Evening of September 30, 3019

Frodo portrayed by Hobbitness
Durkuf portrayed by Eowyn
Narrator portrayed by Wraith

Narrator: *The rest of the afternoon seemed even more endless than the previous hours. Frodo could see through the window that the day had finally rolled on towards nightfall. Soon his evening meal was brought to him.*
Durkuf: *frodo can hear a knock on his door, and then the key turning in the lock. the door opens and in steps an orc with a platter of food and wine*
Frodo: *His heart still instinctively races when he sees the orc enter unexpectedly*
Durkuf: *a small long-armed morgul orc, yet big for his breed. he sets the platter on frodo's table, steps back and bows* ere's yer supper, great shakh
Frodo: *Frodo thanks the orc tersely, surpressing memories of being flung against the cell wall, held down and beaten*
Durkuf: *the orc lingers in the room, looking at frodo with...hope? admiration? in yellow eyes*
Frodo: *looks questioningly at the orc*.....yes?
Frodo: Is there something else?
Durkuf: *he looks frodo over, up and down several times. finally he speaks, as though to a great hero* so i finally get to meet you, shakh...?
Frodo: *Frodo stifles a groan, feeling his face grow hot*
Durkuf: all of the lads ave been talkin about you, great one.
Durkuf: why there asn't been this much excitement since we got a really fiesty one in the dungeon!
Durkuf: may i ave the honor of watching you eat, shakh?
Frodo: Um...I'm sorry, but no.
Frodo: *His heart is in his throat now and he wonders if he will be able to eat the meal*
Durkuf: *the orc looks crushed and his shoulders slump*
Durkuf: some of me mates wanted to watch you eat too. you're eld in igh honor ere shakh.
Frodo: Well...I'm afraid that...won't be possible...but thank you for bringing it *he says in an attempt to raise the orc's spirits enough to get him to leave*
Durkuf: but the igh ones would freeze the flesh right off our bones if me lads all came in.
Frodo: Ah, well then, you wouldn't want to risk that for yourself, now would you?
Frodo: You never know what the *cough* high ones are planning.
Durkuf: aye, shakh, that's true.
Durkuf: *he looks at frodo's meal hungerly*
Frodo: So....*smiles, politely, furiously....*
Durkuf: *the orc gives him a broad smile* is everything to your liking, shakh?
Frodo: Yes. I don't need anything else...you can go now.
Durkuf: can i kiss your feet, shakh?
Durkuf: ill be the envy of all me mates
Frodo: *This addles Frodo enough to make him cough as though he still had tuberculosis*
Frodo: Um....I'm sorry....why don't you just...say you did.
Durkuf: yer position is a lofty one, almost as igh as the Igh Ones!
Frodo: No, no, my position is not nearly as great as it seems!
Durkuf: *the orc falls to the floor, touching his head to the ground in reverence*
Frodo: Please! Get up!!
Frodo: *rubs his hands over his face...oh the absurdity*
Durkuf: *the orc gets to his feet, bowing from the waist repeatedly* yes shakh! mighty shakh!
Durkuf: i will remember this day all me life and tell me mates and me kin!
Frodo: That reminds me...do you know what has become of my servants?
Frodo: I have had no news of them
Durkuf: there were some real fiesty ones *he chuckles* they're in the dungeon now!
Durkuf: caused a big fight, some of the lads were urt
Frodo: *pales*
Frodo: Do you know their names?
Durkuf: a straw'ead there was, and two tarks.
Frodo: *groans, puts his head in his hands* All of them then!
Durkuf: one of the tarks was a big tall chap, fightin man.
Durkuf: the other tark was a smaller, weasly lookin fellow, gleaming eyes. think e's kin to the white fiends
Frodo: Are they...are they hurt? Will they be hurt?
Durkuf: *he chuckles again* well if they learn to be'ave themselves and don't freeze to death below, they'll be all right!
Frodo: *nods slowly*
Frodo: What if I asked for their release?
Durkuf: the Igh Ones are in charge ere shakh, but you are the friend of the Great One...though why you would want them released, is beyond me imaginings.
Frodo: I see
Durkuf: as for the two she-straw'eads, Number One Imself 'as a fondness for em...*he chuckles again*
Frodo: *his eyes narrow*
Frodo: That is quite enough *he tries not to sound sharp*...you have answered my question. You can go now.
Durkuf: think E plans to keep em, if you know what i mean *he slaps his thigh with his long, spindly arm and gives frodo a knowing look*
Frodo: *Frodo cannot restrain himself at that. He jumps off the bed and points at the door* Out!
Durkuf: *a look of disappointment crosses his face but he falls to the floor, then stands up repeatedly bowing* yes shakh! great shakh!
Durkuf: mighty little shakh, remember me to the Great Eye! my name is durkuf, an orc of minas morgul the great city of the Igh Ones
Frodo: All right, Durkuf. Farewell!!!
Durkuf: *he bows repeatedly, walking backwards out the door and shuts it behind him*
Durkuf: *he calls out as he leaves* remember me, remember durkuf!
Frodo: *He climbs back onto the bed and sits clenching his fists and breathing deeply for a while before eating*
Frodo: *He is so busy turning everything over in his mind that he hardly tastes the meal*
Frodo: *He finishes it as quickly as he can, then lies down and tries to rest*
Durkuf: *frodo hears another knock at his door and the voice of the orc, durkuf* ave you finished eatin, great shakh?
Frodo: *curses under his breath, sits back up* Yes!
Durkuf: im ere to get your dirty dishes *he opens the door and barges in, bowing several times to frodo*
Frodo: *nods, thanks the orc, trying to smile politely*
Frodo: Any news of the prisoners?
Durkuf: *he goes to the table and puts all the dirty dishes on the platter, then stops and looks to frodo*
Durkuf: *he takes one of the plates and licks off all the leftovers on it, belches, and then looks back to frodo*
Frodo: *grimaces in disgust*
Frodo: *then quickly dons the polite smile again*
Durkuf: *he looks disappointed* Number One made the lads bring em out of the dungeon, shakh. it nearly broke our earts.
Frodo: *sighs with relief*
Frodo: *The "shakh's" mood seems greatly improved at this news*
Durkuf: we wanted to ave some sport with em, make em hop to a pretty little tune and throw some knives at em.
Durkuf: as for the two she-straw'eads... *he chuckles* they're in Number One's chambers.
Frodo: *his jaw drops and he sputters, furious now*
Durkuf: *he puts the platter back on the table, walks over to frodo and says in a conspiratoral way* we don't tell just anyone things like this, shakh, but seein ow yer special...
Frodo: I see *he sputters* well...get out!!....please! *smiles through clenched teeth*
Durkuf: us orcs of dushgoi are are very tightlipped, do not spread rumors...
Frodo: Mm hmm, I see, yes. That's all!!! Thank you!!!
Durkuf: but seein as ow you are so igh up, i thought you might want to ear the news.....
Frodo: Yes, thank you for telling me of my servants
Frodo: that's all I wanted to hear
Frodo: you can go now!!
Durkuf: *he bends closer to frodo, ignoring his words, and frodo can smell the dreadful stench of orc in his nose*
Frodo: *recoils, breaking out in a cold sweat*
Durkuf: as to your other she-snagas, well... i was servin them their meal earlier... they aint very sociable, shakh *he looks hurt*
Durkuf: its not like we get such igh visitors ere every day!
Frodo: *hisses* you are not to pester the ladies in any way
Durkuf: *he waves both hands frantically before himself* no! no! i was just talkin, shakh.
Frodo: *nods, still glowering*
Durkuf: but us orcs aint the ones you ave to worry about shakh *he laughs* it's the Igh Ones.
Frodo: *raises his eyebrows*
Frodo: What do you mean?
Durkuf: they've taken quite a fancy to the two straw'eads
Frodo: I know *he growls*
Durkuf: they are quite charmin, shakh. i wouldn't mind avin one, and startin a little den with er, up on the ill behind the city.
Durkuf: if your ever displeased with one of your she-snagas, shakh, remember durkuf, of dushgoi!
Frodo: Oh! *he sputters incoherently for a while, then angrily orders the orc out again*
Durkuf: im going, shakh! *he says as he hurries to the table, grabs the platter, frantically licking off any leftovers he missed, bowing and then going out the door*
Frodo: Good *Frodo mutters to himself, then lies down again*
Frodo: *Well, at least the men are released and unharmed*
Durkuf: *he looks back at frodo* if you need anything durin the night, just go to the door and ask for durkuf! the ospitality of dushgoi is always great!
Durkuf: *then closes the door behind him and locking it*
Frodo: All right! Thank you! Good night!
Frodo: *Hopefully he will be able to sleep now...and he won't have nightmares about Ceolwulf being tortured*
Frodo: *Frodo's last thought before falling asleep is "The Valar rid me of that cursed orc!"*

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