June 7th, evening. Rohan

By Ugluk

Faramir rides proudly on horseback as he leads columns of his men down out of the mountains and onto the plains of the Westfold. "We now should make better time crossing these open plains and we must use haste. Gandalf and Aragorn will meet us at the great Fortress of Helm's Deep when they have learned of the locations of our friends and foes," he says to a lutenant at his side, also on a proud horse.

The army marches for a League or two and comes at last upon the Great West Road. "We go west to Helm's Deep upon this road. With speed, we may hope to arrive in 3 days time," Faramir announces to his men. He sends a trusted captain to the back of the column to watch for ambush from behind. "Set Archers on the edges of the columns and keep a watch upon the skies. We will not be defeated by fear this time."

Faramir thinks of the Black riders that pursued him back to Minas Tirth and shudders at the thought. He feels more determined than ever, though, to face that fear when and if the time should come for another encounter. He leads his army northwesterly along the Road to the Great fortress and turns his thoughts to Gandalf and Aragorn.