Second Darkness'
Hall of Shame

This is a compilation of favorite negative comments about Second Darkness or its gamemaster and his writing. Unfortunately, we did not include them all, but we are confident that there will be many more as time goes on, though perhaps none ever so good at these.

"I am disturbed at the torture and angst and would prefer that these logs be private because they are damaging. It's not exactly what they say - it's the debasement, all the Mordor stuff, women drugged against their will, whippings, torture. In my opinion it is destructive roleplay and it depresses me."

"The wraith must die. This is a fact. Kill them... kill them all."

"His points are skewed."

"You should try a broader range of information, ones whose veiws are not littered with the deitritus of roleplay."

"It was very good but disturbing and too dark."

"It's very nightmare-inducing."

"There is enough darkness in real life. This is supposed to be fun."

"This bloodlust and lust thing is really disturbing."

"Pay no attention to the stories of the wraith."

"Oh boy... sickening. Geez... ewww..."

"You have gotten a twisted view of history."

"Nazgul are nothing."

"I say the man you once were is dead, but your spirit is very much alive."

"Black Speech is rough on all."

"There is no use in teaching this nazgul anything."

"Your point is?"


"In the Silmarillion, they don't hold the guy down and watch him tremble, then say "Ooo, look how white he is, let's make him bleed....' It was never, 'And the saw cut ever deeper into Melkor's foot, and the blood spurted forth, and Melkor cried in agony, yet they did not cease to tear into his flesh with the toothed saw.'"

(Comment from Angmar: You were not now. How do you know what the Valar did? I would judge, no doubt, that they did indeed do just what you said.)

"Why do you enjoy these torture scenes so much? They're so dark. It is very cruel though, especially mentally."

(Comment from Angmar: Anything worth doing is worth doing well.)

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