Night of October 1, 3019

Angmar: *He looks at Madurz* Zaminbalak...
Madurz: *she shifts her position in front of him*.....Aldarion...you...you remember me?
Angmar: *He hesitates, choosing his words carefully* Aye....
Madurz: *she grips her head...it pounds as it searches to seek out memories*
Angmar: Aye, I remember you as you were.... I remember us..... as we were...
Madurz: *she is almost confused at his recent rememberance*
Madurz: Has He allowed you to remember? or have you allowed yourself?
Madurz: Do you...remember...everything?
Angmar: Perhaps... *he says slowly* both....
Madurz: *her heart aches*
Angmar: Much..... some...... memories..... clouds.... dance.....
Madurz: i in recent time have remembered so much more while alone in Lugburz and over the years
Angmar: The memories mix as vapors..... and fog.....
Madurz: yes..that is how it is for me
Angmar: The dance... *he says* your blood.......yessss......
Madurz: i thought of you when your blade was upon my skin
Madurz: *her eyes furrow in concentration and emotion*
Angmar: It was then...... when my blade bit your flesh..... that I knew.....that I saw..... you as you died then.....
Madurz: then you too remember our clasped hands?
Angmar: Aye... my soul bears the mark....
Madurz: *she breathes heavily*
Madurz: and do you remember how it is i came to be here now?
Angmar: Aye... I summoned you... years before you were born.....
Madurz: i remember yet not the instance of that time, only our dicussing it...The power of you and our Lord..
Angmar: With your........ death.... so long ago....... I was...... *he hesitates again, his voice cold and icy* lonely....
Madurz: *she shudders as more flows back into her*
Angmar: Nothing... *he hisses* filled it at first... the void..... you left....
Madurz: i had to... you had to...leave me
Madurz: ....Annatar
Madurz: *her chest heaves*
Angmar: The Ring... *his voice tapers*.....
Angmar: It called me....... He..... claimed me.... There was no denying Him then....
Madurz: *...as more of it is remembered now* and it was my time then...for it to happen... my willing death...and the spell you cast upon me to call me back
Angmar: I have gained all.... and I have lost everything.....
Madurz: *she stands from her cushion*
Angmar: My..... *life, he thinks but never says.... for the rebellious thought is crushed the instant he thinks it*
Angmar: You.... *he says. He remembers the spell with which he bound her and how his hand began to shake slightly before he gave her the draught which took her life peacefully*
Madurz: *her shakey hand extends slowly.... she hears the fading in...his echoing voice of the past utter the words "sleep, my love"*
Madurz: *she moves it to touch his face...something unheard of by any...unheard that he lets without permission*
Angmar: Zaminbalak... *His voice a whisper*
Madurz: *her hands moves to his cheek..her mind rushes to find the etched memory of his face*
Madurz: *she whimpers as her fingertips move over his face and paints an image so long forgotten*
Angmar: My queen.... my love...
Madurz: Ziran
Angmar: *he extends his hand and touches her face*
Madurz: i slept so long without you
Madurz: *she leans into his hand*
Angmar: Your body slept.... your spirit never slept
Angmar: You have wandered, lost.... in the echoes of time....
Madurz: *she almost expects to see her surroundings be standing upon a balcony...blue skies and lush colorful gardens*
Madurz: It was you...your gaining power...and The Dark Lord...sealed in a promise
Madurz: *she is amazed by how much she is remembering*
Angmar: Then I summoned you through my Master's growing power.....
Madurz: it was tested by Him for i grew up among the hated ones. I broke away from them
Madurz: your power was so strong.. so long ago
Angmar: Long years I chanted spells.... incantations.... of summoning.... but still..... your spirit wandered far from me.....
Madurz: Master was not ready to grant you your gift
Madurz: He...was not ready
Angmar: Zaminbalak.... the name so long ago..... lost to me.... now returned in memory....
Madurz: i have known it for so long...at first it was all i knew
Madurz: i used to repeat it...not knowing what i was speaking of
Angmar: Destruction has sought me...... but it did not find me..... but it has..... reminded me..... that I... too... am mortal...... but yet.... not.....
Madurz: My fate has been to always been to be here
Angmar: I think it was for this time that you were summoned forth....
Angmar: I have pondered the meaning.... you are proof of my power
Angmar: I yet live, and so do you!
Madurz: *her hands move to his*
Angmar: *He takes her hands, brings each one in turn to his lips and kisses them*
Angmar: My queen lives. I live!
Madurz: *her eyes begin to turn very sad*
Angmar: Yet is this not fulfilment of the promise that was made to me so long ago by my Master?
Madurz: *she takes his hands and rests her forehead against them*
Angmar: That he has fulfilled it in all its essence?
Angmar: Zaminbalak..... Nothing can destroy me now!
Madurz: *she looks up*
Angmar: The curse has been broken!
Madurz: Because I live?
Madurz: *she tries to process this potent fact*
Angmar: No living man... it was not a living man.....who sought my destruction.... now a living woman bears proof of my power.... to summon.... to bring forth....
Madurz: *she smiles*
Angmar: It was for this time.... no other time.... not in ages past....
Angmar: I have called forth the dead and now she lives!
Angmar: *he kisses her hands again*
Madurz: we loved each other so much
Angmar: Their armies now shall tremble in fear when they learn of my power! ....the power of my Master...
Madurz: indeed they shall
Angmar: We shall sweep them all into the sea and our Master shall rule them all!
Angmar: I claim you now, Zaminbalak, as one brought forth from among the houseless spirits!
Madurz: *she instinctively smiles but then it fades*
Angmar: You are the first among them, but not the last!
Angmar: For long years, I have summoned wandering spirits into the bodies of the dead, but now I shall call more forth into the bodies of the living!
Angmar: The White City, the City of the Sea-Kings..... shall be a place of fear..... It shall be like unto Minas Morgul......
Madurz: *her eyes shift up into his dimly glowing eyes as he seems to get lost in thoughts of power....she likes his words though*
Madurz: *he speaks out loud but not to her*
Angmar: They shall face each other, twin cities, from across the river.... It shall be a city for the Deathless, not the Living
Angmar: *He seems lost now in his own visions for the future, no longer heeding her*
Madurz: *his eyes look beyond her as she wonders more about what he sees for times ahead..her fingertips trail her bloody arm..the wounds stinging a bit but she barely notices*
Angmar: Zaminbalak, you have been brought forth for this time... to share this... as one among the Chosen
Angmar: *He becomes silent and sits upon his throne in deep meditation*
Madurz: My Lord i am honored greatly. *still there is much unknown to her*
Madurz: *she looks him over..not wanting to interrupt his thought..but she wondered how much he knew..if he remembered all that she didnt..and all she would not know*
Angmar: Zaminbalak, as my Master's power grows, so does mine, and I am at my greatest!
Madurz: *a chill passed through her as she heard the name lost to her spoken from the voice that spoke it all the time...so many years ago*
Angmar: Do you, my Queen, resent that I have called you back?
Madurz: *her eyes widen and she places her hands upon his* oh no My Lord! not at all
Madurz: things.. *she sighs and looks into his eyes* things have become a little twisted in plan
Madurz: but i am so grateful. Lord you have no worry there
Madurz: i cannot even express how much i am thankful
Angmar: Zaminbalak *his voice begins to grow angry* you sound as a supplicant, someone who begs a boon
Angmar: *he shakes her hands off his and rises from his chair*
Madurz: *her eyes narrow and she breathes heavily*
Madurz: *she stands as well and stares at his back*
Angmar: *he begins to pace restlessly in front of the dias*
Madurz: *her voice even toned* what is wrong?
Angmar: Wrong, Zaminbalak? You ask me that? Do you not think that I know your thoughts, for am I not your master, having summoned you forth from wandering the long leagues of Middle-earth?
Madurz: Ald....Angmar...Lord
Angmar: And your thoughts are not joy at seeing me!
Madurz: Yes they are
Madurz: *She appraoches him*
Angmar: *He paces, his hands behind his back. He stops and turns towards her*
Madurz: you must know all i am feeling
Madurz: you must know the struggles within me and i know they are in you as well
Angmar: I know that, Zaminbalak. Do you think there is anything I do not know?
Madurz: every bit of our lives you can pinpoint?
Angmar: Nay, not even I can do that!
Madurz: of our lives together i mean
Angmar: Much is hidden to me, much I want hidden, much I do not want to remember
Angmar: And much I am not permitted to remember
Madurz: *she moves closer* and i assume you know why
Angmar: And that which I remember is that which I am allowed to remember
Angmar: I know this, Zaminbalak, that what before was only vague, shadowy memories, is clearer now
Madurz: i cannot help the thoughts i remember
Angmar: Only He can give me memory
Madurz: my memory always seemed to come freely
Madurz: *she begins to clench her fists and grit her teeth*
Madurz: and my feelings once did too
Angmar: Zaminbalak, you are both the old and the new, past and present, and the future
Madurz: *she softens a bit and looks to him*
Madurz: *she reaches out her hand to him*
Angmar: The spell to bind you was made long years ago..... a time that I did not fully know....that I did not know what I do now... the wisdom that was to be revealed to me
Angmar: *he extends his hand to her*
Madurz: *her fingertips touch his and her heart breaks*
Madurz: it was then we could not be apart and did it for love
Madurz: *she presses her lips together*
Angmar: *He exhales a long shuddering sigh* I did not know then..... I could not know.... what I was to be
Madurz: *her fingers interlock with his* We were not able to know what was to be.. for us..for Master
Angmar: I remember a garden. I remember a pool, a balcony. The tiles were blue and carved with runes upon their faces
Angmar: *his fingertips lock with hers*
Madurz: *she shuts her eyes then looks to him* yes..i have remembered such as well
Angmar: The nightengales sang in the garden, the scent of the flowers was heavy in the air, and I held you in my arms
Madurz: *her mouth parts and her eyes close as she sighs* yes....yes you did
Angmar: When I first met you, you were young, far younger than I. You could have been a daughter
Madurz: ..how i admired you *she smiles to herself*
Angmar: My years were long ere you were born, not so long perhaps as some of my ancestors, but long as is reckoned now among Men
Madurz: *her eyes lock onto him* i rid you of a woman who was a threat..a courtship of plan and no love
Angmar: Yes, you rid me of a threat, not only to me, but to my Gift
Madurz: yess....yes *she sways a bit* the Gift
Madurz: *she breathes heavily* i have thought upon that recently..that Gift
Madurz: it came to me in visions frequently in my time in Lugburz
Angmar: A Gift that I had been given long before... a Gift that cannot be measured
Madurz: *her hand begins to feel warm*...i held It
Angmar: The Gift that had to be protected at any price
Madurz: *her voice breathy* You trusted me...He trusted me
Angmar: She..... would have.... told others.... powerful ones.... who might have taken it from me.... She had to die
Madurz: yes...*she nods and her eyes are dark* she would have
Angmar: A year passed after you rid me of her and we wed amidst opposition
Madurz: You finally were able to love..something you never thought you would have in your life
Angmar: Zimra.... that was her name.... my third wife.... another like the other daughters of kings whom I married to seal bargains with their fathers... for an alliance.... a marriage not of love, but of state...
Madurz: all opposed us
Angmar: Yes.... free to love then.... but, Zaminbalak, there is a greater love that grew upon me.... That consumed me beyond even the love I had for you
Madurz: of course My Lord
Madurz: I know that now. I understood it then
Angmar: *he frees her hand from his grasp and begins to pace again*
Angmar: *he stops again and looks at her* Your mind is confused, filled with thoughts. You wish to know what I want of you
Madurz: yes
Angmar: I could command you to do whatever I wished you to do. You cannot deny me
Madurz: Lord..i know that
Madurz: Nor would i deny you
Angmar: I have thralls in plenty, and you would be but another
Madurz: *her jaw hardens*
Angmar: I do not need more slaves!
Angmar: I can say to one, "Do this," and he will, and another, "Do that," and he will
Angmar: But I want you, Zaminbalak, and not as a thrall
Madurz: *her heart seems to clench in agony at his words*
Angmar: Not as an example of my power, no, not as that
Angmar: Though you are, and shall ever be
Madurz: *even more so the tightening in her chest continues*
Angmar: Nor as another servant, for I have them in plenty too
Madurz: *she takes small steps towards him*
Angmar: I want you, my Queen!
Madurz: *her heart is pained terribly from the wickedness of the fate the Wizard dealt her. How he thwarted plans of Angmar and her Master...but the love she had now for Khamul she did not regret*
Angmar: The Queen, whom I gave a peaceful death so long ago, the Queen whom I planned to bring back in the course of time
Madurz: *his words were true..he was allowed much this night and it nearly boke her in two*
Madurz: *she stands in front of him and places her hand back on his face*
Angmar: But now indeed the Queen I shall never have again *he says sorrowfully*
Madurz: *she worried about telling him..but he knew all along*
Angmar: *his hand covers hers*
Madurz: *tears fall from her eyes*
Madurz: *she folds herself in herself in his arms*
Angmar: I swore to you once an oath
Madurz: *her eyes look up to him*..yes *she smiles* i remember
Angmar: You vowed to love me for all eternity in any darkness without dishonor
Angmar: *His arms go around her*
Madurz: *her insides seem to shred*
Madurz: ...yes my....Lord..i did
Angmar: And I swore to love you until the unmaking of the world. We sealed the oath in our blood
Madurz: *she touches his hand and then clasps it*
Angmar: *He puts his head against hers* I broke this oath long ago Zaminbalak, but it was not with a woman
Angmar: I loved something more than you, far more than you, and I love It still... My Ring, Zaminbalak, but I have never loved another woman save you
Madurz: *she bites her lip hard as she thinks of Khamul*
Madurz: ...It....it was not my intent
Madurz: i too broke this oath
Angmar: Zaminbalak, I release you from your oath, to love freely with no guilt and to do as you willl
Madurz: *the pain in her heart is unmatched..something being ripped as if not wanting to be...beyond the spell of the wizard and it makes her wince and clutch him*
Angmar: But I would yet hold you in my arms for a while longer
Madurz: *her arms go around him tightly*
Angmar: Your destiny, Zaminbalak, is not with me, but with another
Madurz: *she knew that he knew all about Gandalf and Khamul and that is was a path that happened without warning and not intended....but it was so...
Angmar: *he sighs* And my destiny lies somewhere else
Madurz: yes all could be changed with reversal of spells and added spells..but it was not meant*
Madurz: you must know that this tears me apart
Angmar: *He turns his head around and looks at her in the eyes* But Zaminbalak, would that destiny had been different!
Madurz: *she holds his face in her hands and cries once more for him..something she had not done in so long*
Angmar: But yet, Zaminbalak, I will still love you, even until the unmaking of the world
Madurz: *her fingertips move over his lips as he says this*
Madurz: My Lord...there is in the depths of me...beyond the spell of the wretched wizard...that will always love you
Madurz: *she could not feel wrong about this...she was not dishonoring Khamul or loved him any less...but Aldarion lived within her for 4000 years*
Madurz: *bound to him and Her Dark Lord she was for this time..and summoned by both...she could not easily lose that...and she never would*
Angmar: Zaminbalak, even though the wizard's spell were taken from you, you would still love another, for that love is new, as is your life now
Madurz: yes....i understand. i would never cause rift between the Brothers
Madurz: our punishment would be great
Angmar: It is better the spell remain upon you. I will not endeavour to take it away, for you would be torn
Angmar: And there must be no disagreement between the Sons of our Master
Madurz: no....no Lord..i would rather not exist
Angmar: So for his sake and for your sake, stay with him
Madurz: *how she loved Khamul....she would want to stay with him...she could not be without him*
Angmar: *he looks down at her, then his fingers touch the outlines of her face, her eyelids, he outlines each feature with his fingertips*
Madurz: *she smiles and closes her eyes and she remember that touch*
Angmar: *then he gently traces the outline of her lips with his finger*
Madurz: *she smells scents and feels wind in her hair that is not there and she kisses his fingertip*
Angmar: *his breath comes out in a deep sigh. the glow in his eyes turns to smoky embers*
Madurz: *swirling, misty images and memories flood her mind and flash and mix and fade..all into each other..slow and fast and she sighs*
Angmar: *he whispers to her* Bolvag Ash! Bolvag ulûk!
Angmar: *He repeats* Bolvag Ash! Zaagiir-Tab kul skrithûrz! Bolvagulûk!
Madurz: *her arms go around him tighter as she hears his grated words*
Angmar: The Powers deny all, take all. Curse them! Curse them to destruction!
Madurz: *her wounds open up a bit and ooze but she pays them no mind...she feels no pain at all..only that of which is inside*
Angmar: *he tightens his grip around her, pulls her closer and kisses her with passion*
Angmar: *He then releases her and steps back from her* Leave me now, Zaminbalak!
Madurz: *she reels...her eyes hazed as she looks to him*
Madurz: *her voice is small*...please dont forget this night
Angmar: My loss is too great to forget. I will not forget!
Madurz: *shattering is felt in her*
Madurz: *so many years...so long in wandering and waiting..she moves to go and collect her outter covering that still lays near Khamul's seat*
Angmar: *he looks at her, his eyes beginning to flame up again* Go now! Go before I change my mind!
Madurz: *she looks back to him once more with more unspoken and painful exchanges and then touches her lips and then her heart and then turns from him*
Angmar: *The doors of the throne room open at her approach*
Madurz: *the sounds of her steps are heard as she makes her way through the doors and fade*
Angmar: *He watches her as she walks away and remains in the throne room until he hears her footsteps fade far down the corridor*
Angmar: *Then he goes leaves the throne room, goes to the stairway and down them to the inner courtyard and out the gate. He goes to the bailey, where the fell beast has already been saddled and is waiting*
Angmar: *He mounts the great beast and soon they are in the air, heading east. Somewhere in the still desolation of the Plains of Gorgoroth, he shrieks, a long wailing moan of agony, trailing off into nothingness*

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