Night of October 2, 3019

Eiriel and Tobir portrayed by Hobbitness
Brunon portrayed by FreeFall
Limiel portrayed by Eowyn
Narrator and "The Captain" portrayed by Wraith

Narrator: *Since most of the troops moved out of Minas Artano back in the spring, the city has burgeoned inside. Almost every race and nationality on Middle Earth has flocked to the city*
Narrator: *By a decree of the King, Varyon I, no structures could be built within a half mile of the old city*
Narrator: *Streets were laid out from engineers from Mordor in good order. King Varyon gave land to whomever were his favorites, mostly those from Khand*
Narrator: *Who either sold them or set up establishments of their own. One of the favored ones was Tobir, who bought the property for the Blushing Maiden Inn for a high price from one of the friends of Varyon*
Narrator: *Soon, Master Tobir's fine establishment, the Blushing Maiden, was the largest in all of Newburg, as the city came to be called*
Narrator: *On any night, men of many nationalities can be seen drinking their ale or wine in the smoke filled rooms of the Blushing Maiden*
Narrator: *Tonight, a regular customer comes once again through the doors. He soon goes up to another man sitting by himself at a table*
Narrator: *He sits down across from the man. He lights up his pipe and eyes the other man*
"The Captain": Master Tobir, are you asleep again at the desk?
Tobir: Asleep? Me? When do I have time to sleep? I'm looking over these records
"The Captain": Then why is the service in this illustrious tavern so slow?
Tobir: We need to buy more ale, and more wine, and another dress for one of the barmaids, there's a big wine spill on it, and---SLOW?
"The Captain": *He looks over to the other man, whose name is Brunon and says to him in a low voice* I brought some swag
"The Captain": I want a tankard of ale, and by the time the barmaid brings it, it will be stale!
Tobir: Pardon me, but we're doing the best we can! Has nobody helped you yet? *calls loudly to the barmaids*
Tobir: What! Wenches! Be ye dawdling? Make haste!
Limiel: *limiel the barmaid, repressing the urge to sigh heavily, walks by carrying a tray of mugs of ale*
"The Captain": *He looks back to Brunon, who has been silent*
Tobir: Limiel! Give the man his ale! What has taken you so long?
"The Captain": It is good quality, my friend... some rings... very fine rings...
Brunon: *he shakes his head ..his eyes peering from beneath hood and says in a low and raspy voice similar to growl* 'bout time *as he sees maid*
Limiel: *this happened, and that happened, and finally something else... but no, she says* sorry, sir. *she places a tankard of ale down beside the captain and another in front of brunon*
"The Captain": *He turns to the barmaid* Thank you, lass. Put it down to my bill
Brunon: *he sighs as he looks to her and lifts the tankard up with grunt*
Limiel: aye, sir. *she says and walks away to serve more people their ale, her feet and knees aching..*
Tobir: *glances up to watch Limiel leave, his eyes narrowing a bit, before turning back to his records*
Brunon: *he then turns to the man beside him* now! i may settle
"The Captain": Brunon... *he says in a very low voice* you will move these, won't you?
Brunon: *he lifts his feet up onto an opposite chair and reclines his own back on two legs and lets out a long relaxing sound*
"The Captain": There's even a gold tooth here of fine quality. Knocked it right out of the jaw of an Easterling
Brunon: you need not ask twice *he smirks*
"The Captain": Will you pay me as much as you have been, old friend?
"The Captain": It is not much, we ask you know, for all the work we go through
Eiriel: *Eiriel darts among the tables, serving wine and ale to the customers. The hours are long and she is on her feet all day, but there is no other work for displaced girls in the conquered city*
"The Captain": *he drinks from his tankard*
Eiriel: *She jokes and flirts with some of the customers to lighten her mood*
Brunon: one moment then there*he says to the man*...
Eiriel: *As she whizzes by with a tray, she passes Limiel, who seems sad*
"The Captain": *He sees Eiriel* Lass, come over and sit down by me, will you?
"The Captain": It is a lonely life I lead, the life on the trail
Brunon: *he calls Limiel over*
Eiriel: *winks encouragingly at Limiel, then turns to the man* Ah, then you shall be welcome here, sir
Limiel: *all the patrons seeming to be pacified for the time, limiel leans up against the wall, unnoticed, resting her feet.*
Eiriel: *sits next to the man who called her, keeping an eye out for customers who might need assistance*
"The Captain": *He looks back at Brunon* Then it is a bargain?
Eiriel: *folds her hands on the table and smiles brightly at the men*
Brunon: *he slams his tankard down and looks to Limiel and calls her again*
"The Captain": *he reaches inside his tunic and pats a pouch of jewels*
Brunon: *he watches his hand and smiles slyly*
Brunon: *he lets his chair fall to all 4 legs*
Limiel: *she hears the man's call and walks over to him* what may i get you, sir?
Brunon: i think i am being ignored.....*to the man* aye...a bargain
"The Captain": I will meet you outside after the passage of ten minutes, and the deal will be complete
Brunon: *he extends his hand...and drops a coin* oh! i dropped my coin
"The Captain": We go back in tomorrow. Perhaps the pickings will be better
Brunon: *he elbows the man next to him* yes..yes
"The Captain": *He takes the coin, draws out his coin pouch and puts it in it*
Eiriel: *she watches the two men who talk mysteriously...Limiel who seems depressed...the customers laughing and talking*
Limiel: *she patiently waits for the man to tell her what he needs*
"The Captain": Ten minutes, Brunon. Follow me
Eiriel: *If the men don't want there there, she wishes they would tell her, so she could watch the other customers from a better position*
"The Captain": *He looks over to Eiriel* I will be back, lass. Keep the seat warm while I am gone
Brunon: *he looks her over and grunts* nevermind lass
Eiriel: I shall, unless I am needed to serve, sir.
Limiel: *she looks at the man, briefly confused. there is always one like this.* very well, sir. *she walks off*
"The Captain": *He gets up and goes outside and waits for Brunon*
Brunon: *he coughs loudly and makes his way out to meet him*
Eiriel: *Eiriel sits there awkwardly for a while, then a customer needs ale, so she serves him*
"The Captain": *Outside, under the swinging sign above that proclaims the establishment as the Blushing Maiden Inn, the captain reaches inside his tunic, takes out a bag of gems and hands it to Brunon*
Eiriel: *On her way back she finds Limiel*
Brunon: *he takes it swiftly and smoothly and places it within his cloak*
Limiel: *limiel leans up against the wall, waiting*
Eiriel: *She pats her arm and coos maternally* Now, what ails you dear? It's a lovely night! *grins, looking at a particularly handsome man at the nearest table*
"The Captain": *Before Brunon can leave, the captain puts his hand on his shoulder* We cross the river in two hours
Limiel: *she sighs* these people ail me, eiriel.
"The Captain": But as you know, my friend, orcs generally have little which we can steal. We have to take down the officers for that
Eiriel: But why? They are quite...charming *she says knowingly, nudging Limiel and grinning at the man, whose head is turned*
Eiriel: And they get more charming the more ale they've had! *laughs*
"The Captain": And the price grows higher on our heads every day. Perhaps you should increase your pay for me? *he asks questioningly*
Brunon: *he shifts on his feet and kicks up dirt with the back of his heels and then looks him over through squinted eyes*.....aye...alright
Limiel: *laughs slightly* charming they may be, but after many hours scurrying from table to table, no one looks very appealing.
"The Captain": *he releases his grip on Brunon's shoulder* Before long, we shall have to go north where it is safer
Eiriel: Ah, what you need is a goblet of wine, yourself, and then a word with that gentleman there!
Brunon: i trust in you to do your duties you can in me
Brunon: it is our understanding
Eiriel: *walks over and pours a goblet of wine and gives it to Limiel, then pours one for herself*
"The Captain": Just so you move the stolen goods and speak no word of us
Eiriel: *sips it, watching the customers as always*
Limiel: thank you! *she says, and takes a drink of the wine*
Brunon: is that not what i have agreed to already? come on! *slaps his shoulder hard*
"The Captain": Now farewell. There are several comely wenches inside that demand my attention. *he laughs in a devil-may-care way*
Eiriel: Now why don't you see if that table needs anything *gives Limiel a nudge toward the handsome man's table, giggling*
Limiel: *limiel, too, watches the patrons, but not with the same interest as eiriel*
"The Captain": *He turns from him and goes back inside the inn*
Eiriel: Oh my! The tables! I was supposed to wait for that customer! *rushes over to the table where she was sitting*
Eiriel: *but another customer calls for wine, so she must serve his table first*
Limiel: *putting her goblet down on a nearby shelf, she walks over to the table and sees to the patron*
"The Captain": *He goes inside, looks around for Eiriel. He goes back to his seat, then drains the last remains of the tankard he left*
Eiriel: *by the time she is done passing out five mugs of ale and has hurried back to the table where she was sitting, she begins to feel fatigued as well*
"The Captain": *Where is the barmaid? He thinks*
Eiriel: *But she notices the man is back...maybe this will be fun, she tells herself, and plasters a smile on her face*
Eiriel: *She hastily returns to the table* I am so sorry, sir, other customers called me
Eiriel: Is there anything I can get you?
Eiriel: More ale perhaps, or wine?
"The Captain": Another tankard of ale, lass, if you please
"The Captain": Bring it quickly. I still am thirsty
Eiriel: Coming right up *she rest for the weary. She fetches him a tankard of ale, waiting to see if the other man wants anything before sitting down*
Brunon: *he pats the spot in his cloak only once more nonchalantly and then he moves away from the inn and slinks off with his head looking to the ground as he walks..but ever a watchful eye*
"The Captain": Thank you most kindly, lass. Now sit by me
Eiriel: With pleasure *takes a seat next to him*
"The Captain": *he takes a drink from his tankard* You are a most comely one, lass
"The Captain": What might your name be?
Eiriel: *blushes, and pushes a curl back behind her ear* Thank you, Sir!
Eiriel: My name is Eiriel.
"The Captain": *He looks at her* A fine name, lass. An Elvish one is it not?
Eiriel: *nods* Aye, that it is
"The Captain": *takes another drink* And what might a maid with such fair skin and gentle eyes be doing in a place like this? *he asks, his voice kindly*
Eiriel: Serving our fine patrons, sir *she smiles warmly at him*
"The Captain": Lost your parents, have you, lass, and making your own way through the world?
Eiriel: *the smile fades, then is forced to reappear* Aye, sir, we must make the best of it, my friends and I.
"The Captain": Tis a cruel world that it is now
"The Captain": it is a shame... *he looks down at his tankard of ale*
Eiriel: Aye, it can be...but in here, 'tis warm and inviting, is it not? *twirls one of her curls*
"The Captain": Aye, lass, indeed it is warm and inviting, especially with a fair maiden like you to cast her smile and add to the warmth
Eiriel: I am honored, sir *moves her hand, her fingers touching his*
"The Captain": *he takes his pipe, tobacco pouch, and fills his pipe. Then he strikes a flint and lights it with a small taper of wood*
"The Captain": Ah, maid, your fingers are gentle for one who works so long
"The Captain": *he takes his hand, puts it on hers, opens it up and looks at her palm* Indeed, these are not the hands of idleness
"The Captain": This is the hand of toil
Eiriel: As you said, we must make our way in world.
"The Captain": *He puts her hand back down on the table gently*
Eiriel: *she folds her hands on the table once more*
"The Captain": *He takes a draw on his pipe, then sighs* Indeed lass, a new world, not of our making
Eiriel: No sir, not at all
"The Captain": *he draws on the pipe again, looking at the smoke, then says* I was once a soldier, lass.
Eiriel: *Her eyes widen, genuinely impressed* Oh! Did you fight in the great war?
"The Captain": *The left side of his mouth goes up in a wry grin* Yes, lass, you could say that. Indeed, you could say that
Eiriel: *She perceives that this man has some secret, probably dark, considering how mysterious he and the other were. But it is not her place to question the customers*
"The Captain": *He finishes his pipe, leans over and dumps the ashes into the spitoon beside the bench*
"The Captain": *Then he places it back on the table beside his tobacco pouch and flint box*
Eiriel: *watches him, but also glances around to the other tables*
"The Captain": Lass, I leave soon, but should I come back, which truly I believe I will, I might perhaps want to see you sometime
Eiriel: I hope you will come back, sir, and may your journey be a safe one *smiles*
"The Captain": Surely, lass, you must have a home? *he asks questioningly*
Eiriel: *nods* Yes, I live in the Newburg.
"The Captain": This place.... it is not a safe one, for a young girl, and from the looks of you, you don't get quite enough to eat
Eiriel: *She knows the danger well, and the fear that haunts them all springs into her eyes a moment, but again, that is not her place. She smiles again*
Eiriel: Oh, they pay me well enough
"The Captain": Pay, lass? *he laughs* I know what this sort of place pays. Barely enough to keep you alive
Eiriel: *Her smile is wearing thin at the reminders of her troubles...what does he want her to do, say "yes, my life is miserable"?*
"The Captain": But, Eiriel, I must leave you. I have an appointment, which is imperative for me to keep
Eiriel: Very well, soldier, and I hope to see you back soon.
"The Captain": *He rises to his feet, stands there a while, looking at her. Then he reaches into his tunic to his coin pouch. He pulls it out, looks inside*
"The Captain": *He takes out two silver coins and a gold one, holds them tightly in his palm, then reaches down, picks up her hand and places it over his*
"The Captain": For you, lass. Buy some food!
Eiriel: *Genuine relief and gratitude wash over her face, making her smile widen considerably*
Eiriel: Thank you sir, thank you so much
"The Captain": *Then he looks down to her and smiles, and then walks to the innkeeper, takes out three silvers, puts them down on the counter.* Goodnight, master Tobir
Eiriel: *she curtsies to him*
"The Captain": *He looks back at her* Goodnight to you, lass. Until we meet again. *he bows*

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