March 15, 3019

Narrator: *The black rider far above can see the Rohirrim charging across the field of Pelennor, singing songs of battle as their horses rush forward*
Narrator: *Fighting between Mordor and the Rohirrim ensues, and the Witch-King of Angmar descends from the sky like a dark shadow*
Narrator: *the horses of the Rohirrim become overwhelmed with fear and their riders have trouble controlling them. Theoden King tries to rally the men to him, but his horse Snowmane rises up in terror at the descending Ringwraith upon the fell beast*
Narrator: *Then a black dart flies through the air and makes its target in the flesh of Snowmane. Snowmane rears and falls backwards, pinning Theoden under him*
Narrator: *Angmar commands his beast to descend to the ground near the fallen king*
Eowyn: *eowyn and merrys horse, windfola, threw them and ran in fear from the witch-king. merry, who was riding behind, lands some distance away from eowyn*
Merry: *Merry overcomes the shock and pain of the fall and tries to make his way back to Eowyn*
Eowyn: *all of the men and horses have fled in madness and terror, except for one. a young soldier, faithful beyond fear, stands before the kings body, and challenges the witchking*
Eowyn: begone, foul dwimmerlaik, lord of carrion! leave the dead in peace!
Merry: *paralyzed with terror at the sight of the Witch King, he watches in horror, kneeling on the ground*
Witch-King of Angmar: *He saw the soldier before him as a flickering light that grew in its intensity*
Witch-King of Angmar: *He thinks: dare such a feeble light challenge me?*
Witch-King of Angmar: Come not between the Nazgul and his prey! Or he will not slay thee in thy turn. He will bear thee away to the houses of lamentation, beyond all darkness, where thy flesh shall be devoured, and thy shriveled mind be left naked to the Lidless Eye.
Merry: *His heart beats wildly with fear for Eowyn*
Eowyn: *she hears the evil spectre's words, yet love of her uncle masters her fears. she draws her sword*
Eowyn: do what you will; but i will hinder it, if i may.
Merry: NO! *runs over and places himself between Eowyn and the Witch King*
Merry: *draws his blade of Westernesse and holds it aloft*
Merry: This is the bane of Mordor *he cries bitterly*
Merry: You shall not touch him! [Eowyn as Dernhelm]
Merry: *looks over his shoulder at Eowyn and tries to give her a reassuring smile*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the beast twists its neck around and its beady eyes glare at Merry. Its mouth gapes open to tear his head from his shoulders*
Witch-King of Angmar: Hinder me? Thou fool. No living man may hinder me!
Merry: *swings at the beast's head*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the beast moves its head quickly out of the way of Merry's blade and hisses at him*
Eowyn: *eowyn pulls off her helm revealing her long golden hair, and she laughs* but no living man am i! you look upon a woman.
Eowyn: eowyn i am eomunds daughter. you stand between me and my lord and kin. begone, if you be not deathless. for living or dark undead, i will smite you if you touch him
Witch-King of Angmar: *Two! He thinks. They dare face me!*
Merry: *Merry looks in shock from the Witch King to Eowyn, dazzled by her bravery*
Merry: *brandishes his sword at the fell beast, smiling with renewed confidence*
Witch-King of Angmar: *The beast twists its neck again and hisses at Eowyn, but the Ringwraith is quiet, in dismay for a time*
Eowyn: *she swings at the head of the fell beast, but her stroke goes awry...*
Merry: Eowyn!....*he slashes at the fell beast's head, but it is lifted too high for him to reach*
Witch-King of Angmar: *He gets off the fell beast, and it hops squawking over to feed upon Snowmane's body*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Angmar circles both of them*
Merry: *steps closer to Eowyn*
Eowyn: *she holds her shield aloft and her sword ready, her eyes evading the glittering red eyes of the nazgul*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he swings the mace back and around and it comes down crashing on Eowyn's shield, splintering it and breaking her arm*
Merry: *screams* Eowyn!!!!
Merry: *runs and picks up his shield which had fallen*
Merry: Foul demon of Mordor, cursed fiend of the enemy!
Eowyn: *she feels the heavy impact of the mace upon her shield, and feels the heavy wood shatter. sharp pain goes through her arm and she falls to her knees, dropping her sword*
Witch-King of Angmar: *his arm goes back again and over and crashes down upon Merry's helm*
Eowyn: *screams* merry!
Eowyn: *struggles to get her sword and get to her feet but to no avail...*
Merry: *Pain bursts through his broken skull, and blood runs into his eyes...he hears Eowyn's voice and it adds to his rapidly draining strength*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he looks to his trembling foe and laughs*
Merry: *He struggles to his feet and slashes blindly at the witch king with a desperate cry of rage*
Merry: The Shire!!!
Witch-King of Angmar: *he backs away just in time*
Merry: *He falls to his knees with the effort and his eyes lock with Eowyn's for a moment*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Prepares to swing the mace again. The powerful arm rises up into the air and back to his right. The Black Captain starts bringing the ball down*
Merry: *Then he staggers up again and tries to block the mace's blow...*
Eowyn: *she is in bitter dizzying pain from her broken arm... she looks to merry and watches the scene unfold with horror*
Eowyn: merry! *she cries out again and struggles to move*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the mace seems caught in time, poised in the air above Merry's bleeding skull*
Merry: *moves his arm at the last second, realizing he can do nothing against the huge pointed mace...he tries to move out of the way*
Eowyn: *reaches forward, groping on the ground with her right hand, and her fingers finally touch the hilt of her sword which she dropped..*
Merry: *but dizziness crushes him to the ground*
Merry: *Terror claims him*
Merry: *He thinks with horror...what will happen to poor Pip?*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the mace comes down a second time upon the small victim before him*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and as it descends, it seems that the mace comes down slowly, taking years instead of seconds to descend*
Merry: *Merry sees the gleaming pointed ball descend as though in slow motion*
Eowyn: *she takes her sword in her hand, and struggles to her feet, stumbling forward.. she cries* merry!
Witch-King of Angmar: *Finally the ball makes its slow final deadly descent and the small skull explodes as the blood and bone mixes in the light of the newborn sun*
Eowyn: *screams with horror*
Merry: *A thousand thoughts rush through his mind...he hears Eowyn's voice* Eowyn!...Help---*but the word turns into an agonized scream as the mace embeds itself in his head*
Merry: *the scream is quickly cut off as Merry's head bursts, and he knows no more*
Witch-King of Angmar: *again the mace goes up and back and comes down and smashes the small body to the ground*
Eowyn: eee-yaaaaahhh!! *she cries, stumbling forward, her sword drawn, her left arm hanging limply at her side, in total agony but still she presses on*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he ignores her as again and again his arm goes up and back and the spiked ball drives the small broken body into the ground*
Witch-King of Angmar: *until finally the flesh, blood and bone is pounded into the dirt and mingles with the earth of the blood drenched field of Pelennor. The small, brave light of Merry goes out forever*
Merry: *Merry's fea rises from the wreck of his body, surprised at the sudden absence of pain....then he sees the scene of his death, and Eowyn's peril, and is filled with sadness*
Merry: *but he can do nothing, only fly to the halls of Mandos*
Eowyn: *she charges half stumbles forward, her sword aimed at the face of the witchking of angmar*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he laughs at her and dodges*
Eowyn: *she falls forward, his sudden movement disorientating her, and she falls to the ground upon her face... she screams out in pain as she lands on her broken arm, then twists onto her back*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he goes over to her and looks down at her* Maid, look to me
Eowyn: *her back rests upon bodies of the fallen. in terror, she looks up at the evil shadow hovering over her*
Witch-King of Angmar: Thy great brightness shall know great darkness, indeed, and from thee shall be extracted payment in full! *with these words, Eowyn's will leaves her*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he walks away from her now, towards the body of Theoden. He puts his mace down and draws his great sword from its hilt*
Eowyn: *suddenly she feels as though she cannot move. her sword lies but a few feet away from her but she cannot move her hand to reach it. her back leaning upon the bodies of the fallen, she can see all that befalls her uncle theoden*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he lifts the sword high in the air and brings it down with one mightly blow and the head of Theoden king is severed from his shoulders*
Eowyn: *she screams out* nooooooo!!!
Witch-King of Angmar: *the beast stands there tearing great chunks of meat from the body of the horse. Angmar orders the beast to stand steady. He goes back, takes his mace and returning to the beast, puts the mace in a holder on the saddle*
Eowyn: *uncontrolable sobs and wails tear themselves from eowyn's mouth as she sees the witch-king of angmar cut off her uncle's head, and feed her uncles body to the evil beast*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he takes a cord from his robe, cuts it with his knife. He ties the cord to the hair of Theoden and attaches it to the side of his saddle*
Eowyn: *tears run down her face as she sees the evils wrought upon her beloved uncles body*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he turns away from the beast, and walks back towards the woman*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the blade is stained with the blood of her uncle and he holds it high in the air high over her*
Witch-King of Angmar: Shall I slay thee too?
Eowyn: *she looks up to him, and sees the sword poised high above her, ready to kill. her eyes narrow, and there is an angry fire in them* i fear not death, foul dwimmerlaik
Witch-King of Angmar: *his eyes glow at her with a fierce red light, and the crown on his head seems to shine in a pale bitter glow of steel*
Eowyn: *she avoids his fiery gaze, and blinks hard, a new deluge of tears welling up in her eyes*
Witch-King of Angmar: Nay, maiden, nay. I will offer you a choice *he taunts her*
Witch-King of Angmar: There is thy sword upon the ground. If thou hast courage, fall upon it!
Eowyn: never! never would i do your bidding *she hisses*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he laughs at her again, his voice fell and cruel*
Witch-King of Angmar: A coward, I see!
Witch-King of Angmar: Little maiden, thou boast loud words and sayeth that thou fearest not!
Eowyn: coward i am not, but worthless servant art thou. tell your master that his best servant is not able to frighten a mere maiden
Eowyn: *she laughs at him*
Witch-King of Angmar: Thou sayest that thou dost not fear death? Then thou shalt learn fear!
Witch-King of Angmar: *He sheaths his sword*

Witch-King of Angmar: *he walks over to her, picks her up, carries her back to the beast, and throws her up into the saddle*
Eowyn: *each movement is a torment to her broken arm and she screams in pain*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he quickly springs upon the beast behind her*
Eowyn: *she cannot move from the place where she was thrown, hard though she tries. she casts her eyes downward and sees the severed head of her uncle through a mist of pain.*
Eowyn: *the witch-king sits behind her, like a pillar of ice. it seems misty vapors of frost circle about them, about them both. she screams, and continues screaming all the way to lugburz*
Witch-King of Angmar: *The journey from Pelennor to Lugburz is not a long one and soon Eowyn, maid of Rohan, finds herself descending down with the beast to the heart of the dark land of Mordor itself - Barad-dur*
Eowyn: *everything swirls by her in a mist of fear and pain, and she blearily takes it all in*
Witch-King of Angmar: *below her, and rising quickly upward towards her, Eowyn can see a great ledge extending outward from the tower*
Witch-King of Angmar: *it is the rookery of the fell beasts. The creature lands here and is greeted with its handlers*
Eowyn: *her voice is hoarse now and she no longer shrieks and wails, but moans softly from pain and maddening fear*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the rider commands the beast to stand still for the handlers. Soon a heavy collar with a chain is put about its neck and its handlers as they lead it inside the tower itself*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the rider dismounts, gives commands to the orcs and soon Eowyn finds the rough clawed hands of orcs pulling her from the beasts*
Eowyn: *the horror of the aerial journey over now, she begins attempts to master her terror, though she is in the very dark tower itself, a place of great evil and malice*
Dargum: *grabs Eowyn roughly, heedless of her broken arm* Eh, what ave we ere? *he sneers* A little present for the Eye? or maybe for Number One himself!
Witch-King of Angmar: *the orders that the orcs have been given by the Black Captain have been "Do not spoil her," and "Confine her to a cell on this level until the Master is ready to see her"*

Witch-King of Angmar: *The Witch-King then strides off into the inner corridors. He goes to the Great Hall to talk with his Master, but Eowyn remains with the orcs*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Angmar is now in the presence of Sauron. He bows deeply before his Master*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Angmar walks towards the Dark Throne* Behold, the head of Theoden King of Rohan!
Sauron: *Sauron, pleased with him, nods at him*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Angmar holds the head in one hand. He walks towards the wall, takes a spear from a holder. He holds the spear tightly with one hand, and with the other, he plunges the head of Theoden upon the point of the spear*
Witch-King of Angmar: *brains, water and dark blood drip down the handle of the spear. Angmar presents it to the Mouth of Sauron who holds it above his head in triumph, shouting a great shout in Black Speech*
Witch-King of Angmar: *The Morgul Lord then stands before his Master* Mighty One, the king's niece, Eowyn, is my captive
Witch-King of Angmar: Do you wish to see her?
Sauron: *Sauron nods* Well done, Shakh Dushgoi
Sauron: I will see her now
Witch-King of Angmar: *Angamr bows to his lord and leaves the hall*

Eowyn: *when angmar leaves, eowyns ability to move her own body comes back to her, and she struggles and strikes out against the orc with her one good arm*
Dargum: *steps back and growls at Eowyn, his eyes filled with malice* That wasn't very nice, my beauty, not very nice at all.
Eowyn: *she glares and spits at the orcs face*
Dargum: Raarrr! *he screams into her face, to intimidate her into submission*
Dargum: *his clawed hands grasp the sides of her face*
Dargum: You stay still, you little she-maggot
Eowyn: *takes an unsteady step backward, from dizziness*
Dargum: or it'll be much 'arder for ye when the times comes to deal with ye!
Dargum: Arrr, if only I didn't 'ave orders not to spoil ye, such a pretty thing, I'd love to sink my claws into ye!
Eowyn: *grunts and brings her foot upward kicking him in the stomach*
Eowyn: keep your filthy hands off me!
Eowyn: *she backs away quickly looking frantically for a place to run*
Dargum: *draws his sword and points it in her face* Ye don't understand, do ye, little she-maggot.
Dargum: You're my prisoner now
Eowyn: *she glares at him*
Eowyn: *she reaches down quickly to her boot and grabs her dagger, and holds it against herself*
Eowyn: keep away from me you orcish scum
Dargum: *laughs at her* If I only 'ad leave, I'd teach you to be good *he smiles maliciously* Oh yes, I would, and you wouldn't want t'learn no more
Eowyn: *she eyes him warily, holding her dagger*
Dargum: *springs at her and wrests her dagger from her*
Dargum: *wrestles her to the ground*
Dargum: *holding her dagger to her throat* Don't squirm anymore, or it'll go worse for ye!
Eowyn: *with a broken arm she is no match for the orc. she is quickly overpowered*
Eowyn: *lies on the ground, her own dagger pointing at her throat. her head tilts backward on the floor and she closes her eyes*
Dargum: *Cackling, he grasps her hair and pulls her to a sitting position*
Eowyn: *screams in pain as she is pulled*
Dargum: *then he takes the edges of her halberk and roughly pulls it up and over her head*
Dargum: *yanks it off her arms*
Eowyn: *the pain this causes her arm as it is suddenly jerked upward causes her to fall into a swoon and she falls limply back to the ground*
Dargum: Har har har, not such a strong warrior, are you, you pretty little she maggot
Dargum: *unceremoniously slings her over his shoulder and takes her to a cell on the upper level*
Eowyn: *she is unconscious and does not know what is happening*
Dargum: *holds her against the wall while he fastens a chain from the ceiling to her good arm*
Dargum: *then she hangs there slumped against the wall, chained by one arm. He guffaws at the sight*
Eowyn: *dangles from the wall, suspended by a chain, totally unconscious*
Eowyn: *begins to stir slightly. both of her arms are in bitter pain, one hangs limply at her side, the other far above her head feels like it is afire. where is she? what has happened?*
Eowyn: *then she remembers... she was captured and taken to the dark tower. panic shoots through her and she struggles wildly against the chain that is attached to her right wrist*

Witch-King of Angmar: *he walks down the corridors to the cell where he ordered the Lady Eowyn to be held while awaiting the will of Sauron*
Eowyn: *hears footsteps, her heart begins to pound more. she struggles more against the chain, ignoring the cuts it makes in her wrist*
Eowyn: *she must get out of it someway, she can only fight now with her feet*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he comes to the cell door*
Dargum: *stands outside the cell guarding the door, snickering and shaking his head at her uselsess struggle*
Dargum: *bows to the ground when Angmar approaches*
Witch-King of Angmar: *his voice is icy and cold* Snaga, did you do what I told you?
Dargum: Yes, lord, I did, lord, exactly what you told me!
Eowyn: *its the voice of the dreadful captain of despair outside her door! she freezes momentarily, listening to their conversation*
Dargum: *quakes in fear*
Witch-King of Angmar: Then, Snaga, there shall be no spoiling that has been done to her?
Dargum: No lord! No spoiling at all!
Witch-King of Angmar: What will my eyes behold?
Witch-King of Angmar: Open the door, Snaga! *he says with hatred in his words*
Dargum: *he can't restrain a little mirth* She's hangin' by one arm, thinkin' she can struggle free!
Dargum: *opens the door, frightened* Yes lord!
Dargum: *The hatred in Angmar's voice chills him to the core*
Witch-King of Angmar: By one arm? You fool! That is spoiling!
Dargum: *shakes* is?
Dargum: Well her other arm is broken
Dargum: I thought it would be spoiling to chain her by that arm
Eowyn: *hears the door open... her back grates against the wall and she braces herself for anything that might happen next*
Dargum: so I only chained her by one arm....
Dargum: please don't 'urt me lord!
Dargum: *grovels*
Witch-King of Angmar: *The room suddenly begins to feel more cold than it did before, and the very air seems to turn murky with sudden darkness*
Eowyn: *she begins to feel cold*
Dargum: *touches his head to the floor, shivering*
Dargum: *but inwardly hating Angmar all the more*
Witch-King of Angmar: Snaga! Just because your fangs did not taste the sweetness of her flesh does not mean that you have not spoiled her!
Dargum: H-h-h-how did I spoil her?
Witch-King of Angmar: Hang her by one arm! You might as well have hung her by the neck!
Dargum: Was I supposed to leave 'er free? She would ave escaped!
Witch-King of Angmar: Can you not see? There is blood dripping from her wrist. Foul mismatched spawn of the white demons!
Dargum: She struggled, she made it worse for 'erself!
Eowyn: *watches as the nazgul and the orc fight between themselves... at least they are not torturing her at the moment, she thinks*
Dargum: I didn't do nothin' wrong...*pleads*...please don't 'urt me...I was just tryin' ter follow orders, lord!
Witch-King of Angmar: *He can smell the stench of fear about the orc. The air grows more chilly and the darkened air seems full of black particles*
Dargum: *begins to whimper in an ugly raspy voice*
Witch-King of Angmar: Elf spawn!
Witch-King of Angmar: Kin of the white fiends!
Witch-King of Angmar: Snaga!
Witch-King of Angmar: Tell me more about how you did not spoil her! *His very words seem to be full of ice*
Dargum: *criminals and deceivers all, tormentors of the white fiends, though I hate them too, he thinks*
Witch-King of Angmar: Let me look at her then, to see the truth of your words!
Dargum: I...I didn't 'urt 'er, I swear on the Eye!
Dargum: *opens the door wider so he can see her*
Witch-King of Angmar: *He walks over to the woman* Wench, what has he done to you? *he demands of her*
Eowyn: *looks up at angmar, her back against the cold, stone wall*
Eowyn: i struggled, and he fought me, and i.. i... fell into a swoon
Dargum: *crouches in a corner, whimpering and trembling, thinking, it's the pot for me now!*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he looks to the orc*
Witch-King of Angmar: Unbind her, fool!
Dargum: Yes lord! Right away lord!
Dargum: *hurriedly takes the chain off and stands her on the floor*
Eowyn: *gasps in pain at the sudden movements, her right arm feeling as though it was on fire*
Witch-King of Angmar: Now, Snaga, you say you swear upon the name of the Master?
Dargum: *nods vigorously* Aye lord! Aye!
Eowyn: *slowly tries to lower her arm, wincing at the pain it brings her*
Witch-King of Angmar: *his eyes flash and it seems that flames come out through the darkness*
Witch-King of Angmar: then do you swear too by Melkor the Potent?
Dargum: Look at 'er, there ain't a scratch on 'er! *cringes at his firey glare*
Dargum: Aye lord! Aye, by Melkor the Potent!
Witch-King of Angmar: Then why is there blood all over her hand?
Dargum: Because after I chained 'er, she 'eard your lordship coming
Dargum: and she struggled against the chain
Dargum: and cut 'erself on it
Eowyn: *notices that the cell door was left open. slides along the wall, inching closer and closer to it*
Witch-King of Angmar: *His voice is deadly cold* Snaga! You should weigh your words more carefully before you swear upon the names of either of the Great Lords
Dargum: *falls to his knees* Please lord! Don't 'urt me! She did it to 'erself!
Witch-King of Angmar: *he sees the woman as she goes along the wall. His look at her freezes her in her tracks and she is forced to look at the scene going on between the orc and the black captain*
Dargum: *thinks....dirty little she maggot, I'd sure make 'er pay for this if I could!!!!*
Eowyn: *suddenly, she can't move again. how - how - does he do it? how can he freeze me in my tracks so i cannot move?*
Eowyn: *is forced to watch the nazgul and the orc talk*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he stands between the orc and the maiden. He folds his arms in front of him*
Dargum: *cringes on the ground*
Witch-King of Angmar: Snaga, you have gone against my orders!
Dargum: *raspy wail* No, no my lord!
Witch-King of Angmar: Blasphemer! You have sworn falsely upon the names of both Melkor and Sauron
Witch-King of Angmar: Your word is false
Witch-King of Angmar: You will pay now
Dargum: No!
Dargum: No, please!
Witch-King of Angmar: *he raises one arm into the air and chants three times* Fural, bhadur-izg-lat akul-u
Witch-King of Angmar: *and with those words the darkness of the cell seems to wash away and is replaced by a glowing blue mist*
Eowyn: *her eyes widen.... this is all too strange.... devilry, witchcraft, the work of evil*
Dargum: *wails in despair and cowers as he recites the spell*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the orc can feel a strange tingling all over his body*
Witch-King of Angmar: *a stirring, a rippling, all over his flesh*
Dargum: *screams as the tingling starts, he knows what this is, he has seen it happen to other orcs!*
Dargum: NO LORD!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
Witch-King of Angmar: *The orc sees again Angmar as he raises one arm into the air and chants three times, Fural, bhadur-izg-lat akul-u*
Eowyn: *senses that something horrible is about to happen, yet she is compelled to watch it...*
Witch-King of Angmar: *then all over the orc's body, the tingling intensifies and the orc looks down at his arm. Huge boils begin to erupt like festering craters of ice*
Dargum: *screams in agony*
Witch-King of Angmar: *The words and sight of Angmar seem to echo more in the orc's mind.... Fural, bhadur-izg-lat akul-u*
Eowyn: *stares in shock at the horrifying sight*
Dargum: *convulses on the floor screeching and thrashing*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Then the craters seem to spew forth a mist that rises into the air and condenses about the orc*
Eowyn: *struggles desperately with the other will that keeps her eyes upon the orc's torment.... trying to look away*
Witch-King of Angmar: *A freezing cold racks over the orc's body. Chills go up and down the orc's body, and the orc watches amazed as the sores all over him exude a mist*
Dargum: *He seems to be floating in a freezing mist of ice crystals that bore into his festering body*
Dargum: *cries and pleads for mercy*
Witch-King of Angmar: No mercy! Claim not mercy from me!
Dargum: *his hoarse screeches echo throughout the cell and the hall*
Eowyn: *the orc's torment and ear shattering screeches torment eowyn as well and she moans in horror*
Witch-King of Angmar: *then the festering sores begin to run as icy torrents. The flesh begins to run off his arms in freezing ripplets of water*
Eowyn: *it is too horrifying to watch! she struggles to look away from this horror, this madness*
Dargum: *screams in terror and agony as he watches the freezing flesh run off his body*
Dargum: *even the rivulets of melted flesh running down him torment him*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and then as the icy water drips down, it freezes in mid air, forming ice crystals that fall to the floor and break*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the orcs sees an arm stripped of its flesh and an unbearable agony ripples through him*
Dargum: *his cries redouble, almost comparable to the screech of a nazgul in their horror*
Eowyn: *the orcs cries of agony echo painfully in her ears... the nazgul even torment those of mordor*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the orc looks down in horror as he sees the bone of that arm glowing stark white in the glare of the torches. Then the other arm throbs and pulses*
Dargum: *he wants to grasp that arm to still the pain but he has nothing left of his other arm!*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the festering craters on the orc's other arm erupt and begin to run off in icy water. Soon all of the flesh is frozen off and there is nothing but stark glowing bones with no flesh to cover the arms*
Witch-King of Angmar: *then the orc can feel as his face begins to erupt in craters and run as the arms did. Intense agony grips him but yet he lives*
Eowyn: *eowyn's uncontrollable shrieking soon joins the orc's*
Witch-King of Angmar: *where the flesh of the orc's face had once been, there is nothing left but a skull with gaping eye sockets, but yet the orc lives and feels and screams in agony*
Dargum: *screams wordlessly now, constant agonized wails tearing from his throat, until nothing is left of his mouth and tongue*
Dargum: *But yet he has a voice and a throat and the grisly wails continue*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the legs and the rest of his body meets the same fate, but yet he lives, as a living skeleton*
Eowyn: *this is too much for her mind to handle, and it slips into dark oblivion, breaking the will of angmar. she falls in a swoon upon the floor of the cell*
Witch-King of Angmar: *The swirling blue mist in the cell covers the bones of the orc but yet it lives*
Dargum: *He can no longer cry out but his bones clatter as he writhes in bloody agony*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Angmar looks at the bones of the orc, and laughs, a stark, cold, chilling laugh*
Witch-King of Angmar: *And finally, he raises his hand yet again, and the bones turn to pure ice, crackle, break, turn to ice, and melt upon the floor. They vanish forever and the orc finds himself "all cold and dark on the other side"*
Eowyn: *eowyn lies upon the cold dungeon floor in a swoon*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he now turns his attention to Eowyn, unconscious in a swoon*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he commands her to wake up, and rise to her feet*
Eowyn: *suddenly she wakes up, and shakily rises to her feet, backing up against the wall again, and looking at the witchking in horror*
Eowyn: *she wonders why he can control her will so*

Witch-King of Angmar: *he commands her again* Follow me
Eowyn: *fights his will and moans shakily* where.....?
Witch-King of Angmar: Woman, it is not your place to ask where
Witch-King of Angmar: *Uses her fear against her and forces her to follow him*
Eowyn: *she is drawn to him against her own will and approaches him shakily, her head spinning, her arm in pain*
Witch-King of Angmar: *This is the base of Sauron, where his power is the greatest, and Angmar draws upon the power of Sauron to force the woman to do his bidding. He walks back down the corridor to the Great Hall*
Eowyn: *she follows him, each step she feels takes her to some unknown doom of great dread.... such as the fate of the orc*
Eowyn: *her heart pounds in her chest and she feels lightheaded from pain and terror yet her footsteps take her whereever angmar goes...*
Witch-King of Angmar: *He goes inside and bows before Sauron* This is the woman, Great Lord
Sauron: Akh
Sauron: *The Witch-King stands beside Sauron's throne. The Mouth of Sauron stands on the other side*
Eowyn: *stands before them, her eyes cast downward, not wishing to look into the dreadful eyes of her enemies*
Sauron: *Sauron extends his will and forces the woman to face him. His eyes seem to pierce her soul and he lays it bare before him*
Eowyn: *she fights against his will with a mad passion*
Sauron: *But helpless against the power of the maia, Eowyn must ultimately yield to him*
Eowyn: *after much painful struggling, she can fight no longer.... she feels as though she is naked, that all of her defenses are laid bare before him, she cringes slightly, feeling suddenly cold and ashamed*
Sauron: *he sees her every thought, her every fear, her every pain and her every grief, and sees the heavy hand of sorrow about her*
Eowyn: *his ventures into her mind bring all of her many griefs and troubles back to her and she feels a renewed sense of the despair she's felt for many years*
Sauron: *his thoughts meet hers, and Eowyn finds no mercy, no compassion, no sympathy, nothing but malice. His mind tells Eowyn that she is an insignifcant creature of no worth in his sight*
Eowyn: *falls to the ground, cringing, curling up into a ball and sobbing*
Eowyn: *she feels as though she was naked and he looks upon her body with scrutiny and scorn*
Sauron: *then Eowyn's thoughts are hit with a great blinding bolt of fire as though torn from the very depths of the earth. Hatred and fury, glowing as molten rock. Flames ripple along the surface*
Eowyn: *writhes upon the ground, forgetting her embarassment, whn she feels the agony of the fires. cries and shrieks escape her lips as she screams in anguish*
Sauron: *though his lips speak no words, Eowyn can hear his mind within hers, and a great sense of malice and fury engulfs her*
Sauron: *These words echo in her mind* You challenged my servant!
Eowyn: *her mind is on fire, her body feels like it is burning. it is burning, everything is. and all she can hear now is the voice inside her mind. yet she does not answer his statement*
Sauron: *Again the glowing fury of the fire torments Eowyn's mind. She hears these words, as though written in carved, burning letters inside her brain* Thou and all thy house shall bear my curse forever!
Eowyn: noo! *she moans* curse me and me alone... the blame is on my head only
Sauron: Nay! *the words echo over and over in her mind.* Nay! Thou and thy house forever!
Eowyn: *wails in agony, torment and terror* noooo! *can barely form words inside her brain to speak to saruon but she tries her best*
Sauron: *she hears these words echoing in her brain* Forever! Forever! Forever!
Eowyn: curse me..... they did... nothing...!!!
Sauron: Thy house forever, forever, forever!
Eowyn: *she sobs and weeps but it seems that her tears are consumed by the evil fire before they can slide down her face*
Sauron: *he seems to rise before her like a great dark shadow*
Sauron: *he turns to the Black Captain and says for all to hear* Take her. She is nothing. She is yours. Do as you will!
Eowyn: *eowyn's mind goes into complete and total shock from the words of sauron and the pain of her soul being laid bare, and for a while, she is oblivious to everything that goes on around her*
Eowyn: *lies on the floor like a dead thing, her mind bleak and empty*
Sauron: *Angmar says* It will be as the Master says
Sauron: *He orders the orcish guards to take the woman to her cell but not to chain her*
Sauron: *one orc takes her shoulders and the other her legs and they carry her out of the hall*


Epilogue by Eowyn

eowyn lay unmoving upon the cold, damp floor where the orcs had placed her, her mind drifting between utter torment and agony and complete oblivion. her hair was soaked by her own sweat; her broken arm, still untreated, made her feverish and delirious. her right wrist was scraped raw and bleeding from the cuff that had previously bound her to the wall, and a few scratches from the orc's claws adorned the sides of her face.

she lay in a timeless void; the events of the battle of pelennor floating by listlessly like clouds in the spring sky. she vaguely recalled that there was now a curse upon her and her house. but she didn't dare comprehend these things; to delve deeper in her thoughts brought her head excrutiating pain, and she once again felt the fiery gaze of sauron crushing her will and prying her brain apart. then she would fall into darkness, her mind empty and bleak once more. minutes, maybe hours passed, but she no longer comprehended the passage of time.

slipping in and out of unconsciousness, she felt something cool upon her head. it brought her relief from the seering heat and the aching pain, though soon she began to shiver, chills racking her tortured body. the dampness of the cold stone floor seemed to seep into her broken arm and make it hurt all the more, and she drifted into darkness again. however, she vaguely heard a commanding voice chanting words, a spell of some sort, summoning her back to consciousness, and she, mind and body in shock, obeyed the summons.

the dark, hooded figure loomed over her, and she stared up at him in a daze, as he seemed to multiply into numberless copies of himself, and sway and shake in a mad dance. she looked at him listlessly for what seemed like long ages of the earth until her mind finally comprehended that she looked upon the unseen face of her enemy. then her eyes widened and she gasped, sitting up suddenly and scooting away from him until her back was against the wall. pain shot up her arm at the sudden movement, and she cried out.

she looked at the witch-king of angmar with wide terror-filled eyes, tears of pain and grief spilling down her face, her chest heaving as she panted for breath, her broken arm laying limply at her side. waves of heat suddenly washed over her, and she felt as though she were before sauron again. her face flushed, she broke out into a sweat. the cell began to spin again, and spots filled her vision.

the ringwraith stooped down beside her and spoke to her, his voice soft and gentle. he did not seem to wish her harm now, and eowyn began to relax. the icy chill that he eminated actually made her fever feel better. eowyn leaned her head back against the damp wall and listened to his words, truly being a captive audience. she was a prisoner of mordor, and would remain one until the end of her unhappy days, her fate probably to perish from some horrible torture. she was too exhausted, feverish and delirious to fight, either against physical force or verbal assaults, and was completely at the mercy of her captors, who had none. but instead of degrading or debasing her, the nazgul talked to her as a friend.... even as an admiring swain might do, and she listened helplessly, utterly confused and bewildered.

and then, to eowyn's shock and dismay, the witch-king of angmar, the lord of carrion, the captain of despair, the one who had taken her uncle's head as a trophy, confessed his love to her, and had invited her to abide with him in the feared city of the wraiths. the shieldmaiden's mouth dropped open and she felt like fainting. this was all too much to bear.

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