March 18 - March 25, 3019

Frodo played by Hobbitness
Sam played by Eowyn
Narrator, Orc Slave-Driver, Pizbur Tiimurz and Akul played by Wraith

Narrator: *Frodo and Sam, dressed in orc gear, are traveling through the plain of Gororgoth. They are on an elevated road... below them is a sharp cliff, above them are more cliffs. They hear the sounds of orcs approaching*
Narrator: *Frodo looks wildly about for an escape, but he sees none. He and Sam hide against the rock, and hope they are not noticed, or if they are noticed, that they will be overlooked*
Frodo: I feared it, Sam. We've trusted to luck, and it has failed us
Frodo: *He squints up at the rock wall cutting off their escape*
Frodo: *The sheer height of it and the gravity of their situation hits him with dizziness and he sinks down* We're trapped! We're trapped at last!
Sam: seems so. well, we can but wait and see
Frodo: *He bows his head and clenches his fists in his matted hair*
Narrator: *The orcs go along at a great pace. The first orcs bear torches, and Frodo and Sam can see them quickly growing as they come closer*
Frodo: *crouches down lower and sends a warning glance to Sam to do the same*
Sam: *crouches down beside frodo, fearing for the worst and hoping that maybe the orcs will pass them by, let two weary travelers rest*
Orc Slave-Driver: *The orcs go past them, but after a time a big orc with a whip notices them sitting beside the road*
Orc Slave-Driver: *He flicks a whip at them and calls for the company to halt. He yells* Hi, you! Get up!
Sam: *sam hides behind his shield, and terror courses through him*
Frodo: *stares at the orc in a daze from behind his shield, hoping he isn't talking to them*
Orc Slave-Driver: Come on, you slugs! This is no time for slouching!
Orc Slave-Driver: *He takes a step towards them and notices their shields* Deserting eh? Or thinking of it? All your folk should have been inside Undun before yesterday evening. You know that
Orc Slave-Driver: Up you get and fall in, or I'll have your numbers and report you!
Frodo: *muttering an apology, he stumbles to his feet, fear coursing through his veins like ice*
Sam: *stumbles to feet and helps frodo get up, keeping low and bent*
Orc Slave-Driver: *Frodo and Sam shuffle to the rear of the line, but the orc slave driver tells them to go three files up*
Frodo: *That will make it even harder to escape. Frodo tries not to think at all and just concentrates on putting one foot in front of the other*
Orc Slave-Driver: And stay there or you'll know it, when I come down the line! *He sends his long whip-lash cracking over their heads and with another crack and a yell he starts the company off again at a brisk trot*
Sam: *stumbles three files up with frodo... he doesnt feel like walking and he knows frodo feels een worse*
Frodo: *Frodo and Sam are already starving and dehydrated, and keeping up the pace is near impossible*
Narrator: *The orcs continue marching*
Narrator: *They come to a spot near the Isenmouth where they are met by several other companies of orcs. Several fights break out from the confusion, and the orcs turn on each other in violence*
Sam: *sam grabs frodo and brings him down to the ground, and orcs fall over them, cursing... they begin crawling to the side of the road*
Frodo: *Frodo feels suffocated by the stench of so many orcs, and he is on the point of collapse after walking so many miles. Sam almost has to drag him to the side of the road*
Frodo: *The Ring is so heavy that the chain cuts deep into his neck and he feels he won't be able to get up again*
Narrator: *Frodo and Sam rest at the side of the road and wait for the fighting to stop. Eventually it does, and order is restored to the orc companies*
Sam: *sam takes a sip of water and presses frodo to do so too, and gives him a whole wafer of lembas bread*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *Out of the corner of his eye, Pizbur Tiimurz notes a movement*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *he commands his company to halt*
Frodo: *It takes all Frodo's strength to grasp the water flask and lift it with shaking hands*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *He sees the shaking hands of Frodo clasping the water flask to his lips*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *He turns and looks at them*
Frodo: *He gives it back to Sam and doesn't look at the lembas wafer. He collapses on the ground next to him*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *he walks over to them, while the company stays halted behind*
Sam: *he sees the orc approach and dread fills him. he nudges frodo* mr. frodo, our troubles are not over yet
Sam: *he says in a whisper*
Frodo: *Terror shoots through him, giving him the desperate strength to look up...he sees the orc too and clings to Sam's hand*
Frodo: Oh no! *he sighs*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *he walks right in front of them*
Pizbur Tiimurz: Ho! Sluggards! What do you think you are doing?
Pizbur Tiimurz: Taking a draught?
Frodo: *hides his face* Nay, sir! We....we...thought it was this way, sir, in the confusion!
Sam: *sam is exhausted and knows frodo is in a worse state, carrying the extra burden of the ring. what should he do? try to bluff his way out or fight?*
Pizbur Tiimurz: Come over here and stand in front of me! Let's see what you two lads are up to!
Frodo: *Frodo tries to get up but falls back down*
Sam: *sam staggers to his feet, takes frodos hand and pulls him up*
Pizbur Tiimurz: Garn! You had too much to drink!
Frodo: *manages to struggle to his feet with Sam's help, leaning heavily on him*
Pizbur Tiimurz: Drunk, are you! And on duty too! You will be flogged for this!
Sam: *drunk! that devil says that mr. frodo is drunk. he's suffering, starving, and carrying that awful ring, definitely not drunk*
Frodo: *His mind races for possible chances of escape, but he can find none*
Pizbur Tiimurz: Can't even stand on your own feet, can you!
Pizbur Tiimurz: We'll see about this!
Pizbur Tiimurz: *he summons two other orcs from the company. One comes up beside Frodo, and one comes up beside Sam*
Pizbur Tiimurz: Make em stand up, lads!
Frodo: *whispers* Hurry up, Sam, run!
Frodo: *whispers* Run away before he gets to you!
Sam: *whispers back* no! i'm not leaving you, mr. frodo
Frodo: *whispers* I release you from that promise, run!
Frodo: *though he probably won't get far with all those orcs, Frodo thinks despairingly*
Sam: *he waits for the orcs to come, to see what they will do. he is ready to grab his sword hilt and fight even though he is weary*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *The two orcs approach Sam and Frodo*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *One of them scowls at Sam and the other frowns menacingly at Frodo* Drunk are you? *one sneers*
Pizbur Tiimurz: What's your name and rank in the company?
Sam: *panic shoots through him. they don't know orc names and ranks!*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *The Orc facing Sam says* Don't know your own name, do you? That's mighty strange!
Sam: *seeing no way to get out of this situation, he grabs frodos hand and starts running, as best he can, away from the orcs*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *The sergeant orders the company to give chase to them*
Frodo: *Frodo tries to run blindly behind him*
Sam: *puffing and panting, and not knowing where he is going, he runs blindly, dragging the exhausted frodo behind*
Frodo: *With a last effort he pushes his body beyond what strength he knew he had...he stumbles, almost dragged by Sam....he must not stop, he must not stop*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *The fast orcs quickly surround them*
Frodo: *but it is only a matter of time*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *And Frodo and Sam are soon under a pile of orcs*
Sam: *draws his sword and attempts to fight the onslaught of orcs*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *Fists and knees pound them and the weight of the mass crushes them*
Frodo: *Frodo lies there like a dead thing*
Sam: *gasps for breath underneath a pile of orcs, trying to stab upward at the orc on top him*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *an orc groans in pain, signaling he has been struck by Sam's sword*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *but soon another wrestles the sword out of Sam's hand and kicks him in the face*
Sam: *cries out in pain, and desperately wonders where mr frodo is under all these orcs*
Frodo: *The orc's groan and Sam's cry of pain swirl around him in a sea of confusion*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *The sergeant rushes up and yells* Order, lads! Order!
Pizbur Tiimurz: *Soon the mass of orcs stands up. One orc holds Frodo under the arms and the other has Sam by the feet*
Sam: *dangles in air, panting for breath*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *The sergeant commands them to hold both of them and search them*
Frodo: *looks blearily around, catches sight of Sam dangling by his ankles*
Frodo: *Frodo looks at him with horror. There is no way out now*
Pizbur Tiimurz: Ah, what is this! *One of the orcs says, and pulls Sting from its sheath*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *He sees it glows blue and he is frightened and drops it*
Frodo: *fumbles at his neck hiding the Ring under his shirt*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *The other orc picks up Sam's blade of Westernsee and it burns his hand* Urk! *he yells*
Frodo: *while the orcs are distracted with the swords*
Sam: *trembles in fear.... they are doomed now.. all hope lost*
Frodo: *feels a pang at the loss of Sting, Bilbo's sword!*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *The orcs then remove both their helms*
Frodo: *Frodo ducks his head as far down as he can*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *And then strip them of their armor*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *They leave behind their stolen orc clothes, but remove any pieces of armor*
Pizbur Tiimurz: Search their posessions! *the sergeant orders*
Frodo: *After they are stripped of their armor, Frodo stumbles to Sam and sadly squeezes his shoulder. He whispers* Well, Samwise Gamgee, this is the bitter end
Frodo: *then the orcs drag him away to search him*
Sam: *sam prays to the valar that somehow they will get out of this alive, and the ring will not be caputred*
Frodo: *Frodo prays desperately as he is searched*
Akul: *An orc that seems to be all arms searches Frodo*
Akul: What is this? *he says and fingers the chain on Frodo's neck*
Sam: *sam gasps when he sees this, and tries to scoot closer to frodo*
Frodo: *with an impossible burst of strength, Frodo pushes the orc's arm away and shouts a protest*
Akul: *The orc holding Sam restrains him and backhands him in the face*
Sam: *sam blacks out from the impact*
Akul: *The orc resents Frodo's hand pushing against him and slaps it away*
Akul: What's this bauble about your neck!
Frodo: Nothing!
Akul: Speak!
Akul: Nothing! It shines of gold!
Akul: *The sergeant orders Akul away*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *He strides up to Frodo and looks down at him*
Pizbur Tiimurz: what is this you wear?
Pizbur Tiimurz: *he bends over, reaches his hand down and rips the chain from Frodo's neck*
Frodo: *Frodo screams*
Frodo: It's just a ring!
Frodo: Elvish ring!
Pizbur Tiimurz: *As Frodo sees the ring and chain flying through the air, it seems to glow with a great brilliance, and seems to call to him*
Frodo: It's....just......from a friend, but it's mine....give it back!!!
Pizbur Tiimurz: *Frodo feels an unbearable sense of loss, worse than death, as the orc holds it up in front of his eyes and looks at it dangling in front of him*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *He looks back at Frodo* A ring from a friend, eh?
Pizbur Tiimurz: You won't need it anymore where you're going. You're not a soldier. Don't know what you are, but you are not of Mordor!
Frodo: *reaches out for it, his eyes stinging but too dehydrated to cry*
Pizbur Tiimurz: You are a spy, a wicked, stinking little spy!
Pizbur Tiimurz: *The sergeant orders his men to bind Frodo and Sam, and they feel the rough hands of the orcs tying the ropes about their arms and hands*
Frodo: *consumed with an urgent need for the Ring, Frodo can't think of a false story to tell*
Frodo: *Frodo is still shouting at the orc to give the Ring back*
Frodo: *He hardly notices the ropes*
Pizbur Tiimurz: You are going to Lugburz, you filthy spies! They will deal with you there! *he looks at him with a wicked expression on his face*
Sam: *being roughly tossed about by the orcs brings sam slowly back to consciousness... his head throbs with pain*
Frodo: *whispers to himself* The Dark Tower? *looks frantically around for Sam, hoping beyond hope he escaped*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *The sergeant orders a group of orcs to break off from the company, and they begin to carry Frodo and Sam to Lugburz*
Frodo: *catches sight of Sam hanging limply between the orcs, his face contorted in pain*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *An orc messenger, who is a swift runner, is sent out ahead, to bring advance tidings to Lugburz, and describe all of the posessions of the captured spies*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *After seven days of marching and being brutally treated by the orcs, Frodo and Sam arrive at the Dark Tower*
Pizbur Tiimurz: *They are imprisoned in the dungeon and allowed to rest for a brief time before being brought before Sauron*
Frodo: *Frodo lies on the cell floor, exhausted, and watches as Sam is thrown in next to him*
Sam: *sam lies in the cell next to frodo, exhausted from the weary journey, being driven ever onward by cruel orcs*
Frodo: *Frodo crawls wearily over to Sam*
Frodo: How is your head?
Sam: *looks up at the dark ceiling of the cell* ooh *he says, his head still smarting* it feels better now, mr. frodo
Sam: but... now the enemy has the ring!
Frodo: I know *Frodo squeezes his eyes shut and begins to shake* I can't believe it!
Sam: and here we are, in the very dark tower itself!
Frodo: *He clenches his fists and curls into a ball on the floor, trembling with rage and despair*
Sam: *struggles to a sitting position and rests his aching back against the cold, damp wall of the cell*
Frodo: *after a while he manages to overcome himself enough to notice Sam's horrified stupor*
Frodo: *He drags himself over and sits next to Sam*
Sam: how are you feeling, mr. frodo? besides the loss of the ring and all
Frodo: *laughs bitterly* The loss of the Ring IS all....*realizes what he has just said* But no, it is not all....oh, Sam, I am so sorry
Sam: no, no... *he says softly, not wanting to contemplate the dire fate this means for the west*
Frodo: *He bows his head and repeats desperately* I am so sorry...please forgive me for bringing this on you, on all of them
Sam: mr. frodo! it is not your fault. what happened couldn't be helped
Frodo: It was me they saw
Frodo: The West will fall!
Frodo: The Shire will burn!
Frodo: Their trust in me was in vain
Frodo: I failed them....I can't believe it!
Frodo: It is too horrible
Sam: *he sighs... it feels like a heavy weight, even the weight of the ring has fallen upon him*
Sam: do not blame yourself, mr. frodo.
Frodo: But it is the risk we took.....we all took it, but I never thought....*he trails off*
Sam: what happened is done, and cannot be changed. please, sir, do not blame yourself
Frodo: Do you think there is any hope left for them now?
Sam: if anyone can be blamed, it is the enemy, who created the ring to start with!
Frodo: *smiles sadly at Sam*
Sam: *he looks down, falling deep in thought* i do not know, mr. frodo. but i hope so... darker days have happened, and light came again
Frodo: *nods, contemplating this too, and a faint gleam of hope descends on them*
Frodo: But what of us now?
Frodo: and what of you?
Sam: remember the stories that mr. bilbo told us... of the evil reign of the first dark lord, and he was defeated. perhaps this shall be the fate of the enemy we now face
Frodo: *softly* I hope so
Sam: *shakes his head sadly* i do not know, mr. frodo.... may the valar protect us
Frodo: *whispers* May the Valar protect us...may they protect you. *he pauses, fighting back an outburst*
Frodo: *loses the battle* I TOLD you not to come with me! *he suddenly starts crying*
Frodo: I said it would be the death of you
Frodo: and I couldn't bear it
Frodo: and now it has come and I can't bear it. I can't bear the thought of them hurting you
Frodo: you haven't done anything, you shouldn't have even been mixed up in all this
Sam: *he reaches over and squeezes frodos hand* now, now, mr. frodo. please don't cry!
Frodo: *He reaches over and embraces Sam so hard that he almost cannot breathe*
Frodo: *not knowing it is the last time*
Sam: *hugs frodo back and tries to comfort his grieving friend*
Narrator: *The Ring was taken to Sauron by the orc sergeant earlier that day, March the 25th*
Narrator: *Soon, they are led through many darkened corrdiors of Lugburz, fear increasing with every step of the miserable journey. They know they are being brought before Sauron, who now has the Ring, and that all hope is lost, for both them and the West*

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