Frodo and Sam in the Wine Cellar
June 17, 2004
After May 11, 3019

Frodo: *Frodo and Sam have been reunited after a long separation, but under terrible circumstances*
Frodo: *Sam has been turned into a wraith. Frodo is the only one who still calls him Sam--everyone else calls him Bughnrakh which means "potato"
Frodo: *Frodo spends his days chained under Sauron's throne, but sometimes Sam is allowed to lead him around by a leash in front of a crowd of jeering orcs and Easterlings*
Frodo: *They are returning from one such trip when they decide they've had enough*
Frodo: *Frodo sinks down and refuses to go back to Sauron, leaving Sam wondering what to do to give them some time to themselves*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam feels miserable, for frodo is trying to disobey saurons will, and he cant let him do that for long ... but perhaps they still can have some time to spend...*
Bugnarakh...Sam: mr. frodo, we must get back to.... the Master, i hate to say it though.
Frodo: *Frodo holds his head in his hands, dizzy from starvation and the Black Shadow*
Frodo: But, Sam, if we don't come back right away they'll think we're still out there with the orcs
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam takes the corner of his cape and kneeds it with his hand, nervously*
Frodo: There must be a way for us to get away from all this, just for a little while
Frodo: They won't miss us. We can just sit here and...I don't know, pretend we're not here.
Bugnarakh...Sam: well, mr. frodo.... mr. bracegirdle and i once went to the wine cellar... secretly, of course...
Frodo: Mr. Bracegirdle...? Oh, I forgot there had been another one
Frodo: They have a wine cellar here? *brightens*
Bugnarakh...Sam: yes, sir... peter bracegirdle... those devils got him with a morgul blade, too.
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye, with lots of wine, and even ale.
Frodo: *shakes his head* They will stop at nothing, it seems. Poor thing. And he always seemed like a fragile thing anyway.
Frodo: You can't be serious! Why would they have ale?
Bugnarakh...Sam: i dont rightly know, sir.
Bugnarakh...Sam: but they do
Frodo: Do many of the orcs go down there?
Frodo: Do you think we'd be noticed?
Bugnarakh...Sam: orcs always roam this accursed place, mr. frodo... but perhaps we could sneak around like that old gollum
Bugnarakh...Sam: but we cant be too long, sir, or the Master will notice that you're gone.
Frodo: *sighs heavily*
Frodo: Must you call him that, Sam?
Frodo: I suppose you must. I just have a hard time getting used to it
Bugnarakh...Sam: *looks down* my appologies, sir, but i must, begging your pardon.
Frodo: *nods biting his lip. He just can't imagine Sam calling anyone other than him "Master"*
Bugnarakh...Sam: but if we are to be going, we best be going soon, before anyone takes notice.
Bugnarakh...Sam: it's way down in the bottom of the Tower
Frodo: Lead the way then
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam gently holds frodos chain and takes him thru many corridors.... down many stairs... resembling the straight and winding stairs they once tread*
Frodo: *follows Sam slowly and unsteadily*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *after many long travels in darkness lit only by torches finally they get to a dank, drafty section... unease growing in sams mind*
Frodo: *Frodo wonders what will happen when they finally go back to the Dark Lord...but he blocks that from his mind, at least they are free for the moment.*
Bugnarakh...Sam: mr. frodo it is this way *sam beckons him follow down a corridor and to a large wooden door*
Frodo: *Frodo coughs in the cold, dank air*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *pushes it open for him ... in hushed voice* we must hurry ...
Frodo: *tries to stifle the coughing and hurries through the door*
Bugnarakh...Sam: sir, are you all right? *worries at the coughing*
Bugnarakh...Sam: this is the wine cellar
Frodo: Oh, aside from my wounds and the Black Shadow, I'm fine *wry grin*
Bugnarakh...Sam: i am sure some ale will help you feel like your old self again ... but we must hurry, for by rights we shouldn't even be here.
Bugnarakh...Sam: *anxiety*
Frodo: You're right about that, Sam. By rights we shouldn't be here at all.
Frodo: *He has a different meaning than Sam's*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam leaves the door to the cellar open so that the light of torches faintly lights the room*
Frodo: *Frodo marvels at the overflowing shelves of bottles and bottles of diffferent kinds of wine and food*
Bugnarakh...Sam: here it is, sir, a regular treasury. but we mustnt be caught here sir, or ...
Bugnarakh...Sam: *trails off... struggling with guilt, and conflicting loyalties*
Frodo: Oh, Sam, what more could they possibly do to me. *waves hand dismissively* I don't care. I just want some time alone with you to be ourselves again without them breathing down our necks.
Frodo: *grabs a piece of bread and chomps at it defiantly*
Bugnarakh...Sam: i know, sir, and you must be famished. i hate what theyve done to you, what theyve doen to us both
Frodo: Don't think about that right now. You're a hobbit. Just for now. You're a hobbit.
Bugnarakh...Sam: *is happy the malnurished frodo is getting more food ... but cautious and keeps a watch on things*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *smiles weakly* aye, sir
Frodo: *returns the sad smile and places a hand on Sam's shoulder, bracing himself* I'm sorry, Sam. I didn't mean it that way.
Frodo: I didn't mean to remind you know, of the..situation.
Bugnarakh...Sam: now mr frodo you know you must eat, you need your strength.
Frodo: *obediently finishes the bread*
Frodo: *is still famished and looks for more food. He almost takes some meat but decides against that...wondering what it is*
Bugnarakh...Sam: it is all right, sir. i somehow feel like i am torn in two, if you take my meaning
Bugnarakh...Sam: *is happy frodo is getting something to eat*
Frodo: *gives Sam a sympathetic look*
Frodo: *finds more bread and some old moldy cheese and devours them*
Frodo: *finds some cheese that isn't moldy! Whoops and devours that*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *looks at the dried blood from frodos many wounds .... looks around for some water and something to clean them*
Frodo: *so happy about the food that he isn't thinking of his wounds*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *fears what the consequences will be when sauron finds out*
Frodo: I have an idea, Sam. You can say I got away from you and ran down here.
Frodo: That's partly true.
Frodo: because I made you take me down here.
Bugnarakh...Sam: *bites his lip* true....
Frodo: *It hadn't occured to him until now that Sam could be punished for this too, and he wants to prevent that. He almost doesn't care about the punishment now. He is blocking his fear from his mind*
Bugnarakh...Sam: you really did need to eat, sir. those devils have been starving you.
Frodo: Oh, do you have any IDEA what it's like for a hobbit to sit with nothing to eat for days watching that WOLF get scraps of meat!
Frodo: *eating more bread and cheese*
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye sir! they treated you worse than a dog, pardon the expression.
Bugnarakh...Sam: *watches frodo eat ... wishing he could do the same, but he is undead.*
Frodo: Don't apologize, it's true.
Frodo: *looks around* You said there's ale in here?
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye, sir... it tastes just like ale from the Shire, too.
Frodo: *wistfully* Really?
Bugnarakh...Sam: i was appologizing for the expression, sir, not for their treatment of you *wry smile*
Bugnarakh...Sam: yes *gets up and goes towards ale*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sadly leading frodo*
Frodo: *watches him intently*
Frodo: *goes with him and watches him search through the bottles*
Bugnarakh...Sam: here, sir, bottles of ale and wine.
Frodo: *grabs a bottle of ale and reads the label*
Bugnarakh...Sam: drink up and we can pretend that we are back in the old green dragon!
Frodo: *getting teary with joy* Oh Sam, this is really from the Shire! Look at this! Even in Mordor! This is so wonderful, I think I'm going to cry
Frodo: *opens it up*
Frodo: *almost takes a swig, but stops and looks at Sam*
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye, sir. i wonder what they are doing, in a wretched place like this?
Frodo: Here, Sam, you take the first taste. You deserve it.
Bugnarakh...Sam: all right, sir *takes a swig and gives bottle back to frodo*
Bugnarakh...Sam: at least we can drink.
Frodo: *takes a long swig*
Frodo: *His face lights up as pleasant memories of nights at the Green Dragon with all the hobbits return*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam smiles invisibly to see frodo happy again*
Bugnarakh...Sam: a toast, mr. frodo, to the shire and all that is green and good in the world!
Frodo: *He puts the bottle down and turns to Sam* Listen...I know it's a horrible thing that has happened to you, and I'm sorry, and I'll always blame myself too because I was supposed to lead you safely...
Frodo: ...but this is the first time, maybe the only time we have a chance to be happy here
Frodo: and I know you must have wanted to see me
Frodo: At least we're together and we have ale from the Shire
Frodo: I want you to be happy again, even if it can only be for a little while.
Frodo: *clinks his bottle with Sam's* To the Shire!
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye sir. i dont think this place has ever seen happiness, at least not true happiness
Frodo: *shakes his head*
Frodo: *disgustedly* They think they have built a wonderful, noble thing. They think that Mordor is a great accomplishment
Frodo: But what is it built on?
Bugnarakh...Sam: mordor is nothing but a place of great evil, torment and pain.
Frodo: On the bones of innocents!
Frodo: *shudders*
Frodo: But let's not think about that...
Bugnarakh...Sam: *shudders too*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *then feels guilt more anxiety*
Frodo: *a fit of shivering has come over him. He tries to control it*
Bugnarakh...Sam: sir, are you cold? more ale would help that ... if you take my meaning.
Frodo: *laughs*
Frodo: *drinks more ale and stops shivering*
Frodo: Right you are, Sam.
Bugnarakh...Sam: i wish we really were back in the shire, and not here, in this place of torment *sighs*
Frodo: *nods and leans against the wall thinking*
Frodo: I've heard that they want us to forget where we're from
Bugnarakh...Sam: *drinks with frodo, feeling homesick*
Frodo: Can you....*he feels uncomfortable asking this* can you still remember our old life?
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye, sir, i think i can. the darkness has not made me forget all, at least not yet.
Frodo: Do you remember Bag End and the garden? And the Party Tree, and Bilbo's study?
Frodo: *pales when Sam says "not yet"*
Bugnarakh...Sam: i remember them all, though it seems faded and bright.
Frodo: *squeezes Sam's hand*
Frodo: *begins to shiver again but drinks some more ale*
Bugnarakh...Sam: i wonder how they are all getting along back home? do they wonder what happened to us?
Frodo: I'm sure they do
Frodo: They probably think we are dead
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sighs* it's not far from the truth, at least for me.
Frodo: Oh, Sam. *gently puts his arm around him*
Bugnarakh...Sam: i wonder if the... if the shadow will spread to.... back to the Shire..?
Frodo: Don't say that. We mustn't think of that. We'll lose heart.
Bugnarakh...Sam: there there mr. frodo... you will hurt yourself, considering i am cold and undead
Frodo: *draws back* Well, don't worry, Sam, I don't think it matters much now
Frodo: I expect to be hurt much worse when we return.
Frodo: But I wanted to come down here anyway
Bugnarakh...Sam: let's have a song sir, and try to cheer ourselves up.
Frodo: Yes, good idea!
Bugnarakh...Sam: i know the Master will be displeased if he.... ever finds out, which i am sure he will *sigh anxiety*
Frodo: *sighs too*
Bugnarakh...Sam: do you remember the songs we used to sing back in the Shire?
Frodo: I think so
Frodo: There were many
Bugnarakh...Sam: singing always keeps ones spirits up.
Frodo: Which is your favorite?
Frodo: Aye Sam, it does
Bugnarakh...Sam: oh, a drinking song, sir.
Frodo: *grins* Of course.
Bugnarakh...Sam: remember that one we sang back in the woody end? back when we were still....home
Bugnarakh...Sam: i remember it, though it seems vague and hazy to me.
Frodo: I think I remember it too
Frodo: *gets unsteadily to his feet and begins to sing, somewhat tipsy*
Frodo: Ho! Ho! Ho! to the bottle I go
Frodo: To heal my heart and drown my woe
Bugnarakh...Sam: careful sir, dont take a fall
Frodo: Rain may fall and wind may blow
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam sings along, joyfully*
Frodo: And many miles be still to go
Frodo: But under a tall tree I will lie
Bugnarakh...Sam: *forgetting for a while that they are in mordor and he is undead*
Frodo: And let the clouds go sailing by.
Frodo: *the song ends in laughter and a toast*
Frodo: *Frodo sticks his head out the door looking for orcs but the coast is clear*
Bugnarakh...Sam: a good song, sir! the likes of which i'd wager have never been sung here before.
Frodo: I'm sure you'd win that wager!
Bugnarakh...Sam: only those foul things the orcs sing. unfortunately i can understand their language
Bugnarakh...Sam: *smiles at frodo tho it is unseen*
Frodo: *grimaces*
Frodo: *in sympathy for what the orcs must sing about in Sam's presence*
Frodo: *smiles at Sam* Let's have a song from you too
Frodo: I'll bet you remember those old drinking songs better than you think you do
Bugnarakh...Sam: id like to sing a good song to the Lady but i cant rightly do so
Frodo: I think, if she is as great as they say, she knows your heart anyway, Sam dear lad
Frodo: I don't want to sing it either, because it would hurt you.
Bugnarakh...Sam: i hope so, sir. i hope so
Frodo: I think so.
Bugnarakh...Sam: i know ... it hurts.... wraiths...
Frodo: *smiles sadly but understandingly*
Frodo: *His guilt breaks through his mental barrier* I would give anything to undo it! Anything!
Bugnarakh...Sam: *begins to sing*
Frodo: *fights back tears as Sam begins his next song*
Bugnarakh...Sam: upon the hearth the fire is red, beneath the roof there is a bed, but not yet weary are our feet, still round the corner we may meet
Frodo: *hoping he will cheer up with Sam*
Bugnarakh...Sam: a sudden tree or standign stone that none have seen ut we alone. tree and flower leaf and grass let them pass let them pass
Bugnarakh...Sam: hill and water under sky, pass them by, pass them by
Bugnarakh...Sam: *pauses* do you remember that one, mr. frodo?
Bugnarakh...Sam: the old walking song, we used to sing.
Bugnarakh...Sam: *takes another swig of ale feeling sentimental*
Frodo: Oh yes, I remember that one!
Frodo: It seems like a long time ago that we were on our journey, yet not so long
Frodo: It seems like a different lifetime
Frodo: *takes a swig too*
Bugnarakh...Sam: yes, mr. frodo, i know
Bugnarakh...Sam: it seems like a million years have passed
Frodo: What wouldn't I give to have another chance
Frodo: *stares thoughtfully into space*
Frodo: But no, I mustn't do that. It's...all different now. And we must make the best of it *trying to sound cheerful*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *takes another swig, thoughtful*
Bugnarakh...Sam: yes we must, if we can.
Frodo: *twirling the bottle cap uneasily in his fingers* Did I ever apologize to you for all this, I mean really apologize to you? And did I ever really thank you?
Bugnarakh...Sam: there is no need to do that, mr. frodo, sir. you did not cause this, the.... they did
Frodo: If I hadn't let Gollum lead us into Shelob's Lair I wouldn't have been stung
Bugnarakh...Sam: dont worry now about that old gobbler, sir. he'll get what he deserves, in the end.
Frodo: ...and I would have been stronger for the trip inside Mordor
Frodo: and I wouldn't have fallen when we marched with the orcs
Frodo: Maybe we would have escaped
Frodo: *sighs*
Bugnarakh...Sam: theres no need worrying about what could have happened, mr. frodo. we cant go back and change it
Frodo: I suppose you're right
Frodo: *takes a long swig of ale*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *does likewise, trying drowning his cares*
Frodo: Oh, remember that song I sang at the Prancing Pony?
Bugnarakh...Sam: *wants to say something really nasty about sauron but feels he cant*
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye, sir, that was a good one!
Frodo: What a ridiculous sight I must have been! But it was fun!
Frodo: ...that is, until I fell and the Ring....*trails off and flushes crimson*
Bugnarakh...Sam: you gave them something to ttalk about for nine or ninety days, that's for certain.
Frodo: *blocks Sauron's taunts out of his mind*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *catches frodos train of thought* don't think about It mr. frodo ... it just makes you burning angry.
Frodo: Yes....well......yes, it was fun before that happened....Bilbo wrote it, you know
Bugnarakh...Sam: sing it again, once more for old times sake, but dont get on any barrels or you might fall and hurt yourself! *laugh*
Frodo: *smiles*
Frodo: *sits on a barrel because it's safer than standing*
Frodo: There is an inn, a merry old inn geneath an old grey hill
Frodo: And therer they brew a beer so brown
Frodo: That the Man in the Moon himself came down one night to drink his fill.
Bugnarakh...Sam: *takes a long swig of his ale, toasting frodo*
Frodo: *toasts back*
Frodo: The ostler has a tipsy cat that plays a five-stringed fiddle;
Frodo: and up and down he runs his bow,
Frodo: Now squeaking high, now purring low, now sawing in the middle.
Bugnarakh...Sam: i wish we had some music to accompany this! *slaps the side of the barrel in tune*
Frodo: *enjoys the song more with Sam's accompaniment*
Frodo: The landlord keeps a little dog that is mighty fond of jokes;
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sings along, beating the barrel in tune with the song*
Frodo: When there's good cheer among the guests,
Frodo: He cocks an ear at all the jests and laughs until he chokes.
Frodo: *drinks again and puts the bottle down to continue, but hesitates*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *slightly tipsy some of sams anxiety has passed away ...*
Frodo: *stammers* I don't think I remember anymore.
Frodo: Well, it's a good tune anyway *hums*
Bugnarakh...Sam: i hope we don't forget them all, all of the old songs and tales.
Frodo: Oh, I hope not!
Bugnarakh...Sam: the orcish songs cannot even be compared to those of the Shire.
Frodo: *spits on the ground at the thought*
Frodo: We hobbits know how to sing and weave tales!
Frodo: And Bilbo was the master! To Bilbo! *toasts*
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye! we do!
Bugnarakh...Sam: to bilbo! *toasts*
Frodo: He wrote so much, I don't think I ever saw all of it
Bugnarakh...Sam: *picks up on another song... begins to sing*
Bugnarakh...Sam: home is behind, the world ahead and there are many paths to tread through shadows to the edge of night until the stars are all alight
Frodo: *sings along*
Bugnarakh...Sam: then world behind and home ahead, well wander back to home ad bed mist and twilight cloud and shade away shall fade away shall fade
Bugnarakh...Sam: fire and lamp and meat and bread and then to bed and then to bed!
Bugnarakh...Sam: *finishes takes another drink*
Frodo: *Frodo thinks:...I wish*
Frodo: *applauds Sam*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *toast* to the shire! and our memories! may they not fade quickly, and hope remain in our hearts to think of the Shire unharmed
Frodo: *passionately* Yes! No better toast than that!
Frodo: To the Shire and our memories and Hope!
Bugnarakh...Sam: but, alas, sir, instead of to home and bed we go, it is back to the dark throneroom and.... the master.
Frodo: *groans*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *shudders*
Frodo: *puts his face in his hands*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *goes to frodo and pats him on the back* oh mr. frodo, i am sorry, but we both know its true.
Frodo: *shivers but smiles up at Sam*
Frodo: *notices the dried blood on his wrists and washes them in the water Sam brought earlier*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *looks around and finds some rags for frodo to use to clean himself with*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *brings them to frodo* here, mr. frodo, sir, use these
Frodo: Thank you
Frodo: *He washes the dirt and blood off with the rags*
Bugnarakh...Sam: im so glad that you got a chance to do that sir. those wounds were pretty messy looking.
Frodo: *thinking* I suppose this doesn't do much good, considering what awaits me---there will be more blood, I'm sure
Frodo: Yes, they are sore and itchy
Frodo: I'm glad not to be covered in filth now
Bugnarakh...Sam: dont think about that yet, mr. frodo
Frodo: *nods*
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye sir, begging your pardon of course, but you were starting to smell like an orc! *laugh*
Frodo: *laughs too*
Bugnarakh...Sam: im glad that you got an opportunity to get cleaned up.
Frodo: *smiles at Sam*
Frodo: *Then the smile fades*
Frodo: It has been a long time since we've been able to talk!
Frodo: You must have had adventures of your own
Bugnarakh...Sam: it has been, mr. frodo!
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye, but not the kind of adventures you hear about in tales, nor ever wish to be on
Frodo: I want to hear the tale
Frodo: What happened? Where did you go?
Bugnarakh...Sam: for instead of going out and being a hero... which i am not, of course... i was... serving the... *pause* dark lands
Frodo: I know, Sam. *sympathetic look*
Bugnarakh...Sam: i met another hobbit who became a wraith... mr. peter bracegirdle from hardbottle
Bugnarakh...Sam: those devils claimed him too.
Frodo: Aye...I remember one of them told me about him
Frodo: The one with the lady
Frodo: They came to my cell to interrogate me. He told me about Peter then
Bugnarakh...Sam: that would be khamul... he was mr. bracegirdle's master
Frodo: Then poor Peter Bracegirdle. Khamul was the one that tortured me.
Bugnarakh...Sam: they called mr. bracegirdle, ashgaz, meaning "little one" in the dark language
Bugnarakh...Sam: *feels uncomfortable saying words in the dark tonuge*
Frodo: *shakes head laughing softly* I will never understand their ways. How strange
Frodo: How did you meet him?
Bugnarakh...Sam: he was wounded, by a magic blade... he tried to save his master's life
Bugnarakh...Sam: and i visited him when he was sick
Frodo: Was it the same kind of blade that we used to carry?
Frodo: I think those were able to harm wraiths
Bugnarakh...Sam: i think so, sir... made by the men of westernsee long ago.
Frodo: aye
Frodo: *remembers Weathertop and trying to stab the pale king, but only reaching his robe*
Bugnarakh...Sam: oh what i wouldn't give for nine of those blades! *then softly* and i reckon two more
Frodo: Oh, Sam! *tears spill down his face*
Bugnarakh...Sam: there, there, mr. frodo. it will be all right, i hope.
Frodo: *He wipes them away not wanting to upset Sam*
Frodo: I had never thought of that before. Oh, how terrible!
Frodo: I hope so, Sam. I hope it will be all right
Bugnarakh...Sam: but all those blades are back in the Barrow Downs, far away from here.
Frodo: *nods thoughtfully*
Frodo: I'm glad you still think like a hobbit
Bugnarakh...Sam: with those *shudder* nasty barrow-wights
Frodo: But you said that Peter risked his life for one of the Nine?
Frodo: *horrified*
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye, he did.
Frodo: He must be corrupted already then!
Frodo: What reason could possibly drive a hobbit to do that?
Frodo: He must not be as strong as you.
Bugnarakh...Sam: he was torn between loyalties, i think, sir, and he did not want to see his master hurt.
Frodo: *shakes his head*
Frodo: Did he recover?
Bugnarakh...Sam: *looks down uncomfortably*
Bugnarakh...Sam: he did, and we were sent out together, to Gondor.
Frodo: Gondor! I always wanted to see the White City!
Bugnarakh...Sam: it was taken, mr. frodo
Bugnarakh...Sam: by mordor
Frodo: *his face falls* I had forgotten
Frodo: The...Enemy already told me
Frodo: What a sad end to such a great city
Bugnarakh...Sam: *nods sadly*
Bugnarakh...Sam: yes, i would like to have seen it, when it was beautiful and whole.
Frodo: Yes *nods wistfully*
Frodo: You didn' any fighting, did you?
Frodo: *anxious, hoping that Sam didn't fight for Mordor*
Bugnarakh...Sam: no, sir, not really... though i hit an orc over the head with a rock
Frodo: *bursts out laughing*
Frodo: You did? Why was that?
Bugnarakh...Sam: *he laughs too, slightly startled*
Bugnarakh...Sam: well, you see, there were these prisoners, men of gondor, that were forced to work on repairing the bridge at osgiliath
Bugnarakh...Sam: one of the men had helped mr. peter, and he didn't want to see him being whipped and forced to work by those filthy orcs
Frodo: Well, that was good of him
Bugnarakh...Sam: i hit the orc guard over the head with a rock, and peter undid the chains holding the prisoners
Frodo: *gasps*
Frodo: You freed them?
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye, sir, we did... and we got in big trouble for it too.
Frodo: I'm sure you did! What happened?
Frodo: *feels ready to attack anything that hurt Sam*
Bugnarakh...Sam: Angmar gave us horrible visions in our heads, nearly scared all the hair off our feet.
Frodo: Angmar! Is that the pale king?
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye, sir, the witch-king of angmar, himself.
Frodo: Always it's him!
Bugnarakh...Sam: then i was sent back to mordor, as punishment.
Frodo: I wish for one of those blades of Westernesse too
Frodo: So that's why you're here
Bugnarakh...Sam: yes.... i was punished for my...wrongdoings.....
Bugnarakh...Sam: *looks down*
Frodo: You, my dear Sam, have done nothing wrong.
Frodo: I don't believe you've ever done anything wrong.
Frodo: You are quite possibly the finest hobbit I know.
Bugnarakh...Sam: *looks up, smiles invisibly* thank you sir, but somehow, i can't help but feel guilty, if you know what i mean.
Frodo: *turns pale* Is it the morgul poison you speak of?
Bugnarakh...Sam: *nods sadly*
Frodo: *turns red with rage and knocks a barrel over* I will kill him! Oh, I will kill him!
Frodo: Someday I'll kill him
Frodo: *sits on the floor panting with the effort*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *alarmed gets up* no, mr frodo! dont make so much noise, the orcs will hear us
Bugnarakh...Sam: at least i have not been forced to do something to cause hurt to anyone
Frodo: I'm sorry. You're right
Frodo: Well, that's good at least
Frodo: *bites his lip thinking that Sam will eventually be forced to do that*
Frodo: Sam, are you still in pain from it?
Bugnarakh...Sam: mr. bracegirdle was.... he was supposed to see a lady soldier to her death.
Frodo: Did they at least free you from that?
Frodo: Oh no
Bugnarakh...Sam: it hurts me every now and then, sir, but do not worry about it.
Frodo: *smiles sadly* Just like me then
Frodo: We're a pair aren't we
Frodo: Though mine hurts all the time I'm in the Dark Lord's presence, there is almost nothing worse for it
Bugnarakh...Sam: aye, sir, both of us injured by the hands of mordor.
Frodo: May El....may the Valar destroy them all.
Bugnarakh...Sam: *cannot join frodo in his curse... sighs*
Bugnarakh...Sam: i wonder whatever became of mr. peter, or the lady.
Frodo: *grimly* She probably died
Bugnarakh...Sam: *looks down* i hope not
Bugnarakh...Sam: angmar bewitched her by some devilry
Frodo: That doesn't surprise me
Frodo: He would do anything for his own pleasure
Bugnarakh...Sam: i don't know much of the tale, but i think she challenged him in a battle, and he took her back as a captive
Frodo: *sharp intake of breath* Brave soul!
Bugnarakh...Sam: he made her think she was his finance
Bugnarakh...Sam: and mr. peter was supposed to make sure she died, by the hands of her own people.
Frodo: *Widens his eyes and scoffs* Really? I find it hard to believe that even the spells of Mordor could make that devil attractive
Frodo: Oh, how horrible
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam knows what angmar looks like in the wraith world and bursts out in uncontrollable laughter*
Frodo: *is surprised but joins in the laughter*
Frodo: Is Peter as he was when we knew him in the Shire?
Bugnarakh...Sam: *regains control* oh... mr. frodo... i wonder what became of them.
Frodo: Has he changed or is he the same, like you?
Frodo: I hope they found some way out of that predicament
Bugnarakh...Sam: he's still very much a gentlehobbit, mr. frodo, though he has been a.... wraith longer than me.
Frodo: Aye, and probably further gone than you
Bugnarakh...Sam: he was always fighting the will of the master.
Frodo: Good. A hobbit should, as long as he can.
Bugnarakh...Sam: *nods*
Frodo: I didn't mean to say that you were at all "gone," Sam...I didn't mean it that way
Frodo: I don't care what they may say or do
Frodo: You are still my Sam.
Bugnarakh...Sam: *laughs* that's all right, mr. frodo, i understand
Frodo: *smiles*
Frodo: Well, I suppose there's nothing for it now
Frodo: *rises*
Frodo: *stuffs one more piece of bread into his mouth*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *picks frodos leash up again sadly*
Frodo: *touches the leash* I hate this thing
Bugnarakh...Sam: me too, sir
Bugnarakh...Sam: i hate leading you around, like a dog.
Frodo: Just think of it as leading me the way you used to
Frodo: Come on, Sam.
Bugnarakh...Sam: *smiles* thank you, mr. frodo
Sauron the Great: *The Dark Lord sits upon his Dark Throne*
Sauron the Great: *Sam leads Frodo back on his chain to the Dark Hall*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, did you have a good walk?
Frodo: *Frodo winks at Sam before turning back to the Dark Lord*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *bows upon entry into the dark hall, then again before sauron*
Frodo: *the fire of whose presence almost casts him to the ground*
Frodo: Yes sir.
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, you did not bow to me. Are you getting forgetful?
Frodo: *glares and bows*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *feelings of dread overwhelm his mind*
Frodo: *sighs and braces himself. At least they were able to return to the Shire in their minds for a little while*
Sauron the Great: *He knows their thoughts before they ever arrived, he knows what they have done. Nothing escapes the gaze of Sauron*
Sauron the Great: Gentlehobbits......
Sauron the Great: Did you drink your fill of my wine?
Bugnarakh...Sam: *looks down*
Frodo: *frantic look at Sam*
Sauron the Great: Did you find it satisfying to your tastes?
Frodo: Ah...I admit it sir.
Frodo: I broke away from Sam, I mean Bughnrakh
Sauron the Great: As your host, I should know. *He looks down at his Ring and then to them*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *shuffles feet uneasily*
Frodo: *Anger boils up at the sight of the Ring and he has difficulty beating it back down*
Sauron the Great: Baggins, use his proper name!
Frodo: I broke away from Bughnrakh and went to the wine cellar
Sauron the Great: Bugnarakh, chain him tightly to the throne
Frodo: because I was hungry and thirsty.
Frodo: *whispers to Sam* Don't worry about this, it's all right.
Bugnarakh...Sam: yes, Master *he looks desparately to frodo* *whisper* i am sorry sir
Bugnarakh...Sam: *chains him to the throne*
Sauron the Great: *Carcharoth growls from beneath the throne, his breath foul, with the smell of dead men*
Frodo: *Frodo shudders*
Sauron the Great: Snaga, go forth to the wine cellar and fetch me a bottle
Bugnarakh...Sam: *looks to sauron avoiding the fire of his eyes* yes my lord
Bugnarakh...Sam: *bows and leaves, goes to wine cellar to get bottle. then comes back...bowing upon entry into the hall and then again at saurons feet*
Sauron the Great: *He commands two orcs to come and hold Frodo and tilt his head back*
Frodo: *his head is pulled far back*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, would you like more wine?
Frodo: *stammers unsure what to do*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *feels miserable at frodos treatment*
Frodo: *his neck begins to bleed again*
Sauron the Great: Snaga, since you have had a great part in this, you will pay a price too!
Sauron the Great: Pour the bottle down his throat
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sigh* yes my lord *to frodo* forgive me sir
Frodo: *quietly* Don't worry about it just do it
Bugnarakh...Sam: *goes to frodo and begins pouring wine down his throat feeling miserable*
Sauron the Great: And should he not get his fill from this, bring back five bottles more!
Frodo: *tries to hold his breath and shivers as the wine runs out of his mouth all down him*
Sauron the Great: Ah, a crafty creature is he not, Snaga?
Sauron the Great: And he refuses his master's wine!
Sauron the Great: An insult to the host
Frodo: No sir
Bugnarakh...Sam: please lord.... *sighs in resignation. cannot protest*
Frodo: Your wine is...of good quality. *through gritted teeth*
Sauron the Great: That is, Master Baggins, LORD!
Sauron the Great: Ah, Snaga, get the wine
Frodo: *hisses* Lord.
Sauron the Great: *He commands two orcs to bring a feeding tube....*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *fears greatly for frodos sake but he is commanded.... goes to get the wine*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *comes back with several bottles, praying frodo will survive this*
Sauron the Great: *Two orcs return with a feeding tube made of metal and force it in Frodo's throat*
Sauron the Great: *They are ordered to hold Frodo* Snaga, pour it down his throat
Frodo: *gags and tries to scream, panting to keep breathing*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *pitiful look* but lord...
Bugnarakh...Sam: *pours the wine down the tube*
Frodo: *he chokes on the wine and blood from inside his throat*
Sauron the Great: *Blistering fires from Sauron's eyes come forth and engulf Sam for insubordination*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *his mind reeling with pain he struggles to stay standing, manages to do so, continuging torturing his own master*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, now have you had enough wine? Can you still speak? *Sauron laughs at him*
Frodo: *the wine still runs out of the corners of his mouth but now he is coughing violently, choking on it, which makes the tube cut into his throat*
Frodo: *coughing and moaning with the tube in his throat, he cannot speak*
Sauron the Great: *Remembering how Frodo sought to keep the Ring from his hand, Sauron is more vicious than usual*
Sauron the Great: *And feels the raid to his wine cellar was an insult to him*
Sauron the Great: *He commands the orcs to pound their fists into Frodo's stomach*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam looks away not wanting to see his master in such pain*
Sauron the Great: *Carcharoth comes out from under the throne, smelling the reek on the floor*
Frodo: *Frodo retches and the wine spills out of the tube onto the floor*
Sauron the Great: *licking his lips and savoring what is to come*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *hopes frodo can keep down his other food -- he needs it to stay alive*
Frodo: *The tube is now clogged with vomit so some of his food stays down*
Sauron the Great: *They pull the tube from his mouth and pound him more in the stomach*
Sauron the Great: *Carcharoth laps up the vomit on the floor*
Frodo: *Frodo feels he will never be able to talk again. Blood flows out of his mouth from his throat with the vomit*
Frodo: *the acid makes his throat burn even more*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam feels sick and helpless, not able to come to the aid of his master*
Sauron the Great: *Carcharoth licks Frodo's mouth*
Sauron the Great: *Enjoying the taste of fresh blood, mixed with the other food*
Frodo: *Frodo shuts his eyes tight and holds his breath against the wolf's foul breath*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, have you had enough of my wine cellar? *Sauron's laughter makes the walls echo*
Frodo: *Frodo can only make faint rasping sounds*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam clasps the edge of his cloak in his hands, wringing it, feeling miserable*
Sauron the Great: Snaga, take the remaining bottles and put them under my throne. Perhaps Master Baggins would enjoy them more now
Bugnarakh...Sam: yes, my lord *puts bottles under throne*
Sauron the Great: Snaga, you are learning obedience, that is good
Bugnarakh...Sam: *looks down feeling guilty*
Frodo: *curls up into a ball under the throne*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, how did it taste? What was your favorite vintage? Did you enjoy more? Did you find the delicate flavors of some of the vintage more appealing than others?
Sauron the Great: Let me know your tastes, so I can see you have your fill once again *he laughs madly*
Sauron the Great: *Carcharoth goes under the throne with Frodo, and curls up beside him, licks his lips, hoping for another taste of his blood*
Frodo: *Exhausted, Frodo keeps his eyes closed*
Sauron the Great: Snaga, your place is beside them. Get you hence there!
Bugnarakh...Sam: yes, my lord *goes under throne and sits beside frodo, patting hs shoulder sadly*
Frodo: *Frustrated tears spill down his face. Now it is a torment just to breathe*
Sauron the Great: *They can hear Sauron laughing on his throne.....* Such a touching scene of friendship....
Sauron the Great: Such loyalty. It is inspiring!
Frodo: *clings to Sam's hand. Perhaps that pain will distract him frrom the pain in his throat.*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *whisper* i am sorry, mr. frodo, sir... please forgive me
Frodo: *unable to speak, squeezes Sam's hand*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron leans forward, and reaches his hand beneath the throne so that Frodo can see what rests on his finger*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *tries not to think about anything*
Sauron the Great: Do you see it, Master Baggins? What you suffered and gave up so much for?
Sauron the Great: What you journeyed long for?
Frodo: *Frodo moans and shields his face with his other hand*
Sauron the Great: What you saw in your mind like a burning wheel of fire?
Sauron the Great: You would have been Dark Lord in my place if you could!
Frodo: *This is where he would usually protest that he was going to destroy the Ring, not claim it*
Sauron the Great: And Master Baggins, you will pay for this, for all eternity! As long as Sauron sits upon His throne!
Frodo: *He tries to say this but only makes incoherent, whimpering sounds*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam shuts his eyes, tortured by frodo's torment*
Sauron the Great: You, Snaga, have not paid yet
Frodo: *Frodo is dragged to the lowest depths of despair*
Sauron the Great: But you will pay, now and in the future!
Sauron the Great: For helping this wretch through all his long travels, and for betraying Lugburz tonight!
Bugnarakh...Sam: *is guilty, two ways, torturing frodo, and defying sauron. feels horrible, curls up, whimpering*
Frodo: *He forgets about Sam and tries to form the words as a prayer for both of them**cannot say anymore*
Sauron the Great: May a plague of fiery serpents crawl throu your entrails!
Bugnarakh...Sam: *both the prayer to elbereth and saurons curse hits him at the same time and he shrieks and moans in pain and agony*
Frodo: *Sam's cries remind him of his prayer's effect and he covers his face, moaning. He wishes he could apologize to Sam*
Sauron the Great: *He can feel them enter his throat, crawl slowly down his esophagus, curling and writhing, and biting him with fangs dripping in venom*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *wails in misery, clutching his stomach*
Frodo: *pulls himself over to Sam*
Frodo: *pats his hooded head gently*
Sauron the Great: *And a spell is put upon Frodo's mind, and then he can see to his horror, the head of a serpent with forked tongue and glowing eyes portruding from Sam's mouth*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *can barely sense frodos presence, his body racked with shuddering from pain*
Sauron the Great: protruding*
Frodo: *Frodo draws back in terror then tries to pull the serpent out*
Sauron the Great: This Master Baggins, for daring to drink my wine without my permission
Sauron the Great: And you, Snaga, as punishment for helping him
Sauron the Great: These serpents of fire that will torture your insides until I command them to leave you
Bugnarakh...Sam: *writhes on floor, shrieking*
Frodo: *Frodo lies next to Sam and hugs him the way Sam used to hold him when the Ring and his wounds overcame him*
Sauron the Great: *In his mind, Frodo can see the snake in Sam's mouth bite Frodo on the hand, ripping off the finger upon which the Ring once rested*
Frodo: *not caring anymore about the Black Shadow for he figures he will die soon anyway*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *still barely can snse frodo's presence, for hie is in too much pain*
Frodo: *Frodo shrieks in pain but continues to cling to Sam*
Sauron the Great: *Frodo can see the snake crawling out of Sam's mouth and holding his finger in its teeth*
Frodo: *grimaces*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam is doubled up in pain, he kicks and trashes, shrieking and moaning*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *thrashes*
Frodo: *Frodo tries to comfort him, crying. The crying makes his throat worse but he barely notices that now*
Sauron the Great: *One snake stays inside Sam, forming a tight ball inside his stomach*
Sauron the Great: *Frodo can see the other snake crawling over his leg, still clutching his finger and hissing*
Frodo: *Frodo thinks that the wraith's shrieks will drive him mad or make him go deaf*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam feels like retching at the feeling of the fiery snake curling into a ball in his stomach, but cannot, being undead*
Frodo: *but he cannot forget that it is his Sam and so he must try to help him.*
Sauron the Great: *Carcharoth sees the snake, growls and lunges at the snake, tearing the finger from the snake's teeth and eating it himself*
Sauron the Great: *The finger starts to burn Carcharoth's stomach like a silmaril. He gets up, goes over to Frodo and expels the contents of his stomach in Frodo's face*
Frodo: *Frodo reels back from Sam*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam is still in bitter pain, and continues wailing*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron thinks a thought and commands Sam's mouth to be silent*
Frodo: *Frodo tries to wipe his face as the vision seems real*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *rocks back and forth in pain, though silent this time*
Sauron the Great: Snaga, the serpent will stay inside you until I give it leave to get out
Frodo: *Frodo has a little more presence of mind now that the shrieking is over*
Frodo: *He crawls out from under the throne and faces the Dark Lord*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *sam takes his hand and forces his fingers far back into his mouth, trying to force himself to gag and throw the snake up*
Frodo: *He tries to speak* Please...
Frodo: Not him
Sauron the Great: *Sauron beams a treacherous smile as he looks down at Frodo*
Frodo: Please...
Frodo: Anything....*he gestures to himself*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, would you ask a boon of Mordor?
Frodo: *He touches his head to the floor wishing he were dead and knowing this is what Sauron desires*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *but his attempts to make himself vomit fail him, and he lies there, still in bitter pain at the snake in his insides*
Frodo: *He lies there broken on the floor before Sauron*
Sauron the Great: Ah, Master Baggins, you bow now willingly I see
Sauron the Great: *he grins wickedly at Frodo*
Frodo: *does not move*
Sauron the Great: Baggins, the serpent will remain until I command it to leave!
Sauron the Great: But I since I wish to keep you with us for a very long time.....
Frodo: *lifts his head*
Frodo: No please
Sauron the Great: *he takes thought and the vision leaves Frodo and he sees his finger once more upon his hand*
Frodo: *startled to find his finger still there*
Frodo: *anger at the deception burns in him*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, it will not be so easy. We deny you the Morgul blade!
Sauron the Great: And you will live a long time!
Frodo: *but he still sees Sam in pain*
Sauron the Great: And soon you will be broken and perhaps then if you are proven worthy......
Sauron the Great: I might let you go back to the Shire. You would like that, Master Baggins?
Bugnarakh...Sam: *curled tightly into ball, in total agony*
Frodo: *He knows what Sauron means. His face turns deathly white*
Frodo: Lord...Sam...
Frodo: Please
Sauron the Great: NAY!
Sauron the Great: I am Master here. I reign!
Frodo: *bows to the floor again*
Sauron the Great: And soon, my power will cover all of Middle Earth!
Frodo: You
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins....
Frodo: not him
Sauron the Great: Do you think there is no justice in my punishment?
Frodo: *clutches his throat tears spilling down his face*
Sauron the Great: I care not for snagas!
Sauron the Great: WE have you Master Baggins! As long as we want you
Sauron the Great: And never by the power of Melkor will I remove a judgment that I have pronounced!
Frodo: Send me...that....serpent
Sauron the Great: *A smile comes on Sauron's face*
Sauron the Great: Would you have the serpent that plagues my snaga?
Frodo: *nods* Not him
Sauron the Great: I shall bargain with you Master Baggins....
Frodo: *brightens*
Sauron the Great: *A glowing sinister smile comes over Sauron's face*
Sauron the Great: You shall have your wish, Master Baggins!
Frodo: Let him
Frodo: go free
Sauron the Great: AM I Not called Sauron the Faithful and I keep my bargains?
Bugnarakh...Sam: *in too much misery to even think.*
Sauron the Great: *the serpent in Sam's stomach then sticks its head out and leers at Frodo*
Frodo: *Frodo braces himself*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *in a slight fraction of less pain*
Frodo: *He repeats in his mind so Sam won't hear* A Elbereth Glithoniel, Glithoniel A Elbereth!
Sauron the Great: *Then the serpent that had been crawling over Frodo's feet in Frodo's vision enters his mouth and crawls down his esophagus, into his stomach*
Sauron the Great: Now, Master Baggins, to prove my faithfulness, both of you have this!
Frodo: You promised
Sauron the Great: *he laughs at them both*
Frodo: he would
Sauron the Great: What did I Promise, Master Baggins?
Frodo: ...go free
Sauron the Great: That I would remove the snake from his stomach? Nay, nay, Master Baggins
Frodo: *collapses on the floor burning with pain but too exhausted to cry out*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *still in pain*
Sauron the Great: I keep my promises!
Sauron the Great: I am the faithful one, the giver of good gifts!
Bugnarakh...Sam: *tries to speak through his torment*
Bugnarakh...Sam: my lord..... frodo.......please...... and give...... it.......back........,.......
Sauron the Great: Snaga, the snake never left you. Perhaps it does not torment you so
Bugnarakh...Sam: no, lord......... it torments me........wellll....... enough...... *struggles*
Sauron the Great: Now, Gentlehobbits, consider before you do something, before you take leave and liberty to tamper with my property
Bugnarakh...Sam: *struggles* i am......sorry..... my.......lord......forgive me *in bitter pain*
Frodo: *in all the pain Sam has been experiencing coupled with the pain in his throat and the Black Shadow, Frodo is completely unable to speak now*
Sauron the Great: Snaga, the snake will remain where it is forever!
Sauron the Great: And shall remind you that you do not test your Master's will!
Sauron the Great: And you, Master Baggins, will have the memory of your pleasant evening in My wine cellar!
Bugnarakh...Sam: *wimpers and wails softly, feeling wretched*
Frodo: *what little part of his mind that can still think is full of pity for Sam and anger at Sauron*
Sauron the Great: *He commands the vision of the snake inside Frodo to cease*
Sauron the Great: Now Master Baggins, sleep will come upon you, and you will think about your........ pleasant evening *grins evily and laughs*
Frodo: *surprised that the vision has been lifted from him but not Sam*
Sauron the Great: *The vision with Sam is real*
Frodo: *fights the sleep that threatens to clost his eyes*
Sauron the Great: *And not a vision at all but a punishment*
Frodo: *drags himself over to Sam*
Sauron the Great: Goodnight, Gentlehobbits. Master Baggins, sleep well.
Frodo: *wishing every curse imaginable to Sauron*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *curls up tighter still in pain*
Frodo: *puts his arms around Sam as he did before*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron sits on his throne, and plans for the new terrors to strike Middle-Earth*
Bugnarakh...Sam: *smiles admit his torment*
Frodo: *The shock of the aggravated Black Shadow sends him into the sleep that was sent to him*

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