Khamul and Ashgaz Bedside Chat
April 3, 3019

Khamul: *Three days have passed since Khamul left*
Khamul: *It is now April 3, 3019*
Khamul: *Khamul has been on a scouting and inspection mission*
Khamul: *The inspection concerns the building of a new bridge at Osgilaith so the armies of Sauron can move in great numbers across it*
VFreeFallV: *somehow she had kept herself busy and slept most of the time that made the days pass...but still she thought of him and times could not go fast enough before she would see him again*
Khamul: *Before he left, Khamul had studied many drawings of maps and architectural sketches from Sauron on ways to build the strongest bridge that can be possibly built with the labor of slaves and orcs*
Khamul: *Bridges were built during the battle of Pelenor to cross the river, but this will be a permanent bridge*
Khamul: *Other reserve troops had crossed by the temporary bridges and by boat*
Khamul: *They will use the ruins of Minas Tirith and Osgilaith as a staging base for future attacks upon the West*
Khamul: *It is in the evening of April 3, and Khamul has just arrived back*
Khamul: *After conferring with Sauron and discussing these matters, he goes to his room*
Khamul: *His many roomed apartment at Lugburz*
Khamul: *Madurz hears his familiar footsteps coming down the hall*
Khamul: *The door opens before him at his command*
VFreeFallV: *she sits up quickly in the chair she sat in trying to pass time with sleep..she waits in anticipation*
Khamul: Madurz?
VFreeFallV: *she smiles big hearing his voice and stands and hurries to where he is..her excitement is almost childlike*
Khamul: My lady, did you miss me?
VFreeFallV: *she stands in the doorway looking at him with an expression of glad he is ok and so glad he is back...she trots over to him and throws herself in his arms*
Khamul: I am not accustomed to people doing this!
Khamul: *still he does nothing*
VFreeFallV: i know my love....*her arms clutch him*...i know
Khamul: *she feels him tense as though he had some unknown urge to do something, but he makes himself relax*
Khamul: I remember what Elfhelm tried to do. I am even more cautious now
VFreeFallV: i am sorry love if i startled you...*her hands smooth down his back*
Khamul: It is a defense mechanism. I cannot control it
Khamul: You cannot ever make a human out of me!
VFreeFallV: *she backs out of his arms sensing his discomfort*
Khamul: Good my lady. I have been in very dangerous territory the last few days
VFreeFallV: *nods* i understand
Khamul: Now let me shut the door
Khamul: *the door shuts behind him*
VFreeFallV: *she bit her lip...she shouldnt have done that..she knew she might have been overstepping doing that*
Khamul: Now let us sit a while
VFreeFallV: yes
Khamul: And I wish to take off this sword
VFreeFallV: of course
Khamul: *He takes off the sword and sheath hooked to his belt*
Khamul: Would you care to put it up for me? Just hang it upon the hook there on the wall
Khamul: The small blades, I will put up myself. You should not touch them
VFreeFallV: *she takes it from him and walks over to the wall and hangs it*
Khamul: There are two of them inside my cloak
Khamul: *he takes them and walks to a closed case on the wall*
VFreeFallV: *she watches him*
Khamul: *He opens it, puts them inside, and locks the door*
Khamul: *he turns back to her* Do you know what these are?
VFreeFallV: i can guess
Khamul: Perhaps I should not have locked them up?
Khamul: Perhaps you wish to see htem?
VFreeFallV: tell me
VFreeFallV: yes show me
Khamul: Then I shall
Khamul: *He walks back to the case, unlocks it and takes out one blade*
Khamul: *Walks back to her* Do not touch it
VFreeFallV: *interested she looks at it closely*
Khamul: *The blade is in a ornate black sheath... The hilt of the blade has runes carved upon it*
VFreeFallV: its beautiful
Khamul: *He holds the sheath in his left hand and draws the blade forth with his right. The blade glows with a chill light*
VFreeFallV: *she smiles gently*
Khamul: *he puts the blade back in the sheath* Never try to open the case
VFreeFallV: i would never intrude on your possessions
Khamul: It is the Morgul blade
VFreeFallV: i know
Khamul: There were none worthy of it these past few days
Khamul: *He goes back to the case and puts the blade back and locks the door*
VFreeFallV: *she thinks to herself that one day she will know the feel of that such blade*
Khamul: My lady, we have looked enough at that. Now let me look at you
VFreeFallV: *she stands before him*
Khamul: *He puts his hands upon her head and looks into her eyes*
Khamul: *then he slides his hands down her neck and around her waist*
VFreeFallV: *she smiles and moves herself more into his grasp and slowly*
Khamul: I want to kiss you
VFreeFallV: and i want you to
Khamul: I have missed you
VFreeFallV: my love i am empty without you
Khamul: *he bends his head down and kisses her very gently on the lips*
VFreeFallV: *her hands find his head under his hood*
VFreeFallV: *she kisses his lips long and lovingly*
Khamul: *he returns the kiss, this time harder and with more passion*
Khamul: *but he remembers his hands are still bound by the metal guantlets
VFreeFallV: *the feeling of missing him...the lonliness she felt in his absense makes her kiss him harder*
Khamul: *He breaks off the kiss* My lady, I can feel swords well with these gauntlets but they hamper my sense of touch
VFreeFallV: *she takes his hand*
VFreeFallV: *she begins to take off the metal barrier*
Khamul: *He holds his hand steadily for her*
Khamul: (We need Ashgaz.... he has improved in health because it is now April 3. He was stabbed on March 28th)
VFreeFallV: *she concentrates on the small task and smiles as he is relased from it*
Khamul: (Khamul has just returned from a three day scouting mission)
Hobbitness: (He's better but not fully recovered--Khamul was asleep for 9 days)
Khamul: (He is better, but he is resting in his little chamber)
Khamul: *Madurz and Khamul are in his chambers*
Khamul: *He wishes to be rid of his armor*
Khamul: *Madurz has taken off one metal gauntlet*
VFreeFallV: *she smoothes her hand over his free hand and smiles...takes his other hand*
VFreeFallV: *this time she looks into his eyes as she works to remove the next...when he is released from it she brings it to her face*
Khamul: It is good to be free of these for a while
Khamul: Three days can be a long time
Khamul: *he touches her face gently*
Khamul: *Now being able to feel her skin without the restriction of the gauntlet*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz hears their voices through the closed door*
Ashgaz: *He still lies in the bed where Khamul placed him*
Khamul: *Khamul wishes that Ashgaz were up to helping take off the rest of his armor*
VFreeFallV: *she kisses his fingertips and smiles* are you well my love?
Khamul: Very well, my lady
Ashgaz: *He figures he will probably be attending Khamul and bringing his wine soon*
Khamul: Perhaps I should rid myself of this armor totally
Ashgaz: *back to his life as a wraithling*
Khamul: *He calls to Ashgaz* Can you help me take this off?
Khamul: Are you able, small servant?
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz groans, making sure Khamul won't hear it*
Ashgaz: *calls back* I'll be right there
Ashgaz: *He is not sure if he can manage the armor but he will try--he doesn't want his master angry at him*
Khamul: *Khamul steps back from Madurz and undoes the broach that fastens his cloak*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz gets out of bed and goes along the wall to the door*
Khamul: *He takes his cloak and places it on a stool*
VFreeFallV: *she watches Khamul and wonders if Ashgaz is really up to it*
Ashgaz: *But it is a heavy door even for a well hobbit*
Ashgaz: *He pushes against it and they can see it move and then stop*
Ashgaz: *Frustrated, he hopes one of them will open it for him*
Ashgaz: *He pushes at it again*
Khamul: *He commands the door to open for Ashgaz*
Khamul: *wonders if Ashgaz will fall to the floor when it opens*
Ashgaz: *Pushing at the door, Ashgaz tumbles to the floor as it opens*
Khamul: *finds the idea entertaining*
Ashgaz: *He holds back a cry of pain*
Khamul: Make haste, page!
Ashgaz: *But at least Khamul isn't angry--he can hear Khamul laughing*
VFreeFallV: *she looks down almost with sympathy to him*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz gets up, his head spinning*
Khamul: *Khamul still stands there*
Ashgaz: *He goes to stand before Khamul*
Khamul: *To mortal eyes, it appears he has no head*
Ashgaz: What do you need, Master?
Ashgaz: *thinks* Oh please don't let it be the armor.
Khamul: *He is wearing a black surcoat over his halberk of maille*
Khamul: I need you to remove my armor
Khamul: *Around his waist is a belt*
Khamul: *Under the maille halberk is a protective layer of padding. Then a black tunic over leggings*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz looks at the huge coat--it is as big as he is*
Khamul: Ashgaz, you will need a stool
Ashgaz: *He wonders if Khamul will punish him if he says he can't remove all that armor*
Khamul: Unless Madurz wishes to help
Ashgaz: *He pushes a stool in front of Khamul*
Khamul: My lady, will you assist my servant?
Khamul: *He becomes impatient and taps his foot*
Khamul: *his eyes glowing a little redder*
Khamul: *Becomes a little irritated at both of them*
VFreeFallV: of course *she moves over to where they are*
Khamul: First undo the belt
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz sighs with relief*
VFreeFallV: *she begins to undo his belt*
Khamul: Then take the maille halberk, rolling it up as you go as to keep a good grip on it
VFreeFallV: *hands it to Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz puts the belt away*
Khamul: *Decides Ashgaz was always incompetent at doing this anyway and gives the task over to the lady*
Khamul: *He thinks... at least he can take my belt*
VFreeFallV: *she does just so and has good grip*
Khamul: *His eyes cease to glow red, but he does want his commands obeyed quickly*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz is glad that Madurz is handling the armor*
Ashgaz: *He is in pain and feels dizzy*
Khamul: Ashgaz, go back to your room before you swoon
Ashgaz: Yes sir *he tumbles in a heap when he tries to bow*
Khamul: Next, take the padding. It is easy to remove
Ashgaz: *thinks* at least he'll find that entertaining *picks himself up*
Khamul: *But Khamul does not laugh at Ashgaz*
VFreeFallV: *she begins to remove the padding*
Khamul: It easily slides over my head
VFreeFallV: *she smiles as she does so..never had to do this before..but she doesnt mind*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz notices that Khamul has not mocked him this time. He smiles to himself as he makes his way back to his room*
Ashgaz: *He pushes a chair next to the bed and climbs up onto it*
Ashgaz: *then falls into the bed*
Khamul: *He did not wear chainmaille leggings this time. He did not think he would need them this time, being in mostly friendly territory now*
Ashgaz: *and pulls up the covers*
Khamul: Thank you, my lady
Khamul: *He now wears a black tunic and leggings and boots*
VFreeFallV: *she nods to him* my pleasure
VFreeFallV: are you more comfortable now?
Khamul: *He bends down and takes one boot off and then the other.*
Khamul: Yes, my lady, much more
VFreeFallV: good
Khamul: It always amazes me that it does not bother you to see me apparently headless and with no hands
VFreeFallV: i know well that there are hands and a head
Khamul: But you know that I have both head and hands
VFreeFallV: i will never be like anyone else that looks upon the Nazgul
Khamul: And eyes and legs
Khamul: and the rest of me, just like any.... *he tapers off*
Khamul: Well, almost like any....
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz hears the conversation through the now open door*
VFreeFallV: i know my dont have to say it
Khamul: Now, my lady, shall we visit my ailing servant?
VFreeFallV: of course
Khamul: *he looks to the door of Ashgaz' room and it opens, once again proving to himself that he has regained an old power that he thought he would never have again*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz smiles as they enter the room*
Khamul: *He takes her arm as they walk in*
VFreeFallV: *she makes her way over to wher he lays*
Ashgaz: *He has drifted in and out of consciousness these past few days, but the worst times were when he woke up alone*
Khamul: *Khamul stands with her by the bed*
Khamul: So, how do you fare?
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz is pleasantly surprised that they have come to visit him*
Ashgaz: Better than I was, my lord
Khamul: That is good
Khamul: You will be unable to do more than simple tasks for some days
Khamul: Perhaps I tax you too much when I ask you to help with my armor
Ashgaz: I am very tired
VFreeFallV: *she is glad to see him much improved*
Khamul: There is now another one of your rank here
Ashgaz: There is?
Khamul: Or order, shall we call it
Ashgaz: What do you mean?
Khamul: Some days ago, there were two of your kind found in our land
Ashgaz: *marvels that any hobbits would be in Mordor*
Khamul: This new one shall serve the Witch-King. He is his by right, since he is the one who took him
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz is horrified. He has turned much paler to Khamul's sight*
Khamul: *His reaches his hand over and lays it upon Madurz' hand*
Ashgaz: Are you sure they were hobbits?
VFreeFallV: *she takes it and interlocks her fingers with his*
Khamul: Aye, aye
Ashgaz: What were they doing here?
VFreeFallV: *she listens to the him tell of what has happened*
Khamul: *He is glad to have his hand once more in hers after these days of separation*
Khamul: What were they doing? It appears they were on a foolish mission, a plot by the West
Khamul: To destroy Ash Nazg
Ashgaz: What is Ash Nazg?
Khamul: They were stopped before they could do it
Khamul: You do not yet know the meaning of the One!
VFreeFallV: thankfully
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz remembers Frodo's departure from the Shire*
Ashgaz: *and hopes there is no connection*
Khamul: Then I shall burn its name into your brain. Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatuluk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz can understand the verse*
VFreeFallV: *she smiles as she listens to him recite it*
Ashgaz: *and he understands its meaning*
Khamul: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them
Khamul: Ash Nazg means, as you know now, the One Ring
Khamul: I have books here I want you to read while you are ailing
Khamul: Books of sorcery
Ashgaz: *repeats to himself under his breath* And in the darkness bind them...
Ashgaz: *He shivers a little*
Khamul: And books of lore
Khamul: You can read but a few of them. The rest are in Numenorian, but some are in the Common Tongue
Khamul: I want you to learn all you can
Khamul: I will make you of some use yet
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz remembers the ring he saw around Frodo's neck at Weathertop*
Ashgaz: *and the pull he felt towards that ring*
Ashgaz: *He wonders if Frodo actually had Sauron's Ring of Power*
Ashgaz: *He snaps out of his thoughts*
Ashgaz: Thank you my lord
Ashgaz: I will be happy to have something to read here
Khamul: But you ask about the Halflings
Ashgaz: *nods, wanting to know the answer but terrified of it*
Khamul: Some days ago, after they were captured, they were taken before Sauron the Great
Khamul: The Lord was overjoyed to see them
Khamul: For they have done him a great favor by bringing his Ring to him
Ashgaz: Would hobbits bring it willingly?
Khamul: Nay! I believe they were fey.
Khamul: Bewitched by that devil Gandalf into doing something that was a fool's errand
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz marvels at the bravery of those hobbits*
Khamul: But it failed
Khamul: To the benefit of our lord
Ashgaz: What were they going to do with Ash Nazg?
Khamul: How they thought they could ever do this I do not know
Khamul: A madness
Khamul: Sauron could read the minds of both, weak creatures
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz furrows his brow, confused*
Khamul: Both Master Baggins and Master Gamgee's minds are easy to delve
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz gasps and sits up*
Khamul: Much nonsense and useless information lies there
Khamul: Much like your own mind, Ashgaz
Ashgaz: *But the pain in his shoulder makes him fall back to the pillow*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz stares at the ceiling in shock*
Khamul: Foolish songs, picking flowers, wading in creeks, endless eating and drinking
Khamul: That is the total of their minds
Khamul: You still think of these things, Ashgaz. Do you not know they bring nothing but pain?
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz battles to mask the horror and fury that overwhelm him*
Khamul: Did you know these two?
Ashgaz: Master Baggins! Frodo Baggins!
Ashgaz: and Sam Gamgee!
Khamul: Aye, that is his name
Khamul: His name as well
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz starts to cry*
Khamul: How the Master could bear to read such trivial minds is hard to fathom
Khamul: Endless genealogies and relatives
Ashgaz: Frodo and Samwise, I knew them well
Khamul: But he is not mortal and his mind can withstand much, even the trivial thoughts of inferior creatures
Ashgaz: Oh master! Have we not proven our strength?
Ashgaz: Of course we will never be anywhere near as strong as a High Nazgul
Ashgaz: But they showed incredible strength by coming this far
Khamul: You are increasing, Ashgaz, but still your brain clings to memories of the Shire like a tree with roots deep in the ground
Ashgaz: If you uproot a tree, it dies
Khamul: I shall cut those roots!
Ashgaz: What will be left?
Khamul: And you will become as I
Ashgaz: *he sobs*
Khamul: What will be left? Beings like us
Khamul: Do you think I regret reliniquishing my existance before I took the ring?
Ashgaz: *thinks* Cruel mindless beings! I would attack my own family and not know it if I were like that
Ashgaz: I do not think you regret it, but I cannot comprehend why not
Khamul: I regret nothing. I owe my benefactor much. Do I not have endless life? Great power? Great knowledge?
Khamul: And did not Sauron give unto me this woman?
Ashgaz: Yes, he did
Khamul: So I have more than any mortal could ever hope to have
Ashgaz: But I think you are unique among the Nine for that
Ashgaz: I suppose you are
Khamul: Nay, I am not unique
Khamul: Ever have I sought the Ring most earnestly
Khamul: I was a petty king in a forgotten country trying to hold onto my power
Khamul: When Lord Annatar bestowed upon me the gift which I took most willingly
Ashgaz: Your Ring?
Khamul: Aye
Khamul: He promised me great power in battle, lore and sorcery
VFreeFallV: *she looks over to Khamul and smiles...his ring given back to him and restoring power*
Khamul: There was no trick
Khamul: And I understood fully what I was taking
Khamul: *he smiles back*
Ashgaz: I suppose it was beneficial for you
Ashgaz: But think of us hobbits
Ashgaz: We have nothing like that to hope for.
Ashgaz: We have nothing left.
Khamul: Do not believe the lies that you have heard. I knew who Annatar was, and accepted his gift with great gratitude
Ashgaz: Here we can hope to be servants higher only than the orcs
Khamul: Hobbits. What signifance are they?
Ashgaz: and we can expect only the taunts of our masters and the orcs' sneers behind our backs
Khamul: You have been here but a few months
Ashgaz: I mourn that one of my friends has found this fate
Khamul: You gain in rank and respect as you prove yourself
VFreeFallV: *she winces at Ash's words*
Khamul: Aye, Master Gamgee has joined us
Khamul: May he prove to be a good servant to the Witch-King
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz bites his tongue to hold back a paroxysm of sobs*
Khamul: Though his lot will not be easy, not like yours
Khamul: But enough of this talk about Master Gamgee
Ashgaz: No, what will they do to him?
Ashgaz: Can I take the burden for him?
Ashgaz: Any of it at all?
Khamul: *he laughs at him*
Khamul: Angmar will do with him as he wants. It is no concern of mine what another does with his servant
Khamul: I have been much too lenient on you, Ashgaz
VFreeFallV: he has many years as do you to become accustomed to this existence
VFreeFallV: *says this gently to him*
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz stiffens*
Khamul: Aye, my lady, your words are always wise
Ashgaz: *though Madurz' gentle tone helps to steady him*
Khamul: But enough of this nonsense about Halflings. I have great news
VFreeFallV: *looks to him*
Khamul: I will stay the night here and then tomorrow, my lady and I leave
Khamul: You will stay here
Ashgaz: You are leaving?
Khamul: Yes
VFreeFallV: *she cannot contain her smile but contains her urge to throw herself in his arms again*
Khamul: My lady and I leave at dawn
VFreeFallV: my love..we leave together *she squeezes his hand*
Khamul: with all of my posessions
Khamul: Yes, my lady, we will
Ashgaz: And I will be left here?
Khamul: Angmar will soon be joining us
Khamul: But he has business here yet to attend
VFreeFallV: *rests her head on his chest gently*
Khamul: The matter of that wench from Rohan
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz remembers Eowyn and the snake pit*
Khamul: *he puts his arm around her*
VFreeFallV: *she stiffens slightly at her mention*
Ashgaz: *The memory heightens his turmoil*
Khamul: You must stay here, Ashgaz, until you regain your strength
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz groans*
Ashgaz: *How will he recover with these new burdens?*
Khamul: We will be going with the army
Ashgaz: *He can already feel the strength he had leaving him*
Khamul: It will be a great procession
Khamul: And I presume the new wraithling will be going with Angmar
Ashgaz: But what about Frodo?
VFreeFallV: *she eases herself in his arms more as this news pleases her*
Khamul: Frodo? Of what consequence is he?
Ashgaz: Master, Frodo and Sam can hardly exist without each other
Ashgaz: They are like brothers
Khamul: *he kisses her on the cheek*
Khamul: They will be separated, now and forever in a few days
Ashgaz: Can I see them?
Ashgaz: Poor Frodo!
Khamul: Why would you wish to see them? Can you offer new torment, sport for Angmar?
Ashgaz: and poor Sam!
Khamul: Sauron would not let you in his presence to see Frodo
Ashgaz: No, I was wondering if he could be brought here
Khamul: And Gamgee, who will soon take a new name, shall serve Angmar
Ashgaz: Or at least Sam, since he's already a wraith
Khamul: I care not if you visit Angmar if he will allow it
Khamul: I will ask him before I leave
Khamul: I see you have no curiosity about where or why we are going
Ashgaz: *Ashgaz nods. He is shaken and exhausted*
Khamul: *he thinks to himself... why did I make this mistake, this horrible mistake. Why did I not just kill him?*
Ashgaz: Oh, I hadn't thought about that
Ashgaz: I was thinking about my friends
Ashgaz: Where are you going?
Khamul: *he thinks to himself.... would it to be done again, I would have stabbed him with my sword and let him die*
Khamul: *Now he remains to torment me*
Khamul: *he turns his attention back to the lady*
VFreeFallV: *Khamul had told her this already...she wished it were possible for Ashgaz to embrace his existence and loyalties*
Khamul: My dearest love, how I have longed to see you
Khamul: How I missed you in the long spring days
Khamul: And how I thought that your heart would delight in the sights of spring in Gondor
VFreeFallV: *she smiles and reaches up to touch his face*
VFreeFallV: i knew you would return..long were the hours
Khamul: And how since you are still mortal, you would have reveled in the buds that have now swelled into flower
Khamul: Spring rains falling gently upon the land and bringing life to it
VFreeFallV: *listens to his words and how lovely it sounds*
VFreeFallV: i cannot wait to embark with you
Khamul: And through you, perhaps I could experience some of it through your senses
VFreeFallV: *she places her hand on his chest*
Khamul: and perhaps you could describe what you see clearly what I see darkly
VFreeFallV: it would give me no greater pleasure
Khamul: For with you, I can remember a mortal life and all its joys and pleasures
Khamul: You are a gift my lady, truly a gift
VFreeFallV: *his spoken words make her heart swell with love for these are still new feelings to him*
VFreeFallV: there is nothing i wouldnt do for you..i want to share everything with you
Khamul: There will be opportunities for you to explore the place where we go
Ashgaz: *thinks* A mortal life and all its pleasures? He does not know it, but he also misses his past!
Ashgaz: *normally the thought would make him feel sympathy for Khamul, but now he feels angry*
Khamul: There is little danger now in Gondor
Khamul: We will stay there until our forces are stronger, for we lost many in the recent battles
Khamul: And then we shall see when the master bids us go
Khamul: *He looks to Ashgaz*
Ashgaz: *Losing his inner battle, Ashgaz comes close to swooning*
Ashgaz: *Then shakes himself awake again*
Khamul: You will like Gondor, Ashgaz
Ashgaz: I will join you later?
Khamul: Perhaps in a month, you can Ashgaz
Ashgaz: *He feels a little more hopeful--he will not be left here alone forever*
Ashgaz: Thank you, master

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