Night of March 16, 3019

Exulting in his triumph at Pelennor on March 15, Angmar, the Witch-King, severed the head of King Theoden of Rohan and took his gristly prize back as a trophy to his Master Sauron in Barad-Dur. After smashing Meriadoc Brandybuck, the halfling, into the bloody field of Pelennor with his mace, he turned his attentions to Eowyn, niece of Theoden, and smote her shield with his mace, breaking her arm with the blow. Taking both Eowyn and the severed head of Theoden with him on his fell beast, he returned with the prizes.

Enraged that a mortal had dared challenge him, Angmar was determined to bring disgrace to Eowyn as a revenge both on her and on her people, the Rohirrim, for having fought against the armies of Mordor.

Binding her with many spells, Angmar deceived her mind and enchanted her into believing she was in love with him. The hobbit wraithling Ashgaz tried to come to her aid by calling upon the name of Elbereth. Angmar punished him for this effrontery by casting his mind into a pit of snakes. Ashgaz begged his master, Khamûl, to intercede for him with Angmar. Reluctantly, Khamûl did so, angering Angmar when he was with Eowyn in his private chambers.

Angmar left the shocked maiden behind in his quarters and stormed into Khamul's chambers, tormenting him, Mâdûrz and Ashgaz with many spells and visions. (See Ashgaz in the Pit of Snakes/Witch-King Fire and Ice)

This is the next night, March 16. Khamûl has been instructed to take his fell beast the next day and fly over Gondor on a scouting mission. Having a vague sense of uneasiness which he cannot understand, Khamûl's mood that night is dark and melancholy.

Khamul: *It is the night of March 16 in Lugburz*
Khamul: *Khamul is excited about the victory of the previous day but his mind is still aching from the punishment that the Witch-King gave him. Now he seeks just a bit of peace*
Madurz: *she sees him and moves to him...the events of the night past still playing in her mind...she stares at him and then throws herself in his arms*
Khamul: *In his apartments at Lugburz, the lady is his guest*
Khamul: *there is an air of tiredness about him*
Khamul: *he speaks* my lady, it is unfortunate about last night
Madurz: *she places her hand inside his hood and strokes his face*
Khamul: *he offers no resistance*
Madurz: i am sorry my love for your punishment
Khamul: My lady, I cannot stay with you long
Madurz: i am sorry i wasnt able to throw myself at your feet
Khamul: For I am now ever on call by my master, the king of Angmar
Khamul: My lady, I am used to punishment of kinds that you will never know
Khamul: so I ask of you a favor. Just bring peace to me for a while
Madurz: of course my love..i am only too happy that i can bring it to you
Khamul: *he takes a gloved hand and places it on her shoulder*
Khamul: My lady, I appologize for the glove, but I must wear this now at all times here at Lugburz
Madurz: *takes his head in both of her hands and kisses his forehead*
Madurz: its alright my love
Khamul: *his barely glowing eyes look into hers*
Khamul: My lady, I must leave you by dawn
Madurz: where are you going?
Khamul: first there will be a council and then possibly a mission
Madurz: *her head lowers and rests on his chest*
Khamul: Some fools of Gondor still offer resistance
Madurz: for all of the nine?
Khamul: All the Nine
Madurz: shall i aid you?
Khamul: Tomorrow we will be on our winged steeds
Khamul: No my lady you cannot
Madurz: *she closes her eyes and tries not to worry*
Khamul: We go to Gondor over the battlefield once again, and then soon to Rohan
Khamul: I do not think that there will be any fighting
Madurz: how long will you be?
Khamul: they will soon run in fear when they see us
Madurz: *her arms wrap around him her hands resting on his back*
Khamul: It is really safe
Madurz: that is good news
Khamul: Kiss me my love and make me forget what I what I must do tomorrow
Khamul: But think me not a coward, merely cautious
Madurz: i know you are no coward *she lifts her head and closes her eyes once she feels his lips on hers*
Khamul: Just a little sortie
Khamul: *he kisses her hard almost in desperation*
Khamul: You will be safe here
Khamul: There will be no blades of westernsee upon the field
Khamul: They have forgotten the art of making them long ago after the country of Angmar fell
Madurz: *she kisses back with equal emotion..her whole body lighting on fire...she clutches his robes and kisses his..speaking between the kisses* i will miss you...*kisses him* i love you
Khamul: Dear, as much as it is in my power
Khamul: *he kisses her back*
Khamul: *he draws back from her and then sighs*
Madurz: i dont want to let you go
Khamul: My love, no matter how much you love me, you cannot turn me back into what I once was
Madurz: i dont need to
Khamul: You would not like what you would see tomorrow
Madurz: i ove you as you are
Khamul: *he starts pacing the floor*
Khamul: *he stops in the middle of the floor and says* Do you sense any danger for tomorrow?
Khamul: Tell me what you feel
Madurz: my mind has been unclear
Madurz: i have a hard time erasing last night's memories
Khamul: There is fear here
Khamul: Even Sauron himself feels fear, even now at this time, for the Ring is not yet found
Khamul: *he starts pacing again*
Madurz: *she tries to think clearly.*
Khamul: If the Great Sauron feels fear, then we feel fear
Khamul: but not of the battle
Madurz: no..not of battle..its the ring
Khamul: If the Ring has been found and is in the wrong hands then some mighty wizard could delve how to use this power and turn it against Sauron
Khamul: Then we would find ourselves with a new lord
Madurz: my love..i dont think it is in hands that will weild it
Khamul: That is the fear
Khamul: That is why I need my mind to be clear and not feel this fear
Khamul: Now kiss me my love and rid me of the fear
Madurz: *she moves back to him and takes his head and lowers it..she kisses his face all over and stops at his lips*
Madurz: *she kisses him long and deeply*
Khamul: *he sighs in something akin to satisfaction*
Khamul: *he takes his arms and puts them around her waist*
Madurz: *she holds him tightly in her arms*
Madurz: *she draws herself up close to him*
Khamul: *he sighs again*
Madurz: i think of you all day long
Khamul: Then my lady, pray think of me tomorrow
Madurz: not a night passes that you are not the last thought
Khamul: I promise you this. Whatever happens tomorrow, we will not fade into the shadow
Khamul: One more kiss, one last embrace and then I must leave you
Madurz: *she groans*
Madurz: *she clutches him as she did the night she almost died*
Madurz: *with desperation and longing*
Khamul: *he relaxes into her arms*
Madurz: *she kisses him and lets her mouth explore his face*
Madurz: my love...
Khamul: yes, my lady?
Madurz: if i should die a mortal death before your blade can save me...please hold on to my memory...with the iron grip of your gloves please *she begins to cry*
Madurz: because i will be back for you
Khamul: Madurz, you will not die
Khamul: We will be together once again after this
Khamul: and someday always
Madurz: ...always...yes
Khamul: But lûl-izub, I must go
Khamul: The time of parting has come
Madurz: i know
Madurz: *she looks to him with tear filled eyes
Khamul: My sweet, I will remember your kisses and the feel of your touch upon me
Madurz: as will i
Khamul: and whatever happens, think not ill of me
Madurz: never
Khamul: and should I not come back....
Madurz: no
Khamul: remember me
Madurz: shh
Madurz: you'll be back
Madurz: i know this in my heart
Khamul: But should I fall in the battle, I will find a way to come back
Khamul: my love, I must go
Madurz: *she strokes his face*
Madurz: *nods and stands strong..tries to anyway*
Khamul: *he turns sadly away from her and walks across the room, opens the door*
Khamul: *closes it behind him*
Madurz: may our lord watch over you...i love you*she speaks to herself*
Khamul: *and if it were possible the sound of sobbing echoes back to her*
Madurz: *she rests on her door...her hands splayed over it*