Afternoon of October 7, 3019

Frodo portrayed by Hobbitness
King's Maidens portrayed by FreeFall
King Varyon portrayed by Eowyn
Narrator, Vartang and Doorman portrayed by Wraith

Narrator: *As Ceolwulf paces his cell on the mid-morning of October 7, his attention is diverted from his thoughts of escape by the opening of his cell door.*
Narrator: *"Come on, straw'ead, your presence is demanded in 'Is Majesty's dungeon in the new city. Fine lodgings for such as you!"*
Narrator: *Orcish guards come in and grab him roughly and tie his hands behind his back. Soon, he is prodded by spear to the newly constructed prison near Newburg and thrown into irons.*
Narrator: *"Enjoy yourself, straw'ead," the orcs taunt him as they lock his cell door behind them.*
Narrator: *That afternoon, His Majesty, King Varyon I, King of Forogondor, the Northern Province of West Mordor, and Lord High Governor of Minas Artano, confers with his brother, Maugoth Vartang, about important state business.*
Vartang: Brother, I will say for certainty that your concubines exceed any that I ever have seen outside of our own country
King Varyon: *he leans back in his chair, the picture of lazy relaxation.* ahh... which do you prefer, brother... the lovely ladies of gondor, with their raven tresses and silken ivory skin, or perhaps the wild women of rohan, with their golden hair and untamed ways?
Vartang: Brother, my fancy has turned to Tark now and the fair Alana is very pleasing to me
Vartang: *Alana sits beside Vartang on a silken cushion as he strokes her silky tresses*
King's Maidens: *Alana looks up to him and leans a bit into his caress*
King's Maidens: *Ladiel is half draped over Varyon and strokes his hair*
King Varyon: Ah, tarks! wonderous tarks! ever are they appealing, and we abide now in a land filled with them... ah... a good year and a glorious harvest!
King Varyon: *he leans back with a smile on his face, in a state of bliss*
King's Maidens: *Brennil moves over to them and refills their goblets of wine and bows her head and smiles to them*
Vartang: Aye, brother, the fruit is ripe and ready for the picking and the honey is full in the comb *he says as he sips a goblet of wine*
King Varyon: *he drinks from the goblet, swishing the wine around in his mouth, slowly and savoring the taste, ere he finally swallows*
King's Maidens: *Ladiel delicate finger moves and wipes a drop from the corner of his mouth*
Vartang: Brother, I have not yet had the pleasure of spending time in the company of Brennil and Ladiel.... but I am sure you cannot spare them... *he says as he strokes Alana's soft cheek*
King Varyon: *he looks to ladiel, a wide grin on his face, and he kisses her finger as she wipes the wine from his mouth*
King's Maidens: *Brennil looks over to Vartang and Alana and smiles*
King Varyon: *he looks to vartang* ah brother.... would that you had maidens of your own, and then perhaps we could trade....? *he asks questioningly*
King's Maidens: *Ladiel's sedcutive stare turns to Vartang and then to Varyon and she grins*
Vartang: *his eyes are half closed as he takes a sip from his wine. He says* Ah, brother, no concubines grace my house yet
King Varyon: A pity! you should have several wives and many concubines.
Vartang: *He shrugs his shoulders* Why, brother, why should I burden myself with wives?
King Varyon: You know what our father would say.... *he takes another sip from his goblet of wine, relishing its sweet taste.*
King's Maidens: *Ladiel chuckles low*
Vartang: Aye, brother *he says as the back of his hand strokes under Alana's chin* but since I am not heir to the throne, it is not my responsibility to produce an heir
Vartang: Nor for that matter is it yours, but our elder brother Varin
King Varyon: still, I have several wives and many concubines.... and life is very, very good!
Vartang: *A waiting servant refills his goblet as he says* Come, Alana, sit on my lap
King's Maidens: *Ladiel kisses over Varyon's ear and whispers and Alana slinks up onto Vartang's lap*
King Varyon: ah, brother! what a wonderful idea. *he looks to Ladiel and smiles broadly* would you be so kind as to grace my lap, fair one...?
King's Maidens: *her movements are slow and she crawls onto Varyon's lap*
King Varyon: *one arm goes around her, and with the other hand, he raises his goblet to his lips and takes another sip*
King's Maidens: *Alana looks to Vartang's goblet and then to his eyes*
Vartang: *He puts one arm around Alana's waist as she sits on his lap and with the other, he holds his wine goblet up to her lips* Drink, Alana, but the wine is not as sweet as you
King's Maidens: *Alana looks to him as she sips from his goblet*
King's Maidens: *Brennil refills the goblets before she sits between the two of them*
Vartang: *He kisses Alana's neck and then says to Varyon* The new prison is nearly complete
King Varyon: *he strokes ladiel's hair and says to vartang* good, good!
Vartang: And the criminal, Ceolwulf, will soon be housed there in conditions appropriate to his crime
Vartang: *he blows his breath on the back of Alana's neck and with the other hand, he brushes his fingers down her shoulder*
Vartang: Ah, brother, never let it be said that King Varyon does not rule well!
King's Maidens: *Alana tilts her head to the side and closes her eyes*
King Varyon: Ah, yes... may his rule be long and prosperous indeed..... *he chuckles and plays with a tendril of ladiel's hair*
King's Maidens: *Ladiel drapes her arm around Varyon's shoulder as her fingers stroke the side of his neck*
King's Maidens: *her other hand reaches down and curls a lock of Brennil's hair around her finger as she looks over and smiles to Vartang*
King Varyon: *he leans against her head and holds her tightly to himself with the arm that goes around her...his goblet in the other hand momentarily forgotten*
Vartang: Brother *Vartang says as he kisses Alana's hair* tis a pity that my lap can hold only one at a time, but I would be willing to take the chance to see if it can hold two
King Varyon: The Steward's chair is sturdy, brother... certainly it can hold more than two. I know the King's chair can... *he smirks, a wry smile upon his face*
Vartang: But what other maiden can I borrow from you, brother, to sit upon my other leg?
King's Maidens: *Ladiel chuckles and whispers into Varyon's ear*
King Varyon: *he closes his eyes and smiles lazily, ladiel's whisper tickling his ear* Ah.... *he looks to Vartang* take your pick, brother...
Vartang: Brother, the fair Alana brings me much satisfaction in her gentle ways and soft voice, but I would like to know the fire of Ladiel, if you can but spare her
King Varyon: *he momentarily stops playing with ladiel's hair* Brother! that is quite a boon you wish! but only for you brother... would I be parted from the most fair ladiel!
Narrator: *Outside the door, the doorman and guards see a small figure climbing up the hill towards the tower*
Frodo: *Frodo hurries to Varyon's court, trying to hide his agitation. Perhaps if he is calm, he will succeed in convincing Varyon to pardon Ceolwulf*
Frodo: *Frodo knows that this situation is too grave to resort to anger and desperate pleas which will probably do no good*
Frodo: *Frodo approaches the guards and tries to make his voice deep and commanding* I wish to see His Majesty King Varyon
Frodo: *Even acknowledging Varyon makes Frodo feel guilty, like he is betraying Aragorn...but perhaps Aragorn would understand if he knew Ceolwulf and knew this is to save the Rohirrim's life*
Doorman: Dwarf, state your name and your business *he says at Frodo and scowls*
Frodo: I am Shakh Frodo Baggins and I wish to speak with the King Varyon
Frodo: *winces inwardly...keeps telling himself it is just an act, it is just an act*
Doorman: *He looks down at the small figure in front of him* Do you have proof of that?
Frodo: Proof?
Frodo: *tries to think what would be proof of his identity...then remembers two things, his ring and his brang*
Frodo: *extends his hand with the ring*
Frodo: Is this proof enough for you?
Frodo: *brand
Doorman: *He looks at the Ring with the dragon etched on it and tries to swint and read the script*
Doorman: Hold it closer to my eyes, dwarf. I can't make out the writing
Doorman: Do you have business with the King?
Frodo: *holds his hand up in the doorman's face* Aye, I do, I must talk to him about a most urgent matter
Doorman: Let me see what it says. Ah yes..... I have heard of you... the Small Shakh, the Friend of Sauron
Doorman: *He bows low to Frodo* My utmost appologies
Doorman: *He motions for the guards to open the door and give him admitance*
Frodo: *nods to the doorman and walks through the door as it opens*
Frodo: *thinks: At least I got through that exchange without having to acknowledge the "Friend of Sauron" title again*
King's Maidens: *Ladiel smiles sedictively at Vartang and raises an eyebrow before her attention is moved to the little one*
King's Maidens: *Ladiel brushes her lips over Varyon's and kisses him before she slides off his lap and moves over to Vartang and places herself slowly on his lap*
Vartang: Ahh... *he says as Ladiel slides on his lap* two beauties and all for me! Thank you brother!
King Varyon: *he sadly watches ladiel leave... then he looks to brennil and says* dear brennil.... my lap is dreadfully cold... please do come and warm it, ere i fall ill and the Northern province loses its king...
King's Maidens: *Brennil heeds his command and moves to his lap, glad to be of use and smiles*
Vartang: *He hands his wine goblet to a waiting servant and puts his left arm about Ladiel and his right about Alana as he kisses first one, and then the other* Sweet maidens, sweet maidens, ahhhh...
King's Maidens: *Her hand moves through his hair* fire huh?
King Varyon: *he bends towards brennil and kisses her cheek* ah... thank you VERY much, sweet little brennil....
King's Maidens: *Brennil bows her head..*it is my pleasure to serve you my King
Vartang: Yes, you are the firey one, Ladiel, while Alana is like the spirit of the winds, gentle and soft
King Varyon: *he kisses brennil again and lightly strokes her hair* ah... and it is a pleasure to be served BY you, dear...
King's Maidens: *Brennil smiles gratefully at his words*
Vartang: Brother *he says as he suddenly notices Frodo* you have a visitor
King's Maidens: *all their eyes move to the little one before them*
King Varyon: Hm...? *he mumbles into brennil's hair, and then straightens up and looks towards Frodo* Ah!
King Varyon: Welcome to my hall, Shakh Baggins!
Vartang: *he whispers into Ladiel's hair* First I will know your fire, and then be cooled by the gentle breeze of the other
King's Maidens: *Ladiel whispers into Vartang's ear* you know fire and air can cause an untamable inferno
King Varyon: *he flashes Frodo a warm, friendly smile... his perfect teeth gleaming in the soft light of the torch...*
Vartang: *He whispers* Then let me know its heat
Vartang: Greetings, Shakh Baggins *he says with a bored look on his face* What brings you to the king's hall now?
Frodo: *Frodo has stood silent for a while mastering his absolute disgust enough to act polite*
King Varyon: *he bends down and kisses brennil's ear and whispers something provocative into it*
Frodo: *He bows at the waist* Greetings Your Majesty and Shakh Vartang
Frodo: Your Majesty, I come to speak with you about my servant Ceolwulf
Vartang: Shakh, His Majesty does not want to be disturbed when he is in conference about important state matters. What is so important that you would trouble him?
King's Maidens: *Brennil sighs and lets her fingers brush through his hair*
Vartang: *He whispers into Alana's ear* My pet, be patient. Surely this will soon be over!
Frodo: The life of my most valuable servant is very important indeed; forgive me for troubling you at such an importunate time
King Varyon: *he closes his eyes, enjoying the tingly feeling of brennil's fingers moving about the strands of his hair*
King's Maidens: *Alana smiles and runs her cheek over his beard*
King Varyon: *he opens his eyes and looks to Frodo, distracted* your servant, you say?
Frodo: *bows again* Your Majesty, I remember when I first came here you offered me one of your maidens and I turned the offer down...
Frodo: In place of that offer, I ask for the life of my servant.
Vartang: Brother, it is some trifling matter of too little import to take us away from this conference
Frodo: He is so valuable to me that I simply cannot do without him.
Frodo: *apologetic look*
King's Maidens: *Ladiel laughs low and raspy as she looks to Frodo with smokey eyes*
King Varyon: *he tries to recall something about an offer that he made, but he was so intoxicated at the time that it is all a blur*
Frodo: *feels uncomfortable under Ladiel's gaze but tries not to show it*
King Varyon: Could you restate the conditions of this bargain you say that I made with you? my memory is unclear...
King's Maidens: *Ladiel squirms as she looks to Frodo and stares him down*
Frodo: *looks from Ladiel back to Varyon* Upon my arrival here in *cough* your kingdom, you offered me a maiden as a companion
Vartang: *his tongue plays about the back of Ladiel's neck as he runs his hand down Alana's arm*
Frodo: I declined, but in place of a maiden servant I ask for Ceolwulf's life
Frodo: While I was ill, he ran my household and now it would be hard pressed to function without him
Vartang: My brother, I would advise against this. The slave Ceolwulf has committed a capital crime
Frodo: I realize that he has committed a terrible crime, but to one so great as yourself, does it really matter if one snaga lives or dies?
Vartang: Punishable by death. There are witnesses who saw it
Frodo: *knowing smile to Varyon....hating this with all his being underneath*
King Varyon: Shakh Baggins, do you wish for your household to be run by one who goes against the laws of the very land of which he resides...?
Vartang: Good, brother, good!
Frodo: *bows again* Oh, of course not, to be sure. I would be at the head of the household of course
King's Maidens: *Ladiel keeps her stare which is even more intense, on Frodo and Alana wraps her arm around Vartang's neck*
Frodo: But the other servants are used to him
Frodo: He is a good steward
Frodo: very skilled, able to manage a household and animals as well
Frodo: It would be a shame to lose such talent and strength!
Frodo: He is fond of me; I know how to keep him in line
Frodo: *placating smile*
King Varyon: *he sets his wine goblet resting upon the arm of the throne and strokes his chin thoughtfully*
King Varyon: *he also strokes brennil's upper arm thoughtfully*
King's Maidens: *Brennil sits up a bit more so that she is not at risk of spilling over the goblet*
Frodo: *I have never, ever lied like this before, and never expected to. I wonder if it will work*
King Varyon: You speak well of this slave, Shakh, but if he were all that fair and noble, faithful and loyal, why would he murder one of Mordor's own?
King's Maidens: *Brennil strokes his arm* Wise words my King
Vartang: Brother, I tell you again, the offense is punishable by death!
Frodo: He is recovering from an illness and has just suffered a great loss. He is not himself at present but he shall be.
King Varyon: *he bends down and kisses the side of brennil's head... her hair caressing his face...* thank you, my dear
Vartang: As the steward of the King, it is my responsibility to advise you, my brother. Keep the prisoner in irons and consider his fate for the required thirty days
Frodo: He is engaged to one of my she-snagas, whom we were forced to leave behind in Minas Morgul. If she were but returned to us, he would be much better
King Varyon: Aye... *he says into Brennil's hair* the matter requires much concentration and deliberation, long hours deep in thought, ere a decision can be reached.
Vartang: *He nibbles on Ladiel's earlobe as he runs his fingers through Alana's hair and sighs*
Frodo: *falls gracefully to his knees* Your Majesty, I beg your noble mind to consider this carefully and give your consent
Frodo: Ceolwulf has proven his worth to me. He is worth keeping alive
Frodo: And...*an idea strikes him*
King's Maidens: *Ladiel sighs and tilts her head to the side and smiles as she looks to Frodo*
Frodo: And he is now the last hope of the house of Baggins, for I have no heir and plan to adopt him as my heir
King Varyon: *he straightens up and looks to Frodo* I will consider the matter for the required thirty days, but the prisonre needs time to reflect upon his deeds. Therefore, he will stay in the prison in Newburg.
Vartang: A just ruling, my brother
Vartang: Shakh Baggins, your generosity is commendable, but as you know, Mordor is still in a state of war with his country
Frodo: But Mordor is *cough* not at war with the name of Baggins, surely, and soon it shall be his
Frodo: Without him the name of Baggins will perish from the earth with my death.
King's Maidens: *Ladiel leans her back on Vartang's chest and the the back of her head on his shoulder*
King Varyon: He is a slave and cannot own property, Shakh.
Frodo: As my heir he shall be given freedom, upon my death. He has proven himself worthy of this
King's Maidens: *Brennil takes up the goblet and holds it, afraid it will spill*
Frodo: and there are no she-halfings in Mordor
Frodo: so he is my only hope.
King Varyon: He would have to be freed, ere he could be your heir, and he has obviously not shown himself as worthy, for he now abides in the prison, awaiting his punishment.
Frodo: Given time he will improve. He always has in the past.
Vartang: *He kisses the back of each maiden's neck in turn and holds the hand of each* You are both too tempting! *he whispers*
Vartang: Brother, the strawhead is mad
Vartang: A dangerous man, filled with rage
Frodo: *Frodo's heart begins to pound; he hopes the men cannot hear it*
Frodo: It is grief for his beloved, that is all
King's Maidens: *Ladiel, smiles, knowing this already and she looks over to the much more shy Alana*
King Varyon: I trust your words, brother, for you have had experience with this slave, whereas I have not.
Frodo: I have had much more experience with him than Shakh Vartang has.
Frodo: Ceolwulf has been with me day and night before our journey
King Varyon: *He scoffs* grief for his beloved? can he not find another?
Frodo: Ah, but that is an example of his loyalty, his resolve, his devotion
King Varyon: Nay. It proves that he is indeed a fool, to have only one woman. Is there no other woman of your house whom he can choose?
King's Maidens: *Brennil holds the goblet up more to Varyon in case he desired a sip*
King Varyon: *he smiles at Brennil and takes the goblet* thank you, my sweet *he drinks and hands it back to her*
Frodo: Aye, there is a Tark, but though the temptation of her is ever present, he has promised fidelity to his beloved and never yields to temptation. Such is his strength, his great ability.
King's Maidens: *takes it back and smiles*
Frodo: ...his willpower *stresses*
Vartang: My brother *he yawns* As we know, the woman that the slave man fancies is under the protection of Minas Morgul
Vartang: And will not be sent back until well in the spring
Vartang: So I would venture to say that should this man be released, he will cause trouble
King Varyon: The slave of Shakh Frodo Baggins shall stay in prison for thirty days, and then a decision will be made. Perhaps he shall make his cell his home until spring, and then he shall see his beloved then!
Frodo: *mentally curses Vartang. Why must he be here? If he were not here, maybe I would have had a chance*
Vartang: My brother, wise words indeed. You follow in the line of our father truly
Frodo: Even that would be better than killing him...though I do hope your gracious Majesty would spare him such a fate
Vartang: Keep him until spring, keep him in irons. Let him learn the penalty of his folly. That is my advice!
King's Maidens: And good advice it is my King *Brennil nuzzles into his neck*
Frodo: For if he were to die, or go mad....I am old though I do not look it, and the knowledge of my line having ended should be the death of me
King Varyon: *he studies the halfling... it looks human enough... certainly it could breed with humans, like an orc...?*
King Varyon: There are thirty days to deliberate on the matter, Shakh. A decision will be reached then.
Frodo: *remains on his knees, bows his head* If it must be that long, I beg your gracious Majesty to take my words seriously into account
King Varyon: All will be taken into consideration... *he waves his hand dismissively*
Frodo: for the fate of Shakh Baggins is tied to the fate of this man
Vartang: Shakh, you worry needlessly about trifling matters
Frodo: *arches an eyebrow*
Frodo: *beats down a surge of anger against Vartang*
Vartang: You should not vex yourself unduly
Vartang: Shakh Baggins, after thirty days, there will be a military trial.... to decide the fate of the prisoner
Frodo: I hope I will be allowed to speak in his favor
Vartang: My brother, the generous, magnanimous King Varyon shall be the judge and I shall be the prosecutor
Frodo: *closes his eyes....his heart plummets. Ceolwulf is doomed!*
Vartang: And together, we shall decide of the matter
Frodo: If this must be so, then I shall be his defense for I believe my case is strong
Vartang: *Vartang stifles a laugh*
King's Maidens: *Ladiel's eyes glisten as she scans over the determined little one*
King Varyon: *he reaches over and takes his goblet of wine. holding it to his lips and swaying it to and fro beneath his nose, he chuckles softly*
Frodo: *It takes all his willpower not to waver in front of Vartang's and Varyon's mockery and Ladiel's piercing gaze*
King Varyon: *his dark eyes study the small halfling before him*
Frodo: But would this trial not be too much trouble for you, Your Majesty?
Frodo: Wouldn't it keep you from important matters of state?
Frodo: You could go back to your tasks sooner if you pardon him now
King Varyon: Nay... *he returns the wine goblet to Brennil* I always have time to tend to matters of Justice.
King's Maidens: *Brennil scoops up the goblet again into her hands*
King Varyon: And one Ceolwulf of the Thrall-folk, the slave of Shakh Frodo Baggins, Friend of Sauron, shall be brought to justice.
Frodo: *Justice? You who take the maidens of Gondor from their homes and force them to serve you in these disgusting capacities, talk to me of justice?*
Frodo: *You usurper of Aragorn's throne.....but Frodo stops his thoughts before the anger shows on his face*
Vartang: Shakh.. *he says and yawns, his mouth open wide and his teeth catching the light of the torches* you have overwrought yourself!
King Varyon: Aye, the Shakh appears weary. He should return to his hall, and take his rest.
Frodo: The danger of my servant is making me ill already *sigh*
King Varyon: And let us attend to weighty matters of state... *he flashes Brennil a charming smile and winks at her*
King's Maidens: *Alana rests her head on Vartang's shoulder and Ladiel runs her hand over his chest and smiles to Alana*
Frodo: I trust your most wise and gracious Majesty to make the right decision
Frodo: *Oh Elbereth, what will I tell Ceolwulf? He will go mad!*
King's Maidens: *Brennil eyes gleam as fingers stroke his hand*
King Varyon: of course it shall be the right decision... for am I not an Easterling, of high and noble birth, and not of the rabble of the western lands...?
Vartang: *He yawns again* Brother, matters of state are very taxing
Frodo: Aye, you are a noble Easterling, able to recognize the worth of all you see *pointedly, referring to Ceolwulf*
King Varyon: I am a Variag, the second son of King Varin of Khand, and not a single drop of the blood of weaker men runs in my veins. My decision shall be just.
Frodo: I am sure it shall. My servant deserves to be pardoned. Your justice shall shine forth in all its splendor
Frodo: *oh how he hates the thought of himself at this moment. If he ever sees Aragorn, or any of his old friends, will he ever have the courage to explain this?*
Vartang: Now, Shakh Baggins, you have come here and kept us from the important matters of state *he kisses the back of Ladiel's neck*
Frodo: *seethes....smiles politely*
King Varyon: Yes... matters of state... they MUST be attended to... *he gently strokes Brennil's hair and tickles her under her chin*
Frodo: Forgive my intrusion, it was a most urgent matter. I shall leave you to your most pressing affairs now.
Frodo: *bows and turns to leave*
King Varyon: Good day, Shakh. *he flashes Frodo a warm smile, his perfect teeth gleaming in the light of the torch* May the spirit of Melkor go with you.
Vartang: Aye, Shakh, may the spirit of Melkor burn brightly within you!
Frodo: *smiles at them over his shoulder...but the smile is weak*
Frodo: *hurries out of the hall*
King's Maidens: *they all look upon Frodo as he turns to leave and Brennil lifts the goblet again to Varyon*
King Varyon: *he takes the goblet from Brennil's hand, raises it up as in a toast and looks towards Frodo, then brings it to his lips and drinks*
Frodo: *speeds past the guards and doormen, down the hill*
Vartang: *laughs as he nuzzles the side of Alana's neck*
King's Maidens: *Alana giggles and the feel of his beard sends a shiver through her*
King Varyon: *he hands the wine goblet back to Brennil and then looks to Vartang* Now... brother... shall we get to those... pressing matters of State....? *he winks*
Frodo: *Once he is away from the King's House, Frodo grimaces and shudders all over.* Ugh!!!! *he cries in disgust at what he has just done, again and again*
Vartang: Now, my brother, by your leave, I beg of you this boon
King's Maidens: *Ladiel looks over Varyon and makes a kissing gesture to him*
Frodo: *With a last shiver he returns to his house and shuts himself in his room to spend more hours with his head in his hands pondering the fate of Ceolwulf, and of all their strange fortunes*
Vartang: That the fair Alana, Ladiel and I retire to another chamber and deliberate upon very important state business
King Varyon: *he winks at Ladiel and says to Vartang* Carry on, brother! State matters cannot wait!
Vartang: No, not when there are so many vital things to discuss. The crops *he waves his hand* the army...
King's Maidens: *Brennil trails her lips over Varyon's cheek*
King's Maidens: *Ladiel kisses over Vartang's ear and whispers*
King Varyon: *he strokes Brennil's arm and whispers in her ear* and you and I as well must discuss important matters as well....
Vartang: Brother, I do not think the Shakh likes your court
Vartang: But he is small minded, concerned only with things such as when is the hour of each meal
King's Maidens: *Ladiel looks to both of them* Are we not satisfying enough for the little one that he denies us?
Vartang: My lovely Ladiel, the small one has been very dangerous but his fangs have been removed *he laughs*
King's Maidens: too bad *she laughs*
King Varyon: *he looks up to Vartang* He comes from a pathetic little land somewhere far in the West. His blood is inpure and he is heavily tainted by the influences of lesser men.
Vartang: *His voice sinks to a conspiratable tone heard only among those near the throne of the King* The Master makes sport of him and all that he touches shall turn to naught *he laughs*
King Varyon: *he chuckles low* A fitting use for the wretched creature!
Vartang: Brother, an apt fate for one who dares try to destroy us. We shall have our vengance upon him in time

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