March 17, 3019

The Last Fight...
Morning of March 17, 3019
Such a simple mission.... to have gone so terribly wrong. Plans had called for Khamul to go on a scouting mission around Osgaliath and Minas Tirith. Resistance of the Gondorians had proven to be stiffer than expected, and he had looked over the battle between men of the West and orcs, trolls and men of the East, spreading terror and the Black Breath as the beast had carried him high above the battlefield. However, his over-confidence had caused him to be careless and he had commanded the great beast to swoop down too low over the heads of those below him. Either by chance or by skill, a well-placed arrow had found the beast's throat. The creature had plunged in wild agony but caught itself and arched over the battlefield in its flight.

Khamul had no control over the beast as it flew first east, then west, constantly screaming in its pain. It had managed to fly miles in its struggle before it finally came down, never to rise again into the sky. Its master? All that was known of him was that the fell beast was flying northwest. Since the time the beast had been wounded, there had been no contact with Khamul, and still into the second day, there was still none.

It is the evening of March 17, 3019. Eowyn stands once again before Angmar in his chambers. Angmar knows that Khamûl has disappeared, but he decides to taunt Eowyn with the prospect of being given to Khamûl as a servant, for Angmar had already disgraced her over the past two nights. However, Angmar's words are just to torment her, for he still has other plans to bring the shieldmaiden further shame.

Angmar: Eowyn how would you like to have your freedom?
Angmar: You go back to your people and I could take away all memory?
Eowyn: oh no, i do not want this "freedom" you speak of.... i want to remain here by your side
Eowyn: and besides...... the remainder of my people, what few there are, would probably not have me back.......
Angmar: I have been very patient with you, Eowyn, very
Angmar: And Eowyn, since you seem so determined, I will consider letting you stay...
Angmar: Under certain provisions
Eowyn: yes, my lord, i know youve been very patient, to me, a woman of a country where people live in barns and roll in the reek with their dogs
Eowyn: and i am very very glad and thank you out of the bottom of my heart for honoring me by letting me stay here
Eowyn: for to be a slave in mordor is a more lofty position than to be of the west, especially of rohan
Angmar: *The Witch-King is amused at this silly child and her presumptions*
Angmar: *and wonders if perhaps the spell he put upon her was too strong and that he had overestimated its powers*
Angmar: *He says mockingly* Since I have already enjoyed you and know that your people feel very grieved because of your disgrace, I will give you to my servant Khamul
Eowyn: oh no my lord! *she cries* please dont give me to anyone else, let me stay with you forever
Angmar: Eowyn, I do not have time to give you the attention that you seem to require
Angmar: So let my servant Khamul tend to you
Madurz: *is in other quarters and hears nothing of this..only sits and waits*
Eowyn: *she falls to her knees* oh please dont send me away.... for i may pine away of grief
Angmar: Then my lady, if there is no satisfying you, nothing remains but the orc pits
Eowyn: oh no, not that! *she cries....... the urukhai ravaged her country for many years.... her father killed by orcs....*
Eowyn: *her cousin slain at the battle of the isen by orcs......*
Angmar: *The Witch-King is amused by the lady and her pleas*
Angmar: Then what shall I do with you?
Angmar: Let you scrub the orc pits?
Angmar: Polish my armor?
Angmar: Clean my robes?
Eowyn: *still crying on her knees* my lord, yes i know those would be fitting fates for any prisioner of the downfallen west... but i beg of thee to have mercy
Angmar: *The Witch-King is beginning to grow mildly irritated*
Angmar: Eowyn, you cannot dictate to me what will become of you. Your life or your death is in my hands
Angmar: You can beg as much as you wish, and can fall on the floor and lick my boots but that will change nothing
Eowyn: my lord... forgive me... i have gone far beyond my place, as a prisioner of mordor. i would be happy to clean your armor and your robes, if that is what you wish of me
Eowyn: *dimly through the darkness a spark of light emerges.... he mentioned my death.... but the spark quickly fades and goes out*
Eowyn: *and she fears his wrath upon her and being cast from his presence forever*
Angmar: Eowyn, it matters not if you are happy or not here, for if I wish you to be happy you will and if I wish for you to be anything else at all I command you will do that
Angmar: So I will consider for a while what will be the ultimate outcome of you but not tonight
Angmar: And until I do decide you are to be locked at your quarters here at Lugburz and receive nothing but food and water
Eowyn: oh my lord, indeed you are merciful and i thank you for the kindness i have received at your hands
Angmar: Now Eowyn of Rohan, I command that you be silent and do not address me again until I should summon you
Angmar: *He thinks of Lady Madurz and sends her this message by thought....*
Angmar: *Your lord will not be with you tonight, for he has fallen somewhere and we know not where*
Madurz: *alone in her room she hears this message and her heart begins to pound*
Madurz: *she panics and feels the need to do something...she becomes angry*
Madurz: *angered by helplessness*
Eowyn: *she is silent.... for her lord wished her so.... but tears stream down her face and she is afraid......*
Madurz: *sends message back* can i do anything?
Eowyn: *and begins to sink back into the pits of despair that she has known so well ever since she was 7, when her parents died*
Angmar: *Madurz, Lord Khamul was supposed to be on a simple mission that would take little time, simply go upon his winged steed over the fields at Pelennor*
Angmar: *and drive away any last stronghold of resistance*
Madurz: *she claps her hands to her mouth as she listens*
Angmar: *And do a bit of aerial spying around Minas Tirith*
Angmar: *he was on this mission when an arrow leashed by an archer caught his beast in its throat*
Madurz: *she throws her fist into a wall*
Angmar: *Two orcs come into the room and escort Lady Eowyn to her room, open the doors for her, toss her in and close and lock them behind*
Madurz: is there nothing i can do?
Eowyn: *part of her old will resurfaces and she struggles against the orcs but to no avail and she finds herself in her new cell*
Angmar: *He sends a reply to Madurz. If The Lidless Eye cannot see him, he is without aid at this time*
Madurz: *she closes her eyes tightly and tries to call to him..she hadnt felt any feelings of his destruction..had any dreams*
Angmar: *The beast flew far in its struggle, far beyond where we had any forces to aid Khamul*
Madurz: i should have been with him...even though i know it wouldnt be so
Madurz: so he is alone?
Eowyn: *she throws herself upon a pile of hay in the cell.... both sides of her mind in despair*
Angmar: *his thoughts continue to Madurz*
Angmar: *Yes, alone, as far as we know. He is too far for us to reach him. The Seven call to him and there is no answering reply*
Angmar: *The beast in its death throes fell to the earth, but far far away from any of our allies*
Madurz: *she wants to fall to her knees and cry but her anger surfaces first*
Eowyn: *her head ached.... she could barely place the events of the past few days.... but she remembered with dreadful clarity the lidless eye staring upon her*
Angmar: *Thoughts keep rippling across to Madurz*
Madurz: *she smashes the glasses and bottle on the table..then turns the table over*
Angmar: *Tomorrow I will search for him myself*
Angmar: *But until then there is nothing more that can be done other than what is already being done at the very moment we speak*
Madurz: *her breathing is heavy and scattered* i want to go with you
Angmar: *there are still many consultations with Lord Sauron that will keep me here tonight*
Madurz: tell him i will do anything..spill any blood
Madurz: and risk my life
Angmar: *Khamul has been in a difficult situation many times before and he will surely do the same again but he is without horse and he is lost in the daylight*
Madurz: i cannot sit here and pace
Madurz: none of the nine shall fall
Eowyn: *eowyn was lonely...... and missed the touch of the witch-king... she felt like dying, she felt like she was already dead... and wished for his presence once again*
Angmar: *The King of Angmar bids this thought to Lady Eowyn in her cell. You will soon fall into a deep sleep of despair and will dream of things you would not*
Angmar: *But you will not be able to help it and when you wake tomorrow, you will not remember that you were ever a princess of Rohan*
Angmar: *with two words in aduniac, he seals the spell*
Angmar: *sends thought to Madurz... This girl is a trifle*
Angmar: *I would trade ten thousand of her for one of Khamul*
Madurz: *his message was caught by surprise at mention of the lady*
Eowyn: *slowly she falls into ever deeper dream.... but it is not much worse than the reality*
Madurz: *sends another message to him* he is very loyal to you
Madurz: he never wishes to upset you and always obeys
Eowyn: *and all of the despair she has known since she was 7 comes back to haunt her*
Angmar: *Sends another thought to Madurz... Yes, he is loyal, but he has certain limitations that I do not have*
Madurz: *if she wasnt so thrown by his news she would almost marvel at his attitude towards her and how calm he was*
Madurz: *he cannot help his limitations..but he does his best and i think you know that*
Angmar: *Another thought to Madurz. If he is lost in daylight he cannot find his way without the help of either his horse or his beast or another of the Nine to guide him*
Madurz: i wish i was there to guide him
Angmar: *And my lady, I cannot permit you to go with me to search for him. I make enough of a target as it is without giving the enemy two*
Madurz: you are allowing me to go? *is hopeful as her eyes widen*
Eowyn: *many things enter her dreams.... the events of her life, all of the tragedy, her love for aragorn.... and her love for the witchking...*
Angmar: *My lady, so much thinking is fatiguing to me. I am going to your room*
Angmar: *so prepare a seat for me*
Madurz: *she turns her table upright again and adjusts the chairs*
Angmar: *Fair Eowyn is asleep so I will let her dream*
Madurz: *she wipes the blood from her knuckles*
Angmar: *Lady Madurz, if your door is locked, unlock it for me*
Madurz: *and the tears from her cheeks*
Madurz: *she moves tot he door and unlocks it*
Madurz: *her bond over lifetimes with the Nazgul and her Lord enables her to feel more than most and speak to them usually through thoughts*
Eowyn: *vaguely the events of the past days come to her.... facing the dreaded capt of despair in attempt to save her uncle from dishonorable death.... her subsequent capture...*
Eowyn: *being brought before the lidless eye.... her mind felt as if it would never stop burning*
Angmar: *Soon the King of Angmar himself walks through the door to Madurz' room*
Madurz: *she watches him enters and offers him a seat*
Angmar: *he sinks heavily into the chair*
Angmar: *says to her* Woman, you may take off my boots
Madurz: *his manner quite different from last they met*
Madurz: *walks over to him and looks to him for a long moment before just giving in and doing so*
Madurz: *this was not the night to argue*
Eowyn: *the pain from standing before the lidless eye was so great that she had fallen like dead into a swoon... he had looked at her and she had heard his words in her head*
Angmar: Woman, be careful with my boots and remember how to take them off
Angmar: First there are the shin guards
Angmar: And then the boots themselves
Madurz: *she looks to him and grits her teeth then does so* you dont have to call me "woman" you know
Angmar: *the shin guards go up to the knee and fasten over the boots. Under the boots are black padded garments to protect from the armor*
Angmar: Woman, be grateful, that is all there is to take off there
Angmar: Lady Eowyn offered no objections but I am not going to bandy words with the servant of another
Madurz: i am not Khamul's servant
Eowyn: *the witch-king had brought her before the lidless eye.... and the head of her uncle theoden... as a prize, a spoil of war... and the eye had looked at her, and mocked her*
Angmar: My lady, you forget. The only reason you are not my servant is because I gave you to Khamul
Madurz: *she tries to calm..remembering he doesnt have memories of her and she relaxes and finishes her task as she looks to him* no..i have not forgotten that
Eowyn: *and the eye fancied her for a moment, and a dark thought entered his evil mind... and he thought of his old morgoth with the fair luthien...*
Eowyn: *but the thought had passed quickly.... for what was eowyn but a mere mortal, of a lesser kingdom, not a powerful elvish maiden.... and thus he gave her to his most dreadful servant the witchking*
Angmar: All right, Madurz, since that is what Khamul calls you, I will call you so
Angmar: But an orc could have taken my boots off more quickly than you!
Madurz: an orc does not have the things that weigh on my mind on theirs
Angmar: Surely you must have done this for Khamul?
Madurz: no
Madurz: i havent
Madurz: i am not his servant
Angmar: Then I must speak with him. He does not know how to use his servants and is giving you too much leeway
Madurz: he has servants
Angmar: But he was ever the fool when he ruled his kingdom that is long forgotten
Angmar: I prefer those of the Edain to be myu servants. Let Khamul have whatever he has for servants
Madurz: surely you know his feelings for me are deeper than that of a master to his favorite servant
Madurz: he doesnt look to me like that
Eowyn: *and then the lidless eye burned with ever greater flame and unleashed his fury and his hatred... and then eowyn fell into a swoon for her mind could not comprehend such malice*
Angmar: Madurz, I Care not for Khamul's feelings for you, but I do not like this feeling that he gives too much latitude to his servants
Angmar: And whatever Khamul is or whatever Khamul does, I am ultimately his master too
Madurz: yes this i know
Eowyn: *she vaguely remembered being chained to a wall... passing in and out of feverish dreams from her broken arm...*
Madurz: my lord..
Angmar: Yes, m'lady?
Madurz: did you not give the Nazgul orders to protect me in past months?
Angmar: Yes and he has done more than an adequate job at that
Madurz: why did you give them these orders?
Angmar: Now you may set my boots over to the side of my chair
Angmar: Perhaps to humor Khamul
Madurz: *she does so and looks to him*
Madurz: i am not so sure
Angmar: *he settles into the chair*
Angmar: *reaches into his robe, takes out a coin and tosses it to her*
Angmar: Here, your reward
Madurz: *catches it and sets it on the table* i need no rewrds
Madurz: but thank you
Eowyn: *but then the witchking had come, and had mercy upon her, or so it seemed, and took her back to his room in his arms*
Madurz: my lord..
Madurz: my life means nothing to you anymore does it?
Angmar: My lady, the Edain have many uses. They can provide sport
Angmar: they can surrender gracefully and pay tribute
Angmar: They can vow to be our allies in any wars
Angmar: But other than that, I have no feelings for any of them
Madurz: i suppose you would see no difference in me than them...and i understand
Eowyn: *the witch-king had given her many potions and said many spells upon her, and since that time, nothing really seemed clear to her...*
Eowyn: *she was a prisioner of mordor as well as a prisioner of love...*
Angmar: I have determined that there are differences in individual Edain
Angmar: The smell of one will differ from the smell of another, and the smell of one kind's blood will be unlike that of a different tribe or race
Angmar: And by the smell of all, I can tell which each is
Angmar: And by the sound of the voice and by other indications. Yes, there are differences
Angmar: And intelligence... some have more of that than others
Angmar: You are one of the ones of intelligence
Angmar: So you can prove useful to a certain degree
Madurz: *she places her hand on his shoulder* it's alright my lord.. i understand...i do not mean to weigh you with these thoughts
Eowyn: *she was madly in love with the witchking... she loved him with most of all her heart... but there was one small part, very small and almost forgotten, that felt a bit differently*
Angmar: My lady, I did not give you leave to touch me!
Angmar: You must ask the lord's permission, ere you ever come near or touch him
Angmar: You are lucky I did not wither your hand as it reached to my shoulder!
Madurz: *she retracts hand* i am sorry my lord *being with him brought back old memories and she remembered his mortal face and she had forgotten that this was not the same man*
Madurz: i do not recoil from the Nazgul...but again i do appologize
Angmar: My lady, you will come to me when I tell you and never before
Angmar: Now take the coin and be content
Madurz: *she remembers a time when she used to touch his hand and near the ring how he would back away*
Eowyn: *and deep within herself she desired death most of all.... for she could not bear to live in shame and disgrace, if she was ever released from mordor*
Madurz: *this rejection would be painful if her feelings were still there but..they belonged to another now...relaesed by Gandalf and gave her a new heart to give to Khamul*
Angmar: Now fetch me the stool over younder and put my feet upon it
Angmar: And do it quickly! I have not all the night
Madurz: *she stands and get the stool and places his feet upon it*
Angmar: *he sighs... but it sounds more like a hiss*
Angmar: Now a glass of wine for me
Angmar: It is over in the cabinet on the west wall
Angmar: And bring a small table so a bottle and glass may be put on it
Madurz: *she moves to it and cant help how she feels like Ash and is glad she doesnt give him orders...she fetches all that he wants and brings it to him*
Angmar: *she hears the sound of a deep chuckle*
Madurz: *looks over to him*
Madurz: do i amuse you?
Eowyn: *but of course her shame and disgrace strengthen the effects of the spell.... making her desire staying in mordor for that is the only place it seems she has any hope at all*
Angmar: My lady, do you amuse me? Hmmm.... I shall have to reflect upon that
Madurz: is there anything else before i sit?
Angmar: I have jesters of plenty my lady when I need entertainment
Angmar: And singers and bards of many countries
Angmar: And musicians who can play music from different lands
Angmar: My lady, I give you leave to sit
Madurz: *she was going to sit anyway for she wasnt used to asking permission with Khamul*
Madurz: *she sits*
Madurz: *she stares at him and thinks just how difficult it would be if she still had feelings for him*
Angmar: But first give up and give me back my coin since you will not take it
Madurz: *she almost cant believe she is sitting with whom she had in his mortal life and who she had searched for through lifetimes*
Angmar: But consider from whom you declined pay
Angmar: You might regret that
Madurz: *at his request she smiles and reaches her hand out to give it back*
Madurz: i do not require coins my lord
Angmar: *he reaches his hand to take it*
Madurz: it is not to be offensive
Angmar: *and puts it back in his robe*
Angmar: All right, my lady, since I have a bit of time... try to entertain me
Madurz: *raises eyebrow* entertain you?
Angmar: Sing if you will, dance, tell me a story
Angmar: Nothing too complicated
Madurz: i can do all three...tell me what you prefer
Angmar: I sense a strong obstinancy in you my lady
Angmar: Which I do not particuarly like
Madurz: is that wrong?
Angmar: I am used to my thralls obeying without question
Madurz: i apologize..i am just...used to you i suppose
Madurz: i my are someone i know well
Madurz: i do not fear you...and i am sorry if that is upsetting to you
Angmar: Since you have no ready song nor tale, you may entertain me by telling me a story of yourself
Angmar: My lady, I am never upset
Madurz: a story of this can be of interest to you
Madurz: since you are a main character
Madurz: but do not be taken aback by things i might say of you
Eowyn: *eoywn sinks ever deeper into the pit of despair... and embraces the hopeless feelings that come upon her like waves of icy water.*
Eowyn: *for the pit of despair is a strange thing....... one prefers to wallow in it than seek a way out... for there seems to be no way and no hope*
Eowyn: *and darkness and misery becomes more favorable than light and mirth*
Madurz: i do not know well of my parents in that time long ago..
Angmar: *Sends thought to Eowyn in her cell... Maid, sleep!*
Madurz: in fact most memories were hard to focus on but they seem easier now..
Angmar: *he listens*
Eowyn: *she falls into ever deeper dream and despair... nightmares of her worst fears.... in madness she calls out to the witchking and sauron.... but yet her troubled sleep continues*
Angmar: Angmar sits in his chair but the thought plagues him*
Angmar: *The woman did not take the protective padding from his legs*
Angmar: *and now it plagues him*
Angmar: *even undead flesh feels some discomfort at times*
Angmar: *he calls the two orc guards outside the door and bids them to go and bring Eowyn into this room*
Angmar: *he sends a thought to her, Wake up Eowyn of Rohan, and come attend me*
Eowyn: *she wakes up and the memory of her nightmares fade into but a dull sense of dread.... but yet her sleep did not refresh her and she yet feels tired*
Eowyn: *she hears the orcs at her cell door again and they barge in and grab her, taking her to the room in which the witchking and madurz are in*
Angmar: *he sees Eowyn and summons her to come over to him* Eowyn, take the padding off of my weary legs as you have done so often before
Angmar: Since she is here too, both of you might as well do it
Eowyn: *eowyn goes to her lord and assists him with his padding*
Eowyn: yes, my lord...
Madurz: *her words are interrupted as she sees the woman enter...the one who tried to kill him and she begins to blaze within*
Angmar: Now move the stool Eowyn, so I might get up
Eowyn: *she moves the stool for him*
Angmar: *he stands off, takes off his robe and hands it to Eowyn*
Madurz: *she kicks her chair out from beneath her and moves to the other side of the room*
Madurz: *clenches her fist*
Angmar: *walks out in the middle of the floor and says* Which one of you will take off my halberk?
Eowyn: *she takes his robe and puts it on a nearby stool*
Eowyn: *and offers in a most humble voice* i will, my lord
Madurz: *she looks away from them and creates small half moons of blood in her palm from ckenching so tightly*
Eowyn: *notices that the other woman seems to be discomforted somehow*
Angmar: Here, Eowyn, show Madurz how to take it off. She probably doesn't know how. *he laughs*
Madurz: *she turns to them a fire buring in her eyes as her anger mounts* you mock me in front of the one who tried to kill you?
Eowyn: *she moves to him and unbuckles the belt around his waist and sets it on the stool with the cape*
Madurz: *eyes broken bits of glass on the floor*
Eowyn: *and proceeds to lift up the halberk upwards towards his head*
Eowyn: *hears what the other woman says*
Eowyn: *her eyes widen and she is afraid*
Angmar: Eowyn, leave the linen garments underneath
Madurz: *her mind turns black and sees only her intent on their destruction and picks up a piece of glass andf takes the woman by her hair and puts the tip to her throat* dare you threaten the life of a Nazgul
Angmar: Madurz, does not Khamul teach you these things?
Eowyn: *she trembles slightly but tries not to make a move... she closes her eyes and swallows hard*
Madurz: *she grits her teeth*
Eowyn: i.... i... *she stutters*
Madurz: you what?
Angmar: *he tires of their spectacle and freezes both of them to their spots*
Angmar: Now stay there, ladies! And consider your places!
Angmar: Now if you have reflected thoroughly on this....
Angmar: I will free you
Eowyn: *her head hurts her where her hair is being pulled*
Eowyn: i... i... would not dare to hurt a nazgul!
Madurz: you lie....i do not trust you
Madurz: i cannot afford your deceit
Eowyn: indeed, i would rather do myself harm
Madurz: as would i
Eowyn: *many things go through her mind... and she is ever confused and fearful*
Madurz: just what were yuou going to do with that blade?
Angmar: *he walks back to his chair and sits down
Angmar: *he thinks... ever do mortals provide entertainment... he smiles*
Eowyn: i... i... do not know, i cannot remember
Madurz: shall i paint a picture my...lady?
Eowyn: no, no, please do not!
Madurz: your beloved over there....the one who captures your heart..your being...
Madurz: you aimed to penetrate a face you cannot see
Angmar: *he sits there and looks at them and laughs*
Madurz: i should relish in your blood right now
Angmar: Shall I call the orcs?
Angmar: Let's see which one of you can best one of them!
Eowyn: i may have committed many sins in my past.... for i vaguely remember being of the deluded and wicked west.... but now i am a thrall of mordor
Madurz: *she says to the witch king..*
Madurz: i cannot believe you laugh at me when i honor you
Eowyn: and i beg thee reconsider my previous crimes and crimes that i attempted to commit... for i was indeed deceived by the treachery of the west
Angmar: My ladies... now you are making me angry
Angmar: Settle yourselves! I do not want to waste either of you on an orc
Madurz: *she releases her and throws her to the ground*
Angmar: You madurz, come over to my other side
Madurz: *moves away from both of them and breathes heavily*
Madurz: *he does not care for her loyalty*
Angmar: You lady Eowyn....
Angmar: when you recover, I will have you taken back to your room, but press me anymore and I will send both of you to the orcs
Eowyn: *she falls to ground clutching her throat*
Eowyn: *panting*
Angmar: *he remains sitting in his chair*
Angmar: Madurz, bring me back my footstool
Madurz: *she places her hand on the wall and hangs her head*
Angmar: And so help me, if I see such fire again out of either of you, I will put you on the battlefield!
Madurz: *squeezes the piece of glass then drops it*
Eowyn: *she vaguely remembers something about a battlefield.... but the memory passes*
Madurz: *moves to him and puts the stool under his feet*
Eowyn: *she looks up to the witchking* i am sorry my lord...
Angmar: Two such females rival the battle intensity of warg riders!
Angmar: *but he no longer seems very angry*
Madurz: *she thinks of her Dark Lord and hopes he appreciates her loyalty*
Eowyn: *she slowly begins to recover, but is still wary and keeps her eyes on the woman across the room from her*
Eowyn: *she prays the witchking may defend her should this happen again*
Madurz: *her eyes narrow then look away*
Angmar: *he summons the two orc guards and tell them to take Eowyn back to her room*
Angmar: *when they come to get her, he says* Sleep well, Eowyn, and dream
Eowyn: *she sighs with resignation as the orcs pick her up and drag her back to her cell*
Madurz: *leans against the wall far from all of them*
Eowyn: *and walks over to her pile of hay and throws herself down in it, crying*
Angmar: *He sits in his chair and says*
Angmar: Madurz, pour me another glass of wine
Angmar: Make yourself useful
Madurz: *she stands and without any words she does what he asks*
Angmar: *he begins to get disgusted*
Angmar: Woman, did Khamul teach you nothing?
Angmar: Nothing about the proper duties of servants?
Madurz: i am not his servant
Angmar: you would have me think you are his equal perhaps? *he laughs*
Madurz: i am losing patience...with all due respect my lord...
Madurz: i tell you a tale of your mortal life with me and you make the woman who tried to kill you enter in front of me
Madurz: i defend you...defend our lord
Madurz: and you are dipleased?
Eowyn: *she huddles in the cold cell and clutches her ragged clothes around her*
Angmar: Woman, when I want something I want it NOW
Angmar: I do not want it a few minutes later
Angmar: My servants attend me all the days of their lives
Angmar: And your gentle fool of a master does not teach you that it is plain to see
Madurz: i want to serve you..not wait on you when you show me no respect
Angmar: I respect no mortal man, no living creature
Madurz: *she throws the bottle against the wall*
Eowyn: *she rocks back and forth in her hay, the words of the other woman going thru her head.... had she really threatened the life of her lord? she could not remember.....*
Eowyn: *and she was from the treacherous west at one time.... she hoped it was not true*
Angmar: *he turns his head and watches as the bottle breaks against the wall*
Angmar: That was a very good year, and you destroyed it!
Madurz: why wont you recognize me or my efforts?
Angmar: If I had a mind to, I would cause the pieces to materialize in the air above your head
Angmar: Madurz, servant of Khamul, you are an unwilling spirit
Madurz: unwilling?
Angmar: Perhaps you would like to have the same spell cast upon you as I have cast upon Eowyn?
Madurz: why wont you give me any credit?
Madurz: why do you look to me as a slave?
Eowyn: *she cries, feeling guilty for some deed she could not remember....*
Eowyn: *was she not a thrall of mordor too?*
Madurz: why can you not see all i have done and will do for our cause?
Madurz: i am here by my own will
Angmar: Woman, all the Edain are but snaga
Angmar: And save for a few bothersome remnants, all of the remaining Edain will soon be what they were created to be, snaga
Madurz: *she cannot believe his misunderstanding of her and disrespect*
Madurz: *she storms out of her own room*
Angmar: *he orders the two orc guards to bring her back in any way they like*
Angmar: *but intact*
Eowyn: *she falls into a fitful and uneasy sleep*
Madurz: *she struggles against them but they relish in their room for rough treatment*
Angmar: *he sits in his chair and starts singing some unknown tune in Aduniac*
Madurz: *they throw her to his feet and next to his boots which she collides with and looks up to him*
Eowyn: *somehow eowyn can hear the song in her room... it makes her feel better... she smiles*
Madurz: *she thought she heard him hum it?*
Angmar: *he finishes that song and begins another*
Angmar: *and all they can understand is the word Atalante*
Madurz: *her hands and knees drip blood from broken glass*
Angmar: ...Barim an-Adun yurahtam daira saibeth-ma Eruvo
Angmar: ...azriya du-phursa akhasada
Angmar: Anadune ziran hikallaba...
Madurz: *she adjusts herself and listens to him*
Madurz: *wipes the blood away with her own clothes*
Angmar: bawiba dulgi....balik hazad an-Nimruzir azulada...
Angmar: *he finishes his song and sits there with his head bent*
Madurz: *she removes shards from her legs*
Angmar: *he notices Madurz and the blood*
Angmar: *he shows a mild interest, but is soon bored*
Angmar: *and starts humming the melody of the tune he had just sung*
Madurz: *she looks up and begins to hum it with him*
Eowyn: *in her dreams eowyn and the witchking are riding on a fell beast far above the polluted sky of mordor... she is in his lap with her hands around his head... and he tells her how much he loves her*
Angmar: *he hums in harmony with Madurz*
Angmar: *but stops and says* Madurz, go on with your story
Angmar: I fear you cannot sing this tune as well as I
Angmar: *he contemplates teaching it to Eowyn for he has heard that she is a singer of renown*
Madurz: *she pulls herself up into the chair and looks to him*
Madurz: *it hurts her to talk of him in the past now after what he has done*
Angmar: M'lady Madurz, before you tax me to complete exasperation, continue your story
Angmar: Or I will sit here and start working on a new spell that will rival the serpents that plagued Ashgaz
Madurz: *she swallows hard* a great king you were...
Madurz: i admired you for yours as i grew older i began to educate myself in hopes to impress you..
Eowyn: * they ride on the fell beast through the heavy air of mordor, he whispers sweet nothings in her ear and she looks up at him adoringly*
Eowyn: *she sighs and leans back in his arms*
Madurz: but our first meeting was a short while after you had accepted the ring..
Madurz: and your wife had grown hostile..
Madurz: she thought you were losing your mind..
Angmar: *then almost idlely he starts chanting words in Aduniac... he puts a spell upon her... and she sees a fountain coming out of the floor...*
Angmar: *first clear water splashes up out of the fountain and falls down in crystal cascades of droplets*
Madurz: it was this time that we met...*she looks over and sees the fountain*
Angmar: *and it seems that the moon shines down upon it*
Angmar: *and the sound of nightengales sing in the cool night air*
Angmar: *and a lute plays softly in the background*
Madurz: *she shuts her eyes and wonders why he is showing her this*
Eowyn: *in her dream she has never been more happy.... in the arms of her beloved*
Angmar: *but slowly the drops of water turn to golden mist*
Angmar: *and a cloud goes over the moon*
Angmar: *the sound of the lute and nightengale is hushed*
Angmar: *and the golden droplets slowly turn into flames of fire and dance in the fountain*
Madurz: *her voice is small and quiet* ..why?
Angmar: *and the water in the basin turns to molten lava and molten rock*
Angmar: *and the vision vanishes as suddenly as it came*
Madurz: *looks to him*
Madurz: i bore you so i will not speak anymore
Angmar: Nay, my lady, I but make a small vision
Angmar: A spell for your entertainment
Madurz: it was...lovely..thank you
Angmar: And I see you did not enjoy it?
Madurz: it isnt that..
Angmar: I do not sense your gratitude, my lady *he laughs playfully*
Madurz: i am just unsure of your intentions
Madurz: *his mood swings remind her of days long ago when he would go in and out of darkness*
Eowyn: *she sighs... in the midst of a pleasant dream.... such pleasures had been scarce for most of her life*
Madurz: our first meeting...we danced
Madurz: endlessly
Madurz: or so it seemed
Angmar: M'lady, it is but a vision, a thing I do to entertain myself
Madurz: it is fine my lord
Angmar: Remember, I took all spells from your mind. Perhaps I should have left them on
Angmar: Perhaps that was why you were such a willing slave of Khamul
Madurz: do i really deserve any?
Madurz: please do not call me a slave
Angmar: I have called Edain slaves for over 4500 years, and you expect me to break the habit in a day!
Madurz: *she looks to him as he sits across from her*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz hesitantly enters the room*
Angmar: *the Witch King of Angmar still sits in his chair still singing*
Ashgaz: *He bows to the Witch King*
Madurz: honestly my lord does tales of your mortal life hold no interest of yours?
Angmar: *the witch-king nods*
Madurz: if not i will not speak
Angmar: *he looks to the lady*
Angmar: *he says* My lady, they hold but little interest to me now
Madurz: *her mind weighs heavily with so many thoughts*
Madurz: i understand
Ashgaz: *senses the lady's distress*
Angmar: I remember Angmar, but little else
Madurz: they hold much of my interest
Madurz: so it hurts to speak of
Angmar: *and says* my lady, I will attempt to honor your grief at the possible loss of my servant Khamul
Ashgaz: *bursts out* What?
Madurz: *she inhales sharply*
Angmar: Ashgaz, you spoke without my bidding
Angmar: But speak now
Madurz: he is not lost
Ashgaz: *hangs his head* I'm sorry
Madurz: he survives
Madurz: i know it...he must
Ashgaz: I had not heard anything about my master
Ashgaz: What happened to him?
Angmar: Ashgaz, your master Khamul has been gone now over 16 hours
Angmar: None can contact him, not even the Great Eye
Ashgaz: *his eyes widen*
Angmar: Therefore it is thought that he has perished
Madurz: *she cannot imagine being without him*
Ashgaz: Oh, that is terrible, my lord
Madurz: it is not thought by me
Angmar: Until he returns or if he returns, his charges are now mine
Angmar: By right of inheritance
Ashgaz: *feels grief*
Madurz: *looks to him*
Angmar: But Sauron still has his ring
Ashgaz: *He cannot tell how much is grief for Khamul and how much is fear of the Witch King*
Angmar: And his spirit is bound to it. His body may perish, but still his spirit remains
Ashgaz: Then he is not lost?
Angmar: We cannot find him
Angmar: If he came back as a spirit, he would be powerless and without form
Angmar: And in worse shape than you Ashgaz
Angmar: Completely in the spirit world
Ashgaz: *is stricken at the thought of Khamul in that state*
Madurz: *her heart sinks...oh my love..i have not forseen cannot be*
Angmar: Ashgaz, do you understand?
Angmar: Madurz, do you understand?
Ashgaz: *He can hardly bring himself to speak*
Madurz: i was not his slave
Ashgaz: *quietly* I understand, my lord.
Madurz: as much as he could..he loved me
Angmar: Madurz, Ashgaz accepts his servitude but you do not accept yours?
Madurz: by his own will..and mine
Ashgaz: You mean when I was his servant?
Angmar: He was not strong ever, either as a king or as one of the Nine
Ashgaz: I...I had great difficulty forgetting the Shire...
Angmar: Yes, Ashgaz, now you are the servant of all Eight that remain
Ashgaz: I was a difficult servant.
Angmar: You always were under charge of us
Madurz: stop speaking as if he is gone
Ashgaz: I'm sorry, my lady
Angmar: Now Madurz, you owe me and the Seven your loyalty
Madurz: yes i understand..and i will honor you my lord.
Madurz: but he is not lost
Angmar: But you speak of love.... sounds like weak Khamul
Madurz: i have always been loyal
Madurz: yes i speak of love
Angmar: Khamul is ever the dreamer
Angmar: But I am no dreamer
Madurz: he saw in me what you did many years ago
Angmar: Ashgaz, fetch me a drink
Ashgaz: My lord---my master, I will do my best to serve you. *bows and exits*
Angmar: my lady, you do somewhat pique my interest. But where is it I was supposed to have known you
Ashgaz: *goes to the wine pantry*
Ashgaz: *looks at all the wines wondering what the Witch King drinks*
Madurz: when you were a mortal king
Angmar: *sends message to Ashgaz, the red one that glows*
Madurz: soon after you were given the ring
Ashgaz: *realizes that he has developed some affection for Khamul since his master underwent punishment for him*
Madurz: that is when
Angmar: My lady, I know I was a king
Ashgaz: *weeps over the wines*
Ashgaz: *takes the red one that glows*
Ashgaz: *pulls himself together and returns to the room*
Angmar: *Knave, drink not of the red liquid for it will send you far into the earth where creatures unknown even to Sauron dwell*
Ashgaz: *returns and replies* I will not, my lord
Angmar: It is a drink for the Morgul lord only
Angmar: Now my kingdom, my lady?
Ashgaz: *pours a glass for him*
Madurz: *looks to him* i watched what you have become now *her voice soft*
Angmar: I do have wit enough to know that it was a colony of Numenor
Angmar: *he downs it in one swallow and a reddish smoke can be seen spouting from his unseen mouth*
Angmar: *he sighs*
Ashgaz: *grimaces at the sight*
Angmar: *and says* a drink fit for the Morgul lord!
Angmar: *sends a thought to Ashgaz. Bring the lady something too*
Madurz: our love was stronger than any other
Angmar: *a bottle of 2580 from Nurn*
Ashgaz: *replies* *Aye, my lord*
Ashgaz: *fetches the bottle*
Angmar: You say you lived in this colony at Umbar?
Angmar: for there my kingdom lay
Ashgaz: *pours a glass and offers it to the lady*
Angmar: And you say we danced?
Madurz: *nods to Ash* yes from what i can remember which isnt everything
Madurz: yes we danced
Angmar: There were many dances over many years
Madurz: i remember that well
Angmar: Why should I remember one?
Madurz: it lasted hours...we talked and told tales..
Angmar: *sends a thought to Ash... I sense you are thinking of your master*
Madurz: it is when you whispered to me that you wanted me to kill the queen
Ashgaz: *It is true*
Angmar: *Stop thinking about him.. it will lessen your efficiency*
Angmar: My queen..... which queen?
Ashgaz: *replies quietly* *Aye, my lord.*
Angmar: there were several
Angmar: Oh, I am beginning to remember something...
Madurz: your...*thinks* third?
Angmar: That queen.
Angmar: yes..
Angmar: She was a viper
Madurz: you remember?
Angmar: I don't want to remember her
Madurz: i killed her for you..for us my lord
Angmar: memories of her can still stir phantoms
Ashgaz: *shudders*
Angmar: *sends a thought to Ashgaz.. don't drink any of the wine. I know knaves like you. Little better than orcs*
Ashgaz: *I have never drunk any, my lord, and I shall not.*
Angmar: then my lady if you speak true, you rid me of a vexation
Madurz: i remember that night well all of a sudden
Angmar: If it is as you say, perhaps I should remember you
Madurz: i thought of her blood...but it wasnt hers..
Madurz: it was the other blood i spilled...
Madurz: no gave me..a potion..yes
Angmar: But I preceive that your thoughts conjure some attempt at enchantment. Is this true?
Madurz: *she sits up straighter as images flood her head..its almost painful to grab them out of so many years of memories*
Angmar: But do not think I am so easily enchanted as Khamul
Madurz: enchantment
Ashgaz: *his jaw drops as he comprehends the significance of this conversation*
Madurz: this is new to me as well
Ashgaz: *he tries to picture the Witch King as a mortal*
Ashgaz: *unsuccessfully*
Madurz: you made me her handmaiden..
Angmar: *The Witch-King strikes mental daggers through Ashgaz' thoughts for his presumption*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz utters a sudden gasp*
Ashgaz: *then looks embarrassed*
Madurz: and i was with her and saw her growing hate for you...this angered me..
Madurz: and all i wanted was to have you...and i was growing intolerant with her and her fits with you..
Madurz: i slipped the potion to her...
Madurz: it made her kill her make others think it was just illness
Angmar: *from the chair he listens to her story*
Madurz: oh...*she breathes heavily*
Madurz: *she grabs her head*
Ashgaz: *watches and listens intently*
Madurz: sores...she developed sores....all over..
Madurz: i sat by her bed as she spole words of hate for you..
Angmar: A fitting death
Ashgaz: *grimaces*
Madurz: "curse him..curse his mad mind" she said
Ashgaz: *thinks, what a horrible story, for all of them*
Madurz: i couldnt take it..i...i put my hands around her throat..and i killed hr
Madurz: before life quit on her naturally i killed her
Angmar: *he thinks... one of my earlier spells. Simple poison*
Madurz: strangled her...but everyone assumed it was just the illness
Angmar: Yes, I remember this one
Angmar: And I remember how she died
Madurz: *she cant believe it was flooding back to her*
Madurz: after it was done i ran to your chambers
Ashgaz: *He can't believe what he is hearing*
Madurz: you knew it was done..
Angmar: *he savors the retelling of the story*
Madurz: it was my first kill and i had clung to you and wept
Angmar: *he thinks.... little Ashgaz should be taught the art of making poison... a simple thing for him to learn, if I teach him sorcery*
Ashgaz: *senses that thought and goes into a turmoil*
Madurz: but we were free and i was glad she was dead..
Angmar: My lady, I am glad you rid me of her
Madurz: as was i
Ashgaz: *What if he learns to make poison and it kills innocent people?*
Ashgaz: *What if it kills hobbits?*
Ashgaz: *What if it kills Mary?*
Angmar: *he sends this thought to Ashgaz.. just a robe, a good horse, a map... and a vial of poison and soon the thane of Buckland will be dead*
Madurz: that night was memorable..
Ashgaz: *Why do you want him dead?*
Angmar: *Thane of Buckland, thane of Tuckburough... he had no knowledge of these little people's system of government*
Angmar: *Because I want them all dead*
Ashgaz: *shudders*
Angmar: My lady, truly a memorable night
Angmar: I was at last rid of my wife
Madurz: but do you remember me?
Angmar: I should have paid you a handsome reward. Did I?
Madurz: you flowered me with gifts constantly once we were free to love
Angmar: *in vengance for the Shire's sending archers to the battle of Fornost... I want their heirs dead*
Ashgaz: *breathes heavily*
Madurz: but it was more than genuinely loved me
Madurz: and told me all the time
Angmar: You speak of love, my lady
Madurz: yes
Ashgaz: *in spite of the cold that emits from wraiths, his face grows hot*
Angmar: Are you sure I loved anything but my ring?
Madurz: you loved your ring much
Angmar: *he thinks to himself... probably there were bracegirdles from the shire that went there too*
Angmar: *it matters not... kill all you can*
Madurz: but still you had your mortal self then and yes you did love me
Ashgaz: *You are sending ME?!*
Madurz: you were scared
Angmar: *sends thought to Ashgaz... I am considering it*
Madurz: as much as you loved it
Angmar: True, the one that wears a gift of power both loves it and fears it
Ashgaz: *I beg you by the Eye of Sauron and the walls of Barad-Dur...please do not send me*
Madurz: you clung to me for support
Madurz: and support i did
Angmar: *sends another thought to Ashgaz... then what use can I make you?*
Ashgaz: *Any use here in your house*
Ashgaz: *Even Khamul began to be satisfied with me as a house servant*
Angmar: *sends thought to Ashgaz... this is not my house. This is Lugburz, my home is in Minas Morgul where I am lord*
Angmar: Surely my lady you do not think you still love me
Ashgaz: *Of course, of course, you are lord of Minas Morgul*
Angmar: *Knave, do not think because I am gone sometimes that Khamul reigns there as Lord!*
Madurz: not any more...but that was Gandalfs doing...i did love you...even recently
Ashgaz: *Oh no, my lord, I did not think that*
Madurz: only months ago
Angmar: *I think if Khamul survives I will send him back to Dol Goldur. His mind needs purifying again*
Angmar: But my lady, you think it not?
Madurz: *she shudders*
Angmar: And you say you now love Khamul?
Angmar: Then you are truly unique, for you are the only human that thinks not of killing us but of loving us
Angmar: Any human of free will
Madurz: Gandalf erased all of my feelings for you...
Madurz: but not memories
Madurz: i came back over and over to find you
Angmar: Last night I removed all spells from you and gave you back free will
Madurz: Gandalf in this life erased those feelings
Angmar: I wished to learn the truth of the matter
Madurz: i speak only truth
Madurz: my destiny from that time long ago was to serve our Lord
Madurz: it was seen that i still serve
Angmar: *he seems reflective upon hearing these words*
Madurz: if it wasnt for Gandalf..i would still love you
Angmar: But I sense you do not wish to serve me
Madurz: but i still am loyal...and respect you and will die for you
Ashgaz: *wonders how it is possible for a mortal to love a wraith*
Madurz: serve you in this fight yes
Madurz: but i am not a slave
Angmar: *sends thought to Ashgaz. Don't think such thoughts Ashgaz! No one loves us*
Ashgaz: *True, what was I thinking?*
Madurz: i do not fear the Nazgul
Ashgaz: *There may be someone yet who loves me, but that is because she does not know I am a wraith*
Angmar: *sends thought to Ashgaz. Your mind needs purging again Ashgaz. You are unruly*
Ashgaz: *his mind is still reeling at the danger to the Shire*
Madurz: with a fresh heart from Gandalf i loved by my free will Khamul
Ashgaz: *I am sorry, my lord*
Madurz: who saved me twice
Angmar: *Ashgaz, then if I send you back to the Shire you can show your loyalty by killing your love?*
Angmar: Khamul, Khamul... My lady, is that all of which you can speak?!
Ashgaz: *turns so pale that he is invisible even to the Witch King*
Madurz: have i not spoke of you all night?
Angmar: Khamul the weakling, Khamul the blind
Angmar: How can you "love" such as he?
Madurz: he saved my life
Madurz: he was gentle
Madurz: i felt in him a sincerity
Madurz: and he loves me as much as he can in return
Ashgaz: *Wishes his master were still here*
Madurz: it was for his love and weakness i suppose
Angmar: And you were the cause of the wrath of Sauron upon weak Khamul?
Madurz: that the Dark Lord punished him
Angmar: *sends a thought as withering as the Great Plague on Ashgaz' mind*
Ashgaz: *slumps in the chair*
Angmar: My lady, you will find that I am not weak like he is
Ashgaz: *sits back up trying to sort out the situation*
Madurz: i know you cannot love me..
Angmar: And you will find if I command it that you will willingly proclaim me as your lord
Madurz: and if i still loved you that would kill me
Angmar: *he thinks to himself... mortals, mortals, always my bane*