perspires... He has been weakened by the cruel treatment, but he still has some strength*
Pushzog: *with a smirk still on his face he looks over to them approaching*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz now recognizes Pushzog as well and shudders at the memory of the attack on Khamul*
Ashgaz: *But he shakes it off and looks down at Neithan*
Neithan: *His hands are chained, as are his ankles... He is joined by a chain to the feet of the man on both his sides*
Pushzog: *he hates it but he is still thankful to the one who saved Khamul*
Neithan: *He looks at the fetters on his hands and feet in the dim light of the moon*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz looks at Pushzog and gives him a silent command to leave Neithan alone for now*
Neithan: *he brings his right arm and rubs a sore on his left wrist that was caused by the chain*
Ashgaz: *then kneels next to Neithan, filled with pity*
Pushzog: *he inhales and exhales heavily and moves over to the side a bit...not liking his command*
Ashgaz: *The poor man is covered with welts and dirt*
Bughnrakh: *sam marvels at peters ability to command the usually unruly orcs*
Ashgaz: Neithan, do you remember me?
Neithan: *Neithan senses a foul presence and hears his name*
Neithan: *The voice seems familiar to him but he cannot place it*
Ashgaz: Don't be afraid. You've met me before.
Neithan: More foul spirits come to torment me?
Pushzog: *cannot fathom how he could be loyal and save a wraith and then feel pity for this filth*
Bughnrakh: *the remark hurts sam an he pipes up* i am not a foul spirit, sir
Ashgaz: No, though that's what you said when you first saw me
Ashgaz: I'm Ashgaz, but my real name is Peter--does that ring a bell?
Neithan: There is nothing in this wicked place but orcs and the enemy's servants. Accursed place, once a beautiful city!
Pushzog: *is uneasy by servants of the lord who do not wish to be that*
Neithan: Peter..... I am supposed to remember that? You might be tricking me, but I tell you, I do not fear you!
Ashgaz: *sighs*
Neithan: I have looked at Death before and it has no fear for me
Ashgaz: When you were a prisoner in Minas Morgul, I was in command of the city, though briefly
Ashgaz: I came to question you
Bughnrakh: *wishes that all the prisioners could be freed and all the hurts that mordor has caused could be amended forever*
Neithan: I have no answers for you, fell spirit, demon of the enemy
Bughnrakh: *hopes the orc will go away and leave them in peace for a while*
Ashgaz: *Those names hurt, but Ashgaz/Peter tries to ignore them*
Bughnrakh: *they hurt sam too...*
Ashgaz: You were suffering from Black Breath
Ashgaz: and I gave you a potion that cured you.
Ashgaz: Do you remember that?
Neithan: Once, I helped a lady who was lost, I brought her down the Anduin in my boat
Ashgaz: *nods*
Neithan: Aye, I remember that. You gave me water, you gave me food
Ashgaz: That's right
Pushzog: *does not like the words they use with the man..their gentleness...thinks how other wraiths would be handling this mortal*
Bughnrakh: *sam stands quietly... someow this vaguely reminds him of when he and mr frodo were "captured" by fararmir*
Ashgaz: *senses the orc's displeasure, but no longer fears him*
Neithan: *Neithan remembers the kindness but believes it is all part of some trick*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz knows he can deal with him if necessary*
Neithan: *After a few weeks in prision, Neithan seems to have shed his madness*
Neithan: *The befuddled confusion replaced by eerie brutal clarity*
Neithan: Spirit of Peter, what do you want of me?
Bughnrakh: *wishes they could free them all.... if it were not for that accursed orc*
Ashgaz: I want nothing of you now, Neithan
Ashgaz: You have served us more than well, though I know it was unwillingly.
Bughnrakh: *he glares in the orcs direction but he is unseen for he wears no cloak*
Ashgaz: *looks at Pushzog*
Neithan: Yes, spirit, I have served the lady that was taken with the Morgul Lord
Neithan: I did it in kindness
Neithan: And now my reward is chains!
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz is wearing his black hooded cloak and it billows in the wind as he straightens up*
Neithan: And a filthy orc who taunts me with water
Pushzog: *glares at the man*
Ashgaz: Pushzog, these men are done for the night, are they not?
Neithan: What do you all want of me!
Pushzog: they are done working yes
Pushzog: *his words are grated through gritted teeth*
Ashgaz: Then you may stop guarding them
Bughnrakh: *wishes he could do something... feels utterly helpless... his thoughts go to mr. frodo alone in prision back at lugburz*
Ashgaz: I will take over for you
Ashgaz: as a reward for your service
Ashgaz: *whispers to Sam* Stay invisible and follow him
Neithan: *Neithan looks towards the voice, not understanding any of this*
Pushzog: *he looks to him what seems like long moments...unsure of this one...but then thinks of his loyalty to Khamul*
Bughnrakh: *whispers back* yes sir
Ashgaz: *whispers* Knock him out and take his keys!
Ashgaz: I can't let Neithan stay here like this
Ashgaz: We must free him.
Pushzog: *begins to turn away*
Ashgaz: Paralyze the orc with fear
Bughnrakh: yes, mr. peter... but how?
Ashgaz: and if that doesn't work, use Black Breath
Ashgaz: *whispers even lower* You're angry, aren't you? Use it
Bughnrakh: but how do i do that mr peter sir? its mighty unnatural and i dont like it one bit
Ashgaz: You will find the ability if you search for it
Bughnrakh: yes i am angry, at mordor, and what they do to all that is good in the world
Neithan: *Puzzled, Neithan just sits there and thinks about better days and why he is here... What could be the reason of the strangeness of all that has happened to him*
Ashgaz: Call up your anger, this once. It will give you the power to do this
Bughnrakh: i dont feel right about it mr. peter, but it is for a good cause
Ashgaz: You have the ability now. You are a wraith. All wraiths can strike terror and Black Breath into creatures
Ashgaz: Do you think you can do it?
Pushzog: *thinking of that night of Khamul's attack he smiles as he thinks of the carnage of what Khamul and he and the other did to that orc...that traitor*
Ashgaz: Or would you rather stay here and guard him?
Bughnrakh: aye sir, i have been around the wraiths before, before i was..... *trails off* yes they can scare ten years growth right off you
Ashgaz: *smiles at Sam*
Bughnrakh: i shall try my best sir!
Neithan: *Neithan thinks of how he accidentally killed his best friend... he thinks of the stench of men chained close together, the smell of orcs, all blended in a bizzare symphony of smell*
Bughnrakh: *sam follows the orc quietly.... his bare feet making no sound upon the ground*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz watches worriedly as Sam follows the orc*
Ashgaz: *then he turns back to Neithan*
Pushzog: *lost in thought about that night he forgets quickly about the captive*
Bughnrakh: *he pauses and picks up a rock from the ground just in case that his abilities to strike terror in the hearts of other creatures failed him*
Pushzog: *he laughs to himself*
Pushzog: *mumbles in black speech to himself*
Neithan: *Remembering how his help was rewarded in such a way and all the tortures he experienced at Minas Morgul and the strange activity around him... he begins to despair*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz recognizes the despair in Neithan's face, for he has felt it too*
Bughnrakh: *sam continues sneaking.... he sees the orc in front of him, his back turned to him.... he begins to muster all the anger and resentment he has felt for the forces of evil*
Ashgaz: *whispers to Neithan* I know you think this is all a trick, and that you will come to a bad end
Ashgaz: But sometimes the impossible can happen
Pushzog: *he wipes the dripping liquid from his chin*
Bughnrakh: *sam creeps closer and closer.... an aura of fear emminiating from him produced by months of pent up anger*
Ashgaz: *Peter falls silent but continues to look down at Neithan, remembering the journey down the Anduin*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz silently curses himself for deceiving Neithan into coming to Mordor*
Bughnrakh: *he thinks of the forces of mordor.... taking over the world... his beloved shire.... his anger growing, he tries to produce fear in the heart of the orc*
Ashgaz: *He feels as if he has personally dealt all the wounds Neithan now bears*
Pushzog: *he stops drinking and turns around..facing what he thinks nothing*
Bughnrakh: *he begins to try to will the orc to think of every horrifying thought that an orc could think of.... trying to make him afraid*
Ashgaz: *Peter wishes there were something he could do for Neithan...and all the other numberless prisoners chained here*
Bughnrakh: *sam hopes it will work.... he clutches his rock in his hand, preparing to use it just in case*
Ashgaz: *He wonders if he should free all of them*
Ashgaz: *That would be the right thing to do...but such a great risk!*
Ashgaz: *And Frodo would surely suffer for it*
Ashgaz: *Peter hopes Frodo will not suffer for Neithan's rescue*
Pushzog: *he trembles slightly and does not understand ...he looks around still shakey and thinks horrible thoughts*
Ashgaz: *wrings his hands and waits for Sam's return*
Neithan: *Neithan lies back and looks at the stars and the moon and thinks about a day of peace sometime far far away*
Pushzog: *he is uneasy as his mind feels violated*
Pushzog: *he makes no move for he is partially incapable to move*
Bughnrakh: *sam worries that the orc is not afraid of him enough to pass out..... he tries to will more fear upon him...*
Pushzog: *he begins to move slightly*
Bughnrakh: *thinks to himself.... this is not natural, no way... and will nerver work. he senses that the orc is paralyized in fear*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz wonders what is taking Sam so long*
Bughnrakh: *but not about to pass out....he takes the rock in both hands and brings the rock down hard on the crouching orcs head*
Bughnrakh: *hits him over the head a few times for good measure*
Pushzog: *he is blinded by the shooting pain for a split second then falls to the ground motionless*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz worries...what if the orc noticed Sam? What if he got away? What if Sam doesn't get the keys?*
Neithan: *Neithan sits up quickly upon hearing the noise*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz hears the blows and marvels at Sam's courage*
Ashgaz: *breathes a sigh of relief*
Bughnrakh: *quickly sam grabs the keys, which were tied around the orcs belt*
Bughnrakh: *runs back to peter*
Ashgaz: Yes! You got them!
Ashgaz: Thank you so much
Bughnrakh: i tried to make him pass out with fear mr peter like you said, but it wasnt no use, and i felt mighty unnatural doing it
Ashgaz: *smiles* I know what you mean
Bughnrakh: so i knocked him over the head a few times with the rock.... *hands peter the keys* here are the keys mr. peter sir
Neithan: *Neithan is very alert now*
Ashgaz: *takes the keys* All right, let's have a look
Ashgaz: *Their conversation is very hushed*
Ashgaz: Neithan, which one of these keys is for your chains? Do you know?
Bughnrakh: *looks nerviously in the direction of the orc... hopes he will not wake up... attempts to will horrible nightmares upon him of his flesh being frozen from his body...*
Neithan: *He speaks to the voice* There are two keys, one to unlock the wrists and the other to unlock the ankles
Neithan: But I will not leave unless you free all the rest!
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz' jaw drops*
Ashgaz: *He looks to Sam*
Bughnrakh: *all of the things that the orcs of cirith ungol feared he wills upon the fallen orc*
Ashgaz: Can we risk it, do you think?
Ashgaz: Sam, will you let me risk harm to Frodo to free them?
Ashgaz: Look at them!
Bughnrakh: its the only right thing to do mr. peter
Ashgaz: Thank you, Sam
Bughnrakh: we are already in a bad fix as it is
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz unlocks the chains on Neithan and slides them off his wrists and ankles*
Neithan: *Neithan waits*
Ashgaz: *wincing at the blood underneath*
Bughnrakh: *looks again in the direction of the orc, willing him to sleep more in nightmarish sleep*
Ashgaz: *Then he goes to work unchaining all the others, dozens of them*
Ashgaz: *looks up frantically at Sam*
Ashgaz: Sam, keep watch, will you?
Neithan: The others, unchain the others!
Ashgaz: If someone should see...*he trails off*
Bughnrakh: *panic rising in sam* yes, mr. peter
Ashgaz: *He is terrified but goes back to work unchaining them*
Bughnrakh: we cant let them be tormented by these devils
Neithan: *Rubs his wrists where the chains had cut in*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz tries not to think about seeing Angmar and Khamul...Pushzog will tell them he did it...terror fills him*
Ashgaz: *But at least Sam was unseen. He will probably get away*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz finishes half of the prisoners and they are now stretching and looking around in disbelief*
Neithan: *Neithan whispers to the others...* be still
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz stops to take a look around, panting, remembering the snake pit*
Ashgaz: Do you see anyone, Sam?
Neithan: *The freed men crouch low*
Ashgaz: Is that orc still unconcious?
Neithan: *Neithan goes to Pushzog's prone form, bends over and takes his sword from him*
Neithan: *Neithan looks down as he gets up* I would kill you now!
Pushzog: *he stirs but does not wake*
Neithan: But I will wait!
Neithan: *Pushzog was guarding this group of prisioners but now he is unconscious*
Neithan: *After getting Pushzog's sword, he beckons to the men to follow him*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz tries not to think about seeing Angmar and Khamul...Pushzog will tell them he did it...terror fills him*
Ashgaz: *But at least Sam was unseen He will probably get away with it*
Neithan: *He turns back to the voices and he whispers* Thank you. I will remember!
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz has unchained all the prisoners by now*
Ashgaz: *He looks up at Neithan, full of fear*
Bughnrakh: *sam feels happy, that even though they are now in the service of evil they did something for good*
Bughnrakh: *sam goes by peter's side*
Ashgaz: You are welcome, was the least I could do after what you did for me and the lady
Ashgaz: I was there the whole time, on the Anduin
Neithan: I remember you, Peter, I remember you now
Ashgaz: Now go, all of you, run quickly!
Neithan: Of all these swine, you are the only one who ever showed me kindness!
Ashgaz: Yes, remember me, and say a prayer to...I cannot speak it now. But I will surely suffer for this
Ashgaz: and my friends as well
Bughnrakh: go and run to safety. you do not deserve this torment
Ashgaz: But I am glad you are all free
Ashgaz: *nods, rallied by Sam's words*
Bughnrakh: they cannot conquer forever... the stars still shine, remember that mr. Neithan sir
Neithan: I despaired tonight, but no more
Neithan: By the stars of Elbereth, they shall not!
Ashgaz: *Gestures into the distance, his sleeve flowing in the wind, and says to Neithan* Go, my friend, and enjoy freedom once more.
Neithan: Thank you.... friend
Neithan: *he bows to them in the moonlight*
Ashgaz: *Peter smiles*
Neithan: *and then he motions the other men to follow him*
Pushzog: *begins to stir a bit more*
Pushzog: *still does not wake*
Neithan: *And then they are away and out of sight*
Ashgaz: *Sighs heavily*
Pushzog: *he moans slightly*
Ashgaz: What a fix we have gotten ourselves into now!
Bughnrakh: *sam feels proud that he was able to help these men*
Bughnrakh: yes, mr, peter... a fix and no mistake
Ashgaz: I hope it was worth it
Bughnrakh: but i am glad that those brave men could go free, even though we cannot
Ashgaz: I hope they find freedom
Pushzog: *his arms and legs begin to twitch*
Neithan: *Neithan leads the men south of the city, keeping close to the Anduin.... He will go south to fight*
Ashgaz: *Peter nods sadly, overcome with longing. How he wishes he could follow them away, out of Mordor's clutches*
Neithan: *He looks to the stars and says a prayer to Elbereth*
Bughnrakh: i only wish that i could have talked to him more, mr. peter
Ashgaz: *He thinks* At least Mary would probably still love me now, if she saw me.
Bughnrakh: *sam looks to peter and smiles* and rosie
Pushzog: *he moans a bit more and raises one hand to his aching and bleeding head*
Ashgaz: *They hear the noise from the orc*
Ashgaz: *Peter whips his head around and sees him waking up*
Pushzog: *his other hand goes to his head*
Bughnrakh: *sam begins to feel nervous*
Ashgaz: *He throws his robe off, becoming invisible*
Ashgaz: *He hides the robe under a stone*
Bughnrakh: *sam is already invisible*
Pushzog: *he maons in pain as he rolls a bit from side to side before reality sets in and he sits up and growls in anger*
Neithan: *Somewhere to the south, Neithan looks back at the stars and says...* By Elbereth, if I can ever free them from this curse they live under, I shall do so!
Ashgaz: *Peter looks very different to Sam without his robe. With the robe he is a shrouded, menacing figure, but without it, he is the same hobbit Sam knew in the Shire*
Bughnrakh: *sam wishes that he had a sword.... or a pot.. anything to fight the filthy orc*
Pushzog: *his moves to all fours and crawls in a twisted fashion as his head reels from the pain his eyes clouded and angry*
Ashgaz: *Peter reads Sam's thoughts and reminds him: We have plenty to fight him with*
Ashgaz: *We even have the Black Breath if necessary*
Bughnrakh: *sam still does not like the thought of that... it feels unnatural to him*
Ashgaz: *Peter decides to do anything necessary to keep Pushzog from finding the prisoners*
Pushzog: he doesnt see anything and is worried...was he moved? but he saw similar objects around him..yet no one*
Ashgaz: *He has used Black Breath before, and though he doesn't like it, he is more comfortable with it than Sam is*
Bughnrakh: *sams eyes widden.... he whispers to peter* mr. peter they can trail by smell
Pushzog: *he begins to panic and then starts to forget his pain and stands and looks around furiously for the men*
Ashgaz: *Peter returns Sam's worried look*
Pushzog: *he growls and curses in black speech* what treacherous ill deed has been done here?
Ashgaz: *whispers* I'm going to follow him. He won't know I'm there.
Bughnrakh: oh i hope the men can escape in time! they did have a good head start though
Ashgaz: *creeps closer to Pushzog*
Ashgaz: *close enough to paralyze him with Black Breath if necessary*
Neithan: *Neithan has the only sword in the group*
Ashgaz: *but far enough to avoid detection*
Pushzog: *his face shows his anger* our workers!
Pushzog: our task must be done!
Bughnrakh: *sam follows ashgaz hesitantly, not knowing what to do*
Pushzog: you unloyal filth!
Ashgaz: *Peter hesitates, not sure what to do*
Pushzog: *he speaks into the air*
Pushzog: you dishonor your masters...your Lord!
Pushzog: you doom yourself and all of us!
Bughnrakh: *sam knows that by his actions doom will fall upon peter, frodo and himself*
Ashgaz: *Peter backs away, hoping they have not been detected...*
Ashgaz: *hoping that was addressed to the workers*
Pushzog: *does not know how long he has been out and goes to find other orcs*
Ashgaz: *since Pushzog cannot see very well in the dark and does not know how far away they are*
Bughnrakh: *sam looks to peter...*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz takes a deep breath*
Ashgaz: *He moves in front of Pushzog, a slight distance away, unseen*
Pushzog: *he tell the other orcs who now growl and smash things in anger to go and find the men*
Ashgaz: *He shuts his eyes tight and lifts his arms*
Ashgaz: *All the orcs suddenly fall to the ground*
Neithan: *Down the river, unseen, Neithan tells the men to take off their rags and swim down the river with them, their ragged garments tied to their backs, hoping to throw the orcs off their trail*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz looks at them, baffled...he didn't know he could do that to so many orcs*
Bughnrakh: *sam tries to help peter in producing fear and terror among the orcs... but not being a wraith long he cannot do much*
Ashgaz: *Some of the orcs still scramble on the ground*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz grimaces and conjures the spell again*
Ashgaz: *Now they all lie unconscious...they will be sick when they wake up, but they will recover*
Neithan: *The men swim close to the shore but far enough away to hide their scent from the orcs that he knows will be trailing them*
Ashgaz: *But now the men will have enough time to escape*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz realizes his eyes are still glowing red*
Ashgaz: *He steadies himself and turns back to Sam*
Neithan: *He hopes that the orcs will give up the trail once they lose it at the river*
Ashgaz: *feeling throughly ashamed of himself*
Bughnrakh: *sam aids ashgaz any way he can*
Ashgaz: *How can he call himself a hobbit now?*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz trudges back to Sam and says wearily* There, it's done. They'll have time to escape now.
Ashgaz: The orcs aren't dead, they're just sick
Neithan: *If it were not for the situation the men would enjoy this swim for the river washes away the blood and the grime of weeks of captivity*
Ashgaz: I suppose I don't look much like a hobbit to you anymore, do I?
Bughnrakh: i tried to help you sir, but i fear i did not do very well. im more accustomed to using a hoe and my hands to plant things, not bend the will of others
Bughnrakh: you are just as much a .... shire folk as i, mr. peter sir
Bughnrakh: *he looks up at the stars and sighs* if me old gaffer could see me now!
Ashgaz: I'm a feared Nazgul, I just struck them with Black Breath, I was cruel to them. Shire folk don't do that
Bughnrakh: *sam sighs again knowing he is right*
Ashgaz: *Peter sits down sullenly*
Bughnrakh: *sam sits beside him*
Bughnrakh: we're in quite a fix now mr. peter..... especially when angmar finds out
Ashgaz: *Peter leans his head on his hands* I just wish I were back there, back in the Shire
Bughnrakh: *thinks of mr. frodo back in the dungeosn of lugburz... he cringes*
Ashgaz: with Mary and my family and you and Frodo and all the others
Ashgaz: How in the world did we get here?
Bughnrakh: oh, mr. peter, you don't know how much i wish i was back in the shire
Bughnrakh: i always felt that i would do something before the end, back when mr. frodo and i were trying to destroy the ring. maybe i still have something to do
Ashgaz: *manages a smile at Sam* You just did do something, Sam.
Ashgaz: We just saved dozens of men.
Ashgaz: I guess that counts for something--quite a lot, I'll reckon.
Bughnrakh: *sam smiles* i dont want to see any more of mordor, no more magic, no more orcs. i just want to see mr. frodo safe and the shire safe
Ashgaz: *Peter presses Sam's hand and lies back to look at the stars*
Bughnrakh: *sam sighs... hugging his knees to his chest, feeling the grass beneath his hairy toes. he looks up to the stars in the sky a million dots of light upon the dark canopy*
Ashgaz: *Peter lies on the grass, very tired. He finds the feel of the grass comforting. There is nothing but ash and stone in Mordor*
Bughnrakh: *the stars of elbereth, he thinks.... but the name brings him pain not comfort.... still he prays to the lady that the men will be safe... that mr. frodo will be safe and unharmed....*
Bughnrakh: *and that mr. peter and he will not suffer too harshly at the hands of the nazgul for their actions this night*

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