Frodo portrayed by Hobbitness
Lilandra and Madurz portrayed by FreeFall
Elfhild, Elffled, Rian, Angmar's Servants, Khamul's Servants and Servants of Frodo portrayed by Eowyn
Narrator, Angmar, Khamul and Ceolwulf portrayed by Wraith

Night of September 29
Narrator: *At twilight, September 29, Frodo's entourage arrived at Minas Morgul, after journeying some fifty miles through the Plains of Gorgoroth.*
Narrator: *Frodo's old memories were stirred at the sights of the Plains and Cirith Ungol, the watchtower where he had once been imprisoned after being bitten by Shelob, and he often thought of Sam.*
Narrator: *Vartang led them through the Morgul Vale and up the winding road to the tooth-like gates of Minas Morgul, which opened silently, but they saw no one. All of them felt as though unseen eyes were watching them.*
Narrator: *Inside the portcullis, Ceolwulf had felt surrounded, as though they were entering a trap from which they could never escape.*
Narrator: *Then they passed through the bailey, the large courtyard. Ahead of them was glowing Tower of the Moon, still beauitful, yet its serene atmosphere replaced by a sense of eeriness and forboding.*
Narrator: *Finally, they went through the smaller gate to the inner courtyard, which was quite fair with many fountains spraying cold yet steaming water, and in through the doors of the Tower of Sorcery itself. *
Narrator: *Greeting them was Pizdur Sotar, black hooded and cloaked, who appeared to be an old friend of Maugoth Vartang. Sotar escorted them through the tower and up four flights of broad stairs to a great hall dimly lit with torches and candles.*
Narrator: *Frodo and the slaves had been summoned to a great feast, by the Morgul Lord himself. After a meal that seemed uncomfortable and endless to the slaves, all Frodo's party were dismissed save Frodo, Vartang, Elfhild and Elffled.*
Narrator: *Angmar had looked at Frodo and said in a cold, icy hiss, "Friend of Sauron, these two, the golden haired ones...."*
Frodo: What? What of these girls? *Frodo asks angrily when Angmar hesitates*
Angmar: I will speak to them, Friend of Sauron
Angmar: *He looks to the girls* Come before me
Frodo: *Frodo breaks out in a cold sweat, clenching and unclenching his fists*
Elfhild and Elffled: *they see the dark hooded head of the black captain turn towards them and a shiver of fear runs up and down their spines. they rise from their chairs and approach his table*
Madurz: *she leans back in her chair..hard posture and wicked eyes as she looks to Frodo..smug smile on her face as she moves her gaze to the light haired slaves*
Elfhild and Elffled: *they look between themselves, an unspoken exchange of mutal understanding. they pause and slowly lower themselves to their knees, lowering their heads to the floor*
Frodo: *Anger flares up in Frodo as he sees them again forced to bow to Angmar*
Madurz: *smiles in satisfaction at their submissions*
Angmar: *He rises from his chair* Stand now *he says slowly and coldly*
Elfhild and Elffled: *they rise to their feet and look at him fearfully*
Angmar: I know your names, daughters of Eadbald
Elfhild and Elffled: *they swallow hard*
Frodo: *Fear thrills through Frodo, and he clenches his teeth against the pain caused by Angmar's presence and all the other Eight with him*
Angmar: You are from the village of Grenefeld. Your brother was Eadfrid. Both he and your father fell at Pelennor
Elfhild and Elffled: *elffled says cautiously* that is true, lord.
Madurz: *she gnaws her lower lip and sighs slightly, reveling the swirling feel of fear about the room and they reek of it*
Angmar: I know many things about you, Daughters of the Sun
Elfhild and Elffled: *elffled takes elfhild's hand, both girls try to still their trembling*
Frodo: *He breathes hard in a protective fury*
Angmar: *He walks around the table and walks behind them*
Angmar: Turn around *he says, moving his finger slowly in a circle*
Elfhild and Elffled: *they turn around at his command, terrified*
Frodo: *Frodo grips the edges of the chair to steady himself and turns around to watch*
Madurz: *she watches with wicked grin and fixed eyes*
Angmar: *He looks to Frodo at the other table, hissing the words* Shakh.... I will buy them from you!
Elfhild and Elffled: *both sisters look to each other, their eyes wide with fear, yet they remain silent*
Frodo: *Frodo's jaw drops in astonishment*
Angmar: What is your answer....Shakh?
Madurz: *she looks to Frodo*
Frodo: *Then he strides up next to the girls and takes Elfhild's hand* Never!
Madurz: *her eyes flash at his daring to move from his seat over to him*
Elfhild and Elffled: *elfhild looks to frodo, and closes her eyes... she knows that now is not the time for any sudden movements, no scenes, no shows of emotion*
Madurz: *The Nine show dim glows of red beneath their hoods*
Angmar: *He looks to Elffled's eyes* How do you know, Shakh, that they would not rather remain?
Elfhild and Elffled: *angmar's gaze catches elffled's eyes and she stares into the dark hood, transfixed*
Frodo: I am certain of it...but let them say it themselves
Frodo: unless it would bring harm to them
Angmar: Maiden of the Sun *he hisses* What is your desire?
Frodo: *He bites his lip, hoping he has not brought them into a trap with his reckless words*
Elfhild and Elffled: *elffled suddenly feels as though she is floating, detatched from her surroundings, from her sister who holds her hand. she whispers* i would stay here, your majesty
Elfhild and Elffled: *elfhild opens her eyes and looks to her sister and then to angmar in confusion*
Frodo: *Frodo feels numb with shock*
Madurz: *a soft low laugh escapes her lips*
Angmar: *He turns back to Frodo* That, your answer
Frodo: *Frodo glares at Angmar* She is clearly not in her right mind! You have made her say this.
Angmar: *He turns to Elfhild and looks into her eyes* And you, gentle maid..... your answer?
Elfhild and Elffled: *elfhild, too, falls into a trance, and whispers* it is my choice as well.
Frodo: *Frodo remembers how Angmar broke him at the Bruinen Ford, and decides that he is doing much the same thing to Elfhild and Elffled now*
Angmar: Shakh... Friend of Sauron... you see their choices, do you not? *his words are cold, icy, tinged with malice*
Frodo: *He looks to the girls' dazed faces, their glazed eyes, for a long moment*
Madurz: *her grin widens as she looks to the fair ones*
Frodo: No, I do not see their choices. You have put them in a trance; they say what you bid them to say
Frodo: This is not their choice!
Angmar: Your price, Shakh?
Frodo: I will not give them up
Angmar: *He looks to Frodo, his eyes a faint reddish hue* Then I shall keep them here as my guests..... for a time... and a time
Angmar: As my guests, Shakh *he spits the words out as a snarling hiss*
Frodo: For long? *he knows there is nothing he can do*
Angmar: For a time, Shakh, for a time
Frodo: *He remembers the first time he was Sauron's...guest...*
Frodo: *For a brief moment he feels all the old scars though they are no longer there*
Angmar: *He walks up to Elffled, and brushes his hand over her hair* Maiden of the Golden Hair..... *then softly he says so only she hears* so like another.......
Frodo: *He looks back and forth from the girls to Angmar, completely helpless to protect them*
Elfhild and Elffled: *elffled does not flinch, blue eyes wide and staring.... she whispers..* i am glad i please you, my lord..
Madurz: *she leans her elbow on the arm of the chair and rests her chin in her palm and stares at Frodo*
Angmar: *He moves to Elfhild, looks into her eyes. He wears no gauntlet. He takes one finger and touches her cheek under her eyes* So like another.......
Elfhild and Elffled: *elfhild's eyelids flutter slightly and she feels a vague chill upon her cheek*
Angmar: Then let them be taken. Guards!
Frodo: *stops himself from crying out in protest*
Frodo: *He prays silently...there is nothing else he can do*
Angmar: *Two black hooded figures step from the darkness along the wall, walk to Elfhild and Elffled. One takes one girl by the arm, the other takes the other by her arm*
Elfhild and Elffled: *they make no protest, no struggle...fully under the power of the witch-king of angmar*
Angmar: *He watches them as they are led from the room*
Narrator: *The girls walk slowly with the guards. The door to the hall is opened to them and they pass through it. And then the door shuts*
Frodo: *A! Elbereth Glithoniel, protect them!*
Madurz: *she watches coldly as they leave then sits up straight again*
Angmar: Shakh... *he says slowly* they will be safe
Angmar: Tell the others, your slaves, they are my guests. No harm will come to them
Frodo: *Now he is alone with the Nine! He will not cower, will not let his knees go weak, will not show his fear or pain. He struggles to understand Angmar's words*
Frodo: *He nods slowly*
Angmar: Now... *he walks back to the table, takes his seat*
Frodo: *his eyes never leave the dark figure*
Angmar: Now I would speak to the one from Gondor
Angmar: Guards! Bring her forth!
Frodo: *His heart sinks even more*
Frodo: *He remembers the time Rian brought him flowers from the garden in Nurn...and this is how he repays her?*
Narrator: *The guards go to a nearby room where the other slaves have been kept. They say* Rian of Gondor.... The Lord of this City will see you now
Rian: *rian swallows hard and follows the guards, attempting to master her terror and not fall into a swoon*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf, who was held in the same room with the others goes to the guards* What of the two maids of Rohan? What are they doing to them!
Narrator: *The guards laugh at him and tell him nothing* Silence, slave man! *they say to him, and one draws his sword* Do not do anything foolish!
Frodo: *Frodo hear's Ceolwulf's voice from the other room, full of anger and fear. They are all being torn from me, Frodo thinks*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf feels the urge to spring at him and strangle him but does nothing*
Ceolwulf: *He thinks... Frodo, Frodo, where are you?*
Frodo: *For a moment the room fades and he is again holding the fading Sam, stabbed through with Angmar's blade*
Ceolwulf: *Ceolwulf moves towards the guard* Let no harm come to him or I will cut your slimy head from your shoulders!
Frodo: *His eyes rise back to Angmar with redoubled hatred*
Narrator: *The guards laugh more* Come, woman of Gondor. You will never have this chance again to see the Lord of Minas Morgul
Narrator: *The guards lead Rian out of the room, down the corridor and to the hall*
Rian: *with each step, her fear intensifies. when she is led in the hall, she is trembling uncontrollably*
Rian: *she looks to the nine and freezes for a moment, then manages to master herself enough to give a low curtsy*
Frodo: *He looks to Rian with affection and pity*
Madurz: *she smiles to the other slave who enters*
Angmar: Come before me, daughter of the Sea-Kings
Madurz: *she stifles a laugh, pressing her lips together as she watches the woman shake like a leaf with fright*
Rian: *she slowly approaches angmar. her legs feel wobbly and she wonders if she may fall into a swoon*
Frodo: *smiles sadly to Rian in a feeble attempt to comfort her*
Angmar: Look at me, woman!
Rian: *she looks up to the dark hood of the nazgul before her*
Angmar: Rian..... I know your name.... I know your thoughts....
Angmar: You fear me... you fear me greatly... *he says slowly in a low voice*
Rian: *her surroundings become dim and blurry...she swallows*
Angmar: Your people......Rian.........were very brave..........daughter of Numenor..........
Rian: *her eyes flutter...she whispers....* yes..
Madurz: *she closes her eyes a moment*
Frodo: *Frodo never knew such hatred was possible...Sam, Elfhild, Elffled, now Rian...and the ruin of Ceolwulf's self worth... all caused by Angmar....and Frodo will not even let himself think of Weathertop*
Angmar: Rian...... your people's bravery...... I admire....... I admire bravery..... *the words come out slowly, hissing, pausing between words*
Angmar: Tell them......Rian....... *he says in a whisper* when you return to them......... tell them.......... I, Angmar, appreciate their worth.......
Rian: *she whispers* yes... my lord...
Angmar: You, Rian...... will be one of my emissaries.......
Frodo: *closes his eyes in despair*
Angmar: I have gifts for you and the other woman from Gondor.........
Angmar: *He reaches into his tunic and takes out three small objects wrapped in black cloth*
Angmar: Come closer, Rian.... I will give them to you
Frodo: *leans forward*
Rian: *she steps forward slowly*
Frodo: *watches intently*
Angmar: *He takes the object. Then his arm reaches across the table and he places the objects in front of Rian*
Angmar: Rian.....your face is pale..... do you swoon?
Frodo: *looks to Rian worriedly*
Rian: *she says hoarsely* wine... my lord?
Angmar: Servants! Take her to a chair and give her wine!
Rian: *she takes the three objects in her hands* may sit
Angmar: Akh, Rian.... Yes....
Madurz: *looks up as thoughts pass and she looks to the black cloth in the woman's hands*
Rian: *she follows angmar's servants who pull out a chair for her near frodo. she leans back, putting her hand to her forehead*
Frodo: *His eyes sting...he gives her another sad smile*
Frodo: *He reaches over and presses the hand that hangs at her side*
Angmar: Rian.... you are brave..... as are your people..... tell them..... what has happened here..... that no harm came to you...... because you are a......... friend of..... the Master's Friend..... tell them, Rian
Frodo: *looks down, biting his lip, and trembles with rage*
Rian: *she shakily drinks from her goblet of wine, then looks to angmar* i...w..will.. t..thank you... my lord..
Angmar: And Rian..... open the gifts......
Frodo: *releases her hand so she can unwrap the objects that lie in her lap*
Rian: *she puts her goblet on the table and begins to open the three packages fearfully*
Narrator: *When Rian takes the cloth away from the objects, they catch the light of the torches and gleam with a silver light*
Narrator: *Three necklaces, each with a seagull, of true mithril-silver, gleam in her lap*
Frodo: *frowns, wondering what malicious purpose lies behind these gifts*
Rian: *she gasps, recognizing the metal as mithril silver....she looks to angmar* t-thank you, my lord...a costly gift, of great w..worth...
Angmar: Rian.... take the chain that bears them, put it around your neck. Wear it always and think....... from whence it came
Frodo: *Mithril. Images of Bilbo, Gimli, Gandalf, the fight in Moria with the troll, the Balrog, all flash through his mind*
Madurz: *examines the necklaces from where she sits, leaning forward seems to illumimate the dim room*
Frodo: *He longs to command Rian not to wear the necklace...but he really has no say in this matter--which point is seconded by a surge of pain in his shoulder so strong that he gasps*
Rian: *with shaky hands she lifts one of the necklaces out of its box and puts the chain about her neck*
Angmar: Rian..... daughter of the Sea-Kings..... wear this symbol.... this symbol.... of Numenor...... always.... and give the other to your friends Finduilas and Lilandra.... and tell them from whence they came.... These necklaces shall bare witness of the solicitude I feel for you.... as friends of the Friend of Sauron...
Rian: *she puts the boxes upon the table and takes another shaky sip of wine* thank you. i shall.
Angmar: Now you may go.... daughter of Numenor..... go and rest.....
Narrator: *A guard comes over, bows to her and motions for her to follow him*
Frodo: *They will all lose their minds! Frodo groans inwardly*
Rian: thank you, my lord *she says again, her senses dulled by her fear. she puts the goblet back on the table, spilling a few drops of wine. her eyes widen, she wipes it off with her sleeve, fearing the consequences*
Rian: *she unsteadily gets to her feet, almost forgetting the three packages, then remembers them. she quickly snatches them and then retreats with the guard*
Angmar: *He waits until she leaves the room, then he resumes his seat*
Frodo: *watches her leave, then turns back to Angmar, worrying that all of them will be put under spells that steal their minds and wills*
Angmar: Now, Shakh... only you remain.........
Frodo: *He remembers with terror the time he was drawn forcibly towards Minas Morgul and how near the Ring came to completely overtaking his will*
Angmar: Shakh...... my brothers and I..... and the lady who has found much favor here....... we are all honored by you......
Madurz: *she looks over to Frodo again and regains her sweet smile*
Frodo: *It takes all his willpower to remain silent, staring at them through narrowed eyes*
Angmar: ....Your visit....... Three nights..... shall you stay with us here...... You......your servants........
Frodo: *His lips form a thin, tense line*
Angmar: And your advisor, Maugoth Vartang... *he looks down at the table to Vartang who looks awestruck*
Frodo: *looks over to Vartang, hating him almost as much as Angmar*
Angmar: Now drink with us again, Friend of Sauron....
Frodo: *He releases a breath he wasn't aware of holding in a hiss, then draws back from the table*
Angmar's Servants: *one of angmar's servants, a man hooded, robed in black, walks out of the shadows along side the wall and silently refills frodo's goblet... then returns to his dark corner*
Frodo: *He is sure that this drink will poison him or drive him mad*
Angmar: Drink, Shakh.... it will help you sleep.... sleep well.... deeply.... you will wake rested...... refreshed....
Frodo: *But is there any alternative?...He considers spilling the drink, but it will only be refilled*
Angmar's Servants: *more dark clad servants come out of the shadows and refill the goblets of the nazgul, lady madurz and maugoth vartang*
Madurz: *she nods to the servant and inhales the scent of the wine..smiling to Frodo* Drink
Angmar: Drink, Shakh
Frodo: *Frodo tentatively reaches for the goblet*
Frodo: *some of the drink spills as his hand shakes*
Angmar: A toast now to the Friend of Sauron, my Brothers, Maugoth Vartang and the Lady Madurz*
Madurz: *raises her goblet* To us. To Mordor!
Narrator: *All Nine hold their goblets in their uplifted hands and give a toast* To the Friend of Sauron! May his days be many!
Frodo: *He refrains from drinking until the toast is over, expressionless*
Narrator: To Mordor! To us! To the Shakh! *all Nine and Vartang drink*
Madurz: *closes her eyes and drinks*
Frodo: *He waits until they have all finished drinking*
Madurz: *her eyes peer from over her silver rimmed goblet at Frodo*
Frodo: *then with a quick prayer he raises the goblet to his lips and drinks its contents*
Angmar: *Angmar stands now* I hereby proclaim the feast is over for the night and all my Brothers may go as they will and Shakh Vartang may go to his quarters
Angmar: And the Great Friend of Sauron will be escorted to his quarters
Rian: *back their quarters, rian gives the gifts to finduilas and lilandra, telling them what angmar had said*
Narrator: *One of the black hooded servants walks to Frodo, bows, helps him with the chair so he can rise, then motions for him to follow him out the door*
Narrator: *Then the Nine rise from their seats and bow to each other. Vartang gets out of his chair, bows deeply to them, then gives them a military salute* My lords, I will await your commands
Madurz: *stands and places her hand on Khamul's arms and looks to the other Nazgul and bows*
Narrator: *Then Angmar leaves the table, walking ahead of the group. Khamul walks with Madurz. They all leave the hall and go their seperate ways*
Narrator: *In the quarters where he is held with Aldir and Vardamir, Ceolwulf takes his dagger from off his belt, looks at it. Vardamir nearby says* That would be foolish
Narrator: *Aldir says* Yes, foolish, but I know how you feel. Not even an army could assault this place easily
Narrator: *Ceolwulf says to Aldir* I know that is true, but if anything happens to Elfhild or her sister, I will kill the first one of these fiends upon whom I can lay hands
Narrator: *Vardamir says* Then there will be need for a new ringbearer for the slavemaster *he laughs*
Narrator: *Then Ceolwulf says* Then let it be!
Narrator: *The men all fall into silence. Aldir paces the room. Vardamir stretches his lanky frame across a couch and falls asleep. Ceolwulf sits looking into the fire blazing in a brazier*
Narrator: *And so they pass the night, both Ceolwulf and Aldir with nerves raw and angry, hot and bitter, and Vardamir, sleeping*
Frodo: *Frodo asks every servant he can find about Elfhild and Elffled, and where the other servants are being kept*
Narrator: *None to speak to Frodo as he is led to his quarters and ushered in to the fair room, much like the one at Lugburz with the gory tapestries*
Lilandra: *sits on the edge of the bed...staring ahead..seperated from her husband..but she was glad not to be alone...though she felt it...very alone...very hollow*
Frodo: *Frodo paces in his room, running his hands over his face and up through his hair, wondering what he can do, what will happen....and trying to remember the events that took place in that hall, in vain*
Frodo: *He gets into bed eventually but no sleep comes to him that night*
Servants of Frodo: *finduilas and her sons, rian and arnasa prepare to go to bed for the night. the gondorians wonder if they even sleep for anxiety...arnasa wonders if she can sleep for excitement*
Servants of Frodo: *finduilas notices that lilandra is distressed* i am sorry they seperated you from aldir.
Lilandra: *the only smile that came to her face this night was when Finduilas was reunited with her boys*
Lilandra: *she smiles again now lightly at her concern*
Lilandra: Thank you Finduilas. I am glad your boys are all right
Servants of Frodo: *the boys have been put to bed, sleeping fitfully. finduilas says, trying to reassure lilandra* they did not hurt my sons... i pray that will be the same for your husband.
Lilandra: *she presses her lips tightly together*
Lilandra: *nods* i hope so. i hope we all shall be
Servants of Frodo: i hope the same for ceolwulf and vardamir...and elfhild and elffled.
Lilandra: there is much doubt in my heart

Narrator: *The torches on the wall flicker, the fireplace glows brightly, the candles on the tables giving light. Suddenly Frodo's attention is drawn to the tapestry across the room from his bed*
Narrator: *It is a giant tapestry of several scenes. The first shows a kingly figure mounted upon a horse coming before the gates of Minas Morgul. His arm is aloft, with a sword held high, his eyes gleam with a fell light*
Narrator: *The next scene shows a darked robed figure upon a great black stallion. The dark figure has no visible head, but a silver crown gleaming with an eerie light rests upon where a head would be. He rides forth from the gate of Minas Morgul, holding a flaming sword in his right hand*
Narrator: *The next scene shows a battle between the kingly figure on the horse and the crowned figure of darkness, and the next shows shows the kingly figure falling from his horse upon the ground, but his eyes are open and no blood is seen, showing he yet lives*
Narrator: *The panel after that shows three dark figures riding up from behind, surrounding the fallen king*
Narrator: *The last panel shows the kingly figure hanging in chains in a dark dungeon. His face is twisted in anguish and pain. Shreds of bloody flesh can be seen hanging from his chest*
Narrator: *An inscription under the scenes is written in ornate runes, yet Frodo can read them. "A Battle of Two Kings - Angmar and the Last King of Gondor"*
Frodo: *Frodo draws in a sharp breath as he contemplates the tapestry. He is struck by the relevance of the story to the fate that has now befallen the West and his own fate as well....Angmar and the Ringbearer, he thinks*
Frodo: *All the events of the Quest are once more brought to his mind, from his departure from the Shire to the capture in Mordor...and after.*
Narrator: *As Frodo looks at the tapestry, it seems that the tapestry begins to shimmer and then fade into a mist. The images are distorted on the tapestry, twisted, blurred*
Narrator: *And then once again the tapestry becomes clear and Frodo can see every scene as though he was in it*
Frodo: *Frodo blinks hard, his pulse racing*
Narrator: *As the elvish minstrels posessed the ability to be able to make listeners think they were living in the song, so Frodo feels he is drawn into the tapestry*
Narrator: *He looks behind him and he sees the other side of the tapestry, and he is caught within the threads*
Narrator: *Now Frodo feels as though he is the kingly figure upon the horse and he stands outside of Minas Morgul and challenges the Witch-King of Angmar to mortal combat*
Narrator: *Frodo looks at his hand, which is held aloft, a sword in it. The sword is ornately carved, written with runes to be the bane of Mordor*
Narrator: *He looks to his side, sees the sheath on his belt. It is black with red gems. Frodo's own blade from the barrows was like unto this one, but much smaller*
Narrator: *The kingly rider shouts* I come to answer your challenge, given at Fornost! Answer me if you be not a coward!
Narrator: *His challenge is met with silence for a while, and then the gates of the city open. Out rides the Witch-King of Angmar on a giant black stallion*
Frodo: *Frodo is did he get here? Why is he in this man's body, on this horse, challenging an unknown foe?*
Frodo: *But as he recognizes the Witch King, Frodo almost rejoices for the strength he finds in the king's body....perhaps I will be able to kill him! he thinks*
Frodo: *His hand tightens around the sword hilt as he holds the blade aloft*
Frodo: *He wonders how he could be transported into a could the scene be real? But if I can kill him, I hope it is real! Frodo thinks*
Narrator: *In a split second, the thought comes to Frodo... He sees the battle of Fornost*
Narrator: *The forces of Arnor had won, but suddenly the Witch-king himself appeared, black-robed and black-masked upon a black horse*
Narrator: *All ran from the sight of the Witch-King, and the Witch-King charged straight for Earnur. Earnur would have withstood him, but his horse ran away in fear*
Narrator: *The Witch-King laughed and called Earnur coward, but Glorfindel rode up on his white horse and the Witch-King retreated, causing a cloud of shadows to fall about himself, so none could tell where he went*
Frodo: *Frodo marvels at Glorfindel's role in this tale. He recognizes Glorfindel as the elf who helped him travel to Rivendell*
Narrator: *Earnur was able to master his horse finally, and rode back to the scene of the battle. He wanted to persue the Witch-King, but Glorfindel had said...*
Narrator: *"Far off yet is his doom, and not by the hand of man will he fall."*
Narrator: *Seven years later, Frodo sees himself as Earnur crowned as the king of Gondor*
Narrator: *Then the Lord of Minas Morgul once again challenges Earnur, sending a courier with a message to Minas Tirith*
Narrator: *The steward, Mardil, was able to persuade Earnur not to answer the challenge, but seven years later, the challenge is renewed*
Narrator: *And on this day, Frodo sees himself before the gates of Minas Morgul as Earnur, facing the Witch-King of Angmar*
Angmar: Coward! *Angmar calls out to Frodo* Fight with me now to the death!
Frodo: *His own long suffering caused by the Witch King mingles with Earnur's determination, which he feels within himself*
Angmar: At last you have gathered enough courage to ride here!
Angmar: *Angmar calls out* I have challenged you thrice! Somehow you have gathered your weak will and wits to challenge me now!
Frodo: *Frodo tries to remember the end of the tapestry's ended badly, he seems to remember*
Angmar: Come now, weak mortal, join with me in combat! *he laughs, a hissing sound*
Frodo: *But more real, now, is Angmar's taunting figure before him*
Frodo: I will fight you and deal you the death you deserve *he shouts in Earnur's voice*
Angmar: *The laugh that meets Frodo's words is chilling to the bone*
Frodo: *He draws his sword*
Angmar: *Angmar unsheaths his sword and holds it aloft. His mighty stallion snorts and paws the ground, the insides of the horse's nostrils flared and red, his eyes flashing*
Angmar: *With one hand, Angmar throws back his hood, revealing a glittering crown upon no visible head*
Angmar: *His sword bursts into flames*
Angmar: Mortal! *he taunts* Your challenge is met!
Frodo: *His heart quails...he wishes he had heeded the steward again...but justice is on his side, and must be done*
Angmar: *Angmar digs his spurs into the sides of his horse, and the horse leaps forward*
Frodo: *He spurs his horse forward and charges at the Witch King*
Narrator: *Frodo's horse rears in terror, but somehow he masters the horse and forces it forward. The distance between the two horsemen lessens*
Frodo: *He holds his sword ready to strike*
Narrator: *Metal hits metal as their swords meet*
Narrator: *Then Angmar spurs his horse beyond Earnur's and then turns the horse around and charges back towards Earnur*
Frodo: *He turns his horse and prepares to meet Angmar's blade again*
Frodo: *He urges the terrified horse to run toward Angmar again, and the horse obeys reluctantly*
Narrator: *Angmar charges his horse forward again and swings at Earnur as they meet*
Narrator: Earnur *Angmar says as his horse rides ahead* Look behind you!
Frodo: *He turns and looks behind him quickly*
Narrator: *Earnur can see three other black horsemen riding towards him. At that moment, Angmar turns his horse, rides towards Earnur again, and meeting him when Earnur's head is turned, he knocks Earnur from his horse with the force of his sword*
Narrator: *Earnur falls tumbling to the ground. Angmar reins in his horse nearby, as do the other three. All laugh at Earnur in derision*
Narrator: *Cold hands encased in metal sieze him into the gates of the city*
Frodo: *He struggles and shouts at them in fury*
Narrator: *The first gate closes behind them with a clang, and when they leave the portcullis, the second gate closes*
Frodo: *Despair begins to overtake him as he is trapped inside the evil city*
Narrator: *Angmar turns his head toward Earnur* You are now our guest... forever!
Narrator: *Earnur is soon taken to the dungeon and chained to the wall*
Frodo: *He feels his spirit dying within him. Frodo, though he is inhabiting the person of Earnur, remembers his own experience of this same he is again, never to escape*
Narrator: *Hot tongs are heated by orcs and applied to his flesh and he screams as he watches his flesh burning. Each time Earnur comes close to perishing, he is revived once again and then tortured more*
Narrator: *As his eyes begin to fill with tears, he looks to the wall across from him the dungeon and sees hanging there his prized blade of Westernsee, brought there by one of the edain servants of the Witch-King*
Narrator: *Then, fleeting through his vision before he wakes to a screaming consciousness, Frodo sees Angmar in the dungeon with Earnur. There is a knife in Angmar's hands....the blade seems to smoke in a blue mist*
Narrator: *Then Frodo awakes screaming*
Frodo: *All his agitation from the failed quest, his memories of Sam, his worry for his friends now in this evil tower, the terror of the dream, and reliving his own torture in Lugburz flood together*
Frodo: *Unable to think or reason, he screams and thrashes like a madman until he finally gains control of himself*
Frodo: *He sits up on his bed, panting, and looks across at the tapestry....and he notices it looks perfectly normal now*
Frodo: *He lowers his head, and his fingers tangle in his curls. He begins to shake violently. If only the Valar would deliver him from this evil place!*
Frodo: *Will he never leave Mordor? Will he never be rescued? He does not deserve to be trapped in the heart of evil! When will the Valar look upon him again?*

Morning of September 30
Narrator: *The night of September 29th passes slowly for Frodo and his servants, except for Vardamir, who sleeps quietly, dreaming of seagulls flying above an endless sea.*
Narrator: *When at last the dim dawn light is seen, all the slaves have had little sleep. Their breakfasts are given to them in their rooms and they are not allowed to come out of their quarters until they are summoned.*
Narrator: *Frodo, filled with worry, picks at his food, and then hears a knock upon his door. His door opens and a black robed servant bows to him and says* The Second and his lady will see you now.
Narrator: *Frodo is ushered out of his room and taken down a flight of stairs to the third level of the tower. The servant leads him to an ornate door on the eastern side of the tower.*
Narrator: *The servant opens the door for Frodo, then bows and steps back and closes the door. Inside waiting for him are Khamul and the Lady Madurz.*
Frodo: *Oh Valar! he cries inwardly. Not again!*
Frodo: *He had hoped that the earlier confrontation would be the only one...but he had felt it was a vain hope*
Narrator: *Khamul and Madurz sit at the table in his hall, which is smaller than the meeting hall in which Frodo had been in the night before*
Khamul: *Khamul rises from his chair* Greetings, Honored Guest
Frodo: *Frodo once again feels the deadly chill and aura of fear, and the ache in his shoulder*
Madurz: *stands and bows her head with a smile*
Frodo: *He inclines his head, trying to remain expresssionless*
Khamul: My lady and I have looked forward to seeing you once again
Madurz: Again we are grateful for your presence
Khamul: Would you have wine, Friend of Sauron?
Madurz: *smiles to Khamul*
Frodo: *bristles at the title, as always*
Khamul: Shakh, do not hesitate to ask for what you want, for our hall opens to you with hospitality
Madurz: *waits for Frodo to sit before she does so*
Frodo: *his eyes narrow, and he takes a moment to still his heavy breathing*
Khamul: *Khamul remains standing, waiting for Frodo to approach the table and take a seat*
Frodo: *He looks up and says in a curt, low voice* Wine, please.
Frodo: *He marvels that one so high as the Second should keep up this charade, but he goes to sit down before they do*
Madurz: *she eases back into her chair and keeps her eyes on Frodo*
Khamul: Then let wine be brought forth for our guest, my lady and me
Khamul: *Khamul takes his seat*
Madurz: Shakh was your rest?
Khamul's Servants: *a servant in black robes, his face concealed by a hood, steps forth from the shadows of the hall, gets a bottle of wine from a cabinet, puts it and three goblets on a tray, and takes it to the table*
Frodo: *He wonders if Khamul had a hand in the vision of the tapestry*
Khamul's Servants: *he serves all thre, pouring them each a goblet of wine*
Frodo: My sleep was fitful, lady.
Madurz: *nods to the servant* Thank you
Khamul: Fitful, Shakh? Why was that? *he says in a hissing laugh*
Frodo: *thanks the servant and sips the wine, hoping it will calm his nervs*
Khamul's Servants: *the servant silently retreats back into the shadows*
Frodo: I imagine you already know.
Madurz: *she raises her goblet and tilts her head confused*
Khamul: Shakh...... did you learn the lesson that appeared before your eyes?
Khamul: *he takes a drink from his goblet*
Frodo: *He raises his head, his eyes burning*
Frodo: *Gritting his teeth, he nods almost imperceptibly*
Madurz: *hidden by her goblet is a wide grin*
Madurz: *she clears her throat* My there any food you desire?
Khamul: *He drinks from his wine goblet and stares at Frodo*
Madurz: say the word and our loyal servants will have it appear in seconds
Frodo: No...thank you, they have already given me breakfast.
Madurz: i hear you Hobbits like to eat
Khamul: Shakh.... if you wish a pipe and weed.... that can be arranged.... if you but assssskkk....
Frodo: *His heart leaps to his throat as he remembers the pipe Vartang brought into his cell at their first meeting*
Khamul: There are many thingsss here in abundancee.... you have but to sssay...
Frodo: *He looks down, then back up, and whispers* no thank you
Frodo: I only desire to know what has befallen my...servants
Madurz: only rest
Frodo: and to go to them, if it is possible
Khamul: Friend of Sauron........ the Morgul Lord sssends hiss regretsss, that he cannot be here to sssee you....
Khamul: But he will be able to see you when it is more....convenient
Frodo: *feels a measure of relief...then a wave of dread*
Khamul: You may not see your servants, for they.....have other things to attend
Frodo: *He grips the edge of the table* Will they be harmed?
Khamul: *Frodo is met with silence for a while*....not harmed
Madurz: *she runs over lips over the rim of her goblet and looks to Frodo then drinks deeply*
Frodo: *sighs with relief...hoping he can believe them though their very presence is ominous**
Madurz: *she wipes a red droplet away from her chin*
Khamul: *He turns his head towards Madurz and touches her hand*
Frodo: *Again his mind close to the morgul blade!*
Khamul: Friend of Sauron, has harm come to my lady?
Frodo: *confused for a moment*...No...
Madurz: *she looks over to Khamul then to Frodo*
Frodo: *But she is loyal to you, he thinks*
Khamul: And no harm will come to your servants
Khamul: No harm comes to those whom we favor and protect
Frodo: *He hesitates for a while...would it be traitorous?...but it is best to play along with them when one is so powerless* Thank you
Khamul: *Frodo can see that Khamul wears no gauntlets upon his hand*
Frodo: *When he notices this he instinctively shrinks away...though he is not sure why*
Madurz: *she watches every expression on Frodo's face*
Khamul: Just as no harm as come to my lady, no harm will come to His
Madurz: *her fingers trail over his cool hand*
Frodo: *He Khamul equating him with the Nine, or is he calling the girls Angmar's property?*
Khamul: *He takes another drink from his goblet and Frodo can see the hooded head bend down towards Madurz' face*
Khamul: But Shakh, enjoy yourself while you are here. We wish to show you around
Frodo: *frowns, confused and skeptical*
Khamul: You shall see, Shakh. You shall see
Frodo: *He looks down, trying to still his trembling*
Khamul: *He moves his face away from Madurz and then finishes his goblet*
Khamul: My lady, are you ready?
Frodo: *Then looks back up to them, ashamed of his weakness, and drinks from his goblet, hoping there is no spell on it*
Madurz: *she breathes deeply and grins to Frodo* ready Shakh? i am ready my love
Frodo: *he is afraid to ask* Ready for what?
Khamul: *He rises from his seat, then goes to the back of her chair and helps her up*
Madurz: *she stands slowly* ahh thank you my Lord
Khamul: Shakh, would that your stay were longer.... we could show you many things
Madurz: the splendor here
Khamul: Shakh, come with us
Khamul: *He takes Madurz' arm and begins to walk towards the door*
Khamul: Come, Shakh, small Friend of Sauron
Frodo: *The shadow calls him to the dark world. For a moment Frodo wonders if he is still in Rivendell, lying in a dark dream*
Frodo: *Having no choice, Frodo follows them*
Khamul: *The door opens before them but yet no one is there*
Madurz: *she holds onto Khamul*
Madurz: My not walk behind us
Frodo: *He moves to walk beside her*
Khamul: *Khamul walks through the door, Madurz at his side*
Khamul: *The door closes behind them*
Madurz: *she smiles down to Frodo* that is better My Lord
Frodo: *shivers as the door opens and closes by itself*
Frodo: *attempts a polite smile at her...everything in him cries out in anger*
Madurz: *her hand moves to Frodo's shoulder* Lord...why do you tremble so?
Khamul: *He leads Madurz and Frodo to a corridor and then a stairway. He begins to climb up the steps. These steps are familiar to Frodo, leading to the fourth floor*
Frodo: *He winces as she touches his left shoulder*
Khamul: *However, they do not stop on the fourth floor. They continue climbing to the fifth and then to the sixth, and as they go, the darkened stairwell is lit by torches which suddenly burst into light as they approach*
Frodo: I fear for my companions, my lady.
Madurz: they are well i assure you
Madurz: but why do you shrink away from me?
Khamul: *As he has since he first came to Minas Morgul, Frodo can sense unseen eyes upon him, unseen presences passing him as he walks*
Frodo: *His polite mask breaks and he looks to her almost with astonishment* Don't you remember?
Frodo: *His eyes dart around for the stares he feels upon him, but no one is there*
Madurz: *she knows of what he speaks*
Frodo: *His turmoil heightens the farther they go into the tower of Minas Morgul*
Khamul: *They walk to the seventh level, then to the 8th. Finally they get to the top of the tower, the ninth level*
Khamul: *It is a large circular room with windows on all sides. When all are in the room, the tower begins to rotate slowly, first to the left and then to the right*
Khamul: *He leads Madurz to the window facing east*
Madurz: *her heart begins to pound*
Frodo: *Frodo sways, unsteady on the moving floor*
Madurz: *she holds onto Khamul*
Khamul: Shakh, look, you can see out the window and look upon the lands of the One who granted you friendship
Madurz: *she is struck with memories from the not so far past of being here,,and all sound around her fades*
Frodo: *Frodo stumbles to the window, narrowly escaping falling as the tower rotates*
Frodo: *It is unbearable to look out on the land he was to have freed, on the vast unconquerable evil he was to have ended*
Madurz: *what seems like very long moments..she finally exhales...though her heart still beats*
Khamul: *Frodo can see the Mountains of Shadow all around, the river below, steam rising from it. There are meads of charnel flowers growing by the winding road*
Khamul: *Khamul turns to Madurz and takes her in his arms, holding her there a while*
Madurz: *she runs her face and brushes his hood back a bit and speaks words unheard to Frodo into his ear*
Khamul: *He bends his head down and slowly kisses her*
Frodo: *He shudders and takes a step back, momentarily transported back to his cell where she declared her love for Khamul while Frodo hung dying in chains*
Madurz: *holds him tightly and kisses back almost desperately*
Frodo: *Frodo watches with utter revulsion as the seemingly headless and handless figure shrouded in black kisses the woman*
Frodo: *an aura of darkness emanating from them both*
Madurz: *she parts her face slightly and looks to Frodo. she seems not menacing at the moment*
Khamul: *Momentarily the face turns to Frodo and Frodo sees a pair of glowing eyes*
Frodo: *Frodo backs away, wanting to look away from them but unable to*
Khamul: *Then the hood turns away, the eyes no longer seen, and once again, Khamul kisses Madurz as the tower rotates round and round, the scenry of Mordor seen through the windows*
Frodo: *He loses his footing and falls to his knees, feeling sick, as the tower rotates*
Khamul: *Khamul turns to Frodo once again and steps away from Madurz* Shakh, what do you think of the view?
Madurz: *she feels whisked away and hate the feel of him leaving her*
Frodo: It is....quite..............impressive
Madurz: *her eyes move again to Frodo*
Khamul: *Khamul steps closer to the window and looks down* Shakh, quickly, come and look down
Frodo: *He sits on the rotating floor looking out with a dazed expression*
Madurz: *her eyes seem gentle..she seems pensive*
Khamul: *Khamul walks over to Frodo, picks him up and takes him over to the window* Look down, Shakh
Khamul: You can see below as the tower rotates
Frodo: *He cannot surpress a cry as the wraith picks him up*
Frodo: *He feels dizzy as he looks down at the desolate scene...once beautiful but now corrupted*
Madurz: *she moves over to them and looks over Frodo's face and she thinks......i wonder if he looked like you*
Narrator: *As the tower rotates, Frodo can see below a courtyard with a fountain and charnel flowers in ornate planters*
Frodo: *The flowers remind him of Sam's garden*
Narrator: *A tall, dark hooded figure walks in the courtyard with two golden haired women, one on either side of him*
Madurz: *she thinks of little Ashgaz...foolish Ashgaz*
Narrator: Shakh... would you see more?
Frodo: *He nods*
Narrator: *Khamul still holds Frodo* Look below.......
Frodo: *leans closer to the window, anxious to see what happens, and if these two are Elfhild and Elffled*
Madurz: *her hand reaches out and touches his curls lightly*
Narrator: Those are indeed your servants, Shakh. Would you go speak with them now?
Frodo: Oh! Yes!
Madurz: *she is broken out of thought and pulls her hand away..her eyes again growing darker*
Madurz: *she looks into the courtyard*
Narrator: *He sets Frodo down*
Khamul: Then, come, Shakh, let your own eyes see
Khamul: *He takes Madurz' arm again* Follow us, Shakh
Frodo: *He follows them unsteadily*
Madurz: *holds onto him tightly...her fingers stroking his forearm*
Khamul: *Once again, Khamul leads them down the stairs, nine flights in all, to the ground floor. He goes slowly so that Frodo can keep up with him*
Frodo: *Frodo is glad to leave the rotating floor, though the large stairs are also a struggle*
Khamul: *Then leaving the stairwell, he goes through the main hallway and out a door into the inner courtyard*
Frodo: *follows anxiously*
Khamul: Shakh, do not touch the waters of the fountain, nor drink of them
Frodo: *He wonders if the girls have returned to their right minds yet...or if they ever will*
Frodo: *nods gravely*
Narrator: *Angmar walks with Elfhild and Elffled in the courtyard. He turns and looks at Frodo, then nods*
Khamul: *Khamul leads Madurz to a bench out of the way of the spray of the water and sits down with her*
Frodo: *Frodo wants to run to the girls, but approaches slowly because of Angmar's presence*
Madurz: *leans into him and watches them ahead*
Angmar: Greetings Shakh. As you can see, no harm has come to them
Frodo: I am glad of that * least, he thinks*
Elfhild and Elffled: *elfhild and elffled notice frodo approaching. they smile and look quite calm and happy, yet their eyes are slightly vacant*
Frodo: *He notices the strange look in their eyes*
Frodo: *quietly and gently* Elfhild, Elffled?
Frodo: How do you fare today?
Elfhild and Elffled: *they look at frodo gravely* we fare well, my lord.
Frodo: I am....glad to hear it
Angmar: Shakh, feel free to speak to them
Frodo: *They should not be happy to be in the morgul lord's presence! he thinks. This is not right! Something is terribly wrong here*
Angmar: And you can see they are safe
Frodo: They are safe...yes...but....
Angmar: Speak, Friend of Sauron
Frodo: They are changed *he whispers*
Angmar: Nay! You impinge upon my honor!
Angmar: I have promised them safety and safety they shall have
Angmar: Do you see any marks upon them?
Frodo: *shrinks back* I did not mean to....impinge your*chokes* lord
Frodo: No, I do not see any marks
Elfhild and Elffled: *the girls both look safe and well*
Angmar: Come, Elfhild
Elfhild and Elffled: *elfhild steps closer to angmar*
Frodo: *If they were themselves, Frodo thinks, they would run away from him and straight to me. They would want to go back to the others. Elfhild would be worrying about Ceolwulf*
Frodo: *but instead they be in Angmar's presence!*
Elfhild and Elffled: *elfhild stands on tiptoe and kisses angmar*
Frodo: *Frodo gasps*
Frodo: *He cannot hide his sheer horror*
Angmar: *He puts his arms on her shoulders* Do you miss the servant of the Shakh? The man named Ceolwulf?
Elfhild and Elffled: *she looks up into the dark hood, her eyes glazed* nay my lord, why would i?
Frodo: Elfhild!
Angmar: Shakh, she has answered my question
Frodo: *He remembers seeing Ceolwulf tortured and turns to Angmar* What have you done to him? Is he alive?
Angmar: *He takes his hands off Elfhild's shoulders, then walks to a bench like the one Khamul and Madurz occupy. He sits there*
Frodo: *He watches Angmar, waiting for an answer*
Elfhild and Elffled: *elfhild and elffled follow angmar and sit on either side of him*
Angmar: Ceolwulf? You ask of him?
Frodo: *He finds the scene before him utterly revolting*
Angmar: The man has a purpose. No harm will come to him
Frodo: Yes!
Frodo: Oh! Good
Angmar: All nine have purposes
Frodo: But you speak of a purpose?
Frodo: *His face becomes grave*
Angmar: Shakh, a purpose far beyond your comprehension
Frodo: I understand more than most would guess...I have seen much
Elfhild and Elffled: *the two girls lean against angmar's sides*
Frodo: What is his purpose?
Angmar: Shakh... that is not of your concern
Frodo: *He stands a good distance from the wraiths, their presence a torment to him*
Angmar: They are chosen...... each one......
Frodo: It is! He is my bro....he is my personal slave!
Angmar: No more, Shakh, will I speak to you of this. Now you are free to go back
Angmar: Do not tax my patience
Frodo: I ask no more...but I know that the only purpose you could have in mind would be for my torment
Angmar: Do you wish to go back to your yourself? *he laughs*
Frodo: *shudders and backs away* No *he whispers*
Angmar: Now leave me in peace with the Maidens of the Sun!
Frodo: ...Aye *he manages brokenly*
Elfhild and Elffled: *they coo softly and stroke angmar's shoulders*
Frodo: *He closes his eyes and cries inwardly, "Ceolwulf, what has become of you, what will become of you?"*
Angmar: Shakh, you linger
Frodo: *"What will become of all of them?" he wonders*
Frodo: *Frodo inclines his head and goes back inside the tower*
Narrator: *One of the dark hooded servants comes from out of nowhere almost apparently and silently beckons Frodo to follow him*
Frodo: *He follows the hooded servant*
Narrator: *Frodo is taken back to his room, where his lunch waits upon a table. The servant bows to him and slides silently out the door, locking it behind him*
Frodo: *Frodo still feels sick. He wonders if he will be able to eat his lunch*
Frodo: *But it is not as bad as in the revolving tower, so he eats slowly, hardly tasting the food...his thoughts with the nine servants*
Frodo: *He repeats his desperate prayer for them all to be delivered from Mordor's clutches*

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