Eowyn Released from the First Spell

March 21, 3019

Angmar: *The orc takes her up the stairs to Angmar's chambers*
Eowyn: *she looks at the door to his chambers, her heart pounding in her chest*
Angmar: *the orc opens the door and motions her inside*
Eowyn: *she sees the witchking sitting in his dark chair, the folds of his robe delicately cascading from his strong shoulders* *she sighs* yes, my lord...?
Angmar: Bow before me, Eowyn of Rohan!
Eowyn: yes my lord my humble appologies *she bows low to the ground... feeling silly at finding her distracted by his apperance*
Angmar: Arise, Eowyn!
Eowyn: *she arises* my lord, may i perhaps have the pleasure of kissing your hand?
Angmar: Aye, Eowyn... Now you must learn the proper obesience, a virtue you are sorely lacking
Angmar: What do they teach you in the land of the horse?
Eowyn: thank you my lord *she approaches him and kisses his hand* i appologize for my behavior...
Eowyn: *she backs away from him* in our land we talk more to horses than we do to kingly nobles such as yourself..
Eowyn: which is one of the many reasons why it is better to be a captive in mordor than to live a wealthy life in rohan
Angmar: Eowyn, I appreciate good horseflesh
Angmar: But always it seems you smell of it
Angmar: A smell more appropriate in a stable than in a place such as this
Eowyn: i am sorry my lord that my smell offends your kingly sense of smell. i fear that is ingrained in my being, the smell of horse
Angmar: Eowyn, I have heightened senses of smell
Angmar: And you reek of the smell of the barn. Cleanse yourself before you come before me next time
Eowyn: *she backs away saddened* i am sorry my lord... my presence must be a torment and an agony to your nose. but would not the privledge of taking a true bath be too much for a mere captive to ask?
Angmar: There are scents I dislike and there are scents that I appreciate
Angmar: A perfume, perhaps..... You must know some scent that could master this smell, and yes, there will be water for you tomorrow by which you may bathe
Eowyn: *she feels humbled and honored.... would he do this for her? indeed he is kind* my lord indeed you are kind, and i would do anything to make my presence more appealing to you
Eowyn: i was once a shieldmaiden and i fear my hands are ungentle...
Angmar: Nay, Eowyn, your hands are not always ungentle
Angmar: Sometimes they are quite delicate
Eowyn: *she smiles* thank you my lord... indeed you would be the best judge of what your captives are or arent
Angmar: Indeed, I am the best judge, and I judge your pretty hands quite gentle when they want to be
Eowyn: thank you my lord... like all your other skills, your skills of law and decision are outstanding. my hands are always gentle around you, my lord
Angmar: It pleases me to see the way you have changed, Eowyn. Changed, yes, so much
Eowyn: indeed you have shown me the error of my ways
Eowyn: *her heart pounds a little bit harder*
Angmar: Eowyn, there was a time not so long ago....
Angmar: But I wonder have you so changed?
Angmar: Do you rememebr anything of the events of the last week?
Eowyn: *she is confused* my lord, there are few things i remember clearly... most clearly of all i remember the time i have spent with u... of course it seems like a never ending dream of bliss
Angmar: *he laughs and orders one of the leering orcs close by to get* Akrum nink *and pour it in a goblet and bring it to him*
Angmar: *the orc bows to him and gives him the goblet and Angmar looks at it*
Angmar: *then placing his hand over it he says something in Aduniac*
Angmar: Drink this my lady.. It will help you remember
Angmar: *with the drink and the words he releases the spells that have been upon her and he waits for her reaction*
Eowyn: *different sensations hit her body, cold and warm, and she feels the room swirlng about her. she blinks looking all about her and gasps*
Eowyn: *she backs up against the nearest wall and looks at them all with terror in her eyes*
Angmar: *The healing of her arm remains but her memory is restored, and she is no longer held by that spell*
Eowyn: *her back up against the wall, she stares at the dread captain, feeling horror and anger..*
Eowyn: *she remembers being under the enchantment... and things that she had done against her will....*
Eowyn: *trembling in anger and fear she tries to force her mouth to speak* you... you...
Eowyn: may the darkness that was prepared for yourself and your master find thee quickly!
Angmar: Pretty Eowyn, you did not say things like that the other night
Angmar: You were all too eager to let me enjoy your charms
Angmar: And your pretty lips *he laughs*
Eowyn: *she grits her teeth, crying in anger, fear and shame. she feels like bursting into flames* the other night i was held in thralldom of potion and spell
Eowyn: under any other circumstances i would die before allowing you to enjoy.... the charms of the white lady of rohan....
Eowyn: *she would spit at him if she did not already feel like throwing up because of terror...*
Angmar: *The orcs begin to laugh at her*
Angmar: Such a frail thing, like a delicate flower that has been spoiled... we shall not say that. We shall say "improved" *he laughs evilly and the orcs join him*
Eowyn: *her breathing becomes more rapid... she hisses at him through clenched teeth*
Eowyn: may your journey to the void be quick....
Eowyn: for indeed you are evil beyond any redemption
Angmar: Eowyn, these are not the words that you whispered to me yet but a few nights ago
Angmar: When you called me "beloved" and most fair
Angmar: But you have a change of tune I see *he laughs*
Eowyn: *her breathing more rapid as her fury and fear both grow... indeed his words are true... but she had no choice in the matter did she being under enchantment and having no will of her own?*
Eowyn: *but still she felt shame... and greater still did her urge to die grow* *she says softly* may the gods forgive me....
Angmar: *He beckons to one of the orcs standing nearby and says some words in his ear and the orc leers with glee and then leaves the room*
Angmar: Eowyn, if I should allow you to go back to your country, you will never find a husband. You will never be wed, for you will never forget what you have known from me
Eowyn: *she sputters... yet more indignities upon her head. if she were to take her own life would she ever find her way to the halls of her fathers in honor?*
Eowyn: i... i... hate you!! *she cries, struggling not to collapse in fear and terror*
Angmar: *he commands two orcs to hold her, each taking a shoulder and bring her to the center of the room*
Eowyn: what would i expect of one who is a servant of the faithless and accursed enemy? first the armies of mordor despoil the west and their servants despoil..... *she trails off hissing
Eowyn: *she sturggles aginst the orcs kicking and flailing her arms*
Angmar: *then after a few minutes the orc that was sent away comes back, bearing something covered in cloth and reeking*
Angmar: *He bows to Angmar, then walks to Eowyn and takes away the cloth*
Angmar: *Angmar rises and says* Behold, the face of your uncle!
Eowyn: *she explodes inside and fights the orcs that hold her harder screaming and yelling horrible curses*
Angmar: Let her gaze upon his loving visage
Eowyn: *she screams* if these orcs did not hold me witht heir cruel hands, i would kill all of you... all of you... and make you suffer as did my uncle
Angmar: Have you looked long enough Eowyn? *he throws his head back and laughs*
Eowyn: *growling, hissing and muttering, she screams at him.... indeed her anger was comparable to the insanity of helm hammerhand of long ago*
Eowyn: you have no visible head so now you claim the head of others?
Angmar: *he laughs at her* Eowyn, my head is secure upon my shoulders. You should know. You have touched it enough
Eowyn: yes.... *through clenched teeth* you do have a body, though it be unseen. i know that for a fact... *she glares at him... if looks could kill it would split him asunder like a blade of westernsee*
Eowyn: may your accursed and invisible form be shrivelled and pass from this world forever!
Angmar: Eowyn, you owe me much still for your attempt to kill me, but never fear... I intend to extract every last measure of payment until I can mark upon your account "Paid in full"
Eowyn: i owe you nothing! *she screams at him... her fear being replaced now by anger*
Angmar: *He speaks to the orcs that hold her* Akrurz agh Urrurz, take her back to her cell and give her a good bath before she sleeps. Then next time she comes to me she will at least be clean!
Eowyn: *she lunges forward and spits on the witchking's boots*
Angmar: *he commands the orcs to stop*
Angmar: Eowyn, clean your spit off my boots with your hair!
Eowyn: never!
Eowyn: clean your own boots now
Angmar: No, that will be your job from now on, Eowyn. Part of it anyway
Angmar: *He commands the orcs to force her down and use her hair to clean the spit*
Eowyn: *she struggles as best she can, kicking wildly and flailing her arms, screaming threats and curses*
Angmar: Gag her! Her words grow old
Angmar: *sits back down and watches as the orcs drag her from the room*
Eowyn: *she bites the orcs hand who tries to gag her. the taste of the black blood in her mouth makes her almost heave*
Angmar: *The orc slaps her in the face*
Angmar: *And Angmar commands them* Do not bruise her. Let her fair flesh go unblemished until I should fancy it once again!
Eowyn: *her head goes sideways and her cheek burns*
Angmar: *He tells them* Mind you do not touch her and leave her be for now
Angmar: I will call you if I have need of you
Angmar: *the orcs take her down the hall and back to her cell. He sits in the chair and laughs quietly to himself*
Eowyn: *she finds herself in her cell once again. she goes to her pallet throwing herself down. and beats her hands upon it.. screaming and crying*

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