October 8, 3019

Lord Lorthang's enthusiasm had been high since he and his family had left Nurn September 20, 3019, and now, eighteen days later, after a long and arduous journey, they have finally reached the bridge at Osgiliath. Lorthang, riding a chestnut stallion, bounced in his saddle as he rode, his ponderous bulk oozing out over both sides of the saddle. "This is a new day for us," he told his two sons, Bafowel and Balwin, who rode one on each side of him.

"Yes, Father," Bafowel, the eldest, says, "The life of the city will agree with me far more than life in the country in Nurn."

Balwin, the youngest, a youth of about seventeen, replies, "Yes! More taverns and wenches and drinking!"

Randir and his sister Sirana rode behind their father and brothers. Randir turns to Sirana and says, "The exuberance of our father and brothers is at a high peak this morning, my sister, but for my part, I do not think the future is painted with a brush of bright colors." He sighs, and his upper lip curls in disgust. "Whatever the future might be, I will be satisfied if it does not involve some form of manual labor. You know," he says, "how I recoil at that prospect! Ah..." he sighs. "You and I are the only ones with any brains in this family...Bafowel is indeed a dolt, and Balwin..." his shoulders sag in an overly dramatic gesture, "What can we say there? He is a simpleton. Ah, my dear sister, how we do suffer... I cannot believe that either one of us is related to them, for verily we exhibit eloquences not otherwise noted in our sire's blood."

He looks at her again and his handsome, though delicate, features express a look of being the victim of exploitation. "But we shall endure, dear sister, you and I, as we always have."

The guard at the eastern tower of the bridge hails the party. "State your business and you may pass into the city!"

Pompously, Lord Lorthang proclaims, "I am Lord Lorthang, former Governor of the Southern Province of Nurn, now to be Third Scribe to His Majesty, King Varyon I, King of Forogondor, the Northern Province of West Mordor, and Lord High Governor of Minas Artano. Now make way for us!" he says and gestures elaborately with his hand.

"Hail, Lorthang, Third Scribe to the King! We have been expecting you. You may pass." The guard motions for them to go forward and then signals for the guard on the western side that these travelers may be granted passage over the bridge. Lorthang sends a mounted servant ahead to ask directions to the street on which their new townhouse is located, and then to report back and lead them there. The group rides through the ruins of Osgiliath and then they see the towering city ahead, and Lord Lorthang has visions of a palatial residence located somewhere near the King's House.

"My sons," he says, "The King must know of my outstanding attributes and this position of third scribe is an elevated one."

Bafowel and Balwin agree with him and Bafowel says, "Father, perhaps you can use your influence to secure me a position befitting my worth."

Randir cannot control his laughter at this remark of his brother, and he says to his sister, "Our brother shares one thing with our father; his surprising quality of making a fool of himself no matter what the situation. Ah, sister, how we must suffer for the indiscretions of our mother." He puts his left hand on his head and holds it there as he holds the reins with his right. He says in a low tone to her, "I do not believe we are related to any of them. What a curse, what a curse!" he says and sighs in an overly melodramatic tone.

When the servant returns, he does not lead them up the Mundburg to the King's House. Instead he takes them to the bottom level of the city and down a street until they reach a house, once handsome, but now showing severe damages from the war in the spring. "There must be some mistake," Lorthang says. "Vartang promised..."

"My lord," the servant says, "This is indeed the place. I inquired inside of one of the servants you sent ahead to prepare for us. The doorman says that the house is not ready yet and will not be for some weeks yet. He suggests you go to one of the inns in the new city where accommodations can be found for you."

"You mean..." Lorthang says, "We can't even stay in our new house tonight?"

"Nay, lord, I am afraid not, for one whole section of roof is missing, some of the ceilings are dropping, and the house leaks most dreadfully. Repairs must be completed."

Randir calls up to his father and says, "Father, I do not even want to see it if it is in such a deplorable circumstance. Let us go to the inn."

"Perhaps you are right," says Lorthang. "It might be interesting to mix with the common sort in our new city." Lorthang gives directions that all the household servants are go inside and help the other servants in readying the building for use, save eight to attend to upon him and his family.

They turn away from their new dwelling and the servant leads them across the plain to Newburg, a mile away from the old city. They ride up the inn and are directed into the innyard, where they turn their horses over to the ostler and stableboys. Lord Lorthang, his family and servants then go into the inn where they are met by Tobir, the innkeeper.

"How many, sir?" the innkeeper asks.

"My three sons and I, my daughter, and eight servants."

The inkeeper looks at his record book. "Oh, I am sorry, sir, we are very crowded tonight. Your servants will have to stay with the grooms above the stables."

Lord Lorthang portrayed by Eowyn
Sirana portrayed by FreeFall
Bafowel, Balwin, Tobir and Eiriel portrayed by Hobbitness
Narrator and Randir portrayed by Wraith

Lord Lorthang: I protest! A man of my positon should not be relegated to staying above a stable!
Tobir: Terribly sorry, sir. But there is no other room. We're all full!
Tobir: But you yourself won't have to stay above the stable, only your servants.
Randir: *Randir stands beside his sister, away from the others. He says to her* See, sister, the old fool is in his dotage
Tobir: We have some dwarves in a regular room....they're small...we'll squeeze them in with some men
Lord Lorthang: *he looks dumbfounded for a second, then realization dawns in* Oh! I see. You should speak louder next time.
Tobir: *bristles, but them smiles apologetically* Terribly sorry, sir!
Randir: *he lookst o his sister Sirana* This... this... this display of buffonery of our father has exhausted me. Why don't you and I go into the tavern, sit down and have a drink?
Tobir: *loudly to Lorthang* You will have a right fitting regular room to yourselves. It's just you servants who will have to stay above the stables.
Sirana: *she turns her head up* yes brother...i have much need to depart from them
Lord Lorthang: I see! You do not have to shout.
Randir: *he walks just ahead of her into the tavern area of the inn, sits down lanquidly in the seat and waits for his sister to seat herself*
Tobir: All right then...wench, show them to their room! *orders a serving wench nearby*
Lord Lorthang: *he hands the inkeeper a bag of coins, pay for their rooms*
Tobir: Thank you most kindly sir.
Sirana: *her eyes look all around...she huffs..wishing she could have stayed in a room better than an inn's. She moves behind him and enters as the smell of the tavern fills her nostrils and she sits down*
Lord Lorthang: Lead my servants to our rooms and they will take our baggage.
Lord Lorthang: My sons and I shall go in the tavern and have a drink.
Tobir: Aye sir, enjoy yourselves! Right this way, lads. *Tobir goes off with Lorthang's servants*
Randir: Dear sister, I hope that none of them sit near us *he says and waves to a barmaid to come to the table*
Sirana: *she sits up straight and adjusts her gown and folds her hands on her lap*
Sirana: nor do i Randir...nor do i
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang heads towards the tavern, and gestures for his sons to follow*
Eiriel: *Eiriel approaches Randir and Sirana's table*
Eiriel: Greetings sir and madam. What would you like today?
Randir: Two goblets of wine, maid, and bring them quickly, for our thirst is great
Sirana: *she tilts her head up to the woman and looks her up and down*
Sirana: *nods her head and smiles a smile that seems sweet*
Eiriel: *notices the woman's scrutinizing glance but tries to ignore it; returns the smile* Right away.
Eiriel: *she goes to the bar and pours two goblets of wine*
Randir: *looks the barmaid up and down out of the corner of his eye* Maid if you are quick about it, I might give you a coin of silver for your effort
Eiriel: *over her shoulder from the bar* Thank you kindly, sir!
Eiriel: *then she brings the goblets back to their table*
Randir: Thank you, maid. I will pay our bill when we have finished
Eiriel: As you wish. Would you like anything else?
Randir: And if you will, you may be the one to wait upon your table
Sirana: *she slides the goblet more in front of her then raises it* Not for me, thank you
Randir: Some roast boar, if you have any
Eiriel: *Eiriel is confused...she is already waiting on them, and customers don't normally give her permission to wait on them...she guesses that this man is full of himself but says nothing*
Eiriel: I will check and see if we have some roast boar for you, sir.
Eiriel: Madam, are you sure you don't want anything to eat?
Sirana: *she shakes her head* no..nothing to eat thank you
Randir: Bring my meal, and bring it quickly! *he says* I am hungry!
Eiriel: All right, sir. *she smiles at them, then goes to the back to see if there is any roast boar*
Randir: *he picks up his goblet of wine swirls it around in the goblet, takes a small sip*
Eiriel: *There is a little roast boar left. She puts it on a plate but then remembers the man is hungry...maybe this will not be enough. She puts some potatoes, greens, and a little chicken on the plate too, then returns to their table*
Eiriel: Here you are, sir. *sets it down before him*
Randir: Ah, a bountiful meal. Our journey has been long and weary *he puts his left hand to his brow.* My sister and I are quite worn by the rigors of travel
Sirana: *she takes in every detail of the tavern as she drinks her wine slowly...she even takes details of the wine by rolling it in her mouth*
Eiriel: We will do what we can to make you comfortable.
Sirana: Very much so. the hardest part i think brother, were father and the boys
Randir: Thank you, maid. The service of your master's establishment is very good
Eiriel: *smiles brightly* You are very welcome
Randir: Well, sister, *he says as he cuts a piece of roast boar with the knife and then puts it in his mouth and chews it slowly, then swallows* let us hope that our father will not make a fool of himself again tonight
Eiriel: *noticing that they do not seem to want anything, she smiles, bows, and goes to serve other customers...but she worries about the thin woman who is not eating anything*
Sirana: *she smirks a bit and a chuckle escapes her*oh brother...do you jest?
Randir: *he says after swallowing another small sip of wine* You know what a glutton he is
Sirana: indeed i know
Randir: *he cuts off a piece of chicken and smells it before he puts it in his mouth* Ah, it is fresh. How I loathe meat that is old and tough
Sirana: *thinks of the horrific spectacle not so long ago and grimaces*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang heads towards the tavern, and gestures for his sons to follow*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Balwin and Bafowel follow their father. Bafowel is steaming over this indignity, while Balwin is eager to sample the wine and wenches*
Sirana: i am glad you find it satisfactory Randir
Randir: *he cuts a piece of potato and spears it, then with the food still on the knife, he uses it to point to his father and brothers as they come into the tavern* Pretend that you do not know them, dear sister
Sirana: *she follows the direction of the knife then sighs deeply and looks downward*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel stalks into the tavern, his arms folded. Balwin struts in, his eyes eagerly devouring the scene, especially the wenches.*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang heads straight for Randir and Sirana's table... and says in a booming voice* AH! My dear son and daughter! We will sit with you!
Sirana: *she bites her lip hard*
Randir: *he sighs deeply, then puts his head on his hand and leans on the table* Father, is it really necessary? There are plenty of other seats in the tavern
Sirana: *raises goblet to her lips and drinks a large sip*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel greets Sirana with condescension, and Randir with outright contempt* Hail, my dear sister and brother
Randir: *he puts a piece of potato in his mouth and begins chewing*
Lord Lorthang: Nonsense my boy! *at his side now, he gives randir a hearty slap on the back*
Sirana: *grins with false kindness* Hello brother
Balwin and Bafowel: *Balwin gallops up to their table and slaps them both on the backs simultaneously* HULLO! Isn't it a great tavern? LOOK at the wenches! and the wine! and your food, Randir!
Randir: *Surprised by the force of the blows upon his back, Randir spits the potato out, spewing portions of it all over the table*
Randir: FATHER! *he screams*
Sirana: *she spins her head to the side to look at Balwin*
Lord Lorthang: *lorthang slumps his hefty bulk upon one of the chairs*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Balwin bursts out laughing. He holds his stomach and points at Randir as he guffaws. Heads in the tavern turn towards their table*
Lord Lorthang: *He looks at Randir and asks in a low voice* Is the food disagreeable..?
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel smirks at Randir's plight as he takes a seat with a miffed air*
Sirana: *she seethes with anger as none of them act in a dignified manner in front of her*
Randir: *he wads his hands into fists* Where is the serving wench! Someone must clean this up!
Randir: *he takes a napkin by his plate and starts wiping off the front of his tunic*
Randir: Father... *he says through clenched teeth* it is not the food that is disagreeable!
Eiriel: *Eiriel hears the commotion and rushes over to the table*
Eiriel: What seems to be the matter, sirs?
Sirana: *her brows furrow at yet another spectacle so soon to be full blown shortly*
Randir: *he looks away from the serving wench* There has been a slight.... accident..... someway food has soiled the table. Please clean it up
Eiriel: Oh my! *notices the food spewed all over the table. She tries not to grimace in disgust*
Sirana: *she wanted to enter here without a reputation of foolishness in the family*
Randir: Father... *he says low under his breath*
Eiriel: Right away sir....*less enthusiastically than before*
Randir: Try to control yourself! Everyone is looking at us!
Eiriel: *Eiriel goes to the back, wets two rags, wrings them out, and returns to the table*
Lord Lorthang: Of course they are looking at us! *indignant* I am the former lord of the Southern Province of Nurn!
Sirana: *she shakes her head and looks down....when would she rid herself of this disgrace which follows her wherever she goes*
Eiriel: *with one rag she picks up the spewed food, again trying not to grimace*
Eiriel: *then she wipes down the table with the other rag*
Randir: *He looks to his sister* Dear sister, how we suffer... *he says in a low voice*
Sirana: *she looks to Randir and he can tell what she is feeling*
Eiriel: There...how is that?
Sirana: *her eyes seem sad*
Sirana: *she leans into Randir more* we are better than this
Randir: Thank you, maid. The food was spilled quite by accident. You understand *he smiles at her weakly*
Eiriel: *weakly returns his smile* Oh yes, of course.
Eiriel: *an awkward pause ensues, then she turns to Lorthang and the two sons who just entered* Will you gentlemen be wanting anything?
Eiriel: Some wine or ale, and food perhaps?
Lord Lorthang: *he looks to the serving wench* I want buttered roast boar! And plenty of wine! Lots of wine! *he chuckles heartily*
Eiriel: I will get you a nice big goblet of wine....but I fear we're out of boar now...there was only a little left...*glances at Randir's plate*
Eiriel: I'm terribly sorry!
Eiriel: There is chicken, and beef, and stew, and venison...
Randir: My sister... *he says in a low voice* yes, we are better than they are, and I think this display by our father has made me quite ill *he pushes the plate away from himself*
Lord Lorthang: No roast boar! *he exclaims, highly disappointed* What do you mean, there is no roast boar?
Randir: *he slumps down in his seat, hoping no one will notice him*
Eiriel: I'm sorry!....maybe they are preparing a new one in the back! I will go tell them to, if you want to wait...
Eiriel: *but it takes an awfully long time to slaughter a pig and cook it...*
Lord Lorthang: *he looks to Randir's unfinished plate, and pulls it over to him* No point in wasting food and paying for it when it will be fed to the hogs.
Sirana: *her body still leaning near his she whispers* it will not be long before all here link us to this foolishness
Balwin and Bafowel: *Balwin glares at the wench while Bafowel exclaims* Father, can you believe this? A man of my station, forced to endure such treatment, and now there is NO BOAR! I wanted boar too!
Randir: Sister, sister, my dear sister, try to ignore the indignities that have befallen us, the indignities that are heaped upon our heads!
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel grabs a piece of boar from the plate that first belonged to Randir*
Lord Lorthang: *He looks back to the serving wench* This is a disgrace! No boar! Save for what little is on this plate! There is not enough for all of us!
Sirana: *she looks to them...as they grab for food like starved prisoners*
Eiriel: *Eiriel is very flustered by now* I am very sorry! Perhaps I can get you something else?
Sirana: *her lips curl*
Randir: *he slumps lower in his seat* Dear sister, they are like hogs at the trough. How they embarass us!
Eiriel: *timidly* There is some wonderful tasty venison stew!
Eiriel: and there is roast chicken, and seasoned beef
Eiriel: and wine, lots of good wine!
Eiriel: and ale!
Lord Lorthang: *Sighs heavily* Bring us the venison stew! But I expect boar next time!
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel still glares, but Balwin eyes Eiriel hungrily, a wide smirk spreading across his face*
Sirana: *she smoothes her hands over her gown and dabs at the corner of her mouth with a napkin after a sip of wine and runs her fingers over the ends of her hair then she sighs...why does she bother..how could she seem manicured with them?*
Randir: *mortified beyond his endurance, Randir downs the rest of his goblet of wine quickly, then calls Eiriel to bring him another goblet*
Randir: *He hums softly and taps his fingers on the table in time with the melody*
Randir: Wine!
Lord Lorthang: Wine for me, and for my two sons here! *points to Balwin and Bafowel* And wine for my other son, and my daughter as well.
Eiriel: Yes sir...right away sir...oh, and your wine too, sir...three wines? or is it four wines?...and two venison stews. No, three!
Eiriel: *upset to the point of forgetfullness, she smiles weakly at them all and escapes to the back*
Sirana: *she looks to her father and smiles weakly*
Randir: *he tries to ignore his father and two brothers* Sister, think of the low estate to which we have fallen since we left Nurn. How our ancestors would grieve to see the sorry fix we are in!
Eiriel: *she fetches five....was it five? She hopes it was...goblets of wine and puts them on a tray, then brings it back out*
Eiriel: Here is your wine. I will be right back with the food
Randir: And to think we are the descendants of the Sea-Kings of Numenor... Ahh... *he says as he puts his hand on his forehead and groans*
Sirana: *at Randir's quiet words she slumps*
Eiriel: *goes over in her head: three venison stews, the other man is already eating, and the woman wants nothing to eat.*
Eiriel: *she returns quickly with three bowls of venison stew on a tray, and spoons to go with them*
Lord Lorthang: *he smiles at the serving wench* Thank you, maid! *he takes a sip of his wine*
Sirana: *she rubs her temples at running thoughts of people snickering at them...at her*
Eiriel: *smiles back, relieved that he no longer rails at her* You are most welcome. Enjoy your meal
Lord Lorthang: *he resumes eating... in a very sloppy, uncooth manner*
Eiriel: *she hopes they will not want anything else*
Randir: *he looks at his wine and then begins drinking it* I must drown my sorrows in wine. There is no remedy, none at all
Eiriel: *smiles yet again, politely, then goes to other customers with a surpressed sigh of relief*
Sirana: *her mind screams as she wishes things that can never be....how she longed for so much more*
Lord Lorthang: *he soon finishes the diminished quanity of roast boar on his place, then looks at Randir who seems to be trying to cralw under the table* What's wrong Randir? Think you're too good for us again?
Balwin and Bafowel: *Balwin grins languidly at Randir, while Bafowel scowls at him*
Sirana: *her fists clench her dress....her heart pounds at the spectacle of an argument*
Randir: *he slouches still lower in his chair and drinks deeply from his goblet* Father, father, what do you mean!
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel leans forward in his chair with his elbows on the table and his tongue ready to attack. Balwin slouches down in his seat, his legs splayed sloppily*
Sirana: *she looks to Randir wishing he would not slouch*
Lord Lorthang: Why! the way you keep sliding down in your chair, one'd think that you were trying to hide under there so not to be seen from us! Sit up like a man!
Sirana: *she angers*
Balwin and Bafowel: Yes, brother, you disgrace us! *Balwin taunts, maintaining his own slouched position*
Randir: *he tries to dismiss the thoughts of patricide and fratricide from his mind, for he has killed all three of them in his thoughts in the most malicious ways*
Sirana: *and what do you know about being a man father..she wishes to shout this...but holds her tongue*
Lord Lorthang: *stares down at randir* you should be more like your brothers yonder!
Sirana: *she slams her goblet down*
Randir: Father.... *he says through clenched teeth* Do not do this to us! Not in public!
Balwin and Bafowel: Aye, brother. You should follow my example. I am the eldest and you never show me any respect *bafowel laments*
Sirana: dare any of you start a confrontation here and now!
Sirana: *she says through grated teeth*
Randir: *unconciously, he reaches his hand to his sword hilt*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel* I am not ashamed to ask for my due, whether in public or not! 'Tis a noble quality, sister!
Sirana: what do you know of nobility?
Randir: Bafowel, if you were not my brother, I would slit your gullet right now!
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel rises to his feet, slams his fist on the table, and screams* FATHER! Do you see how they treat me?
Sirana: *she places her hand on Randir's arm*
Lord Lorthang: *is taken aback* RANDIR! Do not speak of such things! You were always jealous of him!
Sirana: *glares*
Balwin and Bafowel: How DARE you threaten me with death! I could kill you any day if I wanted to!
Sirana: stop this now!
Randir: *He straightens himself in his chair* Father! Jealous of THAT!!!
Sirana: all of you!
Randir: Come outside, Bafowel, and we will settle it right now! *he says and glares at his brother*
Balwin and Bafowel: *At Randir's words, Bafowel's arm shoots back, then through the air to plant his fist in Randir's jaw*
Sirana: *she gasps and stands*
Randir: *slammed back in the chair by the force of the blow, Randir grabs at his chin*
Sirana: Bafowel! *she bends down to Randir*
Lord Lorthang: *he quickly rises to his feet, knocking his chair over*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel stands there panting, his fists clenched* That will teach you to respect your elder brother!
Randir: Brother! Let us go outside and settle this!
Lord Lorthang: Don't you lay a hand on him, Randir! He is my heir!
Sirana: how could you all do this to me?
Balwin and Bafowel: *Balwin looks a little interested now, through his apathetic demeanor.* I respect you, Bafowel! *he slurs and grins sleepily*
Sirana: how can you disgrace me like this
Randir: *Rising quickly to his feet* Your HEIR Father!!! Your Heir you say!! He is the heir to absurdity!
Sirana: you are all so selfish
Balwin and Bafowel: *both of them ignore Sirana*
Sirana: *she watches the arguing continue*
Lord Lorthang: Don't you dare call me absurd, Randir! Your jealousy for your brother has overtaken your common sense!
Balwin and Bafowel: Thank you, little brother *Bafowel says to Balwin* at least SOMEONE in this family respects me!
Sirana: *she stands and looks to her father*
Sirana: Father!
Sirana: have more sense than to coax this fight!
Balwin and Bafowel: *they look at Sirana with surprise and contempt*
Randir: I would display the qualities that are found in my linage, sir! *then he turns to Sirana* Dear sister, I have always been your protector. Never have I Ignored you!
Sirana: *she smiles to Randir*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel* If she spoke sense and payed her due respect to her betters, we would not ignore her!
Sirana: *glares* i am far more intelligent than you both!
Sirana: far more itellingent than to argue on this more
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel sneers* You are a woman!
Randir: I can stand it no more! *Randir says as he leaps for his brother Bafowel*
Lord Lorthang: *rushes over to Bafowel and tries to pull Randir off him*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel fights back with all his strength, punching at Randir's face*
Tobir: *The innkeeper hears the brawl all the way from the stables*
Randir: *he tries to pull his arm back and swing at Bafowel while trying to shake his father off his back*
Sirana: *she breathes heavily...wishing a way to stop this*
Tobir: *He rushes in* Sirs! Sirs! I beg you! Stop this!
Tobir: Oh *he frets* and in my establishment!
Lord Lorthang: *he takes a handful of randir's tunic and yanks it back, tearing it*
Randir: *his face livid with anger, he swings again at Bafowel*
Sirana: *she moves to Tobir* please..please i appologize on behaf of them all
Bafowel and Balwin: *Bafowel* He insulted my honor! *strikes at Randir's face again*
Sirana: there has been much stress in travel
Lord Lorthang: *he grabs randir by the waist with one hand and grabs his arm with the other, pinning it behind his back*
Tobir: *Tobir wrings his hands, unsure what to do to stop the fight* Thank you madam...I am sorry for your entertainment...
Tobir: Please sirs! Stop this!...or take it outside if you must!
Randir: FATHER! *he snarls like an enraged warg* FATHER! LET ME LOOSE!
Bafowel: *his voice becomes low and deadly* Yes brother...let us take this outside
Randir: Yes brother! *he sdays through clenched teeth, his arm aching from pain*
Bafowel: *Bafowel grabs Randir by the shoulders and practically drags him outside*
Lord Lorthang: Don't you dare touch him Randir! *he snarls*
Lord Lorthang: *his footsteps pound the floor of the inn as he follows them*
Randir: Father! *he screams* He attacked me!
Tobir: *Tobir watches, wringing his hands* Oh please sirs! I beg you! Don't make a scene! Oh dear, oh dear!
Sirana: *she follows them and says to Tobir as she leaves* let this not be a reflection on us and their future behavior
Randir: *Randir is hauled outside by his brother and kicks him as he is dragged*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Balwin follows them outside lazily, wanting to see the fight, for it will be entertaining*
Balwin and Bafowel: *
Lord Lorthang: Randir! I shall kill you if you hurt my boy!
Sirana: *her stomach churns as they move the scene to outside for more to see*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel grasps Randir in a choke hold with one arm across his chest until they are outside*
Sirana: *hearing her father's words* FAther!
Balwin and Bafowel: *Then he throws Randir to the ground*
Randir: Father! Has it come to this now! Two against one!
Sirana: how dare you mouth those words to your own son..and in public...on our first day?!
Randir: *Randir reaches inside his tunic, fumbling for his dagger*(
Balwin and Bafowel: *patrons of the inn begin to gather outside to watch*
Lord Lorthang: *he glares at sirana, seething* My worthless second son started it! Can you not see that he is a troublemaker!
Eiriel: *Inside the inn, Eiriel sobs to Tobir* Oh no! What will we do!
Sirana: please...all of you! how do expect to make your impression? bruised, torn and bloody?
Randir: *He finds his dagger and drawing it from his tunic he holds it upward towards his brother's neck*
Sirana: Randir!
Sirana: *rushes towards him*
Bafowel: *A look of shock crosses Bafowel's face, then pure hatred*
Lord Lorthang: *he stands close nearby Randir and Bafowel* Don't you dare touch him Randir!
Sirana: *holds his arm*
Bafowel: So it has come to this, has it! *he growls*
Lord Lorthang: *rushes towards Randir, tackling him, and dropping him to the ground*
Sirana: *attatches to Randir..she stumbles*
Bafowel: *When Randir is knocked to the ground, Bafowel angrily plants his foot on him to keep him there*
Randir: NOW THREE AGAINST ONE! *he snarls angerly*
Lord Lorthang: *he quickly sits on randir*
Sirana: attatched*
Lord Lorthang: *glares down at him* NOW ACT LIKE A MAN AND NOT LIKE A BARBARIAN!
Bafowel: You foolish disgusting boy *he hisses* you are even worse than I thought
Bafowel: You are a murderer at heart! When will you learn to embrace the nobility of our blood!
Sirana: *she stands almost mechanically...her eyes vacant in disbelief*
Bafowel: When will you learn to respect your elders!
Randir: *he tries to reach out for the dagger that he dropped when he was attacked*
Lord Lorthang: Bafowel! Step on his hand!
Sirana: *she battles within herself..whether to help and involve herself in madness or regain composure and save her dignity*
Randir: *his fingers claw along the ground, inching for the dagger*
Bafowel: *moves his foot from Randir's back to his hand*
Sirana: *she looks to Randir's face..then to the people around*
Randir: *screams* AHHHHH!!!
Sirana: *she winces at the scream and breathes heavier*
Bafowel: *Bafowel sees a chance to establish a good reputation for himself* I will not retaliate this obscene act of violence, my own brother trying to kill me. Sirana, take his dagger
Lord Lorthang: *slaps randir on the back of the head* Quit whining!
Bafowel: Father, let us go back inside if Randir will stop his foolishness.
Sirana: *shakes her head*
Bafowel: *his foot is still on Randir's hand*
Randir: *shakes his head, dazed, seeing stars flashing before his eyes*
Sirana: get off of him
Sirana: *she says low*
Bafowel: You want him to kill me? Your own brother? You take his dagger first!
Randir: *he says in rage* I will kill all of you if I can!
Bafowel: Sister! You take his dagger NOW and give it to father!
Sirana: *she moves back over to them and looks down to the dagger*
Bafowel: Only then will I get off him. He deserves this
Lord Lorthang: A madness has seized his mind and he wishes now to slay his own kin!
Bafowel: *watches Sirana, his eyes burning*
Randir: *sprawled on the ground, his brother's foot still on his throbbing hand and his father on his back, Randir thrashes to free himself*
Sirana: get off his hand
Sirana: he won't kill you...he is better than that
Lord Lorthang: *However, Randir cannot move much, for his father's enormous bulk is far more heavier than his*
Bafowel: I don't BELIEVE you, sister! He just held a blade to my throat and now you say he is better than that?
Bafowel: He cannot be better than what he has just done!
Bafowel: Now pick up his dagger so we can end this scene which he has caused!
Sirana: he did not start this fight
Sirana: he sat quietly in the tavern!
Bafowel: He tried to kill his elder brother. I did nothing of the sort and never would, no matter how he provoked me!
Bafowel: And you say he is better!
Lord Lorthang: He was sulking and feeling sorry for himself, like an overgrown child!
Bafowel: And now you prolong his agony, by refusing to pick up the dagger, and blame it on me!
Sirana: get off of him now!
Sirana: or what?!
Randir: *his fingers, under Bafowel's boot, claw the ground and he groans in agony*
Bafowel: Or....or.....*his fists clench and his eyes burn into her with a threatening fury*
Randir: *his back aching under the weight of his father's girth, he feels he is being crushed by ten oliphants*
Bafowel: You respect me even less than he does *he hisses*
Sirana: *she grins then looks to Randir's face*
Randir: GET OFF MY HAND!!! *he screams*
Bafowel: Sirana! Get the dagger so I can get off his hand!
Sirana: do not touch him when i take it!
Lord Lorthang: Yes, daughter, hand me the dagger!
Sirana: *she bends and takes it*
Bafowel: I never intended to! GET THE %*&%&^*%&% DAGGER
Bafowel: Now give it to father!
Sirana: now get off him!
Sirana: no.. i have it safe
Bafowel: I am not trying to kill you! I am trying to save myself from being killed by you!
Lord Lorthang: Hand me the dagger, Sirana!
Sirana: no...i trust it in none of your hands
Sirana: get off of him
Sirana: so we can end this
Bafowel: I trust it not in yours, sister, for you wish he had killed me!
Lord Lorthang: *he gasps in shock* DAUGHTER!
Sirana: i am the only one using sense here...get off of him
Randir: My hand, my hand, my hand.... my back, my back, my back.. *he moans*
Bafowel: *bends to Randir* Do you SWEAR not to harm me if I let you go?
Lord Lorthang: Sirana, silence his whining and give me the dagger!
Sirana: *looks to Randir*
Randir: Brother.. *he hisses* I was not the one who attacked first!
Bafowel: I had good cause!
Bafowel: Now do you swear?
Sirana: father please...get off your son
Bafowel: SWEAR!
Bafowel: *enjoys taunting him* Just say it...I swear not to harm you, brother...and I will get off your hand!
Randir: I swear not to hurt you... *under his breath* tonight
Bafowel: What was that?!
Randir: Nothing, I said nothing
Bafowel: *glaring, he gets off Randir's hand*
Randir: *he sighs in relief and tries to move his fingers which have become numb*
Lord Lorthang: *with a grunt, he heaves himself off randir and rises to his feet, brushing himself off as though he touched something repulsive*
Bafowel: *stands back and puts his fists on his hips, his legs apart, eyeing his prostrate brother*
Randir: *he wiggles his fingers, trying to get the feeling back, then rises, staggering to his feet*
Tobir: *Tobir has been in the crowd watching* Oh dear, oh dear! Somebody go for a doctor!
Sirana: *she rushes to Randir and brushes her hand over his back to free him of dirt*
Randir: Thank you, dear sister. Only you understand
Sirana: *she smiles sadly* i am sorry that happened brother
Lord Lorthang: *he saunters over to randir, slaps him on the back again, and slings his arm about his shoulders* ah my boy! now that dreadful unpleasantness is over...
Balwin: *Balwin saunters up and slings an arm around Bafowel's shoulders* Come on brother, let's go get some more wine *they go back into the tavern*
Lord Lorthang: Let us go back in the inn and get a drink..... a pity they do not have any roast boar! How I yearn for its taste!
Sirana: *her heart struggles to regain a normal beat*
Tobir: *fearfully approaches them* Just a moment sirs...*to Randir* Do you need a doctor sir?
Randir: *he walks groggily back into the inn, forced along by his father's arm upon his shoulders*
Tobir: *the crowd filters back into the inn, still watching them*
Randir: No... Innkeeper.... no physician... *he clenches his fingers back and forth*
Sirana: *she looks to the dagger still in her hands as some passerbys look at her and talk*
Lord Lorthang: *he takes Randir back over to the same tabel they were at before. Then Lorthang sits down, throwing his bulk upon the chair*
Sirana: *she closes her eyes and dreads going back inside*
Balwin and Bafowel: *That was where Balwin and Bafowel were sitting. They sniff at Randir and move to another table*
Randir: *Randir falls heavily into his seat and reaches for his yet undrained goblet that he left upon the table*
Lord Lorthang: *seeing that his favored sons are to sit at another table, he gets back up and follows them*
Eiriel: *Eiriel has stayed inside to serve the few customers who remained there, but has been watching the fight too when she could. She is distraught and frightened*
Sirana: *she tucks the knife in the tie around her waist and walks slowly towards the door..she stops just at it and looks around and her heart pounds again as she thinks what is to come for them here*
Randir: *Randir sits at the table, looks at his unfinished wine goblet and the place upon the table, curses under his breath*
Eiriel: *She approaches Randir's table* Oh my goodness sir! Are you all right?
Eiriel: *wipes at her eyes looking between the tables where Randir and his father and brothers sit*
Randir: Yes, maid, my fingers though seem to twitch of their own accord. *He tries to pick up his wine goblet and his hand shakes as he reaches for it*
Sirana: *she thinks before going in and moves to the side of the door and leans against the stone wall and sighs*
Eiriel: That looks bad! Would you like a bowl of hot water to soak it?
Randir: Yes, maid, it is becoming quite swollen and bruised now
Randir: *he reaches his left hand and takes the goblet and drinks from it*
Eiriel: *nods* or cold water...*stammers glancing to the other table fearfully, then back to Randir* either way you want...
Randir: Cold water... very cold water...
Eiriel: Right away sir
Randir: *he sits there, simmering, plotting revenge against his brother and father. Indeed, dark are his thoughts*
Eiriel: *She goes the back, fetches a medium sized bowl, places some chunks of ice in it, fills it with water, then brings it back to Randir*
Eiriel: There you are sir
Randir: *he thinks to himself..... only my sister makes my life bearable*
Sirana: *her mind ran with thoughts of how she would maintain any sort of dignity here...she was angry at them...she had to restablish herself here*
Randir: Thank you, maid. Your kindness is most welcome *he puts his right hand in the bowl of water*
Eiriel: Is there...anything else you would like?
Eiriel: *it is hard to treat him as a normal customer after such a scene*
Randir: *he drains his wine goblet* Another goblet of wine
Eiriel: Yes sir. *takes the goblet, refills it with wine, brings it back*
Eiriel: Will that be all?
Sirana: *she holds the hilt of the dagger and felt sadness for her brother*
Randir: *he looks over to his father and brothers at the other table, his eyes dark in fury*
Randir: Yes, maid, unless you would like to sit with me a while
Randir: But if you are busy, no matter
Sirana: *she was a woman and with that came low expectations..which she despised...but he was a man..and his treatment was unacceptable..and she knew how deep his resentment must be*
Eiriel: *Eiriel looks around the room...most of the customers have lost their appetite and left...and she does feel sorry for the man.* Well we are slow tonight. I have a moment.
Eiriel: *She sits across the table from him, keeping an eye out for any calls from customers*
Eiriel: *she is glad not to have to serve the man's....kindred....how she fears them now!...she also fears this man, but not as much.*
Randir: Maid, what is your name?
Randir: *he splashes his hand around in the water, and then clasps some pieces of ice in his fist*
Eiriel: Eiriel, sir.
Randir: At least it is not broken
Eiriel: *hesitant* well that is good
Sirana: *she exhales deeply and tuns back to the door and opens it up slowly and steps inside*
Eiriel: *she does not know what to make of the situation*
Eiriel: *watches the woman enter..notices the dagger, and her heart skips a beat*
Randir: *He stretches himself in his chair, feeling the pain in his muscles and feeling a cold draft from the rend in his tunic*
Randir: *He looks at her* Eiriel, do not think we are always like this
Randir: *He thinks to himself... No, sometimes we are far worse*
Sirana: *she straightens her posture and clears her throat and steps more inside*
Eiriel: *I certainly hope not...she nods* Yes, sir. I am sure..that this was...extraordinary...and of course with causes of which I know naught.
Randir: *he takes another drink of wine* Eiriel, it is a long and sad tale, its beginnings long before I was born
Eiriel: *The other patrons of the inn look at Sirana and her dagger warily, and Eiriel glances to her periodically to see if she will sit down and want anything to eat or drink*
Sirana: *she moves with grace over to where Randir is sitting and places herself in a seat next to him*
Eiriel: I am very sorry for you, sir. Are you sure you're all right?
Eiriel: *when Sirana arrives Eiriel gets up and attempts to smile politely at her* Madam, would you like anything?
Randir: Quite all right, Eiriel. You must understand that my brothers are dimwitted, as is our father
Eiriel: I see...*she does not want to become embroiled in this!*
Sirana: *she inhales then licks her lips and exhales* wine *smiles...sweetly* please
Randir: I suppose they cannot help their plight, but my sister and I are quite different
Eiriel: *nods to Randir, then to Sirana* Nothing to eat, madam?
Eiriel: Your brother has told me you have travelled long and hard
Randir: My sister, Sirana, and I uphold the traditions of our proud forebearers while my brothers have not
Eiriel: *oh if only her shift would end soon*
Sirana: indeed we have...but no thank you...i am not hungry
Eiriel: Very well *she brings Sirana a goblet of wine*
Randir: *he sees Eiriel's disinterest and falls silent and begins drinking his wine earnestly*
Sirana: *she feels any bit of food would churn sickenly in her stomach*
Sirana: *she smoothes her hand over Randir's forearm*
Sirana: are you all right brother?
Eiriel: *gathering her courage, she takes a tray and puts the three bowls of venison stew on it, then approaches Lorthang's table*
Randir: *he looks over to his father and his brothers with hatred in his eyes. They sit across the room, laughing and drinking. He watches as his father stuffs food into his mouth and drops portions of it down his tunic*
Eiriel: *clears her throat nervously* Here you are sirs, your stew. Sorry for the delay
Randir: *he growls* Look at the fool! He makes a buffoon of himself!
Sirana: yes he does
Sirana: i cannot even eat around him for i sicken
Lord Lorthang: *he looks up to the serving girl* Ah, yes, thank you. A pity though that you had no roast boar tonight! *he says as he picks at a piece of food stuck between his teeth*
Eiriel: *smiles weakly*
Eiriel: would you...like anything else?
Lord Lorthang: Will you have any tomorrow?
Eiriel: most probably.
Lord Lorthang: Good! good! *he brightens* What do you have in the way of cakes and pies?
Randir: *he watches as his father and brothers desport themselves like fools at the other table. His eyes smoulder. He looks down at the bowl of water, the ice still floating on the top*
Eiriel: We have many cakes and pies, sir. We have chocolate cake, cinnamon cake, and spice cake, and cherry pie, blueberry pie, apple pie, and blackberry pie.
Lord Lorthang: A piece of all for myself! And what would my two favorite sons wish? *he looks to Balwin and Bafowel*
Sirana: *she looks to his hand and frowns..she feels the anger well again within her and looks to his face*
Balwin and Bafowel: *the boys shout heartily and simultaneously* The same!
Randir: *he hears his father's words from across the table and his anger burns deeper, his eyes smouldering with hatred. He slowly gets up from the table and holds the bowl of water behind back with his left hand and walks over to their table*
Randir: *THen he takes the bowl of water and dumps it over Bafowel's head and forces the bowl tightly over his head*
Eiriel: *Her eyes widen, her mouth drops open*
Sirana: *her eyes widen at Randir's actions*
Lord Lorthang: *gasps in shock and looks up at Randir* RANDIR! HOW... HOW.. HOW DARE YOU!
Sirana: *she places her head sadly in her hands*
Bafowel: *Bafowel cries out, flings the bowl back at Randir, but then stops with an air of outraged nobility* No, no, I will not stoop to your level! Go back to your table, boy *grates the word*
Randir: *Then bending suddenly down, he takes the edges of the table with both hands and turns it over, spilling food into his brothers and father's lap*
Eiriel: *Eiriel gasps and her hands cover her mouth. She backs away slowly*
Lord Lorthang: *scoots his chair back quickly and jumps to his feet* RANDIR!
Sirana: *she gasps and stands...no..no..she could not let him do this and risk another fight*
Sirana: *she stands when her father does and moves over to the table and places her hands on Randir's back*
Eiriel: TOBIR! *she yells shrilly*
Sirana: brother..come on...let us go outside for air
Randir: *then he bends down and picks an unbroken bottle of wine from the floor and smashes it against the upturned table*
Sirana: *she tenses*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel seethes, ready for another fight, but Balwin takes his arm* Nay, brother, he is not worth it. Look at that wench there! She is quite appealing, isn't she? Let us go and...meet her. *grins*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel folds his arms and watches Randir with utter disgust*
Eiriel: *Eiriel screams at Randir's actions*
Sirana: Randir *her hands cling to his clothes* please
Randir: *holding the broken bottle in his hand, its jagged edges jutting outward, he charges at Bafowel*
Lord Lorthang: RANDIR! *he rushes forward, knocking Sirana aside and grabs Randir around the waist, hauling him back*
Eiriel: *She hears Balwin's words and is afraid. She runs away and smacks into Tobir*
Sirana: *she knocks into a chair*
Bafowel: *Bafowel was caught off guard. Lorthang pulls Randir away, but not before he has sliced Bafowel's shoulder*
Randir: *he kicks backwards at his father's shins, thrusting out the broken edges of th ebottle at his brother's face* LET ME KILL HIM!
Sirana: oh no!
Bafowel: *Bafowel roars with rage, threatened again by his younger brother, glaring at the broken glass in his face*
Lord Lorthang: *lorthang tightens his grip around randir's waist and pulls him backwards, ignoring the pain in his shins*
Sirana: *she watches in horror as yet another scene unfolds..and so soon after...and inside yet!*
Randir: Father! Let me loose!
Bafowel: *Relief flows into Bafowel's mind as he sees the broken glass retreat, but the relief is soon replaced by fury*
Bafowel: *The more his shoulder stings the angrier he becomes*
Lord Lorthang: No! You will kill him! You have gone wild!
Sirana: *she moves over to them..not wanting this to go on any longer* Balwin! do something! stop them!
Eiriel: *Eiriel clings to Tobir, who gapes open mouthed at the scene*
Randir: Come closer, brother! Feel the sharp edges again!
Balwin and Bafowel: *Balwin looks confused a moment, then nods to Sirana. He looks at his goblet, then saunters up behind Randir and whacks him hard on the head with it*
Balwin and Bafowel: There, that should keep him quiet *grins*
Sirana: No!
Balwin and Bafowel: *Balwin* oh he's fine, Sirana. I've got experience in this area.
Randir: Traitor! *Randir whispers as he slumps in his father's arms*
Sirana: *she glares hard at Balwin*
Sirana: off him! off him now!
Balwin and Bafowel: *Balwin* What? You said to stop him!
Sirana: *she pulls her father off him as best she can*
Lord Lorthang: *he steps a few feet away from the table and lets him slide to the floor*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Balwin has stepped back and watches the scene disinterestedly*
Randir: *he slowly slides to the floor, his eyes closed*
Sirana: *she hurries to Randir and moves to her knees beside him and lifts him into her lap*
Balwin and Bafowel: *Bafowel grabs a napkin and staunches his shoulder, complaining that nobody is paying attention to him*
Lord Lorthang: *he looks down at randir's body with disguist* Such violence! Such hot temper! He should join the army! He WILL join the army!
Balwin and Bafowel: Sister! He has wounded me! And you care naught about it!
Sirana: *she looks up to her father with more hate than ever then looks to Bafowel*
Randir: *he lies there, his head cradled in Sirana's lap, and groans*
Eiriel: *Eiriel comes running with another bowl of ice water and a rag and hands them to Sirana*
Lord Lorthang: I would take him right now were it not night!
Lord Lorthang: He will join the army! It will make a man out of him!
Sirana: *she places her hand on his head where he was struck and feels the moistness of his blood and takes the bowl and nods*
Tobir: *Tobir continues to gape open mouthed*
Bafowel: *bellows* I am wounded! Will no one tend to me?!
Randir: *he groans and his eyelids begin to flicker slightly*
Lord Lorthang: *he yells* Will no one tend to my eldest son, who ha sbeen wounded greviously??
Sirana: *she dips the rag into the bowl and wrings it out with one hand while the other strokes his face...she places the rag on his wound*
Eiriel: *Eiriel approaches Bafowel, terrified.* What would you like sir?
Randir: *he looks up into his sister's eyes* They have almost killed me now
Eiriel: *bursts into tears*
Sirana: *she tilts her head to the side as she looks down to him and smiles sadly* i would not allow them to do that
Lord Lorthang: *he glowers at Randir* It was your own fault, Randir! In the morrow I will have you taken to the military commander of the city and have you impressed into service!
Tobir: *Tobir puts an arm around Eiriel's shoulders* There there now. Take a break...I will get it.
Sirana: no!
Sirana: *she looks to Randir and leans her face into him and whispers*
Sirana: Randir...brother
Randir: Father *he looks around groggily* What... what did you say?
Sirana: do not worry
Sirana: shhh...brother
Tobir: *Tobir fetches the water, rag, bandage, and ice while Eiriel slumps into a chair and leans her face in her hand, crying*
Lord Lorthang: Your hot temper will actually be of use in the Army of Mordor!
Sirana: you will be safe
Sirana: trust me
Sirana: i...i will see to that
Randir: *he reaches one hand up and tentatively touches the lump that is rapidly growing on his head*
Tobir: *Tobir appoaches Bafowel fearfully* Here you are sir...
Randir: Sister, did you hear what he said? *he says in a low voice* The military? I will be killed!
Bafowel: *opens his shirt, cleans his cut with the water and rag, then Tobir helps him apply a bandage*
Sirana: *she places the rag back in the water and wrings it out and the water clouds with his blood..she places the freshened rag back on his head*
Sirana: no...no brother
Sirana: you won't
Tobir: *Tobir wraps the ice in another rag and hands it to Bafowel* will that be all sir? *he squeaks*
Lord Lorthang: Randir, you are a weakling. You alwasy were! The army will give you a chance to show your worth!
Sirana: *her mind reels as she thinks*
Randir: Sister, don't let him do this to me!
Sirana: *she looks up to her father wickedly*
Sirana: sure father...whatever you say
Randir: *he gasps* No! Not you too!
Sirana: *she strokes Randir's face*
Lord Lorthang: *surprised* Well! I am glad that you have come to your senses and recognize your brother for the weakling that he is!
Bafowel: I suppose, for now *he growls, glaring at his whole family, who all ignore him*
Bafowel: Send him off to the army! We will be well rid of him!
Bafowel: If he stays he will kill me!
Sirana: *she bites the inside of her cheek and sustains a laugh*
Randir: *he looks over at Bafowel, trying to focus on him* I hate you, brother!
Bafowel: *smirks* I hate you too!
Sirana: *she holds Randir to her tightly..so he wont move to get up*
Randir: Sirana! Let me up! Let me up! I am going to kill him!
Sirana: no!...no...please
Sirana: *whispers* you have to trust me
Lord Lorthang: Sirana, restrain your brother. He is having one of his fits
Bafowel: *Bafowel leans against the wall, holding ice to his shoulder, and boring holes into Randir*
Sirana: *grins* yes father
Randir: *he tries to move, then falls back to her lap*
Lord Lorthang: Someone! *he bellows and looks around* Haul the fool to his bed!
Sirana: *she replaces the rag till the spot upon it becomes less and less*
Tobir: NOW should we fetch a doctor?
Lord Lorthang: Get him out of here!
Sirana: can you stand brother...slowly
Tobir: *Looks dazedly among all the rioting customers*
Sirana: *she lifts him into sitting position slowly*
Randir: Perhaps, sister... if you help me
Tobir: That is all right madam......allow me. If you would just take his feet I can get him around the waist.
Randir: *he sits up and shakes his head, his hand still throbbing and now his head. His back feels as though it has been crushed by a load of stones*
Tobir: *puffs out his chest* I was a soldier back when I was young, in the army of Gond.....well. *turns his attention back to Randir*
Lord Lorthang: Innkeeper! Fetch some of your lads to haul him to his bed!
Sirana: let us try to help him stand on his own
Sirana: he will not be hauled
Sirana: he will stand
Sirana: *she holds him to her with Tobir*
Lord Lorthang: ..where no doubt he will spend the night sulking and moaning, feeling sorry for himself... *he says under his breath*
Tobir: *Tobir kneels behind Randir, grasps him around the waist, and stands up pulling Randir with him, with Sirana's help*
Tobir: *groans* the room is down the hall...
Sirana: are you alright brother?
Randir: *Aching in every muscle of his body, his head throbbing with ten thousand demons, he feels himself being pulled to his feet*
Sirana: come..we will help you there
Randir: *He puts one arm around SIrana's shoulder and leans on her for support and puts his other arm around Tobir's shoulder*
Sirana: *she smiles to him* there you go
Randir: I can walk, I think
Tobir: *They make slow progress down the hall to the room*
Tobir: I'm afraid you'll have to share the beds...there are only two in here...I will have a cot brought in
Lord Lorthang: *he shouts as randir is taken away* Your temper can be used best in the army of Mordor! There you can regain your honor, which you have lost in this display tonight!
Tobir: Put him on this one, and you his sister might want to share this one with him...his brothers might be a danger to him
Randir: *he groans* All of us in the same room!
Tobir: I suppose the father and one son can take the other bed, and the remaining son take the cot
Sirana: *her face flushes*
Tobir: Or perhaps you would rather take the cot sir?
Tobir: or madam...
Tobir: or whatever way you want it *shrugs desperately*
Sirana: oh the fights that will take place
Tobir: I'm sorry, we're all full....
Randir: Just let me lie down! I don't care anymore! *he groans*
Tobir: This is the room where the dwarves were but I moved them in with some men.
Randir: What more indignities could there be!
Tobir: All right *he begins to lay Randir down on the nearest bed*
Sirana: *she takes his boots off*
Tobir: *goes off to get the cot, wringing his hands* oh dear, oh dear
Randir: *he sags down into the bed as they place him there and his head begins to swim dizziingly*
Bafowel: Oh father! To be assaulted in public by my own brother so, twice!
Bafowel: My shoulder, the pain, father!
Lord Lorthang: *he looks at him sympathetically* I know, my son. Indeed, you have suffered much at the hands of your worthless brother tonight.
Sirana: *she stis beside him and places her hand back on his wound and feels the blood is starting to coagulate*
Bafowel: I can no longer endure his affronts! He must join the army!
Bafowel: As soon as possible!
Bafowel: *whimpers as he shifts the ice on his shoulder*
Lord Lorthang: He WILL join the army in the morrow or he will be dragged there!
Randir: My sister, help me take off my tunic. It is covered with blood, and torn
Balwin: *Balwin slouches at a table drinking himself into oblivion*
Lord Lorthang: *he walks over to the table with balwin and sits down* Now... perhaps we can resume what we were doing BEFORE we were so rudely interrupted!
Sirana: *she carefully pulls his tunic over his head..knowing he is in pain*
Randir: By morning, I will smell like the blood of a butchered hog!
Randir: *after she helps him with his tunic, he lies in the bed, puts his head to his head* The pain, the pain
Bafowel: Aye! *sits down and begins eating with Lorthang*
Sirana: is there anything i can do for you Randir?
Randir: No, my dear sister. Not now, but sit beside me
Sirana: i would not want to be out there with them for anything my dear brother
Randir: Later, Sirana, perhaps you can talk to the old fool and persuade him not to send me to the army
Sirana: he does not listen to me my dear brother
Sirana: i hold no charm over him
Sirana: he has no cares for me and less for my words
Randir: Then what am I to do? Go out and fight and get myself killed!
Sirana: no, that will not be
Sirana: *she smiles to herself* oh my dearest brother...i have seen things that would put a smile on your face
Tobir: *Tobir bustles into the bedroom lugging a cot and muttering to himself*
Sirana: *she sits up and clears her throat*
Sirana: thank you
Randir: *his words are silenced at the sound of Tobir's entering the room*
Tobir: excuse me, scuse me *he puffs, lugging the cot into a corner*
Sirana: it is quite alright
Tobir: There you are....anything else you'll be needing? *straightens, wipes his brow*
Sirana: brother? anything?
Tobir: How is the gentleman?
Randir: No, nothing, except peace and quiet!
Tobir: Yes sir. Right away sir. *he is glad to leave this preposterous family*
Sirana: *she smiles to Tobir* he will be fine in the morning*
Tobir: *bustles back down the hall and goes to comfort Eiriel. Soon they are cleaning up the broken glass from the floor*
Randir: *he waits until Tobir leaves the room, and then looks at his sister questioningly* What do you mean, sister?
Sirana: oh Randir
Sirana: you should not have had that ourburst...*she sighs*
Lord Lorthang: *Back in the Tavern, Lorthang is quickly becoming drunk... he and his two sons sit around the table, laughing robustly and talking loudly*
Lord Lorthang: *Lorthang winks at all the barmaids and flashes them broad smiles*
Sirana: you know father is only but loud and obnoxious
Randir: How well I know it sister!
Sirana: that is all he is
Randir: But what can we do? He vows he will send me to the army!
Sirana: how much power have you seen our father display?
Eiriel: *Eiriel reluctantly returns Lorthang's smile. She likes to flirt with the customers, but not when they are lewd and vulgar.*
Sirana: a fair amount you would say of our servants yes?
Eiriel: *She thinks of that kind ranger who came in once and said he would be back...she wishes he would return*
Randir: His only power is over our own slaves
Sirana: indeed that is correct brother
Sirana: and only them
Lord Lorthang: *completely drunk now, he calls to Eiriel and asks* Come over to our table and keep us company, sweet maiden!
Sirana: he is never in his right mind
Eiriel: *groans inwardly, but has no choice. She goes to their table and takes a chair, attempting to smile*
Sirana: i we..we always have been
Sirana: we are not cut from the same cloth as they
Randir: But he might have some influence over the king. He will be his scribe
Lord Lorthang: *he smiles broadly at her and winks*
Eiriel: *She folds her hands and places them on the table, hoping the drunk men will not notice that her knuckles are white*
Eiriel: *smiles weakly*
Eiriel: enjoying your meal sirs?
Lord Lorthang: You know, dear, my wife died many years ago... *he slurs* and I have been quite lonely...
Eiriel: I am...sorry to hear that.
Eiriel: *her heart begins to beat faster in fear*
Sirana: *sighs* perhaps brother
Lord Lorthang: *he nods sadly* Aye... I have been quite sad... but a lady such as yourself.... *he smiles at her* could distract me... from my pain...
Sirana: but perhaps..if all goes well...*she thinks*
Balwin: *Balwin sidles up to her and drawls* Oh, I think I dropped my medal of honor....*bends down across her lap to look on the other side of her, then stops to grin in her face with his beer-scented breath
Eiriel: *Eiriel tries to keep the smile plastered on her face but her eyes are stinging and filling again*
Sirana: my dear brother...i feel strongly that you will not be a part of the army...i wish i could guarantee it
Sirana: but i cannot at this time
Randir: IF we only knew someone of influence... someone we could go to...
Randir: But we know no one, and it looks like my doom is sealed to waste my blood somewhere fighting the accursed West, a most unappealing prospect
Sirana: *she runs her fingertips over his brow* worry not of this matter..and rest my dear brother
Randir: They say that the army is forced forward by the spears in their backs, so if I do not charge with the others, I will be stabbed from the back. That is not a fate that I wish!
Randir: And our father would doom me to this!
Sirana: our father would kill us both...sell us to the highest bidder like slaves, he would if he needed to
Lord Lorthang: *He looks to Eiriel* Ah! It seems that my son has taken a fancy to you!
Balwin: *Balwin drapes an arm around Eiriel's shoulders and leers at her* Indeed I have fair maid!
Tobir: *Tobir returns from the bedroom, mopping his brow. He sees the disgusting youth hanging on Eiriel*
Tobir: Eiriel! I need your help in the kitchen right now!
Eiriel: *relief floods her* Oh, I'm terribly sorry but I must go
Eiriel: *jumps up and runs into the kitchen*
Lord Lorthang: *sadly watches her leave, then takes a large sip from his goblet and turns his attention back to his sons*
Bafowel: *Bafowel seethes inwardly: And I didn't even get a turn with her!*
Sirana: Brother, please remain calm in here tonight..rooming with them will be difficult i know..if you feel it is too much..we will go for a walk..no matter what time it is, all right?
Randir: Dear sister, I would rather sleep outside upon the hard ground than endure one night in the same room with them!
Randir: The old fool will snore and drive us all mad, and our brothers will babble about all their conquests in their drunken sleep!
Sirana: well, i am not staying alone with them either
Randir: As soon as my head quits throbbing, I am going to take a blanket from the bed and go out and sleep upon it in the courtyard. I will not endure this. Then, sister, fetch a blanket and we will make our beds under the stars.

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