Sometime between March 28 and April 4, 3019

Frodo Baggins is in his cell in the Houses of Lamentation. Khamul the Nazgul and the Lady Madurz pay him a visit.

Frodo: *thinks of the near and yet so far...*
Khamul: In the darkness of Mordor the Ring became the only beautiful thing to you. Therefore you wanted it more and more
Khamul: Is that not true, Frodo?
Frodo: I hate the stinking Nazgul and Mordor and the stinking give it back to me!!!! or I shall call on Elbereth!
Khamul: Watch your tongue, Baggins, or you go to join your friend Sam
Frodo: *mutter mumble* All right, all right, I'll take it back
Khamul: You will be like us soon, but we assume you want to stay as you are as long as possible
Khamul: If you want to prolong the inevitable, then be very nice
Frodo: I don't want to be like you!
Frodo: Ever!
Madurz: *looks to Frodo*
Khamul: Then Sam will suffer
Frodo: I'll be very nice!
Frodo: Can you turn Sam back into a hobbit?
Khamul: No
Frodo: *whimpers*
Khamul: There is no way possible.... there are only two ways out
Frodo: What are the two ways out?
Khamul: Either destroy the Ring or be stabbed with the Blade of Westernsee.... Both aredestruction
Frodo: *Frodo wipes away the tears that spill down his face. If only he had succeeded in destroying the Ring!*
Khamul: Just think, Frodo. You will get to know Sauron very well, the Mouth of Sauron and the Nine
Khamul: All will be good friends I am sure
Frodo: I don't want to know them any better
Khamul: Oh but you have only met three
Frodo: I'll...leave them in peace
Madurz: Accept it Frodo..the less you fear and fight the better it will become
Khamul: Yes, Frodo. Accept your fate
Frodo: *wonders who the woman is and what she is doing in Mordor*
Khamul: You will be with us a long, long time.
Khamul: The woman, you wonder?
Frodo: *nods*
Khamul: She has gained favor with Mordor
Frodo: *Frodo thinks* Traitorous woman!
Madurz: *eyes frodo*
Khamul: *Thinks of Sam.... and the pain he will experience*
Frodo: *senses that thought*
Frodo: What about Sam?
Khamul: He is such a simple, trusting one
Frodo: I'll do anything
Khamul: His mind is easy to penetrate
Khamul: He is devoted to you
Frodo: Don't hurt Sam
Frodo: I'll do anything
Khamul: I can make no promises, but to sue for Sauron's clemency you must first do his bidding
Frodo: I'll bow to you
Khamul: Then do so
Frodo: *Frodo grits his teeth and thinks of Sam...he bows*
Khamul: *acknowledges bow... is pleased*
Frodo: *stays on his knees shaking with anger*
Khamul: Lose the anger... Embrace Mordor with your soul
Frodo: *Frodo reels backward, panting. He wipes the sweat dripping off his brow*
Khamul: We have it anyway.... just one heart beat away.....
Frodo: *He shakes his head thinking: The Shire, the Shire!*
Khamul: *Thinks.... Sam... Sam.... Sam... Sam suffering, racked in pain*
Frodo: *bows again and gets up trying to hide his anger*
Madurz: *moves over to Frodo and places hand on his shoulders*
Frodo: *trying to appear calm*
Frodo: *looks to the woman*
Khamul: *His thoughts reach out to Bilbo......*
Madurz: you'll have companions here for life
Madurz: in the Shire you would have felt alone....alienated
Khamul: Yes, good companions
Khamul: No one understood you in the Shire, Frodo
Khamul: They thought you were cracked
Frodo: That's not true
Frodo: Sam and Bilbo didn't think I was cracked.
Khamul: They thought you were strange
Madurz: Sam cannot go back
Khamul: Ever since Bilbo went on his adventure, he disgraced the family name, and Baggins were thought of as odd
Khamul: Never can Sam go back, no more than we
Khamul: No one liked you in the Shire, Frodo.... They gossiped about you constantly behind your back
Frodo: *Frodo loses the calm front and wipes his eyes again, thinking of Sam*
Madurz: *places her hand on his other shoulder and smiles*
Frodo: *wonders what the woman will say*
Madurz: all that you love is here Frodo
Khamul: Yes, and you worship it
Khamul: And soon you will worship its owner
Frodo: *thinks of the Ring*
Khamul: all you ever really wanted was here
Frodo: *all else fades from his consciousness...the Ring, so perfectly round, so beautiful*
Madurz: you have tried so hard to get i have
Frodo: *His need for the Ring burns within him*
Khamul: Yes, Frodo, all you want is here
Frodo: *He barely hears them, consumed with the Ring*
Khamul: *They all talk in soft, sincere voices to him, beseeching him with friendship*
Madurz: *lowers her head next to his ear* you will be safe here...with what you love
Frodo: *Then suddenly the spell breaks and he turns to the woman*
Madurz: *looks into his big eyes*
Frodo: I do not know of any sympathy or good will in Mordor but perhaps you do offer that to me now.
Khamul: but we are your friends, Frodo
Madurz: *places her hand on his chest on his wound*
Khamul: You worship the One Ring
Frodo: But I tell you that I love the Shire, I love Sam, and my uncle Bilbo
Khamul: And soon you will worship its owner
Frodo: *winces as she touches his wound*
Madurz: Sam is here now. In the Shire...this *presses wound* would haunt you everyday
Frodo: *Draws in a sharp breath and grimaces*
Khamul: *He is pleased with the woman*
Frodo: Is Sam really here?
Frodo: I don't know where he is
Frodo: *he tries to take her hand off the wound*
Madurz: he is safe
Khamul: Yes, safe... with friends
Frodo: How can he be safe with a morgul wound through his heart?
Khamul: He is as we
Khamul: Are we not safe?
Frodo: Surronded by wraiths and orcs, I'm sure!
Frodo: You are safe because you want to be part of Mordor
Madurz: and you should too
Frodo: I don't deny the Ring's hold on me...
Frodo: I do want it desperately
Frodo: But I want to go back to the Shire
Madurz: *smiles*
Khamul: Yes, Frodo, the Ring clasps your heart
Frodo: I want to be free from here!
Khamul: Frodo, you will never be free of the Ring.... or us
Khamul: What is freedom?
Frodo: Freedom...
Khamul: Sam is free, free from all fears of death
Khamul: The bane of man has been lifted from him
Frodo: sitting in my garden at Bag End having Sam show me what he's just planted.
Frodo: Freedom is wandering with Bilbo, listening to his lore, and catching wisps of elf-songs.
Khamul: Sam is free from death, and you will be soon
Khamul: Then you can join him, forever
Frodo: *to himself* I wish I could see Sam, to apologize to him
Madurz: *smiles*
Frodo: I hope he will forgive me!
Khamul: Friends, throughout all eternity
Khamul: Bound to the One
Frodo: I am already bound to the One but I want to be free of it
Khamul: Not eternally. Not yet.... in time
Madurz: that isnt to be matter where you are
Khamul: Your time is coming when the Morgul blade pierces your heart and you join us forever
Frodo: *Panic sets in...his heart races*
Madurz: *listens to the words forgetting who they are spoken to*
Frodo: *He realizes there is no way out*
Khamul: Yes, Frodo.... no way out
Khamul: You cannot escape us
Khamul: Consider it a gift
Frodo: *He falls to his knees and holds his head* What will I do?
Khamul: Do not consider that you are a prisioner. Oh, never. You are our most honored guest
Frodo: Why would you honor me? I tried to destroy the One.
Khamul: Enjoy your time
Khamul: You brought it back to Sauron. He is grateful and will reward you in time
Khamul: Until then you will remain
Madurz: *kneels next to him and places her hands gently on his shoulders and speaks softly*
Madurz: dont be scared
Khamul: The pain will not last long
Frodo: It has lasted very long for me
Frodo: Why wouldn't the second time be worse?
Khamul: you have not experienced this pain yet. Not in its full sense
Frodo: *shudders*
Khamul: But when it runs through your heart....
Frodo: *covers his ears*
Khamul: Think of it as merely a ceremony to usher you into a.... different world
Frodo: No, no, no!
Madurz: *listens*
Khamul: The benefits are many
Frodo: Please, no
Madurz: *smiles*
Khamul: You will have life everlasting. You will be able to hear and smell better than you ever could before
Khamul: Of course your vision will dim, true
Frodo: I would rather die than gain such a life
Khamul: But will increase in the spirit world
Frodo: I know what it is
Khamul: And you will see as you never have seen before
Frodo: I have almost been there before
Frodo: *shudders again*
Khamul: And then when the darkness descends upon you....
Khamul: A new awakening will come afterwards
Khamul: Do not try to flee from your destiny
Madurz: *pays attention to his description*
Frodo: *Overwhelmed, he runs his hands over his face*
Khamul: You tried to flee it once
Khamul: But it is your fate, your destiny
Khamul: Ordained long ago as was ours
Frodo: *softly, almost to himself* Sam! Why did they take you from me?
Madurz: *strokes her fingertips against the side of his face* yes...our fate
Khamul: *reaches a hand out and puts it on Frodo's head*
Frodo: *wishes it were Sam touching him*
Khamul: My lady, in time
Khamul: Before the flower fades it will be captured in its fullest
Khamul: *removes his hand from Frodo's head*
Madurz: *thinks how different she is to think pleasantly for when that times comes for her*
Khamul: Before the rose has shed one petal it shall be preserved
Madurz: *smiles*
Frodo: *watches this exchange, utterly bewildered*
Khamul: And we shall be forever together in time
Madurz: *her eyes slip shut slowly*
Khamul: and enjoy the splendor of what is yet unknown
Frodo: * is this possible? She is in love with him?*
Khamul: *he smiles behind the hood*
Khamul: *he whispers to her* Why do mortals fear it so?
Madurz: *she almost lets her surroundings fade from her mind and sees just him*
Frodo: *Frodo is surprised at the wraith's gentleness to the lady*
Frodo: *He had not thought it possible for wraiths to act that way*
Madurz: they do not understand
Khamul: Nay, my love, they do not
Frodo: *This is all too bizarre*
Madurz: *touches his face*
Frodo: *slides toward the door*
Madurz: *looks to Frodo*
Khamul: *sends thought to Frodo*
Frodo: *maybe they will let him he longs to sleep*
Khamul: *A bolt of lightning flashes through Frodo's mind bringing him intense pain mentally*
Frodo: *Frodo cries out and falls*
Khamul: *Gives command to orcs to take him to his cell and chain him by the neck and wrists*
Madurz: in time hopefully he will understand love
Khamul: My lady, he shall learn his lessons well. He will be taught obedience
Khamul: Let him ponder upon it all in chains
Khamul: And sleep if he can *laughs*
Frodo: *Frodo's bruised wrists already hurt and begin to bleed again when the chains slide back on*
Khamul: Chain him tightly!
Khamul: And fit the collar well about the neck
Frodo: *The collar chokes him so he can hardly breathe*
Khamul: *thinks to himself.... ah, the renowned hospitality of Lugburz*
Frodo: *sweat runs down his face*
Khamul: *It will be a long night for Frodo, but the day will bring no better*
Frodo: *He wants he wants Sam*
Khamul: *He sends a thought to Frodo's mind.... Sam... Sam...*
Khamul: *With that, he exits Frodo's cell, leaving him to suffer. He goes to Angmar's chambers*
Madurz: *moves back over to Frodo*
Frodo: *looks at her through furious, tear-filled eyes*
Madurz: *places her hands under his wrists*
Madurz: Do not fear Frodo.... you and Sam will have eternal friendship
Madurz: *thinks of Ashgaz*
Frodo: *shakes his head and bursts into tears* Leave me, leave me, all of you, leave me alone!!!
Madurz: it is always hard in the beginning
Madurz: *tilts her head to the side and looks to him*
Frodo: *regains control of himself*
Frodo: *looks back at her*
Madurz: you will be content in time
Madurz: do not think they are all monsters
Frodo: I hope so...I will be content if they kill me
Frodo: Why do they not kill me?
Frodo: You seem to have influence here
Angmar: *Angmar sits in his private chambers, a bottle of wine before him on the table*
Madurz: because you have worth
Frodo: Can you not ask them to kill me?
Madurz: you will not be killed
Frodo: My only worth to them was the Ring
Angmar: *pours himself a goblet of the red wine that smokes*
Frodo: What do they want with a hobbit?
Frodo: What could they possibly do with a hobbit?
Frodo: Hobbits would not make very good wraiths anyway.
Madurz: these thoughts will fade in time
Madurz: i know your heart aches
Madurz: i know you miss those you love
Frodo: *He nods...must not succumb to her sympathy, must not succumb to her sympathy... but her beauty reminds him of the Elves*
Frodo: *It is somehow comforting just to look at her amid the gloom of Mordor*
Madurz: it will not be all bad for you here Frodo
Madurz: With this outcome things have changed..and are changing
Angmar: *Angmar sits solitary, drinking his wine*
Frodo: *Frodo sighs*
Frodo: *He looks frankly at the woman*
Madurz: my destiny is here
Madurz: *places her hand on his shoulders*
Madurz: no not terrifying....only if you dont understand... if you dont try to
Frodo: Yes, terrifying. Please don't touch my left shoulder. It hurts
Angmar: *wonders how Madurz is doing with the prisoner*
Madurz: believe you were meant to be here Frodo
Angmar: *considers she is well able to handle the situation, and goes back to drinkng*
Madurz: Bilbo saw to that..... as was he to be part of it
Frodo: *thinks how strange it is that Bilbo of all people set him on the road to here*
Frodo: I hope they never get Bilbo!
Madurz: as was Gollum
Frodo: I hope Bilbo never comes here
Madurz: as were the Nazgul
Angmar: *thinks about fate and how strange it is*
Madurz: one day i shall tell you my tale and maybe you can understand better
Frodo: A very strange tale, I'm sure
Frodo: But I am a hobbit and my place is in the Shire
Frodo: That is my home
Madurz: but things are not the same there and those you loved are not the same
Frodo: They aren't?
Madurz: for Sam is here
Angmar: *thinks how he hates the Shire because of the archers they sent to the battle of Fornost long ago and helped defeat him*
Madurz: and you would not feel it as your "home" as you did
Frodo: Oh, Lady of Mordor...if Sam is really here, can I see him? Can I please see him?
Frodo: I beg you!
Angmar: *Caused him and his forces to retreat from Angmar and take refuge back in Minas Morgul. Hatred for the Shire burns black in his heart*
Angmar: *The Shire was once part of Arnor, one of the hated places of the sea captains, the Numenorians*
Madurz: Frodo you will see him but i dont know when
Angmar: *And how neatly Frodo has played in bringing the Ring back*
Frodo: Really? Do you really think I will see him?
Angmar: *And after years of discouragements, all things seem to be coming their way once again*
Madurz: yes Frodo
Madurz: i think so... but he needs to be loyal as well
Angmar: *And how soon the Shire will be the next to fall*
Frodo: Sam, loyal to Mordor?
Frodo: Then perhaps I won't see him
Frodo: *hangs his head but picks it up quickly as the collar chokes him*
Madurz: do not despair
Madurz: soon you will free of these retraints
Frodo: I can't even sleep at all in these
Frodo: If my head drops, I can't breathe and my weight pulls on my wrists.
Angmar: *Angmar and Khamul wonder if Frodo has figured out that he can't put his head down to sleep.... they snicker to themselves*
Madurz: i cannot order these things
Frodo: That Nazgul is in love with you
Frodo: I don't know how it's possible but it seems he is
Frodo: You could...ask him...
Frodo: Please, ask him to take these off me
Madurz: perhaps just the one around your neck
Madurz: i dont know
Frodo: I haven't eaten all day and hardly at all yesterday
Frodo: I've had no water either
Frodo: They would have to unchain my wrists for that...
Frodo: *decides he has ventured far enough and will probably get nothing he asked for*
Frodo: *He braces himself for another night of sleeplessness and starvation*
Madurz: Frodo i cant order such things
Frodo: I know
Frodo: But you could ask...
Frodo: Please?
Madurz: *strives to make other understand this place better...the Nazgul..her Lord*
Madurz: Frodo...know this though
Madurz: my loyalty is to the dark Lord... the Nazgul
Frodo: *sighs*
Madurz: there is nothing that could change that
Frodo: *Frodo bites his lip and nods silently*
Madurz: you are no threat but if you were....*trails off*
Frodo: *raises his eyebrows, then nods again gravely*
Madurz: in time you will learn
Madurz: in time you will will become loyal
Madurz: but you have to try. the less you fight the better it will be for you
Frodo: *He sags between the chains and the collar chokes him again*
Frodo: I'm so tired!
Madurz: you must rest now Frodo
Frodo: *He has no more energy to argue*
Frodo: *After the woman leaves, Frodo hangs between the chains, fighting sleep*
Frodo: *With no one around to hear his weakness, he allows himself to weep*
Frodo: *He sees again Sam's face as the morgul blade plunged into his heart, and feels as though he had stabbed him himself*
Madurz: *she walks away from Frodo's cell thinking many thoughts but mostly of her past and Khamul*
Frodo: *But he is too tired now to agonize over his guilt and everything he has lost*
Frodo: *He just feels exhausted and longs to sleep*
Madurz: *she feels bad but she does not feel all that bad because she was seperated from what she loved for so long... and misled...she was long overdue to be happy*
Frodo: *Thoughts of Bilbo come into his mind and he hears the old hobbit once again singing his songs to him in Rivendell*
Frodo: *He begins to hum the songs feebly and some of the pain leaves him*
Frodo: *He is unsure if he is entering delirium or sleep, but he seems to see things that could not possible be there*
Frodo: *He feels that from his chains he is looking once again at Rivendell... and Elrond meets his eyes with a kind smile*
Frodo: *Then it seems that Elrond steps out of the vision next to Frodo, and places his large, firm hand behind Frodo's head*
Frodo: *Frodo leans against it and falls asleep instantly*

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