Beyond All Darkness

March 15, 3019

NOTE: At Pelennor, Theoden and Merry were both killed by the Witch-king and Eowyn was captured by him and taken to the Houses of Lamentation in Lugburz. She appeared before Sauron, but the experience was so horrible, that she had trouble remembering any of it. After her appearance before Sauron, she was taken to the dungeon and Angmar paid her a visit. Using spells of trickery and deceit, Angmar determines to disgrace her in front of her people, and eventally, the worst humiliation of all, the humiliation of her mind and soul.


Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *all she wanted was to die in battle and end her miserable life.......*
Witch-King of Angmar: Stay.........
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: i would not of my free will...........
Witch-King of Angmar: Fair Eowyn, I have taken a fancy to you
Witch-King of Angmar: I will make you a shieldmaiden of Mordor
Witch-King of Angmar: If you only stay with me.....
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she pauses in shock to comprehend his words*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she had wanted to fight as a soldier......*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but not for the enemy.............. the very one whose dart had caused her uncles horse to fall on him and kill him.......*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but her mind was left naked to the lidless eye.......... she was surprised she had any of it left*
Witch-King of Angmar: Fair Eowyn, my lovely little pretty
Witch-King of Angmar: Stay with me
Witch-King of Angmar: Keep me company after the war
Ashgaz: *sees the Witch King coaxing Eowyn*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *oh no she thinks...... grima was bad enough*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: Uh......
Ashgaz: *senses Eowyn's distress*
Ashgaz: *is sympathetic*
Ashgaz: *He was made a wraithling against his will and does not really want to be here either*
Witch-King of Angmar: But Eowyn, I think I might.....
Ashgaz: *decides to listen and see what he can do for her*
Witch-King of Angmar: When I saw you take off your helm and reveal that you were a woman....
Witch-King of Angmar: I was captivated by your beauty
Witch-King of Angmar: I could not kill you!
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: uh......
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: i would rather that you would have......
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: but i thank you for your.............kindnesss....... *if it is as such*
Witch-King of Angmar: Eowyn!
Witch-King of Angmar: You are the fairest flower I have ever seen
Witch-King of Angmar: Would you not let me kiss just your hand?
Witch-King of Angmar: And you would see things differently?
Ashgaz: *creeps gradually closer in the shadow*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *is.....flattered.......but still distrusting*
Ashgaz: *still waits and listens*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: it would be.........
Witch-King of Angmar: Ashgaz, prepare another room for this lady
Ashgaz: *thinks* Oh no, he noticed me
Ashgaz: My lord...
Witch-King of Angmar: after the war and your people have surrendered....
Witch-King of Angmar: We will go to Minas Morgul
Ashgaz: Will you not let me help you serve her here?
Witch-King of Angmar: And there I will.... have places prepared for you
Witch-King of Angmar: certainly... I want you to go ahead, Ashgaz, and prepare something... appropriate for her... say on another level maybe
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *her arm pains her greatly......and she is delirious*
Ashgaz: *undetectably, he holds the hilt of his sword to block the morgul blade if it is aimed at the lady*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: yes....... *she says softly* the dank darkness of this dungeon makes me cold...
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: and my arm hurt so much more.....
Ashgaz: My lord...perhaps I could find a way to make this room more comfortable for her?
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, you have declined my kiss. Perhaps you will not decline my healing?
Witch-King of Angmar: I don't want her on the same level with the........
Ashgaz: *is filled with dread*
Witch-King of Angmar: Other...... guests......
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, indeed, this dungeon is cold
Ashgaz: Of course not
Witch-King of Angmar: I will have you transfered to Minas Morgul as soon as possible
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *feels faint.....*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: you......would...heal me?
Ashgaz: *sends a mental message to Eowyn*
Witch-King of Angmar: yes
Ashgaz: *Be wary*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: for what....... out of the goodness of your heart? or perhaps to keep me around longer to prolong the pain and torment?
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, you think me a rouge!!
Witch-King of Angmar: Of course not prolong the pain
Witch-King of Angmar: But perhaps to increase your life's length
Witch-King of Angmar: aand to bring you greater joy than you could ever have known before.......
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: I thank you for your offer of healing
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: but for what do i have to live for?
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: the battle was lost........ and the world is doomed


Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, think not of those things
Witch-King of Angmar: Take a draught of this
Ashgaz: *gasps*
Ashgaz: *catches self*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he gives her a drink of cold green liquid in a goblet*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she is too weak to fight much.......*
Ashgaz: *rushes over and "accidentally" spills the rest of the goblet on the floor*
Ashgaz: Oh, I'm so sorry
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *the liquid makes her colder than she already is. she coughs*
Ashgaz: How clumsy I am
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she feels faint*
Witch-King of Angmar: *grabs her in his arms and forces another drink down her throat*
Witch-King of Angmar: *sends ashgaz a withering message*
Ashgaz: *wails*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she feels like she is floating clouds of ice over the mountains of the helcarxe........ and is lost in strange and dark dreams*
Ashgaz: *his eyes are glowing red with anger in spite of himself*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *far below the ice grinds......... but she slips ever in and out of dream*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *and through the icy cold mists of everlasting winter she sees............ a dark figure............ tall dark and cloaked........*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *is it aragorn????????? her beloved?????*
Ashgaz: *anxiously watches the lady*
Witch-King of Angmar: *glad to see that the spell is beginning to work......*
Witch-King of Angmar: *but pours another drink of a black liquid this time and forces it down her throat*
Witch-King of Angmar: *feels pleased with himself as he looks at ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *Should he do it? Should he incur the wrath of the Witch King?"
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *no it is not aragorn....... it looks........ it looks.... like... like*
Ashgaz: *Should he utter blasphemy in Mordor yet again, to save the lady?*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *the fell captain of despair she challenged ins inngle combat on the battlefield..... the one whose dart killed her uncles horse and her uncle....*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but wait.....*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *did it really happen???? things seem so vague somehow.... was the battle real?*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *the dark figure calls to ehr........... *
Ashgaz: *shudders as he remembers the nightmares Khamul sent as punishment, but he fears the Witch King's punishment will be much worse*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *and somehow the past, present and future do not matter........ all that matters is......*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the witch king, far mor powerful than any of the others*
Ashgaz: *But then he remembers his own desperation as he was passing into shadow, calling for help but unheard*
Witch-King of Angmar: *says a great spell and Ashgaz feels that he is floating in pits of lava*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the lava of Mt. Doom*
Ashgaz: *keeps his eyes on the lady*
Ashgaz: *and tries not to think about the witch king*
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, may I kiss your hand now?
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she hears his voice through her dream........*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *her beloved........ had she not always loved him? doubt tugs at her mind...... theres something i should remember... why cant i remember?? but does it matter*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but all that matters is this moment the dark voices say......... you and i together forever*
Ashgaz: *the small dark figure reels under his struggle*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she says weakly thru her semistate of unconciousness...* yes my lord
Witch-King of Angmar: *he kisses her hand*
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady perhaps you will find here something that you have always sought
Witch-King of Angmar: but never thought you would find
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *deep in her mind she tries to fight the influence of the magical potion........ he is your enemy.... he is your lover... he is your enemy.......*
Ashgaz: *bursts out* My lady, this place is a prison!
Ashgaz: Whoever your lover is, it is not he!
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *try to remember the pain he caused you......... she tries to tell herself.......... but in this dream of ice the pain is numb and she only feels she is floating*
Ashgaz: You must not believe must not become bound to this place...
Ashgaz: For then you will never be able to leave
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *and the clouds give way to meads of flowers and the hazy mist of a river in springtime......*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she barely hears the voice of ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *wonders if the blasphemy would even work now*
Witch-King of Angmar: *thinks of ashgaz and wonders how he likes the feel of the lava in the fire*
Ashgaz: *sinks to his knees in an agony*
Witch-King of Angmar: *laughs at ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *feels hatred*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *slowly her vision begins to fade...... but she still feels like she is floating....... ever in a dream*
Ashgaz: *notices that the lady seems to be reviving*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *slowly her vision begins to clear but it is misty around the corners....... as if looking upon another place in time from distant memory*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she looks up at the witch-king who holds her in his arms*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *and she knows she has loved all time....... but yet somewhere in the back of her mind in the deepest darkest recesses a voice cries out..... but it has no power*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Ashgaz is thoroughly chastized now... he should know better than to try to match wits with the morgul lord*
Witch-King of Angmar: Eowyn, maatum, Sauron fancies you too.......
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: really...? *she looks up at him like a lovestuck girl*
Witch-King of Angmar: But Lord Sauron has given you to me
Witch-King of Angmar: As a reward for my success on the battlefield at Pelenor
Witch-King of Angmar: You are mine to do with as I wish.... first I will free you the dungeon
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: thank you, my lord....... *she has no clue where she is*
Witch-King of Angmar: *feels that ashgaz has been properly humbled and is in awe of his lord's battle prowess*
Ashgaz: *watches in horror as Eowyn becomes comfortable with the Witch King*


Witch-King of Angmar: My dear, no frail flower such as you will stay in a dungeon... I have apartments here....
Ashgaz: *feels terrified of the Witch King, yet hates him fiercely*
Witch-King of Angmar: And perhaps you would care to join me there......
Ashgaz: *in the one part of his soul that is not yet bound to Mordor*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: i would............ be glad........ to be anywhere that you are...... my beloved........
Ashgaz: *burst out* NO!
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *part of her screams inside...... but yet its like watching someone else in her body do things that she never intended....*
Ashgaz: *moves closer to the lady*
Witch-King of Angmar: *kisses the lady on the hand once again, then turns from her and faces the door to the dungeon*
Ashgaz: *senses a hidden desperation in her eyes*
Witch-King of Angmar: *with a simple force of will he commands the dungeon doors to open*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he picks her up in his arms, kicking ashgaz aside*
Witch-King of Angmar: *goes down the corridor, up some stairs, to his own room at Lugburz*
Ashgaz: *throws off his robes becoming invisible and runs back to the lady*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and calls khamuls incompetent page to come back*
Ashgaz: *grabs the lady's hand and shouts*
Ashgaz: *cringing*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *is picked up and carried.... going in and out of strange dreams of bizzarely smeling flowers and a strange glowing city.......*
Ashgaz: !A Elbereth Glithoniel!
Ashgaz: *flees as fast as he can*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she faints*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he curses Asghaz*
Witch-King of Angmar: *in the worst curse of all in black speech*
Witch-King of Angmar: *then with single thought sends ashgaz sprawling to the floor and rolling over and over*
Witch-King of Angmar: *reaches the door to his apartment and with one thought commands the door to open*
Ashgaz: *He feels himself being rolled around, but is glad he is already in the next room*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and carries the lady inside and places her gently on a couch*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she wakes up...... yet still feeling as though she is in a dream... she looks around*
Ashgaz: *still invisible and as quietly as possible, he slips into the shadows of the room behind them*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she sees the witch king and smiles stupidly at him*
Ashgaz: *His mind and body are on fire*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *part of her brain feels like spontaneously combusting*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he stands beside her and looks down at her*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he sends a thought to ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *he huddles in the darkest corner, propping himself up against the wall*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and commands him that he speaks of it to anyone that the witch king will know*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and at the moment the Witch King thinks he will make Ashgaz a mute forever*
Witch-King of Angmar: *then he turns back to the lady*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she stares at him... her eyes filled with love...... had she not always loved this man?*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: my beloved..... *she asks* what has happened...... i feel i have been seprated from you..... for a long time
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: many years it seems..... have gone by
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: and i cannot remember.... the last time you held me in you arms...
Ashgaz: *He claws at the ground in frustration....He thinks, "I have just risked everything for her and it has done no good. She is as hopelessly lost as I am."
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, many times in your dreams you have been in my arms
Witch-King of Angmar: And you did not know it
Witch-King of Angmar: but now you will
Witch-King of Angmar: from now and..... yet a long time to come
Witch-King of Angmar: *sends this thought to Ashgaz but not to the lady*
Witch-King of Angmar: *This day the defeat of Rohan and the West and now the final degredation... a princess of Rohan.......*
Witch-King of Angmar: *a toy for the witch-king now*
Witch-King of Angmar: If they have any tears left to weep in Rohan then let them weep now and ever more
Witch-King of Angmar: for thus is the fate for the ones who dare challenge the Witch king!
Ashgaz: *The Morgul poison ferments in his veins and clouds his mind once again. All he can do is listen to his lord and nod back thoughtlessly*
Witch-King of Angmar: Little flower of mordor...
Witch-King of Angmar: your sweetness is intense
Witch-King of Angmar: and now Iwill enjoy it *he laughs*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *in her mind she screams........*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *i wish i had died..... i should have died.....*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but yet..... i want to live..... and be close to the dark figure.........would death even be a release from this torment....???*
Ashgaz: *His eyes roll back in his head and he sinks unconscious to the ground, as he wills all his remaining strength to aid the lady now*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he bends down and kisses Eowyn on the lips*
Witch-King of Angmar: *his lips linger there and then he begins to laugh*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she senses ashgaz desire to aid her....... but it seems so far away now so very far away*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *and all fades from her mind but the dark figure.......*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he speaks to them both*
Witch-King of Angmar: Today all on the fields of Pelenor saw what has happened
Witch-King of Angmar: Her uncle killed in battle
Witch-King of Angmar: Her friend Merry also killed
Witch-King of Angmar: Her feeble attempt of an attack on the Witch-King
Witch-King of Angmar: She failed to kill his fell beast and him
Witch-King of Angmar: And then when she was paralized with the black breath and ashamed that she had failed he stood in the field and laughed it off... laughed at it all
Witch-King of Angmar: And picked her up and carried her away to the Houses of Lamentation laughing all the way
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she cannot remember the battle*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *his words seem strange......... as if talking in another language, of a history of some period of time she was not in*
Ashgaz: *nothing exists but the voice, but he hears it in a fog of confusion*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *and part of her screams......... she would kill him now if she had the will. she would rip his undead flesh from his body in her bare hands in a fit of madness and rage*
Witch-King of Angmar: *but he knows that she cannot and she will not and that she really does not want to do so*
Witch-King of Angmar: *for she is in the pits of the black breath and he will keep her there as long as he wills*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *to speak of her failures....... she screams inside her mind.... but she was always a failure was she not?*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he walks away from the couch and turns and faces West*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he raises up one gloved fist of his and vows*
Witch-King of Angmar: By Melkor in the Void and Sauron in Lugburz, tonight the Valar in Valinor will tremble in fear
Witch-King of Angmar: For the West is in chaos
Witch-King of Angmar: and Melkor will soon be free from his prison in the void!
Witch-King of Angmar: Then let Eru on his throne on high tremble too for his time is near!
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she seems lost in her innermost thoughts....... her failures repeated to her before her eyes..... but then she hears his words*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but they do not seem like threats to her, threats of darkness unscapable and the end of arda as a place of beauty and peace*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but rather like the sweetest words of poetry that she had ever heard*
Witch-King of Angmar: Then my dearest you will hear much poetry to come for after tonight, all Rohan will know exactly of your fate!
Witch-King of Angmar: I claim this prize in the name of Mordor!
Witch-King of Angmar: Eowyn Shieldmaiden of Rohan you are now a willing servant of the Witch king!
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she wonders if he has proposed to her........*
Ashgaz: *He feels overcome by his bond to Mordor*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *and they would be married and live in minas morgul forever*
Ashgaz: *The Witch King's words called up a strong sense of loyalty and obligation*...
Witch-King of Angmar: *he can sense her thoughts*
Ashgaz: ...*but still something troubles him*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and laughs at them*
Witch-King of Angmar: Yes, my lady..... I want to marry you....... *he breaks into horrible laughter*
Ashgaz: *Merry...that name sounded familiar...*
Ashgaz: *cringes at the Witch King's laughter*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but to her it sounds like the tinkling of many bells.......... of elvish horse harnesses and fair steeds of glistening white*
Ashgaz: *and the image of Merry smiling across the table at him in the Green Dragon Inn flashes through his mind*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *merry............ somewhere in the distant corner of her mind she remembers someone by that name*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but he was............... crushed with the mace of the........... no no but that did not happen*
Ashgaz: *but the image fades and he is left in confusion*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he laughs again at the thought of marriage*
Witch-King of Angmar: My dear, we will talk of marriage tomorrow... There are other things to do tonight *he laughs again*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *part of her is very very very glad of what he said...... the other part is vaguely disappointed but the feeling passes......*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *for he would marry her! her beloved...... tall dark and fair*
Witch-King of Angmar: *smirks at Ashgaz*
Witch-King of Angmar: Indeed I will marry you but not tonight
Witch-King of Angmar: We will be joined together with the blessings of Lord Sauron the Great
Ashgaz: *slowly raises himself to a sitting position, watching the scene in a stupor*
Witch-King of Angmar: If I were Khamul I would just add you to my other wives for the customs of his country allow them to take many
Witch-King of Angmar: But I am not Khamul
Witch-King of Angmar: In Numenor they could take but one wife
Witch-King of Angmar: But perhaps I should pick up the ways of Khamul for Numenor is long gone under the waves of the sea *he laughs at both of them*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she struggles to get into a sitting position and to survey her surroundings*
Ashgaz: *He is so weakened that his mind is empty and he cannot even think*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *vaguely she realizes that her arm should be hurting her...... as it was broken with a....... how did it get broken again??? oh well, she couldn't remember... but it didnt hurt now*
Ashgaz: *He can only watch the scene with a dazed wonder*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she is in a dark room sitting on a couch of black embossed velevet with designs of an..... eye??? .... and over yonder by the window to the west is her....beloved*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *and in the corner there is a smaller figure in another dark robe*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he sends this thought to Ashgaz*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Snaga, the custom in some lands call for a best man*
Witch-King of Angmar: *do you wish to be that? he laughs*
Witch-King of Angmar: *at this.... "wedding" ... he laughs madly*
Ashgaz: *He is utterly confused at these words*
Ashgaz: *but cringes again at the laughter*
Ashgaz: *sends a message back* Wh...Whatever you will, my lord
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she tries to recall her past..... she has trouble..... had she not always been here, in this place?*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *and her childhood..... had she grown up here? her past, somehow... it seemed sad.... but it was fading.... for she was near the man whom she loved*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she looks at the 3.5 ft figure in the corner.....*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he sends another thought to ashgaz*
Witch-King of Angmar: *by the power of the spell that was upon the draught that she drank she is to Mordor and to the Witch-King until the unmaking of the world*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *a fit of desparation hits her......*
Ashgaz: *slowly comprehends the Witch King's words*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she looks to the tall dark figure.... he has a sword.......... would it be...?*
Ashgaz: *and slowly remembers his own state*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *the light from the mountain spilling in thru the windows catches its ornate silver hilt*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *could she................????*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but no......*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *why was she thinking that????? she was engaged.... to be married....*
Ashgaz: *His hand goes to his chest where the morgul blade entered, and he can still feel the spot where it exited his back*
Ashgaz: *Rage fills him as he remembers the ambush at the roadside*
Ashgaz: *but then he looks back at the Witch King*
Ashgaz: *and is filled with terror*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she struggles to her feet......*
Ashgaz: *and feels the Witch King clouding his mind again*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he quickly rushes to her side*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and picks her up and kisses her again and again*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she finds herself being picked up as she tottered to her feet...*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *as he kisses her her right arm is crushed up against his chest and she feels once more a bit of pain*
Ashgaz: *He sees everything through a vague delirium, dark yet gripping*
Ashgaz: *but a faint voice within him warns that something is not right, though he cannot remeber what it was*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *and she remembers once more the battle, clearly now*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she struggles*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he sets her back on the couch*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and whisperings reassuring words into her ear*
Witch-King of Angmar: *sweet nothings that only she can hear*
Witch-King of Angmar: *then he goes to a low table nearby, and moves it in front of the couch*
Witch-King of Angmar: Ashgaz, bring her some food and some wine
Witch-King of Angmar: You know what kind of wine, the one that is cold but steam yet rises from it
Witch-King of Angmar: The one green in color mixed with black droplets
Ashgaz: *He struggles to his feet*
Ashgaz: *and unsteadily leaves the room*
Ashgaz: *His head swims as he examines the bottles of wine in the pantry*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *what had she been thinking of before?? oh well it was no matter... here she was, with her beloved*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she gigles softly*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: my love.... you are most considerate
Ashgaz: *He finally finds the bottle of Morgul wine*
Witch-King of Angmar: *sends a warning thought to ashgaz in the pantry*
Witch-King of Angmar: *bring the right one*
Witch-King of Angmar: *NOT the one that burns you knave!!*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the one that is cold, you, snaga snork!!!*
Witch-King of Angmar: *it matters not though for I will taste it first*
Ashgaz: *He tests the wine bottles to find the coldest one*
Ashgaz: *he picks that one up and heads back toward the room with it*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *his presence beside her........ the one whom she had always loved...... so close to her.... her mind was swimming*
Ashgaz: *he feels that the cold is the only thing keeping him from swooning, for his chastisement was severe*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *the memories of the battle fade...... all that exists is now, the present, and her true love*
Ashgaz: *He enters the room with the wine*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: oh my darling so long have i missed your presence and called out to you from the darkness of the night when i was all alone
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: and now we are together at last and nothing can separate us again
Ashgaz: *but as he leaves the wall he falls and drops it and most of it spills*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: i feel as if i have known you my whole life....... as though i have loved you for all ages under the sun
Witch-King of Angmar: *he goes to a locked cabinet and takes out a vial and walks back to her*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and pours that one down her throat, then begins to heal her broken arm*
Ashgaz: *nods and slinks back to a seat in the corner*
Witch-King of Angmar: The spell that I made with my own hands is upon this draught
Witch-King of Angmar: and not but a maia could break it!
Witch-King of Angmar: By this last draught you will be healed
Witch-King of Angmar: Now kiss your lord my lady!
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she feels hesitation somehow...*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: my lord, but not on an empty stomach...
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: for i am very hungry... and i feel faint with hunger
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: but i will kiss you my love...... for you are my beloved and we are to be wed
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she puts her arms around his head and kisses him*
Witch-King of Angmar: *in the spirit world the Witch king commands strong spell of chain like serpents to crawl across the floor*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and bind ashgaz from head to foot*
Witch-King of Angmar: *and from out of nowhere a gag to be placed in his mouth*
Witch-King of Angmar: *he is kissed by the lady*
Witch-King of Angmar: My lady, this draught will make your stomach feel better
Ashgaz: *The Witch King's cruelty reawakens his anger*
Witch-King of Angmar: You will forget your pain and you will sleep
Witch-King of Angmar: You do not have to eat after drinking this
Ashgaz: *and memories of the Shire flash through his mind brighter than life*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she feels better after drinking the potion.......*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she turns to the witchking*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: i pledge my undying love to you..... forever and always
Ashgaz: *Drawing strength from his fury, he struggles to his knees, crushing the serpents that bind his legs*
Ashgaz: *He calls up a mental image of his fiancee weeping over a picture of him as Peter Bracegirdle...*
Ashgaz: *and sends it to Eowyn with a message: This is the fate of love in Mordor.*
Witch-King of Angmar: *the spell cast serpent on Ashgaz draw back and hiss at him and then wrap their coils around him tighter*
Witch-King of Angmar: *they pick him up in the spirit world and take him through an open window and drag him down into a pit with them*
Ashgaz: *wills Eowyn to look at him and see the reality of the Witch King's evil*
Witch-King of Angmar: *where they hiss and lash him with chains of fire*
Ashgaz: *as he is dragged away*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she looks at the witchking and the curse he bestowed upon the 3.5 darkly clad figure*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *and sees the treatment which the poor wretch received*
Ashgaz: *Eowyn hears screams echoing up from the pit*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but her lord would never do anything like that...... being the kind and compassionate man that he is*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she concludes that it was all a halucination..... an effect of the wine*
Ashgaz: *Eowyn continues to hear the screams*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she hears the screams...... but doesnt know what to make of them*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *but does it really matter? for all that matters is now... and being near her beloved*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she reaches for his hand with a dazed look on her face*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz faints away...and will be out of commission for a while*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Curses Ashgaz down in the pit with the serpents*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Curses the Valar in Valinor and Eru on his throne somewhere on high*
Witch-King of Angmar: *Curses all the men of the West*
Witch-King of Angmar: *And then turns to the lady*
Witch-King of Angmar: Then my lady, you have considered becoming my wife?
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: oh yes! *she cries with wonderous joy*
Ashgaz: *Passed out in the pit with the serpents*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: for all of my life i have been alone...... with nothing but the vague dream of my true love passing through my dreams
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: but now we are together.... finally...... and we will be married in the land of mordor and the great eye will look upon us with exceeding favor
Witch-King of Angmar: Then my lady, to the joy of all the defeated lands of the west, I will send heralds into all the lands tomorrow announcing that one month from today, April 16, our wedding will be celebrated
Witch-King of Angmar: Then *he says mockingly* Perhaps their tears will turn to smiles of joy
Witch-King of Angmar: *he laughs madly*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: let every land declare it a day of celebration when we are joined in the bonds of matrimony
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: and perhaps, if it is to your favor, my lord.....
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: i could be a shieldmaiden of mordor and ride into battle with you against the lords of the west
Witch-King of Angmar: Nay my lady, the days of war are fast ending
Witch-King of Angmar: For even yet ambassadors bearing manuscripts proclaiming their surrender are reaching the gates of Mordor
Witch-King of Angmar: The West is vanquished
Witch-King of Angmar: From now there will be the new peace of Mordor
Witch-King of Angmar: Now let all knees be bowed to Sauron the great and this servants, the Witch King and Nazgul!
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: *she is disappointed that there will be no more fighting......... but does it matter, in his arms?*
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: i am slightly disappointed my lord.... that i could not revel in battle with you..... but perhaps peace will be even greater than war
Lady Eowyn of Rohan: the peace that lord sauron the great brings *her mind reels slightly* and the peace you have brought to my life

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