November 11, 3019

Earlier in the evening, Lilandra and Aldir had been taken from Frodo's hall and escorted up the hill by orc guards. For hours, they had been held together in a cell, both chained to the wall. While bringing them up the hill, the orcs had treated them roughly, one even touching the wound in Aldir's side by accident. When this had happened, he had tried not to flinch, but his resolve failed to quench his quick gasp of pain, and he was sure the orcs had heard when he cried out.

Aldir knows that Lilandra is frightened, and he feels fear in his own heart, more for her than he does for himself, for he knows how cruel and cunning Vartang can be and he dreads what he knows will be a long night of questioning.

He looks to Lilandra and tries to reach his right arm out to touch his fingertips to her hand, but the distance is too great and he stands there, his fingertip only inches from her outstretched hand. "I love you," he says, "do not try to save me by refusing to tell Vartang what he might wish to ask of you, for I am of little consequence, and you are all that matters to me.

They exchange looks with each other as they hear the sound of heavy boots coming to halt at the cell door, and then the sound of a key turning in the lock.

The Lads portrayed by Eowyn
Lilandra portrayed by FreeFall
Vartang and Aldir portrayed by Wraith

Lilandra: *Alarm and panic consume her and her worst nightmares were coming true. The plan in some way now failed..yes he came back...but to what consequences?*
The Lads: *Three large, muscular black Uruks barge into the cell* It's time for ye to 'ave a little "talk" with the Maugoth.... *they chuckle, low growls, deep in their throats, as they stride over to the two prisoners. One takes a key from a ring on his belt and unlocks the shackles about their wrists* Come on now, it's time to go.
Aldir: *Aldir hates the sight and stench of the orcs and thrusts his shoulders away from their touch, but still he is quiet and offers no resistance for the orcs have done nothing to them yet*
The Lads: Start movin! *orcs roughly shove Aldir and Lilandra, and point their spears at them*
Lilandra: *written all over her face is the tale of worry and anger..she does not fight and her eyes do not leave her husband*
Lilandra: *she tries to take Aldir's hand*
Aldir: *He reaches out for her hand, hating the fact that they even touched her*
The Lads: *An orc jabs Aldir with the spear, pushing him forward, away from his wife* Quit stallin! Move!
Lilandra: *his hand slips from hers*
Aldir: We are not stalling *he says coldly through clenched teeth and he moves ahead*
Lilandra: *there is no comparison to what she is going through now..she knew his punishment would be severe if all was found out*
The Lads: Yer feet are slow, are ye lame or something? *the orc pokes Aldir's backside with the spear, herding him towards the door of the cell. Another orc prods at Lilandra*
Lilandra: *going over in her head what she might say when asked certain things and the spear in her back jolts her from her thoughts*
Aldir: *He turns back at the orc* Think you are so mighty when you have the spear at the backside of another, do you!
Lilandra: This will all be over soon Aldir
Lilandra: *she says trying to convince herself more*
The Lads: If you don't quit talkin and start movin, the head of the spear will be stickin out the front of you!
Aldir: *He thinks to himself as he hears her words.... yes, my love, it might be all over for me very soon...*
Aldir: *Then he moves quickly ahead and out of the cell*
Lilandra: *follows him and receives unnecessary prodding and glares*
The Lads: *The uruks guide the two prisoners into the torture chamber, prodding them to keep them moving, and for the sheer joy of seeing them jump*
Aldir: *He tries to reach out for her hand as they walk into the chamber*
The Lads: *the orc rams the spear into Aldir's backside, laughing as he sees him jump*
Lilandra: *she struggles a bit away from the prodding orc and takes his hand*
Aldir: *Looks back at the orc and curses him*
The Lads: *Aldir feels the sharp point of the spear once again as it jabs him*
Vartang: *Vartang sits in his chair, another wine goblet in his hand. He has emptied many goblets during the evening and night. He looks forward with relish to the last of the sport*
Vartang: Ah *he says as he looks at the two of them* You will be my guests for the evening *he smiles pleasantly at both*
Vartang: And you do not know how greatly that I have been looking forward to this *he laughs and then smiles broadly, his teeth catching the light of the torches that illuminate the room*
Lilandra: *she looks to Vartang with total resentment, but, like the morning when she was visited by him with Frodo, she tries to let little emotion show on her face*
Vartang: *The fingers of his left hand tap on the chair arm as he sips slowly from his goblet*
Lilandra: *she is determined to be strong for her husband*
Vartang: Lads, let us make them more comfortable. Chain the woman to the bar and chain her husband across from her, but not so as they can touch each other
Lilandra: *she shudders at the very room they are in and shuts her eyes tightly when she hears the command*
Aldir: Vartang *he says as he looks to Vartang with hate in his eyes* Do not harm my wife. I will tell you anything I know if you do not touch her
The Lads: *While one of the uruks guard Lilandra, the other two grab Aldir and haul him over to the bar... they yank his arms up and shove his wrists into the manacles and close the cold, metal cuffs about them*
Lilandra: *her fingernails dig into her skin as she makes fists and now is faced with hard, cold fear*
The Lads: *Then the two return to Lilandra... the orcs look her up and down, leering at her and licking their lips... then grabbing her, they haul her, too, over to the bar and chain her in like fashion*
Vartang: Slave man, I think I know all I really need to know... you have been ill lately, have you not?
Aldir: Yes, I have, but you probably already know that by now, don't you? *he looks at him scathingly*
Lilandra: *she looks to Aldir and mouths the words " I love you" to him..she worries about his wound but does not let her eye's gaze move to there*
Vartang: Yes, slave man, I do. Your wife told me that you had been ill when I talked to her a few days earlier, but I think, perhaps, that this is just a ruse to hide what you were really doing
Aldir: *He looks across the space that lies between Lilandra and him and his lips mouth the words "I love you" to her*
Lilandra: *She makes sure not to flinch at Vartang's precise words but inside she can feel the wave of nervousness and the feeling that they are caught for sure*
Vartang: Your affections for each other are very commendable, slave man, but I have no time now to appreciate the fact *he leers at Lilandra*
Vartang: You love your wife very much. I can see that, for she is a handsome woman, a very handsome woman
Vartang: Her beauty has always found great favor in my eyes, as I know they have found in yours, slave man, but let us both enjoy her more by the sight of seeing her naked before us
Vartang: Lads! Strip her
Lilandra: *she gasps and struggles and her scared eyes look to Aldir as they well up*
Aldir: May you be damned, Vartang, to eternal torment for this! I will tell you what you want to know for my friends are far beyond your reach!
The Lads: *His lips curled into a wicked grin, one of the uruks saunters over to Lilandra. He pauses in front of her, reaches out his hand, grasps the neck of her bodice and rips the front of the dress in two*
Lilandra: *What such monstrousness was this? That her clothes ordered ripped from her flesh..she gasps and emits a growling scream as she is lurched forward from the tear*
The Lads: *he takes a curvy dagger and cuts the rest of the dress from her body, not caring if he cuts her as well*
Aldir: Vartang! Must you do this! What sense is there in this! You are no better than these foul creatures who serve you!
The Lads: *the orc steps back, his eyes following the path of her curves*
Vartang: All I want from you is a confession telling of your part in the escape of the slaves Vardamir and Ceolwulf
Lilandra: *she felt the bite of the blade but it paled in comparison to everything else she was feeling...she shivered..her lip quivered*
Aldir: If this will save my wife from this degradation, I will sign anything, any paper that you might have your filthy servants draw up for you
Vartang: I thought you would say that, slave man, but I am enjoying the sight of your wife too much now
Lilandra: *she lifts her head slowly to Aldir and shakes her head..tears streak her red cheeks*
Lilandra: *she darts her head in the direction to Vartang* you monster!
Vartang: *He smiles at Lilandra* What unpleasant words from such a beautiful mouth
Vartang: Slave man *he looks at Aldir* There was much blood shed at the site of the rescue of the slave Ceolwulf. Whose blood was that? It colored the snow over a wide area and there was a great deal of it near the remains of a campfire
Lilandra: *She can feel a small trickled of blood down her ribs and her body is so cold and shivering...she wishes she was able to at least have her arms free so she could cover herself*
Aldir: It was mine. You have my confession. Now let her go!
Vartang: It is not so simple as that, slave man *he says as he strokes his beard with his left hand* This is a very serious offense
Lilandra: *It seemed as if the interrogation would be satisfactory to Vartang...though now with the confession she worried about Aldir so much and his punishment*
Vartang: *He looks at the orcs* Lads, strip him from his tunic, and let's see what wounds lie beneath
Lilandra: *she presses her lips together and her brows are furrowed as tears still spill from the corners of her eyes. Oh Aldir..what are they going to do you my love?*
The Lads: *A big, black uruk strides over to Aldir, and carelessly rips and cuts his tunic from his body. He spits on the man, then steps back*
Lilandra: *She sees Aldir's face and knows he is at the peak of his anger*
Aldir: *He stands there, his head held high and then he curses both the uruks and Vartang in the name of the Valar*
The Lads: *Seeing the bandage wrapped around Aldir's middle, the orc lunges forward and cuts it off with the curvy dagger*
Lilandra: *she gasps*
Lilandra: *weakly she utters his name in such sadness* oh...Aldir
The Lads: Looks like yer guts ave almost been ripped out, snaga. *he leans forward and breathes into the man's face* And I'd like to finish the job too.
Aldir: *He looks to Lilandra* It is all right love, it is all right for me
The Lads: *he pokes at the man's wound, then looks into his face* Does it urt, snaga?
Aldir: No! *he exclaims* Not at all. I enjoy having my wound maligned *He says sarcastically*
Lilandra: *she lowers her head..looking away..wanting to just wake up from this nightmare*
The Lads: Oh, good. Then you will like it ere. *he makes a fist, draws his hand back and punches Aldir's stomach*
Lilandra: *her head darts up* no!
Aldir: *Some of the stitches rip at the orc's mauling. He groans and his writhing body instinctively tries to bend over double, but is prevented by the chains*
Lilandra: *the sight of her husband breaks her heart and she hopes they deal their punishment for his crime swiftly*
Vartang: *He looks to Lilandra* Madame, now you could save your husband more pain by telling me who else is involved in this plot. All of it, madame, from the escape of Vardamir to the freeing of Ceolwulf. Who else is involved? You will answer me truthfully, unless you wish to see your husband's wound be opened before your eyes
The Lads: *The orcs look to Aldir with glee at the thoughts of tearing his guts open*
Lilandra: *she looks to Vartang with wide eyes*'t do that!
Lilandra: There were no members of the house made aware of this matter
Aldir: *He moans in the torment of the orc's plummeting fists and feels ill to his stomach at the pain that tears across his middle*
Lilandra: *hears Aldir's groans and tenses*
Vartang: Madame, did the master of the hall know any of this?
Lilandra: My lord, if he did, he did not mention his knowledge to me.
Vartang: Lads, encourage her tongue
Lilandra: *she breathes deeply and her heart races at his words*
The Lads: *an uruk walks behind Aldir, takes a fistful of his hair and yanks his head upward, causing pain to his neck... he releases his grasp and lets Aldir's head fall downward*
Aldir: *The violent grasp jars Aldir's neck backwards and prickles of pain run down his spine. The open wound in his side oozes blood which drips to the floor. He groans as the agony that he endures seems to know no end and he wishes with all his heart that he had died where he was wounded at Osgiliath.*
Lilandra: *she sees Aldir's pained face and struggles, wondering what consequence would come if she spoke truth*
Aldir: *But he is here, now, and overwhelming nausea hits Aldir in the gut like a knife and his stomach churns violently. He has an overpowering sense that his stomach is on fire as beads of perspiration roll down his face. He feels himself becoming sick with the many pains and he bends his head over, retching violently into the floor*
The Lads: *The uruk dodges, and when Aldir is finished, he takes a handful of the mess upon the floor and smears it all over Aldir's face and hair*
Lilandra: Vartang! I do not know if Master Baggins knew. He did not tell me anything..and i told him nothing *she moans as if the Uruks were causing her the physical pain*
Aldir: *He closes his eyes to avoid any of the foul mess from going into his eyes*
The Lads: *the orc takes the curvy dagger and puts the tip against Aldir's chin, lifting it up to look him in the eyes*
Lilandra: *shivers when she sees the dagger*
Aldir: *Summoning his strength, he spits in the orc's face, striking him between the eyes*
The Lads: *the uruk recoils and hisses like a snake, then backhands Aldir across the side of the face*
The Lads: Filth! Tark Filth!
Lilandra: *she knew this treatment of Aldir was to be if his actions were found out..but actually living it was quite different*
Aldir: *He struggles to lift his head up and then spits again in the orc's face* You dirty piece of carrion filth, may you rot and your stinking, decaying carcass be food for maggots!
The Lads: Urk bag Tark-ob *he spits the words out and kicks Aldir, his heavy metal boot slamming into the area that would bring the most pain*
Lilandra: *she screams and struggles against her chains*
Aldir: *He groans, his body trying to bend over double in pain, but he can do nothing but writhe in agony as he hangs from the chains*
Vartang: Lads, you have had your enjoyment now for a while. Now I will have mine
Aldir: *His knees shake under him and his body sags until nothing supports him but the shackles about his wrists. His head at last bows*
Vartang: Madame *he says as he looks to Lilandra* It appears your husband is feeling ill once again. Let us not disturb him
The Lads: *As Aldir sags into the chains, the orc presses closer to him. Soon, through Aldir's pain-filled haze, he can smell a foul, biting stench and he feels a warm rush of liquid beating against his leg and running down to his foot. The orc walks away, satisfied with the pain and humiliation he has wrought on both of them*
Lilandra: *she stares at her slumped husband and hopes soon they will release them..she tries hard to hold her tongue and not lash out*
Aldir: *His body twists in pain but at last weak from the blood that oozes from his wound and the blows from the orc, he at last gives up to unconsciousness*
Vartang: Madame, it appears your husband sleeps. He is quite overcome by his strange malady
Lilandra: *her lowered head shakes and she bites her lip*
Vartang: Now it is my pleasure to deal with you *he grins wickedly and he gets up from the chair and walks over to her*
Lilandra: *she hears his footsteps near her and panics*
Vartang: *Walking behind her, he puts his arms around her waist and leans his head on her shoulder* Madame, you are a most handsome woman, and seeing how your husband is distracted at this moment, I thought you and I would talk. Are you sure that your master knew nothing of all this?
Lilandra: *she at first struggles in his grasp but then she realizes that would be what he wanted so she stills herself, all but her racing heart* Vartang *making it seem the best she could* in honesty..i cannot be sure for nothing was discussed. I cannot answer of what he knows...i do not trust Master Baggins anymore than i trust you
Vartang: Why, madame, you have taken me quite by surprise. Surely you trust me *he says, his hot, heavy breath on her shoulder*
Lilandra: *she wishes so much that Aldir would wake up...but perhaps it was better if he did not see Vartang arms around her..for it would fuel his rage* I trust no one here save my husband
Vartang: And he is taking a small nap now
Aldir: *Aldir groans, then twitches, but he does not yet awaken from his swoon*
Lilandra: *she hears his moan and gets mixed emotions about him waking up*
Vartang: Madame, how peacefully he does slumber. Perhaps we should awaken him? *he says as he moves his arms down her sides, breathing heavily against her back*
Vartang: *He turns to the orcs and grins maliciously at them* Lads! See if you can find a way to wake him up
The Lads: Shakh, we can awaken him by draught, or perhaps we can awaken him another way....
Lilandra: *her mind screams at his touch upon her bare flesh..her cheeks hue redden more and even more still at the uruks crude comments and gazes*
Vartang: What other way do you propose?
Lilandra: The draught...please Vartang
Vartang: Lilandra, your hair is so soft, so long, so beautiful. You are quite a handsome woman. Perhaps you would wish to say more about your master?
The Lads: E is Tark filth....perhaps it should be written on is stomach, to identify im as such.
Lilandra: *her response was cut off and caught in her throat by the uruks suggestion* No!
Vartang: It looks like one of the lads extracted his final revenge on this dog at Osgiliath, probably before he died at his hands
Vartang: Go ahead. Have a bit of sport with him. Take your own vengeance, for the killing of your own kind in Osgiliath
Lilandra: *she screams and now struggles in Vartang's grip* No! Vartang! Please!!!
The Lads: *the orc grins wickedly and taking his curvy dagger, he pushes its tip into Aldir's skin, lingering there before carving any runes*
Lilandra: Damn you!
Vartang: Not too deep, lad, or you will kill the dog, and he will bleed to death before her eyes. But perhaps that is not so bad for she is as stubborn as the other Gondorian wench
Lilandra: *she watches in horror as he marks his body*
The Lads: *the uruk brings the knife down, beginning to carve the runes "Tark Filth" in the Black Speech*
Lilandra: Vartang i told you what i know
Lilandra: oh Aldir *she growls and lifts her head as she cries*
Aldir: *Aldir finally comes back to consciousness, more pain gripping him, and he wishes that his swoon had held longer. Then he begins to wish that he might die. He almost wills it save for the fact that he does not want to die before his wife's eyes*
The Lads: *After finishing carving "Tark Filth" in Aldir's stomach, below that, the orc writes: "Spawn of dogs."*
Aldir: *He screams in pain and struggles to resist fainting*
Lilandra: love *the words are spoken on a wail with his scream*
Aldir: Vartang *he gasps* I do not care what you do to me, but my wife.... let her go. You have learned all you need to know about me. I will confess to my part in all this
Vartang: Perhaps I enjoy holding your wife thus for she is indeed fair and very pleasing to me. You will be kept alive, slave man, to write your confession, and then I know your fate..... for the crime of assisting a runaway slave is death and you have many crimes against your name already...killing troops at Osgiliath. Your trial will be quick. There would really be no point in it
Lilandra: *she finds all courage she needs to get through this by looking to Aldir, though his condition pains her...but in her stomach she feels ill when she hears a penalty of death* Noo!
Vartang: And I, as prosecutor for the King's court and the dispenser of his justice, would set your fate
Lilandra: Vartang please...please see that my husband lives
Vartang: I know already what my judgment would be. It would be an appropriate one in keeping with your lineage. As a descendant of the Sea-kings, I will have you sent to work upon the temple. The haughty spirit of your Numenorean sires of long ago shall at last bend and finally break as you labor with others of your kind to build the great temple to Sauron and Melkor. When you have recovered your strength, we will put it to good use.
Vartang: *He thinks to himself: It does not matter what I do to the slaves of the halfling as long as I do not kill them.... but I do know this. When it is time for the little pig Baggins to be released, I will ask my brother to rescind the sentence so the slave man can follow his master.*
Lilandra: *she is paralyzed in her own astonishment for how this almost pleasant day with her husband turned out*
Vartang: *But in the meantime, it would be such a shame for his wife to be alone and bereft of her husband, and she would want company, I am sure*
Vartang: *He turns to the orcs* Lads! Give him orc draught and revive him
The Lads: *the uruk walks over to Aldir, takes a flask of orc draught from his belt, crams the lip of the flask into Aldir's mouth, then tilts it upward so the hot, foul liquid flows down the man's throat*
Aldir: *He groans as he feels the fiery liquid in his mouth and coughs as it goes down his throat. Strangely the draught leaves him feeling refreshed and he raises his head to look across to his wife*
Lilandra: *she cringes under Vartang's hands and keeps her eyes focused on Aldir..glad only for the fact that the liquid will make him feel better..but can only wonder why it was given*
Vartang: *he lets Lilandra loose and then walks around and stands in front of her* We have treated you far more gently than we have him, but if I do not feel that you are telling me all the truth, I must resort to other means with you. Now are you sure you are telling me the truth? That you know nothing more than what you have told me?
Aldir: *As he regains consciousness, he groans her name out loud* Lilandra
Lilandra: *she lets her eyes leave Aldir and looks to Vartang and nods* Yes Vartang. I have told you the truth. I know not what Master Baggins knows
Vartang: *He stands in front of her looking her in the eye, his infuriation showing in his words* I do not believe you, madame, but you should know this. Whatever you say will bring no harm to your master... only shame and extreme embarrassment
Lilandra: I never trusted him. I only mentioned my husband being ill to him. For i feared if Master Baggins knew i never looked to discuss it.
Vartang: *he loses patience with her and slaps her across the face*
Aldir: Vartang, no! You beast, stop this!
Lilandra: *her head whips to the side and she feels the sting*
Lilandra: *she looks to Aldir as if to say "it is all right"..then she aims her glance at Vartang*
Vartang: *Vartang thinks... After all, I have been stymied at every turn of the road. The slaves have escaped me and now she and her husband make me look like a fool. I hate the Gondorians! He slaps her across the face again*
Aldir: *He prays to the Valar that all this will stop and they will simply kill him and let his wife go free*
Lilandra: *where her cheek had reddened now grows hot with the second slap...her hair hangs in front her of her face...knowing well what this will do to Aldir*
Aldir: *He struggles in his chains, but cannot free himself against the unbreakable shackles that hold him. He curses Vartang again and implores the Gods to bring vengeance upon him*
Vartang: Your husband's face looks angry. He is having another bout with his temper
Vartang: *he slaps her again*
Lilandra: *she grunts and now feels the skin bruise and swell on her cheekbone*
Vartang: *Then, completely losing his temper, he grabs her right hand and slowly begins to turn the Ring upon her finger*
Lilandra: *her knees go weak and she gasps..wanting to scream and her heart feels tense and feels like each beat is a struggle..her mind screams where her mouth just parts in a twisting expression of horror*
Lilandra: *she is not sure what is happening but she struggles to shout "No!"*
Aldir: *He watches Lilandra, knowing the agony that she endures, for he has tried to take the ring from his finger and he remembers the sharp pain it brings to the heart*
Lilandra: *her breaths are sharp intakes and her eyes shut and her teeth clench*
Vartang: Does it hurt, Lilandra? Does it hurt very much? Do you want it to hurt more?
Vartang: *he starts tugging on the Ring* Madame, you know this will kill you if I try long enough, and it will send your spirit shrieking to my Master where you will be His slave forever
Lilandra: *she now emits a guttural, low scream, more like a growl*
Vartang: Are you sure *he says as he gives the ring a vicious yank* that Shakh Baggins is not involved?
Aldir: No, Vartang, no! *he screams* Not this, not this! Have mercy!
Vartang: *Twisting and turning the Ring, he laughs at her pain*
Lilandra: *she knows he does this for satisfaction of seeing Aldir's pain and she cries out only painfully sustained* Aldir!!!
Vartang: *He stops turning the Ring and stands away from her satisfied at the pain he has given her*
Lilandra: *her body slumps and hangs as her knees practically give out and her head raises so slowly*..Aldir
Lilandra: *her cheekbone swollen and bruised...blood peeks out of the corner of her mouth*
Aldir: *He looks at Vartang with hatred in his eyes, wishing only that he were not shackled so he could tear his body to pieces with his bare hands*
Vartang: *Taunting Aldir, he says* You Gondorians are most weak and break so easily
Lilandra: *she wonders when this brutality will end...She looks over the features of Aldir..the blood upon his stomach*
Vartang: Your wife breaks as easily as you do, slave man
Lilandra: *she almost forgot now that she was among them all naked*
Vartang: Madame, you will break. Lads!
Lilandra: *oh wicked fate! why have you delivered us this cruelty*
The Lads: *One of the uruks heats tongs over the still glowing brazier of glowing coals, then walks over to her and clamps it down upon the tip of the finger that bears the ring*
Vartang: Lads, sometimes you impress even me with your cruelty *Vartang says excitedly*
Lilandra: *she lets loose a scream that echoes loudly within the walls and then her inhale is sucked in deeply and she exhales on a sob*
The Lads: *The orc slaps her across the side of the face, then his hand trails down, his fingers extended as he rakes down the entire front of her body and down her thighs, his claws digging deep into her skin*
The Lads: *He kicks her feet out from under her with his heavy metal boot and then slaps her across the face again*
Aldir: *Aldir screams* NO! NO! NO!
Lilandra: *the pain is intense and her finger almost feels frozen before it feels on fire...then her head is whipped hard to the side from the strong arm that strikes her face...the bruised skin on her cheekbone now splitting from the impact. Then before she can even react she feels the wicked, raw tearing of her flesh from her sternum to navel and feels the same rip over her thighs. She screams and cries as her wrists feel the strain of her body slump and then blood spurts out from her mouth as she is slapped again. She releases moans of agony as her mind processes the pain. She looks through her eyes full of tears down the front of her body and inhales a loud breath with horror on her face when she sees the deep slashes streaming blood covering her front almost entirely. Oozing from the wounds, dripping and collecting, the warmth trickling over her knees*
Vartang: Lads! Caress her flesh again with your pleasant touch, for this brings me great pleasure to hear her screams and to watch the fear in her husband's eyes!
Vartang: *He goes back to his chair and sits* More wine *he says, and the servant refills his wine goblet again*
Lilandra: *Struck with pain beyond belief, her brain receiving an overload of signals before it can focus on thought. Now she knows this beating will continue for pure enjoyment...and though it might not kill her........her mind fires an alert* No!!!!
The Lads: *the uruk walks around to her back and rakes his fingernails into her hair, ripping out large clumps of it. Then his claws dig in all along her back and down her hips, leaving a bloody trail of mangled flesh in his wake*
Lilandra: *she bleeds on her own naked flesh, bruised..her finger throbbing...she cannot focus on one pain...her scalp feels pressure, stings then grows numb as her hair gets yanked out and then she feels the same tearing of her flesh on her back and fills the room with screams again.* STOP!!.....*her voice a loud cry then it turns to moaned painful wailing* Please...Vartang...Stop..Please...
Aldir: By the Valar! No! No! Stop this torture!
Vartang: *He laughs at their useless struggles and his eyes glitter as he watches the work of the orcs*
Lilandra: Please....mercy
Vartang: Madame, why? Why would I end my pleasure and the delight of my lads so quickly?
Aldir: *Aldir implores the aid of all fourteen of the Valar to bring doom upon the fell city, Vartang and all his filthy scum*
Vartang: Mercy? Madame *he yawns* I have no mercy *He looks to the orcs* And neither do my lads
Lilandra: *she lifts her eyes which tears fall freely from..her face and body bearing the mark of brutality...she looks to Aldir*...i'm sorry my love
Lilandra: *then to Vartang* please must stop this. i beg you
The Lads: *The uruk looks to the mess that remains where Aldir retched earlier, then to Vartang* My lord, should I make her eat it?
Vartang: *He yawns in mock boredom and takes another drink from his goblet* No, let her speak. Let her squeal like a stuck hog as her husband has already done
Lilandra: *she sobs and keeps her eyes on Aldir who looks back at her*
The Lads: Very well, my lord, but part of the mess still remains, and I can think of other things she could eat...
Vartang: *He hands his wine goblet to the waiting servant beside his chair and gets up, stretching. He strolls over to Lilandra. Upon reaching her, he strokes her cheek* Pretty Gondorian, why should I stop?
Lilandra: *her body feeling more pain that it ever has before but her mind concentrates worry elsewhere...her heart gripped with pain and sadness..she flinches not, never breaking her gaze with Aldir. She tries to even her tone, but fails as the words come out low and shaky* I am carrying our child
Aldir: Lilandra! *his voice a whisper* You never said. You never told me
Vartang: *He moves his hand down over the front of her body and then rests it upon her stomach. He bends down and kisses her stomach* What a beautiful mother you will make, and what a shame it is that your husband might not be around to see his whelp
Lilandra: *she breaks out into a fit of hysterics of wailing and screaming*
Lilandra: Aldir! i am so sorry! i did not know my love. I only realized after you left
Aldir: Vartang, by the Valar, are you still human!
Vartang: I am quite human slave man *he rubs her stomach and kisses it again* And I will take care of her very well in your absence for I find her most fair and appealing to me
Lilandra: *she growls* No! Damn you Vartang...Aldir! *she moans*
Vartang: *He stops stroking her stomach, takes her by the shoulders and his lips force a kiss against hers* Lads, after her wounds have been tended, see that she is taken to my quarters. Her master, Frodo, cannot deal with her. I can
Aldir: By Manwe and Varda! You are a damn beast Vartang!
Lilandra: if anything happened to our help me i will spend the rest of my life making sure you find a death more brutal than any you have ever dealt
Lilandra: *she panics at Vartang's words* I must be with my husband!
Vartang: Such words from such fair lips. Madame, you will be quite a challenge for me but I will tame you! Your husband will be occupied, madame, working on the temple and he will not have time to bring you comfort, but I shall. I shall bring you much comfort *roughly, he kisses her again*
Lilandra: *Feels his lips on hers and can sense all of Aldir's suffering as well. She stresses and she winces and moans*
Vartang: Lads! Take them both down. Take the woman to my quarters and the man to his cell and see that they are both tended
Lilandra: oh Vartang no! Aldir!
The Lads: *One of the uruks goes over to Aldir and unlocks the shackles*
Aldir: *He looks to Lilandra*
Lilandra: *she cries and looks back. she knows he is torn apart as she is inside*
Lilandra: I love you *she calls after him*
Aldir: *As he is being dragged away, he calls out* I love you!
Aldir: *So many emotions race through his mind as he looks to Lilandra... not even the news that at last they would have a child after so many years brings him solace, for he fears desperately for the safety of his wife and unborn child as they go into a fate that seems so hideous to him that his mind refuses even to grasp it. Immense hatred for Vartang and all the evil that Mordor represents surges through his mind and he thinks only of ripping Vartang's devilish tongue from his lips and then dismembering him with his bare hands. He can almost smell the blood as he holds the dangling, severed tongue of Vartang. But intermingled with the fear and hatred, there is a great concern for Lilandra, his beloved, and he fears he will never see her again. A feeling of overwhelming exhaustion assails him and he struggles but little against the orcs as they drag him away*
The Lads: *Another orc goes over to Lilandra, unlocks her shackles, takes her by the hair and starts to drag her out of the torture chamber, her body naked and bloodied.*
Vartang: Not so roughly, lads, and cover her
The Lads: As you wish, my Lord *the orcs stop, one takes off his cloak and drapes it around her shoulders, bowing to her* Anything for the proud mother.

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