Dinheruiel-Name given to her by Thranduil of Mirkwood
Madurz-Name given to her later on by Khamul meaning "Free" Reasoning..free from the lies of elves and men. Free heart due to Gandalf


The last figure she saw before she drifted off was that of Khamul's. It usually was. Last words accompanied by a kiss and a suprisingly gentle stroke of an armored glove on her cheek. "Sleep now my love."
And she did. This night sleep came easily for her and so did dreams. But nothing like the dreams she had had in recent nights, but visions of a life that seemed so foreign to her now....childhood.

A young fair child about the age of 5. Medium blonde hair like the color of wet sand and eyes of gray. Wide and innocent yet laden with depth and unknown age. She sat around and ate with the elves of Mirkwood, where she was abandoned as a baby and taken and raised by the fair race. She stopped eating as her eyes passed over each face that she sat with. "My eyes and ears are different. I can not do the things you do." This was something observed by her well before now, and they had assumed she had gathered her differences as well, but this was the first time she had spolen it aloud to them and with a tone that was not entirely of innocent child-like questioning. And with such odd timing this took them aback as they eyes each other.
And quickly, who she had grown to know of as a father spoke. "Dinheruiel, you are still a child of this forest...a child of the Wood Elves, and therefore are part of us.

Young girl, age of 8, running and laughing with elf children of a smililar age group, Circling the trees and jumping over their roots. Agile they were and light were their steps. A boy gathers up some stones and tosses each of them one, "Here...try to throw your stone...*he points ahead* ...into that opening in that tree there." She looked ahead in the distance and near the base of a far tree was a hollow that was hard enough for her to focus on. They all threw their stones and hit their mark effortlessly and soundlessly beacause it hit dead center of the hollow. She happened to go last since she was standing on the end, and when she threw it, it also soundless, but because it landed way shy of the tree. She picked up another stone and tried agin with the same result. Growing frustrated, she trew 3 more and when she finally did reach the tree, it missed the target by nearly a foot. The boy came to her and draped his arm over her shoulder. "It's ok Dinheruiel." He spoke sincerely and smiled warmly. "Come on, let's do something else." And she began to calm,

Now at an age of 11. Her eyes seemed ever older. She gazes upon 3 female elves a bit older than she as they laughed amongst themselves. Seeing her they smiled brightly and waved her over. She sat with them and smiled. Soft voice spoke to her. "You grow more beautiful each day Dinheruiel...*as her hands stroke her sandy hair*...almost as much as us now." She senses the hurt in the child and quickly clears up the misinterpretation. "I meant in the development of age of course."

Same age of 11, This time alone. Walking in the forest, The only sound was that of the wind through the leaves and her footsteps. She stopped and looked straight into the distance for long moments, before her gazing was interrupted and she took in a quick breath as she looked up to the top of the trees. Did something move? She looks around her feet, but sees nothing and assumes her mind was playing tricks on her. She gasps as all of a sudden she feels a hand on her shoulder and an almost stern voice. "Dinheruiel...you wander much too far. " She spins and faces her "father" who now smiles and touches the tip of her nose with his finger. ...."And far too much. Your steps lead you in the direction of dangerous areas." She sighs. "I am sorry Thranduil." He gently places his hand on her back. "Come my dear...and you will hear of darker tales."

Almost dawn now and her eyes flutter open as her hands move to rub her temples. Unexpected dreams, Why after all this time would she dream of those years...those memories, Why would she dream of elves? She looks around for Khamul, but her tent is dark and empty.