Night of October 1 - Early Morning October 2, 3019

Frodo portrayed by Hobbitness
Arwen portrayed by Madurz
Narrator and Aragorn portrayed by Wraith

Narrator: *The night of October 1st and early morning of October 2nd were long ones. After the feast and the dance, Frodo was allowed an hour with some of his servants.*
Narrator: *That hour passed, and then Frodo was returned to his room.*
Narrator: *The proceedings of the night had exhausted Frodo, and he had fallen asleep quickly. At first, his dreams were pleasant, filled with memories of the Shire.*
Narrator: *However, in the midst of a dream about the harvest festival in the Shire, Frodo suddenly woke up.*
Frodo: *Frodo is filled with disappointment when he wakes in his room in Minas Morgul and finds that the festival in the Shire was only a dream. At least he has the can never be like that again*
Frodo: *He lies back down with a sigh and tries to go back to sleep*
Narrator: *Frodo remembers that Vartang had told him earlier in the night, "Great Shakh, tomorrow we leave shortly after dawn. Be ready."*
Frodo: *A smile crosses his face. Though they are going to the conquered Gondor, and guilt will crush him there, still any place is better than Minas Morgul*
Frodo: *Any place but Lugburz, of course, but he does not think about that, ever, unless he has a nightmare.*
Frodo: *Perhaps, he thinks, perhaps there will be a little peace for my friends and me in Gondor, as there was in Nurn.*
Narrator: *The same grim tapestry of the fate of Earnur looks down at him from the opposite wall, almost seeming to beckon him once again to enter into that long ago scene.*
Frodo: *Frodo shudders as he remembers the vision of Earnur. It comes back to him vividly but he pushes that memory away too. Why think about that when he can look forward to their departure?*
Narrator: *After tossing and turning for what seems like an endless time to Frodo, sleep and dream once again find him.*
Narrator: *Frodo begins to feel very cold, chilled, and he shivers in his sleep, in spite of the blankets drawn tightly around his neck.*
Narrator: *He can see snow falling and men sitting, hunched over a fire, trying to draw every last bit of warmth they can from the feeble blaze that they have started.*
Narrator: *Nearby he can see their horses tied to a picket line, some standing cold, shivering and stiff-legged, while others paw the snow, seeking some overlooked wisp of grass.*
Frodo: *Frodo wonders who the men are, and where they are. He hugs himself and tries to warm up*
Narrator: *Then he looks away from the fire and sees a man. The man sits on a fallen tree with his heavy woolen trail-worn cloak about his shoulders and the hood drawn low over his face.*
Narrator: *The man appears to be looking at something intently.*
Frodo: *The man reminds him of,, King Elessar He wonders who it is*
Narrator: *"Aragorn!" Frodo calls out in his sleep and the man turns and looks towards him, but does not seem to see him.*
Narrator: *He stares for a moment in the direction of Frodo, then turns his gaze back to the object that he holds in his hand, mouthing words silently.*
Frodo: *Frodo tries to make out the object, and the words Aragorn is muttering*
Frodo: *moves closer to him* Aragorn! It's me, it's Frodo
Narrator: *For a moment, he pauses and then turns once again in Frodo's direction*
Narrator: *Frodo can see the man's mouth form the word.... "Frodo?"*
Frodo: *kneels next to him and clasps his hands over Aragorn's knee* Oh! Aragorn, I'm so happy to see you!
Frodo: I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to, really...I'm sorry!
Narrator: *He looks around wondering, seeing and hearing nothing. Then he turns away from Frodo and looks once again upon the object in his lap*
Narrator: *Frodo can see that the object is round and it seems to glow. Snowflakes begin to fall upon the man and he shivers involuntarily, but does not break his concentration upon the globe.*
Frodo: *Frodo frowns at the globe in Aragorn's lap, unsure what it is, but sensing a presence of evil...he draws back a little, looking expectantly to Aragorn*
Frodo: *He wonders...does Aragorn hate me, and that is why he won't talk to me? Did he really send those rangers to kill me?*
Frodo: *Looking at Aragorn's face, he finds this hard to believe*
Frodo: Aragorn, what is that?
Narrator: *Now Frodo sees that Aragorn is turning the globe in his hands, orienting it to a direction, the far northwest. The man stops the motions and holds it steadily in his hands and looks into the globe.*
Narrator: *Aragorn makes no reply to Frodo's question. Frodo has the feeling of being there with Aragorn, right beside him, but he senses that he is not. Strangely, he begins to see what Aragorn can see in the Orthnac stone.*
Narrator: *A familiar structure comes into view now. Frodo knows immediately what it is. "Bless me!" he says. "If it is not the old Green Dragon Inn!" and Frodo smiles for a moment.*
Narrator: *But something is wrong. The inn seems deserted and snow is banked heavily about the windowsills*
Frodo: *Frodo's frown deepens. He prays that Mordor's forces have not reached the Shire...for Sauron once said that they were headed there...but, he should not remember that, he thinks, and shudders*
Narrator: *The scene shifts, and he can see Mary Bolger, who keeps a lonely vigil by a small fire along a wooded road.*
Narrator: *Her cloak is pulled tightly around her, but he can see a stray lock of her hair that peaks down out of her hood and hangs trailing across her shoulders.*
Narrator: *A small, shivering pony munches oats from a feedbag strapped around its head and shivers as the heavy snow begins to freeze on its sides.*
Narrator: *"Peter!" the girl cries and looks over at a small rock which marks the place where Peter's blood had soaked through the ground when first he became a wraith.*
Narrator: *"Peter! Oh how I miss you!" and she holds her hands over the fire to extract its warmth.*
Frodo: *The lass looks familiar to Frodo, and he tries to remember how he knows her. He remembers that she is the Bracegirdle's cook*
Frodo: *Then he remembers the little Bracegirdle boy, Peter, who came to Bag End sometimes because he liked Bilbo's stories*
Frodo: *His hand goes to his mouth...what happened to them?*
Frodo: *Perhaps the forces of Mordor reached the Shire, and killed Peter? How horrible!*
Narrator: *Somewhere far away, the cry of wolves can be heard, a bad omen if they come looking for food in the last hours of daylight.*
Narrator: *Then Aragorn shifts his position on the log and moves the palantir westward. Frodo looks over Aragorn's shoulder and gazes with him into the palantir.*
Narrator: *He can see the ruins of small cities and villages, the charred and blackened logs visible, jutting up like twisted bones through the snow.*
Frodo: *Dread presses down on Frodo. All this destruction because he failed his Quest. He has a fleeting vision of an endless line of silent tombs*
Frodo: *The blood on his head...then the ruins of the homes come back into view*
Frodo: *Guilt almost suffocates him*
Narrator: *The land is mostly flat and very bleak in the early winter. There are mountains to the south. Everyplace, it seems, is touched by the hand of war*
Narrator: *Aragorn turns away from the Palantir, a look of sadness on his face, and Frodo can see him mouth the word, "Rohan! Your beauty has been made desolate!"*
Frodo: *Frodo buries his face in his hands, and mourns for the fallen kingdom of Rohan, which he never saw in its glory*
Frodo: *Then he looks up sadly* Oh can you ever forgive me?
Narrator: *Aragorn turns back to the palantir and shifts its position slightly.*
Narrator: *Frodo looks over Aragorn's shoulder and sees people, thin, haggard, hungry, women and children, old men, the crippled, the maimed and he knows beyond knowing that they are the victims of war.*
Narrator: *Frodo can see hastily constructed buildings, shanties and huts thrown up quickly to guard against the unexpected fury of the winter. The snow piles higher as the hours of daylight begin to fade.*
Narrator: *Campfires burn here and there outside the shacks and snarling, immatiated dogs fight each other for an overlooked scrap of food that someone has dropped.*
Narrator: *Slat sided horses, their ribs looking like the hulks of shipwrecks, stand forelornly about, pawing the ground and searching for a taste of grass, some collapsing in weakness from the rigors of the search and rising no more.*
Frodo: *He cannot breathe. A cold hand grips his heart. He shuts his eyes tightly, and when he opens them tears spill down his face*
Narrator: *Aragorn stares at the globe and Frodo can see a fair maiden with golden hair, dressed like a man in tunic and leggings with a heavy cloak and wolf pelt tied about her shoulders. Frodo can hear Aragorn seem to groan.*
Narrator: *"Has it come to this?" The man stops, raises his hand to his forehead as though he cannot bear to look.*
Frodo: *Frodo has no idea who the maiden is or why Aragorn is grieved, but he puts a hand on Aragorn's shoulder...though Aragorn probably will not notice him*
Narrator: *Frodo can sense that the man is weeping inwardly but no sound can be heard from his lips.*
Frodo: *Frodo feels he is there, but not truly...he sighs at Aragorn's distress*
Frodo: *He is surprised, for Aragorn usually does not show so much emotion, but he squeezes Aragorn's shoulder and tries again*
Frodo: *He shakes his head, not knowing what words to say*....Oh...I am so sorry...I had no idea that all this...please forgive me! Truly, I did not mean to betray you!
Frodo: What can I do to undo it? Is there anything at all? Who can help them?
Narrator: *Aragorn shifts his position again and turns the palantir northward, but as Frodo looks, he can see no freezing snowstorm and blizzard ravaged landscape.*
Narrator: *Instead, Aragorn sees a soft autumn day with a cloudless blue sky and the leaves boldly burnished with shades of russet, yellow, orange and brown and Frodo knows it is a scene from the past, not the present.*
Narrator: *Now Frodo can see Aragorn's shoulders relax as a smile come to his face. "Mell nín," (my beloved) he whispers and Frodo can see a graceful Elvish maiden.*
Arwen: *Arwen sits on the soft ground at water's edge and stares into the rippling water of the creek. Her eyes survey its excited movements as liquid plays with stone and the small, rolling and pleasant sounds it creates is something to get lost in.*
Arwen: *She dips her fingertips gently into the cool, wet wonder and moves her hand from side to side as the water kisses her skin... its depth is shallow but her thoughts are deep.*
Arwen: *She is in mourning for Elladan amd Elrohir.. forlorn and dwelling upon the sadness of thier loss and her lonliness, a tear streaks in a single line from her eye and down her cheek and falls into the creek and dilutes. A crisp, cool breeze blows her long hair and soft gown.*
Arwen: *A scarf warms her, yet delicate and smooth as the wings of a moth billows and slides around her neck gently as the air latches onto it and unravels it from her skin and it lands in the creek, a waving silken banner on a cushion of dancing water.*
Arwen: *She extends her arm and leans over slightly and she barely grazes it with her fingertips as it soundly snakes further from her grasp where the water calms and depth increases.*
Arwen: *She looks to it as her head tilts sadly until her cheek meets her shoulder. Water slowly begins to soak into the material and moves on further still...*
Arwen: *She gazes as she knows it is lost to her.She chills slightly in the absense of it about her neck and shoulders...She ponders the metaphor of the delicate material to her life....*
Arwen: *All that had warmed her, so close to her reach yet slips away. She watches as it struggles to stay afloat despite the heaviness of the drench of water as the last bit of soft color is seen amongst the darkening blue as it saturates completely and is consumed by the depths.*
Aragorn: *Frodo can see Aragorn mouth these words, and he knows what they mean* Meleth nin, uivelin le.... (My love, I will love you always)
Aragorn: Arwen! *the man seems now to be in agony*
Aragorn: *Now the words that Aragorn speaks begin to take form in Frodo's mind and he can hear them*
Arwen: *a soft exhales escapes her lips and her gaze lifts only a bit yet her heart takes flight* Aragorn *her voice is a whisper*
Arwen: *she hears his voice as it echoes in her mind*
Aragorn: Guren min gaim lin, Arwen (my heart is in your hands)
Arwen: and my heart is in yours...Aragorn *her hand moves to her heart*
Aragorn: Arwen... *Frodo now can feel that the man's spirit is in anguish*
Aragorn: Orthach 'uren ir tirach enni.... (you lift up my heart when you look at me)
Aragorn: *He says* Look at me, Arwen, please look at me!
Arwen: *She turns her head.* Then look longer upon me...and let your heart soar..sure as this water is upon my fingers...sure as the wind whips through my hair and brushes my the earth which i sit upon..i feel you my love
Aragorn: Arwen, my spirit longs for you..... but I cannot go to you
Arwen: not yet...*a lifting in her voice in question...of hope*
Frodo: *It grieves Frodo deeply to see Aragorn in such distress. He wishes Aragorn could sense his presence*
Frodo: *He grieves for the beautiful Elf's anguish as well. He remembers how kind she was when he met her at Rivendell*
Aragorn: Thir vain lin darn thul nin, Arwen.... when first we met in the woods *his voice anguished* (Your beautiful face took my breath away)
Aragorn: ....but your beauty is far from me now....
Frodo: *Frodo smiles sadly. He remembers the Elvish Bilbo taught him; Aragorn said that Arwen's beautiful face had taken his breath away*
Frodo: *His heart sinks as the ever present knowledge that Aragorn has lost Gondor returns to him...but why has he lost Arwen? Why are they parted?*
Frodo: *And what grieves poor Strider so?*
Arwen: there is no greater beauty than that of the love exchanged between us and felt deeper within us than all the waters *she lifts her face to the sky*
Arwen: Aragorn....come back to me
Aragorn: I cannot!
Arwen: you must
Arwen: it is all i long for
Aragorn: There is war, heavy upon the land. I cannot leave them now!
Arwen: but you will leave them....wont you?
Arwen: in time?
Frodo: *The purity and beauty of Arwen purge the blackness in Frodo's heart from all the evil he has endured...then Aragorn says he is bound to the war and Frodo's heart begins to darken again*
Aragorn: *He turns away from the palantir sadly and seems to look right at Frodo. Then he turns back*
Aragorn: Time.... Arwen.... time... *he shakes his head sadly*
Arwen: *her hands touch the ground...she looks ahead sadly* time....
Aragorn: How long now has the time been since last I saw you. Twas in December of last year
Arwen: lonliness......
Frodo: Oh Strider *he sighs sadly, with great sympathy*
Frodo: *but he knows Strider...Aragorn...cannot hear him*
Aragorn: Baneth lin sila celair.... I can see you now, as I saw you then (your beauty shines brightly)
Arwen: *she does not let her head drop for he wants to see her and she not deny him anything ever*
Aragorn: And I had to leave you
Frodo: *Indeed, Arwen's beauty shines brightly...above the the Stars in Sam's song*
Arwen: *her eyes gleam as they well with tears*
Aragorn: Arwen! I want to come to you, but I cannot. *he bows his head sadly*
Arwen: it has become impossible to be without you
Aragorn: *The palantir seemingly forgotten in his hands*
Arwen: my lonliness consumes me
Frodo: *Oh, if only he could undo it all! He would give everything for another chance. Could he only undo that one moment! One moment! If only he had not lifted the flask when the orc's head was turned!*
Arwen: Not even the splendor of the lands here i love can console me*
Aragorn: *he looks back into the palantir, and he can see her there, tears upon her face*
Aragorn: Perhaps... in the spring
Arwen: then i shall await and fear the spring...
Frodo: *In the spring....where will I be in the spring? Where will we all be in the spring?*
Aragorn: Perhaps then I can meet you once again
Arwen: await it in that you might come back to me...fear it....fear it that it will pass....pass by
Aragorn: Mell nin, but what then?
Aragorn: I am a king without a kingdom
Arwen: i am in love without a love
Aragorn: A ruler without a septre
Frodo: *He sinks to the ground and covers his ears, not wanting to hear anymore*
Arwen: an existence without a life
Aragorn: It is lost, mell nin. It is all lost!
Frodo: *Such a sad fate for them, and he caused it, along with the doom of Rohan...and many others, how many others?!*
Frodo: *Where are Merry and Pippin, and Bilbo, and Legolas and Gimli, and Faramir, and Gandalf, and all the others?*
Aragorn: How I wish to hold you, how I wish to look into your face!
Arwen: let it be so....please
Aragorn: Perhaps mell nin, perhaps..... it would be best if you.....
Frodo: *but still he hears them*
Aragorn: Sail to the Undying Lands, escape this. Destruction is everywhere
Arwen: say not the things that would make my hands dig into this earth!
Frodo: No, no! *he whispers* They must be reunited, they must
Aragorn: The Enemy will do nothing until spring. You have time, mell nin
Arwen: i will not go... you know this
Aragorn: Go to the Havens!
Frodo: *Frodo begins to panic. What will be in the Spring?!*
Aragorn: If you love me, you will do this for us!
Arwen: Aragorn!
Arwen: those are capturing words... not fair
Aragorn: Do this for me, mell nin, do this for us. I would not have you...... not have you here when the end comes!
Frodo: Oh! *his hands cover his face*
Arwen: my love for you has no end
Aragorn: They will march, and all will fall before them! The Havens, the Havens, mell nin, before it is too late!
Frodo: NO! No! They cannot conquer forever! *his fists clench* They cannot!!
Arwen: i will be lost in that love forever
Aragorn: Let me have at least this to think.... that you will be safe
Aragorn: Let me know this, and then if I should perish, I will take comfort in that
Arwen: *she begins to sob at his request*
Arwen: you ask this of father will insist it
Arwen: why does hope fail me
Aragorn: Tiro ven Elbereth! (May Varda watch over us)
Frodo: Yes *he whispers* Elbereth!
Arwen: .....perhaps..spring
Aragorn: Do this! Go to the Havens! Harthon gerithach raid gelin a chwest adel thraw lin! (I hope you will have green paths and a breeze behind you)
Arwen: there will be no green paths....for all color will fade...
Aragorn: You must leave before spring, Arwen
Arwen: all air will be stale and biting
Frodo: *He whispers* My hope as well for the both of paths and a breeze behind you...may you never fall into the clutches that hold me
Aragorn: *Frodo can hear Aragorn beginning to sob*
Aragorn: Go to the Undying Lands, far from death and destruction!
Frodo: *Oh, how unbearable that he is not really there to comfort Aragorn*
Arwen: i will be an empty shell
Aragorn: *He holds the palantir tightly in his hands as though trying to gather strength from the sight of her*
Aragorn: Mell nin, I must be strong!
Frodo: *Standing behind Aragorn, he leans against him and hides his face against his shoulder...wishing it were real*
Aragorn: Your father will never let us wed now!
Arwen: *she cries more and thinks of her brothers*
Aragorn: As he said, I must be King of both Gondor and Arnor and there is no Gondor... *his voice chokes in a sob*
Arwen: you are a man of greatness
Aragorn: I have failed, mell nin
Aragorn: The signs of the failure are all about me! Gondor in the hands of the enemy, death everywhere
Aragorn: Rohan, sacked and ravished. Edoras burned to the ground
Arwen: oh! love........*she feels his pain and hers as they mix and intensify with visions of lost dreams*
Aragorn: I have failed my destiny, mell nin
Frodo: No, no, not you, Aragorn, it was I
Arwen: Aragorn...let me hold you in my arms before end comes
Aragorn: Meleth nin, we still fight, but winter is deep upon us, a fell winter that came early and shattered the hopes of the spring
Arwen: if end is to be
Aragorn: And run from my duty, meleth nin? No!
Aragorn: I must stay until the last! Until the end, when it comes
Aragorn: But, ai, meleth nin, would it had been another way!
Aragorn: Nay, meleth nin, I know what you think. You cannot come to me!
Frodo: A, Elbereth, they must not be parted, there must not be such an end! *looks up to the night sky*
Arwen: *her eyes are pleading but his words are potent...and her thoughts seen*
Aragorn: Your thoughts come to me over the miles
Aragorn: Would you have me see you die before my eyes?
Aragorn: No, Arwen, no. That cannot be!
Frodo: *begins to sob softly*
Arwen: my last moments would be in your arms
Arwen: *she is saddend by her requests of selfishness*
Frodo: *That this second Luthien should die!....It must not be!*
Aragorn: Let me think of you there, in the Undying Lands, where it is always spring
Aragorn: Suil Ennui, erio thul lin i faer nin! (Western wind, lift my spirit)
Aragorn: Where no harm may ever come to you. Please, let it be!
Frodo: *Frodo seconds the prayer: Western Wind, lift their spirits*
Aragorn: Leave me now, where death is all about! Save yourself!
Arwen: *she lifts her face to the sky more and closes her eyes as the breeze cools her face which is dampened by tears*
Frodo: *Frodo remembers the night of Weathertop, when Aragorn sang the lay of Luthien...he did not even know who Aragorn was then. But now he realizes the poignancy of that song*
Arwen: *his words stab her with pain..anguish more than any torture*
Arwen: i love you Aragorn
Aragorn: Meleth nin, melithon le anuir (My love, I will love you forever)
Frodo: *looks again into the globe at Arwen's grief-stricken face as she listens to Aragorn's vow of eternal love*
Frodo: *he grieves deeply for both of them*
Arwen: *indeed it was all like the scarf swept by the water...consumed and lost*
Arwen: my heart will be yours for all time
Aragorn: Do you remember that Midsummer's Day when we were brothed in Cerin Amroth in Lorien?
Aragorn: We plighted our troth, each to the other
Arwen: *she sighs and smiles* i could never forget
Arwen: it is etched forever in heart and mind
Aragorn: But when I returned to Rivendell, I was told by your father that we could not be wed until I was king of both Arnor and Gondor
Aragorn: *Frodo can see Aragorn's shoulders slump*
Arwen: *she shuts her eyes a moment and looks over to the side..the warm memory now turning cold*
Aragorn: Meleth nin, it can never be now!
Frodo: *So that is it! Oh!....the heartbreak of these two dear ones....because of the fall of Gondor! Mordor's victory....owed to the "Great Shakh Baggins"!! He wishes he had died rather than come to this!*
Arwen: then all is lost for me
Aragorn: It is lost for us all. You must flee, flee before it is too late!
Frodo: *All is lost...all is lost for the West...can it really be? Frodo cannot bring himself to believe it. There is always hope....isn't there?....There must be......*
Arwen: *her eyes hollow* life everlasting...happiness and love die
Aragorn: Flee, flee, before the ravening wolves come to tear and to rend, before the armies march in the spring
Aragorn: Will you leave, mell nin!
Frodo: No, no, can win....there must be a way.....they must not be parted! *half to himself now*
Aragorn: Leave, leave, with the last of your kind, let something fair remain!
Frodo: *The last of the Elves! The last fair things on Middle Earth! All will be cannot be!*
Aragorn: Let our love remain undying, in the lands where death does not come! Cherish my memory, mell nin!
Frodo: *There must be a Shire, somewhere...there must be a Rivendell and a Lothlorien. Why, these same thoughts had helped him through the long days and nights spent cowering in his cell between beatings*
Frodo: *Hope cannot be lost like this...Aragorn must live*
Arwen: *her body slumps as she makes sure to not let her face leave his sight*...
Frodo: *but what if what they say is true?...must he accept it?..but HOW? how when it is the unthinkable, the impossible, too horrible to be true?*
Frodo: *Have the Valar forgotten us? his mind cries*
Arwen: can i possibly agree to live for all time with your memory of a love i waited for, for so long haunting me?
Arwen: can i let you suffer in thinking i will find death here?
Aragorn: Mell nin, my name means "hope," but hope is lost!
Arwen: if we are not together...then indeed it is
Aragorn: Hope has fled before the armies of the Enemy as they march!
Frodo: *weeps in disbelief to hear Aragorn speak so*
Aragorn: I am Estel no more!
Aragorn: If I could see you one more time, just once more....
Arwen: ....Aragorn..please not speak like that
Frodo: *waves of shock course through his body*
Arwen: for once more to feel your lips on mine...
Arwen: Aragorn *she said out loud on a wave of heartache*
Aragorn: What can I do when hope is gone? *his voice sobs*
Arwen: do not give up
Aragorn: Arwen, mell nin, comfort me when there is no comfort!
Aragorn: Say you will leave, and I have comfort. I have hope
Arwen: then feel my hand upon your face
Arwen: feel the part of me that lives within you and keep it there and i will live forever
Aragorn: *He feels a faint memory of her hand upon his face and smiles sadly*
Aragorn: Mell nin, you will live forever in my heart
Arwen: and you in mine
Aragorn: But it must be farewell, for I cannot ever come to you when war is upon the land
Aragorn: Navaer... Uivelin le, meleth e-guilen (Farewell, I will love you always, love of my life)
Frodo: *Frodo kneels silently weeping next to Aragorn, afraid to move, feeling that this moment is sacred*
Arwen: Melin le...Aragorn *she crosses her hands over her heart* Meleth nÌn....forever
Aragorn: Even when you leave me and sail far across the sea
Arwen: *her fingertips move back into the water and look to it*
Arwen: ...the sea... the consuming sea
Arwen: *thinks of how the scarf drifted then sunk deeply*
Aragorn: Nae! Guren nallatha.... Harthon gerithach aeair vilui! (Alas, my heart shall weep. May you have kind seas)
Frodo: *Perhaps Arwen will find safety and healing over the Sea...Frodo wishes that Aragorn, too, could sail far from the turmoil, away like Earendil with a Silmaril on his brow*
Aragorn: Navaer, meleth e-guilen...
Aragorn: *The image in the palantir begins to flicker and slowly fade*
Frodo: *Frodo jumps up with a small cry of pain for Aragorn*
Aragorn: *Finally it darkens. The man slumps forward on the log and the palantir slowly rolls out of his hands*
Frodo: *Frodo fearfully approaches him...his hand gently rests on the man's shoulder again*
Frodo: *The only words he can choke out are*.....Dear Strider....
Narrator: *Frodo turns and tosses upon his bed and finally he awakes, his pillow wet with his tears*

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