The Morning of September 20, 3019

Frodo portrayed by Hobbitness
Lieutenant of Barad-dur portrayed by Eowyn
The Nazgul, Shakh Rutfiimurz, Shakh Krakfakhthal and Shakh Udukhaturz portrayed by FreeFall
Narrator, Sauron the Great, Lieutenant of Barad-dur (in the first scene), Shakh Angmar and Shakh Skrishau portrayed by Wraith

Narrator: *Frodo had been taken to Lugburz in the afternoon of the previous day, September 19. After Frodo's first meeting with Sauron the Great, Frodo had been escorted by the Lieutenant of Barad-dur to a guest room in Lugburz.*
Narrator: *The long night had past and now, somewhere far above, the dawn is breaking. However, all Frodo can see from his barred window is the sight of the mountain far away, flickering red in the darkness.*
Narrator: *Frodo is served breakfast in his room. Soon after finishing eating, he hears a knock upon the door, and when he answers it, he finds once again the Lieutnenant of Barad-dur, waiting to escort him to Sauron's hall.*
Frodo: *Though he has not slept for three nights now, Frodo feels a little stronger after eating. He nods to the Lieutenant and follows him in a daze of fear and despair*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: Good morning, Shakh Baggins. I trust you slept well, unless eager anticipation kept you awake
Frodo: *quietly, not looking at him* I did not sleep
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: Ah, *he says* just as I had suspected. You were too excited. Now the moment has finally arrived, shakh.
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *He walks out the door and waits for Frodo. The ten orc bodyguards fall in behind Frodo as the lieutenant leads them up the corridor*
Frodo: *Before his eyes the figure of the Lieutenant swims in the torchlight, just as the faces of Ceolwulf and Elfhild appeared in his mind during the night, but more than their faces, he saw the Shire and Bilbo....Sam, Merry, and Pippin, all more vividly than he has allowed himself to remember them before*
Frodo: *He almost blocked his old life from his mind for he wanted it so much that the thought of it was unbearable. Perhaps that was why the Dark Lord had allowed the memories to return now so vividly now that there was no chance of regaining them. Hardly any chance remains now, indeed, to regain even the new life he had in Nurn*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *The walk is not a long one and soon Frodo is escorted to the hall. The lieutenant bows to Sauron, who acknowledges his bow with a nod. The lieutenant stands by Sauron's left side, Angmar stands to his right. The Nine are along the walls*
Sauron the Great: Hail, Master Baggins. Welcome once again to My hall
The Nazgul: *To Frodo, they seem to stand there - dark and looming. They only turn their heads in his direction. He does not see the wide grins upon thier faces..smiles of anticipation..wicked smiles of hate and disgust*
Sauron the Great: My servants and I have been eagerly anticipating your being with in My court again
Frodo: *Frodo stands before Sauron, looking down, away from him and the Nazgul*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, it troubles Me greatly to see that once again you forget your manners. You did not bow before Me
Sauron the Great: Now appologize and come and kiss My Ring *he extends his hand towards Frodo*
Frodo: *Frodo sighs. He does not want to bow before Sauron...but he is so tired, and dreads another protracted episode of mental and physical torture*
Frodo: *When Sauron extends the Ring, Frodo's eyes flash wildly, and he is drawn forward by its hypnotic power*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron extends his hand closer, the Ring gleaming on his dark finger*
Frodo: *Everything fades but the Ring...just to look at it again...oh how beautiful and seductive it is!*
Sauron the Great: Bow and kiss It!
The Nazgul: *their eyes begin to glow as they watch as he becomes hypnotized by The Ring*
Frodo: *shoots a hate-filled glance at Sauron but turns back to the pulls him to it, and he kisses it almost worshipfully*
Frodo: *but his reverence is for the Ring, not Sauron*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron looks at him, his eyes beginning to to gleam*
Sauron the Great: *He takes his hand back* Master Baggins, still you did not bow. I did not ask. I commanded and you did not obey!
Sauron the Great: Now it is too late. Now which one of My servants will teach you manners?
Frodo: *He shouts in anger when Sauron pulls the Ring away. Insults and condemnations for Sauron fill his mind, but he does not speak them out of fear*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, this is how you show your appreciation after I have done so much for you?
Frodo: *looks away to hide his glare*
Frodo: *Done TO me is more truthful, Frodo thinks*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron immediately reads Frodo's thoughts and becomes angry* Baggins, you mock Me again!
The Nazgul: *the eyes of the Nazgul begin to glow darker*
Sauron the Great: You attempt to try Me so I will slay you. I will not do that, no never. Never think that! Death is too good for you!
Sauron the Great: Test Me anymore, even a thought, and you stay here forever!
Frodo: *his head droops further, and he tries to keep himself from thinking at all*
Sauron the Great: Now one of My servants shall give another opportunity. Heed their wisdom!
Frodo: *looks with dread to the nazgul*
Shakh Rutfiimurz: Shakh Rutfiimurz (Lord Six The Young), the Youngest of all the Nazgul, walks out of the line slowly and moves to stand over Frodo...towering over him*
Frodo: *Frodo stands erect, bracing himself*
Frodo: *Just endure it, he tells himself...just endure it. Do not think, just endure it*
Frodo: *It cannot last forever, he thinks....then his heart sinks as he remembers Sauron's words*
Shakh Rutfiimurz: *He bends down a bit and removes his glove and extends his hand to Frodo's shoulder for just a quick touch*
Frodo: *draws back with a cry*
Shakh Rutfiimurz: *extends his hand again and touches his scar*
Shakh Rutfiimurz: *the Nazgul places his glove back on and then smoothes his hand over his hair. Frodo cannot see but he grimmaces*
Frodo: *kneeling and shivering with cold, Frodo now shields his shoulder with both hands*
Shakh Rutfiimurz: You cower but that is not a sincere bow
Shakh Rutfiimurz: *He cannot take anymore of this definace and knocks Frodo to the floor and places his forehead to the ground for him*
Shakh Rutfiimurz: *While Frodo is down there, the Nazgul wastes no time in providing the hobbit with a vision...Rutfiimurz' eyes glow even more red*
Frodo: *gasps but does not struggle, it would be useless...the nazgul's gauntlet presses against the back of his head forcing his forehead to the ground*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, your gesture lacks sincerity. It is not acceptable
Shakh Rutfiimurz: *Rutfiimurz holds Frodo still and then Frodo sees the color gray...then he sees Rian's face... delicate and fair, sadness on her face as the dusty wind blows through her hair*
Shakh Rutfiimurz: *her clothes are ragged and she walks on the battleground barefoot...stepping over limbs and bones and weapons of the fallen Gondorians and her loved ones. Tears streak her face as she falls to her knees*
Shakh Rutfiimurz: *Shakh Rutfiimurz asks dear they are to you? Dwell upon her suffering..let it be yours.*
Shakh Rutfiimurz: *Rian stands expressionless and places the hilt of one of the fallen's swords on the ground and then rushes her stomach upon it*
Frodo: *Frodo gasps and cries out in horror*
Shakh Rutfiimurz: let more ill thoughts come to your mind about My Master...and we shall fill it instead with ill thoughts of your loved ones
Shakh Rutfiimurz: *releases him and moves back to the others*
Frodo: *sits up shakily, the heavy, tingling feeling of horror seeping into his very bones*
Sauron the Great: Shakh Rutfiimurz, you have pleased me once again. Though you are younger than all, your wisdom is great
Frodo: *Wisdom! he thinks...but stops himself*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *nods in agreement and approval*
Shakh Rutfiimurz: *is grateful to his Master for his kind words of approval*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: But has the halfling truly learned wisdom? *he looks to Sauron*
Frodo: *The fall of is because Sauron now has the Ring. My fault, Frodo thinks. What a terrible defeat for the Ringbearer to have his head pressed to the ground before Sauron!...*
Frodo: *but the thoughts are instantaneous and he pushes them away*
Frodo: *he looks in fear to Sauron*
Sauron the Great: Nay, My lieutenant. His vanity forbids it. He has many lessons still to learn. If he does not learn them soon, it will take FOREVER for him to learn them!
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins..... do you wish to remain here forever?
Frodo: No! No! *cries breathlessly*
Sauron the Great: Why should I free you when lessons still remain to be learned!
Frodo: Please, please do not keep me here forever! *and before he knows it he is begging on his knees*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: It seems Master Baggins needs far more discipline....
The Nazgul: *they smirk as Frodo begs*
Sauron the Great: Aye, indeed, you speak well, My lieutenant
Sauron the Great: Now, once again one of My servants must deal with him and attempt to help him learn!
Frodo: *his eyes begin to sting. He is so tired, and his head aches now* No...please!
Sauron the Great: Your unwillingness demands to learn demands instruction Master Baggins
Frodo: *He still shivers with cold, but his brand burns hot*
Sauron the Great: Your unwillingness to learn demands instruction Master Baggins
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: He is like an unruly child, my Lord.... he only says that he is sorry because he wishes to escape punishment.
Frodo: *Frodo panics. I will never be able to give them what they want. Then what will happen to me?*
Frodo: *He almost faints as a new thought comes to him: If Sam is dead, have I been brought here to take his place?*
Sauron the Great: Aye, My lieutenant. He is like a lying school boy before a just teacher
Sauron the Great: Let him learn wisdom!
Frodo: *hugging himself, making his body rigid to keep from swaying, he prays silently to the Valar..but has to stop himself from even that*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *Shakh Krakfakhthal (Lord Five The Butcher) puffs out his robes a bit to appear even more big and dangerous..always taking pleasure in the fear he can create...hemoves fast towards Frodo and takes him up by the neck and raises him to his height*
Frodo: *gasps and chokes as the Nazgul lifts him by the neck*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *his eyes burn into his*
Frodo: *paralyzed except for his racing heart*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: i would take more pleasure than all the orcs here at severing each one of your limbs off
Frodo: *draws a shuddering breath*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: you need only be a torso *laughs wickedly*
Frodo: *new waves of horror wash over him*
Shakh Angmar: *Shakh Angmar's eyes begin to glow at Shakh Krakfakhthal's words*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: i see my superior likes my idea
Shakh Angmar: *His hand moves slowly to the hilt of his sword*
Shakh Angmar: *He nods silently to Krakfakhthal*
Frodo: *sees the nod and begins to struggle*
Shakh Angmar: *He leaves his hand upon the hilt of his sword, resting upon it*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *holds him with one hand around the neck high and makes him extend his arm with his other hand*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *a sadistic smile spreads across the lieutenant's face as he watches*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *holds it by the wrist outward and sends Angmar silent thought*
Frodo: *struggles desperately*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *raises his head and laughs*
Shakh Angmar: *He looks to Sauron and exchanges an unspoken thought with him*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: Lord him...hold him still
Frodo: NO!
Shakh Krakfakhthal: Lord you know i cannot resist..*eyes grow with burning fury as the others delight*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *extends Frodo to Angmar*
Shakh Angmar: *Shakh Angmar walks over to Frodo and takes him from Krakfakhthal. Angmar's metal gauntlets dig tightly into Frodo as he holds him*
Frodo: *Frodo trembles so violently that he cannot breathe, and his only breaths become cries of pain as the Morgul lord who stabbed him takes hold of him*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *Shakh Krakfakhthal raises his sword up high and brings it down with one quick swipe over Frodo's arm...but the maiming is just a vision*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: Frodo feels the pain and sees the arm fall and the blood spurt out*
Shakh Angmar: *Angmar lowers Frodo to the ground, then looks down at him and hisses*
Frodo: *Frodo is screaming in pain for the vision is still upon him*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *he laughs at the little wailing body*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *chuckles quietly to himself as the halfling screams from the pain in his visions*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *Krakfakhthal makes Frodo's body curl up in a ball* you do not like pain Baggins?
Shakh Angmar: *Angmar steps back and stands at Sauron's throne*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: the Hobbit does not like pain. but what does he hate more *looks to the other Nazgul*
Shakh Angmar: *Angmar chuckles and says in a low voice* Himself
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *nods*....indeed
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *holds Frodo still in a curled up position and suddenly Frodo's vision turns to black. Frodo only hears a number of high pitched screams*
Frodo: *Is he back in his cell? he wonders...*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *the voices become louder...higher pitche.... sobbing and cries of "Mommmmmy!" Frodo's vision turns to see Finduilas and Haleth and clutching Anborn, Targon and Firiel*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *grits his teeth and he smirks as he creates the vision*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *They all stand on a rocky cliff and below are hundred of snarling orcs*
Frodo: *Frodo turns white and almost stops breathing from the shock of seeing the children so dear to him*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *Being as cocky as he was, Krakfakhthal plants himself in his own vision and rips the children away from their mothers. He freezes the women when they yell and scream*
Frodo: *protests loudly, furiously*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *Krakfakhthal holds the boys by their clothes in one hand and Firiel in the other. His smile grows wider in pleasure at the halfling's distress*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *he holds the boys over the orcs and loosens one finger and Targon falls into the mob of orcs..his screams fade as he falls*
Frodo: *Frodo's cries crescendo as Targon's fade*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *Finduilas cries out in terror and then he chucks Firiel into the crowd..her high pitched scream and tearing of her flesh mix. Haleth's mind reels from the shock*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *Krakfakhthal releases Anborn and Findulas clutches her hand to her throat. The Nazgul releases them from their frozen state and she jumps after. He then drags Haleth off by the hair and decides he will scatter her pieces in a trail behind him*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *Frodo's vision passes and he is released from the position*
Frodo: *Though he still has hope this is only a vision...please let it not have happened, or be about to happen..Frodo is hysterical at the horrible sights*
Frodo: *He sits up panting, his face wet with tears*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: *walks back in line with the other still wishing he had really cut off his arm*
Frodo: *soon he slumps back down, too exhausted to remain erect, and lies struggling to support himself on his right elbow*
Sauron the Great: Shakh Krakfakhthal, your wisdom pleases Me much
Frodo: *he raises his head to look at the fiends around him, hating them even more*
Shakh Krakfakhthal: Thank you My Lord
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, you should heed the wisdom of My servants, or everything that they gave you to see shall transpire.... And more
Frodo: *gasps...then his head rolls back and his body lies still*
Narrator: *Although Frodo might feel that he has been in Sauron's hall for an eternity, only two short hours have passed since he came into the hall*
Sauron the Great: My lieutenant, he provides but poor sport. His screams now begin to tire Me
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: Kill him now and be done with the filthy cur, my Lord.
Sauron the Great: Nay, My Lieutenant. I will give him yet more chances to learn wisdom
Sauron the Great: *Sauron turns his thoughts to Frodo.... and penetrates into his mind like a boring maggot*
Sauron the Great: *Frodo....his voice says not fight cannot win. Your body is completely in My power. I can do with it what I will. Save yourself the pain. Yield to Me!*
Frodo: *Frodo gives a soft moan*
Frodo: *answers on this psychic level* What do you want?
Sauron the Great: *The voice becomes almost pleading..... Simple Frodo... do My will.... or you might endure enternity like this.... every day worse than the next*
Frodo: *The pain of Frodo's mind is so intense it is almost palpable to the observer ....and what is your will? he asks fearfully*
Sauron the Great: *Be My servant.... I can heal you of every disease that plagues you*
Frodo: *I cannot, he wails. I cannot, I cannot!*
Sauron the Great: *A healed body, Master Frodo...... the pain in your heart gone forever..... What does it matter? I control the world*
Sauron the Great: *There is certain information that you could bring Me....*
Sauron the Great: *It is simple, Frodo.... no one will ever know, but you and I*
Frodo: *listens in an agony of mental anguish, his body exhausted almost to the point of death again*
Frodo: *No, his mind whispers*
Sauron the Great: *You have brought Me the Ring. Now I control all of Middle Earth. Do you not believe Me?*
Sauron the Great: *What does it matter what you do now?*
Frodo: *The voice of his heart becomes bitter... You do not control all of Middle Earth. You do not control the Shire.*
Sauron the Great: *The Shire..... hahahaha, Master Baggins. It is now part of the kingdom of an outlaw*
Frodo: *You do not control the King's domain*
Sauron the Great: *The King? The outlaw? The rebel?*
Frodo: *and he...* *Frodo grimaces at the suffering this will bring him* *...he has my loyalty*
Sauron the Great: *He hates you..... He sent men to kill you*
Frodo: *I will not prove them right!*
Frodo: *The memory of the rangers' accusations fortifies Frodo's will against Sauron*
Sauron the Great: *Obviously, you have not learned enough*
Sauron the Great: *The voice in Frodo's mind says....Yet again I must call forth another of My servants to teach you*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron brings Frodo back to consciousness with the power of his mind*
Frodo: *Frodo opens his eyes a crack and groans*
Sauron the Great: Shakh Skrishau.... Come forth and teach the reluctant
Frodo: *rolls his head toward the nazgul with an effort*
Shakh Skrishau: *Shakh Skrishau, Lord Eight the Quiet, leaves the rest and approaches Frodo, saying not a word, but into Frodo's mind comes this vision*
Frodo: *Sam, he begs silently. Where are you? He remembers Cirith Ungol*
Shakh Skrishau: *Frodo sees himself walking across a burned landscape. The ground before him is blackened, scorched, and not a single blade of grass grows there. Great craters pockmark the face of the earth*
Shakh Skrishau: *Not one sound is heard, not the sound of a bird, nor of the wind. The silence is deafening and seems to crush down on Frodo, suffocating him*
Shakh Skrishau: *He sees before him freshly turned earth mounded up into what seems like endless, huge mounds, all bathed in silence.... the silence of the tomb*
Shakh Skrishau: *Through this valley, there are endless barrows, homes for the dead, all crowned in silence, clenching, clutching, seeming to take the very life from the air. A heavy cloud bears down upon Frodo, crushing him in endless silence*
Shakh Skrishau: *And then Frodo knows..... "I brought about the silence of the dead. These peoples' deaths are upon me." The silence washes over Frodo in silent, crushing waves of sorrow*
Shakh Skrishau: *"Guilty...guilty...guilty...." the silence proclaims, a leaden weight upon Frodo's heart. "I am guilty."*
Shakh Skrishau: *Then it seems that the deafening silence echoes in Frodo's head until it resounds in every corner of his mind like the beating of many drums in a funeral march*
Shakh Skrishau: *He feels his head throb with the weight of the silence until the pressure is unbearable, and he feels his skull will split into fragments*
Shakh Skrishau: *He looks at Frodo, his red eyes glowing, an air of sadness about him. Then he turns silently, and takes his place with the others along the wall*
Frodo: *Frodo's body is tense on the ground, his breathing labored, but too deep in despair to move*
Sauron the Great: My servant, your silence is eloquent in its simplicity
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, your guilt is great
Frodo: *Suddenly his fist unclenches and his breathing becomes shallow*
Sauron the Great: Your soul is tormented...... more than I could ever torment it
Sauron the Great: You wish now only to die, to escape your guilt.... but this cannot be yet
Frodo: *He sees nothing but feels a hand on his forehead, and hears another voice along with Sauron's: "Remember, Mr. Frodo, you do not blame not blame yourself, poor dear master."*
Sauron the Great: I can heal your mind as well as your body.... if you only give yourself to Me
Frodo: *Frodo's mind cries out in alarm to Sam for help, he is about to break*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron reads Frodo's thoughts and sends him a message.... I can bring you peace...*
Sauron the Great: *Give yourself to Me. You will know peace*
Frodo: *The hand leaves Frodo's forehead and takes his hand, then Frodo feels Sam's lips gently brush the back of his hand. He thinks of nothing but Sam, not caring if he is imagining it or not*
Frodo: *He tries to remember what Sauron did to Sam, and what it means to give himself to Sauron as he asks now*
Narrator: *Through Frodo's confused state, he hears the sound of elves singing, refreshing him, bringing him to a peaceful consciousness*
Narrator: *A vision of Rivendell comes to his mind, and he begins to wake up, thinking he is in Rivendell, and Bilbo calls to him*
Frodo: *Frodo's eyes open, but bear an alarmed expression. He calls to Sam and Bilbo not to leave him alone here*
Frodo: *His body is still too exhausted to move much, and a pain is growing in his chest and rising up his throat*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron looks to the Nine*
Sauron the Great: Come forth, Shakh Udukhaturz
Frodo: *with a great effort he turns over onto his stomach, saving himself from choking on his own blood as he coughs*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Shakh Udukhaturz (Lord Seven The Intelligent), who was the most intelligent of the nine, steps up slowly and tilts his hooded head to the side... His voice was is low, sharp and precise as he pronounces every syllable clearly.*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *This is also how he tortures one physically.... He can work as carefully as a surgeon would, only to bring the most blood and pain. But he will not use his wits on the physical this time and so he speaks...*
Shakh Udukhaturz: Shhhhhhhh...calm yourself now Baggins. Relax...and breathe....*and as he speaks these words, he hypnotizes Frodo into doing so, ridding Frodo's body of the pain he feels and leading his mind into an elaborate vision.*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *And Frodo is allowed to be enveloped, and he is no longer in Lugburz... no longer surrounded by the beings he despised...Instead, he is at ease as he slips into a vivid hallucination that he becames a part of*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Frodo walks barefoot across the grass and feels cool air on his face. He is unsure of exactly where he is until he hears a familiar, comforting voice.*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *"Frodo! Frodo!" Ceolwulf rushes towards Frodo and lifts him up high and then places him back gently on his feet. Ceolwulf bends to one knee. " have come back. I knew you would." He smiles happily to Frodo.*
Frodo: *Frodo is not sure anymore what is real, but he prays that this is...his eyes fill with tears. Even if it is just a vision, at least Ceolwulf is before him again.*
Frodo: *He throws his arms around his friend's neck*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Ceolwulf stands and lifts Frodo up to his shoulders and walks along the green grass. "It has not been easy for all of us here, but we got through it all right."*
Shakh Udukhaturz: "I am sure you had it worse. But it is all over now." He sets Frodo down, and they are near Vartang's quarters. "Stay here a minute," Ceolwulf says.*
Frodo: *Frodo protests as Ceolwulf puts him down* No, Ceolwulf! Don't go to him! He is dangerous. Don't leave me...don't let him hurt you again
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Ceolwulf disappears into Vartang's room and comes back out chuckling and sweeps Frodo back up to his shoulder. He walks quickly away from Vartang's cottage. "Don't worry...Vartang is away...and should be for quite some time. Maybe he not come back until tomorrow."*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Ceolwulf puts Frodo back down on the ground and kneels and takes out a pipe and some tobacco. "I managed to take this from the swine. There was only one so we have to share it. Before we see the others, you and i should quietly celebrate your return."*
Frodo: *Frodo sighs with relief and takes the pipe from Ceolwulf, smiling*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Ceolwulf packs the pipe and passes it to Frodo. He lights it for Frodo and smiles, enjoying seeing Frodo look comfortable and that they have this time together alone.*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Ceolwulf sighs happily as he looks over the land. "Amazing how peaceful isnt it." He looks over to Frodo. "Oh Frodo, I am glad you are back, my friend."*
Frodo: So am I *Frodo replies, savoring the joy of the reunion*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Every single part of what Frodo sees he feels he is living - the scents, the sights, the taste of the pipe. Frodo knows not at this point it is only a vision.*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Ceolwulf inhales deeply. "i can not believe i almost forgot how good a pipe smells... funny how the smell is different when Vartang smokes it."*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Ceolwulf takes the pipe and inhales deeply and closes his eyes. He coughs a bit and the puff of smoke comes out of his nose and mouth. "It's been a long time," Ceolwulf chuckles. He coughs some more..the sound of it now is deep and rattly.*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Ceolwulf drops the pipe to the ground and clutches his chest and throat...."Fr..o..." His cough becomes severe and black smoke starts to come out of his mouth.*
Frodo: *Frodo rushes to Ceolwulf and puts an arm around him as he shakes with coughing* Ceolwulf! What is wrong? *tries to speak reassuringly to him* Calm down now...just take in a breath, you can do it
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Ceolwulf wheezes and coughs as black blisters start forming on his skin as he begins burning from the inside out. His organs liquify in side his body. From his mouth leaks a putrid brown liquid and his clothes singe and melt. His skin starts to burn off his body and his screams rip through the air. "HEEELLP!"*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Frodo is brought even deeper into vision..feeling every single part of himself was living all he saw*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *"Frodo! Frodo!" Small hands grip his shoulder. "Oh are waking!" The hands stroke Frodo's face and all is dark and dusty*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *"Frodo please..i cannot do this anymore," the voice cries. Frodo blinks and his face focuses on th eimage of Sam.*
Frodo: Sam! *Frodo cries, astonished*...what is the matter? Why are you crying, dear lad?
Shakh Udukhaturz: *"Oh!" He is frantic now as he tries to lift him. "We have to hurry...that blow to your head was enough to knock you out for two whole days. On your feet now Mr. Frodo...please try. We are so close."*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Frodo looks over and sees they are at Mount Doom. "The little bugger saved our lives," says Sam. "Come on, walk." He opens his hand and shows him the Ring on the chain.*
Frodo: Give it back, Sam! It's mine, mine alone! *he shouts, and snatches the Ring away from Sam*
Frodo: *puts the Ring around his neck, then looks up at Sam in horror* I'm so sorry...I wish it had never been found!
Shakh Udukhaturz: *"Now i didnt go through all the trouble carrying you off after Gollum claimed it from the sergeant harm you Mr. Frodo," says Sam. "Only luck had it after you went out on me that i followed Gollum's joyous cries. I did it for we can end it. i would have carried you all the way. Come on!"*
Frodo: Thank you, so much, dear Sam. End it we shall! *He staggers to his feet, clinging to Sam to hold himself up*
Frodo: *stumbles toward the Mountain, his head weighted down by the Ring*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Sam holds Frodo close to his body as they get closer to destination. They enter the Sammath Naur and Frodo moves towards the edge and Sam yells for him to drop it in..*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *"Do it!" cries Sam....Frodo looks over and ponders as he is about to throw it in...Frodo reels his hand back and then thrusts it forward... but the ring doesnt leave his weighs heavy and sticks to his palm and Frodo's body begins to fall over the edge until his foot is caught by Sam's hand.. "I got ya!" says Sam. "You are not going anywhere!"*
Frodo: *struggles to turn and look up at Sam* Oh! What will we must be me, Sam! *tries to pry the Ring off his palm*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Sam works hard to pull Frodo up by his clothes with all his might. He then reaches to Frodo's hand....his face winces as he struggles...his fingers pry into Frodo's hand. Sam takes out the Ring and his image turns into a hooded wraith....*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *The wraith stares into Frodo's face with red eyes. "Suffffffer for me!" the Wraith hisses as he holds the Ring in victory... The wraith then releases Frodo's body and Frodo falls into the firey pit.*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *Frodo is brought out of vision with pain and intense fire that burns him up and leaves him screaming in torturous physical and emotional torments. Shakh Udukhaturz stands slowly and bows to Sauron*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron acknowledges the bow* Well done, My servant
Sauron the Great: *He turns to Frodo* Master Baggins, let Me bring you healing *His voice seems to be imploring*
Shakh Udukhaturz: *He stands among the others*
Frodo: *As on the day he was branded and blinded, Frodo is reduced to a trembling heap on the floor that can do nothing but scream in pain*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: Yes, Master Baggins. Lord Sauron can bring you healing....
Frodo: *He cannot even think. His mind is in turmoil with a thousand conflicted, awful thoughts, his body exhausted and in agony*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron stands up, holds up his hand and a beam of light shines down and engulfs Frodo. The fire and pain in his body slowly begins to ease...... as the light penetrates into the pores of his body*
Frodo: *His cries diminish and gradually stop*
Sauron the Great: *He is roused to consciousness by the sounds of birds singing somewhere far away*
Sauron the Great: *The hard floor upon which he lies seems to soften, and he feels he is in a bed filled with feathers, gentle sunlight streaming into the round window of his hobbit hole and the perfume of the flowers in Sam's garden comes into the window*
Frodo: *blinks and raises his head...then he looks up and sees the Dark Lord on his throne, the Nazgul, and the Lieutenant*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron stands there looking down at him* Stop the useless pain, Master Baggins. Let Me heal you completely!
Frodo: *Frodo lowers his head back to his folded arms on the floor and sobs quietly*
Sauron the Great: The blissful scenes of your past that you see in these visions will pale in comparison to what I could give you
Sauron the Great: Take My aid, Master Baggins
Frodo: *Oh how he wants to*
Sauron the Great: *He will not break! Sauron thinks. Why did he bring back My Ring? I know what his mind says, but perhaps.... No...No! It cannot be!.....Sauron's mind begins to feel dismay*
Sauron the Great: *What is this creature? A maia sent to be My bane? ...Or perhaps one of the Valar? Perhaps I contest now with the One?.... I can kill this.....whatever it is..... I think....*
Sauron the Great: *....but how do I not know that he is waiting for death so that he can....come back as something far greater....and unleash his power upon Me! Curse the One! He will not play games with Me!*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron reflects more, trying to control his doubts and fears. But.... no, no. This creature is not maia. What do I think? He is a frail mortal. He will break! They all do!*
Frodo: *Frodo still sobs quietly, exerting all the powers of his will to just remain alive, remain silent, remain himself*
Sauron the Great: Frodo.... My Friend.... I will heal you. Say the words
Frodo: What words?
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the lieutenant looks upon frodo, his grey eyes warm...his voice kindly and full of compassion* yes... accept His healing.
Sauron the Great: Beg Me to heal you!
Frodo: Beg you...but...but I do not bind myself to you?
The Nazgul: *The Nazgul shake their head in disbelief that the Hobbit's continual refusal and defiance*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron smiles at him, a cold, cruel malicious smile*
Frodo: only beg you?
Sauron the Great: Now you try to bargain with Me, Master Baggins?
Frodo: I can beg you...I can beg for healing *he sobs*
Sauron the Great: Then do so!
Frodo: ...if I can keep my loyalties intact
Sauron the Great: *Sauron seems to grow taller, towering over the Hobbit*
Frodo: *cringes, curls into a ball*
Sauron the Great: Do not bargain with Me, Master Baggins, until I say that you may
Sauron the Great: Beg Me!
Frodo: I beg you! *he blurts out shakily*
The Nazgul: *They cannot fathom any refusal of their Master's wish*
Sauron the Great: *He smiles, feeling a great triumph*
Frodo: *Frodo covers his face, his sobs intensifying*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron extends his hand and lightning flashes from it. It engulfs Frodo's body, raising him once again high to the ceiling, spinning him*
Narrator: *And it seems once again, webs are woven around Frodo as they were in Shelob's lair and the hobbit feels safe inside, a cacoon, protected, guarded*
The Nazgul: *Their gazes follow Frodo's body*
Narrator: *Frodo turns slowly, spinning in the air, warming, feeling life rush into his body.... he is a chrysalis in a cacoon*
Narrator: *Now Frodo's body seems to be enlarging, increasing in size... ready to burst against the sides of the cacoon*
Narrator: *Now to sides, he feels his arms growing larger, like wings. He likes inside the cacoon, but there is no more room for him and his expanding body, and he sees himself as a butterfly*
Narrator: *But how can this be? Frodo thinks. Has Sauron turned me into something? And if so, what? Oh no... what have I done!*
Narrator: *Then the cacoon slowly splits and Frodo is free, free at last. The butterfly soars into realms of light. But then soon, Frodo hears a call from somewhere, and he slowly floats to the ground*
Narrator: *And when Frodo lands, he feels his lungs are clear.... the scars are gone from his wrists, his neck, his chest....*
Narrator: *All except two scars: The brand, and the scar of the Morgul blade. And Frodo feels young again, as though all the cares were lifted from him. His face is free of wrinkles, his hair has returned to its color*
Frodo: *looks down at himself in amazement*
Sauron the Great: *Frodo looks up at Sauron, whose face is triumphant*
Sauron the Great: Bow now, Master Baggins, express your gratitude
Frodo: *Frodo feels alive and healthy for the first time in an eternity, it seems. He is in disbelief at the immense change in his body--he looks like himself again*
Frodo: *He wonders if he has gone mad*
Frodo: *All these visions have left his mind reeling, unsure what is real or not, and he wonders if this is a vision too*
Sauron the Great: Master Baggins, this is real
Frodo: *But he cannot deny that with the vision of the butterfly he felt his body's strength return...and for that he is grateful...though he feels guilty for it...he stands unsure what to do*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: Yes, Master Baggins, once more are you in the bloom of life and health.
Sauron the Great: And never forget, Master Baggins.... in My debt *he smiles as he looks down at Frodo*
Frodo: *His questioning look turns to one of dread*
Sauron the Great: *Sauron thinks to himself.... this is no maia. He is just a feeble mortal*
The Nazgul: *wide grins adorn their unseen faces*
Sauron the Great: *He walks around Frodo, his hands behind his back as he thinks*
Sauron the Great: *He pauses and looks down at Frodo* Now Master Baggins, what shall we do with you?
Frodo: Why have you done this? I did not swear loyalty to you. My loyalty remains with the West and my King. I am not bound to you!
Sauron the Great: *He waves his hand dismissively* A trifle, Master Baggins
Frodo: A trifle? My fidelity to my land is no trifle to me. I would have sacrificed everything for it
Sauron the Great: Now, Master Baggins, you must rest. Your healing is complete, but still you are tired. Tonight you will come back to My hall and we shall talk again
Sauron the Great: Go now *He turns his back on him, walks back to his throne and sits down*
Frodo: *His head droops again and he sighs... but he raises it quickly*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the lieutenant walks over to frodo, flashing him a friendly smile* Master Baggins, i shall take you back to your room.
Frodo: *Frodo remains expressionless and nods curtly*
Sauron the Great: Good afternoon, Master Baggins. You have provided much entertainment for us this morning
Frodo: *shoots the old glare over his shoulder to Sauron, his mind forming new curses*
Frodo: *In his debt? Never!*
The Nazgul: *Their gaze falls upon their Master with proud smiles on thier faces...Great Giver of Gifts...their eyes close and they bow and Sauron sees ever expression on their faces and the loyalty there will never be felt stronger by any other*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the lieutenant departs the hall, bowing to Sauron before he walks through the great doors as the black uruk doormen hold them open. his bodyguard of orcs follow behind frodo*
Sauron the Great: *He nods to the Nazgul and sends a thought to all.... My faithful servants, you have pleased Me once again*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *soon, they arrive at the door to frodo's room. the lieutenant opens it for frodo, smiling at him, and waiting for him to enter*
The Nazgul: *pleasing Sauron was a goal never fulfilled to them...endlessly it is their one true please Him*
Frodo: *Frodo walks into the room and stands mesmerized by the window, gazing out at the Mountain, wishing that with his newfound strength he could go and finish his quest*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the lieutenant looks to frodo before leaving....* A pleasant afternoon, Master Baggins. We look forward to seeing you again this even. *though he feigns friendship frodo can see the wicked glint in his eyes*
Frodo: *Frodo's defiance bears no veil as he returns the Lieutenant's stare*
Lieutenant of Barad-dur: *the lieutenant closes the door behind him.... turning the key in the lock....and leaving frodo there to wait and wonder what more shall happen to him ere this day is over*

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